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Raiders of the Lost Colony
Raiders of the Lost Colony
Decepticon Shuttle

        The temporary operating base of the Decepticons. The shuttle is designed for space voyages of several weeks, but only with minimal passengers. With the entire Earth-based squad living in it, space is at a premium. Here in the central cargo area Decepticons can meet in some semblance of comfort.

CatsCradle climbs in through the airlock, glances around the shuttle, then drops into the nearest seat.

Ferret's chest and side are criss-crossed with scars from being welded shut repeatedly.

Macabre is sitting off in some out-of-the-way portion of the room, keeping herself from having to deal with other denizens of the waking world.

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he nods, and then he walks up to Soundwave, and he says, "Sir, we have done an exploration of the base. It has been heavily damaged, and most of the upper decks have been destroyed."

Ferret wakes up, and stretches. Still a bit sore, but all in working order.

Soundwave nods to Reflector. "The lower sections remain intact?"

Reflector nods and he says, "From what I was told, the lower sections are mostly sealed off by bulkheads, and are just waterlogged."

CatsCradle chuckles under her breath something about the comic books surviving at least.

Soundwave says, "It should be entirely possible to drain the lower levels, and work our way upward with repairs from there." He finishes making some adjustments to the small box-shaped piece of equipment, and then goes over to the scanner console to fit it back into place. "Scanner adjustment completed," he notes."

Reflector says, "Most of the upper levels have had their structural integrity compromised, and they will have to be patched and the water pumped out before we can complete repairs and replacements to the upper section. The Science Sections of the ship... Is a complete loss, as is the medical bay. Little survived there.""

Macabre has managed to slowly and silently creep over toward CatsCradle from wherever she'd been secluding herself, and offers with outstretched arms a pistol. CatsCradle's own pistol. "Um. I... I never had a chance to give it back to you. Um. Thuh. Thank you."

Soundwave makes some adjustments to his console, to make sure all the sensors are working correctly again. With the Autobots on the loose again somewhere on Earth, he's keeping careful watch on all readings and transmissions.

CatsCradle takes the pistol, smiling rather fondly at it. "Thanks. And since you're able to return it, I'm gathering it did you some good?"

Macabre looks down. "Um. I. I. I never, uh, used it."

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he says, "Sir, have we received any news of the location of the Autobots, or where they are currently basing themselves?"

Chasm flaps over to Soundwave and lands near him, eyeing off at Laserbeak.

Soundwave's optic band shades just faintly darker. "They have once again disappeared into the midst of this planet's inhabitants," he says inflectionlessly, though some might detect the faintest hint of displeasure in his tone.

CatsCradle tucks the pistol away. "The best way to survive, is to not be in situations where you do /not/ have to use it."

Macabre looks down again. "Oh. Uh. All right." She has no idea how reply to that.

Reflector nods, and he says nothing for several moments, before he says, "I am surprised that they have not assaulted us. I would expect Prime to rather hastily try and organize his troops into some sort of sacrificial assault upon us to make up for his defeat at the hands of Megatron."

Soundwave glances over at Macabre speculatively. He seems to do a good bit of that, when he's not working on something. He also regards Ferret as though evaluating his manner.

Laserbeak continues pacing seemingly agitated. Finally he speaks up. "We came under fire during our little journey yesterday. I thought the Drones were ALL off-line."

Soundwave says, "Optimus Prime is undoubtedly renewing his connections to this world's natives, to drain them of their resources in a less direct manner."

Chasm cocks his head to one side, "They've interrupted my finance report with a news bulletin!" He scowls. "Now soap operas and sitcoms, yes, but since when do they interrupt the finance report?" He listens further and then opens his optics wide. "CatsCradle, is this some sort of inane joke of yours again? Apparently, there's a giant robotic dinosaur and it's trampling Tokyo. And uh, it's got our insignia on it."

Chasm clenches his paws, "What about my share prices?!"

Reflector nods, and he says, "Yes, of course... What are our orders today, Sir?"

Soundwave takes in Chasm's customary complaining without much notice - until the actual words reach him. He comes over and peers over the little dragon's wings at the screen.

Nightbird enters the busy meeting room just in time to hear Chasm's wailing. Her optics brighten just a bit. She too likely suspects CatsCradle

Reflector blinks over at Chasm, and he looks over at the screen, and he says, "I do not believe that this is a forgery... The humans are not capable of such realistic broadcast media."

Chasm taps the screen in a depressed fashion and indeed, there is a giant tyrannosaur, as huge as anything, and it's gleefully crushing several skyscrapers and bullet train tracks in Tokyo, while humans run away in a panic. A few tanks are appearing in corner of the screen...

Macabre looks over. "... ... ... ... ...???"

Soundwave taps into his console, connecting through a direct link, to zero in on the Japanese news broadcasts. Indeed, the airwaves are alive with panic. "No joke," he confirms. "This is unusual."

CatsCradle blinks and squeaks, "I didn't do it! Really." She squints at the screen. "Sure this isn't a trick of Chasm's to get back at me?"

The giant dinosaur - a Decepticon insignia can be clearly emblazoned on it - roars a gout of plasma, leaving the tanks a pile of charred ash.

Chasm glares at CatsCradle, "It ruined my stock report," he says bitterly. "I'd do something like that /after/ the important news, not during."

Reflector looks over at the screen, and he says, "I believe that this... Situation certainly warrants our attention, Commander..."

Nightbird looks at this with glowing optics. Whatever she makes of this, she's keeping it to herself for now.

Soundwave regards the Decepticon insignia. Megatron is off on business of his own, as is Starscream, which puts Soundwave nominally in charge. Weighing all the options and possibilities, he decides, "We will intercept this ... individual. Be prepared for an Autobot trick."

Chasm gulps, "Can't we just leave it alone? It looks dangerous..."

Macabre wishes she could agree with Chasm.

Laserbeak stops crowing about his usual nonsense...long enough to say..."...uh..."

Soundwave says, "If it is an Autobot, we must neutralize the threat. If it is a human construct - unlikely as it seems - we must do likewise. And *if* it is one of ours ... then we could use a warrior of such size and power at this point in time.""

Tempest slips into the room and listens to determine what is going on.

Ferret remembers seeing that whining little dragon-thing before, but can't remember who he is. He doesn't feel it is his place to ask, either.

Nightbird says softly. "Or any point."

Reflector nods, and he says, "Commander, look at the size of that... Creation. It must be several hundred meters tall, at least... It would dwarf even Omega Supreme, or one of the gestalts."

Chasm clings to Soundwave's neck, "Uh, are you sure? What if we can't control it? Megatron couldn't even keep the last lot of dinosaurs in check..."

Laserbeak watches the buildings topple. " Let's go. You act like us sitting here is being productive. At least let's get a live look at the show! "

Soundwave says calmly, "We will soon find out. Come," he says to the group, as though they were not heading out to meet a huge destructive behemoth.

CatsCradle is still gazing at the screen. "Soundwave, you have nothing that resembles this dino-critter in your files? I mean, it's huge... how does anyone keep anything like that in hiding?

Chasm cocks his head to one side, "My dear Laserbeak, this discussion is entirely productive! The longer we discuss, the better our plan and the better the chances of taking down that... construct...."

Tempest looks at the screen and stares. "Is that thing...what is it?" Even in the space ways she has not seen this sort of beast before.

Ferret wonders if he should tell Soundwave about the glue incident, but decides Laserbeak is unbearable enough as it is.

The giant dinosaur roars again and starts to chew on the remnants of Tokyo tower...

Reflector look over at Soundwave, and he says, "I would doubt that we would have /ever/ had the resources to construct such a monolith. I am unaware of any Transformers of such a large scale ever created before..."

CatsCradle continues with, "but at least its in the right place..."

Soundwave will surely hear about the glue incident in time. For now, he slips into the pilot's seat and hurriedly activates the engines, guiding the ship upward through the waves. Soon it breaks the surface and is speeding along over the water's surface toward distant Japan.

Soundwave replies as he flies, "I am unaware of such an individual in our files."

CatsCradle settles back down in her seat. "If it wasn't for the 'Con insignia on it, this would look really good on our part: the Decepticons Valiantly Rescue Earth from the Giant Monster! Japan Saved Again!"

Chasm sinks his claws deep into Soundwave's pilot seat. "Stop Soundwave, " he orders. "Can't you fly more gently?"

Reflector takes a seat over by the monitoring station. He has not a clue where such a creation could have come from, or where the Decepticons could have found the resources to create such a monolith.

Macabre is unbelievably scared. A fifty-foot Tyrannosaurus almost frightened her into a coma. A fifty-story one...?

Trypticon flings the remnants of Tokyo tower to one side, absently watching as it destroys a large skyscraper in the process. He eagerly notices the shuttle fly into view and there is a high-pitched whine as the massive assault batteries on his back target and lock onto the shuttle.

Tempest turns to Chasm, incredulous. "Gently? How much smoother do you /want/ it? This would do /nothing/ to shake off pursuers or attackers' cannons!"

Chasm points out, "But I have such a delicate constitution.."

Soundwave takes no note of Chasm's complaints this time. He guides the shuttle right toward the great monster. The ship is more maneuverable than it looks, despite its size, and Soundwave tilts it sideways in flight so the creature can get a good look at the proud Decepticon insignia emblazoned on the forward hull. Let's see how he reacts.

A huge fireball erupts from the tyrannosaur's gun-mounts and explodes towards the shuttle.

Reflector looks over at the Tyrannosaurus as the batteries lock onto them, and he blinks... This is not good, not good at all... He says, hesitantly, "I believe that evasive maneuvers are in order..."

Soundwave hurriedly jolts the shuttle aside, narrowly missing the fireball, which washes over the heat shields.

CatsCradle chuckles absently as she braces herself against the shuttle's movements. "At least you can't get car-sick, Chasm."

Soundwave says, "Not the reaction for which I had hoped.""

Macabre maintains a deathgrip on whatever she can to keep from being tossed around.

Nightbird's optics narrow as they're fired upon. "Perhaps the creature is not intelligent."

Laserbeak goes into angry mode. " Permission to give this big ugly a welcoming committee?"

Chasm clings to the chair... "I'm feeling a bit green," he says, ravishing the Decepticons with his humour.

Ferret holds onto the nearest thing available, to avoid being thrown around.

Tempest hehs and says to Soundwave, "He's a Decepticon like /I/ was a Decepticon when I first showed up."

Trypticon stares slowly at the ship as if trying to dredge a memory deep from within his subconscious.

Soundwave says, "Or it is primitive, as Nightbird suggests." He gives the shuttle another spin around the monster, ready to evade at any second.

Reflector looks over at Laserbeak, and then at Trypticon. He looks back at Laserbeak, and then he finally says, "I believe that the scale differential would be... Problematic at best."

Laserbeak says, "Bigger they are..."

Ferret says, "The more damage they do."

CatsCradle calls out, "If Chasm throws up, I'm not cleaning it up..." She wrinkles her nose, more in thought than in reflecting on Chasm's shuttle-sickness. "So does it not recognize the insignia because of memory problems, or does it just not know what it is?"

Reflector says, "Yes... If it is a primitive, then will it be of any use to us? And if we are forced to attempt to stop it, how can we?"

Tempest frowns a little, having heard the word "primitive" thrown at her.

Trypticon seems to pause in his rampaging. Amber light glints deep in his optics... "General... Sky...stalker?" he says in a voice that is slow and rumbling, perhaps with misuse. "Have... you... returned?"

Soundwave notes, "It has not fired again." The rumbling voice shudders through the very hull of the ship itself.

At the words from Trypticon, Reflector hurries over to a computer console, and he looks for any records of a Decepticon named 'Skystalker.'

Laserbeak snickers "Go ahead Soundwave. Use your diplomatic skills."

Tempest mutters, "Eureka, we've struck brains."

CatsCradle twitches her nose again. "Still... now we know where the Mecha-Gojira legends came from..."

Macabre is still holding on tightly to the edges of two seats, scared stiff.

Trypticon eagerly squashes a skyscraper flat, crushes a complex highway intersection and causes a news helicopter to crash. "General? I destroy!"

Ferret usually feels small, but seeing the monstrous Trypticon outside sends it off the scale.

Chasm clings his claws to the seat. "Soundwave," he cautions, "don't go out there yourself. Why not send, er, Tempest or someone?"

Soundwave keeps the shuttle moving in the air, not willing to risk the monster's unpredictability. He activates the external speakers, and his reverberating monotone announces from the ship, "We are fellow Decepticons. Identify yourself."

Soundwave says to Chasm quietly and with a trace of irony, "Surely you are not concerned for my safety, Chasm?"

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he says, "Commander, there are... Few records of a 'Skystalker.' All that is said is that he led an expedition that was launched approximately ten million years ago that was never heard from again."

Chasm coughs, "Of course not. Where did you get that idea from?"

Trypticon roars, spouting a gout of plasma into the air, "I - Trypticon! I -- greatest warrior off Decepticons. Worlds die beneath my feet, cities perish beneath my claws. Suns explode when I fire upon them! I come here... to destroy!"

Soundwave's optic band flickers momentarily brighter. "I thought not," he says, but is immediately all business again, bringing the ship back around to put the monster in full view.

CatsCradle tosses her hands up in the air. "Of course! When all expeditions vanish and are never heard from again, they crash-land on Earth."

Nightbird steps closer to Soundwave. Surely it can't mean to destroy the whole planet..

Ferret hehs, "The scrapheap of the universe."

Tempest looks at CatsCradle. "I guess it doesn’t' count if they don't want to be found again," she says, thinking of the kilairians.

Laserbeak waddles towards the door. "Permission to get some fresh air? I want to go get a closer view. Anyone care to join me?"

Chasm says, "By all means, go ahead Laserbeak. I'll, er, watch the monitors."

Soundwave broadcasts again to the outside, through the shuttle's speakers, "Your commander Skystalker is currently not available. Your destructive capabilities are well noted and appreciated, however. He would surely be proud of you. We will land this ship and emerge." It's a risk, of course, but Soundwave's instinct is telling him it's one that they can take.

Ferret remembers what happened to him the last time he went somewhere with Laserbeak, and remains silent

Soundwave says, "Proceed, Laserbeak. But remain in motion until you are sure of his reaction."

CatsCradle shrugs. "How the hell should I know? I haven't been among those 'never heard from again... well, not yet, anyway."

Macabre hasn't moved since they flew over here.

Trypticon steps back, "Trypticon... destroy for Skystalker. Not ... sure about... others. Prove you Decepticon!"

Reflector looks over at Soundwave,  and he says, "Permission to accompany Laserbeak, Commander, to provide him with backup?"

Ferret checks his carbine, and shoulders it.

Laserbeak flies down to get a closer look a the big dino.

Soundwave guides the ship to a gentle landing, strategically protected, at least somewhat, by the fused and molten remains of a toppled skyscraper.

Tempest looks up, her mind racing and for once not coming up with anything. "How can we fight this guy?" She looks around for a fuel reservoir or a power station or SOMETHING with enough power to cripple him if need be....

Trypticon barely succeeds in his Intelligence check.

Trypticon notices Laserbeak, "Small flying.. thing? Dangerous?"

Soundwave says, "Fighting him is an undesirable option." As the ship touches down, he opens the airlock. "I will emerge. Those who wish to accompany me, may do so, but I will not so order you.""

CatsCradle snorts. "Oh, yes.... because shooting at the giant dinosaur will make him love us and want to be our friends..."

Ferret stands up, "I will, sir"

Laserbeak says, "No. I'm a friend. Relax big guy. I come in peace!"

Nightbird says, "I could perhaps infiltrate the interior Soundwave, but it may be hard to go unnoticed."

Chasm bravely grips the chair, "I'll guard the shuttle, Soundwave. Someone has to do it."

Ferret moves to accompany Soundwave

Reflector nods, and he says, "I will accompany you, Sir." Reflector gets ready to follow his Commanding Officer. This will be... Interesting indeed.

Trypticon hmms, "You Decepticon as well? You enjoy destroy things? You crush worlds too?"

Soundwave says, "Tempest, CatsCradle, Nightbird - scout the area for possible weapons or explosives if we require them. Remain out of his sight."

Macabre stays put. No giant dinosaurs for her, thank you.

Laserbeak says, "I crush things. Sure. Breaking stuff is fun."

Trypticon nods, "Look forward to day when nothing left in universe! Only dust particles!"

Ferret is afraid of being stomped, but will not be deterred from doing his job.

Soundwave steps out, leaving those who wish to guard the ship behind.

Nightbird nods once and moves carefully out of the shuttle while Trypticon is busy with Laserbeak.

Tempest nods and slips out.

Laserbeak points to the others. "Friends! they are all Decepticons."

Ferret looks up at Trypticon, and feels dizzy.

Tempest slinks out of the shuttle. She has no intention of STARTING a fight, but if need be she wants to be certain she can /finish/ it.

CatsCradle ducks out the air-lock. "Nothing but dustparticles? Oh, yeah, like /that/ won't be boring..."

Downtown Tokyo

        A huge city by fleshling standards, Tokyo is a densely-packed mass of approximately eight million humans and their primitive machines and structures. At night, the city almost looks like a small part of Cybertron if you squint at it.

Trypticon glares at the Decepticons. "You much bigger than last Decepticons I knew..." He laughs, a strange grating sound. "But still very small... Could stomp you all."

Soundwave looks up at the looming figure of Trypticon, easily visible even over the barrier that he set the ship down behind. Moving unhurriedly and reaching for no weapon (though his shoulder-cannon is ever-present, of course), he moves out behind the fallen skyscraper into the monster's view.

Laserbeak laughs. doing his best smooth talking..." Your a funny one! What brings you here?"

Nightbird keeps well out of sight, searching for power sources to make energon cubes. She would only need one, if she got inside and placed it correctly..

Reflector looks up at Trypticon, and then he hovers in the air, following Soundwave. If they had the Dinobots, Stunticons, and Constructicons all present here, they would still won’t be as large as this creature...

Ferret follows Soundwave's lead

Trypticon glares at the Decepticons, "I destroy this world, then find another. Red planet looks nice - do that next. Leave bits of rock everywhere. Drink fuel. Move on."

Trypticon glares at Laserbeak... "Not funny. No tell jokes."

Reflector looks over at Soundwave worriedly - if this creature truly is dangerous, then he doubts that they will be able to stop it...

Laserbeak gulps

Tempest's optics glitter and she mutters to CatsCradle and Nightbird, "Welcome to the Spaceways...he'd fit right in."

Ferret sighs at the devastation all around. If Laserbeak, Psykeout and Tempest were bad, they were nothing next to this monstrosity...

Laserbeak regains his trademark composure. "I know what you need! A tour guide. There's much to see on this rock!"

CatsCradle plucks a tanker truck filled with oil off the highway and pushes it along the road in front of her, rather like a grocery cart. "Ah, yes.,.. the red planet... tastes like licorice..."

Soundwave hovers upward at a slow pace, and then hovers in place slightly below Trypticon's shoulder, still keeping a careful distance. "I am certain you could easily stomp us," he acknowledges calmly. "But is that how one treats one's allies? Tell us of the world from which you came, as we have no records of you, and we will tell you of this planet."

Trypticon shakes his head, "No need guide. I know where planet is. It here!" He espies the tanker that CatsCradle is pushing towards him. "Ooh. That for Trypticon?"

Reflector nods as he looks up at Trypticon, running continual IR scans of the monstrosity... Attempting to look for any weak points that they could exploit, should it come down to having to take it out.

CatsCradle blinks and lets out a slight squeak, then pushes the tanker forward again with a more determined stride. "Of course... after all, how can we celebrate the reuniting of allies, without a banquet?"

Soundwave looks down and nods to CatsCradle in approval.

Laserbeak is thankful , but surprised that Prime hasn't appeared to further complicate matters.

Trypticon reaches for the oil tanker and bites into it, gulping it down and raining oil on the assembled Decepticons. "Snack, good. You want to talk, huh?" He pauses. "**UUUURRRRRRRRRPPP!* Uh. That better."

Windows tinkle down from skyscrapers.

Ferret thinks it would be better if the Autobots showed up. Trypticon could save them all some hard work...

Reflector radios over to Soundwave softly, and he says, "Commander... I am not sure that anything short of a proton bomb could take this creature out... I can detect no obvious weak points, and it dwarfs even the gestalts...."

Trypticon thinks, "I from... I is from mighty Decepticon Empire."

CatsCradle says smoothly, "Of course you are. After all, only the strongest and bravest mechs would be."

Soundwave agrees, "Your symbol would indicate such. However, the Decepticon Empire once spanned many worlds, and shall do so again. The name of your commander gives us an approximate date for you, but no location."

Trypticon sits down, causing a small minor earth tremor. "I from Sereval, massive planet of Empire," he pauses. "Why I leave? Hmmm."

Laserbeak trying to sound like someone important " We welcome you to this Planet...Earth. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Laserbeak. " Then He motions to the other 'cons. "Come on guys introduce yourselves, we have to treat our new friend nice!"

Tempest does not recognize the planet name. Wherever he was from, he wasn't from her corner of space.

Reflector looks over at Soundwave questioningingly, seeing if he has heard of this planet. Reflector then sends a direct transmission burst to Cybertron, hoping that Shockwave will be able to gather some records and then transmit them back.

Trypticon says, "I is big city for long time. Destroy world, sleep, destroy world, sleep when big city. One day, I is waking up, and everything gone... Destroyed. But not me! Broken buildings, smashed things. I is saying, "Skystalker, that is not me this time," but no one comes. No one answers. All gone," he looks rather despondent. "Leave world, destroy another world, sleep, destroy and move on."

Trypticon gets up again, causing the ground to tremble and shake. "Blank bits, dark bits. Then I is seeing this planet, and I is thinking, "I is going to destroy this place next." Come here, I destroy it..." He stares at the Decepticons, "Why you here? Better leave before I destroy planet..."

Tempest's optics spark. She hears a note of familiarity in Trypticon's story. But she does not allow this to make her pity him...she knows how deadly such an experience can make someone.

Soundwave lets Laserbeak lead the diplomacy. He sends a silent encouragement through the telepathic link, and hovers upward a little more, to come level with the robotic bird.

Reflector watches as he hovers up in the air, watching Laserbeak curiously. There is more to the Condor than meets the eye...

Chasm flaps over and perches on Soundwave's head. "Ask him if he wants a cheap starring role in a movie," he whispers.

Laserbeak gestures towards the big dino. "This is our temporary home. We really would like if you could reschedule your eating of the planet for a later date."

Soundwave says, "I am not familiar with the name of your world, Trypticon, but at that time there was much exploration, and some of those missions were not heard from again. I am Soundwave, currently mission leader, though Cybertron's rightful ruler is Megatron. We are here to destroy the remains of Autobot high command and utilize this world's resources. I also welcome you to the ranks.""

Soundwave gives Chasm an admonishing look and shapes his head slightly.

CatsCradle says quickly, but with a smile, "And if you do postpone eating this world, in exchange, we'll give you other targets... er... places for munching."

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he awaits orders.

Trypticon swipes his tail around, leveling piles of rubble in all direction. "Trypticon find this world interesting to destroy. Lots of crunchy bits, more exciting than rock planet. This your city? What are small, moving things then? Decepticons too? I destroy them lots."

Laserbeak leans towards Reflector. he whispers "Food. get him more food.!"

Soundwave says, "The small inhabitants of this world are largely of no concern, Trypticon. They are allied to our enemies, if they are allied at all. They are not warriors. However, they have resources that are most convenient to access."

Tempest finally speaks up and says dryly, "Those are humans. Bad eating."

CatsCradle makes an 'eww' face at Tempest. "Ok, eating other steel-skins, I can handle. Eating humans? Blech!"

Trypticon looks around, "Hmm, need more food."

Nightbird keeps back in the shadows still, watching the exchange. She hasn’t found anything handy that would help if it comes to a fight, but surprise is a always a valuable weapon.

Tempest looks back at her. "I never ate a whole one. Just a taste. And it was awful."

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he awaits to shuttle word back from Cybertron if they have any further information.

CatsCradle says, "Blech," again.

Trypticon gets up, "Then we fight. If I win, I get to destroy world. If you win, I not destroy world."

Ferret doesn't like the idea of anyone eating mechs. Especially since he would more than likely fit into the 'food' category.

Laserbeak decides to distract the big fella and takes out the Nameless pilot's skull. "Trypticon Look! A toy!" then he lands on a nearby rooftop and makes the skull on a pogo stick bounce.

Ferret glares at Laserbeak

Tempest's head snaps up. Spaceways logic, yes, but not a great position for them to be in. Then she facepalms... "CatsCradle, maybe you want to talk to Laserbeak about his new buddy."

Trypticon looks around the ruins and starts to gnaw on building scaffolding, "Fight after I eat..." Unfortunately, he is to busy to focus on the bouncing skull.

Ferret has had just about enough of Laserbeak's damn skull!

CatsCradle buries her face in her hands, making a sound somewhere between a laugh and a whimper."

Trypticon finishes devouring the building. "Now, we fight! Who wants to fight? One on one, that is fair."

Trypticon looks over at Laserbeak, "Are you best warrior?"

Laserbeak flies up to the Dino's optics.

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he winces. This is rapidly turning into a debacle...

CatsCradle looks up and shakes her finger at Laserbeak. "If you have any type of diplomatic certification, I'm having Diktat revoke it when he gets back!"

Reflector reports over to Soundwave,  and he says, "Sir, response from Cybertron - they report no known individual known as 'Trypticon,' but they state that the records are incomplete..."

Chasm sighs at Laserbeak, "You think he would have learned some civility off me by now, but alas, he hasn't taken any of it in."

Soundwave tenses a little as Trypticon talks about one-on-one fighting. "I do not believe Laserbeak is qualified for such an action," he steps in.

Laserbeak says, "I'm a negotiator. Allow me to reason with you. we can give you much food. Let's be friends."

Ferret hopes it doesn't come to a fight. He had enough trouble with three MiG-29s. Trypticon is something different entirely.

Tempest says to Reflector, "Who cares where he came from. He's here now, isn't he? And we have to deal with him." She mutters to CatsCradle, "Where's there a big fuel station? Or maybe we can drop a skyscraper on him or something...."

Trypticon clenches his claws, "Want to fight. Want to fight 'con, like in old days! This how Skystalker handled things." He points a finger at the crowd, "Best warrior, step forward now and answer challenge! Otherwise, you no real 'cons at all! Not worthy of Decepticon name!"

Soundwave glances aside briefly and acknowledges Reflector's report with a nod. "Such an individual would have taken vast amounts of resources to build on Cybertron. There would be some record or memory of it. He may have been constructed on this world after the colonists arrived."

Laserbeak says, "You Want a Fight? Allow me to consult with Mr. Bones to set up an opponent."

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, , and he says, softly, "Sir, do you think that we could summon the Constructicons and the Stunticons to get here in time to challenge this thing? Perhaps if they both took him on, they could fight him to a standstill..."

Nightbird moves out of her hiding spot and makes her way silently toward Soundwave. He wants the best fighter, and she at least could make a reasonable claim at the title.

Tempest replies, "If Motormaster's taking that thing on than so am I."

Trypticon taps a foot impatiently. The ground shakes and the stubs of the buildings topple in their bases.

Soundwave says quietly, "Even they would be overmatched, Reflector." Out loud he says to Trypticon, "To what end, Trypticon, would you crush a good warrior when the outcome of such a battle would be clear from the beginning? The match would seem somewhat uneven, and you have proven nothing of our fighting skills."

Soundwave is still hovering where he is, but looks around at the other Decepticons as Nightbird emerges.

Tempest mutters 'If I had a ... armed ... ... ... ... I'd ... ... even odds to win. '.

Nightbird says softly, "I may be able to use his own strength and power against him Soundwave. If he should insist."

Laserbeak finishes his conference. He looks at the dino "Okay. It's me and you." He figures with the Big Con distracted someone will blindside him.

Trypticon glares, "I want to eat this world. But you do not want me to. We fight. Decepticon way."

Trypticon looks at Nightbird. "Fight you? Good. I is ready..."

Trypticon steps back and lumbers into a defensive posture, as if expecting Nightbird to suddenly become a giant or to use some terrible assault weapon.

Tempest Stares at Nightbird. How can she take this creature on without first rigging the battlefield to her advantage, without fellow warriors, without ships or other large weapons? Part of Tempest is jealous of Nightbird's nerve and the other part is wondering how to tell Megatron that his mate got squished flat.

Soundwave doesn't like the way any of this is going, not with Laserbeak accepting Trypticon's challenge, nor with Nightbird doing so.

Trypticon watches Laserbeak carefully. "Hmm, forget about you. You fight after I crush her, okay?"

Nightbird steps forward, taking out her sword and igniting it, the blade seeming a tiny spark against a tower of armored robot. She glances at Laserbeak then back at Soundwave, waiting the final decision.

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he prepares to follow along his fellow Decepticons. If they will challenge this creature, then he will as well.

Ferret moves nearer to Soundwave, "If Trypticon has always been as uncontrollable as this, surely his commander must have had some way of incapacitating him if he became dangerous."

Soundwave says, "Restrain yourself, Trypticon." The normally so harmonic voice has a note of command in it this time. "I will not allow our Decepticons to take you on under these circumstances. You will prove nothing, since you clearly have no opposition. And then you will never know what became of your world.""

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he sends as quiet a radio broadcast as he can manage, "Sir, can you scan this 'Trypticon's' mind, to see if we might gain any useful information on him, or his weaknesses, as you did with the Dinobots?"

Trypticon says simply, "You must defeat me, otherwise I destroy this world."

Soundwave says, "However, if you require proof that we are true warriors, there are surely guidelines for the contest that can be agreed to."

Laserbeak circles the big dino's head, impatiently awaiting a command to engage.

CatsCradle hmms and says half-jokingly, "Well, as he is challenging, do we get to chose the method of the competition?"

Soundwave shakes his head slightly to Reflector, indicating that he has learned nothing from this action.

Ferret sighs, resigned to his fate. "Well, If we have to fight him, I will do my part."

Nightbird's optics glitter with dangerous determination. "I believe I can effectively combat him Soundwave."

CatsCradle continues, still mostly talking to herself, "I mean, that's only fair, that as the ones being challenged, we should get to chose how we compete..."

Reflector looks over at Nightbird - how can she fight such a behemoth? The only one who would potentially be in his class would be Megatron...

Soundwave still doesn't like this at all, but Nightbird seems insistent. He adds in a safeguard, though. "Trypticon, would you agree that it is a test of a warrior's ability to remain alive in the face of your assault?"

Tempest mutters, "I hope he /cares/ what happened to his world." She understands how bringing ruin can be an end in itself.

Trypticon says, "I will answer what challenge you put to me. Fighting best, but I have done other challenges in past. Need proof you are what you say. That what Trypticon want."

Ferret hmms, "Shall I raise the standard, then?"

Trypticon looks interested, "Dodge my weapons? That interesting. Not done that before. If you alive after a minute of cannon fire and bombs and lasers and plasma and chomping and smashing and crushing and biting, then Trypticon might believe that you are warrior."

Soundwave hovers downward slowly to land on the ground amidst the ruins. He indicates to Laserbeak telepathically to stay out of the way, and then looks to the others. "Very well. The rest of you are to remain out of range."

CatsCradle blinks as it appears Trypticon approves of such a method. "Cybertron-trivia?" she offers weakly, her humor petering out. Perhaps a brain-challenge would be the best way to proceed....

Ferret lands, not too far from Soundwave, and awaits events.

Nightbird does a quick stretch, the matter having been apparently settled. She puts away her sword and prepares to avoid death.

Reflector nods, and he moves to follow the other Decepticons. What can they do now, but hope?

Trypticon steps forward, rounding on Nightbird, "Ready? I go now!" He steps forward and spits a gout of hot plasma directly at where the ninja is standing. If it hits, it will fry her instantly.

CatsCradle says faintly, "How about backgammon? Monopoly?"

Chasm oohs, "I play backgammon. Fancy a few games?"

Nightbird instantly jumps to one side, her usual dodging instincts now combining with her ability to leap. She keeps leaping around in a totally random pattern.

CatsCradle snaps her fingers. "Oooh, poker! I bet Soundwave would be great at poker. He already has a poker-face."

Ferret calls to Soundwave, "Permission to participate in this challenge sir? Evasion is one of my few skills."

Laserbeak looks on with concern. He locks his lasers onto Trypticon's optics. Telepathically he tells Soundwave he can't hit Nightbird if he's blind.

Trypticon roars and stomps the ground where Nightbird was just a second ago. A huge rift opens into the ground.

Soundwave listens without reacting to the talk of games, and watches the situation intently. It really wouldn't do to have to tell Megatron that Nightbird had been lost to him *again*.

Tempest slinks out of the way. She doesn't particularly envy Nightbird. Keeping oneself alive is not nearly as much fun as dealing death in Return.

Soundwave says, "Negative, Ferret. But remain on your guard."

Reflector looks over at Trypticon, and he transforms to his camera mode, running a continual scan of the battle, attempting to follow the actions of Nightbird, and to track the energy patterns of Trypticon.

Trypticon fires a huge assault missile towards Nightbird. It spirals after her.

Nightbird waits until the last possible moment and then dodges the missile, which explodes behind her. She uses the visual distraction and darts around behind Trypticon, swiping her sword at his foot as she goes.

Ferret nods. He transforms into his altmode in case he has to move anywhere fast.

Trypticon runs forward, dangerously near the shuttle. He whirls around and fires a laser from his optics that ploughs the ground open and fills the sky with dust particles. Look at this whirlwind of destruction, it is clear that his casual claims of 'destroying worlds' are indeed probable..

Laserbeak flies around all the while focused on Trypticon's optics.

Chasm captures Laserbeak's footage to sell to the new networks after this entire affair.

Soundwave counts down the seconds, belaying numerous offers from the rest of the Decepticons to step in and help. If at all possible he wants to stick to the agreed-upon rules of the combat.

Nightbird's optics sparkle in a small smile as Trypticon creates a cloud of dust that will hide her for a moment. She runs toward him again, using her magnetic grapples to climb onto the side of the closest leg.

Ferret feels it somehow appropriate, and activates his spotlight, filling the sky with a huge Decepticon insignia, that floats above the combatants. After all, it's not as if their presence is a secret.

Trypticon roars, "On leg? Can't see!" He shifts back and forth, stomping part of the shuttle to a pancake as he lurches around, trying to shift the clinging ninja. He then fires a barrage of laser fire towards Nightbird as she clings to his leg.

Laserbeak flies back in the shuttle to grab Macabre.

Reflector scans the battle, tracking Nightbird's progress through his IR lenses.

Laserbeak says, "time to go Macabre!"

Nightbird instantly moves, leaping across to the other leg and sticking there, while the laser beam scorches Trypticon's leg where she was.

Soundwave whirls around as Trypticon smashes into the shuttle. Macabre is still in there! Laserbeak apparently had the same thought.

Ferret wonders if any of his stuff might be getting smashed. Then he remembers he has no possessions. Oh well...

Macabre is unhurt, but was a good seventeen feet from the cut-off point of being crushed. She is suitably paralyzed with fear. "... ... ... ... ..."

Nightbird's optics flash as she realizes that Trypticon is destroying the shuttle and she tries to come up with a way to move him away from it.

Trypticon howls in pain as his own laser cuts into his leg! He thumps around, smashing everything flat as he tries to squish Nightbird.

Laserbeak waddles over to her, and helps her to her feet. " Talk Later. Leave now!"

Nightbird quickly puts aside thoughts of trying to get Trypticon to move in a particular direction and concentrates on staying ahead of the trashing limbs slamming into the ground.

Reflector splits into his robot modes - they have just lost their temporary base of operations... Now where will they be located out of?

Macabre is helped up about as much as someone maybe half her height could, "Uh. Um. Um." She allows herself to be led out with as much haste as Laserbeak sees fit.

Laserbeak hurries out the door.

Soundwave sees Macabre emerge unhurt, or seemingly so, and dodges the flying debris that's flung around the area. Launching himself skyward through the cloud of dust, he flies right for Trypticon's line of vision. "Enough!" he broadcasts, the echoing undertones reverberating. "The conditions have been met!"

Nightbird takes position on Trypticon's back, ready to leap off if he decides to lay down hard. Will he listen to Soundwave?

Trypticon eventually stops thumping around, "Hmm. You win challenge," he says, seeming rather pleased for some odd reason.

CatsCradle gazes at the remains of the shuttle. "You know," she says thoughtfully, "I'll bet we're the only Decepticon contingent who can say that their shuttle got squished by a giant dinosaur..."

Ferret transforms into his Robot mode.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Ferret.

Ferret transforms into his Scout Car mode.

Trypticon looks at the shuttle, "Your ship is all smashed," he observes.

Ferret flashes his spotlight in Trypticon's direction.

Nightbird seems to breathe a sigh, then drops down to the ground. She remains alert though, just in case.

Trypticon holds his claws over his eyes, "Eck, bright light!"

Macabre is being all but pulled along by Laserbeak, stumbling after him and almost tripping over her own boots several times. Her optics are wide and bright with that sort of 'I just barely avoided being stepped on' combination of fear and astonishment.

Soundwave instructs Ferret to flash his spotlight toward Trypticon to get the monster's attention, but it seems the great dinosaur has calmed as quickly as he broke into a rampage. Interesting. Soundwave hovers and regards the destroyed ship with some dismay. "Enough, Ferret," he says. "The challenge has been ended."

Chasm clings to Soundwave's back. "Egads,

Ferret ceases projecting the beam of light

Ferret transforms into his Robot mode.

Reflector looks up at Trypticon, and then at the remains of their shuttle. What will they be doing now? He looks over at Soundwave for instructions.

Tempest looks at Nightbird, grudgingly impressed.

Chasm clings to Soundwave's back. "If I was in there, I would have been destroyed. How utterly horrible!"

Soundwave looks to Chasm briefly. "So you see, hiding out is not always the desirable approach."

Chasm bahs, "Usually it works out."

Laserbeak jokingly replies..."Chasm if you were in there I might've wanted to see an encore."

Chasm scowls at Laserbeak, making a mental note to virus his circuits at some point.

Trypticon sits down on the ground again with a large thump, "You win. What we do now?"

Nightbird brushes dust off her armor and goes to join Soundwave. Indeed, what do they do now?

Tempest grumbles, "It's a long flight what's /left/ of home."

CatsCradle shrugs. "We start pointing out Autobot targets for Trypie here to tap dance apon?"

Soundwave sighs a bit and drops back down to the ground to look up at the looming Trypticon. "My scan of you confirms the tale of your origin," he says, "though you have gaps in your memory. None the less, you see that we are all united in the same cause." He looks back at the shuttle. "We now have somewhat of a problem, however. We require a base from which to hunt down and eradicate our enemies."

Trypticon seems to think for a minute, if that's what the intense flickering in his optics means. "I get you base!" he says proudly. "And big ship, too!"

Laserbeak says, "Cool! I always wanted a mobile home!"

The huge transformation takes several minutes, as the tyrannosaurus becomes replaced with a gigantic spacecraft, bristling with weaponry. A whole army could move around comfortably in here.

Soundwave tilts his head a little. He would certainly like to point this immense Decepticon at the Autobots - if only they could be lured out of hiding. At Trypticon's suggestion, quickly followed by the transformation, he simply stands and regard it in silence for a moment. Finally he nods in approval. "I believe our leader will be pleased, Trypticon."

Tempest just...stares. She thought Transformers who didn't turn into vehicles were one is a whole city!

Ferret is slightly worried about the idea of living /in/ Trypticon

A massive hatch slides open. "Enter! I show you stuff."

Nightbird nods herself. "Impressive."

Reflector looks up at Trypticon, and he says, quietly, "I believe that we have just taken the advantage in this war..." They now have a base to operate out of, and sufficient weaponry that the Autobots cannot /dare/ to touch them...

Macabre goes from 'good gravy, I almost died' deer-in-your-headlight mode to 'holy moley, that big thing turned into a city' deer-in-your-headlight mode.

CatsCradle wrinkles her nose thoughtfully. "Wait a minute... he's a city... so we'd be living inside him... what happens if he has a nightmare or gets the hiccups or something?"

Reflector has only one thought now - where will they get sufficient energon to keep this Decepticon powered - and, perhaps worse... How will they repair him?

Tempest mutters to CatsCradle, "At least I think we made friends." She moves forward, carefully.

Nightbird looks toward the entrance as the two cassettes enter immediately. She looks back to Soundwave, waiting.

Ferret wonders if it is safe to enter the huge Decepticon, and waits for Soundwave to say something...

CatsCradle follows Tempest. "But what if he sneezes us out or something...?

Soundwave says, "An interesting question, CatsCradle. I will discuss the economics of energy conservation in this mode with him at a later opportunity." Regarding the huge base/city for a moment longer, as though appreciatively, he then accepts the invitation to step inside."


        This vast structure serves as both a mobile battle platform and as a spaceship, a flagship for an army of incalculable destruction! Roughly triangular in shape, the spaceship seems to swallow up all notions of perception; an entire army could comfortably reside within the ship's structure.

Huge assault batteries of weapons are located under the ship's wing structures.


        A vast cavernous space suitable for even the largest shuttle to dock in. Currently the hangar is empty, with sounds echoing ominously off the walls.

CatsCradle looks around, turning a complete circle in her spot. After a moment, she taps the wall. "Are you there, Trypie?"

Soundwave is more interested in the space and lay-out than in grand plans for interior decorations.

Chasm claps his paws together, "And what about fuschia coverings on the lamp shades?"

Macabre follows the others. The echo her disproportionately large boots make alarms her. "--!"

Laserbeak decides to go take the grand tour.

A deep voice rumbles, "I am... here..."

Ferret shrugs, and takes each new experience as it comes.

CatsCradle eeks and leaps away from the wall.

Macabre is even more alarmed by the massive voice echoing. "... ... ... ... ..." This just isn't her day.

Soundwave doesn't seem startled by the voice at all, instead regards the interior with interest. "Your sensors can detect us from within," he notes.

Laserbeak returns. "It's Big. There's even a target range! Not that I need the practice."

Trypticon rumbles, "Yes. I see you."

Trypticon rumbles, "There big room ahead. Go there. Easier. Many screens."

CatsCradle 's optics go wide again. "You mean, you can SEE us? From anywhere inside... um... inside you?"

Trypticon rumbles, "Yes. See everything."

Soundwave heads toward the Blast Door, as his faster creation has already explored part of the interior. Now he wishes to see for himself.

Nightbird speaks, her normally echoing voice again echoing in the empty hangar and sounding very odd. "Also impressive. This would hold our shuttle easily."


War Room

        Dominating this room is a huge holographic display table, with chairs surrounding it. The display is suitable for projecting any number of video images or giant high resolution holographic maps. There are auxiliary display stations and computer consoles lining the walls, making this an ideal place to plan strategy and review intelligence.

Nightbird [Robot]

Tempest says quietly, "So one day you woke up and everyone who lived in here was gone?"

Chasm flaps around, "Fuschia lampshades, some fur trim on the monitors, some velvet perching spaces..."

CatsCradle is obviously still having trouble with the whole "seeing" thing. "OK, I really really don't want to live here." Then she adds quickly, "No offense, Trypie..."

Trypticon's voice sounds from a speaker, "Yes. Spend long time in city shape, conserve energy, dormant. Wake up, everyone gone. Everything destroyed." He sounds worried. "Did not do it that time! Do not remember!"

Ferret really is suspicious of that strange little dragon. Velvet indeed...

Trypticon's voice sounds from a speaker, "No cameras in rooms. They all taken out so I not look. I not care - troops just gamble and stuff."

Soundwave brushes the consoles and display table with his fingertips. Laserbeak and Chasm may detect the faint whisper of a doubt or worry in his thoughts, but he does not share them aloud, merely keeps his observations to himself.

Reflector looks... Uneasy at those words. "If the Decepticons were able to construct him, then it would have taken a mighty power indeed to defeat them... We should be wary."

An image of a planet appears on the on the screens. "This Sereval. Could go there, right now and show you all. Maybe you help Trypticon find out? We find Skystalker? You all should meet him. And other Decepticons..."

Trypticon's voice sounds somewhat wistful.

Ferret hehs, "I'm not bothered if he can see everywhere. It's not as if I've ever had a huge amount of privacy in that shuttle."

Laserbeak snickers. "Road trip."

Soundwave agrees, "I would be interested to examine this world for myself."

Tempest says, "Can we afford to go now, in case Prime comes back?"

Macabre puts her hands on the back of a chair, leaning forward a bit as she tries to... process all of this. Then she takes her hands off with something of a start, not wanting to, you know, offend Trypticon's sensibilities or anything.

Laserbeak says, "Let's just go find Prime and flatten him and his goof troop."

The sounds of engines being fired up reverberate throughout the shuttle. Everything starts to shake and then the enormous shuttle lurches upwards. The viewscreen shows the shuttle blasting off and entering the atmosphere.

Soundwave says, "Can you have us back to this world in a reasonable amount of time, Trypticon?""

"Yes, use warp drive. But have to sleep when I get back. Be city for a while."

CatsCradle waves her hand in the air. "Um... excuse me? War? Autobots? Here on Earth? Earth being our primary fuel supply, which we would lose if we leave this planet to the Autobots?"

Suddenly, the monitor streaks with the colour as the ship lurches into hyperspace.

Reflector holds onto a nearby console as they take off. What are they doing here? He holds on tight, and he wonders just what they are about to get themselves into...

CatsCradle eeeks loudly. "I didn't say I wanted to gooooooo!" she wails.

Laserbeak gives CatsCradle his patented what’s the worst that could happen gesture with his wings.

Soundwave finds himself a communications console, which is mostly the same the Empire over, and fires off a quick message to Megatron. Whether or not the okay is given for the trip, Trypticon has already taken the journey into his own hands, so to speak. Soundwave informs Megatron, and awaits orders to pass along. Continue, or turn back?

Tempest could kick herself for agreeing with Cats. How good would it be to get out of this lousy planet? How much has she been looking forward to roaming space again? And what force causes her to think of the base, the other Decepticons...and the empire's goals FIRST, and her desires secondary? But when the base blasts into hyperspeed, she can't help but feel a thrill of excitement. She's up in front of the viewscreens in a flash, optics aglow.

There is a sudden *whump* as Trypticon lurches out of hyperspace. A strange planet fills the viewfinder. The shuttle is heading directly for it.

Laserbeak always wanted to travel in style.

Macabre tries to keep from falling over with that sudden *whump.* She's mostly successful. She makes a note to herself to check her gyrostabilizers. She's been falling down a lot lately.

Megatron's return message comes well into the journey, and Soundwave relays, "Megatron is intrigued by this situation. Since we are on our way to our destination, he gives permission to continue."

The following image is displayed on the viewscreen: A planet whose surface seems to consist of endless stretches of grassy purplish savanna, broken here and there by rust-red trees with hard, leathery leaves. Littered about under the landing site are pieces of refined metal, mostly covered by now with soil and vegetation. These bits are of a composition indicating Cybertronian-style architecture, but of the buildings themselves, nothing remains. They have been shattered into the ground eons ago. Upon close examination, it's possible to see that great furrows must have once been gouged into the land in this region, indicated by the gently undulating surface that has, over the millennia, filled in with sediment.

CatsCradle stops in her minute inching towards the hangar as she realizes they've already hit hyperspace and leaping out now would definitely be under the Bad Thing To Do category. She mrumphs and plops down to sit on the floor, her back against the wall.

Laserbeak perches on Macabre's shoulder. "You ok from before?"

Tempest looks outside and frowns. "That kill site is old. That damage must have occurred thousands of years ago." How does that make sense? " long were you hunting before you came to our world?"

Nightbird looks with interest at the planet outside, not having been to many in her short life with the Decepticons.

The screen is halves and the planetary image also appears on the screen: from space, this world is a sphere of swirled white and green and blue, as bands of clouds encircle a world of green plains and blue oceans. Sensitive scanners would pick up traces of metal below, but the readings are faint and scattered, with no sign of artificial power output.

Macabre looks over at Laserbeak when she regains her balance. "...I'm... um..." She idly pets Laserbeak a little bit, trying to sort out what she wants to say. "I wish I knew what was happening. Uh."

Reflector looks over at the planet on the viewscreen and he hmms, interested. "Will we be making a landing on the surface, Commander? And just what could have devastated the planet to such an extent - they were Decepticons, obviously quite rich in resources with having the ability to construct you, Trypticon. What could have defeated them?"

Soundwave again regards the newly-polished interior of the room, and then looks back to the view on the screen, in particular the surface view. "If ever there was a city here, it has long been destroyed."

CatsCradle says confidently, "Zombies. I'll bet it was zombies. It's /always/ zombies."

Chasm clings to Soundwave, "Hmm, maybe these Decepticons have evolved a use for currency. Sigh. Perhaps we can get some fuschia cloth off them to put on the walls?"

Ferret looks at the surface outside, and just shrugs. Too much is happening today. It's probably not worth thinking too much about until later.

Soundwave says, "I do not believe these Decepticons will have anything available for trade, Chasm."

Chasm says, "Or perhaps there'll be some red velvet in the ruins?"

Trypticon says from a speaker, "It like this when I woke. It like this when I left."

Trypticon says from a speaker, "Land now?"

Soundwave says, "Affirmative, Trypticon. I would like a closer look."

Ferret has resorted to giving chasm an odd look whenever he says something like that. Red velvet!?

Tempest suggests, "Raiders?" Raiders even worse than she?

Soundwave notices Ferret's look, and assures him, "You will grow accustomed to it."

Reflector nods, and he says, "Very well then. Commander, do you think that we will be able to find any evidence of what destroyed the other Decepticons?" Could this be some new form of Cosmic Rust?

There is a rumbling throughout the ship as Trypticon's retro-thrusters are fired as he descends to the planet's surface.

Laserbeak leans over to Ferret. "You thought I was the crazy one."

Nightbird speculates, "If Trypticon were inactive, perhaps some enemy waited until the Decepticons were no longer protected by him to strike."

Ferret looks over to Laserbeak, "I still do..." he grins

Chasm glares at Ferret. "I am a mech of taste and elegance. Unlike the rest of the barbaric population of this army, I think we should show our enemies and empire that we have style."

Soundwave says, "Trypticon is not infected, so I would speculate against Cosmic Rust."

Trypticon says from a speaker, "I not get rest." He sounds indignant.

CatsCradle scrambles to her feet and trots over to look at the screen, curious in spite of herself. "In the words of my mate," she says absently to Ferret, "I'd like to tell you that you get used to Chasm.... but you don't."

Ferret sighs. He doesn't care about style, but can vaguely agree with the 'barbaric' comment.

Trypticon says from a speaker, "I not get rust." He sounds indignant.

Laserbeak laughs. "You are learning. I'm crazy. He's certifiable."

Macabre doesn't like being called barbaric. Well, sorta. Being insulted reminds her of her old job and she takes a bit of comfort in that, continuing to pet Laserbeak without really paying much attention to the fact that she's doing it.

Soundwave heads back toward the empty hangar and the exit leading outward.

Several minutes past as Trypticon completes the re-entry procedure. Soon, he lands on the planets surface. "We landed now," he says, sounding somewhat tired. "Hatch door open."

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he transforms, heading for Soundwave's hands as they move to go explore the ship's exterior, where he can be of assistance in data analysis.

Tempest says quietly, "Perhaps whoever did it didn't realize Trypticon was alive. Perhaps they thought he was a normal city."

Soundwave catches Reflector and carries him along.

Chasm flies outward, hoping for a few small decorative objects to liven Trypticon's exterior.

Soundwave nods to Tempest. "That is a possibility," he says. Looking up a little, he asks, "Trypticon, how aware are you when you shut down into this mode?"

Trypticon rumbles, "I not aware much. Sleep. Deep sleep. Then wake up again when energy comes back."

Soundwave nods, considering this, and follows the adventurous Laserbeak out.



        The planet's surface seems to consist of endless stretches of grassy purplish savanna, broken here and there by rust-red trees with hard, leathery leaves. Littered about under the landing site are pieces of refined metal, mostly covered by now with soil and vegetation. These bits are of a composition indicating Cybertronian-style architecture, but of the buildings themselves, nothing remains. They have been shattered into the ground eons ago. Upon close examination, it's possible to see that great furrows must have once been gouged into the land in this region, indicated by the gently undulating surface that has, over the millennia, filled in with sediment.

Reflector says, "Very well then, Commander. Any ideas as to what could have done such a thing?"

Macabre keeps close to Soundwave. He knows what to do.

Trypticon says hopefully, "Find Skystalker?"

Tempest sniffs the air of the new planet, and scratches with a blade tip at the fragments of metal in the ground. Cold kill. So damn cold, it's not worth bothering with.

Soundwave addresses the gray bulk that is Trypticon. "I cannot say for certain what has happened to your companions, Trypticon, but I do not believe we will find them here. With some digging, perhaps, we could uncover more evidence of what destroyed your colony, but that would be a considerable excavation effort."

Ferret continues to thunder along in a wide patrol, occasionally zooming off a small incline and launching himself into a jump, before crashing back down. Long strands of grass are thrown into the air by his wheels.

CatsCradle kneels digging a bit with her claws to unearth a piece of metal. It's almost an automatic action of a scavenger, checking over anything that might be useful. "Gryphus might enjoy a bit of an archeological assignment," she offers.

Soundwave says sincerely, "I should like to assist you to solve this mystery, Trypticon. But we have a more immediate concern with current enemies. I can assure you that this world will not be lost to us again, however, and there will be an opportunity to investigate more fully."

Reflector nods, and he looks about. Scant evidence exists, and what little there is remains vanquished by the realms of time... He looks about. The chances of them finding anything useful here are slim.

Nightbird completes another more careful inspection of the sight. She reports to Soundwave, "This doesn't seem right for a heavy combat zone. Even with this much time, there should be scorched armor pieces and rocket fragments. Perhaps the organic growth has covered it all." She doesn't sound confident of this at all.

Chasm pokes around in the dust, but as he wants to avoid getting his claws dirty, he fails to turn up much of interest.

Ferret could almost be mistaken for a stunticon, the way he's driving right now...

Ferret suddenly slams on the brakes, and spins to a halt. He radios back to Soundwave, "Hey! I think I found something!"

Tempest says quietly, "Depends on what they were armed with. My crew were mostly melee warriors." A pause...something isn't sitting right. Melee warriors don't destroy buildings. Kilair's walls still stand. Unless it was that, /that/ long ago that nature has destroyed all signs the raiders left....

Chasm flaps over to Ferret, "Something interesting? A lambswool rug to put in the pilot's seat? Not that I was eavesdropping or anything."

Soundwave looks up as the distant Ferret throws up a cloud of dust as he hits the breaks. He radios, "Can you return it to us?"

Ferret transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Ferret hits the gas again, and screeches off towards Soundwave. He slams to a halt, throwing up another cloud of dust, and then transforms.

Ferret drops City Black Box.

Chasm pounces on it. "Oooh, an item of value in this dump..."

Tempest sniffs at the black box, unimpressed. "What is it?"

Macabre covers her face. The rest of her gets all dusty. "(Cough)."

Chasm coils his tail around it, "Hmm, how much are you willing to pay to find out, Tempest?"

Soundwave gently extracts the box from Chasm's claws and tail. "Allow me to examine this," he says.

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and then at Ferret as he approaches, awaiting instructions.

Chasm claws after the box. "But I found it..."

Ferret glares at Chasm

Tempest growls to Chasm, "I can chop it open myself and find out for free."

Soundwave gives Chasm a stern look. "Ferret found it," he reminds the little dragon.

Chasm looks worried, "It might have valuable data on it. Your barbaric instincts would have you destroying a valuable resource, Tempest!"

Ferret stands before Soundwave awaiting orders. He is not very presentable - Covered from head to foot in dust and soil, and the occasional strand of grass.

Soundwave turns the object over in his hands. "This is an old data recorder," he says. It appears to be damaged, but perhaps it can be salvaged. "Perhaps, Chasm - *perhaps*, if you can recall your value to the team, you may be of assistance at recovering what is contained within. Perhaps the mystery of this lost colony."

Macabre peers at the box in Soundwave's hands. "Is that a... um... uhhhh..." She peers a moment longer, on tip-toes to see better. "No, it's not. But. Um. It sorta looks like--" And then Soundwave says 'old data recorder' and she silences herself, beaten to the punch.

Tempest says, "Then tell me what it is," but then she turns attention to Soundwave, who doesn’t' charge credits to be civil.

Chasm flaps up to Soundwave's shoulder. "Hmm, I suppose you want me to do some work now? Sigh, after everything I've done already. Already, run it through your systems and I'll start to decode it."

Chasm transforms into his Green Cassette mode.

Chasm enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Chasm waits impatiently for Soundwave to dump the data to him so he can start crunching it...

CatsCradle looks up at Soundwave. "One of these days, can't we just glue him in there?" she pleads.

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he moves forwards to offer his assistance, if it is needed.

Chasm mutters, "I heard that."

Tempest says to CatsCradle, "Would /you/ want him yapping inside you all day?"

Soundwave pries open a small panel in the box's side, with some difficulty, as the device is partially crushed. Still, he manages to tap in a probe from the tip of his finger into an access port, to see if he can detect anything from within. The optic band unfocuses a little, though he still replies to CatsCradle a bit distantly, "Imagine how intolerable he would be to his siblings."

Macabre looks around. Soundwave's got things in control. He always does, doesn't he? She frowns and brushes off some of the dust Ferret stirred up onto her.

CatsCradle says reasonably, "but don't siblings usually find each other intolerable?"

Trypticon says, "Feel recharged now. Can go. Find stuff? Need to fix dark bits in memory!"

Soundwave downloads what he can for now, and passes it along to Chasm. He then unlinks from the recorder and puts it in storage, in the hope of wringing more information out of it by other means later. His optic band shades back to its usual intensity. "Not eternally in the presence of their creator," he says to CatsCradle, a trace of amusement in the harmonic undertones.

Ferret can't help smiling broadly - he's actually found something he enjoys doing which makes a change. He waits for Soundwave’s orders, but occasionally flicks a glance at the open grasslands...

Soundwave says, "I do not believe there is more to find here at this time. We have responsibilities that await us on Earth.""

CatsCradle nods thoughtfully. "Besides, it would mean Ravage couldn't get in to use the litter box, huh?" Her optics spark with amusement.

Tempest is restless, edgy. Her optics glitter as she examines the far-off horizon, the wilds of space. Oh, to be able to stay here and hunt....

Soundwave steps toward the open hatch, tilting his head a little at the "litterbox" - though he does not ask. One of those Earth colloquialisms. Rumble and Frenzy would get it.


War Room (inside Trypticon)

        Dominating this room is a huge holographic display table, with chairs surrounding it. The display is suitable for projecting any number of video images or giant high resolution holographic maps. There are auxiliary display stations and computer consoles lining the walls, making this an ideal place to plan strategy and review intelligence.

Trypticon rumbles from a speaker, "Where go now?"

Soundwave finds his place at the sensor/communications console, as he usually does, and says to Trypticon, "Back to Earth, Trypticon. Our leader awaits us."

Trypticon's answer is to suddenly fire up his propulsion rockets and to lurch forward into space!

Macabre stands there. She's calmed down considerably -- she's back down to her normal level of unhealthy jitteriness.

Ferret wishes they could have stayed longer. He could have torn across those wide open grasslands forever...

Ferret sighs

The viewscreen displays the planet of Sereval retreating in the distance. Then, after a few minutes, it becomes replaced with static and swirling colours as Trypticon completes the jump into hyperspace; currently there are no known mapping programs to accurately project what the hyperspace transition really looks like.

Nightbird watches the display at the faster than light travel, a gleam in her optics that reveal perhaps fascination with the process of space travel.

Reflector looks out at the stars, and he shrugs as he settles back. This has been an... Interesting day. They have a new base to operate from, and a powerful ally.

Time passes. Eventually, there is a sudden lurch and Trypticon transitions from hyperspace back to the real space. The familiar sight of the Sol System fills the viewing screens.

Unfortunately, it seems that Trypticon has dangerously misjudged the jump; the giant ship is very close to the sun!

Tempest looks out the viewscreen. "Home at last."

Soundwave notes, "Trypticon, you are somewhat close to the central star of this solar system." He types in a set of coordinates. "We must change course according to these parameters."

Nightbird shields her optics against the glare as she looks out the small portal to the outside. "Is it supposed to be this bright?"

The sun starts to fill the viewscreen. Thermo-settings on the console suddenly flick into overdrive.

Macabre eeks silently and shields her optics from all that bright light. "Um?"

CatsCradle ummss and points out the portal. "I know I'm not a pilot and all... but are we supposed to be that close?"

Trypticon says slowly, "Must do this..."

Tempest freezes, moving closer to the controls. "What's going on?" She can tell something's unnatural, and is ready to hijack Trypticon herself if need be!

Reflector holds onto the console as he runs up to begin performing telemetry scans, and he calls out the heat signatures as the temperature on the exterior hull increases!

Nightbird says somewhat unconvinced, "Perhaps he is recharging?"

Soundwave says more warningly, "Trypticon. You are on the wrong course."

Trypticon says, "This right course."

CatsCradle pats the wall. "Ok, this isn't funny anymore , Trypie..."

Soundwave says, "Negative. If you continue in this direction we will enter the corona of the star."

Trypticon says, "Yes."

Soundwave's fingers fly across the console, to see if he can access any controls from there.

Chasm leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

CatsCradle waves her hand in the air. "All right, now this was fun when the Autobots did it..."

Chasm transforms into his Dragon mode.

Chasm eeps and flaps up to Soundwave's shoulder, "Turn it around," he demands.

Nightbird says, "Listen to Soundwave, Trypticon. We need to alter course."

Macabre wishes she could will up the brass to say 'But Trypticon, going into the sun will kill us.' But she can't. She envisions Trypticon getting angry with her and one of the walls opening and massive cables spewing out and pulling her in and dragging her down into some hidden smelting chamber. Better to keep silent, she reasons.

Trypticon says, "Yes."

Chasm may sense that Soundwave is definitely getting concerned here, though to outward appearances he looks calm, though the tapping of his fingertips increases in speed. It has no effect, though. "Trypticon, you will be destroyed if you continue onward."

Ferret starts to feel a bit too warm. "Erm... what's happening?"

Trypticon says, "I remember now. That my purpose. That is what I supposed to do."

Reflector holds onto the console tightly, looking at the other Decepticons, "What is your purpose, Trypticon? You would not have been constructed to simply be destroyed!"

Trypticon says, "I is trap for you. I sorry. I liked being Decepticon, even if it was for short while."

Soundwave demands, "Purpose?" The optic band flashes brilliant, as he tries to search for anything relevant in Trypticon's mind. Could he really have missed the obvious in his initial scan?

Nightbird pulls her sword on the off chance it would be helpful to slice up some control panels. She seemed very concerned, but looks to Soundwave with confidence.

Chasm gulps, "Trap? Trap? TRAP??" He claws into Soundwave's shoulder. "Do something, Soundwave!"

Reflector looks over at Trypticon, and he says, "Who constructed you to be a trap for us, Trypticon?" He looks over to Soundwave - if they can get out a transmission to Megatron, at least they can die with the knowledge that Megatron will track down whomever did this to them and destroy them.

Trypticon says, "Master."

Tempest snaps, "MASTER? YOU? Who could force YOU to obey? Do what YOU want to!"

Soundwave switches back the communications station, the fingers tap-tapping across the console. That much, at least, still seems to work. At the same time he takes another approach, saying, "Nightbird, Tempest - attempt to cut through the bulkheads to reach his engine components."

Nightbird says softly to herself, "Prime." How better to repay their own fiery trip into the sun?

CatsCradle peers out the portal again; squinting against the light. "Does anyone else find this rather ironic?"

The thermo-warnings start to flash and go into override as the ship slowly moves into the sun's corona. The bright blaze fills the viewscreen, and you can the moiling surface of the sun...

Nightbird leaves her musing behind and immediately ignites her sword, cutting away the heavy armored alloy.

Trypticon says, "Master said it 'i-ron-acle" or something.

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Soundwave to Cybertron.  Shockwave, please acknowledge.  (there's a certain urgency to the multiharmonic voice that's unusual)"

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, attempting to override the controls to get them moving away from the sun. He isn't a computer technician, and he has little knowledge of spacecraft - but what else can he do?

CatsCradle baps her forehead against the wall. "Of course he did."

Trypticon says, "Tempest, this my only purpose," he sounds pleading, as if he wants them to accept it.

<LongRange> Shockwave answers the call, "Proceed Soundwave."

Tempest lashes out at the bulkheads, slashing things open. "My purpose was to DIE," she growls, "I didn't THEN, and I'm not going to NOW. If you really WERE a Decepticon you would FIGHT!"

Chasm gulps, "Someone has to save the day," he says bravely and attempts to interface with Trypticon's systems...

Trypticon says, "Fight?"

Soundwave pulls open a panel on the control console. "CatsCradle, destroy the interior," he says as he concentrates on the radio transmission.

Nightbird says sharply enough to get her attention, "Tempest!" then points to a section of wall with a gap behind it, indicating she should cut one side while Nightbird herself does the other.

CatsCradle dives toward the console and begins clawing out the innards by the fistful.

Trypticon says, "I can't be Decepticon. I made to trap you all..." he says, sounding rather despondent.

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "We are at the following coordinates in the Sol system. (databurst)  We are on a collision course for the sun.  Can you lock onto us with the space bridge beam and draw us clear?"

Soundwave doesn't even step away as the sparks fly from the console. With the temperatures rising inside, he barely notices.

CatsCradle snarls, "Damn straight, you're no Decepticon, if you're gonna give in to Autobot programming."

Tempest gets her rage under control and starts helping Nightbird with the other side of her panel. She mutters as she cuts, "If you want to be a Decepticon, tell your master to go to the smelter and change course!"

The shuttle starts to list slightly, as though is was trying to reverse. The remnants of the console go wild.

<LongRange> Shockwave says with his usual clarity, "Negative. It would require more power than the bridge is currently set up for. I will formulate an alternative."

Soundwave says, "Ferret, Macabre, assist Nightbird and Tempest. We do not have much time."

Reflector works at the controls desperately, trying to override the systems. From his apparent lack of progress, he feels like he is accomplishing very little

Reflector says, "Decepticons bow before NO ONE! We acknowledge none as our Master!"

CatsCradle has all but burrowed her way into the console. "Macabre?" she calls out, her voice muffled, "get over here with your scalpel or whatever it is you use and start cutting stuff loose. Anything that looks expensive."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Understood."

Macabre scampers over. "Yuh. Yessir." She takes care to keep clear of Nightbird's sword while she tries to lay in a more methodical slice with her laser scalpel. The scalpel's control ring has been turned to the point where it's practically a small dagger.

Soundwave takes Shockwave's transmission to mean, they're pretty much on their own here.

The viewscreen shows that the ship is trying to reverse out of the sun's gravitational pull; the fiery ball starts to shrink slightly...

Macabre looks over at CatsCradle as she tries to help Nightbird. Looks at Soundwave. What does she do?

Tempest uses her sword as a lever to pry the panel open and give Macabre access to more delicate bits. "Chop everything you see!"

A panicky voice emerges from the console, "Soundwave there's this huge powerflux coming through the systems...."

Soundwave senses the shudder of the slight backward motion. "Trypticon. If you do not wish to be destroyed and to destroy us, you will pull away."

Reflector desperately works at attempting to override the controls to the ship, trying the few tricks and algorithms that he knows. This is hardly his forte... His three selves work desperately at trying to alter their trajectory.

Trypticon says, "Trying. Trying HARD..."

Nightbird continues to chop things in a cool and professional manner, using an efficiency that doesn't seem to belong in a life-or-death struggle. Fleetingly a look passes her optics, perhaps a regret that she doesn't have the technical expertise to do anything more.

Soundwave wastes no time, and physically pulls the Chasm-cassette from the console.

Trypticon says, "Use hyperdrive... Get out..."

CatsCradle sets up a low monotone, almost a chant. "Trypticon, if you give in to this, you will never find out what happened to your inhabitants. You will never have new inhabitants, you will never regain your lost memories, everything you've lived for will be nothing."

Chasm eeps and spins his reels around in agitation, forgetting to transform...

Ferret feels quite useless, and looks around in case his help is needed.

Reflector says, "Trypticon... You are a Decepticon! You are strong, you are powerful! You are strong enough to override whomever made you do this!"

With a massive shudder, Trypticon pulls away for a few minutes, slightly altering his course...

Macabre looks in where Nightbird's hacked to. She's dismantled flyers before. She knows what makes them go and what can make them stop. She looks for something in the big-time operation that a ship of this magnitude requires that she recognizes.

CatsCradle finishes, "The only thing you will be remembered for is that you killed Decepticons."

Trypticon shouts, "NO!"

Soundwave notes the hum of the engines has not changed, despite the damage to the bridge equipment. There must be a back-up console around here somewhere. He scans the controls, and tries the hyperdrive controls one more time, hoping now that those particular systems have not been damaged by his own orders.

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Shockwave. We require additional energy to shift our momentum.  Can you attempt this?"

<LongRange> Shockwave says grimly, "Affirmative. I will focus the beams now. Fortune be with you, Soundwave."

Reflector looks over at Soundwave,  and he continues to attempt to alter their trajectory as much as he can from this station... "Orders, Commander?"

Most of the mud and dust coating Ferret has dried hard, cracked, and fallen off into the room.

Suddenly Trypticon howls in pain. The image on the viewscreen is replaced by rippling static that whirls around violently. Trypticon's voice sounds very distant... "I hear you, Master... I obey..."

Soundwave only shakes his head in silence. They've done what they can. Smoke pours out of the console at his side, but he gives it no notice. He's hoping for a surge of energy from the space bridge beam that he can coordinate with the hyperdrive power at just the right instant.

Macabre is still looking for something. A control chip or something like that? She knows that those have been developed. Maybe one was installed into Trypticon?

Suddenly, the hyperdrive cuts in and the heat grows incredibly intense...

Ferret staggers back against the wall under the immense barrage of heat.

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he moves to assist the Communications Officer as much as he can. Who is this Master of Trypticon's?

Nightbird's optics narrow as she prepares for whatever comes.

CatsCradle curls up in a tight ball inside the console.

The heat shimmers around Soundwave as he remains poised at the console, not even looking up at the screen.

Chasm sniffs and coils up next to CatsCradle, "We're doomed!" he whimpers, "We're doomed!"

Ferret slides down the wall into a heap.

Alarms and warning klaxons continue to ring out...

CatsCradle says softly, "Killed by a Decepticon, made an Autobot slave...

Reflector feeds all available power to his coolant systems as he desperately tries to keep himself running.

Tempest yowls at the heat, making her way to the door, getting ready to jump for it and transform if it comes down to that.

Macabre stops, her body halfway inside Trypticon's innards. "" She's found his neuro-connections. "I found his neuro-connections, and... uh... this thing... It's... not right. It's nothing I recognize -- it... it shouldn't be there. Should. Should I destroy it, sir...?" She calls. She can't make judgment calls like this.

Ferret desperately tries to remain conscious, for what good it'll do him.

Trypticon starts to shudder and break apart...

Ferret passes out

Soundwave says, "Do it, Macabre.""

Soundwave doesn't even look to see what it is. At this point, it can't hurt.

Chasm sobs fitfully, "I never completed my baroque diamond collection..., I never bought all the shares I wanted. I never finished decorating my room..."

Macabre reactivates her scalpel, again on the highest possible setting. The control ring on it has been pushed so far that it's broken, in fact. With as much force as she can muster and the space inside Trypticon allows, she stabs at the device with violence as yet unseen in the gloomy femme.

At the exact moment when the object is cut through, there is a massive lurch and the wail of the hyperdrive fills everything. There is a sickening moment as Trypticon lurches forward and then transitions back into real space again.

Soundwave loses his place at the console and is slammed backward into the holographic display.

The next image shows the shattered towers of Tokyo once more. The screen is filled with static and clean-up crews are already in progress.

CatsCradle is sent rolling out of the console and head-over-heels across the room.

Trypticon says, "I... did it... Jump right through sun! Back here..."

Macabre is slammed forward by the sudden jolting movement and is now stuffed into Trypticon up to her knees. "Mmmf mmff mnnf."

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he sighs in relief. And then he moves over to Macabre's side, and he says, "Macabre... You saved all of our lives with your discovery, and your actions."

Chasm wails as he hits the wall. "Why does this always happen to meeee?"

Tempest is sent tumbling across the inside of the ship. She sinks her hands claw-like into any surface she can grab to keep herself still.

Nightbird manages to keep from smashing into anything and looks around as they seem to be out of the worst of it.

Soundwave with some difficulty pulls himself back to his feet and looks around, a little surprised that they made it after all.

Macabre kicks the exposed portions of her legs. "Mmf mm mnnmnmf," she replies to Reflector.

Ferret, unconscious, is slammed against the wall.

Trypticon says, "Master gone from head. Where he go?"

Reflector winces as his three forms move to try and pry Macabre loose from her cramped position... He looks about for some assistance from one of the stronger Decepticons.

CatsCradle slowly uncurls and looks around. She gazes at the screen for a long moment, then leans rests her head in her hands, laughing softly under her breath.

Soundwave shakes his head a little to clear the warning diagnostics that die down behind his eyes as his interior temperature slowly drops back toward the normal range. He steps over to help Ferret as the unconscious Decepticon falls.

Tempest replies, "Do you care, Trypticon? He's gone, now. You are your own mech."

Macabre is slowly pulled out by the six arms gripping her. "Oof," is all she has to say, prone on the floor. She doesn't quite get up yet. "Um."

Reflector succeeds in his Strength check.

Trypticon says awkwardly, "You leave. I go back to space."

Reflector looks over at the freed Macabre, and he says, "Macabre, you saved us all today with your discovery, and your actions..."

Soundwave says, "You broke free, Trypticon. You may count yourself a true Decepticon. Everyone on this mission has shown great courage today." He steps back to the main screen near the damaged console. "Trypticon, set down near our original base. I will effect repairs to you, and we will see that you are refueled. You can go into shut-down mode there.""

Nightbird looks around to see if anyone needs what help she can provide.

Trypticon says, "But I nearly kill all of you..."

Macabre just lies there for a few moments more, and takes her sweet time getting up. Her excitement quota's been met. For the next billion years or so.

Soundwave says, "You fought. And we survived. That is what matters." He sets Ferret carefully down against the holographic display."

Chasm crawls out from under the seat, "Soundwave," he complains. "My polish is ruined!"

Soundwave recalls that Shockwave will surely be wondering if they made it.

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Soundwave to Cybertron.  Mission accomplished, Shockwave.  Your assistance was most appreciated and timely."

Tempest says, "Chasm, we could drop you into the sun, then you wouldn’t' have to worry any more."

CatsCradle climbs to her feet, leaning against the wall for support. She rubs her nose, realizing she dented it somehow and doesn't even remember it. "That's it. I officially declare Macabre our good luck charm and we should never leave home without her, ever again."

Chasm hmmfs, "I decoded the box," he says stubbornly. "There was no mention of Trypticon in the records. None whatsoever."

<LongRange> Shockwave's voice sounds rarely emotional as he says, "Acknowledged Soundwave. Our telescopic observation led us to believe you destroyed. Did everyone make it?"

Reflector looks over at Macabre, and he moves to assist the femme up, and he shakes his heads, sighing... This has all been one grand mess... At least they now have a base... As an afterthought, Spectro moves to retrieve the shattered remains of whatever the component was that controlled Trypticon. Carefully, he gathers up the pieces, before he hands them over to Soundwave for analysis.

Trypticon says, "Must rest... Energy low..."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Affirmative.  And, we have a new ally."

Macabre looks over at CatsCradle. She grips her elbows, her usual defense reaction when people try to compliment her. "Uh... um... thuh...thank you...?"

CatsCradle moves over to sling a companionable arm around the timid femme's shoulders. "Don't thank me, kiddo. You've only just begun to see the weirdness we're gonna drag you through."

<LongRange> Shockwave replies, "I'll look forward to the report. Contact me if you require anything. I can have Astrotrain dispatched."

Soundwave looks over the damaged controls and the hacked-open walls. He acknowledges Chasm's reminder of the data recorder with a slight nod; it's not an element he's forgotten. But for now, he seems willing to accept Trypticon at face value.

Tempest says to Macabre, " are you with zombies?"

Macabre glances at CatsCradle's arm nervously and makes a distinct effort not to move. Then she looks at Tempest, confused. "...zombies...?"

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Acknowledged.  I believe we have the situation under control.  I will fill you in with a full report after repairs are complete."

CatsCradle grins at Tempest and chimes in with, "And don't forget the giant children..."

Nightbird sees that Macabre is getting enough attention to most likely drive her into a coma of fright, so she settles for bowing briefly in her direction.

Macabre looks even more confused. And afraid. "Juh. Giant... children...?"

Soundwave sends a databurst to Trypticon, indicating an uninhabited island upon which he can land. "Set us down in this location, Trypticon. Then you can rest."

Tempest moves away from Macabre and says, "Oh yeah, we have all /kinds/ of fun in this crew."

CatsCradle pats Macabre's shoulder. "And there was the carnivorous plants, too, I think we took care of most of those.

The viewscreen lurches again as Trypticon glides out of Tokyo, heading towards the Pacific. After a while, as the Decepticons slowly pull themselves back together after their ordeal, the giant tyrannosaur slowly plunges towards the island Soundwave indicates. With a massive cracking and unfolding, he assumed the massive form of a might war-fortress.

Soundwave accepts the destroyed control box from Reflector, and adds it to the recording box as part of his own datafile on Trypticon.

Tempest grins a little. "Wow. I could use a ship like this."

Trypticon says, "I rest now. Am city now. I ... thank you..." he says, before the voice trails off. The lights flicker on the damaged console.

CatsCradle rubs her nose again. "I dunno.... you sure there aren't any cameras in the living quarters?"

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, and he hands it over to Soundwave. "Sir, do we have any sort of idea who could have done this to Trypticon in the first place? If they were able to take over such a... Powerful Creation as he is, and reprogram him... This certainly bears notice and analysis."

Ferret snaps back to consciousness, and, as if awakening from a nightmare, leaps to his feet. Realizing he's not dead, he drops back down again and rubs his head. "I... have a headache"

Soundwave confides to Reflector, "He was fighting the control, and there are obvious gaps in his memory. But the obvious culprit seems to be Optimus Prime."

Reflector nods, and he says, "Apparently... But I do not see how the Autobots were able to overcome Trypticon in the first place - they lack the power to do so..."

CatsCradle tries twitching her nose and seems to convince herself that it still works. "I dunno... seems a little advanced for Prime."

Soundwave says, "That is a mystery for the moment, Reflector."

Macabre glances over at CatsCradle's face, finally. She notes quietly, "You broke your nose. Um."

Tempest mutters, "Just because it's obvious doesn't make it right."

Ferret looks a bit dazed still, "Wh... what happened?"

CatsCradle looks at her nose, cross-opticed. "I rather thought I at least dented it."

Macabre nods. "It's, um, sorta... flat."

Ferret examines himself. Hurray! He hasn't been shot full of holes or covered in glue.

Reflector nods over at Soundwave, and he sighs... And then he looks over at Macabre, "You saved all of our lives today with your actions, Macabre."

Nightbird heads out to scout around the area for possible organic infestation. It wouldn't do to have the humans running around chewing things or pushing buttons.

Macabre turns away from staring at CatsCradle's dented nose before peering at Reflector. "... ... ... ... ... Um. It was... it was Soundwave who told me to destroy the, uh, the... the thing. Um."

CatsCradle gives Macabre another comforting pat on the shoulder and leaves her to Reflector's seeming insistence on making her more nervous by dumping praise on her, and wanders off to explore.

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