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The God Gambit

The God Gambit


        The six planet from the medium-sized star of the Sol system, Saturn has one unique feature. Surrounding it are various layers of multi-colored rings, a rare and beautiful gem in an otherwise drab system. The gas giant also has various moons and small bodies orbiting it.


Saturn is a miniature planetary system all on its own: the golden ringed planet is surrounded by countless moons and orbiting asteroids. On the screen, amidst the spectacle of the planet's rings, a little green flying-saucer-shaped craft dodges among the rocks and reflective ice chunks of Saturn's outer ring. It's Cosmos, and he's discovered something here in this system, specifically over the largest of the moons, Titan, which comes into view from the distance as a gray, cratered sphere. Perhaps he's after the same energy reading that Shockwave detected.

Decepticon Shuttle

A brand-new Decepticon shuttleship, with a purple emblem boldly emblazoned on its hull.

Divefire walks through the opening air lock with his usual air of reserved judgment and stand offish attitute. Yes working for months locked away in a lab has done wonders for his demenior and attitude it seems as he looks around the shuttle, nodding to the more familure faces.

CatsCradle slips in through the airlock behind Diver and gives everyone a cheerful little wave from behind him.

Soundwave would take a moment along with Rumble to admire the view, but it looks as though they won't have time for that.

Striker nods to Divefire, "Nice to see you again Divefire."

Blood Raven deciedes to join Striker and sits beside him

Tempest catches sight of motion out in space, her optics never still. "There's something out there," she says, pointing.
Soundwave nods, zooming in the image a little. It's clearly the Autobot Cosmos. With a glance at Starscream for further orders, Soundwave moves the shuttle to follow.


        The moon of Titan orbits Saturn from a distance of almost eight hundred thousand miles. Many other much smaller bodies orbit closer to the planet, but none as large as Titan. The yellow-orange moon is roughly forty percent the size of Earth and like that world is surrounded by an atmosphere, the only moon in the Sol system which does. The atmosphere is extremely thick and obscures any surface featues.


Striker turns and looks out one of the windows to see if he can see anything, maybe the same thing Tempest saw, "Just an Autobot, nothing we can't take care of."

Ruse watchs the planet come into view then the Autobot murmering to Rumble, "... well looks like there will be some target practice for whoever wants to man the shuttles lasers."

Blood Raven says, "but why would they be here of all place?"

Rumble says to Blood Raven, "Their stupid Teletran probably picked up the same readings Soundwave did."

Soundwave says, "Autobot's heading confirmed. He is after the same energy readings that we are.""

Striker shrugs, "Probably same reason we're here..."

Divefire moves his gaze over to Striker, his optics glowing a little as he regards the seeker. "And you Striker." He replies almost plesently, for him. "Mind filling me in on what your all doing out here?"

Upon closer approach, a faint energy reading can be detected from the moon's subsurface, and on the surface, the faint traces of flickering lights can be seen - the campfires of a primitive society.

Starscream sees Cosmos and sneers, " Little Rolypolybot....." he turns to striker , " Follow him."

CatsCradle leans over to look out the nearest window. "They always have a way of showing up. Maybe we should check Starscream's chick. Maybe it's really an Autobot."

Tempest says dryly, "And if the Autobots weren't enough, we've got more natives."

Soundwave says, "I do not detect the readings of a technologically advanced society. However, there is an energy source here.""

Blood Raven frowns and watches the Starscream and Soundwave closely

Striker turns to Divefire and nods, "Sure, Shockwave detected a large energy reading around here." He turns and nods to Starscream, walking off and exiting the shuttle to take down the Autobot. "Yes sir."

Hex leans over the back rest of Tempests chair and dribbles on her shoulder.

Soundwave tracks Striker as he appears on the shuttle's screen, chasing after the agile little Autobot.

Striker transforms and soars towards the Autobots, hitting his afterburners to catch up to him and get in range before letting loose with a barrage of laserfire, missing with the first before firing off a missile.

Ruse says, "... hm so we have a race down there that doesn't know how to tap their planets riches?"

Tempest shrugs. "We won't know for sure until we get down and see." It's clear that she relishes the prospect.

Striker transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Soundwave says, "Perhaps, Ruse." He watches calmly as Cosmos is hit by Striker's missile and goes plummeting down toward the surface of the moon, trailing flame and smoke. "Shall I follow, Air Commander?""

Blood Raven sees Hex and slowly creeps over there to scratch her ear holes...

Starscream watches strikers style in pursuing the bot. He glances to Soundwave, "Do not loose sight of him. I want to know where the Bot lands."

Soundwave nods, and drops the shuttle down into Titan's atmosphere.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Striker.
Striker transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Divefire’s optics narrow as he steps over to the main command section of the shuttle, examing some readings from the shuttles scanners as he perks a brow at the Gerry Anderson rip off making land fall. "Always with the power readings." He mutters to no one but himself."

Striker takes up position beside the shuttle and does his best to keep pace and does a fairly well job of it, coming into the atmosphere about the same time the shuttle does.

Surface of Titan

        Hidden beneath the thick clouds of Titan lies a secret so unlikely it's difficult to believe. Some feature of the atmosphere, most likely suspended crystals, produce a polarization effect. Light from the star of Sol and Saturn comes through, but is blocked from exiting again. What the ground doesn't absorb is turned into infrared light inside the clouds. The effect is that while Titan appears to be a solid mass of clouds from above, on the surface those same clouds let light through and gives a view of the night sky complete with stars. It also traps heat from the minimal incoming light very effectively, the resultant greenhouse effect permitting the surface to be warm enough for liquid water. There are signs of vegetation on the surface, although most of the terrain is solid rock and mountains.

Chasm flaps out of Soundwave and circles the room, pausing to land on Soundwave's shoulder.

Blood Raven sees Chasm and thinks what cute pets they have

Rumble whistles. "Wow...all /this/ was hidden under those clouds?"

Soundwave ejects Chasm as he guides the ship down into the atmosphere of the large moon, still tracking the crash point of the Autobot.

Tempest doesn't seem particularly impressed...more...hungry. She leans forward intently, optics glinting.

Soundwave swings the ship toward the east.

Chasm peers interestedly over Soundwave's shoulder. "Down there, Soundwave!" he advises.
River Chasm

        Carved from a now-dry river long ago, this wide stretch of land has a greater concentration of the scattered vegetation. Dotting the surface in places, springs and small creaks bring water to the surface. In one area of the comparatively lush section, there is a large rocky hill that juts up from the landscape. An artifical structure can be clearly seen at the top.

Ruse checks her rifle quickly then waits for the ship to land.

Blood Raven moves away from hex and tempest and peers out the window such vastness "wow and who would have thought?" she grabs her Stardagger and prepares for anything

Divefire frowns again as he's want to do when working, talking, relaxing, playing... "Joy, more crystals..."

Soundwave swings the ship around and lands in the shadow of a looming mountain, apparently a natural formation built up by an artificial structure that rises high above the plains.

CatsCradle slides into the nearest seat, since the last few landings have been anything but normal. "Hey, you found those crystals interesting and you know it," she sends back in a fond voice.

Smoke rises from the Autobot's crash site a short distance away.

Chasm stares rather fascinatedly about the crystals, "They're glittering with energy... and that molecular structure..." He clasps his claws together, "I must have one! For, er, further examination of course."

Soundwave shuts down the engine and stands, waiting for Starscream to lead the way out.

Striker slows and transforms gracefully landing next to the shuttle and awaits their arrival.

Starscream stands and looks to them, "Lets not sit here talkign shop. " he heads for the door.

Tempest smirks. "Starscream...I suggest we do a quick recon in search of the natives before we wipe out the Autobots."

Tempest follows him, eager to get to work.

Ruse follows while commenting, "Instead lets talk shop out there..."
Starscream pauses and looks back at her, "natives? mmmm Perhaps you are right. Very well then do so."

Divefire mutters something inteligble back to Cats as he straightens and looks out one of the view ports. "I spent over a million years scouring the universe, so how come its only in the last year I've seen so much... Weirdness?"

Blood Raven nods agreeing with SS "My lord I will join you"

CatsCradle stands up, her hands on her hips. "Divefire, you haven't even been /on/ the weirdest ones."

CatsCradle begins to count on her fingers. "You missed the timetravel, the giant children, both viruses..."

From the base of the temple, the group of natives can be seen as they gather around the crashed Cosmos. The people are approximately human-sized, showing variously colored pale skin-tones with upswept pointed ears and delicate antennae-like sensors rising above their eyebrows. Most wear decorative collars though are otherwise scantily clad, though a few, perhaps as a symbol of status, wear long flowing robes. Some are armed with spears and arrows.

Chasm makes a mental note to learn more about Tempest's intergalactic contacts, at least the ones who still practice capitalism. "Perhaps if these crystals are exciting enough I could net all sorts of bargains..."

Striker nods to Soundwave, "Hello sir, nice to see your landing safely."

Divefire shoot a look back at Cats. "I was there for the timetravel."

Tempest eyes the Natives. "Unless they're packing some weapon I can't see, it looks like we have easy hunting."

CatsCradle says, "You weren't the one going back in time, though." On that note, she slips through the airlock and follows the others

Blood Raven looks around to se if anything poses a threat

Soundwave nods to Striker, but his attention is mostly on the natives who can be seen a short distance away. Since the Decepticons have landed relatively quietly and in the shadow of the mountain, they haven't been noticed yet.

As the startled group of humanoids hurries toward the crashed Autobot, one of the males in long robes is hastily untied by one of the younger people. This older male raises his arms and bellows, "Behold: the Sky God!" Almost as one, the group falls to its knees before Cosmos, who lies smoking on the ground in a distinctly un-godlike pose.

Chasm lands on Soundwave's shoulder, fanning out his wings, knowing that his mere presence makes the rather dull sod look incredibly more impressive.

Starscream nods to Tempest, " Fine ignore them. Lets concentrate on Cosmos. "

Tempest stares...then sneers and chokes with laughter. She looks up at Starscream. "We can't ignore them, they're all around Cosmos." A pause. "Can't I step on one or two?"

Tempest says, "I bet I could scare 'em off real easily...the ones who live, that is..."

One of the few people who remained standing, drops down into a pose of reverence along with the others. "It's true, Tellaria," he says, "the Sky Gods exist." A tall female, presumably Tellaria, grabs him by the arm and snaps, "Get up! This is one of Jerrol's tricks. He and the astrologer-priests use false gods to enslave and rob us! They're an excuse for high taxes and harsh laws, nothing more."

Ruse backflips, transforming into her more agile form, "Ooh hunting..." A chance to try something somewhat new with her foxform.

Rumble repeats, "Sky God?" not quite getting it....

Divefire steps out of the shuttle still considering a come back to Cats, but its lost as he steps up to the others and notices what they're all noticing. After a moment to take in the rather, odd, sight he comments in a rather dry tone. "Now why can't the humans do that..."

Starscream holds his hand up, " Wait....these flechthings are worshoping him....." he gets a wicked look on his face and his optics sparkle at some hidden possibility.

Blood Raven mutters "Terrific just what Lord Starscream needs an ego boost" she isn't being mean about it jsut finds it amusing

Starscream continues, "They need a better 'Skygod." he brushes some imaginary dust off his canopy and steps forward, " and they shall have one...." he heads toward the flesh creatures with purposeful strides."

CatsCradle smacks her forehead. "Maybe we should return to Cybertron instead of Earth," she says to Diver. "There's gonna be no living with Starscream after this..."

Chasm sighs, "I would have made a more impressive god..."

Soundwave tilts his head a little, as though evaluating the situation. Then with a slight shrug, he decides it might be interesting to play this out. He follows Starscream, crashing through some of the native vegetation toward the group of humanoids around their campfire.

Divefire’s optics go a little wide on hearing Starscream's plan. "No chance of any one shooting him in the back is there?" He asks quietly.

Tempest follows Starscream. This could be fun.

Rumble says to Chasm, "You make an impressive /pet/.../maybe/," and runs forward, laughing.

Chasm daydreams, "And they could bring me all their treasure as offerings... There would be a big pile to sit on..."

Chasm glares at Rumble, "Some of us just have it. Some of us don't."

Striker says, "Only if you'd wanna be the one to do it, but honestly I'm not up to being null rayed today."

CatsCradle glances at Diver with a don't-you-dare expression. "I am /not/ going through another one of your chases after Starscream."

As the Decepticons become visible, towaring over the small natives and the deactivated Autobot, the high priest, Jerrol, siezes the opportunity. Raising his arms high, he intones, "Bow down! Worship the true gods!"

Ruse looks to Starscream, "... well time to follow the leader... for now." She leaps forward beside Starscream and stalks alongside him towards the aliens.

Tempest is used to either being attacked, or to having prey flee before her...this bowing down bit is something completely new. She smirks, amused. "What the man said," she says, gesturing with a sword at Jerrol.

Starscream heads toward the aliens and Cosmos and is making sure they can hear his approach. "What is this?" he asks the aliens in a demanding and frim tone, "You dare to pay homage to one who has fallen from the skies? " he motions upwards and stands there regally. "He has fallen. He therefore it not worthy of your attentions. I am the one you seek."

Divefire shrugs lightly to Striker and Cats. "I'd miss anyway." His tone is such that if he's joking, it doesn't much sound like it. "Might as well watch his ego swell up close and personal... Oh and when did Ruse become so... foxy?" He finaly adds while walking after the others with a smirk.

CatsCradle swats her mate as she walks beside him.

Blood Raven follows Starscream as well but she is still poised for attack (the time spent in tyrian has made her more on edge) "why do they worship us?

Tellaria remains standing defiantly. "You'll need more than this to convince me," she says, but even she gasps as the others arrive. In particular the group's attention is drawn to the glistening red warrior in the lead - and also to a smaller form behind him, the foxlike alt mode of Ruse.

Striker laughs at Cats and Divefire, "She always was Divefire, you just never noticed." He says jokingly.

CatsCradle says without missing a beat, "He was too distracted."

Chasm coils his tail around Soundwave's neck, "We should ask for all their wealth," he mutters advisedly.

As the majority of the group falls to its knees, Jerrol says to Starscream, "You must forgive these unworthy insects, great Sky God. And you as well, Supreme Fire God," he addresses Ruse.

Ruse catchs that comments... and swishes her metalic bladed tail abit. You just had to incourage her didn't you? She eyes the female alien and growls lowly...

Starscream motions to Striker, " Retrieve the fallen one. " he looks back to the aliens, "Where are the offerings for me this day? OR are we all too busy paying homage to a fallen one?"

Starscream smirks, at Jerrols words, " Very well. I will forgive you this once. " What do you offer me today? "

Blood Raven rolls her eyes and smiles

Striker turns to Starscream and rolls his eyes, "Ya just /HAD/ to pick me to do all the work today didn't ya?" He shakes his head and walks over to pick up Cosmos and drag him back to where the others are.

Tempest is enjoying this whole game very much until she suddenly thinks of something, and she turns her head slightly to shoot a wary glance skyward.

Divefire offers another tight lipped smirk at Cats and Striker's byplay, but for the moment keeps the other social thoughts to himself as he scans over the bioligcal inteligence of the planet. Although he does peek a brow at the mention of fire and god in the same sentence.

Jerrol shouts at the people, "Be gone, and return at once with tribute for the gods!" Unnoticed, Tellaria has already disappeared on her own.

Starscream looks to Striker and gets a wicked idea. Then he turns back to Jerrol, " This one will be the image your homage to me will be left for." helooks to striker, "Take him to thier temple and use him as the image."

Soundwave finds these small humanlike beings somewhat amusing, but is really more interested in the source of those energy readings. They seem to be coming from below them.

CatsCradle blinks. "The Go-Bot is their new idol?"

Blood Raven watches and feels sorry for Striker "do you need help Striker?"

Striker blinks at Starscream, "What?!"

Chasm cocks his head to one side, also picking up on the energy readings. His optics gleam with barely supressed greed.

One of the acolytes asks Jerrol tentatively, "What are the Sky Gods doing?" as he watches Cosmos being carried away. Jerrol snarls at his underling, "Fool, isn't it obvious? They're creating an idol for worship!"

Tempest watches Starscream, then looks almost nervously skyward...she brings her attention back to the group and shakes her head, as if deciding not to mention what's on her mind.

Starscream glances to Soundwave, " Have you picked up any energy readings?"

Soundwave says, "It would seem, Starscream, that the energy we seek is below ground. The temple radiates a higher degree of power than the surrounding landscape. Perhaps there is a way down from within.""

Divefire’s optics narrow again on hearing Soundwave. "You mean the temple we just put the Autobot in?"

CatsCradle watches in bemusement, then shakes her head. "Of course, if there's one Autobot, might there not be more? Or more on the way?"

Jerrol picks up the phrase 'energy,' though it seems to be a foreign word to him. Once again his mind makes a connection, however, and he addresses Ruse, "Supreme Fire God, is it your lair that your companions seek?"

Chasm coughs politely, "Soundwave, perhaps an advanced scout would be a good idea, to check on all of that important energy?"

Soundwave counters, "Perhaps we should go together."

Blood Raven nods agreeing with chasm "we should look around abit"

Ruse is a fire god? She looks to the lead alien then to Starscream. She steps forward and rumbles, "Yes, lead them to it. I have decided to share MY treasures with my fellow gods."

CatsCradle looks after Ruse. "I'm not sure whose ego is going to be worse, after this..."

Rumble snorts to Ruse, "You, a /god/? You /are/ getting stuck up in your old age..." and laughs...

Tempest sidles over to Soundwave, looking uneasy.

Chasm suggests more forcibly, "Perhaps someone with a high degree of accountancy skills should be there to appraise and evaluate the source of energy..."

Soundwave 's eyeband flickers for a moment with amusement at Rumble and Ruse, then looks questioningly to Tempest. "Problem?" he asks quietly.

CatsCradle adds, "And perhaps someone should watch the accountant, just to make sure it all stays there."

Tempest says quietly, "Are you sure this is a good idea, to be impersonating gods long term?"

Ruse goes wide opticed.. old age?! She recovers, and moves to swat Rumble as she muurs teasingly, "Show proper respect to the firegod, earth god."

Soundwave says, "I am not aware that we intend to stay here for long," he keeps his voice down, though - let the Titans think their gods are here to stay, for the moment."

Rumble would love to tease Ruse more, but guesses blowing their cover is a bad idea. "Hey, yeah! I'm the mighty god of the earth! You better give me lots of stuff or I'll make an earthquake to wreck your houses an' stuff!"

Jerrol seems momentarily taken aback at the unseemly squabbling between gods, but hurriedly recovers and leads the way into the temple.

Divefire steps a little closer to Soundwave and Tempest on hearing their conversation and mutters to them in a low voice, "Lets just hope there arn't any real gods here.."

Starscream glances to Ruse. Hes red but shes the fire god? He towers over her but shes the supreme one... He bends down to her and whispers, " Dont get used it.."

Tempest again glances edgily up at the stars. Can she actually outright say this...?

Blood Raven approaches the aliens and frowns then deciedes to follow the alien

The people who scattered earlier, are coming back out of the vegetation and into the circle of firelight bearing baskets of grain and fruit, trudging up toward the temple to lay their offerings at the god-idol's feet inside.

Soundwave for the moment steps over them carefully and procedes to follow the priest and the two "supreme gods," Starscream and Ruse.

Ruse looks up at Starscream and simply flashes her optics before following the alien... She does wonder though why she was picked fire god. oO(Perhaps there where once foxcreatures here as well.. who knows.)

CatsCradle leans closer to Diver. "Didn't know you were in love with a goddess, did you?" she murmurs, her optics glimmering with amusement.

Divefire shoots a look back to Cats and then smirks. "I have excellent taste."

CatsCradle laughs softly and touches his face. "I always thought you tasted good," she grins and turns to go into the temple.

Titanian Temple

        A very typical castle-like structure from the outside, the temple of the Titanians has a simple interior. The walls are a blueish-green color and decorated with swirling runes. The center of the only room is dedicated to a rectangular altar of some kind, with stairs leading up to it on all four sides. There's a square hole off in one corner of the room.
Rumble wisecracks, "No, bro, the fact tahhat you want them all for yourself does!"

Among the ornate runes of the temple interior, there are indeed images of variously shaped robotic beings - including, prominently featured, a fox shape amidst flame designs.

Starscream gives Chasm a sideglance, " Even I dont try to get anyone to believe something that thin Chasm..." he stifles a snicker.

Tempest sidles next to Divefire and murmurs softly, "You don't think there really are such things as sky gods, do you?"

As the Decepticons enter the huge entranceway of the temple, Soundwave pauses and detects something. "Cosmos' signal beacon detected," he announces, and looks up toward the altar as they enter. Sure enough, the woman they saw earlier, the one who was disputing the existence of gods, is up there with the Autobot, having reconnected a broken wire. The Autobot is still out of it, but she's apparently managed to send some kind of beacon for help.

Rumble groans, "oh, great! now this place is going to be crawling with Autobots in just a couple hours.

Chasm wonders whether to be offended at Starscream's comment but shrugs, and lets it go.

Blood Raven growls "Lord Starscream may i dispose of the mortal

Divefire walks in a moment after Cats, optics still a little wide at what she said last to him. After a moments study of the temple Tempest's words catch up to him. "One thing about researching alien socities, never discount anything..."

Starscream points to the woman, " FOOL!" he looks to blood, " YES YES

Starscream’s heading for Cosmos to quickly shut down his automatic beacon.

Tempest says, "There can't be, really. It's just another stupid legend, just like we had back on Kilair." But she sounds as if she's trying to convince /herself./

Tellaria lets herself the rest of the way down a rope to the temple floor. As she does so, Cosmos' optics re-light as he reactivates. The optics "blink" for a moment as he realizes, "Decepticons!" and lets loose a blast of laser light aimed at Blood Raven, who has taken aim at the Titan woman.

Blood Raven grabs the woman and prepare to decapitate her

Starscream sees the movement from Cosmos and quickly fires at the autobot

CatsCradle sighs. "Well, this is about to get very interesting..."

Blood Raven misses and the woman escapes

Chasm sighs as the shots go off, "Can't we ever have a nice simple, non-combative expedition?"

CatsCradle says cheerfully to Chasm, "Nope! I've tried."

Tellaria almost impossibly wriggles out of the Decepticon's grasp and darts away into a small alcove of the temple that leads outside.

Divefire looks less then ammused at Tempest's words but negates to mention the more colourful parts of Cybertrons history... "You've heard of Vector Sigma, right?" He mutters to Tempest.

Cosmos, on the other hand, is a sitting target, and is blasted back into oblivion by Starscream.

Ruse finds it rather amazing. She looks at the images, and wonders how such a myth started. oO(Every rumor holds a grain of truth.) As they enter though the distraction fades as she spots the female, and Cosmos and quickly orders the alien, "Send a small group to find and capture the hetric worshipper." Those loose ends tend to unravel a quilt so to speak.

Tempest nods a little to Divefire. "I was there when Megatron built the Stunticons. A supercomputer. What's that got to do with wrath from the skies?"

Jerrol cringes a little as shots are fired around his temple, but then straightens and calls out to anyone who will listen nearby, "Behold, the wrath of the great Sky God who punishes those who have fallen! And *you*, heretic-" he bellows in the direction Tellaria disappeared in, "will pay for your crimes soon enough."

Blood Raven mutters got that right

Divefire smirks ever so slightly back to Tempest, inclining his head towards her. "The words before Cybertron was, I was, don't make you wonder just how and why? There are legends and texts that refer to it as a god... Think about it."

Chasm sighs.

Jerrol smooths his robes and regains his composure. "Supreme Fire God," he addresses Ruse, "we will procede to your lair at your command."

Tempest shakes her head. "Maybe, but that's not what I'm worried about. Vector Sigma didn't /do/ anything to us. It's a bit more unforgettable to see your world reduced to ruin and the skies raining fire and ash."

Chasm mutters, "Why is /she/ a fire god?"

Rumble says, "Don't worry can be the God of Eternal Noise," and laughs again at his own wit.

CatsCradle chuckles. "Don't get her angry, Chasm.... she might set your tail on fire."

Divefire raises a curious blow, oblivious to all the shenanagens going on around them. "You want to tell me about that in more detail?"

Chasm glares at Rumble as if that joke came from the bowels of the earth, which it probably did. He flicks his tail rather huffily.

Ruse nods murring contentedly, "Lead the way."

Soundwave listens to the philosophical discussion with interest, but can't indulge in it himself currently. The energy readings are definitely coming from below the temple. And there are several passages downward.

Rumble's gaze darts around. "It's really, really stupid," she says as a sort of warning, and as if she doesn't want anyone but Cats, Divefire and maybe Soundwave to hear.

Blood Raven says, "personally i see no purpose in this artificial worship"

Tempest gaze darts around. "It's really, really stupid," she says as a sort ofwarning, and as if she doesn't want anyone but Cats, Divefire and maybe Soundwave to hear.

Jerrol climbs downward into a square passage in the floor.

Starscream has had enough of the small talk and spins to all those involved in it. " IF we are all done TALKING....we are here to investigate this energy source.... Shall we?"

Rumble follows at Ruse's side, curious.

Blood Raven moves following the alian

Ruse looks to soundwave then follows the alien down...

CatsCradle nods. "Like I said, no living with him..."

Divefire’s features stay rather serious as he examins Tempest. "Try me.”  Still missing that every ones going downstairs...

Divefire looks around and notices every one’s gone. "Not that I get absorbed by phisophical banter..."


Crystal Caves

        Underneath the Titanian temple is a cave, the walls lined with blue-grey glowing crystals. There's also a river of a similar colored liquid flowing near the cave. The surface of the odd liquid sparks with electricity. Looking up, the tunnel that leads to the temple above is visible.

Tempest murmurs to Divefire and CatsCradle, "It's probably a load of garbage, but the Kilairians believed that their ancient heros lived in the stars...gods, if you will. And that when we died, if we lived honourable lives, we would join them. One of my teachers used to say, though, that if we were bad, they would punish us. And then one day raiders came and destroyed our cities, killed almost everyone save those who fled...and me."

Blood Raven nods concerned whispers " should i return it to the ship?"

Several acolytes follow the high priest downward, but it's clear they're frightened here, and keep looking around nervously.

Jerrol raises his arms to draw attention to himself again and says, "Here, oh mighty Sky Gods - the Fire God's lair."

Tempest sets her jaw and says firmly, "There /are/ no gods. They certainly didn't listen to my cries for help." Or...and she fidgets again...had they deliberately ignored her? That would certainly fit with what she believes of the universe...

Chasm cuts away at the crystals, stuffing the choicest picks into subspace. "So dazzling," he sighs, happily. "So loaded with energy."

One of the younger acolytes notices Chasm's action and addresses the high priest in horror, "Jerrol! The crystals are taboo! The ancient tablets say-" Jerrol cuts him off with a snarl, "Taboo? To a *god*? The Decepticons may do with them as they wish!"

Starscream watches Chasm critically but choses nto to say anything.....for now....

CatsCradle gently touches one of the crystals. "You were right," she says to Diver. "More crystals."

Blood Raven says, "I tend to agree with Tempest this is silly"

Blood Raven looks at Starscream concerned

Soundwave picks up one of the crystals himself, regarding it carefully.

Starscream then hears the fleshcretaures words and smirks, " Taboo to a god indeed. These crystels ARE for your gods...."

Rumble says, "Yeah!" in agreement with Starscream. "See, we put those crystals here...yeah...for you to watch 'em for us, an' now we need 'em back."

Ruse walks over, "Yes. Now my loyal priest, have my worshippers begin to harvest them for us."

Starscream looks to BR, " It is not your place to inform me of what you feel is silly in out mission. Remember that...."

Divefire considers Tempest's words carfuly and takes a moment to compose a reply to her. "The term god is used to describe something so beyond us, so inconsivable that the only way to rationalise it is by making it celestial. Maybe those raiders where your gods, and maybe here similer gods visit from time to time. But these people consider us gods already, so we can deduce they're of similar size and power, if they do indeed exist." He then adds with a slightly uncharacterful smile. "Nothing we can't handle."

Blood Raven sighes and joins Tempests side

Tempest shakes her head. "Those damn raiders weren't anything more than I was...robots, false Decepticons, space thieves." She pauses. Her voice drops ever lower as she says, "What worries me is the voice that didnt' answer our cries for help...because if there /are/ gods, then odds are they hate me, and a charade like this is only apt to piss them off more."

CatsCradle gives Raven a comforting pat on teh shoulder. "That's normal for him," she says soothingly. "Do let him get to you."

Jerrol says, "Of course, of course." He motions to the acolytes and sends them running back up the stairs. A short time later, they return with the natives who brought fruit and grain to the temple. Jerrol directs them to start breaking off and harvesting the crystals, piling them up near the entrance to the cave leading out to the river plain.

Soundwave listens thoughtfully to the discussion, but also draws a small handheld scanner to get a better reading on the crystal he's holding.

Rumble says to Soundwave, "Look at all this energy! Won't Megatron be thrilled to see /this!/"

Soundwave says, "Very possibly, Rumble," though he doesn't sound completely enthusiastic.

Ruse looks to Soundwave having heard him use a simmaler tone before, "What is it?"

Divefire gives Tempest a half smirk in reply. "From my experiances, gods don't pay that much attention to what we mere mortals do." His attention from Tempest breaks away for a moment at Cats words and looks a little suprised, he hadn't actualy noticed the crystals in the room. "Oh, well, do they do anything?"

Chasm pauses in his crystal cutting to lean against the wall, his tail coiling around the glittering spars of crystal, "Ah, all mine." He flips through his subspace inventory of cut crystals. "That one's mine and this one's mine and that one's mine..."

CatsCradle shrugs. "Not yet, anyway."

Soundwave glances up from his scanner. "Ours, Chasm," he reminds the little dragon, but returns his attention to his readings.

Starscream watches the gathering of the crystels and tries not to listen to the banter going on behind him. This is not the place for it he thinks and he would have thought his order would have been heeded the first time. But heis feeling generious today and he choosesnot to say anything ......for now....He is more interested in getting as many of these crystels as he can.

Chasm nods absently, "Yes, Soundwave. Whatever you say."

Blood Raven looks at Cats and smiles "its alright although Tempest has a point if there are gods this facade will certainly piss them off

Some of the crystal shards are small and easily carried by the Titans. Some are massive and need two people to lift. One of the laborers stumbles a little and the high priest Jerrol catches him before the huge crystal shard crashes to the ground. "These crystals are scared," Jerrol admonishes. "Treat them with respect, or we all perish!"

Blood Raven seeing that SS is gatherign the crystals she deciedes to aid him "an order is an order, everyone we should gather this as quickly as we can

Tempest says, quietly, "I hope not."

Starscream sees this and smirks. This fleshcreatures not so bad after all, he thinks to himself. " Indeed they are." he says outloud reaffirming Jarrods words firmly.

Soundwave doesn't seem to worried about angering any actual gods, but he does agree with the high priest on one point. "He is correct," he finally weighs in. "The crystalline matrix is extremely unstable. They should not be subjected to intense impacts."

Rumble scoffs at Blood Raven. "There's no such thing as /gods/," he sneers, and then looks up at Soundwave. "Is there?"

Blood Raven says, "and get out asap, befroe whatever real 'gods' there is do deciede to unleash their wrath upon us (she is thinking of SW;s remark)""

Soundwave answers Rumble's question with a not very informative, "Too little information, Rumble."

Chasm pats the nearest crystal shard, "Don't worry Soundwave, I'll take good care of them. All of them..." He seems almost hypnotised by the presence of all the crystals.

Divefire shakes his head a little as he hears Soundwave's monotone warning. "One day we'll find a stable form of energy..." He mutters before stepping over to Cats side and running an optic over the crystals then baulking a little. "Yes, deffintly, really, don't drop them."

Rumble doesn't look particularly reassured, but lapses back into his brash "nothing is better than us" attitude.

CatsCradle promptly puts both hands behind her back. Let's not tempt the Trouble Magnet, shall we? "I wasn't planning on dropping any," she assures her mate.

Blood Raven frowns concerned over SW words

Ruse pads over to Chasm and taps him on the shoulder with a paw teasingly, "Ah yes, your doing a good job god of greed. I am suprised you doing all this work when we have the worshippers to do such for us."

Blood Raven sighes at ruses remark "i have a bad feeling about this"

Chasm glares at Ruse, 'The humans might drop something!"

Starscream glances to everyone to see if they are putting as much energy in collecting the crystels as they are in motivating thier mouth units....

Divefire frowns to Cats, still looking ever so slightly worried. "Good." He intones to her before glancing across to Soundwave. "I've spent the last four months studying crystal formations and on a visual inspection I think taking these crystals any where near the shuttle is a bad idea." He intones to the comunicator in a low voice.

Chasm says, "Only *I* can give these crystals the true, pure, skilled cutting that they deserve!""

Rumble mumbles and gets to picking up crystals. Forklift duty again...

Tempest, meanwhile, seems more interested in acting as some kind of guard, keeping an eye on the locals and a watch out for...Autobots, perhaps.

CatsCradle sighs. "Do you really think anyone is going to listen?"

Soundwave regards Divefire thoughtfully. Then he steps over to Starscream, while the natives continue to labor. "Perhaps we should check the temple again, while the natives perform this task. It is possible that Cosmos will be receiving reinforcements."

Starscream continues to watch as he heads over to Soundwave, " This is too easy...." he mutters, "I think with Cosmos here that is a bad sign

Ruse chuckles, "The fact your going to keep those you cut makes no diffrence at all though does it Chasm?" She just keeps up the god act so they have free labor for once. She isn't going to look a gift humanoid in the mouth.

Divefire gives Cats another look. "First time for every thing." He mutters to her.

Blood Raven continues her work but is rather unsettled and is always looking around her- remembering NB words of being aware of ones environment

Tempest's spires perk and she takes a step forward. "There's something going on outside. I can hear it."

Chasm says loftily, "Oh, I'll give some of the crystals to the cause..." He squints, "Here, for example, this has a split running through it. Slighly flawed. Off it goes, to be consumed by the furnaces of the Decepticon war machine. The most perfect ones, however, should be kept for their potential value... we could speculate them on the intergalactic stock market."

Soundwave cuts into Chasm's reverie by saying, "Rumble, Chasm - investigate." He points toward the cave exit.

Soundwave isn't content to let his creations go alone, however, and draws his weapon to follow.

Rumble likes to ditch the forklift gig and darts forward to go see what's going on.

Ruse turns and orders the humanoid preist, "Have some of your workers begin loading this up on our great bird... the purple one. It is near where the green one fell."

Chasm reluctantly leaves the wall, "But Soundwave..." he wheedles, gently.

As the laborers continue, there's definitely a commotion outside, and Jerrol follows the gods as they move toward the exit.

Soundwave says, "You have your personal stash, Chasm."

Chasm gives a last, tearful glance around the cave and then stonily glides outside, following Rumble.

CatsCradle glances at Diver and nods towards the exit... better than waiting around for something to explode, perhaps...?

Ruse follows after abit.

Divefire nods back to Cats in a rahter positive manor and needs no more encouragement to make for the door.

Chasm scouts ahead, circling above and transmitting what he sees back to Soundwave.

Those Titans who are not currently being put to work, are clustering nervously around the temple stairs and entrance.

Rumble pushes his way through the crowd to get a better look.

Those Titans who are not currently being put to work, are clustering nervously around the temple stairs and entrance.

CatsCradle leans near Diver. "Bets? Autobots or angry natives?"

Ruse follows Soundwave and the others...

Blood Raven grabs her stardagger from its hilt and prepares for battle

Divefire muses for a second then frowns as he steps up into the main temple with Cats. "Our luck, both."

CatsCradle makes an Eeeww Face and keeps going.

Blood Raven says, "who cares there going to be dead shortly anyways"

Soundwave follows his faster creations as they head up toward the temple. The natives scatter out of his way as he climbs the stairs.

Tempest follows the pack, swords drawn and ready for trouble. Something feels wrong...

Starscream follows Soundwave to see the commotion. He charges his weapons up and perpares to order everyone to defend the crystels if nassacry

Blood Raven follows without question she is eager for battle

Chasm reports to Soundwave, "Jazz and Perceptor are rescuing Cosmos."

Chasm whines, "We must save the crystals at all costs!"

Rumble says, "Mighta known...the loser team got reinforcements."

Soundwave says to the Decepticons still outside, "Autobots confirmed." He enters the temple.

CatsCradle says sweetly to Chasm, "Then you can lead us into battle."

Up on the altar, where Cosmos should be slouched by himself, the unexpected sight of two additional Autobots greets the returning Decepticons. Jazz, with Tellaria on his shoulder, and Perceptor, who is trying to get Cosmos reactivated. Jazz is saying, "This is terrible - worshipping him like he's some kinda god. We're not gods, Tellaria, we're just fancy machines." At the sound of the Decepticons' footsteps, the functional Autobots turn and prepare to defend themselves.

Starscream looks to the natives then thinks on what he heard, " Fleshcreatures." he announces briskly, " Attack those that are trying to take your idol. This I command."

Jazz spins around, with a drawn laser gun and calls, "Here's something for *you*, Decepticons!" He fires a barrage of energy from his weapon.

Rumble says, "Time to make believers!" and with that, opens up laser fire of his own.

Blood Raven hisses "bite me!" then takes aim at him

CatsCradle mutters to Diver softly,, "Oh, great. They'll shoot the crystals. which'll get angry and blow us all up..."

Ruse leaps over several of the creatures and up the flight of stairs. Her optics flash as she sees Jazz RRRrRrrrring, "Prepare for oblivion!!!" She leaps forward admist the laserfire and charges for him!

Blood Raven aims and fires a shot at jazz and hits him! "from me to you" says with a wicked smile

Ruse impacts with Jazz while Blood Raven's shot strikes Perceptor. From behind the Decepticons, a whole wave of archers emerges between the much larger "gods'" legs and fires arrows tipped with the unstable crystals.

Striker stands back and watches at Blood Raven and Ruse assault Jazz, both of them hitting their target it seems. Yelling out, "Nice job!" He brings up a weapon of his own and takes aim at the Autobots, should any of them decide to get backup after the femme's assault.

Divefire ducks a little as Jazz's fire richates around the enterance of the temple as he catches sight of the archers. "Or use them as arrow heads!"

Starscream watches the fleshcreatures attack but realizes that wont work. Returning fire and seeking cover he quickly thinks on an alternate plan to get the upper hand in this fight.

The archers are good shots, but can't avoid hitting the Decepticons with the force of the explosions left by the crystal arrowheads either. It might be wisest for the Decepticons to stand back and let the Titans do the job.

Blood Raven laughes at the excitement of battle she moves away from the entrence and begins to transform

Tempest says, "I'm not going into that...let the Titans take out /everything./"

Jerrol shouts to the archers, clearly aggitated that the explosions aren't doing much more than knocking holes into the walls and floor and leaving scorch marks on the Autobots, "Use larger crystals!"

CatsCradle ducks back out of the way, especially when she sees Raven transforming. She pulls Diver back with her, knowing what to expect next. "Get out of the way," she says quickly.

The acolyte tugs at Jerrol's robe. "No!" he insists, "it's dangerous!"

Ruse drives Jazz to the ground, and leaps through the arrow barrage at him snapping at his face with her teethladen muzzle savagly! She wont pull back, not with Jazz in sight...

Tempest hangs back, clear of the fight for once. She knows her swords won't do any use in the midst of so many explosions.

Divefire winces slightly at the force of the explotions of the crystal tiped arrows as he tries to manover out of the way of every one. "Great, just what we need..."

Chasm wails invisibly, "Noo! Not the crystals!"

Rumble yells, "Ruse, get outta there!"

Soundwave calls, "Ruse!"

Jazz curses and tries to push the furious fox off him, not recognizing her but getting nicely mauled for his trouble.

Blood Raven then aims at jazz

Blood Raven transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Ruse.

Jerrol slaps the protesting acolyte, knocking him a few steps down the temple stairway. "Obey your god!" He motions to a group of Titans who bring a catapult into firing range, loaded with a substantially-sized glowing crystal. The lever is pulled back....

Soundwave notices the catapult being pulled into range at the base of the temple steps outside. He's right in the way of the entrance. He tries to motion the others to step aside.

Blood Raven misses her shot because she doesn't want ot get ruse. cursing she tries to aim again

Ruse is pushed off and looks at everyone yelling then yips as she is hit with a shockwave from one of the crystals explosions. She shakes it off though and RRrrRrrs, "ANOTHER DAY!" She then bolts for the other cons hopefuly out of this mess.

Tempest doesn't need to be told twice, and clears out.

Divefire’s optics go wide as he notices the large glowing crystal on the catapult and resorts to a more forceful tactic then Soundwave. "Every one clear out, crystal bomb!" He yells before shoving himself and Cats out of the way with a boosted push.

Rumble yelps and runs for Soundwave!

No sooner has Ruse finally left the badly mauled Autobot to his fate, than the catapult lets loose, firing a huge crystal shard through the temple entrance. A tremendous blast of energy rattles the structure to its foundation and emits a shockwave that knocks the Decepticons near the entrance back down the stairs. When the smoke clears, the inside of the temple is scorched and the two Autobots are gone - apparently knocked down another trench in the back. However, Tellaria staggers out and calls, "Jazz? Perceptor?" moving right toward the waiting Decepticons.

CatsCradle peeks out from behind Diver's protective size. "Are they finished?"

Blood Raven transform to her robot mode and attempts to try to get the alien woman

Soundwave checks for Rumble and Chasm and the others. The crystal blast resulted in quite an explosion, but the foundation of the temple itself is still intact.

Starscream realizes the obvious: Autobots have a soft spot for fleshcreatures. Quickly he turns to BR, "GRAB HER!" he points to Tallaria.

Blood Raven does just that "got you little rodent

Rumble pulls himself out from under some fallen debris, more shaken than hurt. "Whoa..."

Tempest picks herself up off the ground and darts forward, sword in hand, ready to skewer Tellaria.

Divefire turns his gaze back to the temple and frowns, deeply. "Now will people start beliving me when I say somethings dangerous?" He asks to no one in paticuler.

CatsCradle pats Diver's arm soothingly.

Jerrol picks himself up from where the explosion tossed him to the ground, and clambers up the stairs again to regard his blackened and now deserted temple. "The false gods fled," he mutters, and then turns back to see Blood Raven snatch up Tellaria. "But we have captured the heretic, who will make a perfect sacrifice to the true gods."
Ruse is blasted down the stairs... and dented up. She slowly gets back onto her feet after the explosion passes, dazed as she staggers forward murmering, "No.. he was mine... I had him..."

The Autobots have disappeared from the scene, withdrawing to lay in ambush elsewhere. There are numerous back ways out of the temple. But they might be lured back into the firing line.

Blood Raven hisses at jerrol "she's mine creature" she wants to remove her head with her Stardagger but contains herself till she has the order to do so

Chasm flaps around, lamenting the cave. "Soundwave, it's all gooone..."

Striker holds his rifle at ready and turns to glance at Ruse, "You alright?"

Rumble says to Ruse, "Youll get him next time...he's not worth getting yourself blown up over."

Blood Raven realizes that ruse was proberbly hurt by her bad aim. and looks concerned "i am sorry are you okay?

Ruse nods to Striker then flashes her optics at Rumble, yes next time Gadget next time. She then nods to Blood shaking off the daze, "I am alright... " She makes her way slowly to Soundwave and stands beside him.

Tellaria struggles in Blood Raven's grip, but can't get free this time.

Soundwave suggests to Starscream, "If the Autobots return to rescue this creature, we can perhaps lure them into range."

Striker nods to Ruse, "Good," and waits for instructions.

Blood Raven laughes at the traitors struggle "traitors can't hide forever..." ironic words really

Starscream nods, " Agreed. Now what is the statis of the crystels we have gathered? And can they be stablized for transport?"

Jerrol speaks up, "Precisely, a sacrifice! We have all the necessary equipment." He hurries to give orders to his acolytes, who return with a human-sized cage. Others start cleaning up the temple and the altar to make it suitable.

Chasm relaxes, "The crystals are safe after all." He dabs at his snout. "I must learn to keep calm."

Tempest snorts. "A sacrifice. Charming."

CatsCradle watches as the acolytes set up the altar. "Do we really need to do this...?"

Blood Raven "My Lord Starscream can't i just remove her head?" looks imploring

Divefire shakes his head slightly in Starscream's direction with a questioning look. "Those crystals just blew up the tempel and you want to go travaling in space with them? Have you no self presivation instincts?" Then he growls, still looking at Starscream. "Sorry, retorical question."

Ruse mentaly ewwws, then looks to Soundwave. She dims her optics in disgust asking silently almost. "They are going to make me a part of this, arn't they?"

Starscream glances down to her and the fleshcreature, "If shes not functioning she is of no use as leverage. Control yourself Bloodraven. IF it gets to that point you may have the pleasure of destroying her."

CatsCradle shakes her head at Blood Raven. "Look, if you kill the hostage, we have no hostage anymore."

Some more of the laborers move into view, carrying the glowing crystals toward the shuttle. They've been worked hard, and one pair of workers, hauling a huge shard on their backs, falls to the ground, unable to get up for exhaustion.

Blood Raven nods dissapointed "i understand my lord"

Jerrod winces a little, imagining the wrath of the Sky Gods. "They are lazy insects," he says, and then adds eagerly, "Shall I punish them? Ah, but better yet - the example of the sacrifice will restore their vigor."

Soundwave says, "I have my doubts about the safety of these crystals as long-term energy sources. However, we have an opportunity here to destroy several Autobots."

Chasm flaps around above the labourers, carefully supervising them. "Careful, you oaf! Not that one, be more gentle!"

CatsCradle tosses up her hands and sits down on the temple steps, resting her elbows on her knees and her chin on her fists, with a snort of disgust.

Several of the priests gather around Blood Raven. "Sky God, with your permission, we will secure the victim for the ceremony," one says to her.

Starscream looks to Soundwave, " Just how unstable are these crystels?" he gives a side glance to Chasm and remembers something.

Blood Raven sighes "they are going to return you can certainly count on that???" Looks at them awkwardly and then back to SS "my lord what should i do?"

CatsCradle points at what is left of the temple behind her. "Is that a clue, Starscream?"

Soundwave says, "With some precaution they could be transported back to Earth. However, their use as a power source is highly doubtful."

Blood Raven says, "I am no godess fleshcreature"

Chasm cocks his head to one side, "Er, as long as we're /extremely/ gentle with them, they should be fine!" He says optimistically to Starscream.

Chasm sighs, "But they have this wonderful alluring glow about them."

The priests don't even seem to recognize those words from Blood Raven, but Tellaria calls, "I *know* you're no goddess!" She glares down over the area.

Soundwave says, "As do many other substances that are more useful. They do, however, make acceptable weapons."

Starscream thinks for a moment, "IF we can not use them as energy then the Autobots will not have to chance to rty and use them either. "

Soundwave says, "Crude, but effective for this location."

Soundwave nods in agreement with Starscream.

Blood Raven says, "Yes but at least i am not a traitor""

Divefire ignores for the moment the current plight of the flesh creatures, er biological life forms, rather more interested in his and the rest of the Decepticons chances of seeing Earth again. "Playing around with unknown crystilian energy sources is a bad idea, period." He then turns his gaze towards Soundwave, a little shocked. "You can't be serious, a large enough explotion could set off the entire stockpile of crystals and reduce this planet to space debrie!"

CatsCradle says, "The Autobots don't care nearly as much about the energy possibilities as for the danger we present to these natives." She glances at the altar and mutters, "Can't say I blame 'em..."

Starscream asks soundwave, " And theres absolutely nothing here we can salvage for energy?"

Ruse says, "We could salvage the energy of the explosion if we destroy the planet... right Starscream? you would know of such things wouldn't you?"

Chasm says quickly, "But if we pack them carefully, they should be fine!"

Soundwave says, "Not without more expenditure of energy than we would gain."

Tempest says, "We could blow up this wretched planet and all the Autobots on it."

The priests are still waiting hopefully for their sacrificial victim.

CatsCradle calls out again, "We could just leave... the Autobots would be too busy rescuing her..." she points at the cage "... to worry about us."

Blood Raven looking at SW "Should i give the alien to her own? can't i despose of her myself why must we sacrifice her i could easly take care of that

Starscream nods, " Understood. Leval this place. " he turns to BR, " I have no further use for that fleshcreature. Do what you want with her. Lets get everyone together and get out of here."

No sooner does Starscream give the order, than a roar of engines and a column of flame appears as Omega Supreme in rocket mode comes down from the dark sky.

Blood Raven looks at the aliens and smiles wicked "the 'gods' do not look fondly upon you this day" lookinga t the girl "know this it is because of you that your own shall perish" with that she removes her head adn lets it fall upon the alter.

CatsCradle calls out, still with that voice of someone who really does not expect very many to listen to her, "or we can level the place, wasting our energy, and therefore making this trip a complete waste...." She tilts her head back and sees Omega Supreme.. "Oh, dear..." She stands up quickly. "We should leave now. Right now. Immediately." She tugs at Diver's hand.

Jazz and Perceptor, still bearnign the scars of battle, emerge hurriedly from the side of the rocket while Omega transforms and brandishes his huge cannon.

Ruse turns for the shuttle seeing Omega land after the order to fall back is givin, " .. that doesn't bode well. Lets go!"

Blood Raven then drops the headless body on the alter turns and walks away

Jerrol looks disappointed that he didn't get to play out his dramatic sacrifice that he had planned, but immediately thereafter looks startled as a massive "false god" drops down out of the sky.

Blood Raven sees the bots and laughes "your too late fools" then she joins them in their escape to the ship

Tempest watches Blood Raven. A vicious one, her... Tempest smiles, secretly approving.

Starscream does hear CCs words and for once can see where shes right. " Ok then....a stratigic withdrawal back to earth"

Starscream plans on firing a cluster bomb into the temple to start a chain reaction underground. Thats somethign that should keep the autobots busy while they get away

The Autobots start firing after the Decepticons, looking almost surprised that they're pulling out without resistance.

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Starscream takes to the air and gives cover fire tothe bots while the cons retreat per his order. He also brings up a cluster bomb online and is preparing to fire as the last con is away.

Soundwave calculates as he heads toward the ship parked near the temple, A blast fired from the shuttle into the mouth of the cavern might set off the crystals and trap the Autobots here before they can escape - but Starscream is way ahead of him, apparently, covering the withdrawal and attempting a dangerous maneuver.

Ruse leaps and bounds across the ground doging laserfire, "I am SO glad I got this altform..." finaly making it back to the shuttle she holds the door open and calls to the others, "Come on before that big one starts firing at us!"

Chasm cries, "No, Soundwave! Don't let them destroy the crystals!" He lands on Soundwave's shoulder and stares up with wide, imploring eyes. "We just have to be careful with them! That's all!"

Rumble says, "Forget your crystals, think about your /life!/" to his greedy sibling, running beside Soundwave.

Blood Raven notices Tempest's smile and feel pleased that her hero should be impressed with her inwardly

Soundwave reaches up and takes hold of Chasm with both hands, lest the dragon do something foolish like try to lift one of those heavy pieces lying on the ground, and hauls him into the ship.

Divefire winces as he feels the ground shake to steps of the last gurdian, then ignite as his plasma cannon starts making the ground a lot less uneven then it was. "Son of a..." *BOOM* Divefire goes flying through the air and lands rather hard on his aft, though thankfuly by the shuttle. "Remind me to file this day under forget..." He mutters as he rights himself and starts to duck into the shuttle.


Decepticon Shuttle

Chasm goes lifeless in Soundwave's hands. "Noo. I... feel... faint. All ... gone..."

Soundwave plops Chasm down on the ship's console as he starts up the engines, ready to fly them to safety as soon as Starscream joins them.

CatsCradle flumps down in the nearest seat.

Ruse once she is sure everyone is in ducks in herself, "Full throttle!" Starscream can catch up with us later but wont be able to if the Guardian does first."

Soundwave says, "Chasm, those crystals were not of much use to you," he admonishes."

Starscream pulls up steeply to gain alltitude quickly, then abruptly dives straight downward. After a moment he levals out and is lined up with the templ entrance. As he passes over head of the autobots at mach 3 he closes in rapidly on the temple and suddenly launches a cluster bomb through the front door of it.

As the clusterbomb screams through the temple entrance Starscream pulls up as hard and as fast as he can to avoid a smuch of the chain reaction hes hoping he caused.

Ruse hops in and takes a seat quickly once most of the others are in...

CatsCradle snorts softly. "Who'da thought... Starscream's being heoric again... I thought the last time wsa just a fluke."

Chasm sighs, "But they were so beautiful..."

Blood Raven looks at everyone and then out the window at Starscream she is impressed with his abilities

Chasm removes a small crystal from subspace and clutches it to his chest, staring at it sorrowfully.

Soundwave guides the shuttle upward, and hovers just above the buffeting of the explosion that takes out the temple with a tremendous blast of light and pyrotechnics.

Starscream rocks the shuttle at mach3 as his retreat takes him right past the hovering shuttles flight path.

Outside, a wall of smoke rises up as the dust and ash and soil on the ground is blown into a tremendous cloud that obscures the view of how much or who was in fact killed, but it certainly looks dramatic from the shuttle screen. The shuttle rocks in the blast, but Soundwave keeps the altitude steady.

Tempest watches the explosion impassively. "And never think to save those whom gods destroy, "she mutters.

Starscream banks around and extends his air brake straight up as he cuts his afterburners. Slowing down rapidly he transformes and headsfor hte shuttles boarding door.

Blood Raven watches the sight feeling oddly sorrowful she should have perished on her fateful day

As soon as Starscream is aboard, Soundwave fires up the thrusters and the ship rises rapidly upwards.

Divefire watches the explotion with some reverence then sits back down next to Cats. "And they wanted to take that home with us..."

Chasm sulks in a corner, staring morosely at the fragments of crystal he cut.

CatsCradle lets out another snoft snort and turns away from the window. After a moment she leans against her mate's shoulder and closes her optics, resting againt him.

Starscream enters the shuttle and looks around quickly. Then he looks back to Soundwave, " Lets go noooOOow. " he steps back as the shuttle launches. He was caught by surprise but he acts like he meant to back into the wall....

Rumble snorts. "Well, that was a colossal waste...unless we actually got that rotten Omega Supreme."

Tempest turns her attention out the front viewscreen to the stars, and shudders slightly.

Soundwave steadies the ship out, and finally turns his attention fully to the sulking dragon. "Be careful with those shards," he warns, and in a more gentle tone, "We will find you other pretty things, Chasm, not to worry."

Ruse says, "No... he survived, and no doubt the other Autobots did as well...if it where that easy to get rid of them Megatron already would have."

Blood Raven looks at Starscream with much pride then approaching him "My Lord you did quite well out there" then whispering how is the little one doing?"

Starscream glances to his cockpit. Peeper’s sound asleep on the back of the pilot’s seat. "He slept through the whole thing...." he whispers to BR then heads for his seat.

Chasm growls hystrionically, "Pretty? Pretty?? Is that all that energy was to you? Mere baubles? Didn't you see how it glittered with its own unstable, lambent matrix, casting light everywhere over the readout? We could have sold it... we didn't have to tell the client that it was unstable..." He voice breaks off into incoherence.

Soundwave steers the ship toward Earth. "To whom would you sell such a substance?" he asks.

Ruse says, "Hm reminds me of your lasercore Chasm... can we sell it?"

Tempest seems lost in her own little world, her attention moving between the shattered planet and the glittering stars.

Chasm says stiffly, "Clients. Aliens, fleshcreatures... It all depends on how you market it."

Blood Raven smiles at him "i guess it would be best for it that way"

Chasm glowers at Ruse and coils his tail protectively around his crystal fragments.

Ruse chuckles, "Hmm luckly Chasm there is no way to market you attractivly to a buyer."

Blood Raven follows him to his seat and then comments quietly "umm for your project for peepers is there anything i can retireve for you when i'm at Cyberton that may be of some use for it?"

Soundwave shakes his head a little at Chasm's rant, and flies on.

Starscream takes his seat and is glad no one saw him loose his balance briefly when soundwave launched the shuttle......//how embaressing/ then he starts to formulate just what hes going to tell Megatron when they return

Rumble says, "I can't believe your dumb pet slept through all that, Starscream. Doesn't it have any survival instinct at all?"

Starscream hears BRs question as if from a distance and slowly brings himself back to what she asked. "Im not sure BR. I will contact you if I shoudl need anything." he replies in a whisper.

Starscream looks to Rumble, " naa he trusts me that much." he smirks.

Blood Raven smiles pleased to assist her Commander in any way

Starscream adds, " and hes not dumb.....puh ."

Blood Raven then deciedes to sit near Hex

Blood Raven sits beside her adn pets her back

Eventually the ship arrives in Earth orbit, and moves smoothly downward through the clouds and toward the location of Earthbase, hidden by the waves. Soundwave brings the vessel to a hover and calls up the conning tower so the Decepticons can disembark.

Ruse glances to Blood, "Careful, thats a good way to lose a hand."

Blood Raven smiles "i think she likes it? i hope she likes it?"

Tempest doesn't even seem to notice that somebody had taken over her job of nuzzling Hex.

The shuttle hovers above the waves, and the exit hatch opens on the side.

Divefire gently taps Cats, then motions at the door. "Home sweet home." He mutters to her.

Blood Raven watches as everyone arrises she doesn't want ot get caught in the rush out

Chasm slips his crystal back into subspace and then retreats back into Soundwave to wallow in melodrama and anguish.

Starscream stands and starts fot the door

Chasm transforms into his Green Cassette mode.

Chasm enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

CatsCradle opens her optics at Diver's touch, a little too quickly for her to have been asleep. She nods and smiles slightly at him, then stands and moves for the door.

Rumble enters as well.

Rumble transforms into his Blue Cassette mode.
Rumble enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Tempest leaves, still seeming a bit in trance.

Ruse stands, and heads out.

Soundwave allows himself a moment of disappointment that their promising energy source didn't work out, but then recalls the other duties that await him. No time to dwell on it.


Engine Room

        Once one of the most important areas of the ship, the engine room now serves only to house most of the control systems, the conning tower to the surface, and the central computer. A large console provides access to the main computer and detailed information about its operational status. The main engines still remain in place, but most of the peripheral machinery and materials were removed once it was determined the ship would never fly again. Consequently, most of the adjacent rooms are empty, awaiting future expansion.

Divefire streches a little as he steps out of the tower and looks around the base for the first time in months. "Hrm, every thing seems intact."

CatsCradle smirks a little. "You didn't see it after the skyplatform hit it." Then she adds as an afterthought, "I did clean up where the fish tank went over."

Ruse pads in, and idly claws carefuly at her muzzle with one paw.

Divefire raies a brow in Cats direction while half reconising Ruse comiing out of the tower, he still hasn't quite got used to her new form. "What Sky Platform?"

Ruse eventualy flicks a bit of Jazz's armor out and shakes her head before transforming.

CatsCradle blinks innocently up at him. "Why, the one that fell on the base, of course."

Ruse stretchs her joints after walks on all fours for so long, "Much better."

Divefire shakes his head a little and frowns. "Of course..." He mutters.

CatsCradle slips her arm through his. "It was a few months, love. It's going to take a while to catch up entirely."

Ruse says, "Think I will join Soundwave..."

Divefire nods slightly to Cats. "I have a lot of reports to read." He murmers then glances to Ruse. "Pass on a messege for me then if you would Ruse, when Soundwave's got some free time I'd like to speak to him."

Ruse nods to dive then heads for the exit.. hips swaying like Jackie's when shes in a good mood. Best not look Diver Cat may slap you. ;)

CatsCradle snorts softly. "That girl is gonna get herself into and cause a lot of trouble with that new body."  She  leans against Diver. "We staying on Earth for a bit, or heading back to Cyber?"

Divefire looks around him and considers. "I've done all the work I can with out consulting with Soundwave and I have been negating my duties of late..."

CatsCradle rests her head against his shoulder again. "I've been taking care of it. It kept me from over-missing you."

Divefire ahs and nods slightly. "That was good of you, thank you."

CatsCradle nips his shoulder. "It's my department, too, y'know. Do you want to stay here or go up to the lake?"

Divefire smirks again, brushing a hand up her side. "I think I'd rather stay here tonight, the flight from Cybertron and the fight todays left me rather tired."

CatsCradle nods. "All right." She kisses his shoulder again and heads for their quarters

D-C's Home

At first look, this seems like a larger version of the other quarters, except this is actually two of the standard quarters with a doorway joining them. One room is obviously set aside as a sleeping area. The other room is more of a living area, with two work terminals, one that seems to be cluttered in an organized fashion, and the other that is simply cluttered. There is an aquarium, about fifty-gallon-sized, with several Earth species of tropical fish. Although most of the fish are tiny, there is a holo-projector set up to bounce an enlarged reflection of the aquarium's contents up onto the wall above the tank. The room is filled with the soothing gurgling sounds of the aquarium's pumps and the pleasant fragrance of unlit beeswax candles. On a small shelf, a tiny glass hummingbird hangs, its edges faceted to catch the occassional stray beam of light, refracting it in splashes of rainbows.

CatsCradle goes to sit cross-legged on the bed amidst a tangle of bedding that looks like hasn't been made in a while.

Divefire looks at the bed with a certin amount of curiosty. "Been sleeping as well as ever I see."

CatsCradle shrugs. "Comes and goes. Still... better than when I was living on Cybertron." She grins a little. "Not as good as when you're with me, though."

Divefire smirks back to Cats. "That's only because you wake me up when you can't sleep."

CatsCradle giggles softly, then mimicks poking with one finger. "Hey, Diver? Y'awake?"

Divefire folds his arms across his chest as he sits next to her on the bed. "Why?"

CatsCradle giggles again, the sound soft and special, only used when alone with him. "'Cause I am."

Divefire rolls his optics a little, half smiling. "Oh I see... Any paticuler reason why you're awake?"

CatsCradle flops over on her side and pulls the pillow to her chest, burying her chin in it, her face suddenly solemn. "Diver, if we kill off every planet we find, aren't we just as bad as the Aubotot say?"

Divefire looks a little solum at her words and gives it some thought. "I don't know, other then in war it's the victers who write the history, if that's of any comfort."

CatsCradle thinks about it for a few minutes, then sighs. "It isn't. Not really."

Divefire sits back himself and forrows his brow. "No, nor to me. Still I think that's the first planet we've activly tried to blow up..."

CatsCradle shrugs a little. "Blow up, kill off all the natives... it's not really a difference, is it?"

Divefire muses, "Depends if Starscream's in charge or not."

CatsCradle gives a very soft laugh, little more than a breath. "Well, that's true. But it seems to be inherant in most Decepticons. Look at Blood Raven today. She's so young, and already longing to slice the heads off people. Striker, wanting to blow things up..."

Divefire counters with a passive tone, "Impretionable kids, brought up in a war. They've had no choice but to fight."

CatsCradle gazes at him for a long moment. "Neither did I, Diver. Not for a moment."

Divefire says, "Yes but you were never an impretionable kid."

CatsCradle shrugs from behind the pillow. "I don't know if I was or not."

Divefire reaches out a comforting hand to Cats. "Alrihgt, you never struck me as being that stuped then."

CatsCradle takes his hand and curls his fingers around hers and tucks them both under her chin. "Perhaps that's the difference. I learned. They just grew mean."

Divefire nods slightly in agrement. "That could be it."

CatsCradle plays with his fingers for a moment, not looking at him. "Or maybe they were right and I really was an Autobot back before."

Divefire lifts her chin up with his fingers and looks into her optics pointedly. "I don't think so."

CatsCradle gazes up at him. "You don't?" she says in a barely-there voice.

Divefire keeps his gaze firmly on hers. "Not at all."

CatsCradle sighs and much of the tension eases out of her. "Sometimes, I just don't know," she murmurs, then kisses his fingers.
Divefire smiles to her as he feels her touches. "You hate the Autobots far to much to ever be one of them."

CatsCradle smiles at him, more of her tension ebbing. "Well... that's probably true."
Divefire looks away from her for a moment, shruging his shoulders slightly. "Of course if you like I could go and ask the Autobots what they think..."

CatsCradle pulls him closer. "Not if it requires you leaving this room tonight."

Divefire smirks ever so slightly. "Oh you have plans for us tonight then?"

CatsCradle nips his fingers. "And you didn't?"

Divefire smirks slightly. "Oh I didn't say that."

CatsCradle smiles. "No, you didn't. So what plans /did/ you have?"

Divefire chuckles ever so slightly. "I asked you first."

CatsCradle nips his fingers a little harder this time

Divefire smirks again. "I see..."

CatsCradle's optics glint with mischief an instant before she dives for his sides, tickling.

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