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The Secret of Omega Supreme

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

CatsCradle slips quietly into the room, perching comfortably on the nearest console.

Megatron walks over to the computer, checking the latest reports. "Any more actual information about our enemies than this?" he ask, referring to what he is reading.

Scorcher looks up a little uncertain "Sir?" she hesitates "I did not encounter any enemies during my recon mission"

Reflector shrugs, and falls silent, "I have been at base, working on other duties, Commander, and have not been on a reconnaissance operation in some time."

Thundercracker stands silently against the wall, as the usual preliminaries are being carried out. Looks attentively towards Megatron though, awaiting any directed orders.

Megatron murmurs. "I don't like that Prime is so quiet... If the enemy is quiet, he is planning something..."

Scorcher sighs with relief that she is not in trouble over her report. Including the birds...

Megatron, reading through the reports, stops. He frowns... reads again. "What the..?" he starts, not quite believing what he sees. Slowly he turns around. "Scorcher..."

Scorcher, on her way to the back of the room, stops abruptly and turns around very slowly "Sir?" she asks, a tiny quaver in her voice

Thundercracker snaps his head up at the alarming tone of Megatron's voice. Shoots Scorcher a look of sincere pity, as he focuses on what Megatron has to divulge.

Reflector blinks at Megatron and Scorcher, wondering just what it is that Megatron has noticed. His heads snap up, and he looks around at the Decepticon Leader, he wonders what the femme has done to deserve this - nothing as far as he can tell.

Megatron points at the screen. "Is this supposed to be a report or a occupational therapy?

CatsCradle tilts her head.... /now/ she's curious.

Reflector blinks at Megatron in curiosity, wondering what the report that he contains reads.

Scorcher trembles just a tiny bit and there is a definite quaver in her voice now "Commander Starscream was not satisfied with my mission reports. He told me to report everything". It is obvious that she does not really believe that is a good explanation of her latest report

Megatron says, "Everything that relates to your task! As far as I know you are /not/ an ornithologist!"

CatsCradle hides her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking with silent laughter.

Reflector blinks up at Megatron, and then quickly makes his faces passive, trying to hold back a grin, and generally succeeding. Nothing shows on his faces at all, and he remains impassive, not reacting, aside from a slight twitch.

Scorcher looks down at her feet and says "yes sir!"

Thundercracker was mutely observing, yet can't help it but to speak up for Scorcher at the moment. "Megatron, you know how adamant Starscream is when things are not to his liking..."

Megatron grumbles: "I think I have to change a few words with my dear second in command..."

Scorcher stands absolutely still, in the hope that everybody will forget she is there

Megatron glances at Scorcher. "Well, Scorcher, keep it short, but precise next time."

Reflector looks to Megatron, and finds himself hard pressed to hold back a light snicker, at best.

CatsCradle looks up, trying not to laugh out loud. "Unless, of course, the wildlife really /is/ allied with the Autobots..."

Scorcher says "yes sir" as she tries to hide her dubious expression

Reflector nods to Megatron, and then he walks up to him, "By the way, Commander, we have made some progress with our investigation, and your daughter has returned to the base."

Megatron looks at Reflector, surprised. "Ruse... is back?" A soft shimmer in his optics indicates the release over this message. "Where is she?

Reflector shrugs,  and he looks at Megatron, "I do not know, Commander. I ran into her in the Armory earlier today, and she was inspecting weapons in there for some time. I do not know her present location, but she asked me to bring her up to speed on recent events."

CatsCradle looks up in surprise. "You've just been let off the hook, Scorch," she murmurs. "Ruse can get into more trouble than the rest of us put together."

<Earth> Divefire  voice echoes over the channel, a slight distortion in his voice from the area he's in... "Repeat this is Divefire, I've completed my visual recon of the asteroid, Megatron..."

<Earth> Megatron says, "Acknowledged, Divefire. Report!"

Megatron says, "And I hope he was not advised by Starscream about how to report..."

CatsCradle smothers down another laugh.

Nightbird enters the command center in her usual quiet way as Divefire's report comes in.

Thundercracker leans back comfortably as the tension in the command centre is visibly dissolved. Listens intently to Divefire's report.

<Earth> Divefire says, "It's as you thought, the asteroid doesn't appear to be natural in it's formation. Far to many straight edges for that... Another thing... *his voice weakens for a moment, an energy spike getting in the way of the transmision* ... energy."

Reflector listens to the report, interested. He wonders idly what this is all about, and then he shrugs, and has no doubt that they will eventually find out.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Energy? Can you specify what kind of energy?"

CatsCradle says softly, "I sense a trip in our near future." She looks up brightly. "See? I can do a Soundwave..."

Thundercracker gives Cats a concerned look at her initially ominous tone, then grins as he realizes she was joking.

<Earth> Divefire says, "Sensors seem to be calling it a type of Energon, same base electro magnetic signature, but I've flown all around this rock, twice, and I can't find a single trace of Energon on it."

Scorcher whispers to Cats with a hint of uncertainty in her voice "How am I supposed to obey? If I report what happens Starscream is going to get mad at me. And if I don't Megatron is"

CatsCradle gives Scorch a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. "Try reading over some other reports. Like Starscream's. You'll get an idea for what is considered important or not."

<Earth> Megatron says, "Any traces of Autobot activity?"

<Earth> Chasm says, "We could always sell it as a rare curio then. Let me look up my list of clients in that region..."

Reflector sighs at Scorcher, "I would advise listening to Megatron, and if Starscream has any problems, tell the Aerospace Commander to bring it up with the Mission Commander. They can sort out the precise details for what you should include. And CatsCradle is right, look at other reports for comparison."

Scorcher looks slightly indignant and whispers "They never told anything like this back at the Grinder"

<Earth> Divefire says, "Well, no one's shot at me yet... So I'm taking that as a no."

<Earth> Megatron says, "Chasm, one more suggestion from your side and I will sell you as a pet to a space way pirate."

Scorcher throws Reflector a look that is hard to interpret though it is clear she does not agree with him

CatsCradle pulls out a datapad and makes a note. "Well, they will in the future." She drums her claws against the edge of the datapad thoughtfully. "Wouldn't need a course on it, but perhaps having the cadets make regular reports as practice...?" she murmurs to herself.

Nightbird looks curiously at Scorcher and Cats, not sure what they're discussing.

Reflector shrugs as he steps back from Scorcher. He was only trying to assist... Very well then, he will not offer such in the future, and he takes a step back.

Scorcher snaps her attention back to Commander Megatron, realizing that some kind of mission briefing is in progress

<Earth> Megatron says, "Divefire, have an optic on the object. I will sent the Constructicons and an escort to investigate. Megatron out."

<Earth> Divefire says, "I'll be waiting for them, signing off."

Scorcher looks confused at the sudden turn of events

Nightbird's optic glow softly, her version of quietly musing on something.

Reflector nods to Megatron, and falls silent, awaiting orders.

Thundercracker is looking confused himself, as this whole asteroid business was obviously something he hadn't been briefed on.

<Earth> Megatron says, "All Decepticons that  are not signed in for a task, assemble at headquarters. You are to escort the Constructicons in the research mission."

Scorcher leans a little closer to Reflector and whispers "Did I miss something?"

CatsCradle looks up over her datapad, then tucks it away, looking eager for another trip. Anything to procrastinate her own reports...

Nightbird goes over to Megatron and says, "If everyone is leaving, I should stay and guard the base. The Autobots may try anything now." She doesn't mention that she's the best suited to hide in the shadows here and ambush Bots, while in space her effectiveness may be diminished. But she knows Megatron is aware of it.

Thundercracker quickly checks himself over, making sure that all his systems are primed for the upcoming mission. Then orderly makes his way to the centre's exit, naturally assuming he'd be one to go.

Reflector nods, and falls into line, and he says, "I am ready for an extended excursion, Commander."

Still confused Scorchers get s up to follow the rest of the 'cons


        This asteroid is quite remarkable in that it seems more like a piece torn from a cliff rather than the usual spherical rock clump. The top of the asteroid is more or less flat, with the bottom surface composed of various conical sections jutting down. A natural asteroid simply would not form this way, and any explanation for its origin is not immediately clear.

The small shuttle carrying the Decepticons reaches the little asteroid and settles down gently on the surface. First out are the green Constructicon team, busily surveying the area.

Scorcher looks out, curiously, never having been in space much

Scrapper says, "All right Scavenger, get to work and get some core samples. Long Haul.."

Long Haul says, "Yeah yeah, haul the stuff, I know."

Reflector gets out of the shuttle, and he scans it at long range with his infrared and UV scanners curiously, attempting to determine just why it has gathered so much attention.

Megatron looks around, then orders to the rest of the team: "Decepticons, scout the area. We do not need any uninvited visitors or other unpleasant surprises."

Thundercracker heaves himself out, and carefully touches a foot onto firm ground. Glances questioningly towards Megatron as though to ask why they're there, but then shakes his head and goes off scouting.

Scorcher shrugs and troops out of the shuttle, while trying to figure out how she can fly out there

Mixmaster digs out a sample of the ground and pours a liquid of some kind over it, peering at the results as the rock starts to smoke.

CatsCradle paces out in a scouting pattern, muttering, "Zombies and viruses and giant children, oh my..."

Reflector transforms into his camera mode, floating up into the air to begin performing long range scans of the area.

The Constructicons get to work checking out the ore. Hook sets up a miniature lab and starts running some tests.

Scorcher transforms into her Cyberjet mode.

Meanwhile, cresting over the horizon of the asteroid, Divefire's dark jet form flows over the landscape, his usual streak of purple afterglow painting a nice after image in the dark sky as he comes in for a transformation landing, floating down to the ground slowly, thanks to the low gravity.

Scorcher cautiously tries if she can fly, and when she does not drift into space, nor crash down into the ground she gains a bit more altitude, scanning the area for intruders

Megatron takes the opportunity to have a closer look at the asteroid himself. He hasn't seen such kind of asteroid before.

CatsCradle radios back, "I've found what looks like a passageway leading underground."

The Decepticons are on an asteroid near Earth's orbit. All six Constructicons are there, setting up a lab of some kind to look at the rocks.

Scorcher flies over a remote area, then quickly turns back when she notices something peculiar where Cats is

Reflector scans up around in the air, looking for any signs of someone who might be approaching from a distance.

Skywarp is standing on the surface looking at the others.

Scorcher radios "I have found another fissure over here"

Bonecrusher grumbles, "Great, this rock probably has living slime in the middle or sharp sticks or something."

Scorcher cautiously lands next to the opening she discovered

Scorcher transforms into her Robot mode.

Divefire shakes his head slightly as he hears the radio messages coming in. "I spend how many hours flying over this rock and find nothing..." He mutters more to himself before overhearing Bonecrusher and half laughing. "Razor sharp energy crystal? No, wait we've done that already..."

CatsCradle peers into her own opening, then decides to step in a bit further.


Underground Fissure

        Leading from the surface of the asteroid deep underground, this fissure is tight, cramped, dark, and doesn't seem hospitable at all. At the very bottom there's a slight glow.

<Earth> CatsCradle radios in a soft tone, "There's a strange glowing light up ahead in the passage."

CatsCradle is kneeling at the edge of the deepest part of the fissure, peering down at the glow.

Reflector follows along, creeping into the tunnel, and then using his infrared scanners to plot a course, and he is able to see as well as if there was continual light. He sends a radio message to CatsCradle, "What do you observe, CatsCradle?" He looks at the glow, and he walks towards her.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Where are you, Catscradle? Transmit your coordinates!"

<Earth> Divefire  mutters in a dry tone. "Remember, if it the light tries talking to you, run."

<Earth> CatsCradle chuckles softly. "Ah, no walking in towards the light?"  Her voice goes only slightly more serious.  "I'm in a fissure, at these coordinates (coordinates follow)."

Reflector walks up to Catscradle, and then he transforms, flying towards her hands, to let her use him for a closer range scan of the light.

CatsCradle catches Reflector and turns him around in her hands for a moment. "I'm no good at this stuff." Awkwardly, she holds him out over the edge of the fissure."

Reflector scans at the fissure, running it through every possible scan that he can.

Divefire follows in after Megatron, glancing around at the rather tight surroundings. "Well this is cozy." He mutters then glances forward to see Cats, enjoying herself.

Megatron slowly steps closer, watching the light, wondering what it may be.

CatsCradle quickly hands the camera over to her mate. "You're better at this techie stuff than I am. Here. You do it."

Megatron says, "What do your scanners say, Divefire?"

Divefire glances at the camera, then looks across to Megatron and blinks once before going into scientist mode. "It seems the EM signatures I detected earlier are coming from the chamber up ahead. At least that's what Reflector's sensor readings are indicating."

Megatron says, "Then let's look at the treasure inside."



        Deep in what must be the center of the asteroid is an opening of some kind. A soft glow seems to come from all around.

CatsCradle peeks out from behind Divefire, trying to see around him.

Scorcher blinks at seeing the others, then she takes in her surroundings and blinks some more

<Earth> Amid heavy laser noises, Bonecrusher's gruff voice says, "Megatron, emergency! We're under attack out here!"

Skywarp comes down and grins as he sees the others. "Well it seems odd.."

Reflector splits apart into his three parts as he looks at the Chamber, and then he looks around it. "What is this?"

Megatron's optics glow. No more time to investigate... "Decepticons, to the surface, quickly. Prepare for battle!

Scorcher is relieved to hear that particular command as she is quite uncomfortable to be inside a small room

Reflector nods, and prepares to follow the others up to the surface, taking the rear.

CatsCradle grumbles, turning for the passage again, "whatever it is, it will bite us on the ass. It always does."

Skywarp listens and follows Megatron

Divefire glances around him and frowns, deeply, not even vaguely sure what this thing is before the call to fight echoes over. "Maybe." He calls to Cats. "But remember the last time we fought underground?"

CatsCradle tosses her hands up in the air. "Hey, you weren't even in on the carnivorous plants one." She heads back up the passage.



The Constructicon's makeshift lab has been obliterated, and Omega Supreme stands on the surface, firing at the Constructicons with his heavy laser canon. Omega booms out, "ENEMY - LOCATED. DESTRUCTION - NOW!"

Scorcher scatters into the air, or what passes for air on the asteroid, with all speed she can manage

Scrapper dodges one of the laser bolts, and it blows up a large chunk of rock near him.

Skywarp jumps up in the air. "Let's give him a warm welcome!"

Skywarp transforms into his Black F-15 mode.

Reflector looks up at the behemoth, wondering how they will be able to defeat him in this situation. He falls back, looking for something he can do to assist at range and not expose himself.

Megatron says, "Omega Supreme... I haven't seem him in a while..."

<Earth> Divefire says, "Next time Bonecrusher, specify what you're under attack from!"

CatsCradle comes to a stop at the edge of the fissure, her optics wide as she recognizes that voice. "Oh, this is not good..." she squeaks.

Bonecrusher yells out at Dive as he dodges Omega's foot. "Excuse me for not wasting the time!"

Omega fights like a Bot possessed, crashing and crushing the ground under him and anything else in his way. The Constructicons are just barely able to keep from being blown to pieces.

Scorcher climbs higher from the surface and feeling rather futile as she considers firing a missile at the giant Autobot, for all good it will do her

Reflector looks to Megatron for orders, holding back, his three selves having drawn and raised their laser guns, but not doing anything without orders.

Divefire barks into his radio as he simply stairs in the Guardian’s direction for a moment. "No kidding." He comments to Cats and steels himself a moment and biting back a comment for Bonecrusher as he nearly gets crushed. "I'll see about helping the others distract him." He mutters again before leaping into the sky and transforming

Megatron says, "Decepticons, attack. We have to confuse him!"

CatsCradle squeaks again as her mate jets out towards the giant Autobot. "Oh, I'm gonna kill him," she mutters, not clear if she meant Omega or Diver... she pops her wrist lasers and aims to give Diver some fire cover.


Long Haul hits the ground beside Scavenger, "This is not looking good. Even if we merge, he's got the advantage in space."

Scorcher mutters a quick prayer before firing a missile straight at the Autobot's face, banking away as quickly as she can to avoid return fire. She does not even notice that the missile engulfs his head for a moment

Megatron attacks Omega Supreme with cannon and strikes him!

Skywarp flies around as he decides to sneak up behind the big bot.

Omega seems just a bit staggered at Megatron's cannon blast, and sends a quick laser bolt his way.

Reflector fires at Omega Supreme from a distance, proving the Seekers with cover fire.

Just as Omega hits Megatron, the Autobots arrive in some kind of make-shift spaceship, towed by Cosmos. Optimus Prime disembarks and says, "All right, there he is. Clobber the Decepticons and let's bring Omega home."

Divefire pours on the speed and follows in on Megatron's cannon blast, sending a few rounds of laser energy into the Guardian as he banks up and over him, using as much of his maneuverability as he can, since he is fully space capable.

Divefire attacks Omega Supreme with nose lasers, and strikes him!

Megatron is thrown back by Omega's blast, crushing hard into the asteroid. His internal diagnosis sounds alarm!

Scorcher from a safe distance agrees "Yes, bring him home"

Reflector attacks Omega Supreme with laser, and strikes him!

Skywarp comes around and aims as he's approaching from behind.

Scorcher fires a quick barrage at the other Autobots, who are less likely to vaporize her with a single shot

Skywarp attacks Omega Supreme with missile, and strikes him!

CatsCradle is torn for a second between shooting at Omega or the oncoming Autobots, but the sound of her mate's lasers decides it for her and she sends a series of shots at the giant Autobot.

CatsCradle attacks Omega Supreme with laser, and strikes him!

Scrapper rushes out from cover, firing a burst of laser at Omega. He hits, but the bolts look really tiny hitting Omega's giant frame. The Guardian swivels around and punches down at Scrapper, who just manages to dodge at the last moment.

As Omega's massive fist strike the asteroid, something odd happens. The whole surface seems to crack, in front and in back of his hand, accompanied by an amazingly loud *CRACK*ing noise that seems to come from all over. As he withdraws it, there's a feeling of motion.

Megatron shakes his head to get his mind free again. Someone has to suffer for that... He gets back onto his feet.

Scrapper says, "What on Cybertron?"

Reflector whirls around at the loud noise, turning to face in that direction, the Autobots momentarily forgotten.

There's no mistaking what happened, as the asteroid cracks into two pieces, which start to drift apart slowly.

Megatron grumbles. What is going on now. "Report! Anyone who has the slightest idea..."

Scorcher fires another volley of incendiary missiles at the cluster of Autobots, then gets distracted by the whole asteroid breaking up so that she almost forgets to dodge the return fire

Ironhide looks up from being bombed by Scorcher and says, "Whadya *do* Omega?"

Scorcher is very lucky that the Autobots are even more distracted then she is

Omega Supreme stands up and says, "RESULTS - UNEXPECTED. OMEGA SUPREME - CONFUSED."

Divefire arches up and away from the Guardian, before shifting to come down again and almost pausing to double take as the rift starts to ripple across the surface of the asteroid. "Good grief, he broke the mantle!" He yells half way in deep space and coming down hard.

Skywarp flies through the air as he notices Optimus.

CatsCradle screeches as the ground literally splits apart along the fissure she was taking cover next to. She leaps into the air, transforming and jetting away from the split and over the surface of the asteroid. Like Scorcher, she doesn't have much attention left over for the fighting.

Megatron narrows his optics. Omega Supreme confused? Good! "Attack!"

Reflector looks around, and then focuses on the Autobots. The crust of the asteroid must not have been so strong to have been unable to withstand such an assault...

As the asteroid drifts into two pieces, the glowing center of it is revealed. It's some kind of metallic sphere, and seems to be moving.. In less than a second, it unfolds into a huge robotic dragon of a type no one present has encountered before. It makes a strange noise, and flaps its wings experimentally.

Skywarp keeps flying around covering the others.

Optimus observes this worriedly. "I don't like the look of this."

Megatron is about to open the fire on the guardian as the dragon jams his plans.

CatsCradle transforms again to hover over the surface of half of the asteroid. "Oh, great. It's Draconia's bigger older brother. Where is she when we need her...?"

Scorcher, following Megatron's orders wildly fires a pair of missiles at Omega Supreme, not bothering to attempt to aim. She is too busy to get out of firing range again. Then she notices the she is flying straight for a dragon

The robotic dragon seems to size up the situation, and looks confused. It finally settles on the sight of Earth, and heads in that direction.

Reflector blinks, and then he scans the Dragon, "This is a most unusual occurrence..."

Prime sends out a signal the Decepticons can also hear. "Aerialbots, we need that backup! Inform Perceptor to watch for an incoming.. Something."

Omega shrugs off Scorcher's missiles and turns back to the Constructicons. "ATTENTION - NOT DIVERTED. CONSTRUCTICONS - TERMINATE!"

Divefire blasts over the former asteroid surface and scans in the direction of the dragon as it suddenly starts moving for Earth. It takes all of a second for him to start chasing the over sized, well what ever it is...

Megatron says, "Scrapper, withdraw!"

Omega Supreme transforms into his rocket mode, shooting at the Constructicons, now rather exposed on the half an asteroid.

Scrapper says, "Hey, you don't have to tell us twice! Let's go!" The Constructicons also head for Earth, trying to elude the giant rocket.

Adding to the confusion of the moment, the Aerialbots jet into view, flying overhead of the asteroid.

Reflector hovers obediently in the air, awaiting orders from Megatron.

Meanwhile, the other Autobots use their makeshift spaceship to follow the dragon creature and Omega back to Earth. But the Aerialbots are still in the area, and the Constructicons are gone.

Scorcher dives down for better cover against the Aerialbots

Skywarp flies nearing Scorcher. "Lets teach these aerialclowns a lesson shall we!"

Scorcher frowns, or she would if she could in this mode. "Easy for you to say", still she obediently attempts to keep up with the much faster Seeker

CatsCradle grumbles. "Great. We're stuck on fragments of an asteroid, and my mate goes chasing dragons." She picks off a few shots at the Aerialbots.

Reflector fires a few shots at the Aerialbots, but is at a bad angle, and doesn't come close, so he switches to trying to harass them from range, and give the other Decepticon jets some cover fire.

Megatron takes off, persuading the guardian that is chasing the Constructicons. "Decepticons, after him!"

Skywarp comes up behind Silverbolt and fires a load of missiles. "Eat heatseekers aerialclown!"

Silverbolt nimbly dodges the missiles and says, "Show em what you've got Aerialbots!"

Reflector flies up into the air, pursuing after the Guardian, following at the tail end of the Decepticons, being a slow flier.

Scorcher blasts a spread of laserbeams at the approaching Aerialbots, more to force them to scatter than in the hopes of damaging them

CatsCradle hears Megatron's command and leaps into the air to follow the Autobots following Omega following the Constructicons following Divefire following the dragon.

Skywarp teleports directly on Silverbolt’s tail and fires his lasers. "The higher they go, the harder they fall!"

The shot by Skywarp finds its mark, and Silverbolt's tail turns dark from the laser blast. Unfortunately, Skywarp has teleported right into the midst of the other Aerialbots, who proceed to blast him from several angles.

Silverbolt transforms and says, "Ha, bye bye Skywarp! Aerialbots, let's finish off these Decepticons! Unite!" With a shifting of parts, the giant Superion suddenly appears where the Aerialbots were.

Skywarp tries to divert and avoid getting hit as laserblasts scorches and bounce on his armor as he makes a fast roll down.

Scorcher fires a pair of missiles at the Aerialbots, hoping to keep them from uniting

Skywarp makes a hard right then turns flying towards his comrades.

Superion's optics flash as he aims for Scorcher.

Scorcher yelps and drops all pretenses of fighting, she makes a run for it, after Cats following ...


Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Reaverscythe strides into the command center, his sharply clawed feet clicking on the metal deckplating. He stands just inside the door, and moves aside to allow the others to enter. His glittering optics survey the room speculatively.

Scorcher arrives a bit late, after making a quick detour to the supplies storage. She enters with a thunderous scowl on her face

Reflector is at the computer station, watching what goes on, and going over what information that they were able to gather on the creature.

CatsCradle stalks in, in a very grumbling-type mood. "He's still dragon-chasing, isn't he?" No need to ask who the "he" is... it should be obvious from her mood.

The main viewscreen hums to life, showing a video feed from Divefire. The robotic dragon creature has chosen New York to land in, and is currently gnawing on a building. The Autobots are milling around trying to figure out how to stop it.

Scorcher looks at the display "Would we be lucky enough for that creature to eat the Autobots?"

Reflector blinks up at the screen, "I will admit that this is a most unusual sight... CatsCradle, do you have any advice on dealing with such a creature?" He read her reports on the time travel incident, and she was partnered with Draconia for a time, which makes her the closest thing to an expert that they have available.

Megatron watches the screen, smirking. It seems the little dragon is "entertaining" the Autobots.

Reaverscythe watches the screen, severely out of touch with current events. He steps forward a pace or two as he folds his arms behind his back. "What creature is that?" he asks no one in particular, his voice having the odd sibilant buzz.

CatsCradle crosses her arms and glares at the screen. "Feed Autobots to it. When it's full, it will get sleepy. We can take it to Cybertron and feed more Autobots to it. End of both problems."

The dragon continues gnawing on the building, and doesn't seem very happy about it. It doesn't seem to notice Cliffjumper firing on it.

Megatron actives the radio. The Autobots are distracted, now they have time to find the Constructicons and then... to harvest the raw materials of the asteroid.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Megatron to Constructicons. Scrapper, do you read me?"

<Earth> Scrapper says, "Scrapper calling Megatron. We've eluded Omega Supreme for the moment. No Autobot activity in sight. We've brought down the shuttle by remote control, and are prepping it for launch again."

Scorcher looks a bit longer at the screen, but she does not really seem to see it. Her expression has turned oddly pensive for her doing "One thing I don't understand" she says hesitantly "Omega Supreme ignored me completely"

Reaverscythe shrugs slightly as he again steps back in his familiar place towards the shadows, used to people ignoring his questions by now. .oO(Perhaps observation will shed light on this)

Reflector watches the screen, and then turns his attention to Megatron, "Orders, Commander?"

Scorcher frowns even deeper as she ponders the situation "And he seems to go after the Constructicons. Wonder why that would be"

CatsCradle suggests, "Pour barbecue sauce on the Autobots?"

Megatron nods at Reflector. "We are going to join the Constructicons and head back to that asteroid while the Autobots are occupied with their new friend."

Reflector nods to Megatron, "As you instruct, Commander."

Reaverscythe glances at CatsCradle, not exactly sure what Barbecue sauce is, and then returns to watching the screen.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Scrapper, transmit your coordinates. We will join you there."

<Earth> Megatron says, "The asteroid resources will be ours!"


Great Plains <North America>

     At their northern edge, these inland grasslands are bordered by the Great Lakes gouged out by glaciers a mere several thousand years before and filled by meltwater. Continuing south and west from there, the original prairie ecosystem has been largely replaced by farmland, as have the original deciduous forests on the eastern edge of this range.

Scrapper stands with his fellow Constructicons, prepping the shuttle for another launch.

Megatron flies in, leading his troops. As he spots the shuttle, he goes down.

Hook goes up to Megatron and says, "We'll be ready to leave as soon as the energon finishes transferring to the shuttle Megatron."

Megatron says, "Excellent."

Scorcher looks around, trying to find a threat despite the Autobots being preoccupied by that dragon

Reaverscythe flies in, shifting out of his insectile mode, and dropping to the ground. He looks around, his glittering optics looking around the area.

Megatron says, "You are sure you shook off that annoying guardian robot, Hook?"

Reflector flies after the other Decepticons, coming to a landing beside the others.

CatsCradle comes to a landing a little too hard to be considered part of her normal grace. She stands slightly apart from the others, still in a mood, her arms crossed over her chest... looking remarkably like her mate, although she would be too annoyed right now to admit it.

Skywarp emits as he comes down from the air nearing Scrapper. "Hey Scrapper, why is Omega out to get you guys so badly?"

Skywarp transforms into his Robot mode.

Scrapper says, "It's a long story Skywarp, and it was a long time ago. Right as the most recent war started."

Skywarp grins. "Mind telling some more?"

CatsCradle grumbles softly, "We have a dragon eating New York City, and he wants a story..."

Skywarp looks at Cats. "I just want to know what they did that could change one of the Autobots biggest.."

Skywarp smirks. "jerks."

Megatron says, "Tell him, Scrapper."

Reflector watches, intrigued. This will be very interesting to learn...

Scrapper seems to think it over, and says, "All right, why not."

Scrapper's optics seem to be looking into infinity as he begins the tale. "It was soon after Megatron consolidated the Decepticon forces and began taking back Cybertron from the Autobots. At that time, the Autobot leaders had been trying to suppress knowledge of the Cybertronian wars, because they felt they had won. The Guardian robots they built were very effective in crushing any opposition. An entire generation of Transformers were created that were barely aware there ever was a war. We were among them."

CatsCradle mutters under her breath softly, but seems to settle in to listen... hey, she loves a good story as much as anyone.

Long Haul comes over and picks up the tale, saying "We spent our days designing and building structures and eventually entire cities. We became known as the best builders on Cybertron, and Crystal City was our greatest work." Hook breaks in saying, "Its perfection was legend on Cybertron, with even the tiniest details exquisitely crafted." Bonecrusher retorts, "Yeah yeah Hook, we all know how perfect everything you do is. I'm the one who had to tear down the mistakes."

Megatron leans his back against a tree, his arms folded in front of his chest.

Scrapper gives them both a look and continues with the story. "We got to know the Guardian robot assigned to Crystal City, and we talked with him quite often. You know him as Omega Supreme." Scavenger adds quietly, "What we didn't know was how the Guardian robots had been used in the last war to hunt down and kill Decepticons." Scrapper nods and says, "Megatron approached us and over several weeks he and Shockwave told us of all the things the wretched Autobots had been keeping secret. We learned we'd been created as Decepticons and when we were just becoming active our home city was overrun by Autobots. They destroyed or captured those who didn't flee. Since we were new creations, they took us back to their main cities and simply never told us what had happened."

Skywarp listens carefully.

CatsCradle watches, her annoyed expression changing to a more detached one... she never knew a time when there wasn't fighting.

The so-far unusually quiet Mixmaster adds, "Once we knew the real history of Cybertron and what the Decepticons and the Autobots stood for, it didn't take long to decide where we belonged." Bonecrusher adds forcefully, "And we've be melted down before letting the Autobots keep the cities we'd built for them. So we decided to wreck em!" Scrapper nods and says, "Right. And even if we liked Omega before, he was one of the Autobots and helped destroy Decepticons." Hook breaks in again, "And we knew he was too single-minded to join the right side. All he cared about was keeping the Autobot fools safe. So we lured Omega away from Crystal City.." Here Bonecrusher interrupts with, "And then tore it all down, boom!" Scavenger says, "We didn't want to, but it would have been a base for the Autobots. It had to be destroyed. We finished right as Omega returned, and hastily retreated."

Thundercracker plops himself down by Skywarp, and though he's slightly familiar with the tale, is impressed by the detail and intensified hypocrisy that's revealed.

Long Haul speaks now, with a gleam in his optic. "We joined the Decepticons then officially, pledging our loyalty. After Hook helped perfect the process, we volunteered to be the first combiner team. With our new abilities, we started to wreck the other cities we'd built. But Omega eventually caught up with us." Hook adds, "He set a trap, and once he had his claws on us, he started the most clumsy attempt at brain surgery you can imagine. He crosswired a few auxiliary circuits, and thought he'd done something. Apparently he couldn't cope with us choosing for ourselves, and had decided Megatron must have 'reprogrammed' us. Apparently he didn't even know such a thing is quite impossible." Bonecrusher says, "But we fooled him long enough to lure him into a little ambush of our own." Mixmaster puts in, "Yeah, the robosmasher. Megatron's way of dealing with Guardian robots!"

Skywarp smiles at Thundercracker and looks back to the Constructicons.

Scavenger says, "The robosmashers attached themselves to large robots and burrowed an attachment into the laser core, burning it out with a huge jolt of electricity. Ten or twenty of them would make short work of a Guardian, but we only had one." Mixmaster breaks in and says, "So then we *merged* into Devastator and pushed Omega right into the trap!" Bonecrusher says with a tone of bitterness, "He got out of it though. It gave him a good jolt, but he could still fight. So we left." Scrapper says, "Afterwards, we fought alongside our teammates for years, and built new fortresses and bases. After the tide of battle was beginning to turn, Megatron ordered us to take a starship and help fortify the fledgling colonies just beginning to form. As we moved from one to the other, Omega Supreme followed us, hounding us for millions of years, and eventually damaging our space craft. We crashlanded back on Cybertron just before Megatron and some of you left to follow the Autobots."

Scrapper pauses and then continues, "We were badly damaged in the crash, and were placed in stasis. When Cybertron finally began to wake up as Earth supplied energy, we were rebuilt on that world. And only a few months later, Omega Supreme arrived to continue his vendetta." Bonecrusher stands up and thumps his fist down on his palm. "Yeah, I'm getting blasted damn tired of it!" Long Haul stands too and says, "We'll get rid of him somehow Bonecrusher." The others stand up as well and Mixmaster says, "Yeah, I'll melt old Omega-mega down into toxic waste!" The Constructicons make a circle, and each puts his right arm out, touching clenched fists.

Megatron says, "You will have your chance soon enough. But at the moment we have other priorities."

<Earth> Over the sounds of screams, laser fire and a large dragon roaring, Divefire's voice filters over the com. "To let every one know, the Autobots look like their trying to lure the Dragon, thing, back into space..."

<Earth> CatsCradle's voice sound grudgingly interested.  "What are they using for a lure?"

<Earth> Divefire says, "Scratch that, it's gone. According to scanners it's heading right back for the asteroid at high speed. Lure? I dunno, Roller probably..."

Scrapper says, "Blast. It'll be a while yet before we can take off in the shuttle Megatron."

Reflector watches, and listens to the story attentively. "That was intersecting... Now, what are our orders, Commander?" Reflector waits for Megatron to give them new instructions.

Megatron says, "Then make it faster!"

<Earth> Divefire says, "Damn, that dragons nearly as fast as I am... I don't believe this... It's eating the asteroid... Quickly. Real quickly!"

CatsCradle glances to Megatron. "And when it finishes eating the asteroid... what gets eaten next?"

Scrapper says, "Hook, check the power levels, maybe we can blast off with half a tank."

<Earth> Divefire says, "No ones going to believe this, but anyway... The dragon thing's taken off again, scanners say it's heading towards Jupiter and the Autobots are just watching it go."

<Earth> Hook says, "Interesting Divefire. I would wager that asteroid was its food source. That would explain why it was so rich in energy."

CatsCradle tosses her hands in the air. "Question answered... it's going to eat Jupiter next."

Megatron answers laconically: "That will keep it busy for a while." Darn, they lost the asteroid.

Scrapper considers, "Hmm. Maybe not CatsCradle. It could just be a normal space lifeform, and may just be going to meet others of its kind. Even if it tried to eat the largest planet in this system, it would certainly take a good long while."

<Earth> Divefire says, "Makes sense, though I've never seen anything quite like that before... I think I can still catch up with it if you want some more information on it... And those Autobots are starting to look trigger happy."

Megatron decides. "We head back for base before we waste too much precious energy.

Just as Megatron speaks, there's a roar overhead and a gleam in the sky. Could it be Divefire coming back? That idea quickly fades as the distinctive form of Omega Supreme's rocket mode touches down. Right behind him are another group of Autobots, including Optimus Prime who's trying to talk to Omega.


Megatron grumbles: "No-one can live in peace if the jealous neighbor is against it..."

Scrapper looks around at the other Constructicons, who look determined and nod. "All right, we end this once and for all. Constructicons, transform and merge!"

Thundercracker leaps up as his jaw drops in astonishment at the sudden appearance of the 'Bots. Arms his lasers and is prepared for the command to attack at any given moment.

The Constructicons unite as one to form the huge combiner robot Devastator. He says in a loud booming voice of his own, "Devastator tired of Guardian robot. Prepare for oblivion!"

Prime says one final thing, then seems resigned to what Omega is about to do. The other Autobots don't make a move toward the other Decepticons.

Reflector watches the Autobots, his lasers armed and raised, but he makes no motion to attack them withotu instructions.

Devastator takes huge thundering steps toward Omega. "Other Decepticons stay here. This is Devastator's fight!"

Omega wastes no time, and fires off a quick volley of blasts from his cannon. Devastator covers his head with his arm, and his armor takes the punishment. He then lets loose with his eye beams, staggering the Guardian. Devastator advances, keeping up the barrage, and then lashes out with a massive fist to Omega Supreme's head. A tremor can be felt as he falls, but Omega isn't finished quite so easily. He lashes out with a foot, catching Devastator in the midsection. Omega gets up, and the two giants lock arms.

For more than a minute, the two giant robots struggle for some advantage, and then it seems Omega's greater size finally wins out. He drives Devastator to one knee and begins to pummel him with his giant claw hand. The open claws begin to make gouges in the combiner's armor, and finally Devastator catches the huge limb, flipping Omega over his head and sending him crashing to the ground once more with a reverberating *BOOM*. Omega gets up, and both start to throw punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and anything else they can.

CatsCradle watches the fight while glancing nervously over at the other Autobots, not really sure that they will hold their fire.

The brawl continues for minute after minute, lacking anything that could be called finesse as both robots pummel one another. The power being displayed is truly staggering, and each combatant is dented, crushed, mangled, bent, and sparking energy. Yet still they fight on for long minutes, every other second punctuated with the crashing sound of a blow landing.

Once again the larger size and strength of Omega seems to prevail, and he advances raining blows on Devastator, who can now barely mount a counterattack. But as the combiner seems near defeat, his optics blaze with fury and from some hidden reserve of strength, he rushes the bigger robot, catching him with a solid two-handed blow.

With clenched fists, Devastator lashes out again with his eye beams, pushing the bigger robot back and slowly burning away his armor. More determined now than perhaps ever before, Devastator draws his rifle from subspace and sends giant bolts of plasma toward the Guardian. Omega stumbles backwards, with his armor now almost entirely black in the front as he reels from the massive outpouring of firepower. Finally Devastator's gun stops firing, and with a last reluctant burst, the eye beams flicker out.

Clearly at the point of shut down, Devastator walks with halting steps to his adversary, stopping just in front of him. He rears back a fist and with one massive blow knocks Omega's head right off. The combiner all but collapses to one knee, and then raises a fist, bringing it *SLAMMING* down on the head of his enemy, shattering the remaining armor, and crushing the laser core. Omega Supreme, the last Guardian robot, is dead.

The Constructicons disengage and promptly collapse in a heap. There's a stunned silence from the Autobots as Omega Supreme ceases to function.

Megatron moves over to the Constructicons, and fires a quick burst of cannon fire at Omega's remains. They won't be rebuilding anything from the scraps that are left. Megatron says, "Unless you want the rest of your pitiful Autobots to join him Prime, you'd best leave now!"

Divefire blinks, looking at the fallen combatants and takes a moment to realize the magnitude of what has just occurred. "I don't believe it, they beat him..." He drawls out in a growl, shaking his head slightly.

Prime clenches his fist in that way he has and says, "You won't get away with this Megatron, I swear it!" He turns to the other Autobots, "Let's go Autobots. We've lost one friend too many today." He transforms along with the rest, and they start to drive off.

Reflector shakes his head, impressed, "That was a truly titanic battle..." He is glad that he has recorded it. This will be a day to remember for the Decepticons on Earth. A day that they achieved a great victory. The balance of power is shifting once again to favor the Decepticons on this planet...

Megatron watches them carefully. "Let them go Decepticons, we have to get the Constructicons back to base. I only hope Soundwave is rested.."

As Megatron supervises getting the Constructicons loaded onto stretchers, he turns to the assembled troops. "Decepticons, a turning point has been reached in our battle with the miserable Autobots. For too long they have maintained a tactical edge on this mudball of a planet. But now, with the long-overdue destruction of Omega Supreme, *we* have the advantage. You, my Decepticons have always been the superior warriors. Now Devastator, Menasor, and our Dinobots will provide the raw power needed to help us crush Optimus Prime and his pathetic Autobots for all time! The Decepticons shall rule the universe!"

A resounding cheer sounds through the assembled ranks of the Decepticons present, today has been a good day to serve under Megatron.

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