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Femmes' Night Out

(played 3/24/02)

        When needing to rest, recharge, or relax, Decepticons go here to their private rooms. A long hallway has doors on either side leading to each Decepticon's assigned space. The rooms are equipped with a small computer console and work station, a recharge bed, and whatever personal belongings the individual has. The rooms are fairly small and packed close together, but they are reasonably sound-proof for privacy.

Tempest is skulking about in the hall, for reasons undetermined, but she perks up when she sees CatsCradle.

Ravenwing is dragged out by her enthusiastic roommate, her doubts very clear in the swirling of her silver optics. "I'm not sure about this..."

Scorcher smiles widely "It will be fun, believe me"

Tempest peers at Scorcher and Ravenwing. "What's everyone up to?"

CatsCradle blinks as the hallway is suddenly crowded with femmes.

Scorcher asks innocently "Going to the KT too?"

CatsCradle looks down at the carton of datapads in her arms... looks at the others... looks at the carton... chucks it into her quarters. "Sure."

Tempest is tempted to say no, after all she doesn't consume intoxicating fluids...but... "Okay..." she says, somewhat warily.

Scorcher continues to almost pull the reluctant Ravenwing in the direction of the KT

Ravenwing nods courteously to the other femmes and looks longingly back at her quarters. Not that she has anything specific to do, but...

Tempest asks, "How come?"

Scorcher whispers to Cats and Tempest "Ravenwing has been recalled home. We should throw her a little farewell party so she will not forget us"

CatsCradle doesn't look entirely surprised. Spinister appearing + carting Ravenwing off for a private talk = Raven going home.

Ravenwing looks heavenwards and reluctantly follows.


The Kitty Twister

      Ener-Bar and Grill


     When you first enter the Kitty Twister it reminds you of the old War front recharge depots that where set up by the rough and combat hardened Mech's. This perception is not very far off from the truth as the room is decorated with Battle trophies mostly comprising of Autobot armor, heads... The trophy wall has been given some new items since Trigger-Happy Jackie has joined the Kitty Twister team. A row of serving trays line the wall behind the bar each imprinted with some unlucky mech's face. There is even a hand proudly displayed on a plaque that reads.

     "The Kitty Twister takes no responsibility for lost appendages... or limbs Due to touching Jackie's skidplate."

     Small repair droids buzz around in this area busy handing out ordered drinks. Each with a green KT Logo painted on their side. The owner seems to have confiscated some of the droids for personal use.

     The Energon bar itself has anything a mech could want. Including the harder to find contraband energon's not permitted on Cybertron. The owner of this establishment must have some very good contacts. Over the bar hangs a sign that reads, "Any damages caused by Mech's who have over charged their circuits will have the cost of repairs deducted from their credit chips automatically without warning."

     To the back of the Kitty Twister you notice some changes have been implemented. No longer is there a dance floor but simply a stage has been set up for a live band to play at.

Tempest slinks in, still looking around warily. She relaxes somewhat to realize they are the only group of patrons here.

Scorcher sits down, making sure that Ravenwing is trapped in the corner. She gestures to Cats to do the same to Tempest

Tempest braces her hands on the seat of the chair, looks around...and sort of climbs up into it until she is sitting in a proper upright position instead of curled like an animal, since there is no room to lie down on this chair. She glances at Ravenwing. "Happy to be leaving the dirtball, I presume?"

Scorcher gestures Jackie to come over and take orders, still smiling happily

CatsCradle murmurs to Tempest, "There are non-intoxicating drinks here, too," She kerplumps into one of the chairs, leaning it back and bracing her foot against the tableleg

Ravenwing is... trapped, but accepts it gracefully. After all, the young femme is trying to be kind. To Tempest, she shrugs. "Yes and no. I actually find other societies quite fascinating, but I am needed on Valckasta, and that takes priority over education."

Scorcher, after a quick look around the table tells Jackie "Four lights". She does not want to get intoxicated herself, ever again, after that one experience that ended her half frozen on the Antarctic

Jackie asks Scorcher "Sure your account can stand it hon?"

Tempest's optics dart around the bar, still looking not entirely relaxes, as she orders a quart of simple oil in a voice perhaps rougher than it needed to be.

Scorcher nods determinedly at Jackie

Ravenwing repositions herself slightly so that her back is to the wall and she's facing towards the door. Old habits die hard, plus this is one she intends to keep.

Scorcher whispers, to Jackie rather loudly because of her excitement "Ravenwing here is leaving, so we are throwing her a little party"

Tempest smirks slyly and says, "You seem about as happy about this as I am, Ravenwing. I thought this was your party."

Ravenwing shrugs. "I don't know what's going on in Valckasta, and it's my responsibility to know such things."

Jackie returns shortly with the four drink Scorcher ordered, as well as with the quart of oil Tempest asked for. She has something approaching a smile and as she sets the drinks down she says "Have fun girls, but if you break anything I'll take it out of your hide"

CatsCradle grins. "Breaking things is more Striker's style than ours."

Megatron enters the KT, looking for some fuel and... sees the female staff has taken over in the bar...

Scorcher leans over to Ravenwing and whispers something into her audio pickup. She looks at Megatron as he comes as she does so and while she is speaking too softly to overhear her except for the word "cute". After she is finished Scorcher tries to smother a fit of giggles behind her hand

Tempest and the three other femmes are sitting around a table. Tempest has a glass of light oil and is looking somewhat edgy but trying to put up a good show...

To cover herself Scorcher starts to push the drinks she ordered to the other femmes

Tempest pushes Scorcher's offered glass right back at her. She doesn't want one of Scorcher's Four Lights.

Ravenwing arches a brow at her roommate, then siiiighs and composes herself. There's no use fretting over her inability to reach Valckasta at this time, so... may as well at least keep up appearances for the sake of the others present. She takes the proffered drink and *sips* it, her normal practice. No telling what potency you may have.

Megatron addresses Jackie: "Can I get a drink, or is it "ladies only" today?"

CatsCradle takes her drink, chuckling. "Scorch, your version of whispering needs a little work. Any louder, and he would have heard the whole thing."

Scorcher does not seem to notice that Tempest does not take the energon. She sips her own and smiles around, happy to be in the company of others again. At the same time she is trying to think what she can do to liven up the party a bit.

Scorcher looks at Cats, then at Megatron. Her face flushes with energon as she realizes what the emperor might have overheard

Ravenwing glances towards the esteemed Emperor and gracefully inclines her head to him. He responded promptly to her request to depart, and she hasn't forgotten that. Returning her attention to the others, she's in time to catch Scorcher's expression and smirks. "It wasn't uncomplimentary, after all," she tells her.

Tempest glances over at Megatron, seeing if he is about to crash the girls' party.

Scorcher hushes Ravenwing to keep quiet

CatsCradle leans forward and murmurs, much more softly than Scorcher, "Don't worry, we'll cover for you." She leans back and says in a slightly louder voice, "Yeah, I guess Striker is, if you like that type."

Tempest immediately eyes CatsCradle, and then laughs. "Striker is all yours to anyone who wants him."

Ravenwing finds it easy to be hushed now at this change in topic...

Scorcher smiles "Now Skyjack..."

Megatron orders a cube of regular from Jackie. Carrying it, he walks over to the femmes' table. "Greetings, ladies. You are celebrating a party?"

Tempest glances at Megatron and seems to lose some of her hostile edge. "Scorcher thought it would be nice to give Ravenwing a send-off."

Scorcher looks up a bit nervously "Uhm. yes sir." she stammers "Ravenwing told me she was leaving"

Ravenwing takes another sip of her drink, torn between amusement and exasperation at the current situation. As Megatron approaches, she gives him another nod. He should know the reason why. "As soon as the capacitor is replaced, I'm told. A few hours."

Scorcher takes a rather bigger sip of her drink than she planned to, to ease her nerves

Megatron nods, he is informed. Gladly, he realizes that Tempest seem to enjoy to be in the KT.

Tempest tilts her head. "The space bridge is broken?"

CatsCradle pushes her glass around a little. "Actually, Diver and I have been asked to share our findings about the Brotherhood of Chaos to Valckasta, especially in the wake of their recent attack. We'll be heading back to Cybertron soon, as well, although," she grins a little self-consciously, "of course Diver can have us back here quickly if we are needed."

Ravenwing says, "A burnt-out part. Fairly easily replaced, just takes time due to its position."

Tempest shudders a little. "That's creepy. One femme got /killed/ by that thing." She glances at Cats. "I'd take a shuttle /any/ day over that thing."

Megatron says, "I want a report about every data you get, CatsCradle. The Autobots are enough of a menace - I do not need another group of rebels."

Ravenwing becomes motionless, even the swirl of her optics freezing. Only for a few seconds, then motion resumes. Her silver optics, though, have become completely reflective, like mirrors.

Tempest leans back in her chair. "A Chaos pack. Great. But as long as we all have ridiculously overpowered weaponry...."

Scorcher absentmindedly reaches for the unclaimed drink and pushes it towards Ravenwing "Too bad you have to leave so soon Ravenwing. You did not have much chance to fly about." She seems oblivious to the politics going on around her "You can have so much fun with those human planes." She glances up at Megatron "I am sorry Sir. I know I am not supposed to play with these humans anymore, and I haven't fired at them in weeks.."

CatsCradle frowns with frustration. "Of course you'll have our report, sir. As soon as we have something more than myths to report. However, I will be taking along several of the Grinder cadets to help in the research, as well as to continue their studies in the Hall of Records."

Tempest laughs at Scorcher. "Are you playing chicken with those jetliners again?"

Megatron smirks. "Myths could help too get an idea where to search, CatsCradle.

Reflector heads into the Kitty Twister, shaking his heads as he goes in. He has been starting to put his spare time into his research efforts again, though since Gryphus' attention has been called elsewhere, the progress has become much slower recently. He heads into the KT, and looks around, before heading over to an unoccupied table, and writing up a research summary.

Ravenwing has finished her own drink and takes Scorcher's new offering. Once again, she sips rather than gulps and judges its potency well within her capacity. Other than that, she just listens.

Scorcher studies the table intently, but does not deny Tempest's question

CatsCradle grins suddenly. "And they're just mythic enough to keep the cadets interested, which means they aren't getting into mischief."

Reflector nods and then sends a summary of his latest research effort to Megatron, before sitting back to await being served an energon cube.

Tempest cracks up laughing. "Scorcher, mayhem is great fun, but some individuals tend to look down on it..." By her amusement though, it seems she isn't one of them.

Scorcher grins shyly at Tempest "They get really weird when you approach one of their silly little airports"

Megatron looks thoughtfully into the distance, recapitulating what Spinister told him yesterday.

Tempest smirks. "Chaos, mayhem and disaster--my work here is done?" she guesses.

Scorcher giggles "Have you ever tried to land when one of their big four engine jets is taking off?" she turns to Ravenwing "Too bad you have to leave, that really is fun to do"

CatsCradle shakes her head, but with a grin. "Like that type of mischief." She chuckles. "You aren't the first or last to weird out the humans. Diver ever so often likes to streak past the cops on a highway, going much faster than any Earth vehicle ever has the right to... just to smirk at the thought of the poor police shaking his radar detector wondering if the thing is broken or if he needs an eye exam. Or a psychiatric evaluation."

Ravenwing says quietly, with no inflection, "The Lord High Commander of Valckasta takes a special interest in that sort of thing. He may have information on these myths." A pause, then to Scorcher, "Alas, I do not engage in 'buzzing' airports."

Reflector watches the conversations going on curiously, before getting himselves three small energon cubes from Jackie and then draining them.

Scorcher glances at Cats and Tempest, as if asking them to suggest what she does not dares to

Tempest laughs a little at the idea of Valckastans engaging in such primitive mayhem...and decides not to mention that Harrier was not bad at it.

Megatron winks Jackie over. "Jackie, another round for the ladies - this one is on me."

Reflector shrugs as he sees Megatron interacting with the multiple femmes present, and then he shrugs, before draining his energon cubes, and then going back to compiling his report for Megatron. He has a duty shift coming up shortly, so he will depart.

Tempest looks suspiciously at Megatron. "Are you sure? I mean, I remember that thing with the Heart of Cybertron...well...okay, so I remember starting to drink that cube, and waking up by blasting my lasers a lot, and nothing in between." She eyes the drink. "Do I really want to drink this?"

Megatron chuckles. "You don't need to drink anything that blows your fuses, Tempest.

Scorcher winces a little at the mention of that episode. She does not have good memories about that either

Ravenwing cautions, "Slowly, and in moderation, Tempest. Those who are intoxicated lose their reflexes rather quickly."

Tempest says to Ravenwing, "So I've noticed which is why I never touch the stuff..." She tastes the drink warily and coughs a little. Tough space pirate she may be but she is obviously not used to this.

Megatron says, "And I also can reccomend Jackie’s special medicine against hang-overs - though I don't want to know what it contains..."

Ravenwing starts on her third drink, apparently completely unaffected herself. Then again, Valckasta produces the most potent drinks... or did. Times are rather hard these days. "I'd prefer not to get intoxicated in the first place rather than try to remedy it afterwards. One might not live long enough."

Reflector nods to those present, before heading up to the bar to order himselves a very light drink, non-alcoholic, minimal energon. He rather did not enjoy his experience when drunk, so he is endeavoring to keep his intake to a minimum.

Tempest says to Ravenwing, "I thought the point of drinking this stuff was to make you less paranoid."

Ravenwing smirks. "What's wrong with paranoia?"

CatsCradle chuckles. "You've been hanging around with Diktat far too long, Ravenwing."

Nightbird enters the favored relaxation spot of many Decepticons, seeming perhaps just a touch out of place.

Tempest laughs to Ravenwing. "Nothing when it keeps you alive. But as everyone around here keeps trying to tell me, Your teammates aren't going to kill you in your sleep."

CatsCradle takes another sip. "They might try to glue you to your bed, but not kill you."

Tempest is sitting around the table with the others, sipping something that just might have mild intoxicating content in it, as she's being strangely open.

Scorcher grins "Well, there was this guy back when I was at the Grinder, but he did not mean to do anything wrong..."

Megatron is standing by the femmes table, joining their conversation.

Ravenwing raises her glass and says quietly, "To Diktat, a mech with style and a keen sense of self-preservation. As for one's teammates killing you... Maybe. Maybe not. Autobots have infiltrators too, you know."

Megatron looks at Ravenwing. "Is there anything I should know about, Ravenwing?"

Reflector watches, interested in spite of himself. He is not quite sure what the current topic of conversation is about either...

CatsCradle gives Scorcher a pained look. "Please tell me that the cadet you're talking about graduated /before/ my influence?"

Ravenwing finishes off the last of her drink and looks to Megatron. "If you mean infiltrators, nothing recent, Megatron. However, I intercepted an Autobot strike force in the tunnels under Valckasta a little over a year ago and have clashed with Elita One as well."

Nightbird makes her way quietly to where everyone seems to be gathering, offering a short bow to the table.

Scorcher frowns in thought "I don't think he graduated at all. Maybe the made him prison guard or something. And he was not mean or anything. Just really big. And stupid." she giggles softly "but he had that cute wounded look in his eyes when he got scolded for breaking a table or a door"

Tempest eyes everyone in the room...Refusing to believe any of them are Autobots she leans back...and notices Nightbird. She looks away from the other femme, not sure what to say.

Ravenwing responds in kind to Nightbird with her usual grace, then gestures wordlessly for the femme to join them.

CatsCradle relaxes visibly, reassured that she won't have to be tearing down one of the cadets... at least, not today. "The dumb ones just tend to get into... well, stupid trouble. It's the intelligent ones that outdo themselves."

Scorcher quickly decides not to get into that topic with Cats any further

Megatron nods. "Ravenwing, do you have a spy among your forces, that is not known by the Autobots yet? Someone you could smuggle into the enemies ranks?" Then he realizes his mate. "Come, join us, Nightbird!"

Nightbird glances at Tempest for a moment, perhaps wondering if it would make her feel uncomfortable. She seems to consider a moment, then seems to almost melt into a chair.

Tempest, for her part, turns her attention first to her drink, and then to CatsCradle.

Reflector watches the half dozen or so Decepticons gather about, and he looks over at the table, and at the mostly abandoned bar, slowly sipping his three drinks synchronously.

Scorcher smiles admiringly "Nice trick Nightbird. You think I could learn to move invisible like that too?"

CatsCradle gives Scorcher a teasing grin. "Scorch, you couldn't stay quiet long enough."

Scorcher frowns "I am not *that* bad, am I?"

CatsCradle turns her grin to Raven. "What do you think?"

Tempest teases Scorcher, "You know, maybe you should ask Wildrider out on a date. You two could have fun together."

Nightbird is about to answer when Cats jumps in. Seemingly unconcerned she proceeds. "Perhaps Scorcher. I do not recall if I was given stealth by design or trained in it. I suspect both however."

Ravenwing doesn't have to consider her answer; she's well aware of her resources. "I'm all there is, Commander, at least in Valckasta. Stealth operatives are few and far between these days ever since the Special Ops Division shut down. That function leads to short live spans, and the training takes hundreds of years. There are few I am considering for training, but... it will take time."

Scorcher looks torn between answering Tempest and Nightbird at the same time. Finally she decides on the topic that she is more familiar with "Wild Rider. He is that crazy guy of Motormaster's right?" She beams a smile at Nightbird however

Megatron says, "I am aware of the problem, Ravenwing... It seems we don't have any usable infiltration resources left... and we need infiltrators."

Tempest nods to Scorcher. "Yeah. The one who would be happy to join you in your game with jets."

Scorcher frowns at Tempest "But he's got *wheels*"

Tempest shrugs. "So what? He can fly as a robot."

CatsCradle studies her drink with a slight smile. "'Sides... there's nothing wrong with wheels."

Scorcher shakes her head, trying to clear the faint buzzing she is hearing. Maybe she should not have had that second drink. Or at least she should have take more time with it "Of course there's nothing wrong with wheels. My mother had them. I mean. Oh bother. I can't remember what I meant"

Ravenwing shrugs. "A chronic problem, even when we *did* have them. Infiltrators simply don't live long. Luck is finite, and with the amount of risks they take, it runs out." She recalls a similar conversation with the illustrious Emperor on luck, and her silver optics brighten briefly in amusement.

Nightbird's optics shift back and forth, following the more business-oriented conversation and the more personal one. To some, it wouldn't be unexpected for her to simply watch like this for hours.

CatsCradle reaches over and slides Scorcher's drink away from her.

Scorcher mutters to Cats "I think that was Tempest's drink"

CatsCradle says, "Whoever’s it is, you're not having anymore."

Scorcher frowns "I don't think I want it anyway"

CatsCradle leaves the drink in the center of the table for whoever might want to claim it, but keeps watch on Scorcher to make sure she isn't the one doing the claiming.

Megatron frowns, knowing the trouble to well. "Nevertheless, spy work is one of the most important bases for strategic planning...

Tempest snorts a little in response to Ravenwing. She certainly believes that. And yet... She mumbles, "But when my luck ran out I ended up here...' Maybe that was the best thing that ever happened to her. She feels...strangely relaxed, contented, and doesn't realize it's thanks to the drink.

Reflector watches the conversation, it being at the edge of his audio range, and he shakes his heads, before bringing up his datapad again, and then going on and entering some information into it.

Ravenwing finished her last drink several moments before, so shrugs and takes the unclaimed one. She takes a sip, gauges its potency, then responds to Tempest's unsteady words, "You could have ended up somewhere far, far worse. Perhaps it was *good* luck that brought you here, simply disguised as bad."

Scorcher toys with the empty glass that's still in front of her. She sees a seeker peek into the KT and quickly duck out again after seeing it filled with a rather large crowd of femmes as well as the Emperor "Wimp" she mutters

Tempest smirks at Ravenwing. "I /came/ from all those worse places, Ravenwing...'s'why I'm so...charming to be around..."

Megatron quietly tells Nightbird: "I received some data from Reflector you may be interested in."

Ravenwing snorts. "Charming is hardly the word I'd use, my dear Tempest. Strong, yes. Interesting, yes. A survivor, yes. Damaged, yes. Healing, yes. Charming... I'm afraid not, but you were being facetious anyway."

Nightbird leans over a bit closer to Megatron. She lowers her voice, but not quite to the point of whispering. "Yes?"

Tempest eyes Ravenwing. Of course everything the Valckastan said is true, but she feels obliged to mention one point. "Nobody better take that damage fer granted, I'm...tougher than you think..." She eyes the drink, beginning to get an inkling something unusual is going on.

CatsCradle studies Tempest, obviously wondering if she should slide /her/ drink away, too

Scorcher gets up and saunters to the corner where a jukebox is standing.. It seems to be shaped somewhat like a certain familiar Autobot rebel. It even has chains to tie it to the floor. She randomly pushes some buttons, not being familiar with either Cybertron nor Earth music. Soon Techno booms through the KT, a shade, or two, too loud.

Nightbird looks over to the odd sound with just the faintest expression of alarm. She's not used to such loud noises outside of combat.

"Whoops. Sorry" Scorcher says, though she does not look sorry at all. In fact she seems rather intrigued by the steady beat underlying the music

Megatron quietly answers: "He found informations - mainly rumors - about masked... " The rest of the sentence is lost in music...

Scorcher sits down and giggles "Rumble would love this music"

Reflector swivels his heads to watch Scorcher curiously, and then he sees Megatron whispering to Nightbird, and he shrugs his heads, wondering what their topic of conversation is.

Megatron thunders through the bar: "Turn the level down, Scorcher!" Indeed he is able to be louder then the music.

Ravenwing winces visibly at the noise, her audio receptors struggling to compensate for the sudden load. She shakes her head in disgust at the loss of an advantage and continues to Tempest, "Of course you are. You're alive, aren't you?"

Tempest smirks and nods, somehow relaxed again. She’s stopped sipping on that glass, but her hands rest protectively near it. It's /hers/, and damned be anyone who tries to take it away from her.

Nightbird has to speak up now, and oddly enough her unique whispering waterfall voice sounds almost normal as the subharmonics are drowned out. She says to Megatron, "Tell me of it later."

Tempest takes another sip of her drink.

Nightbird's optics look around a bit, but she seems at least to be getting used to the volume level. She looks to Tempest and says, "Can one get plain energon here, or should I go to the main store?"

Tempest glances up at Nightbird, and then nods. "Just...don't let Scorcher buy it for you..." She also eyes Megatron...he's the one who got her her current drink.

Ravenwing murmurs quietly, almost to herself, "I wonder where Motormaster is..."

Megatron says, "Scorcher, a bit faster!"

Scorcher, having studied the jukebox for a volume control finally gives up. She kicks the machine. Gently, with an eye on Jackie, and returns to the table.

Reflector watches the conversation, and then walks over to the machine, hitting a control, and the music mercifully falls silent.

Tempest replies to Ravenwing's question. "Sleepin' in his room..."

Scorcher blurts out "In *his* room?" before looking away quickly, mortally embarrassed

Nightbird seems to relax as the music fades out.

Ravenwing's silver optics swirl briefly, and she takes another sip of her drink, trying not to smirk at that.

Tempest doesn't even seem to notice and nods casually. "'S bigger in there," she remarks.

Scorcher smothers a giggle

The music box mutters something in protest, trying to play another song, but finally gives up - its program completely crashed down. Jackie sighs-

Tempest glances at Scorcher, her energy-fuzzed mind trying to process what's so funny about the fact that Motormaster's room is larger than hers, and failing to do so.

With the music removed, Nightbird quietly asks one of the little droids for some plain energon, and it seems to take a long time in figuring out what that is.

Scorcher grins at Tempest "Think we could write "Idiots" in the sky over the Autobot base? Before they send somebody to bother us>"

Ravenwing is still trapped at the table, or she might choose some music herself. Instead, she nods to Jackie, catching her optic, then drops her gaze to her empty glass. The nonverbal clues are enough to get her another drink, and she follows the same procedure as always: sip first, assess, then carryon.

Megatron orders another round. Realizing he still stands, he grasps a chair and sits down.

Tempest says, "There ain't no Autobot base no more...we should have done that sooner..." to Scorcher.

Reflector shrugs, and then moves to sit down at his table, and wait for his duty shift to start.

Tempest mumbles, "Menasor did a number on that matter what Starscream says..."

Scorcher frowns at the sputtering jukebox "Think it will start playing again if I kick it hard enough" she asks nobody in particular.

Scorcher looks at Tempest "We could go to their old base, you know that crashed ship of theirs. I still think they are hiding out in there, no matter what the esteemed air-idiot-commander says"

Nightbird's optics sparkle a bit as the others seem to share something of her view of Starscream.

Ravenwing smirks and silently drinks a toast to that.

Nightbird finally gets her small cube of regular old energon and consumes it just as she would recharging in the field. Apparently she doesn't see a connection with consuming energon and relaxation.

Nightbird then comments quietly, "It should not be difficult to follow them back to where ever their new base of operations is. When the time is right to eliminate them."

Megatron says in a strangely warning voice: "Scorcher, it is not up to you to call my second in command and idiot. If I call him so, it is something different.

Tempest mumbles, "I don't think I'm going anywhere but for a nap after this." She looks rather quizzically at Megatron, as if lost, as if hoping for some sign what she should do.

Reflector watches the conversation going on with interest, shaking his heads, and then he settles back into his seats, working on a series of datapads.

Scorcher pales as all the energon seems to drain out of her system

Ravenwing mutters 'It's ... subtle insult ... Megatron, child, and ... not ... ... ... his ... ... good reason. '.

Scorcher says, "Yes sir. I am sorry sir. It won't happen again"

Megatron says, "Good, Scorcher."

The mood seems to have plummeted a bit after that indiscreet remark of Scorcher

Tempest looks around the table, and leans over towards Nightbird.

Scorcher reaches for an unclaimed drink before Cats can stop her

Nightbird says somewhat neutrally, "Starscream seemed to perform well enough in the raid. He very nearly beat Optimus Prime."

Nightbird glances to Tempest curiously.

Tempest says to Nightbird, her optics somewhat unfocussed, "There's something I ought to tell you..."

CatsCradle slaps at Scorcher's hand, but the femme is too quick for her.

Scorcher spills most of the energon in the glass over the table and looks at Cats with a puzzled expression about her peculiar behaviour

Nightbird looks to Tempest, knowing what overenergizing looks like, and says evenly, "Are you sure you wish to do so now? Perhaps it can wait."

Tempest shakes her head and says something softly to Nightbird.

Ravenwing taps Scorcher's glass with a forefinger claw and says softly, "That, I suspect, is part of the reason you were so... frank. Perhaps you should leave it until you've developed more of a tolerance for the effects."

Tempest mutters 'You ... know I never hated ... ... right? '.

Scorcher looks at the glass in front of her and quickly pushes it away again, sloshing even more energon over the table

Megatron watches Scorcher, smirking. "I think she has had enough for today, CatsCradle."

Nightbird looks at Tempest for a moment, her optics serious. She nods once and says, "Yes."

CatsCradle nods in agreement. "And probably for tomorrow, too."

Tempest nods. "Good." It seems to be some sort of truce, if not quite an apology.

Ravenwing doesn't seem to notice Tempest's supposedly-private conversation with Nightbird, seemingly paying more attention to Megatron and CatsCradle.

Reflector listens to the conversations going on inattentively, not paying them too close attention as he focuses on his datapads.

Scorcher strolls over to the jukebox and, with an apologetic glance at Jackie, she gives the machine a kick to its side. Sure enough the number that got stuck start playing again. This time it is weird harmonics, played at a much more moderate sound level

Tempest mumbles, "Is this Soundwave's weird stuff?"

Scorcher shrugs as she sits down again "Weird" she says to nobody in particular

Nightbird seems about to say something else to Tempest, then appears to think better of it. Maybe she wants to wait until Tempest can stand unaided. She herself stands, bows to everyone present, and says, "I should resume my training regimen."

Ravenwing inclines her head once again. "Good cycle, Nightbird."

Scorcher starts to say something, but bites her lip with a quick glance at Megatron. Clearly she was about to say something indiscreet again

Tempest waves to Nightbird.

Tempest leans over to Scorcher. Maybe if she whispers it Megatron won't hear...

Scorcher says to Tempest "I saw this really neat trick a while back. Actually, I was spying on the Aerialbots, but it was a neat trick anyway"

Tempest nods, listening.

Scorcher grins "They were doing mock combat, the wimps, but one of them, when cornered would dive down into the ocean to escape being fired upon. Then burst out somewhere else where nobody would expect him to"

Tempest shivers. "I wouldn't like flying underwater." She glances at Cats and Ravenwing. Does the Aerialbot have a good idea, or is this just crazy?

Ravenwing orders yet another drink, but this time her internal test fails. This will be the last one. "It depends on the enemy's scanners, I would think. Water is simply a fluid, and some scanners can filter through it, some can't."

Reflector shakes his heads, fully occupied with his datapads now, and quite happy to be ignored.

Scorcher nods "It's really hard to scan through water when it is being churned by laserfire, and you can't hit anything there. What I can't figure out is how he managed to keep his engine running"

Ravenwing says, "Same principle as spaceflight, I would think. Sealed engines and fuel that contains oxygen."
Megatron watches his mate disappearing and then realizes that had been a conversation between Tempest and her...

Scorcher looks rather blank at Ravenwing's explanation, her tech rating being what it is.

CatsCradle says, "Diver's engines work underwater, but his engines are also fusion powered."

Tempest can't really follow the engine discussion. She looks up at Megatron. "I'm gonna need a nap soon, right?"

Scorcher grins at Tempest "Let's go rock a few earth planes. Or see if we can duplicated that swimming trick." She shivers "Well, maybe not that"

Ravenwing siiiighs. "Probably not a good idea at this time."

Tempest shakes her head. "Don't wanna fly right now Scorcher."

CatsCradle says, "Besides, I don't think they'd stay awake long enough to get out of the base."

Reflector shrugs as he finishes up his datapads, and then he puts them back into subspace, before nodding to the femmes present.

Scorcher awws at Ravenwing "Oh come on, don’t be a spoilsport"

Megatron tilts his head, facing Tempest. He nods, smirking. "Indeed, you do need a rest."

Tempest says, "Okay. Once this is over..." She seems capable of figuring out where to go, instead of just passing out in the KT. She was looking more for reassurance and less for help.

Reflector swivels his heads about to look at Tempest curiously, but he does refrain from comment.

Megatron mutters 'We ... ... you ... ... ... somehow. '.

Tempest mutters 'I ... ... find ... ... way...somewhere ... '.

Megatron smirks. "Good, but if you need help, just ask.

Reflector looks at Tempest and Megatron curiously, but sets back.

Scorcher whispers in a conspiratory manner to the other femmes at the table "So, who is your favorite male, current partner excluded?"

Ravenwing is almost surprised into laughing at that. Her silver optics swirl with mad glee at this turn in the conversation, but plays along. "And... why is he the favourite?"

Scorcher looks at Ravenwing...

CatsCradle lets out a soft laugh. "My favorite male /is/ my current partner, or he wouldn't /be/ my current partner. As for why...?" She shakes her head. "That's not something I'm sharing."

Scorcher shakes her head "Current partner excluded Cats" she says with a grin

Tempest gets up and creeps out...because she's drunk, or to escape the current subject of conversation?

Reflector watches Tempest leave, and his three heads shake for a moment, before he moves to another table - this is "girltalk," at least from what others he has spent time with would call it.

CatsCradle gives another slow shake of her head. "No one else but Diver's ever mattered."

Megatron watches Tempest leave, not really being sure she will make it to her quarters...

Scorcher giggles "Oh come on Cats. Surely there is *somebody* who you think looks cute"

Ravenwing notes, "It depends on your definition of 'favourite', actually. Are you asking about potential mates, or simply friends?"

Megatron stands. "I think it is about time to leave you ladies alone," he chuckles, heading over to Reflector with his drink.

Scorcher giggles a bit too loudly as Megatron hastily retreats

CatsCradle laughs softly. "The emperor flees," she murmurs.

Scorcher grins mischievously "You know that strange earthling tale about the emperor's clothes?"

Ravenwing says, "Normally I would as well, but... I'm pinned down."

Reflector shrugs, and then orders himself three light enerbeers, which each of him takes up and then moves over to another table, nodding to Megatron politely.

CatsCradle's optics glint to Raven. "And it would be very... undiplomatic... of you to leave, now, wouldn't it?"

Scorcher laughs "Besides, you still should answer your own question"

Megatron takes a seat. "It is going to become a ladies talk... I'll stay out of that.

Ravenwing notes too-innocently, "It was your question to start with. I was simply asking for clarification."

Reflector nods, and then he says, neutrally, "Yes. There are some things that mechkind was not meant to know." Is he joking, or is he serious?

Megatron says, "Indeed."

Reflector nods to Megatron, and his three parts sip slowly at his enerbeers.

Scorcher blushes a haze of energon and whispers so her voice does not really carry to the other tables anymore "Well. I guess I would have to say Skyjack. He's the leader of the Cyberjets, and he is cute and ... amazing really. Of course I used to think that Starscream was cute too, before I finally met him"

Ravenwing says, "Beware of reputations."

Megatron suddenly grins: "So, Reflector, what do you think of our ladies?"

Reflector looks up at Megatron, his face neutral, before chuckling, "I am very impressed by their capabilities. They have certainly proven the adage that the female of the species is just as deadly, if not more so than the male."

CatsCradle smiles slightly, but has obviously decided to stay safely out of this conversation.

Ravenwing says, "Do you know him personally, or merely on reputation?"

Scorcher glares "The air commander can not be bothered by a mere Cyberjet. All he ever does, if he even notices me, is to assign me to some kind of menial duty that should fall to the droids. Just because he thinks I am not good enough to be under his command"

Megatron chuckles. "You forgot to mention they are cute, Reflector."

Ravenwing laughs quietly. "Skyjack, not the *esteemed* Air Commander."

Reflector smirks at Megatron, "Yes, but one does generally not say that to females who are capable of reducing you to so much scrap in a few nanocycles."

Megatron sips his cube. "It is not dangerous if you take care when, how, and to which one you say it, Reflector.

Scorcher is quite taken aback by that unexpected change of topic "uhm." she mutters "not personal experience" she begins, and practically squirms in her seat from discomfort

Reflector nods at Megatron, and then he smirks quietly, his three selves lightly quaking with humor, "Yes, that is true. But the problem is in determining what situation that is appropriate in in the first place."

Ravenwing arches a brow at the reaction, still amused. "Have you ever met this fine young mech, Scorcher, or just admired him from afar?" Was she ever this young...? Yes, yes she was, and she chuckles inexplicably, remembering her first crush.

Scorcher squirms a bit more, muttering "He is my commander... I mean back home he is. Here it is the air commander, but that is not the same..."

Ravenwing nods quickly. "Of course not. Why were you assigned to Earth, if I may ask? Reassignments are usually on the request of the individual or a commander."

Scorcher smiles a bit more confidently at Ravenwing "The commander, Shockwave that is, thought I needed more experience. Since back home my duties consisted mostly of flying patrols over empty stretches of wasteland." Her face twists in distaste at that memory "It seemed logical to assign me here." She sighs "Of course I am still assigned to fly patrols over empty stretches of wasteland most of the time"

Megatron leans back, sipping his cube. "That sounds like you haven't found out yet what situation is right, huh?

Reflector nods at Megatron, setting back, and sipping at his drinks, "Yes, Commander. Or the one to share that with." Reflector shrugs, and] all of him sit back.

Ravenwing nods again. "Much the same reason my own Lord sent me here. Experience, not only with the planet itself, but the culture of the people based here as well. We of Valckasta tend to be segregated."

CatsCradle grins. "I could always send even more cadets, to help break up that segregation."

Scorcher nods "So I heard back at the Grinder. Of course on active duty I did not have to do with others much anyway"

Ravenwing inclines her head to CatsCradle. "They are welcome, of course, if they want to learn."

Megatron studies the three components for a while. "Isn't there even a lady you admire secretly, Reflector?"

Reflector looks up at Megatron, his expression curious for a moment, and then he shrugs his sets of shoulders, and he nods. "Yes, Commander. A number of them, at one time or another."

Scorcher begins to make a stack of empty glasses

Megatron says, "Maybe all you need is a little more courage. Femmes don't necessarily bite."

Reflector shrugs at Megatron, and then he says, neutrally, "Yes, that is true. First one would have to find someone that they were compatible with." He shrugs, his face expressionless.

Scorcher adds a fifth glass to her little stack and glances around for an unclaimed empty glass

Ravenwing helpfully pushes her last three glasses over to Scorcher.

Scorcher pages Ravenwing and CatsCradle: Good thing you flee this world Ravenwing, before Soundwave's mindreading clings to you even more

Ravenwing is tempted to order another drink, but resists the temptation. About the only time she exceeds her capacity is for a Valckastan energon tasting.

Scorcher looks at the last glass in her hand and the wobbly stack of glasses in front of her... tempting ...

The jukebox finishes another number and starts with a song that specialists in earth culture would recognize as Heavy Metal. Booming drums and screaming guitars, as if metal is being twisted suddenly fill the KT.

Ravenwing tilts her head, listening to that one. Reminiscent of music she's heard on a few other planets, but with its own style. A little heavy on the rhythm, though that's standard for this type.

Megatron throws his empty cube against the jukebox, hard.

Scorcher uncharacteristically resists the temptation and puts down the glass. Not a moment too soon, as the sudden loud music makes her almost jump in her chair

The music box sputters for a moment but then continues the song.

Reflector winces at the music.

Scorcher smiles innocently at Ravenwing "So, your favourite would be this ... Diktat?" she asks

Megatron stands. Cursing, he walks over to the musicbox, turning the volume down. No, he doesn't blast it - this time.

Reflector winces, and then nods his thanks to Megatron as the volume goes down. "Thank you, Commander."

Ravenwing gives Scorcher a look that's meltingly innocent, her optics aswim with earnest sincerity. "You never answered my question on whether or not the 'favourite' was a prospective mate or simply a friend, my dear Scorcher."

CatsCradle coughs softly, having seen much that expression before, and not just on Raven.

Ruse steps out of some shadows after a few moments of lurking...

Scorcher mutters something inaudible and looks down at the table firmly

Ravenwing says, "Yeeeeeeeees?"

Megatron grumbles. "Next time I'll turn it off... forever!"

Scorcher squirms in her seat but sees no way out of answering Ravenwing's question, so finally she mutters just loud enough for the other femmes to hear her "I would like that"

Reflector chuckles at Megatron, and then goes back to his drink.

Ravenwing laughs softly again. "Child, I meant the question itself, not your answer. Though your meaning is clear now."

Ruse walks over to Scorcher and moves to slap her on the back, "Hey what’s going on? Did someone throw a party without inviting me?"

CatsCradle glances back and forth between Jackie and Megatron. "Hmmm... wonder who'd win?"

Scorcher looks up at Ruse and smiles relieved "Ravenwing has been recalled back home because of some masked weirdo attack or something. So we are making sure she won't forget us"

Ravenwing rather doubts she'll be forgetting this any time soon... She inclines her head politely to the new arrival and asks, "Won't you join us?"

Ruse laughs! "As if she could forget Starscream or vice versa?", she says nodding to Raven. She hehs, "I am here aren’t I?"

Scorcher waves at Jackie to bring Ruse a drink to. As she brings the Energon Light the other femmes have been drinking Jackie quickly snatches a couple of glasses from Scorcher's tower

Ravenwing shifts a bit in her seat, glancing towards the exit. She'll be needing to leave soon, as soon as she gets word that the spacebridge is ready.

Scorcher grins at Ravenwing. After being tricked and coerced into saying some things she never meant to tell anybody else she finally sees her chance to get even "You still did not answer the question either Ravenwing" she says innocently "Or would you rather dare to do something?"

Ruse says, "... hmm truth or dare? Oh, can I play?"

Ravenwing gestures gracefully to CatsCradle. "Wasn't she ahead of me?" she asks innocently. "And what dare might that be?"

CatsCradle holds up her hands. "Oh, no. I answered the question. Not my fault you didn't like my answer."

Scorcher shrugs "I will think of something" she says with a grin

Ravenwing glances towards the exit again, then at her companions...

Scorcher smiles innocently at Ravenwing

Ravenwing eyes her obstructive roommate and shrugs. "Prospective mate, eh?"

Reflector shrugs, and then he says, "I am uncertain if I have ever met that particular femme as of yet."

Megatron smirks. "You have six optics and you are not able to find her? Reflector, Reflector.

Reflector smirks at Megatron, and then he pauses, before taking another three sips of his drinks, "Yes, but does she feel the same for me? That is the eternal question..."

Ravenwing shrugs again. "My lifemate is dead, so I'm not likely to be looking for another... If I were, it would be the co-creator of my Heir, not a lover." Not too many prospects there, either, but she silently reviews them and finds an amusing thought in there.

Scorcher notices the suddenly amusement playing on Ravenwing's face

"Well?" Scorcher asks "You were thinking of somebody"

Megatron orders another drink. "Ask her. That is the only way to find out, Reflector."

Reflector nods to Megatron, and he lets out a chuckle, "Yes, the question, however, is which one to ask?"

Ravenwing smirks, her silver optics swirling dizzily in wicked glee before becoming almost sweetly innocent. This one is no stranger to acting. "At this time, there is only one mech I consider good enough to co-create my Heir. However... there are complicating factors involved, as he is my esteemed sire."

Scorcher gasps "No! Really?" she asks

CatsCradle nods gravely. "That would be complicated, yes." But her optics glint in amusement.

Ravenwing laughs again. "Which will never happen in any case, as neither of us will be creating any Heirs while the other still lives. The succession is complicated enough as it is, and completely outside of Valckastan tradition. I shouldn't have been activated until after Thunderwing died."

Scorcher frowns "How comes?" she blurts out before she catches herself

Gryphus opens the door and enters, not really expecting this crowd.

Megatron says, "That decision you have to make yourself."

Ravenwing recalls her early years and the constant quarrels with her sire, and shakes her head. Her silver optics take on a steely sheen, briefly showing the ruthlessness within her. "We were designed and built to rule, and as I've heard somewhere or another on Terran broadcasts, there can be only one." The ruthlessness is smoothly hidden quickly enough, and she continues, "Which makes for difficulties, no?"

Reflector nods to Megatron, and then he sighs, and looks over at Gryphus, something odd in his optics for a moment, before it vanishes, and he turns his attention to her fully, "Greetings Researcher."

Gryphus nods to those in the room. "Evening."

Gryphus finds a place at the bar and sits as it grow oddly quiet in the room.

Reflector nods to Megatron, shaking his heads, and letting out a quiet sigh.

Ravenwing moves restlessly again, looking at the door expectantly after checking her chronometer. Will it *ever* be done?

Megatron says, "Chin up, there is the right one somewhere."

Gryphus orders a energon shake and quietly sits there, not even her wings shift at all. Perhaps she's thinking.

Reflector nods to Megatron, and then his three faces light up in a brief, and rare, smile. "Yes, I will endeavor to remember that. Thank you."

Gryphus sips on her drink, wondering what that was all about... but not asking... just listening.

Ravenwing shifts impatiently, then blinks at an odd suggestion from her roommate. Well, well.

CatsCradle nods to Raven. "You should pick the next set of songs. After all, you're Guest of Honor tonight." She frowns at the jukebox. "If Scorcher didn't break it, that is..."

Ravenwing shrugs and nods in response to her roommate's suggestion, then is released from her corner when Scorcher finally moves. Not leaving just yet, though... She nods to CatsCradle, then her silver optics fix on the misused/abused/threatened jukebox. She steps over to the machine and picks a rather soft tune. It doesn't stop there, though. Her optics move slowly about the room, then fix on Megatron. Once again, she goes to nonverbal signals, glancing back at the juke box, then extending her hand to him with a wry look in her optics.

Reflector looks from Ravenwing to Megatron, his head swiveling about curiously.

CatsCradle's optics widen in amusement and she shoves her chair back against the wall for a better angle to watch, bracing her chair back with one foot set against the table leg.

Megatron stands. He bows formally, a charming smile on his lips. "Lady Ravenwing."

Gryphus raises a eyebrow but makes no other movements besides drinking and listening.

Ravenwing sways forward gracefully to return the bow. No curtsies for her. "Lord Megatron. I should be honoured if you would join me." Her face is grave, but her optics swirl with mischief.

Megatron says, "/I/ am honored you grant me this dance."

Reflector looks up to Gryphus, and then he shrugs, and walks up to her, "Might I have the pleasure of this dance?"

The jukebox, as abused as it is, splutters and once again shifts melodies. This one is quite different from the soft, almost elegant measures of the previous one, very different indeed.

Ravenwing pauses and tilts her head, listening to the new selection. She blinks as the recognizes the beat first, then the melody. This is something of a... naughty song, and she chuckles, looking back at Megatron with a challenge in her silver optics. Accept what fate has chosen, or change to something else.

Gryphus blinks and looks at the trio a long quiet moment. 'with all three of you?"

Reflector shrugs, and then he says, "With one, if that would be your preference, or all three."

Megatron isn't the one not to take a challenge, even if it is a dance. If this will become a competition on who is going to lead (this dance)?

Gryphus places her drink down. She gets off her stool and turns to the trio. "One, After all you did say what one experiences so too the others."

CatsCradle closes her optics briefly as the jukebox chokes into the faster beat, then settles herself back with a slight smile to watch.

Reflector nods to Gryphus, and then a slight smile graces his faces for a moment, "Very well then. Might I have this dance then?" She has already accepted, but it is formality... he extends his hand out for her to take.

A Valckastan noble really shouldn't know such things, should she? Oddly enough, Ravenwing does, and she takes the two steps to close the distance to Megatron, not just to arms reach but closer, pressing tightly against him. Her silver optics swirl with reckless fire as she looks up at him, one of the few mechs taller than she.

Gryphus accepts the hand. "Of course."

Reflector nods, and walks on out to the dance floor, where he lets Gryphus lead, since he is not that familiar with dancing.

Gryphus is of course familiar thanks from some tutoring from a friend. She smiles and listens to the beat. She eyes the two aside. "I think it would be improper for me to be.. like that.. so I hope you don't mind if we don't." she begins to dance. Sort of a salsa.

Reflector follows along, using the visual input from the other two of him to help him process where it is appropriate to put his feet. He follows along ,and is a fast learner, able to keep up fairly well.

Megatron smiles at Ravenwing’s temper. On then he lets the rhythm of the music take over as they start to dance.

And the music box sings: Chorando se foi, quem um dia so me fez chorar,/ Chorando se foi, quem um dia so me fez chorar,/ Chorando estara, ao lembrar de um amor que um dia nao soube cuidar,/ Chorando estara, ao lembrar de um amor que um dia nao soube cuidar...

Gryphus grins a bit, which doesn't happen to often lately and continues to salsa as Reflector picks up the cues and soon should be able to lead her.

Reflector follows along, starting to pick up the rhythm from the dance, and he moves about cautiously, not taking the lead yet, until he has its complete pattern memorized.

...A recordacao vai estar com ele aonde for,/ A recordacao vai estar pra sempre aonde zu for,/ Danca, sol e mar, guardarei no olhar, o amor faz perder encontrar,/ Lambado estarei ao lembrar que este amor por um dia, um instante, foi rei...

Gryphus nods as she continues the salsa steps, idly eyeing the other couple and how they are dancing "I think that's lambada..' she mutters to Reflector.

Reflector looks over at Gryphus, and his three heads swivel about, before they turn to Gryphus, and try to adapt to this new song.

CatsCradle is sitting alone a table, but judging from the scattered chairs and the tower of empty glasses artfully arranged with a flair that hints of Scorcher, she hasn't been alone for very long. She is tilted back in her chair, watching two couples dance: Gryphus and one of the Reflectors, and Megatron and Ravenwing.

Ravenwing waits a few seconds to catch the very fast beat, then is suddenly in motion, yes, taking the lead. She presses against her partner, guiding him back in a series of agile, graceful, yet almost violent steps that never move her from her close position to Megatron.

Motormaster came wandering into the Kitty Twister with the general intent of getting a drink or two... only to pause in the doorway and just kind of stare, purple optics flickering for a moment.

Gryphus shakes her head and keeps her salsa going with Reflector but now she's adding to the steps.. added into it a bit more saucier moves that aren't too suggestive.

Reflector dances with Gryphus, staring to get the feel of the rhythm now, his three units synchronizing their optics to help him keep in step. So far, its working out well, despite his inexperience at dancing.

Divefire slides through the doors to the club with the expression a man would wear after finding a rat in his beer after a weeks hard slog. So even for Divefire, easy to assume he's in a bad mood. Of course it might not be helped by the noise of the club, or the beat emanating out, but hey, at least he catches sight of a familiar figure and slides up to the table, sitting down with out asking and questioning with out talking.

Without saying a word, her amused optics never leaving the dance floor, CatsCradle slides a drink over to her mate.

Megatron leaves the lead to for a while, but then takes it back. With panther-like grace he follows the music, while this dance is turning into a rather erotic-looking competition about who is in control.

Motormaster decides that the safest thing to do at the moment is work his way around (giving the dancer's a wide, wide berth) to Cats and Divefire's table, snagging a chair with a foot to turn it towards the cleared-out middle and dropping into it, optic ridges seemingly locked in the raised position.

CatsCradle leans past Diver to murmur to Motormaster, "You missed Tempest."

Gryphus focuses back on her dance partner. She will let someone else deal with Megs later. Not her business. "Doing okay there Reflector. You pick it up quickly."

Reflector swivels his heads to look at Megatron curiously, and then decides that he will not be the one telling Nightbird about this. He nods to Gryphus, and then continues along in the dance, following her lead still.

... A recordacao vai estar com ele aonde for,/ A recordacao vai estar pra sempre aonde zu for./ Corando estara, ao lembrar de um amor que um di nao soube cuidar,/ Cancao riso e dor, melodia de amor, um momento que fica no ar...

Divefire nods in Motormaster's general direction before downing the drink his mate passed to him in one go and slamming it back to the table. Then, with a half slump of his back he slips his chin onto his hand which is connected to the table via arm and elbow, muttering something about a human film by the name of “Dirty Dancing."

Ravenwing hasn't done this in a long, long time. Millions of years, but the steps are engraved in her memory, from happier times, when it was her lifemate with her, not someone else. She yields to the lead to him for now, lightly and lithely matching his moves and thinking of... someone else. She drags her attention back to the here and now after a particularly intricate, almost blurring set of steps and siiiighs, placing the cherished memory back in its place. Looking back up into his optics, she smirks just the slightest bit and takes some of his momentum to spin him, taking the lead again.

Motormaster shoots CatsCradle what could hardly be described as an affectionate look at her little murmured comment, responding just as softly, “So?" He then nods back to Divefire as well, smirking a bit at the triplechanger's comment.

CatsCradle blinks once at the speed in which the drink disappeared. Failing to find another full glass, she dumps the remnants of the others (fortunately they were all the same drink) into one glass and slides it over to her mate as well. She leans on his shoulder to say softly under the music, "We have to head back to Cybertron as soon as possible. Valckasta was attacked by members of the Brotherhood of Chaos."

Gryphus continues to add a few moves to the dance, keeping it clean though. She's not about to start off something naughtier dancing wise with one of the trio. What would others think.

Reflector continues dancing with Gryphus, and his moves are calm as well. One would never catch him in such an exorbitant display of emotionalism.
Divefire offers a half smirk back to Motormaster in the appreciation of the comment, then his optics seem to go twice the size they were, the green of them going from a dull showing to a bright flash before his shoulders slump slightly again and he takes ahold of the fresh drink and chugs that down to. Oh and some very old Cybertronian oaths are muttered to.

CatsCradle continues, still very softly, "We've access to the Hall of Records now, and I'll be taking along some of the cadets. Whenever you're rested enough to go." She gives his back a pat, then rests against him, head on his shoulder.

Divefire mutters something more about going to need a bigger boat.

Megatron somehow seems to have expected that. And again, he leave the lead to her for a few times before he takes over again. This is definitely not his first dance either - the way he moves shows very clearly that he enjoys it. And though he dances with Ravenwing, his thoughts are with another femme... someone who meant a lot to him and who had to leave this universe much too soon.

And the musicbox repeats: " ... A recordacao vai estar com ele aonde for,/ A recordacao vai estar pra sempre aonde zu for./ Corando estara, ao lembrar de um amor que um di nao soube cuidar,/ Cancao riso e dor, melodia de amor, um momento que fica no ar..."

Motormaster frowns at the pair of them, whispering softly,"If there's some kind o' trouble, I could get permission ta bring my team along... Menasor'd even up whatever odds there are right quick."

Ravenwing has to give Megatron this much: he's a damned good dancer. Rarely has she found anyone who could match her own speed and agility. That translates well to combat ability, and she reminds herself not to underestimate his speed for being such a large mech. Another twisting, spinning set of steps that actually require her attention, but are performed perfectly with grace and elegance. She laughs softly, more from the sheer joy of overcoming a challenge, even this minor, than any amusement. That comes when she looks up at her partner again. He doesn't like following, oh no no.

CatsCradle leans across Diver again to say softly, "It's not to the point of all out fighting yet, Motor. They need our book-stuff more than anything else right now."

Divefire slowly drums his fingertips across the side of his helm, wondering and pondering. "Like chasing ghosts so far." He half mutters to himself, then glances across to Moto. "Maybe when we find something solid to hit?"

Reflector watches Gryphus leave, and then he sighs. He was just starting to enjoy the dance... Forlornly, he makes his way over to a table, where he continues to sip at his enerbeers, sighing as he pulls out a datapad and then gets back tow work.

Motormaster nods once, optics narrowed a bit with mild concern,"Well.. if'n it does get down ta that, you folks know where ta come." He nods in agreement with Divefire and looks back to the dancing. However, this lasts only for a handful of a moments, before finally he looks back to CatsCradle twitchily,"So, who'd Tempest dance with?" Alright, so he can't help asking. Leave the poor guy alone.

A few more times and the song fades out. And the musicbox starts another song: "Some things in life a bad,/ They can really make you mad./ Other things just make you swear and curse...

CatsCradle smiles slightly. "No one," she says with a glint in her optics and she sits back in her chair again, nestled against Diver.

Megatron bows formally again. "You dance excellently, my dear Ravenwing. I really enjoyed this."

Ravenwing returns the bow as gracefully as always. "Thank *you*, Megatron. It has been... educational, indeed." Her silver optics are waaaaaay too innocent, though. At that moment, convenient as it may be, she finally gets the notification she's been waiting for: the spacebridge is operational. "And I'm afraid that it is time for me to go." She glances around the room and bows again to those present. "If you'll excuse me...?" CatsCradle gets an inquiringly look, then she notices Divefire and nods to herself. They have their own way.

Megatron says, "Good luck, Ravenwing."

Motormaster bobs his head to Ravenwing,"Watch yerself, flygirl. I'd hate ta be proven right about fliers by havin' you shot down." He grins a bit as he says it though.. there's no real sting.

CatsCradle's optics meet Raven's across the room and she gives her a half-wave-half-salute as the femme obviously is preparing to leave.

And the music box goes tells everyone to look at the bright side of life.

Divefire nods in Raven's general direction in between his mind going numb from way to much thinking on a so far impossible puzzle.

Ravenwing smirks at Motormaster, then nods to CatsCradle and Divefire as she turns to leave. She's taken this route before, so should be able to find that @#$!? spacebridge again.

It might also be noted that Motormaster's not all that good at hiding his emotions... as CatsCradle's news he looks a bit relieved, yes indeed. But there's something else there too, a kind of tired regret. He just shakes his head and orders a drink, before asking,"So who are these folks? I ain't heard of 'em."

Megatron finishes his drink before he heads for the door as well.

Reflector watches Megatron head out, and his heads shake. It appears that the evening's festivities are drawing to a close.

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