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Repair Bay

        The place Decepticons seek medical care, the repair bay makes every effort to put the patient at ease. The temperature and lighting are optimized for comfort, and the walls are a neutral grey. There are ten beds along each wall, all with display panels. Equipment and tools are stored in the wall between beds and diagnostic scanners emerge from under the beds when in use. Off of the main room is a specialized surgery unit for laser core trauma, a small cryogenic stasis facility, and an emergency room with stacked beds to be used when the main room becomes too crowded. Overall the repair bay appears to visitors as modern and efficient and this impression is quite valid. Even the most catastrophic injuries can be treated here by a skilled medic.

CatsCradle, after searching through the base for anyone else, resigns herself to the last place she hadn't checked yet... and which usually makes the most sense... the repair bay. She stops at her usual spot just at the doorway, and smacks the door until it stays open, then leans against the doorjam and waits quietly.

Tempest kind of stares at Starscream taking Blood Raven's hand, as if to ask "What's up with that?" though she does not vocalize the thought.

Nightbird also seems to take note of it, and watches them leave.

Soundwave notes the new arrival, and nods to her in greeting, expecting her to introduce herself and her purpose for having traveled from Cybertron.

Scorcher looks around some more when she notices being scrutinized

Tempest points to Scorcher and says, "She...tells me Shockwave sent her." Tempest doesn't know the Cybertronian Decepticons at all, and has been escorting Scorcher around the base until Megatron or someone else can verify if this is true.

Scorcher salutes crisply "Scorcher reporting sir. Commander Shockwave sent me here. He thought I should observe other Decepticons and other and other aerial combat tactics."

Soundwave looks over Scorcher appraisingly, just as another "foreign exchange student" shows up - this one presumably sent by Thunderwing to learn the goings-on at Earthbase.

Megatron looks over to Scorcher, nodding. "I received a note from Shockwave he liked send you here. Welcome to Earth."

Scorcher says, "Thank you sir."

Tempest relaxes her guard a little now that she knows that Scorcher is /really/ a Decepticon and not just some Autobot pulling a trick.

Nightbird also bows to Spinister as he enters. She then makes her way over to Megatron and brushes the newly repaired area with her fingertip, her optics questioning.

The one representative of Valckasta on Earth stands silently near Soundwave. Foreign exchange student, indeed. This guy is very far from being a young kid. Despite his gaudy colouring, he appears almost eerie as he looks around the group, nodding to those he knows.

CatsCradle raps lightly on the door. "Who got hurt this time?" She does not come any further into the room than the doorway.

Spinister arches an optic ridge at Nightbird. A new Decepticon? Spinister hasn't seen her before and doesn't recognize her build.

Megatron says, "And greetings, my dear Spinister. How is the Valckastian nobility?"

Tempest looks at Nightbird and Megatron and her lip curls. She knows what happened, but feels no reason to say so. It's probably best she just doesn't get involved at all.

Soundwave is of course a bit curious about the new arrival, but he has other matters to attend to, having finished repairing the latest casualties. Turning to Megatron, he says, "I will check on the progress of your latest project." If he leaves repair bay, this has the added beneficial effect of thinning the crowd a little.

Spinister gives Megatron a bow of the type Valckastans give to high ranking officials. "My liege, Thunderwing, is very well, thank you, Megatron."

Megatron smirks. "Oh, the energy magnet is nearly finished. And my little distraction-project... everything is ready for it.

Soundwave makes his way through the crowd and steps out.

Megatron heads for the exit

Spinister's white optics follow Megatron and Soundwave out the room. As Nightbird turns to leave, he follows her.

CatsCradle ducks out of the doorway.


Science Section

        A combination laboratory and machine shop, this area is where most research and fabrication is done by the various Decepticons with a scientific bent. Some of the equipment here is larger than an average Decepticon, while some devices are smaller than a cassette. A trained eye will recognize devices for manufacturing and testing circuits, crystallization chambers, metallurgical stations, and various energy field projectors. Even though crowded, the room is orderly and clean, with parts and equipment neatly arranged.

Tempest has been nosing in this project all along, and knows what's going on, but she seems willing to saunter along at the rear of the group for now. Tempest is usually into most of what's going on, though she rarely shares her knowledge.

Spinister walks up and stands beside Nightbird. He gives a slight bow, "Greetings, I haven't seen you before."

Nightbird bows formally. "I am Nightbird. You are Spinister, second to Thunderwing?"

CatsCradle slips in with the others, liking these surroundings much better than the repair bay. She leans against one of the workbenches, giving the firefly-thingie a rather suspicious look.

Tempest overhears Nightbird's words and observes Spinister. The of Harrier's kind.

Spinister nods at Nightbird, "That is correct. My liege is busy in Valckasta and sent me in his stead." His white optics adopt a thoughtful glow as he adds, "I had no news that Decepticons from elsewhere had come to Earth. May I ask where you came from?"

Soundwave takes up a place from which he can get a good view of the proceedings and step in to help if Megatron needs it.

Megatron walks over to the controls of a project he worked on. "I used technology of the weapon we found on Cybertron. The goal is to create a little 'portable' rip we can implant into Teletran, destroying it from inside. This should distract our enemy from our real project," he explains. "The energy magnet."

Nightbird's optics glitter just a bit. "You may ask. But I would not have an answer."

Along one wall of the Science Section is a new piece of equipment.

 (Picture is here -

Starscream walks in with Blood Raven beside him and....Peeper bringing up the rear///oO hehe

Starscream pauses when he sees all the people in the room. " What is all this? We need to work on stuff as a group effort now?" he glances to Megatron, pointedly ignores Nightbird and walks over to one of the stations

Spinister glances at Tempest and his optics take on a mild glow. The new Duke Harrier was second in command to Tempest. He is finding his feet again in Valckasta and Spinister is surprised that Tempest hasn't visited yet. But he looks away as Nightbird speaks. With a look in his optics that suggests curiosity, he says, "No answer? Through choice or lack of knowledge of your past?" He looks away again and glances at Megatron.

Megatron activates the machinery.

Tempest slowly sidles towards Spinister, evidently with something on her mind.

Blood Raven notice scorcher and nods and does the same to Duke Harrier

Nightbird gestures respectfully that she'll answer Spinister later as she looks toward Megatron's experiment.

Blood Raven approaches Scorcher "you are new here?"

Starscream ignores everyone with a bit more arrogance then normal and begins to work on his project.

As the machine crackles with the electrical fields, a small flash begins in the middle.

Starscream notices the flash and looks to Megatron, " Watch what you are doing....."

Megatron watches what is going on. Actually he awaits one of these rifts - only smaller - to appear.

Spinister gives Nightbird a slight bow of acknowledgment. Best to watch the experiment at the moment. But he does notice a movement out of the corner of his optic: Tempest is moving closer.

CatsCradle glances around the room at the variety of personnel, noticing the newest member with a slight glint of curiosity, before her attention is drawn to the experiment.

Starscream scoops up Peeper and puts him in his cockpit....

Scorcher whispers to Blood Raven "Yes ma'am. Just arrived from Cybertron. Commander Shockwave sent me here for more experience"

Suddenly, a small yellow electrical arc flashes in the machine. It looks odd somehow.. Then it leaps out from the machine and rests on a nearby console.

Starscream notices Blood Raven’s talking to someone he does not recognize. He looks at the new mech and determines sje someone from Cybertron.....

Blood Raven nods and smiles "where in Cybertron? I serve there too under Lord Colossus command what is your name?"

Tempest mutters to Spinister, hoping the others are distracted, "Nightbird isn't any more a Decepticon than I am."'

CatsCradle points at the... well, whatever it is.... "Is it supposed to do that?"

Soundwave tilts his head a little. Not *that* is unexpected.

Nightbird takes a step back as the electrical disturbance leaps out. It seems.. Well, it seems to have a face.

Scorcher looks uncomfortable, torn between her desire to socialize and not to interrupt Megatron

Starscream steps back from his console when he sees the mass of energy leap onto the console nearby.

Megatron looks at the creature, frowning. Well, he opened a rift, but instead of staying open, it spitted out... this!

Spinister watches the bright, purple flash from the machine. At least the flash is showing patriotic colouring! But he steps back hurriedly as the yellow arc (with a face and fangs no less!) leaps from the machine. His glance quickly goes to Megatron, was this what he intended?

The little yellow whatever it is makes a crackling noise like electrical power arching, and then amazingly enough vocalizes. "Kremzeek!"

Starscream looks annoyed, " Of brother....what did you create now?"

Blood Raven senses scorchers uncomfortably and smiles slightly and is about to say something when she is distracted "what is that?"

Tempest's left optic lid--odd feature, that--raises more than her right as she says, "Um...what the hell is that?"

CatsCradle looks at Megatron's expression and quickly gathers that this was /not/ supposed to happen. "Krem-who?"

Megatron ignores Starscream, this little creature caught his interest. What is it?

Nightbird draws her sword reflexively and stares at it.

Blood Raven glances at Megatron and blinks "er My Lord what does this Kremzeek creature do?"

Spinister keeps an optic on the Kremzeeking creature, too surprised to answer Tempest. What on Earth is that thing.

The creature or being or whatever waves what seems to be arms around and says insistently, "Kremzeek! Kremzeek!"

Tempest slowly reaches up for her weapons. It doesn't look like it's too dangerous, but Tempest didn't live this long by giving anyone any quarter.

CatsCradle grins suddenly at points at it. "Look, Starscream! You can adopt it to be Peeper's brother."

Tempest says, "Is it dangerous or just plain annoying?" with this acidic tone in her voice.

Scorcher winces, the voice grates on her audio

Megatron smirks. "Fascinating," he says offering his forefinger to the little creature like to a bird.

Blood Raven instinctively grabs her stardagger and prepares for the worse

Soundwave intones, "Energy readings are consistent with ... pure electricity?" He shakes his head a bit. That doesn't seem quite right, as he regards the little creature.

The self-proclaimed Kremzeek hops up on Megatron's finger and perches there.

Spinister tips his head on one side and stares at the Kremzeek, perched on Megatron's hand, "Actually, it's almost cute," he says, revealing a somewhat different side to his personality. "I wonder what it's capable of?"

Nightbird glances to Soundwave, wondering if it's safe for Megatron to hold it like that.

Tempest feels compelled to say to Megatron, "Are you sure you should be touching that thing?"

Blood Raven says, "but what does it do?"

CatsCradle gives Soundwave a quick almost-panicked look. "It's not another virus, is it?"

Starscream grabs Bloods arm and shakes his head at her pulling her dagger

Soundwave is watching carefully, but shows no obvious concern.

Megatron says, "Well, Kremzeek, let's find out what you can do..."

Blood Raven watches curious

Scorcher ever so slightly inches back, before catching herself

Soundwave says, "It is a *creature* of some kind. I am getting only electrical energy readings. At its current level of power, it should not present a danger to us. However...""

CatsCradle relaxes again at Soundwave's apparent lack of concern and settles back to lean against the workbench again, her head tilted in curiosity.

Kremzeek zips off from Megatron's hand and flies over to one of the computer consoles. He zips through the metal and the panel begins to spark.

CatsCradle says uncertainly, "...that doesn't look good..."

Blood Raven looks at him with an expression that seems to read "what? I haven't done anything?"

Soundwave finishes his thought as the creature darts around the room, "If it contacted our equipment, it could present some problems."

Spinister head turns to follow Kremzeek and his optics flash nearly as brightly as the panel, "Oh, oh, Megatron, I think we've just had our answer!"

Tempest says, "I say we kill it now before it..." and then it leaps.

Kremzeek pokes his head up through the panel and says, "Kremzeek!" before diving back down again.

Blood Raven watches as it jumps into the computer. "but how if its pure energy like Lord Soundwave said? what can we do?"

Megatron rubs his chin. "So, he /can/ be used as a weapon... Quick, catch him."

Soundwave turns hurriedly to follow, his hands darting across the panel, trying to call up the computer's diagnostics.

Blood Raven tries to grab the little creature

Blood Raven along with Soundwave of course

Spinister breaks his gaze away from the trail of destruction to glance at Megatron, "The creature is more likely to catch us! If he damages us the way he damaged that computer..." Never the less, Spinister joins the chase after Kremzeek.

As Soundwave nears, Kremzeek leaps away from the console, and into one of the other pieces of equipment standing in the room.

Megatron looks for the circuit trap, a little metal box. This should be able to hold an electrical creature like this.

Spinister's hand clap onto the piece of equipment that Kremzeek has vanished inside. But as he's inside, Spinister can only grasp the equipment.

Tempest doesn't think she /wants/ to catch that thing. The farther away it is from her circuitry, the better, and so she doesn't bother trying....instead, she goes to shut the doors so it won't escape into the rest of the base.

Kremzeek zips around the room evading the hands reaching for him, making his usual electrical noises and saying "Kremzeek!" quite often.

CatsCradle watches everyone diving after the little critter, then wonders if it is after energy? After all, it is /made/ of energy. She takes out one of her snack-sized energon-munchies and sets it on the workbench next to her.

Spinister drops the now empty piece of equipment and hurries after the little yelling spark.

Ramjet seems to have been attracted by the sounds of the scuffle, but as he arrives the door starts closing behind him, "Hey. What’s going on?"

The creature seems a bit confused as Megatron catches him. "Kremzeek?"

Blood Raven misses at it jumps out of the computer once more

Blood Raven says, "what a little beast"

Blood Raven backs away and watches Megatron

Soundwave comes to a stop next to Ramjet as the jetwarrior enters into the chaos. "We have an unexpected visitor," he explains cryptically as Megatron traps the little lightning-bolt creature.

Starscream rolls his optics if he could and steps out of the way. Folding his arms he watches everyone try to catch this thing. He’s not getting in this one.

Megatron smirks and puts the little creature into the Trap. "This circuit trap should hold him for a while."

As the lid is closed, he says, "Kremzeek?"

Soundwave looks over at the energon snacks that CatsCradle put down. "I wonder if this being would feed on energon?"

Spinister gives a slight nod as Megatron places Kremzeek in the trap. He then turns around and surveys the damage, mostly sparking equipment. To himself, he mutters, "I'd love to inflict that little fellow on the Autobots!"

Scorcher gathers herself up from the floor and steps back, relieved she didn't actually catch the little creature

Tempest says, 'Hurry up and put him in the box before he gets away...frag, Ramjet, keep the door closed! Megatron's experiment has had an...interesting side effect." And she points at the kremzeek critter.

Blood Raven mutters "its cute in an odd sort of way

Megatron pats the Trap. "Yes, Kremzeek will be my ultimate weapon against the Autobots.

Starscream chuckles as he watches all this out of the way and leaning against the far wall.

Soundwave nods to Spinister thoughtfully. "If it developed a taste for energon and were released among the Autobots. An interesting concept." He picks up the energon snacks and holds them out to Megatron.

Tempest actually snickers. "That'll /really/ keep the Autobots busy while we do our thing..." She winks at Megatron and says, "I guess you /do/ always come up with a plan...even if you don't know it!"

CatsCradle pushes herself away from the workbench. "I still say it'd make a good brother for Peeper."

Spinister arches an optic ridge at Soundwave, "Very interesting! The experiment was worthwhile." He adds, a little more quietly, "Does this happen every time Megatron switches that machine on?"

Megatron smirks. "You always have to stay flexible to improvise.

Nightbird hasn't said much, and only watches the trap carefully, her expression revealing only caution.

Starscream blinks, " Oh please no."

Soundwave says, "Negative, Spinister. We do seem adept at finding unusual rifts in time and space, however."

CatsCradle gives Starscream a mischievous grin, but doesn't say anything more

Megatron activates the intercom.

Ramjet glances across at Soundwave, "Is that where this thing came from?"

<Earth> Megatron says, "Ramjet, prepare for flight."

Spinister's shoulders lift and drop in what might be a suppressed chuckle, "Yes, Soundwave, the Decepticons have had some strange luck!"

CatsCradle mutters, "I'm not sure /luck/ is quite the right word, but..." she shrugs.

Nightbird says, "How long will the circuit trap contain it?"

Soundwave glances over at Ramjet. He's still holding CatsCradle's energon treats, and suggests to Megatron, "Perhaps if you feed the creature with this, Commander, it will gain in power to be destructive in Autobot base, rather than a mere nuisance."

Megatron takes the goodie. "Excellent idea, Soundwave." He turns to Ramjet. "Take me to Autobot headquarters.

Spinister looks at Catscradle, "Decepticons make their own luck from whatever happens. This creature..." he nods at the box in Megatron's hands, "Has great potential!"

Blood Raven frowns slightly at Soundwave’s words "Lord Soundwave perhaps we should feed it when we are closer to the Autobot base?"

CatsCradle quietly looks rather pleased with herself for the energon-munchie idea

Soundwave says, "I concur, Commander. Do not feed the creature until you are close. I will send Laserbeak to accompany you and monitor the results.""

Blood Raven smiles at Soundwave, happy he liked her suggestion


Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Blood Raven watches on with interest

Megatron walks in, obviously quite contented.

Ramjet returns to the base in doublequick time and reports to the command centre, walking in behind Megatron, "Mission accomplished."

Soundwave says, "Laserbeak reports infiltration of Autobot base successful. He will convey visuals to us."

Tempest says, to Soundwave, "We get to watch?"

Scorcher grins at the thought what havoc that little critter will cause in the Bot center"

Blood Raven bows upon seeing Megatron "It was a success my Lord?"

Megatron says, "Excellent, Soundwave. Check the Transmissions from the Ark as well."

Megatron says, "Be patient, Blood Raven. We will see soon enough."

Nightbird says, "Won't Laserbeak be in danger from the creature?"

Soundwave goes to his communications station and brings up a flickering image, which clears for the briefest of moments, then goes staticky again. "Laserbeak reports he is withdrawing to a safer location and has launched a mobile camera to relay the visuals."

CatsCradle perches on her usual spot on the console just inside the door.

Chasm flaps in, pausing and then delicately perching on Soundwave's shoulder.

Nightbird nods once. She should have known Soundwave would be careful.

Chasm sighs with relief that it's Laserbeak and not him assigned for camera duty.

Blood Raven smiles and nods then slowly joins Starscream...

Ramjet folds his arms over his chest and watches the big screen from the back of the room.

On the monitor screen, the image flickers to life. The circuit trap lays just inside Autobot headquarters, and it starts twitching and moving around.

As Kremzeek struggles in his cage, Teletran-1 sounds the alert. Finally the electrical demon breaks free and leaps through a security camera, emerging into the Autobot control center.

Soundwave observes the onscreen images. "Surely, Chasm, you would find such a recording mission worthy of your skills?" he chides the little dragon gently.

Blood Raven chuckles quietly

Tempest says, "Let's check the Autobot reaction time," with a nasty grin.

Megatron watches the screen, his hands on his hips, grinning.

On the monitor, Kremzeek scurries off from the main computer, and encounters Jazz, Trailbreaker, Smokescreen, and one of the Autobot's human pets in a hallway. Trailbreaker says, "What the heck is that?" Jazz replies, "I don't know. But maybe this will slow it down enough for us to find out." He fires his weapon, but Kremzeek is unaffected. He does however seem annoyed.

CatsCradle counts down softly. "Five.... four.... three... two....

Blood Raven mutters "wow its a pity we can't be there first hand to view this.."

Chasm steeples his claws together, "Of course, Soundwave," he huffs. "But it's good for Laserbeak to get some practice in now and then."

Scorcher wonders if there's some energon (?) to go with the show

Tempest wisecracks, "Now aren't you glad we got cable?"

Soundwave replies to Chasm, "I see," though his optic band flickers a little brighter in amusement.

CatsCradle adds, "And a VCR for multiple play-backs."

Kremzeek leaps at Jazz and shoots right through his armor. The Autobot freezes for a moment, then starts to convulse and shake. Sparks begin shooting out of various spots on Jazz and finally he collapses on the ground.

Blood Raven snickers at everyone’s remarks

Scorcher whispers "What's that little creature with those Autobots?"

Tempest says to Scorcher, "The Kremzeek critter of Megatron's. We figured if it was going to raise hell, better that it do it in Autobot headquarters than in ours."

Nightbird's optics sparkle, clearly pleased at what she sees on the screen.

Scorcher then giggles "Kremzeek 1 - Autobots 0"

Tempest blinks. "Oh, you mean the Human?"

Kremzeek emerges from Jazz with a triumphant look and zips over to Trailbreaker. This Autobot also begins to spark and falls even quicker than the last one.

Scorcher whispers at Tempest "the what?"

Tempest hadn't even thought about Spike. "Oh, just consider /that/ a fleshy Autobot. It's the native life form on this planet."

Scorcher shudders "Yuck. It's ugly"

The human says in a very worried voice, "That thing scrambled their circuits!" Smokescreen adds, "Just keep it away from me." The human runs over to Trailbreaker, and Kremzeek emerges from the Autobot. "There you are!" the human yells and foolishly grabs a living field of electricity.

 After getting zapped, the human rubs his injured hands and says, "Never fool around with electricity."

Tempest kind of likes being able to fill in the newcomers. It's almost like being a pirate captain again. She feels...proud of herself?

Tempest laughs a bit. "There's uglier things in the galaxy....Not very dangerous one on one, but can do nasty things...and of course, the species is all buddy buddy with the Bots."

Chasm smirks, "Perhaps we should leave it to its own devices, eh?"

Spinister watches the goings on at Autobot headquarters with pleasure, which is tempered by a strong relief that he didn't manage to touch the little Kremzeek himself.

Scorcher frowns "I just bet it makes terrible stains on your armour when you step on it"

Blood Raven laughs they do I should know

Soundwave glances over at Megatron. "It would be almost disappointing, would it not, if the little being left no Autobots for our warriors to practice their skills upon?"

Tempest nods in agreement with Blood Raven. That, they do.

Kremzeek zips back into the control center, and Laserbeak's camera scurries to catch up. It arrives just in time to see Kremzeek frying Teletran-1 quite handily. Sparks and electrical arcs fly off from the computer, and it starts to spew out random data.

Spinister says, "I doubt it, Scorcher, you could never step on that creature, it would go right through you.""

Tempest says wryly to Soundwave, "I could live with the disappointment." and grins.

CatsCradle watches the screen, smiling. "Let's just hope it doesn't find it's way back here."

Megatron chuckles. "My little Kremzeek is about to blow the bits out of them... We will find other 'sparring' partners, Soundwave.

Blood Raven approaches Scorcher and asks "I am Blood Raven what is your name again and where is your post on Cybertron?"

Tempest says to Spinister, "I think she means humans. They squish very well."

Nightbird simply watches, the light from the monitor playing off her optics.

Scorcher is too polite to contradict an officer :)

Ramjet says, "As long as they get fragged I don't care who does it."

Spinister glances at Tempest and says, "I wouldn't know, I spend very little time on Earth."

Scorcher whispers to Blood Raven "My name is Scorcher. I am one of commander Shockwave’s' cyberjets"

After finishing toasting Teletran-1, Kremzeek finds a fresh batch of Autobots to sizzle and starts taking them offline. Unfortunately, one of the Bots stumbles backwards where the camera is, pinning it to the wall in a blur of motion. There's a crunch, and the picture winks out.

CatsCradle says, "Awww...."

Chasm suggests delicately, "Perhaps we should work on a counter-measure to the creature... er, just in case."

Tempest mumbles, "Just in the middle of the good part, too."

Soundwave says, "Laserbeak reports having lost contact with the remote-unit camera."

Scorcher grins "Anybody taking bets how many Autobots that creature shorted?"

Chasm sighs, "Maybe that was a little beyond Laserbeak's abilities then..."

Nightbird looks to Megatron. "I would say the Autobot computer is not operational."

Megatron says, "Just check their transmissions, Soundwave. I want to know what Teletran is still able to do."

Blood Raven nods and whispers "I serve Lord Colossus as his sniper"

Soundwave says, "You could, of course, check the area of your own accord, Chasm.""

Blood Raven sighs so much for the show

Soundwave directs the remote sensors of the base toward Autobot headquarters even as he speaks to the little dragon on his shoulder, additionally tapping into their communications channels.

Chasm says brightly, "Why yes, Soundwave. However, I'd hate to step beyond the line and I really wouldn't act on anything that wasn't a direct order..."

Soundwave reports, "All communications from Autobot base are scrambled. Teletran One is showing no power readings at all."

Megatron nods. "Then it is time to ready the energy magnet. They cannot detect us.

Ramjet says, "Sounds like they're getting it bad."

Spinister nods slowly to himself.

Tempest gets ready to help out with this energy magnet thing.

Chasm grits his metaphorical teeth. "I suppose this is going to be the /fun/ part," he says sarcastically, ready for yet another one of Megatron's prototype energy collecting devices...

Scorcher whispers to Blood Raven "Sounds boring, being a sniper"

Blood Raven frowns slightly and whispers quietly "...I don't think so...its rather fun actually once you get used to the hours of waiting"

Soundwave is aware that the visitor from Cybertron is getting to know the other Decepticons while she's here, but as usual there's work to do. He prepares to follow Megatron to the site of the energy magnet, leaving Laserbeak to watch any remaining activity the Autobots might muster.

Chasm says worriedly, "Why not just stay here and monitor the situation, Soundwave? There's no need to risk yourself next to (another) untested prototype energy collector... Not that I'm worried or anything."

Spinister listens and watches the proceedings, but says nothing.

Soundwave says, "If we take no risks, we will achieve no victories."

Megatron says, "Decepticons, follow me to the energy magnet."

Chasm sighs, "I thought you'd say something like that."



        An island chain in the Pacific ocean, off the east coast of Asia. It's total land mass makes it slightly smaller than California, and it's dotted with volcanoes and human cities.

The Decepticons fly over the ocean with ease to the location of the energy magnet.

Tempest whistles. "Interesting hobby the Constructicons have. No wonder I never see them."

Spinister takes an opportunity to sidle up to Tempest, "Sorry, I missed what you were saying before. The Kremzeek appeared and everything was bedlam. You said something about Nightbird being an offworder?

Chasm checks to see if Soundwave is watching him, perhaps checking to see if he can slip off and indulge his passion for electronic gimcracks...

Tempest says, "Well, we found her here on Earth...some human scientist's plaything."

Soundwave flies alongside Megatron as they approach the construction.

Tempest also said, in that conversation, that she herself was "not a real Decepticon."

Nightbird enters the Energy Magnet.

Soundwave is indeed keeping watch on Chasm, and motions to him to follow as the group enters the tower.

Chasm snarls frustratedly and lags behind the group, but still following them.

Energy Magnet

A large tower jutting up from the ocean surface, with a spherical cap. The sphere is covered with spikes, giving the impression of a giant mace rising up from the ocean.

CatsCradle chuckles. "It amazes me that no one ever notices us building these things."

Blood Raven says, "they're human and autobot= stupid"

Spinister folds his arms. Clearly, the fact that humans didn't notice this tower is no surprise...

CatsCradle glances at Raven with a slight smile. "If they are so stupid, why haven't we won yet?"

Blood Raven says, "never underestimate luck"

Tempest continues to tag beside Spinister.

Spinister moves closer and murmurs quietly to Tempest, "So who is Nightbird?"

Chasm says worriedly, "Soundwave, you will be careful won't you?" Touching, but slightly uncharacteristic...

CatsCradle shakes her head with some amusement, but doesn't continue.

Soundwave gives Chasm a questioning look. "I seldom proceed without undue caution," he replies.

Tempest points at the ninja robot. "Megatron's /girlfriend/," she says, keeping her voice low, with a tone in it to suggest that she doesn't think much of this for some reason.

Scorcher 's optics widen at that remark.

Nightbird glances over to Tempest, her hearing good enough to have picked up on that.

Spinister's optics widen in surprise, "Where did he meet her?" he asks after a suitably long pause to gather himself.

Chasm ers, "It just happens that I own some stock several Tokyo-based companies..."

Chasm regards the magnet rather dubiously, "Can't we move it somewhere else?"

Soundwave finds a place at the magnet's controls, looking over the lay-out of the console. "I see," he says. "And you fear that your investment will be damaged."

CatsCradle grins. "If not now, then certainly when Godzilla visits again."

Scorcher looks around, clearly bored, and trying to find something that she can shoot at

Blood Raven looks much the same

Chasm says, "Er, well, yes. I mean, I did learn my lesson after the Dancitron affair and I've stayed well out of the entertainment business."

Soundwave says, "I still fail to see the appeal of meddling in mere human interactions."

Tempest catches Nightbird's look and suddenly snaps, "Ask her yourself," and stalks away, bristling visibly now, heading towards Chasm...away from Nightbird and Megatron, toward someone whose actions are bound to draw more attention than hers.

Chasm's optics shine, "Their markets are such a pleasure to play with! And these companies have such an excellent track record. A main competitor went out of business last week, after a strange virus struck their computer, er, yes and that means the shares in my... in the other companies are doing quite well."

CatsCradle says again, "At least until the next series of giant monsters destroy Tokyo.

Soundwave just shakes his head a bit. "So long as it does not interfere in your duties as a Decepticon, Chasm."

Megatron walks over to the control console for the magnet and starts punching keys. "Now, thanks to the insipid Autobot's own failed weaponry, we shall suck Earth's energy dry. The beams emitted from this tower will draw electrical power from almost any source and channel it directly to our undersea batteries."

Scorcher 's eyes widen at Cat's remark about giant monsters. She looks interested

Soundwave doesn't quite follow the reference to giant monsters, but assumes it's some Earth cultural reference.

Chasm glares at CatsCradle, "Well, if we could remove this inane prototype elsewhere, Tokyo would be less effected by our wars..."

Spinister also catches Nightbird's look but catches something quite different as Tempest snaps at him. His optics narrow, and he storms after Tempest, grabbing her by the shoulder. "I asked you, soldier," he snaps in returns, "And I'll thank you to keep a civil voice modulator."

CatsCradle chuckles to Chasm. "The giant monsters have nothing to do with us. Don't you know that Japan is full of them? They tromp over Tokyo on a regular basis." Her optics glint as she shakes her head and makes tsking noises. "You really need to do more research on your markets, Chasm."

Chasm says confidentially to Soundwave, "If you ever wanted to quit this 'conquer the universe gig' I've got some nice 'nest eggs' laid aside. Provided we don't wreck the entire planetary economy..."

Chasm flexes his claws together nervously. "Giant... monsters? It wasn't mentioned in the annual report!"

Blood Raven approaches Spinister "leave her alone"

Tempest /really/ does not react well to being grabbed like that...she wrenches away from him, hunching over, blades in her hands in a flash of blue steel. She doesn't even seem /capable/ of answering his question any more, for she answers only with a feral hiss. She isn't attacking but the ruby slits of her optics and the animal snarl are a clear warning.

Blood Raven tries to intervene drawing her own daggers "enough!"

Scorcher definitely steps away from that fight, as far as she can in this machine

CatsCradle shakes her head again. "Poor Chasm. I'll provide the video footage for you when we get back to base." Her optics shimmer with amusement again, but die back to a flat color at the impending fight.

Blood Raven says, "please this is not the time or place for a battle"

Chasm grabs CatsCradle's arm nervously, "You will provide full details?" he says pleadingly.

Soundwave is well aware of how Tempest might react, and speaks up, to draw attention back to the reason they all came here, "Laserbeak reports: several Autobots have escaped Kremzeek's assault and are on their way toward this area of the world."

CatsCradle says softly, but in a clear voice, "then maybe you shouldn't be drawing your weapons, Raven. This doesn't involve you."

Megatron turns toward all the commotion, and says sharply, "Spinister, Tempest, stand down! This is not the time for pointless brawling. We have energy to take and Autobots to finish off."

Blood Raven turns to Cats with apologetic smile but still tries to stop the two

CatsCradle automatically pats Chasm's.... er... paw. "Yes, yes," she says distractedly, her attention still on the potential explosion wearing yellow armor. "I promise. Full video footage. Ninety minutes each with no advertisement breaks."

Spinister only has time to look warningly at Blood Raven before Tempest spins around. He changes his stance, ready to explode into the air and transform should Tempest actually attack, but he says, "Put those away at once," he nods to Tempest's blade. "I asked a simple question, so answer it! Make once move and you'll severely regret it." Now Spinister understands the new Harrier a bit better. No wonder he is the way he is with this creature in charge of him.

Chasm floats up in the air, nervously fiddling with his tail. "Perhaps I should have invested in Brazil instead..."

Blood Raven looking at Tempest she mutters "Storm please calm down not in the face of your adversary" (meaning NB)

Spinister adds, "I know nothing about Nightbird, you should realize that I meant no harm. So calm down!"

Blood Raven sighs feeling embarrassed for her heroine

Megatron strides over to Spinister and Tempest and glowers down at them both with his red optics.

Soundwave levels a look at Spinister and Tempest, backing up Megatron's order with a calmly stated, "We have more important matters to see to than the exchange of the latest gossip."

Tempest continues to simply growl at Spinister, looking in better control of herself as long as Spinister's keeping his distance, but not looking any less "wild."

Soundwave says, "The Autobots are on their way with Omega Supreme, who could prove to be a threat to this structure. One of the other unaffected Autobots is Optimus Prime."

Spinister doesn't look away from Tempest, but he answers the sudden attention of Megatron and Soundwave, "Not gossip, I asked a simple question and just look at the result. Clearly I'm way out of touch with what is happening on Earth."

Blood Raven moves away and glances at both with concern then approaching Spinister she ask quietly "what do you wish to know of Lady Nightbird?"

Tempest's lip curls some more....way to /tell Nightbird/...but regardless, she does as ordered, lowers her swords, and shoots a look at Spinister. "/Don't/ touch me."

Scorcher snaps to attention at the mention of the Autobot leader. She totally ignore the brawl in progress behind her

CatsCradle waves her hand in the air. "Excuse me? Spinister? Tempest? Raven? Um... Omega Supreme and Prime incoming...."

Megatron says, "Then seek your answers when we are not on a mission. Soundwave! Do the Autobots know of our activities here?"

Soundwave says, "Nothing to my knowledge indicates that they do. Insufficient data."

Tempest takes the news of the Autobots with almost a sort of pleasure...
something for her to take out her anger on.

Blood Raven whispers to Spinster "she is a human creation...and Lord Megaton’s love.." she then turns her attention to the events at hand

Nightbird has remained quiet through all this. She knows she's often spoken of, and doesn't seek to challenge everyone on it.

Spinister's optics flicker at Tempest, "Wouldn't dream of it...unless you touched me first. Sheesh..." He shakes his head slightly as he backs down. They breed them strange here... He glances at Blood Raven, "Thanks for your offer to tell me, I'll take you up on it later, when the Autobots are dealt with."

Megatron strides back to the control console, "Has Laserbeak reported what happened to Kremzeek?"

Tempest doesn't look at Spinister but under her breath she says firmly, "I don't /come/ from here..." As if she's only just realized the strength of her reaction, and that she did something inappropriate. As if what she just said somehow excuses it...

Chasm neurotically re-perches on Soundwave's shoulder again, furiously polishing his tail-mace.

Blood Raven nods "of course" noticing Tempest reaction says nothing but begins to notice a pattern...

Megatron sends a radio message to Ramjet, "Maintain a perimeter of one hundred clicks from the magnet. I want to know immediately if the Autobots approach.:

Blood Raven prepares for attack she is tired of waiting and is eager to do some damage

Soundwave says, "Negative. Omega Supreme has just landed outside Tokyo." He pauses and listens to something only he can detect, and adds, "Kremzeek sighted upon landing. He has-" the optic band dims a little as though his vision is directed inward, watching something- "taken Omega Supreme out of commission.""

CatsCradle chuckles, her sense of mischief returning. "Oh, dear..."

Scorcher checks her fire missiles and other weapons with a feral grin on her face

Spinister moves closer to Megatron and Soundwave. The mystery of Tempest's over reaction to Megatron's new love will have to wait until more important matters are dealt with. Like...smashing Autobots, for instance! Spinister can hazard a guess as to why Tempest dislikes Megatron's new love, but as Tempest has just muttered, she's not from here. Who knows why she'd over react?

Megatron smiles, quite satisfied. "Excellent. Our little friend continues to short-circuit those miserable Autobots. And draw their attention from my energy magnet." He starts to operate some of the controls, and a low hum can be heard.

Nightbird transmits a message via radio.

Megatron sends a radio message, "Ramjet, I am activating the magnet. Elevate to at least twenty thousand feet or you will feel its effects."

Scorcher does a little engine check, ready to launch herself in the air at a moment's notice

Chasm decides to go and rethink his investment strategies...

Chasm enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Outside the magnet, visible on the external monitors, the spikes begin to radiate some form of energy. In an instant, the beams begin to send back crackling electricity.

Megatron holds his arms up in triumph as electrical power flows into the storage batteries. "Success! My energy magnet will drain all the power from the foolish flesh creatures devices as well as the Autobots."

Spinister's optics beam at Megatron. Marvelous plan! He wonders if Megatron would be willing to lend the energy magnet to Thunderwing when he's finished with it.

Tempest watches the batteries. Her readings have given her a clue how lasers work, but this? She doesn't have any idea how it is happening...only that the readings mean the Decepticons are getting power.

Soundwave has half a mind to discuss "investment strategies" with Chasm himself as the dragon cassette flies off, but right now he's got more immediate matters to attend to. He conveys from Laserbeak's surveillance, "The Autobots are attempting to re-capture Kremzeek by luring him with a power source."

Nightbird's optics also register her empathy with Megatron's moment.

Scorcher glances briefly at the machinery but quickly focuses her attention outward again, at possible threats

CatsCradle blinks and looks at Soundwave. "/What/ power source?"

Megatron rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Interesting. Won't that simply feed the creature?"

Tempest says to Catscradle, with a grin--she knows this--It's taking all the energy from the human cities.

CatsCradle adds, "But if we're draining energy from the human cities.... what are the Autobots using for a power source?"

Spinister arches at optic ridge at Megatron, he would have thought the same. Stupid Autobots!

Soundwave says, "One that will be drained when our energy magnet reaches it, surely. But at the moment the Autobots have attached power cables to a metal tower, giving it an electrical charge that seems to be attracting Kremzeek. That power source should make him stronger, if he reaches it before our power drain does.""

Megatron frowns in thought. "We can't take all the power at once. The Autobots still have enough to get themselves into trouble."

Blood Raven listens intently

Scorcher mutters "As long as that creature is bothering them, and does not come pay us a visit"

Blood Raven nods at Scorcher's reply

CatsCradle chews on her lip. "But if it's attracted to energy, and we're now the largest power source near Japan, and it's in Tokyo..."

Soundwave says, "The current situation is..." he considers. "Best described visually, I believe. Laserbeak is transmitting imagery now." Soundwave touches a control on the console before him, activating a screen.

Nightbird is listening to what's going, energy magnets and living energy creatures being something out of her area of expertise, and occasionally glances over to Tempest.
The monitor flickers to life, showing a large tower of metal crackling with electricity. At its base is Kremzeek. Or rather, several of them.. They are all splitting off from one another as they feed from the tower. There are already dozens, and every second there are more.

Tempest is not looking at Nightbird...she doesn't seem to be pointedly ignoring her, but she's not glaring at her nor eyeing her nervously. She seems absorbed in trying to figure out the machinery.

Tempest looks up and suddenly yelps, "Where did /that many/ kremzeeks come from?!"

Spinister's optics widen, "He's multiplying..."

The audio comes through now as the hundreds of Kremzeeks all shout their name in an overlapping tangle.

Soundwave says, "It would seem that the creature has been given enough power to reproduce."

Scorcher mutters "Trust the bots to make a mess of things"

Megatron slams his fist down on the console. "That idiot Prime! He's made hundreds of them! They could turn into millions!"

CatsCradle's optics are wide in fascination. "Oh.... oh, dear..." her voice trails off as she can't possibly think of anything else to say.

Soundwave looks to Megatron. "And they will be in competition with us for the energy we are drawing with the magnet."

Indeed, there are more and more Kremzeeks by the moment, zipping around the streets of the city, as electrical machines of all kinds overload and explode in their path. Finally the Autobots shut down their trap.

Tempest mumbles, "WE shoulda killed it." If they could have figured out how, that is...

CatsCradle's optics are still wide, and she says in a type of morbid fascination mixed with dread, "Which way are they heading?" From the tone of her voice, she already knows the answer....

Blood Raven says, "what the? now what do we do?""

Megatron clenches his fist and stares into the monitor. "They could easily overrun our base. Recommendations, Soundwave, CatsCradle?"

Soundwave says, "Power feeds them. *Lack of power* may weaken them. The city is being drained of its energy and the creatures will soon detect where the nearest source of their lifeforce is."

CatsCradle squeaks, "ME? Ah..." She coughs, covering the squeak. Cats and tech do /not/ go well together.

CatsCradle chews on her lip, narrowing her optics at the screen. She may not know tech, but she does know about setting traps. "If we lure them all someplace, then destroy that someplace?" She looks unhappy to mention it, but does so anyway. "Such as to this magnet?"

Megatron considers. "Yes... They are made of electricity after all. We could modify the magnet to concentrate on their frequency and draw them all here. The magnet should be power enough to hold them."

Soundwave says, "We would loose the power we have gathered. However, we risk losing far more if these creatures continue to multiply."

Laserbeak's broadcast continues to play on the screen as the hundreds or even thousands of Kremzeeks zip around Tokyo, blowing up almost everything in sight.

Soundwave says, "They are hungry for the same energy which we require."

CatsCradle sighs. "First zombies, then viruses, now energy-vampire-critters..."

Megatron says, "Tune the magnet to their frequency Soundwave. We should be able to draw them all here."

Reaverscythe seems to appear from the shadows, even though that is not part of his known abilities, some how he manages it here. Stepping quietly into view, he pauses to get a good idea of just what is going on. he has heard reports, but first hand knowledge is always better.

Soundwave says, "As you command. However, we must be prepared to abandon this structure." His hands dart across the console controls.

Spinister shakes his head slightly. What a waste of power. Blasted Autobots multiplying the Kremzeeks!

CatsCradle heads for the door. "Oh, I definitely do /not/ want to be here when the Kremwhoosits get here."

Blood Raven "Never underestimate luck" mutters annoyed at the events

Spinister adds, "And the Autobots have Unicron's own luck!"

Megatron nods and points out the hatchway, "Decepticons, to the air!"
Scorcher frowns darkly

Blood Raven follows her leaders command

Soundwave sends out what must be a siren song of free energy to the thousands upon thousands of Kremzeeks, and steps away from the console to follow Megatron.

Spinister heads out the hatchway, looking around to make sure all Decepticons are capable of following.

CatsCradle slips out the hatchway, transforming and rocketing away as soon as she is clear.

Nightbird is perched on Megatron's back, lacking her own flight abilities.

It doesn't take long for Kremzeeks to begin arriving. Almost the instant the last Decepticon has left, they begin arriving. The magnet holds them in place as they all struggle on the surface of it.

Soundwave slows to a hover at a safe distance, watching the spectacle.

Spinister roars into the air, avoiding the arriving rush of Kremzeeks by a whisker.

Reaverscythe watches the gathering bits of energy creatures eagerly. His optics glitter with a strange intensity as he watches what he would have once oh so long ago called morsels of food flit by him and be caught by the magnet. He wrinkles his nose slightly as if an odd smell was assaulting him, but makes no other comment as he watches the progress.

Kremzeeks continue to arrive at the magnet as the mace-like top becomes more and more crowded with them. It seems to be getting somewhat full..

Spinister pauses some distance away. Even in their thousands, draining energon, the Kremzeeks seem...well, cute!

CatsCradle veers around once safely awake, curiosity bringing her to transform again and hover to watch.

Scorcher zaps this way and that, unable to hover in jet mode

Blood Raven watches as she flies off they are sort of adorable aren’t they

With the classic sense of timing they're known for, the Autobots arrive on the scene, led by Optimus Prime. They're aboard a large human-built boat of some kind. Prime calls up to the Decepticons, "All right Megatron, what have you done this time?!"

CatsCradle points to the Kremzeek-covered tower. "Cleaning up the mess of critters you created," she calls back to Prime.

Megatron looks down as Prime arrives. "Prime, you metal moron! I'm cleaning up the mess you made!" He fires off a quick cannon burst, but it's deflected by Trailbreaker's energy shield.

CatsCradle gives a quick nod. "Like I said."

Spinister cloaks himself the moment Prime hoves into view. He shimmers once and suddenly there is no sign nor sound of him.

Scorcher aches to launch a couple of missiles

Soundwave draws his handweapon in preparation, though does not yet raise it to fire. Instead some movement or strange energy reading catches his attention from the tower, and he calls to his leader, "Megatron - observe."

The missiles impact on the shield and although the boat rocks with the shockwave, the Bots don't seem harmed. Trailbreaker is hooked up to some external source of power apparently.

Blood Raven prepares to attack the first Autobot who makes a move

Ramjet circles about, still a safe distance from the tower, waiting for the order to attack.

Megatron snaps a look back at the tower, and his optics grow wide. There's the Kremzeeks have started coming together as the last few have arrived. They're merging, a single Kremzeek in the center growing ever larger.

With a sudden roar of rotors, Spinister uncloaks next to the boat, firing his machine gun indiscriminately. Any Autobot will do. He cloaks again, just as the Kremzeek appears.

CatsCradle squeaks. "What did I tell you? Japan and giant monsters just go together."

Reaverscythe turns to watch the Autobots, his optics beginning to glow with interest. he folds his arms over his chest, his weapons never far out of his reach, or more then a thought away. With Soundwave's call Reaver turns to look and his optics widen! "It would seem that this creatures are more resourceful then we anticipated." he says with a hint of admiration in his sibilant voice.

Finally with a last surge, all the Kremzeeks unite into one giant electrical demon. And he seems mad.

Blood Raven smirks "i wonder why that is?"

CatsCradle turns, her jets firing. "I dunno, but I've read Go Nagai, and that looks like something he'd write about. I say let the 'bots deal with it and let's get outta here.

Megatron says, "It's not possible."

The giant Kremzeek lets out a loud and now deep battle cry, "Kremzeek!" and proceeds to start trashing the magnet holding him.

Distracted by the giant electrical monster, Megatron doesn't notice Prime on the boat below gesture. The shield drops, and from a dish of some kind, an energy beam strikes the giant creature.

Reaverscythe herms to himself as he watches the creature grow and grow. He turns to Soundwave, "Is it possible to siphon off the energy from that creature? perhaps convert it into some usable energy source we can feed upon .. or utilize in some other task?"

Spinister nears the rest of the Decepticons but doesn't uncloak yet. He wonders if the giant Kremzeek can see him while cloaked. The giant Kremzeek, vast pectoral muscles flexing, doesn't look nearly so cute as the small ones.

Blood Raven looks amazed wow that is huge

CatsCradle hovers in tight circles. "See? The Autobots are coping. Letsgoletsgoletsgo before it gets bigger and eats us all.
Soundwave may never get a chance to consider the possibility of draining the giant Kremzeek of its energy, as the Autobots launch an attack of their own on it.

The beam seems to be doing *something* to the giant Kremzeek. A red aura seems to surround it, and a loud crackling fills the air.

Soundwave motions those near him to draw back as he himself pulls back a little, keeping careful watch on Megatron's proximity to the tower.

Spinister moves backwards as well, still cloaked.

Scorcher doesn't need to be told twice to vacate the area

In the blink of an optic, the giant Kremzeek comes apart, flashing into the sky as regular static electricity. The creature it seems has been dispersed.

Reaverscythe doesn’t seem to notice at first. His senses seem glued to the strange energies that are firing at the creature, staring almost as if transfixed for a moment ... as if he can see things that others cannot. After a moment he shakes his head and backs away.

Megatron seems to consider what just happened, then turns back to the boat. The shield is up again, and the Bots are making their way back to the island.

CatsCradle slows down out of her agitated circling.

The tower and the energy magnet itself seem a total loss. Everything has been crushed, burned, or shredded. But there's one spark still in the center. Or is it a spark? Suddenly a tiny yellow form darts up into the air and says, "Kremzeek!". Then it's off, soaring off toward the horizon.

Scorcher frowns "Shouldn't we do something? Shoot at them or something?"

Blood Raven nods "yeah we can't just let it run wild..?"

Spinister watches with mixed feelings as Kremzeek disperses. He curses silently at the Autobots.

CatsCradle watches the little Kremzguy zip away. "Let's hope it never finds its way to Cybertron..."

Spinister uncloaks, and zooms off after the single Kremzeek.

Scorcher fires a couple of missiles after the retreating Autobots

Reaverscythe smiles as he watches the hardy little survivor make its escape. Perhaps he will see it again sometime, it is something of tremendous potential.

Blood Raven watches in dismay as it takes off

Soundwave muses, "It is not a creature that can hide its presence for long. It will either learn to modulate its excesses, or be tracked down in the future."

CatsCradle wrinkles her nose. "You don't think it had little Kremzies back on the base, do you?"

Megatron watches the Bots go, knowing an attack would be useless with that shield in place. Worse, they can fire back from elsewhere. "Decepticons, we have been robbed of our ultimate triumph. But we have still gained considerable energon and dealt the Autobots a damaging setback."

Soundwave agrees, "Repair to their comrades, if they are recoverable, will cost them a great deal in time and effort."

Scorcher transforms into her Robot mode.

Spinister slows his chase as the little Kremzeek out runs him with ease. He heads back to the rest of the Decepticons. He transforms, muttering, "I only hope I don't end up taking any back to Cybertron!"

Reaverscythe glances sidlelong at Soundwave and his pronouncement of the creatures' inability to hide itself. Another ghost of a smile brushes across his lips as Megatron speaks.

Megatron activates his radio. "Constructicons, begin salvage operation on the energy magnet. Take care to retrieve the batteries from the base of it and turn them to energon cubes." He clicks off the radio and says to the others, "Decepticons, return to base."

Soundwave considers the notion of whether the creature reproduced back at base. They'll surely find out, one way or another.

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