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Stealth Bunny Memories
I have so many wonderful memories about Gekko and the others. I am going to try to write them down, a bit at a time. I know that at times, this will not be an easy thing to do. I miss Gekko terribly, and therefore, some of this will be written with tears, as well as laughter. But I do not want these stories to be lost in my fading memory. Maybe someday they will make a book.

My Fondest Memory of Gekko:
Gekko always knew when I wasn't feeling well. I'd be laying in bed, and I'd hear the distinctive sound of his hopping across the tile of the kitchen floor to my bedroom. He always had a heavier sound to his paw-steps, because the muscles in his back legs had begun to atrophie when he was still rather young. His hop sounded more like "galump-galump-galump" in comparison to Flip's lighter "bip-bip-bip." I'd hear that "galump-galump-galump" coming closer to my room, then pausing in the doorway for a few seconds, then the "galump-galump-galump" would start up again and fade as he hopped away.

He had just been coming in to check on me.

No matter how ill I was, I always felt so loved, simply by that small action of a rabbit being concerned.

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