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Starscream's Brigade
War Room

        Dominating this room is a huge holographic display table, with chairs surrounding it. The display is suitable for projecting any number of video images or giant high resolution holographic maps. There are auxiliary display stations and computer consoles lining the walls, making this an ideal place to plan strategy and review intelligence.

Scorcher slinks into the room warily. She starts at seeing so many Decepticons assembled here when she was getting used to filing her reports in an echoingly empty room

Chasm perches on Soundwave's shoulder, keeping a wary optic on Ravage. He stretches languidly. "I hope this is something important and not one of Megatron's pep-talks. Sigh. Can't he realize that financial incentive is really the best way of doing things?

"Uhm, hello" Scorcher says a bit confused

Ravage looks up at Chasm, and he hisses softly... Yes, that one has to be here... Very well, then, one cannot have everything... Ravage looks about for a perch that he could try and get up to 'remove' the annoyance...

CatsCradle steps into the back of the room, humming with contentment at being back on Earth. At seeing the crowded room, she steps to one side of the door and leans against the wall.

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons present, and he watches as they await their mission briefing.

Here's a face that hasn't been around very much. Wherever Tempest has been the last few weeks, she shows up in the base now with no explanation for her absence and goes about her business as always. Her business, of course, is lurking in shadowy corners--this time on an unused control panel.

Ravenwing is perturbed at having to leave at the start of another major project, but if someone can waltz into Polyhex like that... that's a security risk she wants to know about.

Scorcher sees her favourite console occupied and decides that filing a fruitless, and rather short, recon report could wait

Nightbird is standing quietly not exactly by herself but obviously involved in her own thoughts at the moment.

Soundwave is standing at attention near Megatron, where he looks entirely in his element. Calmly he looks out over the assembly. He notes the others, including Ravenwing's arrival from Cybertron - now here is something unusual - but his optic visor betrays no emotion.

Scorcher looks around for a friendly face and settles on Cats and Ravenwing. The latter is not exactly friendly, but after spending weeks in the same dorm she is determined to consider the reserved femme a friend "Hi Cats, Wing" she greets them in an audible whisper "What's going on?"

Megatron checks Trypticonís systems - very pleased that all is functioning well. "A great fortress we have now on Earth. Thanks to Shockwave. It was an t was an excellent idea of him to link Trypticon's system with the spacebridge. Yes, Shockwave is what I call a real Decepticon soldier.

Trypticon rumbles over the speakers, "Trypticon strong... Good fortress."

Ravage looks over at Chasm, and he slowly leaps up from support strut to support strut, and he slowly comes up from behind Soundwave... After all, one has to learn to practice one's stealth skills... Finally, when he is as directly behind Soundwave as he can get, he lets out a sudden howl in Chasm's direction!

Scorcher feels a little bit of pride at hearing her commander being praised by the emperor. Then she jumps at hearing Trypticon speak. All the energon seems to drain from her and she groans "I hate that thing. I really hate it when it does that"

Tempest startles and looks around. Having one's base talking to you is really creepy.

CatsCradle warily eyes the control panel she was about to perch on... until Trypticon spoke anyway. "I thought he was asleep," she mutters.

Chasm squeals and leaps to one side, leaping off Soundwave's shoulder onto his head. "How dare you!" he hissed wildly, his wings and tail flared up into the air like a startled cat.

Soundwave merely gives Ravage a look. "That was unnecessary, Ravage," he says.

Ravenwing offers those with whom she is acquainted a graceful nod, though something almost like pain flickers over her face at the abbreviated version of her name. Trypticon's voice isn't startling to her, as she'd just been reminding herself to greet the city Transformer as well, as he's their host. "Greetings, Trypticon," she murmurs.

Ravage says, "You have to learn to be better alert... After all, someone who is... Displeased with your business pursuits with them could... Attempt to... Forcibly renegotiate."

Ravage grins toothily.

Tempest smirks at Ravage, agreeing with the sentiment from the place where she lounges on a control console as if it were a couch of some sort.

Soundwave says, "Calm yourself, Chasm."

Ferret is sitting out of the way, still working on a small, rather jury-rigged looking drone, with a small maintenance tool of some variety. Occasionally the bug-like drone twitches a leg.

Chasm growls, "I have other precautions, Ravage, in business. Mostly computer orientated, but still, you really don't want to cross me..." His optics flare red, as he knows that last time they tangled, it was 'his Ravage' who won. Still, 'this Ravage' doesn't have to know that...

Reflector watches the other Decepticons curiously, and then he settles back against the wall, watching them, and wondering what their mission will be.

Scorcher gives up trying to find what brings everybody to earth again and simply contents herself with hiding at the back of the room, as far away of what she thinks of as Trypticon himself as she can

Ravage says, "You must... Always be ready to defend yourself from an aggressor. The best precautions in the world will eventually fail, and you must be ready to stand firm for what you believe in."

Chasm coils up on Soundwave's head, still staring at Ravage, "If I wanted motivational speeches, I'd have recorded Megatron's canned platitudes..." He stops and then raises his head slightly. "Hmm, maybe I could record them and sell them to the troops as inspirational material. Megatron merchandise; that's a new option."

Soundwave only shakes his head a little over Chasm's notions.

Tempest regards Chasm and lets out a low growl. She doesnít' like him talking about Megatron that way.

CatsCradle waves to catch Chasm's attention. "You could make Macabre Good Luck charms, too."

Ravage looks over at Soundwave, and then he looks up at Chasm...

Chasm hmmms, "That might work to. Want to be a reseller, CatsCradle?"

CatsCradle thinks for a moment. "What about a mail order catalog?"

Soundwave is apparently not bothered at all by Trypticon's voice rumbling around them.

CatsCradle winks at Chasm. "You could make plush Ravages, too. I bet those would sell."

Ravage says, "Or, we could remove your internals, and then mount you as a trophy..."

Chasm records Megatron's words. "Hmm, stock phrases like 'a real Decepticon soldier'. I could whip up a designer speech within seconds..."

Chasm stares nervously at Ravage and clings tightly to Soundwave's head.

Starscream mutters, "Shockwave this and Shockwave that. Shockwave's not so great! All /he/ ever did was baby-sit Cybertron for four million years and wonder why we never returned his calls!"

Reflector looks over at Starscream, and he sighs softly...

Soundwave sends a calming mental impulse to his two nearby creations, and continues to observe the gathering. Something has surely occurred on Cybertron since Ravenwing is paying a visit.

Chasm mutters, "Soundwave, tell Ravage to stop staring at me like that..."

Soundwave says, "You must develop some degree of confidence in yourself, Chasm. You cannot control what others do, merely how you respond."

Ravage looks up at Chasm, and he says, "You know, I'm a cat... I never have to blink, I never have to sleep... I'll always be there, just right behind you, out of view..."

Chasm digs his claws tightly into Soundwave. "Watch your back too, Ravage. I can do things to you and your body won't even know what's happening to it." He smirks, running the code for the Zero-Zero virus through his mind again...

Reflector looks over at Chasm and at Ravage curiously, and then he takes his attention back to the other conversations going across the room.

Soundwave calmly but decisively extracts Chasm's claws from the upper layer of his armor. "Enough," he says, his multiharmonic voice taking on an undertone of command.

Ravage looks over at Chasm, and he says, "Oh, behave..." Now, Ravage looks over at the other Decepticons, wondering what they are going to do tonight...

Flashpoint walks into the war room, looking at all the high ranking folks that seem to have collected themselves there.

Chasm sits on Soundwave's shoulder, rather sulkily, flicking his tail back and forth. He makes a point of not directly looking at Ravage, but with just enough surreptitious sideways glances to confirm the location of the cat.

Scorcher hesitantly walks over to the console she has been using all week for reporting and files her latest mission report. She reluctantly turns to Megatron, not wanting to bother him with insignificant details. Especially not in front of other commanders. "Sir" she mutters, casting a nervous glance at Starscream "I have complete reconnaissance of sectors 41 through 52 as ordered. I did not see any signs of Autobot bases. I did have a sighting of what might have been Aerialbots, but as ordered I avoided detection and evaded them."

Starscream casts a sideways glance at Megatron. "I think the Decepticon army needs /less/ toadies and more individuals with initiative!"

CatsCradle says as if she hadn't really stopped thinking on the subject, "Actually, Chasm, making you as a stuffed toy isn't a bad idea. Think of it: Chasm the Friendly Decepticon Dragon. It could be the next Christmas season best-seller. And it puts the Decepticons in a good light again."

Ravage chuckles softly up at Chasm, and he sends a calming tendril along the link, as loathe as he is to do so. Chasm has... His uses, if they are rather limited, so Ravage will not do anything to him... But he will enjoy... The chances... For teasing.

Chasm flicks his tail slightly, as one of the human groups he met wanted to market him as a stuffed toy. Still, it's a fine line between market penetration and profit.

Ravenwing ignores the bickering. She has a certain amount of interest in Earth, but what's more important is the breach in their security. Outlying areas could be penetrated, yes, but right in the heart of Polyhex? Then again, the Autobot Femmes don't have all that much trouble getting in.

Megatron glances at Starscream, smirking. "Like you? Shockwave is an ideal soldier. He's both: humble and respectful."

Scorcher looks around, nervously and being painfully aware that she is standing between Megatron and Starscream. She is looking for an excuse to bolt back to the safety of her corner, without looking like she is fleeing

Soundwave glances at Ravenwing curiously. She's unlikely to travel all this way for little reason, unlike the troops who so easily spacehop across the bridge from planet to planet.

CatsCradle snaps her fingers. "You could even put a chip inside to make it say things like: Buy Decepticon... and Support Megatron.... and Give Chasm Money."

<LongRange> Shockwave's precise voice emits from the base radio. He says, "Shockwave to Megatron. Please respond."

Tempest narrows his optics, glaring at Megatron. "If I were in charge this army would be more forward looking and innovative! Instead of just pandering to you."

Soundwave steps over to Ravenwing while Megatron and Starscream bicker at each other. "Has there been a problem on the homeworld?" he asks her quietly. With all of this talk of the Great Devourer, perhaps she has more news.

Flashpoint raises a brow at the comment from Starscream, and the rebuttal from Megatron. He shakes his head slowly. I came all this way for this?

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Acknowledge. Report, Shockwave."

Scorcher steps out of the way, relieved that she is not going to be scolded by the Air Commander, or the Emperor, for interrupting

Ravenwing begins to wonder if anyone here has a clue as to what's happened in Polyhex. She came here for answers herself, but... "Polyhex was... robbed recently..." Shockwave's voice comes in at that point, and she falls silent, motioning to Soundwave to listen.

Ravage looks over at Soundwave, and he pays closer attention, quickly sending Soundwave information on the recent raid at Polyhex over their mental link.

Chasm stares at CatsCradle, unable to discern whether she's pulling his tail or really wants to help out in the Great Corporate Empire...

Starscream rolls his optics. Speak of the devil....

Ferret always feels very subdued in large gatherings of Decepticons, especially since nearly all of them are bigger than him. He stands quietly to one side, looking slightly nervous.

Soundwave turns his attention to the message from Cybertron.

<LongRange> Shockwave says "There was a break-in at the prison facility on Cybertron. Someone has liberated renegade Decepticon personality components."

Megatron shakes his head: "You'll never understand, Starscream. You lack the ability to see your own faults." He turns his back on Starscream, keeping his attention to the Computer.

Starscream hears Ravenwing's words but refuses to acknowledge them...and there's Shockwave, being the good little subordinate as always. Time to throw out a red herring. "It must be the Autobots responsible!" he says.

CatsCradle says in a loud whisper to Chasm, "The eyes could light up and be a night light to guard children from bad dreams. You could even have a slot in it where they could put money in, like one of those piggy banks, and if you really get desperate for cash, you could have a homing beacon or some techie thing in it to recall all Chasms filled with money."

Scorcher edges back to her quiet corner she shares with Cats, relief evident in her expression. As usually she is not paying a great deal of attention to what else is going on around her

Starscream is really irritated now. Megatron might not have even /heard/ his great idea. "Don't you turn your back on me!" he yells, and attacks Megatron with a blast from his lasers!

Ravage looks over at the Decepticons, and he settles down, ready for their mission instructions, and he awaits instructions. What is going on?

CatsCradle says, "You could make millions just on the toys alone, without the recall --" She breaks off at the laserfire.

Megatron was about to answer the radio call as he gets a hit into his back. Stunned, he falls to the ground.

Scorcher dives for cover at the first sight of lasers being fired. She does not care about dignity.

Chasm is day dreaming about profit, when he's suddenly startled by Starscream's abrupt attack. He crouches, hiding behind his wings, thinking, "You've gone to far this time, I think, m'lad..."

Ravenwing arches a brow at the illustrious Starscream's actions, and those would better befit a sulky child. The Emperor should teach his cub a sharp lesson.

Flashpoint isn't sure how to react to the blast from Starscream. Both he and Megatron are superiors, and Colossus' rules on this are explicit. So, he refrains from pulling a weapon to help either, allowing them to do their destructive little dance on their own.

Nightbird instantly is on alert, pulling her sword and tensing. If Starscream should fire again..

Ferret tenses as Starscream fires on Megatron. This is getting heavy...

Chasm erms, "Soundwave, Megatron's not... moving..." He kicks Soundwave in the shoulder pointedly. If anyone should take over, it should be Soundwave. "And make me the chief financial officer, too.."

Starscream has just fired his cannons on Megatron. Tempest immediately perks up, and is on her feet with blades in hands in the blink of an eye.

Ravage looks over at the Decepticons, and he hisses... Starscream has gone too far this time... But now, if it is a leader challenge, he cannot intervene...

Soundwave startles a bit as Starscream's shot connects. Resisting the impulse to come forward and intersperse himself between Starscream and Megatron, he sends out a hurried mental scan to confirm Megatron's mental state - stunned, but not deactivated...

Motormaster steps into the room, returning from, say... an extended land recon. Yeah, that works. As it is, he's been gone for some time, only checking in occasionally to make reports on Autobot movements. Fortunately, or maybe not, this just happens to be one of those check-in moments, and he blinks to find the crowd,"Huh? Somethin' happenin' to-" He cuts off as he sees the fallen Megatron, /immediately/ turning to Starscream and staring,"Sweet frag in a bottle..."

CatsCradle gives a little sigh and debates whether or not it's time to call her mate in, since he'll probably have to chase Starscream down.... again....

Soundwave's creations probably detect a clear tension emanating from him, but outwardly he seems hardly changed, if anything only more watchful. He judges and evaluates the situation, waiting.

Chasm pauses slightly, wondering whether if Starscream needs a Chief Financial Officer. He decides to wait until the altercation blows through, of course, before making any firm political commitments...

Starscream announces, "Megatron has fallen! Feast your eyes on the new leader!" He puts a foot on Megatron's back and poses in triumph.

Ferret takes his carbine from subspace, in case things all go to hell in a handcart.

Starscream looks around the room, pleased at the sight of his new subordinates, and ignoring the surely deactivated Megatron under his feet.

Ravenwing ponders, but only for a short amount of time. She's not exactly an admirer of the Emperor, but Starscream, she utterly despises. An example of everything a leader should not be. She doesn't move so much as a centimeter, but her internal weaponry whirrs quietly as she prepares to fire.

Tempest moves up beside Motormaster, glad to see him, not even thinking about any possible tensions between her obvious concern for Megatron, her anger at Starscream for what he's done, and her clear expectation for Motormaster to help her against Starscream.

Nightbird watches her mate, her sword ready. Her optics alone show her intensity, twin yellow optics blazing like fire.

Megatron gets clear in his mind the moment someone touches his back. That it is a foot he cannot see. However, his instincts jump into action. He makes a quick move, getting his leg into the right position and kicks Starscream off his back.

Flashpoint takes a few steps over towards Starscream and Megatron. His first inclination is to check Megatron to see how bad his damage is. He's not sure if Starscream will allow it, but he's damn sure gonna try. It is, after all, his job.

Trypticon rumbles, "Stop... why you fighting?" The room shakes slightly, as though Trypticon is about to start his long transformation process...

Megatron gets back on his feet, his optics glowing angrily.

Chasm hits Soundwave on the head again, "Get the big dinosaur to calm down or something!"

CatsCradle acks! "Don't transform while we're inside you! I told you he would eat us!"

Starscream says tersely to Flashpoint, "Stay back. You do not need to waste your skills on /this/ outmoded model." And frag, Trypticon. "Merely taking care of a small problem, Trypti...aaaugh!" Megatron getting up throws Starscream to the floor!

Scorcher looks for the exit longingly. She really does not want to be here. Now even less than usual

Starscream scrabbles onto his knees and orders, "Decepticons--terminate Megatron!" They're his troops now, they'll obey...right?

Tempest smirks...Megatron is not so easy to kill.

Ravage looks over at Megatron, and he yawns softly, and he looks up at Soundwave... And then he looks over at Starscream, searching up at Soundwave for permission to fire... At Starscream.

Ravenwing blinks in surprise at these orders, then laughs out loud.

Nightbird's optics flash at Starscream's words, their sparkle showing her grim amusement at Starscream's presumption.

Ferret is relieved to see Megatron rise, and backs away from Starscream.

Flashpoint crosses his arms over his chest, taking a few steps back from what looks like a new can about to be opened up on Starscream. He slowly begins to blend in with the crowd.

Trypticon stops shaking and then goes still again. A faint crackle from the speakers indicates that the huge fortress has fallen deeper into his enforced energy conservation state. Perhaps this entire event has merely only been a lucid dream sequence to him...

Motormaster has just looked confused and a bit alarmed until Starscream says /that/... and then, one of his empty, massive mitts is instead full of the immense great-sword that is his favorite weapon,"Starscream, are you this stupid on purpose? Or does it just come naturally?"

Megatron grumbles: "I'm sick of your endless quest for power." He aims at Starscream. " You're a fool, Starscream, if you think that anyone would ever follow your orders."

CatsCradle looks warily at the floor, tapping it with one toe. Skirmishes between Starscream and Megatron are common occurrences.... being eaten by a sleeping dinosaur isn't.

Starscream's expression falls as his troops are /not/ suddenly rushing to his defense...uh oh...He looks, slowly, hesitantly, at Megatron... He's got to save face here. Rising to his feet, he retorts, "A fool, am I? You may live to regret those words! Someday I and not you will be Decepticon Leader!"

Ravenwing muses that anyone who trusts Starscream in a position of authority would also be a fool, but prudently keeps that to herself. O:)

Ferret has a kind of grudging respect for Starscream, but face it, the guy's unstable.

Soundwave senses and sympathizes with Ravage's desire to take action here, but he indicates to Ravage to remain out of the fray. This is Megatron's situation to take care of.

Ravage :looks over at the other Decepticons, and he hisses softly, his claws coming out, and he steps away at Soundwave's instructions, his proton bombs disarming themselves...

Chasm will support whoever the right leader is with merchandise. He's that firm in his commitment.

Megatron shows his jaw plates. "I think not, Starscream," he hisses.

Ravenwing glances casually around the room, mentally tallying those present. No, now would not be a good time to off Starscream. Despite the current quarrel, she has no doubt that Megatron would not allow it, and this just isn't a good ambush environment.

Scorcher quickly checks if she is in the line of fire and moves towards the door anyway, just to be on the safe side

Starscream isn't sure what's worse...looking weak in front of the Other Decepticons or pissing off Megatron. From the look in Megatron's optics, it's the latter. And yet he just can't help pushing the boss just a little farther to find out what would happen. "We shall see Megatron!"

Megatron grumbles dangerously. "Yes we shall..."

Ravage hisses over at Starscream, but takes no action... This is not his place to intervene.

Starscream hesitates, suddenly having this sickening feeling... Well, he knows how to deal with Megatron if only he lives that long....

Motormaster stares at Megatron in something like disbelief... Starscream /shot/ him... and he's not going to simply kill him? He shakes his head a bit in frustration, but doesn't complain. Instead, he simply returns his sword to subspace.

Tempest is also glaring daggers at Starscream, her whole body shaking from barely bridled aggression and rage. She stays near Motormaster as if his presence could somehow help her keep control.

CatsCradle seems vaguely satisfied that Trypticon isn't going to rise up and move again and turns her attention back to the rest of the room. Oh, look, Starscream's still alive.

Ferret finds somewhere to stand where nobody will notice him much. Leadership battles are just way over his head.

Flashpoint simply remains passive on the whole thing. He knows that this is their battle, and he truly feels no major loyalty strings being pulled either way. He is, on the other hand, getting that sinking feeling that he's gonna end up working on these two.

Megatron activates his cannon. A blast escapes from the barrel, hitting the rebelling seeker. His blast is not strong enough to kill the other, but to knock him out. For some reason, Megatron seems not want to kill him."

Starscream is knocked reeling backwards into the wall. Unfortunately, he's not knocked out. Instead, Starscream gets angry enough to override his earlier fear. "You will RUE this day, Megatron!" he yells, despite his injury.

Megatron orders, annoyed: "Get him out of my sight!"

CatsCradle , unable to stop herself, squeaks out, "Don't shoot! It'll give Trypticon indigestion!"

Ravenwing completes her impromptu inspection of the others and smirks. No supporters for Starscream there, and she mentally congratulates them on their good judgment. Megatron's blast earns another arched brow, in that she didn't think he had the intestinal fortitude to finish off the traitor. Well, he didn't.

Starscream is...flabbergasted. And now he's getting dismissed like a kidlet!? Part of him realizes that Megatron, unwitting, is giving him the exit he needs to make his threats reality...but the other part is simply indignant at the disrespect he gets.

Ravage looks over at CatsCradle in curiosity, and he shrugs as he settles down... He would hopefully like to be the one to gut Starscream himself... How he wants to simply tear off the head of the annoying one...

Dirge walks silently into the room and positions himself at the fringes.

Motormaster strides over the minute Megatron gives the word, reaching down to try and pretty much grab Starscream and 'usher' him not-so-gently out of the room... it's not actually trying to physically hurl him out the door, but it's close enough,"Sorry about this, 'Air Commander'... oh, wait, nah. I'm not."

Soundwave says, "Motormaster, remove Starscream from the island."

Megatron returns to the computer.

Tempest grins in delight at Motormaster. Then her attention is on Megatron. "Megatron are you all right?" Then, inside, she realizes a certain conflict that still exists.

Nightbird has remained quiet and unassuming in this. But those who know her will know she is quite prepared to defend her mate if it's truly needed.

CatsCradle uneasily sits on the nearest console. "Diver would have loved to be the one to punt him off the island," she says wistfully, then apparently remembers Trypticon again and squeaks as she leaps off the console. "I miss Earthbase," she complains softly.

Scorcher decides that she will ask for a transfer back to Cybertron the first time she can be reasonable certain of the emperor's temper. Her nerves are not up to these situations

Flashpoint walks over to Megatron's vacinity, the battle as such is over, and he now feels the need to check on the victor. "Sir. Permission to run a scan for internal damages?"

Megatron plainly answer to Tempest's question. "I am."

Starscream wriggles in Motormaster's grasp but this big, dumb Stunticon is just too strong...built like a brick! It doesn't stop him from kicking though.

Tempest steps back from Megatron, and slips back to her corner.

Ravage looks over at Starscream, and he hisses... "What are we going to do with him, should he ever come back?"

Tempest says quietly to Ravage, "Shishkabobs?"

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Megatron to Shockwave. Excuse the interruption, we had a little... problem down here."

Soundwave says, "That will be Megatron's decision at the time, Ravage." Soundwave doesn't seem particularly concerned about it.

CatsCradle sidles back over to Chasm. "Here's another idea... a line of Ravage Cat Toys. Electronic thingies for cats to chase."

<LongRange> Shockwave says "Of course Megatron. May I assist in some way?"

Megatron says, "For now, exile him."

Starscream protests, "EXILE!?" He's never been /exiled/ before!

Soundwave catches that 'for now' and gives his leader a knowing look, but keeps any commentary to himself.

Dirge looks alarmed at hearing Megatron's command. "Who will lead the Seekers?"

Motormaster is pretty much flat out carrying Starscream at this point... and ignoring him, until one of the kicks hits him dead on the knee joint and makes him stagger,"You little..." Words fail him. Violence doesn't. Before Starscream can say another word, he rears back one of his big, dumb fists and cracks it across the traitorous Seeker's jaw, then strides from the room.

Scorcher mutters to herself, which means of course that everybody near her can overhear her "Great. Now what am I supposed to do if I see him again? Shoot him?"

Starscream lies like a feedsack, barely conscious, over Motormaster's shoulder.

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Not necessary, Shockwave, we are just about to remove the defective piece. But tell me what exactly happened on Cybertron."

Ravenwing just stares at Starscream, shaking her head in disbelief at his obtuseness. He is totally clueless, and *this* was second in command of the Empire?

Soundwave is, technically, now functionally in Starscream's role. At least until Starscream returns. But he too is more interested in what exactly happened on Cybertron just now.

Chasm hmms, "I'd better focus on Megatron merchandise just to keep the big guy happy..."

Chasm clings to Soundwave, "Can you now appoint me to Chief Financial Officer of the Decepticon forces?"

CatsCradle whispers to Chasm, "and action figures! Based on all the Decepticons!"

<LongRange> Shockwave pauses a moment, probably thinking about what Megatron means. Finally he replies, "Five personality components were stolen from the detention center here. No alarms were tripped, despite the increased security arrangements."

CatsCradle continues with, "You could make Autobot ones, too, but the Decepticon ones would of course be much flashier."

Soundwave replies a little distractedly, "I do not believe we need such an officer on Earth at this time, Chasm." He's taking in Shockwave's words and considering.

Ravage says, "Who are we going to appoint as the new acting Air Commander then?"

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Do you know which one?"

Scorcher beams a small little smile at Motormaster, who likely won't even see her as she is only now crawling from the console she had been hiding behind

Motormaster strides back into the room, dusting off his hands with an air of satisfaction,"Good thing I checked in just now... I think I just had th' best day o' my life." He then peers around at the crowd,"So what's goin' on anyhow?" He does notice Scorcher and flashes her a grin.

Laserbeak comes out of Soundwave's compartment and perches on his shoulder.

Flashpoint shrugs, as Megatron seems to be intent on the conversation. So, taking it upon himself to run the scan, he points his left index finger at the Emperor. The tips swivels back to reveal a small scanning device. He moves his finger around in the air, running the scan and then reading over the results.

<LongRange> Shockwave says a bit regretfully, "Unknown Megatron. The perpetrator destroyed the entire storage bank, making identification impossible."

Scorcher whispers to Motormaster "Seen any Autobots? I haven't, but I thought I did see the Aerialbots on long scan. didn't try to get a closer look though"

Tempest jokes, "What if I'm the next Air Commander?" to Motormaster. She's kidding. She doesnít' want the job.

<LongRange> Megatron clenches his fist. "The Autobots! Now, they've really done it. They've gone too far this time. I shall crush them once and for all!"

Tempest perks up. Crushing Autobots is always fun....

Motormaster shakes his head to Scorcher,"Autobots? Naw... not really. I mean, I saw 'em now and then but I was under orders not ta engage. I wonder what the Autobots want with five Decepticon personalities, anyhow..." He smirks at Tempest,"I can see the orders now.. 'Everyone, let's go raid planets!'"

Yeah. Megatron is fine. Flashpoint lowers his finger as the tip returns to it's normal looking position. He turns around, and returns to his wall, leaning against it and crossing his arms yet again.

Megatron hits the console with his fist. "I want that personal components back!" He turns to his troops, barking: "Find out where these Autobastards are hiding!"

<LongRange> Shockwave says formally, "I am at a loss to explain this breech of security Megatron. I would have thought it impossible to enter the complex without authorization. I accept full personal responsibility for this."

CatsCradle asks, "Are you sure it wasn't another Brotherhood movement? I'm still not convinced they weren't behind the sabotage of the 'bridge a few weeks ago." Proving that she really was paying attention all this time.

Tempest replies, "Permission to take them out of their hiding places in pieces?"

Ravage says, "We will terminate them... This is going too far..."

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Trace the intruders! Find them, destroy them and bring the components back!!"

The thought "inside job" occurs to Ravenwing, but she can't see any reason why any Decepticon would do so either.

Chasm projects a hologram design of the Megatron key-ring. This has potential.

Ravage says, "Chasm... Now is not the time for that."

Scorcher jumps to attention at Megatron's barked orders and restrains herself from saying "I've been trying to" without much effort

Ravage sends a mental warning... Chasm should cease his distractions now, or Ravage will... Persuade him to stop.

CatsCradle leans over Chasm's (and Soundwave's) shoulder. "If the eyes light up, they light up the keyhole."

Megatron says, "Whatever is necessary, Tempest, do it! And then Chasm can sell what is left..."

<LongRange> Shockwave's voice takes on a dangerous edge to those he will be hunting. "It will be done Megatron."

Dirge was deep in thought about Starscream's exile and the small problem of Air Commander. At Megatron's orders he snaps back into what was going on around him.

Soundwave speculates, more to himself than to anyone in particular, "It is reasonable to assume Autobots would destroy Decepticon personality components. But to take some for their own use, indicates a more dangerous plan. It is not their usual mode of operation. A possibility, however: is the Brotherhood of Chaos working with the Autobots?"

Laserbeak looks to Chasm "Another item your going to market to the mindless masses, Chasm ?"

Tempest is now content. Hunting is always fun. She runs one blade against the other, sharpening its already deadly edge.

Ravage says, "We should attempt to locate a meeting of the Brotherhood, and attempt to plant an agent into them in deep cover..."

Ravenwing is thinking more of Techno and her experiments than the Brotherhood, but keeps her thoughts to herself. No proof.

Chasm nods. "I figure I can make Megatron happy and turn a profit at the same time," he says, looking rather smug with himself.

CatsCradle reminds Soundwave, "The Brotherhood was originally a sub-cult of the Autobots."

Motormaster absently rests a hand on the angry, angry Tempest's shoulder,ĒíHey, leave some fer the rest of us, huh?" He chuckles, then looks to Soundwave,"Where and how do we start?"

Nightbird's optics sparkle just a bit in Tempest's direction as she pulls two of her shuriken and sharpens them both against each other, her ritual for preparing for combat.

Megatron says, "Soundwave, connect to the Earth satellite system and seek for Autobot energy patterns!"

Laserbeak begins humming to himself, and detaches his lasers and begins to polish them. And in a seemingly cocky tone "A hunting we will go... Autobots I shall kill"

Soundwave nods to Megatron, and turns immediately to his usual station. Tapping into the satellites as well as Earth broadcasts for any hint of Autobot activity, he scans rapidly through the currently available data.

Tempest actually /doesn't/ bite Motormaster's hand by reflex, though she does look back over her shoulder to make /sure/ it is who she thinks it is, and then replies sweetly, "If you're too lazy to catch 'em first it's your own fault."

Ravage looks over at the other Decepticons and he hisses as he sends a probing look up at Soundwave, awaiting instructions... He wants a target to strike back at...

Motormaster responds to Tempest just as sweetly,"That sounds like a challenge... let's just hope the boss only plans to supervise this hunt, or you'll be too busy protectin' him ta hunt at all." And with a bit of a smirk, he then turns to Scorcher,"You got any idea where they are?"

Dirge sighs inwardly. If the Autobots wanted to use *those* personality components, then let them. It would only quicken their eventual destruction. He kept those thoughts to himself.

Scorcher frowns in thought "I searched sectors 12 to 51 now. That includes all their usual hideouts. And I long scanned the entire planet by now. So they are hiding real wall, or they are moving around a lot, I'd say"

Tempest stares at Motormaster and suddenly realizes that he's picked up a little more than she wanted him to. Oh boy. Well, hunting with that later.

Megatron says, "If we cannot track the Autobots, find out were their nasty human friends are."

Megatron says, "Prime should not be far away."

Scorcher shrugs "We could attack some human facility or such. That would draw the Autobots, surely?"

CatsCradle asks, "Are we sure the cores even left Cybertron?"

Flashpoint watches the battle-glee take over those that are around him. He shakes his head. Blood lust. A time tested part of battle. He sighs, removing himself from the wall, and heading towards the door to make sure the repair facilities here are up to his standards, and ready for the influx of whining Decepticons who are over reacting to a simple laser scorch. He shakes his head and continues on his way.

Dirge smiles slightly at Scorcher's suggestion.

Ravage looks over at Soundwave, and he rumbles softly as he awaits instructions... "Perhaps we could send out search units, or something, then?"

Scorcher sighs inwardly and prepares herself for the inevitable order. She is one of the few airborne recon specialists around after all

Soundwave replies to CatsCradle, "We do not know that, but the Autobots on this planet may be able to tell us more, if forced to do so."

Ferret's attention is caught by the words 'search units'. That would be him...

Megatron starts typing long sequences of commands into the computer. Let's see if his electronic spies can find some data that indicates the location of the enemy.

CatsCradle starts to say that it might be better not to tear this planet apart looking, at least not yet, but after a glance at Megatron, thinks better of it.

Dead End walks in, his paint gleaming and as he watches the floor pass below him. As he enters, he looks up and checks out those around him. Confused as to why there are so many folks here, he looks for Motormaster, as this is where he's tracked his 'leader' down to.

Scorcher points to a huge island in the southern hemisphere "Could look there. Not much energon to be had, and they never been there. Would be an ideal place for them to hide. Flat and with lots of rocks to hide underneath"

Motormaster turns his head as Dead End enters the room, looking just a wee bit relieved. He's rather annoyed with Tempest at the moment, and besides he wants someone to share the good news with,"Hey, Dead End! Over here!" He raises an optic ridge at the other's expression,"Somethin' wrong? The others are alright, right? I know I've been gone for a while."

Megatron says, "Then check this out, Scorcher!"

Ravage says, "Very well then, Scorcher... Is there anything in particular that would lead you to believe that they could be present there, then?"

Soundwave says, "It is more likely the Autobots are hiding among the human population." He continues to scan the airwaves."

Scorcher shakes her head at Ravage, after acknowledging Megatronís command "Nothing particular. Just that it would be a good place for them to hide. Good terrain for vehicles, that's all"

Dead End heads over to meet and greet with his long lost brother, raising a brow in response, "They're as well as can be expected, I suppose. Although Wildrider insists on continually calling me 'Deady'. Some sort of joke." He shakes his head, "Beyond that, everything is as expected."

Megatron wants this components back, because he knows too well what personalities were stored in that chamber on Cybertron.

Ravage says, "This entire planet is filled with good hiding places..."

Scorcher says "I'll be on my way then, sir"

Scorcher transforms into her Cyberjet mode.

Ferret looks up, hearing Soundwave and then Scorcher. He's been waiting a long time for a mission to take advantage of his particular skills. even if nobody else appreciates them.

Scorcher takes a running step and transforms while jumping into the air

Motormaster nods to Soundwave,"You park in a parkin' lot and crank your power levels down, ain't nothin' ta distinguish ya from a normal car. It'd be... hard ta find 'em if they're doin' that." A furtive glance at Megatron,"Not impossible, just hard. I could go start checkin' those with Dead End..." He then grins at his brother,"Well then, Deady... what's up?"

CatsCradle says hesitantly, "Soundwave, what about monitoring the human's news channels? 'Bot appearances still make the news now and then, and you can scan them faster than Diver or I could."

Tempest paces about. She knows flying off in any random direction probably won't reveal Autobots. Let the Decepticons' high tech give her a location...she can take care of it from there.

Dead End gets a sneer across his face, "As I told Wildrider. Don't call me that."

Soundwave finds something, and brings it up on screen, even as Cats mentions it. A news blip repeats itself, finishing up with "...and in recognition of his heroic service to the people of Earth, this magnificent statue of the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, will be unveiled at noon in the central square. We expect some special guests on the scene."

Dirge says, "Shall we be the special guests?"

Laserbeak gets a little irked "They show up all the time when we don't want them and now we are looking for them and they are all stealthy all of a sudden."

Soundwave remarks, "They cannot resist flattery to their ego, it seems."

Ravage nods over at CatsCradleís suggestion, and then as he sees the news broadcast, his audio receivers swivel about, and he hisses angrily. "The Autobots are up to something... We should definitely monitor this scene... I think that myself and Laserbeak are well suited to the task..."

Tempest grins over at Dirge. "Sounds"

Megatron says, "We have a time, we have a location, and we know they do not use Omega Supreme, so they cannot move too fast..."

Nightbird's optics sparkle at the news. Somehow the others on the team always find out the essentials.

Laserbeak jumps off Soundwave's shoulder, and gets all exited "Can I blow up the statue?"

Dirge returns Tempest's grin with a grim expression. Fun?

Tempest tilts her head at Dirge, and scowls. "What, don't you /like/ hunting?" she says, her voice rough.

Megatron points at a map on the screen. "This is the area in which we should find Prime and his Botstards.

Dirge smirks at Tempest. "Not at the expense of shortening my existence."

Tempest replies, "It's better than dying while hiding," and turns away from him.

Soundwave says, "If we wish to force answers out of them, I would recommend taking a larger number of warriors." He looks to Megatron, aware of his creations' eagerness to scout ahead. But he doesn't want to lose the Autobots at his opportunity.

Dirge makes an amused sound at Tempest's back.

Motormaster notes,"I could transport the both of them into the city without drawin' any attention whatsoever, and then they could hop right out o' th' trailer and sneak off ta watch fer th' Autobots ta arrive."

Ravage nods up at Soundwave, and he hmms softly... THey need to take a prisoner, or preferably, prisoners... He says, "If we are able to get at Prime... Might Laserbeak and Buzzsaw get first dibs on him? They get so few opportunities to practice their trade these days..."

Megatron says, "Of course, Soundwave. We will altogether blast the answers out of their body shells. Send you cassettes to find them, we will be right behind them"

Soundwave looks to Laserbeak and Ravage, then to Motormaster. "Motormaster, take your team and scout ahead. Ravage, ride with them. Laserbeak, converge on the scene from above. We will follow."

Dead End shrugs, "I suppose I can run support for you, if you're holding such precious cargo.

Ferret sits down against the wall, and waits to resume his role as official tag-along. There's a chance he's beginning to believe in Skywarp's opinion of him.

Megatron says, "Decepticon, we fly out!"

Reflector gets up to follow along after the other Decepticons...

Dirge shrugs and pushes himself off the wall.

Chasm sighs. "This could be tricky, Soundwave."

Soundwave is ready to accompany Megatron, but catches something on his console just before turning away. "Autobot presence confirmed at the site, Commander. And... there is some manner of panic among the natives. The broadcast is non-specific."

Megatron says, "What now? We are not even there, Soundwave.."

Soundwave says, "Unknown, Commander.""

Megatron says, "We can take care of that later. First we will deal with Prime."

Chasm erms, "Soundwave, I have to polish my claws and work on some marketing strategies..."

Soundwave gives Chasm a faintly exasperated look, then opens his tape compartment. "Enter," he says. "You may learn something on the journey."

CatsCradle says, "Chasm, think of it this way... you can keep your optics out for more ideas of things to sell."

<Earth> Ravage says, "Commanders, this is...  Rather odd...  Starscream has his own assault force present here, identities unknown..."

<Earth> Motormaster says, "I'll confirm that report... sir, I don't know who these guys are, but they're pretty bad lookin'... and they're fightin' the Autobots. No, retreatin' now."

CatsCradle gives an amused shrug. "If they're fighting the 'Bots, let 'em at it."

<Earth> Megatron says, "I will be there soon, Motormaster, having a look for myself."

<Earth> Ravage sends a telepathic message to Soundwave, letting his father see through his optics.

Scorcher practically runs into the room. She too has heard that message on the earth channel, and since she did not find the Autobots on that island


New York City

     This bustling human metropolis is characterized by a large spanning bridge over the Hudson River and a unique statue of a woman with a torch in the harbour. The downtown skyline is marked by famous buildings and hundreds of lesser high-rises, many covered in gargoyles. Crowds bustle through neon-lit Times Square; pigeons gather in Central Park. The city is the epitome of human culture for this continent.

Currently there's a "Mexican Standoff' in the area. The square is deserted of humans and the statue of Optimus Prime they were unveiling has been badly shot up. In the distance, Starscream is retreating, flanked by some strange unknown Decepticons. The Autobots meanwhile have engaged the attention of the full Decepticon army.

Vortex swerves aside to spin away from Laserbeak, still following Onslaught's order to retreat.

Motormaster snarls as Starscream threatens the cassette, saying to Ravage,"Get outta the cab... I'm gonna transform an' kill that traitor myself. And no... I ain't got any idea who these guys are." He's parked just shy of where the Autobots are facing off with withdrawing Combaticons, ready to jump in guns blazing himself.

Soundwave flies in along side Megatron, recognizing the retreating individuals as those whom Ravage showed him telepathically. No, he doesn't recognize these forms, but there is indeed something faintly familiar about them.

Ravage jumps out of the cab, and he flies up into the air, zooming to protect his brother!

Brawl continues to retreat, since no one's told him to, you know, crush that annoying bird or anything.

Megatron narrows his optics as he comes closer. Five individuals... five stolen components...

Motormaster flips up into his own robotic mode, gun in one hand and sword held loosely in the other.. he points his gun at Starscream, then switches to Prime, then back again,"Frag... Megatron better get here right quick. We're kinda outnumbered." He is relieved, then, as other Decepticons begin to pour into the area.

Optimus Prime steps forward, "Megatron - order your troops to return Jazz and Cliffjumper at once." His voice is laden with warning. "I won't ask a second time."

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and his laser pistols are out. Whom do they attack - Starscream and his new allies, or the Autobots?

Tempest sniffs at the air, scenting unfamiliar exhaust. What are they up against? Then Prime shows up and gives them a more immediate answer.

Scorcher hisses at the threatening tone of their ancient enemy

Starscream laughs at Motormaster, "Catch me if you can, groundpounder!" The flying robots are quickly out of range.

Megatron frowns. Now things are getting even more confusing. What is that about Jazz and Cliffjumper.

Ravage looks over at the retreating Decepticons, and he moves to start scampering after them, sending a telepathic message to Soundwave with his intents...

Vortex disappears off into the distance with the others, the faint rattle of his rotor blades fading out.

Ferret raises his carbine, aiming towards the Autobots. If Megatron gives the word, he's not about to get caught out...

Laserbeak looks to Megatron, then to the Autobots "Engage, boss?"

Scorcher takes to the air, out of immediate firing range of the Autobots, but near enough to keep an eye on things

Soundwave calls Ravage back, the Autobots being a more immediate threat just now.

Nightbird starts to make her way behind the Autobots, moving with her usual stealth.

Reflector looks over at the Autobots, an then he looks over at the other Decepticons... And then he raises his laser pistols to point them at the Autobots...

Chasm leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

Chasm flaps up behind Soundwave again, using the big Decepticon for cover.

Ravage looks over at the Autobots, and he hisses as he watches Starscream fly off, but he stays out in the open, and his twin proton bombs arm...

Optimus Prime, "Well, Megatron? You may have taken our friends, but you won't be keeping them."

Tempest comes screaming in and considers chasing Starscream...but no, she's got more immediate problems now. Don't abandon the team. Stay with them, guard them...hunt Starscream later.

Ravenwing follows the same path as Nightbird, circling behind the Autobots and looking for a good sniping position.

Ferret picks a target among the Autobots, and waits...

Gryphus arrives in a belated fashion... is it truly a wonder why to anyone? She flies in as her hippogriff form and sizes up the situation to see what, if anything, she could possible do.

Megatron has to try nevertheless. He starts to attack Prime. "I don't know what you are talking about, Prime. However, if someone has stolen something it is you! Return the personality component of the five renegade Decepticons to me or be terminated." For some reason he expects Prime not knowing about those...

Laserbeak locks onto the Autobot pretty boy Sunstreaker... and awaits the word.

Dirge aims his lasers at the Autobots, and wonders if the day could be any more bizarre.

From afar, Ravenwing doesn't try to keep up with everyone's poses. Concentrate on Megs'; he's the one who's scripted.

Thrust transforms and takes to the air

Ravage slowly slinks in behind the Autobots, moving to join Nightbird in an assault on their lines from the rear...

Dirge sees Thrust transform and take to the air. It seems like a wise thing to do. Better than being ground cannon fodder.

Dirge transforms into his Blue Jetfighter mode.

Reflector moves to get behind cover as he looks over at the Autobots... For once, the Autobots lack a numerical advantage.

Dirge also takes to the air.

Soundwave takes note of those sneaking up behind the Autobots, and, when he feels they're in position, gives a silent signal to his creations to fire in a united barrage.

Optimus Prime looks puzzled and shakes his head. "A Decepticon trick, Megatron? I don't now anything about these renegade Decepticons. How about you return Jazz and Cliffjumper at once before things get nasty?"

Ravage howls as he launches a sudden attack against Prime, launching a proton bomb at the Autobot leader's back!

Laserbeak blasts at Sunstreaker.

Prime says, "Last time I looked, Starscream was /your/ subordinate, Megatron." He holds his rifle out. Clearly, the kidnap off his friends has pushed him close to the edge.

Megatron fires at Prime - out of tradition.

Scorcher sighs deeply as the dispute deteriorates, as usual. She is not up to fighting a mass of Autobots. Never was really, but has learned that she is not a real combat unit

Reflector fire off blasts from his lasers at the Autobots, blasting away at them and trying to catch them in a crossfire as he shoots at Skids!

Ferret sees the sudden attack of the cassettes, and dives for cover, firing off blasts of energy from his carbine.

Prime breaks off has Laserbeak fires at him. "I guess you're playing dirty, Megatron." He chuckles. "I should know better, by now. Autobots, return fire! We want our friends back alive and we'll have to go through the Decepticons to do it.

Megatron is thrown to ground by Prime's Laser - also a tradition...

Motormaster just shakes his head a bit and switches his cyclone gun to the Autobots once more, selecting Ironhide out of the crowd and opening fire on his usual enemy!

Laserbeak gets a shot in and takes a blast for his trouble... fair trade. He then Attacks Sunstreaker yet again.

Dirge notices that the battle has commenced. He zooms down.

Scorcher fires one of her missiles at the Autobots, scatter them

Gryphus circles around, peering to see if any Bots are actually open..

Soundwave fires a barrage of plasma blasts at the Autobots, but glances aside as Megatron is thrown to the ground by Prime's retaliation.

Megatron says, "Decepticons, finish them off!"

Tempest is hungry and picks out Windcharger as something small and easy to quickly.

Ravage dives out of the way, moving to select another target as Megatron engages Prime... He fires off a rocket at Hound, trying to catch the annoying one whom Buzzsaw still wants to get...

Nightbird comes around from behind and ambushes two Autobots.

Motormaster staggers backwards as he gets a laser blast to the chest in return, flipping out his sword instead and charging Ironhide head on, crashing towards the other bulky groundpounder and bringing it around in a glittering arc.

Tempest frowns as she realizes Windcharger is a harder target than she planned on.

Ferret transforms, and hits the spotlight, throwing a Decepticon logo into the sky. He charges forward, firing machine guns.

Reflector is caught by Skids' blast, and he takes it in the chest, and then he blazes away at him, trying to coordinate his blasts o catch the Autobots unawares!

Laserbeak goes in for the kill .

Megatron tries to get Prime to giving him more information: "Don't bother me with your lies, Prime. I want what is mine!

Scorcher's missile hits the ground in-between the Autobots, she did not expect to hit anybody anyway. The fireball as it explodes forces the Autobots to scatter anyway. However, the return fire scores her wings and she yelps in pain, before quickly retreating out of range

Ravenwing leans against one of the sturdier buildings and takes her shots carefully, narrow-apertured laser blasts to the back of the knees, the antenna of those that have them, all the weak spots she's learned in millions of years of sniping. Once a volley is off, she moves to a different location, taking advantage of every bit of cover.

Dirge watches at Sunstreaker's attack misses wildly.

Ravage decides to take it to close range, then, as he leaps for Hound, intent on tearing out the Autobot's throat with his claws!

Motormaster snarls as his sword slices through empty air and gets stuck in the ground, necessitating that he pull it out... which gives Ironhide the chance to throw a punch that he barely manages to avoid. He then lashes out with a foot at this opponent's abdomen.

Laserbeak watches Sunstreaker fall and gleefully turns to Ironhide firing away.

CatsCradle slips between buildings and picks herself a nice little sniping position. She does a quick eenie meenie minie moe and lets off a shot at Mirage.

Nightbird manages to miss them both, as they rush toward the fighting. Undaunted, she simply ignites her sword and swipes at them after dodging their clumsy return attacks.

Reflector blasts at the Autobots, having not gotten in any strikes so far, but hoping that the Decepticons can still pull this off as a victory... The battle, so far, appears to be even...

Ferret's machine gun rounds tear into skids, throwing off his aim. Ferret continues to zoom past the Autobots, pressing his attack.

Gryphus wings around and lands a bit of a distance from the fight... then transforms and readies herself for a possible fight.

Motormaster activates his sword's chain function as he finally manages to pull it loose, then swinging the screaming blade again to try and hack Ironhide in half.

Dirge wobbles in the air as Ironhide hits. He manages to steady himself.

Thrust banks back and gaining speed dives cown for the nearest Autobot in his sights

Ravage grins over at Hound as his claws dig deep, and then he latches onto the Autobot's leg, and he moves to try and slash deep once more, gauging furrows into his chest!

Laserbeak nails Ironhide and avoids the counterblast while firing off another barrage.

CatsCradle chuckles a little, more pleased at Mirage's inability to find her and make a good shot, than angry at her own miss. She settles herself in a little more comfortably in her little niche and fires again.

Ferret zooms past Skids, evading his aim, but unable to hit the Autobot either. He grumbles, and fires a smoke grenade to confuse his target.

Motormaster is forced to leap back to avoid another counterattack after failing to strike his opponent himself, transforming and revving up his engines then barreling towards Ironhide with all the power that he can muster, planning to run right over him.

Reflector fires over at the Autobots, trying to blast at Skids once more!

Scorcher fires another missile and this time strikes some Autobot solidly. For a moment he disappears in an inferno.

Megatron, hit by another attack, curses: "Blast you Optimus!" He decides that Prime is not a help. "Decepticons, retreat.

Dirge decides to aim for an easier Autobot, and nervously decides on Gears.

Ravage howls as he emerges victorious from his battle with Hound, and he fires on them once more!

Laserbeak falls to the ground staggered from Ironhideís blast. He Fires off another deluge of shots at Prime's right hand man.

Gryphus hmms as she looks from one combatant to the next.. seeing who isn't possible taken.. ah that nice looker Prowl.. that will suit her fine. May as well give him a go around hm? With that she moves quickly toward him, unfurling that whip of hers and snapping it forth toward the unsuspecting Bots backside. *SNAP*

Thrust pulls up and retreats when he hears his leaders orders

Nightbird pauses with her buzzsaws high, ready to continue slicing up Autobots. Reluctantly she turns away.

Ferret's smoke grenade bounces off Skids' armour, leaving a trail of smoke as it rolls away harmlessly. Ferret skids into a turn, and charges back, still firing his machine-gun.

Dirge gladly retreats. He will be requiring repairs.

Reflector hears the order, and as the battle is turning into a draw, he moves to take up into the air after the other Decepticons, moving to withdrawal.

Soundwave calls back his creations as Megatron calls the withdrawal. It seems, Megatron has decided the Autobots really don't know anything about what happened in Polyhex.

Ravenwing manages to stay unobserved in the confusion, but the close-quarters fighting prevents her from another easy volley for fear of hitting a comrade. Staying in motion, she snaps off a shot again and again, and beginning to take some return fire from Autobots who don't like being shot from ambush. Ah well, can hardly blame them. The order to retreat is met with a shrug. May as well, as they're not accomplishing much here.

Tempest doesn't /want/ to retreat. She wants Windcharger on a platter. This had better be good, to make retreat worth her while.

Laserbeak watches Ironhide fall. "Thatís two." then he realizes what Megatron said "Sorry about that Boss."

Motormaster is turning back around to finish off Ironhide when Megatron gives his order... he's disappointed, but then Ironhide takes the Autobot out anyhow and he sends the cassette a quick radio salute and laugh and revs up again, zooming after Megatron and accidentally running over the Autobot again on his way out.

Scorcher accidentally hears the order to retreat and obeys at once, though not so fast she can't back up the other cons who are still engaged

Ravage grins as he fires off another rocket at the Autobots, trying to keep up the pressure on them... And then, he leaps up into the air, flying to intersperse himself in between the withdrawing Autobots and his brothers...

Gryphus blinks as her whip not only scores but causes Prowl to hit the ground and not move again... "Woah..."

CatsCradle's shot hits this time, and Mirage stumbles, firing back blindly. "Yeah, this is fun," she murmurs, aiming again, then pauses as Megatron calls a retreat. "Well, phoo," she murmurs again and readies to follow.

Dirge flies off a small distance, then realizes the others are still fighting. He flies back. "What on Cybertron are they doing?"

Ferret transforms and takes off, watching Skids tumble. He laughs after the fallen Autobot, as he follows Megatron's retreat.

Soundwave catches up with Megatron. "Suggest we refuel and recharge our weapons nearby, Commander. There is an underground station where we can do so undisturbed."

Laserbeak begins to pull out with his comrades "Next time you wonít be so lucky, Autoscum!"

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he winces at the minor damage that he has taken. This battle was effectively a 'draw...'

Megatron points at the subway entrance for withdrawal.

Dirge transforms into his robot mode.

Gryphus glances as the others move out and hesitantly follows suit. "Let's roll Reflector." she tells him.

CatsCradle fades towards the subway system.


Subway System

        An underground chamber the humans use for storing their clumsy track-guided vehicles. The poor lighting make it difficult to see too far, and shadows are everywhere, offering perfect concealment.

Starscream then offers a carrot to Onslaught. "You shall have it. Prepare ambush positions...I do believe the individual we seek is coming after us."

Starscream takes cover behind a nearby train.

Vortex takes cover hurriedly as well.

Brawl clanks behind something.

Swindle thinks to muffle their Autobot prisoners and takes cover as well.

From the ambush position, Onslaught watches as Megatron enters. Very soon now, very soon.

Vortex shoots Brawl a glare, and hopes the big tank keeps the noise down.

Brawl peers at Vortex. Now, if only his wholly covered face were able to emote.

Megatron decides. "Take the possibility to refuel." He leans against a train. "Where is that fool Starscream?" he grumbles.

Nightbird puts her sword away in favor of shuriken, since they don't glow in the dark.

Scorcher comes in, smoking from her wing

Ravage heads on into the caverns, and he purrs softly as he moves on along, stretching himself out... He has minor damage, but he will be fine...

Scorcher transforms into her Robot mode.

Laserbeak rests near a subway car inspecting his damage.

Soundwave looks over the group with a practiced optic. Minor repairs needed to most of them.

Motormaster winces a bit as he transforms back to his robot mode once down in the tunnel, studying his various minor wounds and grumbling a bit,"Fraggin' Autobots."

Starscream appears from behind the train, leaping over the top of it. Facing Megatron alone, he asks, "Would you be talking about me?"

Chasm looks at the train. "There could be fuel in there. Soundwave, I'm feeling a bit faint."

Reflector nods as he follows along after Soundwave, wondering idly what is going on... They will have to follow along after the other Decepticons... How will they locate them?

Scorcher winces slightly as her injured wing folds onto her back

Gryphus moves along, still boggling she put down a Bot, and Prowl of all of them!, down so easy. She has her whip coiled back upon her hip as she follows the retreat.. Not too far behind Reflector.

Dirge frowns at the damage inflicted onto him by the Autoscums. He follows the others.

Soundwave looks up sharply at the sound of Starscream's voice, gesturing to Chasm to be still. Carefully he steps back out of the circle of dim light.

Tempest shoots a nervous look at Motormaster and slinks up beside him to get a closer look at his wounds. Why does he always have to bash himself up so much?

Megatron faces Starscream. "So, you really dare to cross my way? Where are your companions?"

Starscream replies, "I certainly do dare, Megatron. You are the leader of the /past/ and you make foolish mistakes. Combaticons!"

Ravage looks over at the sudden sounds of Starscream and he hisses softly at the sounds... What is Starscream trying to pull here?

Onslaught moves around. He and the Combaticons are encircling the entire Decepticon forces. When Starscream commands, they leap into position!

Nightbird immediately ducks into the shadows, her shuriken at the ready. If Starscream gives her a target..

Swindle hefts his laser, ready to shoot.

Vortex leaps forward, following Onslaught's signal, and levels his guns at the group of Decepticons.

Scorcher eeps and hurriedly cycles a missile into her launcher from subspace

Brawl gets his guns out of subspace. He waits for the call to shoot things. God, he loves shooting things.

Reflector yells out in surprise as he hurriedly brings his up his lasers to target the unknown Decepticons as they leap out from nowhere!

Soundwave carefully raises his own weapon, waiting for an opening to line up a shot at Starscream.

Gryphus comments to Reflector. "Okay, tell me when he found the time to find someone to back him up?"

Dirge stands behind a train, next to Thrust. "I don't like this."

Ferret drops into a crouch, as he sees they are surrounded, raising his carbine. The flashlight attached to its barrel comes on, and the beam of light probes into the shadows.

Onslaught lowers his rifle. He gives Starscream a look to 'hurry it up'. He can already feel his energy getting low.

Laserbeak suddenly jumps up "what in the name of Primus? Oh so the trailer park trash of the Decepticon Empire rears its ugly head yet again?"

Starscream says, "Surrender, Megatron! As you can see my team has yours surrounded!"

Ravage follows after Soundwave, and he hisses softly over the telepathic mindlink <What should we do here? Concentrate on Starscream, or these buffoons who support him?>

Starscream announces, "You will proclaim /me/ as rightful Decepticon Leader."

Motormaster looks to Tempest as she sidles up and is about to say something, it seems, when Starscream makes himself known,"Frag!" He flips his gun up again and aims it at Onslaught, almost instinctively,"Oh, this isn't gonna go well..."

CatsCradle makes her way through the subway, humming almost soundlessly to herself, more mentally then aloud, rather satisfied with herself for doing damage and not taking any. Then she hears Starscream's unmistakable voice and winces slightly. Whether the wince was at the screechy voice or just the fact that the voice meant that the mech had to be nearby really doesn't matter. She trots to catch up with the others.

Scorcher hunches slightly. She is injured, outnumbered and underground. This certainly is not her day

Thrust looks to Dirge, "nether do I." he whispers and looks back at Starscream and Megatron, "Be ready to attack if Megatron gets in trouble.'

Megatron looks around, trying to find out who these other Decepticons are. He rises his cannon. "Surrender? Haven't you realized you are outnumbered.

Tempest growls. She doesn't trust her shooting to be good enough to hit Starscream and not the wall...or Megatron...and she knows that she can't get her blades into play without being shot by a Combaticon.

Starscream replies, "/YOUR/ troops are tired from fighting the Autobots. I think you are at the disadvantage." He doesn't need to mention that his own troops will need fuel before long.

Dirge nods slightly. "I have the creepy feeling you and I are going to be in trouble."

Ravage looks up at the Decepticons, and he waits instructions from Megatron... Do they attack here?

Onslaught mutters under his metaphorical breath, "Hurry it up, Starscream. This is a military operation. I didn't schedule you any gloating time..."

Reflector raises his lasers up, and he keeps a bead drawn on the other unknown Decepticons as he looks over at Starscream, wanting to let out a shot...

From inside Soundwave, Chasm advises, "Be careful Soundwave, this could be dangerous. You know how concerned I am about your survival." He says the last bit with a faint smirk.

Scorcher looks around, trying for a way out. Preferably into lots of sky

Megatron quickly glances at Soundwave.

Thrust gives Dirge a glum look. "You are no fun you know."

Onslaught points his rifle, waiting for Starscream's command.

Gryphus keeps her hand close to her ever present hip-mounted whip.. watching and listening for know. Best to observe and learn something about these new recruits hmm?

Dead End finally makes some sort of motion to show that he's still alive by moving his hand to his faceplate to make sure on one sees him smile at Onslaught's statement.

Soundwave raises his weapon further, apparently at Starscream - under the concept that if you knock out the leader, the rest of the team will scatter into chaos - but he doesn't dare take that chance this time. The gun twitches upward and - blasts out the single dim overhead light that's casting a pale illumination, plunging the whole area into darkness.

Megatron says, "Take cover everyone!"

Starscream lets out a screeching curse as the lights go out...where's Megatron? Change of plan. He knows his team doesn't have energy to play hide and seek in the dark. "Get your targets and let's get out of here!" he calls to his Combaticons.

Ravage hisses as the area plunges into darkness - he can still see here /very/ well... He leaps forwards for Onslaught, intent on pouncing and trying to KO the Combaticon Leader and tear him up!

Tempest is suddenly a flash of yellow and blue, darting away beneath one of the trains, rolling...and slinking out again Primus only knows where.

Swindle fires from memory, three quick shots at Reflector's three positions.

Scorcher muffles a panicked scream as she is suddenly blinded. This is worse than being underground, and she can't seem to think well enough to actually do something

Dirge looks towards Thrust. "Attack now?"

Resyke is already hiding under a train, and has so since.. well, since the scene began.

Onslaught aims rifle out, trying to track down a Decepticon to immobilize and take down. Unfortunately that train gives them a lot of cover.

Reflector takes the hits from Swindle, and his three components collapse onto the ground, in stasis...

Megatron remarks chuckling, while he rushes for cover: "Incompetence breeds even more incompetence."

Brawl silently cheers and starts opening fire wildly. He hopes he's shooting at CatsCradle and not, you know, Vortex or something. Of course, Vortex is a jerk anyway. Regardless, Brawl's gunfire gravitates in CatsCradle's direction.

Dead End dodges to the left, finding some nice cover behind the main wheel of the train.

Laserbeak is confused injured and tired "Oh Crap."

Thrust nods, "Yes!" he prepares to fire

Tempest sniffs at Resyke as she finds someone under the same train as her.

Soundwave ducks down to avoid the wild barrage of badly-aimed fire from Brawl.

Resyke waves cheerfully to Tempest. "Sorry bout this! You want me to shift over a bit miss?"

Gryphus hears the call to duck and does that, crouching low.. "Reflector.." she looks up at the one named Swindle. "Hey you back off!" she uncoils the whip and snaps it up at him... not that it will reach from the distance he's at...

Dirge gives Thrust an uncertain look but readies himself. He also makes a run towards Onslaught.

The flashlight on Ferret's carbine emits a bright beam of light through the darkness, as he tries to pick out a Combaticon target. But he's more concerned with hiding, so his aim is less accurate than it might be, and he fails to hit a thing. One energy blast hits a vending machine, and blows it to bits.

Tempest curls her lip at Resyke. "You one of Starscream's lackeys?"

Ravage hisses as the area plunges into darkness - he can still see here /very/ well... He leaps forwards for Onslaught, intent on pouncing and trying to KO the Combaticon Leader and tear him up!

Onslaught shakes his head at Dirge's idiotic charge, "Your bravery is commendable," he says, and aims a shot at Dirge, hitting the seeker in the chest "... but it doesn't serve you very well."

CatsCradle smiles as darkness falls. It was a long time ago, but there was a time when all of her fighting was done in darkness. She draws her sword, slipping her way between subway cars... and suddenly realizes that a portion of the fire is centered on her. She tries to ease backwards, but that only would put her out of cover completely on the other side of the train. She pops her wrist laser and tries to center a few tight bursts on what seems to be the center of the fire concentrated on her.

Resyke shrugs. "I'm pretty much everyone's lackey, miss."

Starscream wastes no time in withdrawing, getting out of this miserable sewer and into the open air. He doesn't like being underground. HE takes no prisoner, since he already has a perfectly serviceable energy converter in his chest. He'll get Megatron sooner or later...the silver mech can't hide forever!

Megatron appears beside Soundwave. Has the other helped him to find his way somehow?

Motormaster curses in the sudden darkness and opens up on where Onslaught at least /was/, heavy laser blasts slicing through the darkness and briefly lighting patches of it... if only any of them would actually /hit/ something.

Laserbeak uses his enhanced vision and flies up to Starscream swinging a backhand wing across his face "Die Traitor!"

Cover fire shoots through the air. "Combaticons, retreat with targets!" Onslaught roars.

Dirge yells out in extreme pain as the shot burns into his chest. He falls down.

Tempest growls. "If you're one of Starscream's then I get to eat you." She seems pleased at the thought. Two long, sharp, slim blades are suddenly extended, one in each hand, as she crouches in the dimness. Ruby optics burn like hell-coals.

Nightbird starts to work away to a position where she can strike without hurting any of her team.

Scorcher just whimpers softly as all around her laserfire flashes and she can just feel all those tons of rock pressing down on her

Ravage leaps after the withdrawing Onslaught, trying to keep the pressure up, and to tear at him away until he's nothing!

Onslaught dodges and returns a shot that nearly smacked into him. A plasma bolt tears into Motormaster.

Brawl takes a shot to the shoulder. "Ow," he says. That's... that's it. She shot him. He is going to tear her to -pieces.- He redoubles his efforts to, you know, blast her to little itty bitty Fun Size CatsCradles, advancing. Screw cover. He's tough.

Motormaster spins away with a sizzle of sparks as the plasma bolt shreds through his side, spraying out bits of armor and internals from the back... he staggers a moment, then his optics flicker and he topples over with a crunch and clang.

Dirge moans, thinking only of his mortality. He cursed silently. He should not have listened to Thrust. And now he might be meeting Oblivion.

Reflector is grabbed, and picked up and his three components are dragged away with the retreating Combaticons...

Dead End, happy with his relative cover, pulls his weapon and turns around the wheel, aiming with his brother at where Onslaught was. The wind-based weapon might not hit, but it'll at least blow their hair back.

Blast Off, whose been remarkably quiet up to now, springs up from a side position and blasts away with stun blasts on Gryphus and Laserbeak.

Resyke's visor goes white. "Whoa whoa whoa! I don't taste very good! And If I were one of them", he points, "Why would I be hiding under a train?"

Ferret breaks cover, and moves along the length of a train, firing after the Combaticons. He hits the deck as a stray shot sears past, and fires again.

Vortex activates his rotor blades to add to the confusion with a clatter of noise, and orients toward the vague shape of Laserbeak in the darkness. The wind tunnel attempts to draw him in and away from the retreating Starscream.

Gryphus hisses as Reflectors three components get snagged while Blast Off hits her in the wing.. making it useless and stunning her slightly. "Okay.. no more miss nice researcher..."

Blast Off shakes his head as he shoots at Gryphus, "What a strange design. Interesting, but not all that practical..."

Laserbeak is suddenly being pulled away from the traitor ... "What the &*^ ?"

Tempest considers the logic of this. He certainly doesn't act like one of Starscream's new soldier-bots. A shame...she was hungry...but... Sigh. He wouldn't be enough of a challenge, she tries to tell herself, as she looks outward for a new target. It's dark, and she can't see much.

Megatron decides. "Decepticons, regroup. We return to base." To lick our wounds...

Blast Off leaps forward and grips Gryphus, "I'm sorry, my lady, but you are clearly outmatched by my evident superiority."

Gryphus is struck again before the stun wears off and slumps to the ground. 'Strange design.... I'll give him what for...'

Ferret elbows along the ground, edging forward, the flashlight on his weapon flicking this way and that. He aims for Blast off, but lowers his weapon for fear of hitting Gryphus.

Vortex transforms into his Helicopter mode.

Motormaster drags himself up to his hands and knees, gritting and clamping a hand to the gaping wound in his side and staggering back up to standing when he hears Megatron's order. He heads for the exit, shooting an angry glare back over his shoulder at the Combaticons.

Brawl aims low, remembering that he's not supposed to kill CatsCradle. Maybe if he just, you know, severs her feet.

Tempest slinks out from under the train....

Nightbird is finally in position. She'll nail Starscream and Onslaught with in the same two second space. She readies her sword, and tenses to leap.

Onslaught calls out, "I hope you remember me, Megatron. I /do/." He drops back, the mission superseding his desire for personal vengeance.

Vortex sweeps up Laserbeak and Gryphus in a wind tunnel, snapping them up in his holding compartment. Then he reverses his rotor blades and unleashes a tornado of wind toward the remaining Decepticons, trying to push them back while his team escapes.

Dead End shakes his head, suddenly very confidant and rather pissed that his brother has been shot. Rolling off the wheel, he gets to his feet and flips the switch on his weapon to set the tunnel of wind to almost tornado levels. Taking aim at his fellow wind-thrower, he calls out, "Don't take my gig, fly boy." He pulls the trigger, hoping Vortex is weak against his own type of attacks.

CatsCradle tries to weed the confusion of sounds and chaos down to a smaller more focused area... whoever has singled her out. For a second, she loses track, just enough time for one of her shots to hit and the target to recover. She hears the call to retreat and begins to shift her way towards it... just as a shot nails through one of her ankles, sending her sprawling.

Dirge panics as he realizes the others are leaving.

Onslaught manages to grip a fallen Decepticon in the darkness. "See how Megatron deserts you?

Resyke looks extremely relieved that Tempest isn't going to eat him. Megs has called the retreat, but there's an awful lot of fire out there.. best to stay under the train.

Gryphus hopes Votrex doesn't bend her feathers or he'll be next on her list of mechs to get back at later....

Tempest sniffs...something's wrong...and darts over. She smells fuel, and for once doesn't like the aroma. "Motormaster...what happened?"

Onslaught steps back, "Combaticons, retreat!" he orders, not waiting for Starscream to call the retreat.

Brawl hears that satisfying clunk of CatsCradle hitting the ground. Ignoring all the brightly colored fire, he kicks her a few times before draping her over his shoulder. "Mine," he says with some satisfaction, before shooting at Thrust for no discernible reason. Then, as per Onslaught's orders, he retreats.

Dirge feels somemech's grip on his shoulder. He wriggles slightly.

Scorcher is not resisting the sudden wind that sends her tumbling, she is curled up like a ball already anyway so she just rolls

Laserbeak gets off a faint "Wait donít leave..." as he's sucked into Vortex's compartment

Soundwave senses Laserbeak struck with something and spun forcefully around, but before he can force himself forward to assist, a gale of wind strikes him and slams him abruptly backwards.

Ferret leaps up onto the roof of a train, and focuses Vortex in the beam of light thrown by his carbine. He fires, trying to disable the helicopter, but is blown off his feet, and tumbles backwards off the train. The errant energy blasts stitch up the roof of the tunnel.

Swindle grabs the fallen Decepticons he can reach as Vortex creates a wind tunnel.

A huge blast of air spirals down the tunnel. The Decepticons not captured by Starscream's 'brigade' are forced against the far end of the tunnel by Vortex's blast...

Tempest cries out at the sudden gust of wind. She tries to sink her blades into something for anchoring, but it doesn't work, and she finds herself pinned against the far end of the tunnel...and, repellently enough, on top of several of her team mates. Contact, YUCK!

Onslaught retreats from the subway, taking advantage of the confusion.

Nightbird is blown backwards in mid-leap, and she can't even activate her magnetic boot grapples.

Gryphus manages to say to Beak, "At least you got a few others to keep you company..."

Motormaster glances to Tempest and says brusquely,"I got shot. It happens. Go check on Megatron." He's making it sound like it's nothing, but the fuel oozing between his fingers and down his back seems to say otherwise... and then a moment later, he gets tossed to the side as well.

Resyke slides out from under the train aft-first, propelled by the fierce artificial winds created by Vortex. "Yeeeee!"

Scorcher oophs as several heavy Decepticons land on top of her and passes out

Megatron searches for Nightbird while ordering again: "Get out of here! Retreat."

Thrust shoves a bunch of bodies off him, "What a mess...."

CatsCradle rolls with the first kick, but the next few completely disorient her, especially when accompanied by an intense blast of air. When someone scoops her up and tosses her over a shoulder, she is too oozy to tell if it is friend or foe.

Onslaught retreats.

Ferret is rolled across the ground by the blast of wind, and is slammed upside down into the far wall.

Dead End didn't exactly think of the consequences of shooting such a hard blast of air combining and mutating with Vortex's to form some type of uber-wind tunnel. As he's pulled off his feat, he makes the mental note not to do it again.


Solar Power Station

        A large tower rises into the sky from a building complex. Surrounding the building is a ring of large solar panels, collecting the heat of the sun's rays. The heat energy is then used to heat water which turns the turbines located in the main building.

Vortex swings back and forth in the air like a carnival ride, shaking his passengers back and forth.

Starscream retreated well in advance of the Combaticons. He now orders, "Combaticons, tie the prisoners to the power towers, and let's get some energy!"

Brawl just follows the others. Yawn. The shooting part is over.

Dirge moans quietly. What a great day.

Onslaught orders, "Vortex, remove the converters from the Autobot captives. Prepare for transfer."

Laserbeak is dazed confused bleeding and slipping into unconsciousness. Boy oh boy will he give somebody an earful when he wakes up

Vortex transforms again and dumps his captives unceremoniously to the ground.

Swindle says to himself, "And I'll see what other interesting tidbits there might be.."

Blast Off picks up Laserbeak. "Looks like we got ourselves a turkey dinner."

Gryphus stirs slightly, but still stunned.. she's aware of what's going on but can't do much about it at the moment.

Starscream supposes there are enough converters to do the job now. A shame he can't hold that threat over the Combaticons any more...but now, they know they need him to defeat Megatron, and that is a common goal for them both. He beckons to Onslaught to come closer.

CatsCradle tries to glance around, which is not easy to do when oozy and upside-down over someone's shoulder. Still not sure who is who, she raps the back with her knuckles. "You can put me down now."

Brawl throws CatsCradle onto the ground as roughly as he possibly can. "She shot me. When we've got her converter, can I kill her?"

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons weakly, trying to come to consciousness... He tries to get the energy to hit at them with his fists, or to get off a radio message...

Onslaught sighs absently, "I suppose, unless Starscream wins them to our cause with his startling powers of leadership."

Starscream raises an optic ridge at Brawl. "But she will be one of our subordinates--our servants. You may kill one of the Autobots."

Vortex starts with the Autobots, making sure their bonds are secure, and cuts open an access panel. He's about to disconnect the vital piece, when he pauses, frowning behind his faceplate. "Onslaught," he calls.

Onslaught shakes his head. Problems, problems. He walks over to Vortex. "Is there a problem?" he asks, crisply.

Dirge looks at Thrust and weakly says, "Now you're going get our molecules mixed with the atmosphere."

Laserbeak dangles limply from Blast Offís arms. he's out cold...

CatsCradle blinks woozily at Starscream. "Servant... what?!" Wooziness begins to clear remarkably fast and she tries to stand up. Whoops, not a good thing to try with an ankle with a hole through it. Nor is retaining one's dignity when one falls nose-first.

Gryphus eyes Blast Off coldly. "Hurt him and I will personally rip your optics out with my beak..."

Brawl walks over and kicks Dirge. "Quiet, you." He then kicks Gryphus. "You too." He doesn't like these people.

Gryphus bristles her feathers and hisses.

Reflector tries to swing his fists over at whatever Combaticon is nearest to him to hopefully let one of the others get off a radio message, if they can have the energy...

Dirge says, "Ummphff""

Onslaught says to the Decepticons, "You are a here for a purpose. Nothing more, nothing less."

Vortex nudges Cliffjumper with his foot in a gesture of disgust. "Autobot power converters are no good to us. Look at the design."

Onslaught shakes his head. "Such inferior construction." He sighs. He knows what has to be done. "Vortex, prepare our captives then. Remove their converters and disable their shells.

Brawl grumbles as all the captives try to act up. He goes around kicking any of the ones who do. He takes a moment out to -stomp- on CatsCradle's ankle.

Starscream didn't know that Autobot power converters wouldnít' work. He feels glad that there were extra Decepticons.

Dirge wonders what Starscream will do next.

Onslaught says, "Starscream, if you had known about the converters beforehand, you could have saved us some difficulty. You claim to be an expert technician as well as a great leader - how did you not foresee the fact that only /Decepticon/ converters would work on us?""

Onslaught transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Brawl.

Onslaught transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Swindle.

Onslaught transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Vortex.

Vortex wanders over to stand beside Onslaught, glowering suspiciously at Starscream.

Dirge hears "Decepticon converters" and his optics flicker wildly. They're not going THEM?!

Brawl looks over at Onslaught. "..." Well, okay.

Starscream says, "There are five Decepticons here, arenít' there?" to Onslaught. "I needed you to attack the Autobots first to prove your worth. And you have impressed me."

Vortex nods slightly to the Combaticon leader.

Reflector says, "You will drain us to the point of death, and you call yourselves Decepticons... You attack your own kind..."

Reflector protests weakly.

Onslaught looks at Vortex. "Are the converters prepared?"

Laserbeak dangles from Blast Offís arm unconscious, bleeding, and about to be reduced to putty. Not the most enviable position to be in.

Gryphus comments wryly. "Strange this is not how I pictured going out...."

CatsCradle snarls and rolls out of Brawl's immediate reach and out of instinct, tries to pop her wrist lasers. They hum faintly, but fail to rise out of their housings. Sword gone, and if she is so low on power that her lasers won't work, it's a sure bet her 'field won't either. Her optics blaze amethyst fire, and she carefully balls her hands into fists, hiding her claws from view. "You idiots," she hisses. "You're Decepticons, like us... you know? The good guys?"

Onslaught says "Spare me Megatron's propaganda."

Dirge says, "Starscream, you crawling piece of rust. Death comes to he who betrays me.""

Gryphus mumbles something to the affect of 'going out buried under some ruins.. now that would of be good for me... but no.. I have to be turned into a slave warrior for mister whiney voice...'

Onslaught says, "You don't know what he is /really/ like. He was going to kill off five legions at the Siege of Carnifex.""

Vortex nods again to Onslaught, and goes back to the captives, starting with Dirge. He pops open his chest panel and cleanly cuts out the vital power converter. A robot can survive for some time without it, but only for a while.

Brawl cocks his head as he peers at CatsCradle. "Good. Bad. Don't matter in the end. I just follow my commander."

Reflector looks over at Onslaught weakly. What in the world is the Decepticon talking about?

Blast Off toys with his 'turkey'. 'Such a strange modification to a sensor unit. Oh well. I cannot really compare, stuck as I am in this crude carcass. Clearly, design has trickled down the past ages when we were asleep."

Swindle meanwhile is looking over the power plant itself, leaving the details to Onslaught and his team. Surely it would be worth a lot to the humans to rent this facility, when the Combaticons aren't using it..

Dirge watches in panic as Vortex approaches. He does not have the energy to resist. The world dwindles away and he falls into darkness. His last thoughts were of Oblivion.

Brawl looks over at Blast Off, now. "...the hell?"

Blast Off eyes Gryphus critically. "A bizarre design. Not very special, either."

Gryphus hisses at Blast Off.. "Leave him alone you bully..... It is good for me thank you very much." she hisses.

Blast Off sighs. "I would explain it to you, Brawl, but you not understand it. I shall save ourselves the bother, don't you think?"

Laserbeak suddenly slashes at Blast Offís optics... a condor playing possum...the irony. He then weakly fires at Starscream.

Brawl grunts. "Whatever."

Starscream grins at Onslaught. "I see we have similar beliefs in Megatron's ability, or lack thereof, to be leader."

Blast Off was too busy bantering to hold Laserbeak properly! The shot blasts at Starscream's foot!

CatsCradle stares blankly for a second at Brawl as she realizes he isn't exactly one for thinking for himself... not a good situation. "Oh, you are so dead," she tells him. "Whether or not, I survive this," and her mouth curves into a smile, as if at a mental image, "you are so dead."

Onslaught gives Starscream a 'look'. "I am not assured in your leadership capabilities just yet. Pull this coup off, and then we shall speak again."

Starscream shrieks, "OW! MY FOOT!" and reaches down to grab it. He points a cannon at Laserbeak, ready to deep fry the bird, power converter or no't afford to destroy the power converter.

Reflector strains against his bonds weakly, trying to get out to attack the other Decepticons... He shoots Gryphus a glance... He starts blinking his optics on and off while the other Decepticons are busy talking... Morse Code... Can she use any of her scientific instruments tog et off a message?

Blast Off grips Laserbeak tightly. "Sorry. He must have slipped."

Onslaught asks, "Vortex, are the converters ready?"

Gryphus struggles against her bonds. "I said.. leave.. him alone!" she hisses at BO. She glances at the flashes and knows it immediately.

Brawl returns his attention to CatsCradle. "Ain't gonna happen," he says simply. He watches the confrontation with Laserbeak, fingering the trigger to his laser. "Hnn. ...ain't gonna happen."

Laserbeak is now being choked out by a larger mech. Not his day. "Acckkk! Starscream, Megatron will have your opti...." he passes out again.

Starscream growls at Blast Off, "You'd better do a better job in the future!" Gah,....not /more/ incompetent subordinates! Then he tries to look appropriately leader-like for Onslaught's benefit, and nods in agreement.

Reflector says, "You will leave him alone, and Megatron might take pity on you..."

Reflector says, "And if you harm his creation... I highly doubt that Soundwave will leave your laser cores intact..."

Gryphus hmms.. let's see.. datapad would do if.. if she can only take it out of subspace....

Vortex says, "Working on it, Onslaught." He goes to the next prisoner in the sequence, Reflector, and starts extracting the converter."

Brawl peers at Reflector. Three bodies. Three mouths moving. One voice. It's odd, but he's not particularly affected. "...Command'r. Can we just... hnn... kill these mouthy punks when we got their converters? Firin'-squad?"

CatsCradle, surprisingly, laughs. "You're already dead. You just don't know it yet," she says sweetly. She notices Starscream's limping with satisfaction, then glances over at Reflector. "Oh, Screamer might be able to beg off. But not these nameless ones. Although I'll bet Megatron will give this one," she nods at Brawl, still smiling sweetly, "to Divefire." She laughs again. "He might be better off hoping that Megatron will kill him outright instead."

Reflector looks over at CatsCradle, and he manages to get the energy to bring up a look of disgust on his faces while he slowly starts powering up his chest unit on Spectro to give Gryphus some cover to work...

Starscream ignores CatsCradle, drinking his fill of energy instead. Hm. Raw power. Not as smooth as energon, but he's tired, and the boost of energy feels good.

Gryphus manipulates her datapad out of subspace and into a hand that's tied behind her... working that hand into position.. she moves her fingers over carefully. She gives a coordinates she can guess at with the position of the sun from where they were originally. Hopefully that will get the others on the hunt for them. Then she sets up the datapad to send brief pulses every five minutes.. sort of a alert system.

Reflector suddenly emits a bright flash pulse, trying to get all of their attentions on himself while hopefully she can get off a message!

Vortex next cuts the converter out of the unconscious Laserbeak - no resistance from that one, almost a shame. Handing the units to Onslaught, he spins toward the unexpected bright flash of light from Reflector.

Onslaught fires a shot at Reflector, shattering his lens. "Fool!"

Onslaught orders, "Brawl, ensure that the captives are 'compliant'." He points angrily at Reflector.

Brawl grunts, unable to see for a moment there because he was looking right at the lens. He rubs his visor, and beneath his facemask he smiles. "Yesser."

Reflector howls as Spectro's chest unit is shattered... He manages to grin upwards at them... He did it... For once, he feels like he was able to accomplish something of use.

Onslaught hands the converter units to Starscream. "I hope you know what to do with these," he says flatly.

Gryphus grimaces at that. She keeps her datapad curled against her back, cupped in her hands. She flashes a brief Morse code of 'done' to him so he knows that she got a message out.

<Earth> Ferret reports back to the others over the radio, "Ferret here.  I think we've found a source of energy.  There's an overturned fuel tanker here, and its load seems to be intact."

Brawl clanks over to Reflector and picks up Spectro by his shoulders. "You," he admonishes, "need to mind --" He slams Spectro into the tower " -- your -- " again " -- place!" and again. He then growls, almost bestially, and throws Spectro to the ground. Literally -throws- him, like a big heavy baseball.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Fill the fuel into energon cubes and return them to us."

Vortex still has CatsCradle and Gryphus' converters to extract. He steps over to the femmes, regarding them for a moment. Then he flips open an access panel and smoothly starts excising Cats' power converter.

<Earth> Ferret acknowledges.

Gryphus says, "LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!"

Brawl makes another growling noise, calling over to Vortex. "Gimme the converter from the one I shot. It'll be, uh, whatsit, ironing."

CatsCradle rolls back, lashing out with one foot to kick Vortex in the face.

Reflector screams in agony as the recently repaired damage to Spectro's chest unit is suddenly reopened... The recently patched up armor on his chestplate shatters, revealing the repairs where he took the twin plasma canon blasts... His three components scream out in agony as their recently repaired link overloads once m ore, and then he goes silent.

Onslaught is waiting for Vortex to finish before 'drinking' himself.

Vortex is hungry himself now. Cats' kick clips him in the chest because he jumps back just barely in time. Resisting the urge to practice his blade technique on the femme, he merely glares at her and moves on to Gryphus.

Onslaught tosses Brawl a converter. "Go and refuel. Now."

Gryphus is careful to keep that datapad out of view, cupped in her hands and against her back. "I hope you go straight to the inferno..."

Onslaught hands one to Blast Off. "And you."

Starscream says, "Get those converters so I can recharge you before Megatroní shows up again. Do you WANT to starve?" Leading subordinates can be /so/ irritating!

Blast Off stalks off to the converter and plugs himself in. He doesn't need to be told twice.

Vortex smiles at Gryphus behind his mask. "Only with charming company such as yours." He clips out the last converter, and tosses it toward the Combaticon leader.

Brawl catches the converter clumsily, trying to exercise the foreign quality of grace so he doesn't crunch it. "Thank you, Command'r." He raises his fist to his chest in a brief salute, and goes to refuel.

Onslaught catches the converter with ease. "Combaticons - refuel."

Onslaught walks over to the power plant and plugs in. Ah, the sweet taste of fuel...

Absently, Onslaught passes a converter to Swindle. "Take it," he urges. "Use it."

Swindle steps away from surveying the power plant and plugs in his converter. "Yes, let's test the quality of the organic power systems."

Reflector is completely unconscious, a rising pool of mech fluid rising up from his body...

Onslaught comments, "It is... different. But serviceable."

Dirge flickers back online. His vision spins wildly for a moment, then settles. He is looking at something with lots of wires. His..chest?

Blast Off sighs, "Ah, sweet energy. Music to my audio receptors."

Vortex finally gets to taste the fruit of his own labors and takes one of the excised power converters, finally plugging himself into the power station. He sighs contentedly. Good to start powering up again.

Brawl continues to fuel his bad self up. "Fuel is fuel," he grunts.

Gryphus eyes Vortex as he takes her converter. "I doubt I'll be going where you are..." she mutter and hopes her little datapad is doing as she programmed it.

Thrust scowls at the entire fiasco before him. Not much he can do right now but boy once he gets loose...

Starscream shows Onslaught how to run the power current through the converter and how to hook it up to his connection ports. He knows more about the parts than the Combaticons do, even if he isn't anywhere near Soundwave's level.

Onslaught demands, "Starscream, what is your next move? You do have a plan, don't you?"

CatsCradle glances over at Gryphus and Reflector. They aren't the only ones that understand Morse code. All they need is a little time, now, for the cavalry to come in.

Laserbeak lays on the floor unconscious with a pool of Mech fluid forming beneath him.

Dirge moans quietly. His mortality, exposed like that. He looks up and watches the Combaticons and Starscream fuel up in silent horror.

Starscream replies coolly, "Megatron is angry and when he's annoyed he's not going to think clearly. He's going to come charging after us, and he'll be tired, and we'll be ready for him." Then he leans over to whisper his little secret in Onslaught's audio...a "new maneuver" involving a special something built into the Combaticons' bodies.

Ravage slowly slinks into the area, and he listens, trying to get a better idea of the area, and where the Combaticons are present... A s he hears Starscream talk to Onslaught, he slowly moves closer to hear...

Onslaught listens carefully, trying not to let his interest show to much. "If only we had such technology at the siege of Carnifex," he muses.

Thrust sighs, "I donít think I much like you anymore commander......"

Dirge wonders why this strange mech mentioned the Siege of Carnifex, and why that mech seemed vaguely familiar.

Gryphus watches on as they recharge and gloat, yet still question SS. (Good at least they have enough sense to question him.) she continues to keep her little datapad pressed against her back, and cupped in her hands. Hopefully by now someone is alerted to that brief pulse that occurs every five minutes.

Starscream murmurs his little surprise to Onslaught, explaining the new technology that's been added to him and his Combaticons, how it works, and what he is to do when he uses it.

Ravage hisses as he can't get any closer, and then as he moves, there is the sign of a faint shimmer of metal, apparent to only those that are quick enough to spot it... And Ravage, for a moment, lets his presence be noticed by CatsCradle and Gryphus, before vanishing once again...

Laserbeak slowly stirs around in a pool of his own fluid, and says groggily "Your all going to be scrap by the end of the day. That's not a threat it's a promise" he grins as he telepathically senses his brother's presence.

CatsCradle catches sight of the Ravage-flash, but her pleasant smile doesn't change, except maybe to become even more pleasant.

Brawl glances over his shoulder at Laserbeak. "Shut up or I'll eat you."

Starscream swaggers up to Laserbeak. "Do you think Soundwave and the others are coming to rescue you?"

Dirge says, "We might be turned into scrap before they are."

Gryphus doesn't indicate seeing Ravage and hisses. "Leave him alone!" she growls at them. "Pick on someone your own size!"

Reflector says, "General Onslaught... A face I did not expect to hear released..."

CatsCradle says softly, "I think fathers will have their revenge... one way or another." She smiles sweetly at Starscream.

Laserbeak gives a middle talon to Brawl as a reply "Earthen gesture. You figure it out, lackey." then he looks to Starscream "You know they are coming. I can see the fear in your optics."

Onslaught turns to Reflector. "A student of the past, I see. The punishment for failing a coup is clearly inscribed." He gives Starscream a warning look.

Reflector says, "Starscream... This time, Megatron will grant you no mercy."

Thrust just watches and plots

Gryphus blinks. "/The/ Onslaught???"

Brawl grumbles. "Primus. Mouthy punks. General, permission to murder them ruthlessly?"

CatsCradle gives a slight shrug. "No, Starscream will survive this. The others, however, are scrap."

Reflector looks up at Onslaught, and Spectro slowly tries to o rise up off the ground as his autorepair circuits seal up the worst of the damage... "Yes... And look at what the Empire has become under Megatron's direction, more prosperious than it has been in millions of years... The Autobots are on the verge of defeat..."

Dirge hears Reflector call that mech 'General Onslaught' and the penny drops for him.

Vortex is fully fueled now - for the first time in eons, it seems - and quite literally so, in fact. He scans the horizon a little nervously, expecting trouble.

Gryphus shakes her head (This from the guy that said 'don't worry, we killed those bots in the ship off' and they came back like a vengeance.)

Laserbeak looks to Brawl and grins "Why not let Starscream try and shut me up. You guys haven't seen the cowardly Seeker in a real fight yet anyhow."

Starscream replies to Reflector, "Nor will I. We shall see who is stronger."

Starscream grins at Laserbeak. "You see...I /want/ them to come. We are going to finish this. Permanently."

Onslaught nods to the Decepticons. "Megatron's star has risen, while mine has... eclipsed somewhat. But soon, we shall have a new reckoning."

Reflector says, "How many times have you stood up to Megatron and /failed/ to defeat him, Starscream? I fail to see anything different about the outcome of this engagement... Your ambition is only outshone by your betrayals... Megatron will not forgive /this/."

Laserbeak says, "Soon your melodramatic whining shall come to an end. That I will be thankful for."

Gryphus snorts derisively... oh right..uh uh.. a guy that was taken out of his body, with the rest of his little friendly troublemakers and placed in a prison? Right... She of course is thinking that!

Dirge smirks. "Death comes to those who follow fools."

Ravage hisses softly in the darkness as he watches, moving to observe them closely.

Dirge says, "General Onslaught, something must be wrong with your cerebral circuits."

Onslaught looks at Starscream, somewhat disturbed by Dirge's words, but not showing it. "The ship has made its course; it cannot be turned aside."

Starscream frowns for a moment, then realizes what Onslaught means. "Yes. Destiny is coming. And when this day is done we shall see whose stars are highest tonight."

Reflector says, "You were one of our greatest Generals... You are making an exceptional mistake here. Starscream has grand ambitions, but he lacks the ability to carry them out. His ambition is only exceeded by his ego."

CatsCradle's smile grows. "Starscream can talk pretty, because he knows Megatron won't kill him, don't you Starscream? He can do almost anything, and he won't kill you. These others," and she nods at them, "oh, they're dead, but what do you care? Because Megatron won't kill you. Might beat you to a pulp... but he won't kill you."

Dirge says, "Starscream certainly will be rising quite highly...he will be blown sky high!""

Starscream snaps at Reflector and CatsCradle and Dirge, 'Shut up! We shall see who can carry out his threats!" Oh, he's /sick/ of being laughed at!

Thrust just watches and plots

Scorcher takes off, taking a few more steps than usual before she jumps in the air and transforms

Onslaught barks, "Silence!" He fires a warning shot at them. "I have committed myself to Starscream's cause and..."

Blast Off whirls around, "It's Megatron!"

Onslaught snaps, "Combaticons! Prepare for battle!"

Onslaught detaches himself from the energy converter.

Swindle says quietly, "Bad news."

Dirge says, "General, you have never committed yourself into anything."

Laserbeak looks at the arrival and laughs. "Oh Starscream, your mouth just wrote a check your aft can't cash!"

Gryphus grins as her datapad did its job. Teach them to underestimate a femme.

Tempest seems to have put the worst of her feral mood behind her as she stalks forward beside the other Decepticons, blades in hands.

Reflector says, "Starscream... Now, your time has come."

Brawl is always prepared for battle. He turns to face in the same direction as Blast Off, disconnecting himself from the power station. "Come on," he rasps under his breath. "Come onnn."

CatsCradle sings out, "Starscream' /cause/ is that of a spoiled child, and the rest of you are about to find out what happens to those who follow spoiled children."

Megatron flies in, firing: "Attack!!"

Onslaught gives Swindle a quick nod. "At least we shall go down fighting. The time has come to revisit our battle at the Siege of Carnifex..."

Scorcher sensibly stays airborne, keeping an eye on the area

Dirge says to the others, "I certainly hope our power converters will be returned."

Starscream folds his arms and just watches Megatron arrive, holding his ground, saying nothing. He seems...smug. As if he knows a secret they don't. "Not so fast Megatron!" he announces grandiosely. "There is something you don't know!"

Megatron says, "Starscream, surrender or be destroyed!"

Ferret draws his laser, and descends on the Combaticons, blasting energy in their direction.

Vortex rises into the air with a thunder of his chopper blades, bringing his cannons online.

Ravage suddenly appears out of the darkness, zooming by to blast at Brawl with his missiles from surprise! That is the one who attempted to kill his brother!

Vortex transforms into his Helicopter mode.

Onslaught transforms into his Missile Trailer mode.

Starscream says, with a grand gesture and rolling of "r"s... "Combaticons...COMBINE INTO BRRRRUTICUS!"

Dead End shakes his head, his thoughts going something like 'This is so one sided. We should just beat these Nancies down, and go home.' But his lips say, "I'll take the copy cat." Bringing up his weapon, he sends a blast towards Vortex, hoping to get the drop on him this time.

Onslaught's missile launchers track the Decepticons. "Unite!" he roars.

Soundwave flies alongside Megatron, his plasma rifle in hand and spewing scorching bolts of light.

Nightbird lands with Megatron, and rushed right for the Combaticons with her amazing running speed.

Gryphus says, "OH.... Boy..."

Laserbeak looks to Ferret. "Care to take care of another gestalt?"

Brawl gets shot at. One missile's explosion barely nicks his leg. He's about to return fire when... well, orders supersede revenge. And he unites with the others.

Suddenly, the Combaticons reform into a huge, tower juggernaut: Bruticus!

Motormaster lands the moment they're in battle range of Onslaught and his team, drawing his blaster... he's just a far better fighter on the ground. However, he freezes in his steps as he hears what Starscream yells,"No way. /No way/."

Tempest looks up at Bruticus. Tempest looks /way/ up at Bruticus. Damn.

Resyke, as usual, arrives late. "Sorry I'm... HOLY CRUD!"

Dirge stares in fascinated horror at the newly formed gestalt.

Scorcher is suddenly very glad she stayed out of the action and played recon instead

Starscream grins with irritating arrogance and rises up to land on his new warrior's shoulders. "Surrender while you have the chance, Megatron!"

Ferret moves over to Laserbeak and Reflector, making use of available cover, to check if his friends are unharmed.

Gryphus says, "Figures.. the coward had a back up..."

Spectro has two reopened holes in his chest, and he appears to have been beaten rather brutally by Brawl...

Dead End *knew* he was right to call them copycats. "They took our gig!" He looks to Moto hoping that he'll call for a gestalt to gestalt battle.

Scorcher does not think Megatron will surrender so she silently cycles two missiles into her launchers

Vortex combines with the others, his rotor blades remaining effective slashing weapons even while forming part of the massive robot's shoulder.

Ravenwing blinks, looking at the new gestalt, then... at Motormaster and his team. She expects he knows what to do and returns her attention to Bruticus.

Laserbeak scoops himself up and winks to Ferret "Bruticus may be out of my league but Starscream's head is going on my trophy case."

Bruticus stomps forward and smacks a big foot into the ground. The ground snaps open; a huge rift forms in the ground!

Thrust blinks and realizes this was not what he expected

Motormaster turns to Soundwave and Megatron without the least bit of hesitation, returning his blaster to subspace with a nod to Dead End. He wants the same thing as his brother... but he's going to wait for the order.

Nightbird alters her approach slightly. One big target, one little one. She's determined to slice up Starscream, but she has to dodge the giant robot first.

CatsCradle snarls in disgust. "Dammit, one of these days, we're gonna learn to count noses, and when there's five, figure out they're a damned combiner!" She tugs at the bonds holding her hands, then chews at them, frantically trying to get loose.

Gryphus wills her datapad back into subspace and waits for this to end, one way or the other.

Ravage hisses as he watches Starscream... He then shoots a look at Starscream, and then he hisses at Soundwave... He is not much use in freeing the others... But today, Starscream will die at his paws!

Soundwave directs Ravage to retrieve Laserbeak, now that his captors are otherwise engaged, and turns his attention, perhaps futilely, on the merged monster, firing bolts of plasma.

Ferret makes use of the distraction provided by the ongoing combat to release the captives, blasting their bonds with his laser if he has to.

Megatron sets his jaw plates. Whatever, what has to be done has to be done. "Keep on firing!!" He himself continues to attack Bruticas.

Tempest glances at Motormaster, guessing what's going to happen, and then drops low to the ground. She doesn't want to fight Bruticus...yes, for once Tempest doesnít' want to fight. But she's figured out something else to do. While the others distract Starscream and his big ally, she slinks towards the prisoners.

Chasm vanishes beneath a holograph cloak. A little while later he appears next to CatsCradle. "Miss me?" he smirks. "I could free you, if I felt like it..."

Dirge weakly and futily struggles against his bonds. He does not like the look of this new gestalt.

Ravage hisses, but he nods over at Soundwave as the orders are sent, and he moves to retrieve his brother, gently trying to flip him over to check for any injuries.

Megatron says, "Soundwave, try to free the captives."

Starscream laughs as the laser blasts just bounce off of Bruticus' armour. He looses some cluster bombs at the Decepticons, optics shining. At last he will have his vindication!

Resyke is standing there, frozen in shock. This thing's like.. 20 times his size! "Whooaa..!", he cries, as the oblivious Insecticon falls into the rift created by Bruticus's foot

Bruticus looks down at the little... insects below him. His gaze is furious, contemptuous. When Soundwave opens fire at him, he makes a noise. It is both a deafening roar of indignation -- that they would fire at him! -- and a battle cry. With stomps that shake the ground, Bruticus trudges toward the Decepticons.

CatsCradle doesn't pause in tugging at her hands. "Think of all the great merchandising ideas you'd lose if I died here," she coos to Chasm and goes back to chewing

Tempest slips up between Thrust and Dirge and slashes at their bonds with her longblades, trying to set them free.

Megatron says, "Stunticons, merge to become Menasor."

Dead End growls out, "Oh, tell them to sod off. Lets form!" He's seldom one to beg for a merging, and it is rather disconcerting to him, but he's already weighed the consequences of having Starscream in command of the Decepticons.

Gryphus says, "Oh.. this is going to be ugly..."

Laserbeak assures Ravage he's okay. he then gestures to Starscream "GET HIM!"

Motormaster then realizes that three members of his team aren't here yet... unlike Dead End and him, they chose to drive instead of fly. It could take them a while... "Aw frag... this ain't good... Dead End! Suppressive fire! Try ta distract that thing while they set the others loose!"

Thrust looks to his fellow conehead," Relax Dirge...we will be free soon."

Starscream yells at the Stunticons, "You groundbound idiot lackeys are no match for the greatest military force the Decepticon Army ever had!"

Ravenwing notes that several people have already gone in to free the prisoners so begins firing on her most favourite target: Starscream himself. Not because he's a disgusting worm, not because he's gotten away with murder for so long. Because he's a disgraceful excuse for a leader, one who abuses his subordinates.

Ravage hisses, and then he looks over at Starscream, and he grins... And with that, he leaps into the air, claws and fangs glinting as he moves to tear out Starscream's primary fuel processor!

Scorcher banks and fires a pair of missiles at the towering giant. He is not exactly hard to miss, so they both streak straight towards their target. One his Bruticus in the face, the other explodes against his chest. Both blossom into fireballs big enough to even engulf that huge transformer

Gryphus is freed and gets to her feet. "Thanks Ferret." she looks at the grouping of a gestalt. "Now you get to pick on someone your own size!"

Bruticus roars, "Bruticus imprisoned! Bruticus - angry!" He claws a massive fist through the air, smashing down some flyers and creating an air vortex to disturb others as they try and recalibrate for control!

Dirge wriggles again. His bonds break, and he falls to the ground. He is too terrified to thank anyone but instead staggers to his feet and tries to make a run for it.

Dead End shakes his head in disgust at the thoughtlessness of his three other brothers. He's gonna beat each and every one of them if Starscream and this Bruticus chump end up in charge. He levels his blaster once again, sending wind tunnel after wind tunnel at the now towering, yet obviously inferior to Menasaur, form of Bruticus.

Tempest feels...icky. This rescuing business is not her style at all. Still she feels compelled to ask, "Are you all right?" The marks on their chests suggest not. "Did they try to rip out your fuel pumps?"

Megatron is more angry at Starscream than ever: "Nothing of you will be left, but salvage, Starscream." It will be hart for him to forgive the seeker this time.

Soundwave rises up into the air, where he's a bit more agile - not that that's saying much - than on the ground. Trying to stay out of the giant robot's range of swinging fists, he keeps firing, more as a gesture than expecting to do any real damage.

Motormaster begins to back away, churning out blasts with his cyclone gun and glancing over his shoulder every two seconds... where are the rest of the Stunticons? He's going to stomp what's left of them when Dead End is through.

Starscream perches on Bruticus' shoulder like some bizarre parrot, a monstrous smile on his face...he was right all along! Even when everyone told him he was wrong!

Chasm is enjoying having CatsCradle 'tied up'. "Think of all the times you threatened my toes and withheld ener-snacks...." He rakes a claw across CatsCradle's foot.

Gryphus moves to check on Reflector. "That looks like heck.." she notes and offers the injured Spectro a hand up. "Think we'll get our converters back?"

Laserbeak Flies up to Bruticus optics and blasts them "Consider this your anger management course."

Reflector winces, and he looks up, and Spectro is in very bad shape, but Reflector tries to get up... If he focuses his autorepair circuits, he can jury-rig the last of his energy into one giant flash pulse...

Scorcher pulls up sharply as Bruticusí' fist swings by so close that the drag almost knocks her out of the sky. Angry blasts of fire and wild air currents follow her as she makes her escape

Starscream taunts Megatron, "Promises, promises!"

Nightbird is still trying to get a good position to nail Starscream. If she could just slip in behind the huge combiner..

Thrust shakily transforms and takes to the air....he has his target in mind and nothings going to stop him

Ferret takes off to help Laserbeak, blasting at Bruticus and dodging like an annoying mosquito. But then, mosquitoes don't do much damage...

Tempest glances over at Chasm. "And I have one word for you chasm...Shishkabob."

Bruticus roars again as Scorcher's missiles hit him with naught more damage than heavy glare. He lumbers forward some more, grabbing a solar panel. Perhaps he wishes to admire his simply stunning reflection. Well, no, that doesn't seem to be it, as Bruticus rips the panel from its supports and throws it at the Decepticons. "Bruticus -- des-troy!"

Gryphus gasps. "Donít you do it..." to Spectro.

Resyke has decided to stay in the rift. It's nice and safe down here. Kinda cozy.

Ravage hisses up at Starscream, unable to get up at him... And then, he looks over at Chasm, and then over at Reflector, and an idea begins to form...

Thrust steadily climbs upward to better his position

Megatron grumbles at the Stunticons not be able to get together.

Dirge watches his fellow Seeker take to the air. Dirge wished he could do the same, but is running short on energy. The hole in his chest is not helping matters.

CatsCradle twists her hands, her bonds slowly loosening to give her enough leverage to use her claws, too. "Either help or get out of the way!" she snarls. "But if you don't help, I'm going after you next... and tie you up and force you to watch as I spend every credit you own!"

Megatron says, "It's no use, we must retreat!"

Reflector says, "If that is what it takes, I will do my part..."

Chasm sighs, "You're so ungrateful." He fires a shot at CatsCradle's hands, expertly cutting through her bonds.

Starscream looks upset to hear that. He doesnít' /want/ Megatron to retreat. Not before this is finished. He whispers something in Bruticus' audio. "Get me Megatron!"

Megatron isn't the only one that is pissed at the three useless members of Menasaur. Dead End is livid, a state very few have seen him in. He's now just got the trigger pulled in, weapon on automatic.

Scorcher is flying as erratic as some Stunticons drive, dodging fire, and large pieces of shredded metal tossed her way. She does not hear Megatron's order to retreat, but she basically is already doing just that

Gryphus shakes her head. "Done enough already."

CatsCradle rolls free, remembering her shot ankle this time, using her jets to stabilize herself, and she launches herself Starscream-wards, claws-first, not caring that the combiner stands between her and her target.

Reflector winces as he gets up, trying to set himself into the air...

Tempest makes sure that CatsCradle is free. She almost sort of likes CatsCradle alive.

Gryphus offers, "Let me help you?" she is in much better shape than he at the moment.

Soundwave's shots aren't having any effect, he can see that. As Megatron calls the retreat, he passes the word along to his creations, despite Ravage's eagerness to continue the attack. They really need another combiner on the scene - but where are the Constructicons? Where are the other Stunticons?

Reflector nods, and he says, "That would be... Appreciated..."

Dirge watches as more Decepticons takes to the air. He decides to try as well.

The huge solar panel flies through the air and smacks into the ground with an earthquake like thud, trapping warriors beneath its broad expanse. Bruticus stands up and stomps forward, tossing warriors left and right as he ploughs through the Decepticon army. And then he reaches down and picks up Megatron like a rag-doll, holding the Decepticon commander up in the air. Bruticus's hive mind has enough hatred of Megatron to want to crush the life from the commander! "You imprison Bruticus! You no more!"

Chasm vanishes beneath a holographic shield once more.

Megatron tries to struggle himself free. He curses that he cannot use his cannon.

Nightbird seems to have had enough of trying to find an opening and now just runs flat out at Bruticus. What she'll do when she gets there isn't totally clear..

Starscream says to Megatron, "Surrender now while you still can, and proclaim me the new Decepticon leader!"

Gryphus nods and grabs hold of the injured of the three. "Can the other two manage or am I taking all three of you?"

Scorcher finally outflies Bruticus' easy firing range and climbs straight up until she is a couple of hundred meters above the scene, trying to figure out what to do

Tempest was retreating as ordered, but at Bruticus' words she looks back over her shoulder and stops in horror. oh, /frag/...

Tempest transforms into her CF-18 Hornet Jet mode.

Ravage hisses over at the cowardly Chasm, "Come back here!" And then he looks over at Soundwave... They can't let Starscream win here... What are they to do?

Dead End looks over to Motormaster, his shooting has stopped for the moment. "I'm gonna kill them." He's pissed, and Motormaster should know at whom.

Soundwave reverses direction and hovers in the air. If he aggravates Bruticus further, the giant *will* crush Megatron. At the same time, they can't just stand there and let this happen.

Laserbeak flies up to Bruticus' hand that's holding Megatron, and tries clawing his leader free.

Tempest transforms, hoping she can shoot out Bruticus' optics, or buzz his head or do something else to distract him.

Dirge watches, appalled at the sight of Bruticus holding Megatron.

Thrust hovers in the air out of sight as he watches whatís going on. his attack will have to wait for a moment but he will attack when his leader is out of danger

Reflector lets Gryphus fly Spectro up into the air... He says, "Get me as close to his optics as you can..."

Ferret stands looking up at Bruticus, at a loss for what to do.

Ferret transforms into his Scout Car mode.

Megatron sets his jaw plate. His entire body is aching. He has to gain time... well there is a possibility. "Um... you are the new leader," he murmurs.

Gryphus frowns as she takes to the air. "You are just begging for comp time aren't you.." but she complies and tries to get as close to the giant without getting hit by him.

Bruticus squeezes Megatron as he awaits an answer for his new leader. It's not a car-crusher squeeze, more like a 'oh, God, you're cutting the circulation to my arms off' squeeze. He shakes his hands around, almost as if her were about to roll a pair of dice, to jostle Laserbeak free. Upon hearing Megatron's words, Bruticus waits. He doesn't release him... he just waits for orders from Starscream.

Starscream sees Megatronís little yellow "guard dog" coming and greets Tempest with a shot in the left wing. The yellow Seeker plummets like a rock. Starscream turns his attention back to Megatron with a smirk. "I can't hear you, Megatron!"

Starscream is truly enjoying this. He's been imagining this day for years....

Bruticus absent swats his other arm through the air, smacking Laserbeak and sending the cassette to fly off into the distance.

Dirge checks his chest. At least it's not leaking fuel. He checks his energy levels..just enough to get him into the air, but he will not be able to transform. He works his jets and launches himself into the air.

Reflector hopes he can get close enough to catch Starscream in the flash radius as well...

Tempest transforms before hitting the ground, but lands with a thud on her back. One of Starscream's cluster bombs has put a hole right through her wing and she's leaking fuel. A lot.

Soundwave levels his weapon on Starscream, but with Bruticus waving Megatron around in the air, he doesn't dare fire.

Nightbird hurls two shuriken at Starscream's perch, but Bruticus moves too much for her to get a proper shot. Her optics blaze as she considers her options.

CatsCradle sees Megatron seized and changes her direction to join Laserbeak in tearing at Bruticus' hand, raking her claws through his fingers as deeply as she can. She can reach in up to her wrists, but it only seems as an annoying scratch in comparison to the giant.

Laserbeak careens into a wall and plummets into the ground

Dead End now lays in a big, Dead End colored pile on the ground. His weapon is still in his had, but he ain't moving much.

Dirge groans. He wobbles in the air, then lands besides Tempest.

Gryphus uses the distractions given her, getting close to the behemoth. "This is as close as I dare... I rather not be drawn into a half if you know what I mean." she eyes the swoweapon he carries.

Megatron says louder: "You are the new leader." Darn, were is Menasor?

Bruticus picks up CatsCradle between thumb and forefinger, and casually discards her.

Motormaster looks panicked as he sees Tempest fall and Megatron held prisoner... However, even as Megatron appears to give in, three clouds of dust zoom towards the site of the battle... or at least, that is what they appear to be. Their real identity is revealed as they transform, one after the other, into the three missing members of the Stunticon team. They run towards their two backing away brothers... and Motormaster grins fiercely as he sees them, turning to Bruticus and Starscream where they hold Megatron prisoner,"You'll never lead, Starscream! I'd suggest you put the boss down... /now/. Not that that's gonna save you or anything... but it's gonna give you the chance to pay attention while a /real/ gestalt team shows you how it's done." Then, without waiting for a repeat command, he holds out his arms and looks to his team... gets acknowledgment that he needs... and bellows,"Stunticons! Unite into MENASAUR!"

Tempest rolls away from Dirge, hissing, until her optics focus enough to realize he's not Starscream, he's not there to kill her.

Dead End suddenly gets up, brushing himself off as well as shaking off the stunned feeling..,.

Dirge looks at Tempest. "See, hunting is not so flash after all."

Bruticus shakes his fist back and forth, knocking the puny Decepticons left and right. None can stand against him; none can defeat him. All are dust before him!

Dead End looks over to Wildrider, "I'm gonna beat your aft when we get home."

Starscream announces, "I am now the leader of All Decepticons! I order that..." And then he notices Menasor.

Scorcher dives down as she sees first Tempest and then Dirge crash-land. She won't be able to fight Bruticus, but she can try to drag her fellow Decepticons to safety. She has the armour and agility to survive in a combat zone after all

Laserbeak lays on the floor crumpled rather soundly.

Reflector nods as he looks down at the form of Laserbeak, and his optics start to dim, and he says, "Thank you for trying, Gryphus... I am sorry that I wasted your energy..." And Spectro goes into stasis lock, and back on the ground, Spyglass and Viewfinder do likewise.

Scorcher transforms into her Robot mode.

Starscream is a bit worried. What if...No. Impossible. Those inferior, human-built, Autobot-imitating groundcrawlers could never beat the greatest military team Cybertron ever produced! "Bruticus...Flatten those pathetic Autobot-clones called the Stunticons!"

Megatron tries to keep his mind clear in all that being shook around.

Ravage grins as he looks up into the air... Now, they are even...

Gryphus tells Flec. "If your gonna do something.. do it now." she stays away from the arm best she can. she blinks. "Oh.. fudge.."

Dirge me watches as Menasor forms. Great. Another gestalt. Time to get out of the way.

Soundwave feels the impact to Laserbeak as the winged cassette crashes to the ground. Once again he sends an urgent message to Ravage to retrieve his brother.

Dead End shifts in new and interesting places as he jumps with his brothers to combine into the super-spiffy, super-huge, super grumpy robot, Menasaur.

Scorcher hesitates before trying to grab Tempest's arms, hoping the femme is too damaged to cut her up out of reflex

Resyke pops his head out of the rift, spots another Gestalt. "Oh CRUD!" With that, he goes back to cowering underground.

A small holograph shape moves across the battlefield. It seems to vanish for a bit and then reappears next to Laserbeak. And then, Laserbeak starts to move to one side, drawn by something ghostly and unseen.

Tempest coughs and looks up at Dirge. "Shut up," she whispers, still testy, and rolls onto her belly. Her whole body screams in protest, in pain..and yet she smiles to see Menasor join the battle. She leans on Scorcher so she can stagger to her feet.

Ferret is already racing to where Laserbeak lies.

CatsCradle is swung violently around, losing her claw-grip in Bruticus' fingers. She flies through the air and lands /hard/ against the wall with the sound of splintering and fracturing armor. She fall straight to the ground, landing with another crunching sound and lies still.

Bruticus bellows in response to Starscream, "Bruticus hears. Bruticus obeys." He raises his positively massive missile cannon, and fires at Menasor.

Ravage nods, and he races towards Laserbeak, ignoring the shattering ground from the gestalts... And then, as he sees Chasm get Laserbeak, he grins and he chuckles softly, sending over the telepathic broadband <I am willing to admit that I was wrong, Chasm... You have my apologies, and my thanks. You can make yourself useful after all...>

Wha-clank, wha-clank, wha-clank... and Menasor stands tall and proud over the battlefield, the joined product of five /really angry/ Stunticons. The immense gestalt cranes his head back and laughs, booming mockery over the battlefield at Starscream's orders,"Try, fool! Come to your doom at Menasor's hands!" Then, the flight of missiles hits home, and a cloud of dust and debris is kicked up... silence falls for a moment.. and then, with heavy footfalls that shake the ground, the Stunticon behemoth strides forth, raising his cyclone gun and returning fire.

Gryphus lowers back down to the ground to where the other portions of Flec passed out. She is tired from flying around up there. "Well.. this was just a wonderful idea..."

Dirge stands up shakily. The world is spinning wildly. He stumbles, rights himself, stumbles again. His only thoughts are to get as far away as possible from the action.

Scorcher activates her antigrav. She really would want to transform but does not dare to take the time. She glides out of range as quickly as she can, hoping she does not have to dodge combat by the giant transformers

Dirge crashes to the ground again. Terrified, he gets up too quickly and falls ungloriously to the ground.

Nightbird is standing near Bruticus, her optics searching for a way to get him to drop Megatron.

Laserbeak has gone into stasis, now is that from a lack of energy or shock cause Chasm actually cared enough to save him.

Bruticus rears up tall and strong, stomping after Menasor, confident that he can swat the pesky usurper in a battle. After he fires off his missile salvo, he stomps forward again and fires a massive wave of plasma straight towards Menasor's chest. Splats of plasma fly off in all directions, creating great holes in the ground or even splattering the occasional soldier! While his left arm fires his rifle, his right hand still hold Megatron in a crushing grip!

Soundwave flies forward and lands where something unseen is dragging away Laserbeak. He drops down and scoops up the bird, holding him carefully, and watching worriedly as Bruticus still has Megatron in his grasp.

Ferret shines his spotlight in Bruticus' optics. At this distance, it's probably not enough to blind him, but then, it was intense enough to get Trypticon's attention. He hopes to distract the Combaticon gestalt long enough for Menasor to land a killing blow.

Gryphus hmms and tries to see if she can fold the three into his camera form.

Scorcher barely manages to get out of the way of a few plasma bolts that hit the ground near her

Starscream has trouble staying on Bruticus' shoulder now and rises up on his own anti-gravs, hovering over the battlefield.

Reflector slowly, under the prompting of Gryphus, shifts into his camera mode...

Soundwave stumbles a little as the ground shakes under him.

Menasor staggers under the plasma barrage, battered and damaged by it as Bruticus thunders closer... closer... until finally, he's exactly where the Stunticons joint-mind wants him to be... their sword materializes in their hand and arcs around in a powerful swing, aimed at the forearm of the hand holding Megatron!

Gryphus says, "There... make you easier to carry at least."

Chasm has no idea why is dragging Laserbeak off. Perhaps he can use this rescue for future favours or blackmail attempts. Or even draft Laser into his reseller network of Decepticon merchandise. He hands Laserbeak over to Soundwave and vanishes again. "I hope that Megatron wins; I'd have to change all the merchandising moulds otherwise and cancel my contract on those keyrings.

Dirge gasps. Slag! He is going to meet his Maker!

Tempest feels the plasma raining down on her other wing as she staggers clear of the battleground. Damn this military business, with its giant robots...this isn't a proper fight for her at all. She crouches behind a rock and watches, still coughing.

Starscream yells, 'Surrender, Menasor, and PERHAPS I will go easy on you!"

Ferret drives back and forth, keeping his light in Bruticus' face, attempting to be a complete nuisance to the gestalt.

Scorcher growls "blast it" she is not going to get out of this alive at this speed.

Scorcher transforms into her Cyberjet mode.

Dirge looks behind him. Menasor looks like he's having a few problems.

Ravage looks over at Soundwave, and he emits, over the telepathic broadband... <Once Megatron has finished with Starscream, can I use his head treated with ener-nip to use as a plaything? I promise that I'll be good...>

Scorcher transforms, and almost gets fried for her distraction, but she survives, if a bit smoking. She grapples tempest and fires her engines at full throttle so she can make her escape

Soundwave puts Laserbeak carefully down behind some rocks, with the admonition to Ravage to watch him. Then he rises back into the sky, as near to the clash of the giants as he dares, trying to get behind Bruticus and Starscream.

The sword digs about a third of the way into Bruticus' arm, before the combined Combaticons pull his arm back. Black and purple mechblood pour down onto the ground below, and Bruticus' scream of sudden pain is almost as deafening as Soundwave's worst sonic attacks. Bruticus holds aloft Megatron, plainly in Menasor's vision... and grips even more tightly, making something of a show of hurting the now-former Decepticon Commander. While Bruticus does this, the orange jeep-like leg suddenly kicks out at Menasor's own leg, trying to topple the other giant.

Gryphus Hmms at the situation.. "Wonder if he's ticklish?" she muses as she ponders the ancient form of metal feather applied to the ankle...

Dirge is further terrified. What if those clumsy gestalts fall on him and turn him into a piece of flattened metal? He spots a rock a little distance away. He picks himself up and RUNS.

Starscream sees the strike hit Bruticus' arm. This could cost him everything! "FINISH IT!" he yells at Bruticus.

Megatron clenches his jar, trying to control the pain. Keep your mind clear, Megatron...

Nightbird finally makes her move, leaping up and latching onto Bruticus with her magnetic boots. She takes out her sword and start to climb, looking for a good spot to start cutting.

Ravage nods as he looks over at Laserbeak, priming his proton bombs, and aiming them at the gestalt... What good they will do, he isn't quite sure, but he will defend his brother as long as he continues to function...

Scorcher finds a conveniet location to drop Tempest on, wincing a little as she misjudges the height and speed, and turns around to see if there are other injured Decepticons that need to get dragged into safety

Meanwhile, underground, Resyke hums a little tune and gets shaken around by the footsteps of the two gestalts.

Soundwave unleashes a blast of sonics, focused on the back of Bruticus' head. If he can release the grip, perhaps in combination with a flash of light from another source, Menasor will be free to take on Bruticus without having to consider Megatron's safety.

Ferret has been maintaining the beam of light far longer than it was meant to be kept on, but having recently re-energized, he can push himself. He forces the light to the highest intensity he can manage, trying anything to give Menasor the edge. He's hoping maybe Bruticus will drop Megatron to shield his eyes...

Dirge leaps behind the rock, and almost lands on Tempest.

Megatron tries to get his hands into Buticasí finger joints to cause a reflex. Difficult when you are hold tight.

Gryphus hmms as she plucks a feather from her wing. "Well worth a shot." she muses. She moves toward Bruticus from behind. Hopefully he'll be too busy to see her. She hopes to try to see if tickling him will distract him just long enough to help Menasor and the others out.

Scorcher flies as low and as fast as she dares. While the giant transformers are occupied by their own battle she only has to worry about stray shots and flying debris

Tempest looks up at Dirge and growls, the sound producing bubbles of oil between her lips. Landing on the wounded femme is probably still a highly unhealthy idea.

Menasor topples as his legs are kicked out from beneath him, concern for the Decepticon leader distracting him at the crucial moment... he strikes the ground hard, but manages to keep a grip on his sword, swinging it even as Starscream bellows for Bruticus to finish him off, the blade aimed this time right at Bruticus's plasma blaster!

Dirge twists in the air, and lands on his back right next to Tempest. He moans. He is exhausted. He glances at Tempest and for a moment is morbidly fascinated at the oil bubbling forth from her mouth.

Soundwave realizes his sonic blast as well as Ferret's spotlight is having little if any distracting effect on the rampaging Bruticus. But he tries it again, can't simply stand there on the ground watching.

Scorcher spots Cats and makes a somersault to lose speed enough to turn. In fact she makes several of them because she sort of loses control of her flight and barely prevents crashing into the ground herself. With her energon pump thundering from the close call, and with much reduced speed she returns to where she spotted Cats, throwing out grappling hooks to pick the injured femme up

Nightbird does her best to hang on, her magnetic boots just barely letting her hang on. She ignites her sword and takes a few swipes, but can't even come close to harming the armor plating.

Ravage hisses up at the battling gestalts.

Gryphus runs the metal feather along Bruticus's ankle. Heh worth the shot right??

Bruticus is set to fire directly at Menasor, but is almost surprised as the huge blade cuts through the chamber of his plasma rifle. The concentrated beam disperses outwards in a massive explosion, filling the air with the light of a thousand flare grenades.


When the light passes, all that is left is a huge hole in the ground. Various Constructicons and Stunticons can be seen lying around in an unconscious state...

Laserbeak is amid all this chaos sleeping soundly... in a puddle of his own fluid.

Tempest snarls at Dirge, a clear warning not to get too close. "Stay back," she snaps. She's not attacking him--they are on the same team after all--but she obviously does NOT like anyone close to her, not at all. "I..." But then the explosion goes off, her head snaps up... "Motormaster! Megatron!"

Gryphus goes flying off with the rest. oops ;)

Starscream flies down to the hole in the ground, tentatively. He leans over, and nervously calls out, "Bruticus? Onslaught?"

Dirge jerks up, startled and panicky at the sound of the explosion.

Ferret almost gladly shuts off the spotlight - the metal surrounding the light is so hot it is almost glowing.

Scorcher is thrown away by the explosion, and because she had those grapples out, so is Cats

Ravage hisses out at the explosion, sending out a panicked mental touch at Soundwave, wanting to know if his Father is all right, and he shields Laserbeak with his own body...

Brawl is prone, laying across Motormaster's leg.

Motormaster lies charred and half-buried in the crater, his optics shattered and his body generally all torn up and leaking fuel... it's hard to tell if the Stunticon leader is alive, and he's obviously not in any condition to continue a fight.

Soundwave is thrown to the ground by the massive explosion, slamming hard into the surface and lying still for a long moment.

Dirge peers from behind the rock, sees the bodies scattered everywhere.

Megatron was about to ready his cannon for a dangerous maneuver as - as so often - he is right in the middle of an explosion.

Resyke is shaken around. "Arrg!" The wall of the rift he's hiding in collapses, and the weenie Insecticon tumbles from his hiding place into the large hole.

Gryphus lands hard, but still has a grip on the camera-moded Reflector ... "Ow...."

Scorcher screams in pain as the shockwave bends her wings, and almost rips them off

Tempest drags herself out of her hiding place, forcing herself forward. Where are her friends? IF they're dead she's going to spit Starscream herself on a blade.

Ravage gently checks over Laserbeak, and then he races towards his Father, trying to feel along the mental link to prove that he's all right...

Ferret decides to take the initiative, and scoots among the Combaticons, ready to subdue any that look like getting up again.

Dirge stares at Tempest. He shouts, "What now, planning to martyr yourself?"

CatsCradle is plastered into the wall again, but was already unconscious, so isn't really noticing that the oozing of fluids from cracks all through her armor is more like pouring out now.

Tempest shoots a dirty look back at Dirge and coughs... "Motormaster... Megatron... can't be dead... they're /mine/." And with no other explanation than that she moves forward.

Brawl's hand involuntarily twitches. Approximately ten yards away, his other hand follows suit.

Starscream looks into the hole, hoping to see Onslaught, hoping that the end result will be a victory for him....

Ravage hisses as he races towards the wreckage, looking over at the battered body of his Father, whom he gently nuzzles with his head...

Dead End is lying next to Motormaster, between him and the rest of the Stunticons. He is in similar shape, not moving at all, and this time, there is no sign of him getting up.

Gryphus will just lay here and be in pain..

Dirge shrugs at Tempest. "Remember, death comes to those who are unwary of danger."

Reflector is sent flying from Gryphusí hands, bouncing across the rubble, where he comes to a stop, his lens shattered...

Soundwave stirs slightly as Ravage nudges him. He raises his head. There's a network of cracks running across his optic visor, and he's dented and battered, but not missing any important parts, apparently. Slowly and painfully he pushes himself to his feet and looks around at the carnage.

Onslaught? No. Surprise! A hand is grabbint Starscream's throat. "No, Starscream, not Onslaught... It's Megatron, your LEADER!" Yes, he survived the explosion.

Nightbird is laying, scorched and broken, about a hundred feet from the crater. She was on Bruticus' back when the explosion went off, which is the only thing that prevented her lighter frame from being destroyed entirely. As it is, her right arm is missing, and in several places her armor has been blasted away totally.

Tempest slinks up, wary of Starscream but needing to peer into the crater too.

Ferret casually sprays machine-gun fire in the direction of any Combaticon that even looks like thinking of moving.

Resyke sits up, noticing that he's landed on a few people. "Oops.. sorry bout that." Resyke looks up to the lip of the crater. "Um.. a little help here?"

Scorcher falls heavily to the ground, next to the unconscious cats. Her entire frame seems to be bent, and certainly her wings are twisted in odd angles, which prevent her from transforming and flying

Starscream ...well, his mind runs through a lot of curse words but he can't force them out his mouth, can hardly breathe. "Megatron!" And in this moment he knows he's lost. He falls to his knees. "Megatron, don't kill me, please!"

Starscream is truly terrified, and out of the corners of his optics he can see the Decepticon army in ruins. What would happen if Prime showed up right now? They'd all be destroyed. All of them. What can he do? The only thing that comes to mind is to beg...beg hard....Megatron won't /really/ kill him, right?

Onslaught lies still, at the bottom of the hole. His thoughts are bleak. "Again, a failure..."

Ravage looks over at his father, and once ascertaining that Soundwave is all right, he looks out over the carnage, his expression grim... If the Autobots are on top of things, for once, Prime will bring out an assault force to rescue his prisoners... An assault force that they are in no shape to beat back...

Megatron throws before the feet of the other Decepticons: This time it is really "Good bye, Starscream," he decides. "Decepticons, get him and his giant ally off this planet!"There are banished from Earth forever!

Gryphus picks herself up to retrieve her friend Reflector so he's not lost.. despite the pain she is in...

Dirge continues to peer at the action from behind the rock. Megatron is still alive.

Starscream waits for the fusion cannon blast to end his life but suddenly... Exile? Forever? Phew. He's not going to die. He's only going to ....WHAT?! FOREVER?!

Reflector lies in Gryphus' arms, limp, and in emergency stasis...

Starscream's fuel tank turns to ice and he feels sickened. Thrown /out/ of the Decepticons? Suddenly he's not so sure he wouldn't rather be dead.

Tempest is relieved to see Megatron in all his fury and glory...but... With Starscream in Megatron's grasp, she peers over the side of the crater. Where's Motormaster?

Brawl slowly, very slowly, very very slowly, blinks back online. So he's not dead. That's nice. Not in any particular shape to actually move. That's not so nice. Especially considering the fact that he's missing a forearm and the tank barrel on his back has been molten into what appears to be a candle. He's covered in pocks from the plasma. He's tough, but... he has his limits.

Laserbeak is obvious to the chaos ensuing around him. He's dreaming birdie sleepy thoughts. Yumyum Birdseed.

Ferret transforms into his Robot mode.

Megatron looks around, realizing something horrible. "Nightbird?! No!" he runs over to his mate.

Dirge continues to look around-doesn't seem to be a battle going on. He cautiously emerges from behind the rock and very slowly walks over to the carnage.

Gryphus sits down and waits now... she gets her pain receptors off somehow so she doesn't have to tolerate that... and she's going to be so in need of a refuel soon

Vortex's rotorblades twitch slightly. Torn forcibly from his connections, he has no real desire to return to consciousness and fully experience his pain.

Megatron picks the ninja carefully up. "Nightbird... talk to me, please.." he whispers.

Ferret moves over to where Brawl is stirring, and gives him a kick.

Soundwave steps forward, perhaps having anticipated Megatron's command. "I have contacted Astrotrain. He is on his way."

Ravage looks over at Soundwave, and then he winces as he peers about at the damaged, and he thinks over to Soundwave... <We need to evacuate at once... We are low on fuel, all of us are heavily damaged, and this battle will have drawn /great/ attention... I have little doubt that Prime will be leading an assault force in short order...> Ravage gently prods his father, trying to get things moving... He chuckles softly at the mental images coming from Laserbeak.

Starscream wants the ninja to be off-line, but then realizes that if she is, he might end up getting executed after all, and suddenly exile sounds okay again... He staggers to his feet, thinking about running, but the pissed off Decepticons all around him makes him decide against it.

Motormaster slowly activates his own one good optic, the other crackling uselessly for a moment before simply going dead... Primus, he hurts over every inch of his frame. One hand closes slowly, then opens again... it's missing a finger or two. He can't move... he grits, and then wheezes out,"Dead... end...? Wild...? Guys...? Please?"

Tempest calls out, "Motormaster?" She looks around for Dead End, for Wildrider. "I'll find them," she says.

A distant flare appears in the sky. The light appears to die down and a shape appears on the horizon. It resembles a shuttle of some description. Eventually, the shuttle lands and transforms into Astrotrain. "Wow, what went on here?" he says in his echoing voice. "Oh yeah, and Shockwave says 'hi'."

Nightbird is totally shut down, dead weight in Megatron's arms. Her lighter armor wasn't meant to take that kind of shockwave and heat. Is her laser core off-line too, or is there a chance.. ?

Ferret gives Brawl another kick, and looks over to Motormaster, "Sir, are you OK?"

Tempest says to Ferret, "Find Wildrider."

Dirge peers at the mess that was the Combaticons. "General Onslaught. You failed again."

Resyke gingerly clambers off the bodies he's on top of, heading for the crater wall. "Sorry! Oops! Pardon me!"

Scorcher calls out "Anybody cares to help out here? Cats is badly injured. Leaking energon, rather lots of it."

Ferret looks round to Tempest, "Who's Wildrider?"

Astrotrain looks around and heads over to Megatron. "Astrotrain reporting for duty, sir. Someone called for a shuttle?"

Ravage nods, and he slowly walks on over towards Laserbeak, trying to prod his brother into waking up enough to transform into cassette mode.

Brawl stirs from atop Motormaster's leg. He feels that kick on his still steaming frame. "rRRRrerrrr" he chortles, half of his vocal circuitry spilling out of his throat. With a series of disgusting noises, his good arm twitches in Ferret's general direction, grasping blindly. Literally blindly. Both of his optics have been shattered when his visor exploded inward onto them.

Dirge looks upwards, scanning the sky for any sign of Thrust. He wondered where Thrust had vanished off to.

Tempest snaps, "A car-Con. Find me any Car-Decepticons."

Dead End twitches with a spark as he tries to wake back up. He doesn't feel good. In fact, he feels like he was just hit by an asteroid. He can't switch on his optics, so he just lets out a groan in response to Motormaster. Some days, he wishes he were just a normal Transformer and not a gestalt member. Cause when the big robot gets hurt, it rolls down to all the little robots, it hurts alot more.

Tempest says, quietly, urgently--"Dead End, are you functioning?"

Starscream protests weakly, "You can't just banish me!"

Ravage gently starts licking Laserbeak, trying to get his brother to react and coherent enough to transform...

Ferret scowls briefly at Tempest, unhappy at being snapped at for no reason. He gives the prone Brawl a last contemptuous kick, and stalks off to find any other Stunticons.

Onslaught tries to draw himself up in the bottom of the pit. "Vor-tex?" he whispers briefly. "Brawl?"

Megatron holds his mate close. "Soundwave, come over here! Quickly!" This pleading tone in his voice is so unusual. "Not again..." He whispers, leaning his head against hers. "Not again..."

Astrotrain coughs. "Er, Megatron sir. It's ME ASTROTRAIN REPORTING FOR DUTY!"

Dirge walks over to the seemingly unconscious form of Swindle and kicks the mech. "You deserved this." He kicks Swindle again.

Gryphus watches on from where she sits, holding the statised camera moded Flec in her hands. "All this cuz whiny thought he could rule us... feh.."

Swindle twitches a little.

Scorcher slowly rolls around so that here lasers line up to Starscream. At least she hopes they are for her frame is so twisted that she can't be certain where she is aiming

Dead End's optic cracks as he once again tries to get it to function. His mouth won't move, but as it's open, he can get a few things out...he hopes. "Eh dunno." He still doesn't bother to try to move, he knows it will hurt if he does so, so why bother.

Brawl replies to Onslaught. "RrrrRRRRRrrgrr."

Dirge notices Swindle twitching slightly. He holds a laser to Swindle's head.

Resyke looks around at the damaged cons lying in the crater, wishing he was strong enough to haul them out. Sighing, Resyke transforms into Roach Mode(tm), and begins the climb out of the hole.

Scorcher shouts at the newly arrived Decepticon "Get your .... over here. Cats is badly injured. Get her into a repair bay before she bleeds to death"

Astrotrain erms and scratches his head. "Does anyone know why Megatron wanted a shuttle? He seems a little ... pre-occupied at the moment."

Starscream eeps and says nothing...maybe he can scam his way out of this one still....

Onslaught grunts, "Brawl.... don't give up... not...."

Ravage looks over at Laserbeak and then he hisses, "This is all your fault, Starscream... If any of them die, we will hunt you to the ends of the galaxy..."

Motormaster starts choking horribly... after a few moments, he spits out a rather disgusting combination of molten metal, oil, and fuel, raising an aching arm to cover his throat... it burns. Oh, yes, indeed, it burns. But he knows Tempest is okay... and the others have groaned one by one. He just has to get up and check on them... he moves the leg Brawl's on a little, but can't feel the other for some reason. Maybe because from the thigh down, it's just not there.

Brawl says, "RrR-RR-RR-rrrRRrrrrRr."

Ferret pauses briefly whenever he passes a Combaticon, to give said transformer a good kicking. There's quite an amount of anger in him. He looks around for any of the Stunticons.

Laserbeak finally twitches a little in response to Ravage

Tempest coughs, and says to Motormaster, "They're all alive...we're all still alive... Rest for a while."

Resyke looks down on the Stunticons from half-way up the crater wall. "Hold on guys!"

Megatron looks up, his features look strangely old at the moment. "Get those traitors of this planet before I decide to mix their molecules with the atmosphere.

Soundwave says, "Astrotrain, you are to remove Starscream and his 'Combaticons' from the planet. They are exiled. Relocate them in space."

Dirge hears Brawl. He switches his lasers from Swindle to the Combaticon.

Brawl attempts to turn himself. It's fairly successful. He falls off of Motormaster's leg, onto his stomach. With his good hand, he tries to push himself up. He can't see anything, let alone Dirge training his laser on him.

Ravage gently licks at Laserbeak, and he says, "Transform, Laserbeak, and go back to Father... You can manage that, correct?"

Starscream protests to Soundwave, "You can't do that! Where will you get another Air Commander?!" He suddenly looks nervously at Onslaught, not really looking forward to being alone with five pissed off Combaticons.

Megatron says, "Soundwave, come here damn!"

Laserbeak weakly grimaces "I shall try."

Dirge walks closer to Brawl, a cold smile on his face. "Brawl. Are you still alive."

Tempest snaps at Brawl, "You stay away from him!" and pokes at the Combaticon with her blades, to drive him away from Motormaster.

Astrotrain nods and starts to unceremoniously load up the Combaticons and Starscream. Blitzwing, who accompanied Astrotrain grins. "Come 'ere, Starscream. Can I tell you that I've always wanted to do this?"

Dead End somehow manages to lift his hand, the one closest to Motormaster, just enough to let it flop up on the larger mech's chest. "Yo'k?" He's still not able to move his mouth, but he can get simple sounds out.

Ferret sees Laserbeak lying unconscious, and hurries over.

Starscream backs up, stumbles back, but this time there's no escape and with Blitz's weapon placed firmly in his back, Starscream staggers up into Astrotrain's hold.

Resyke crawls from the crater, antennae waving

Dirge stabs the end of his laser at Brawl's head.

Brawl gets poked. He still tries to push himself up. Ignore that blade. Ignore the question someone asked him. Ignore the pain, the ungodly searing molten pain that wracks his entire being. Get to your feet, the driving force inside his head tells him. Get to your goddamned feet like a goddamned -soldier.-

Scorcher thinks she is too far away from the others to be able to get help. She's no medic but she can tell it probably is not a idea to move her. However, she does not see what choice she has. Unable to transform or to fly, she is forced to drive along the ground like some kind of Autobot, dragging Cats behind her

Gryphus continues to watch on and wait her turn to be taken to a place where she and her unconscious baggage can be looked after..

CatsCradle bumpeties along behind Scorcher...

Ravage looks over at Ferret, and he emits, softly, "Go and help free any of the others who are still trapped... I will take care of Laserbeak."

Blitzwing loads Starscream into the hold, shocks him with a stunstick and fetters him to the wall. "Boy, Astrotrain," he comments, "Just like when were assigned to the military police."

Astrotrain laughs. "You can say that again."

Motormaster coughs and gurgles again, but finally does get something out like,"Yeah Dead..." He's just as stubborn as Brawl, however, and proceeds to begin to try and work his good arm under him... the other drags slowly out of the dirt, sparking with exposed inner parts. It's obviously broken.

Blitzwing heads out of Astrotrain and starts to go after the Combaticons, after Soundwave points them out. First is Brawl and then Vortex and Blast Off are hauled from their scattered positions, stunsticked (someone needlessly) and then shacked into Astrotrain.

Dirge stabs the laser at Brawl's head again. "Brawl. Why are you still alive."

Soundwave looks to Megatron and tries to speak with assurance, "She is still lives." He starts to work, attempting to keep the faint spark going through the laser core, very aware that this is hardly the right environment for delicate brain surgery.

Brawl is dragged off before he can make it to his feet. He tries to make another nonsensical noise, but instead black fluid just spills out of his mouth, onto the floor of Astrotrain's cabin.

Tempest says to Motormaster, "What does "Don't move" mean to you?" But she isn't really sure she can forcibly stop him. She feels pretty lousy herself.

Gryphus watches on unmoving.. conserving her fuel.

Blitzwing goes after Brawl next. He flies down the hole, hooks up the bits of Brawl that are left and dumps him in Astrotrain. Finally, he drags Onslaught out of the hole. The once famous general is dragged through the dirt, his broken optics reflecting the shattered battlefield. The failure of the event rests with him, to his grave...

Scorcher finally stumbles into the group of Decepticon injured with her unconscious load.

Dirge watches as the "cargo" is placed onto Astrotrain. He smirks at the broken bodies.

Starscream cries out from Astrotrain's cabin, "You can't do this to me...I'll be back! And when I am, I'll have my revenge!"

Megatron says, "I... will call Trypticon over here... That is more secure."

Blitzwing nods, "All aboard! Hey guys, blow up some crap for me, okay? Cybertron's a little quiet at the moment!"

Laserbeak staggers to his feet towards Soundwave, and sort of falls into his leg.

Dead End finally gets his optics to work, blurrily coming online. He moves his head with a few sparks coming out of his neck as he does so. He gets a glimpse of Brawl getting pulled off Moto, and he realizes that he probably looks that bad. He begins to slowly roll over to make it easier to get up, but the sparks that come out of him just show that he has some major internal damage. He hasn't even noticed that all of his chest armor, as well as most of his leg and arm armour, has been somehow melted off. He'll see it eventually, but for now, he just wants to not be in this hole.

Scorcher wants to try and shoot Starscream for the principle of things, but can't move fast enough to line up her lasers

Ferret arrives near Laserbeak, with a look of concern, "Damn, you look a mess. Are you okay? D'you want a lift?"

Ravage gently helps his brother up, and he says, "Transform, if you can, Laserbeak, and go into stasis..."

Ferret transforms into his Scout Car mode.

Scorcher yells, frustrated "Will somebody at least give Cats some energon before she bleeds to death?"

Dirge looks at Scorcher. "Do you seriously think we can?"

Ferret's voice sounds full of concern for his friend, "Transform, and I'll give you a ride back to Soundwave."

Tempest growls, "If you idiots won't stop moving then at least let me help you." She tries to aid Dead End in his climb out of the hole.

Laserbeak gets a brief "uggghhh" off before trying to transform but it hurts alot. "Do I have to Ravage?"

Macabre exits Astrotrain, carefully sidestepping the broken Combaticons. She looks around. Oh, Primus. Where does she -start?-

Ravage says, "Yes, brother... I am here for you..."

Astrotrain bellows, 'Seeya Macabre. Remember, next week, my place, Cybertron. Bring ener-drinks, okay?"

Ravage quietly sends pulses of strength along the telepathic link.

Astrotrain blasts off.

A speck dwindles in the sky. Starscream and his rebellion is gone.

Flashpoint flies in, rotor moving at top speed as he cuts through the air in his Black Hawk mode. As he catches the blips on his screen, he banks left and heads that way, flaring to the left as he gets close enough to the land that he can transform.

Macabre peers at Astrotrain as he blasts off. "...I thought I told him I don't drink," she mumbles, before looking into the crater. Ew. She slides down its slope. "It's okay. Uh. I'm here. Who needs... who's first...?"

Tempest immediately points at Motormaster and Dead End.

Megatron calls for Trypticon, ordering him to pick them up here. Sometime the hospital has to come to the patients.

Dead End falls several times as he does his best to get out of the hole, throwing a quick "Help him." at Tempest.

Laserbeak tries again to transform only to cry out in pain. "It hurts too much."

Scorcher points at CatsCradle

Macabre looks at the two figures Tempest is pointing at. "...which one...?"

Tempest nods to Dead End, follows her own impulse, and says, "Motormaster."

A big huge shape floats through the air. It looks like a huge tyrannosaur. "Megatron call, I here..." The huge creature rumbles. "Here to fight! Where fight?" His voice is still slow, though he has still not recovered from his initial mission.

Trypticon thumps into the ground with a massive shockwave.

Scorcher topples over, and is now truly helpless...

Ravage looks over at the others, and he says, "I believe that Soundwave is attending to Nightbird... CatsCradle needs to be patched desperately... Attend to Motormaster, and then to CatsCradle, or if you can patch her up quickly, then by all means do so!"

Dirge is thrown off-balance by the unexpected shockwave. He curses. Stupid oversized mechs...

Ferret makes an urgent kind of noise, and opens a door for Laserbeak, "Just transform! It'll be okay!"

Motormaster looks rather bad, Macabre might note... one leg is missing from the thigh down, one arm is sparking and broken open in several places, one optic is shattered... and his entire body is flat out torn up, burnt, melted, and generally ruined. It's amazing he's still operating... and even more so, that he can manage,"Save Cats.. and my team... I'm... fine..."

Flashpoint heads over towards CatsCradle and Scorcher. He kneels down, letting both of his index fingers flip back as he scans with the left and fires up the welding torch that he can already see he's gonna need. "Where's it hurt most?"

Ravage gently looks over at Laserbeak, and he says, "Transmit all of your pain to me, Laserbeak... Focus on shunting it through the link to me."

Macabre ums and doesn't know who to follow, Tempest or Motormaster. She peers at a forearm with some tread on it, wonders who it belongs to, before starting to work on Dead End, taking the Stunticon Commander's orders.

Megatron looks at the wounded, especially his mate, he still holds. "The fight is over for today, Trypticon... The wounded need repairs now. Transform to city mode.

Trypticon looks disappointed. 'Want fight!'

Gryphus continues to wait her turn patiently...

Soundwave pauses in his stabilization of Nightbird as Trypticon lands and the ground shudders, then he continues, working around Megatron's arms as he's still holding Nightbird.

Trypticon shudders slightly. "Head hurt. Still not recovered from fall into sun."

Dirge checks his damage. His self-repair system has done a nice job internally, but externally he still has a hole in his chest. He frowns.

Dead End struggles to get out of the hole, finally meeting his goal as he flops down again on level ground. Sparks fly, but he just lays there and waits.

Soundwave is also very much aware of Laserbeak's condition, but can only concentrate on one patient at a time.

Laserbeak shakes his wing at his Brother and Ferret. "Just let me lay here. There's no harm in that."

Ravage says, "You will rest easier that way..."

Megatron says, "Take the damaged inside the city."

Soundwave says, "We must risk moving her, Megatron. I can only do limited work here."

Several minutes pass and then Trypticon transforms into his city mode. "You enter now. I ready."

Dirge stares at Trypticon's city mode. He had never ceased to be in awe at the sight of it.

Ferret says to Laserbeak, slightly worriedly, "We can't leave you out here in this dustbowl! Your wounds will get full of contaminants!"

Flashpoint shrugs, not really needing a response from Cats as he notes the scan. He has to work on asking that, as it's not needed, it just tends to make the patients feel as though he's gonna listen to them. Doesn't quite work when they're unconscious. He reaches to Cats and begins to make repairs that are needed before she can be moved.

Macabre does what she can to seal up the most glaringly bleeding wounds on Dead End, Tempest, and Motormaster, before offering herself as a crutch to the two Stunticons. "We need to go into Trypticon."

Laserbeak rolls over onto his non-leaking side. "Ahhhh &*^ it, hurts. I donít wanna move."

Motormaster is on the verge of passing out, but accepts Macabre's aid, leaning on her as best he can and letting himself be aimed in Trypticon's general direction.

Dirge watches the other wounded Decepticons silently. All that, just by fighting a bunch of renegade Decepticons? He shakes his head.

Flashpoint motions to the nearest member of the group that isn't unmoving. He points to Ferret, "You! Get over here."

Macabre ooofs. "Ramjet," she says to Dirge, "help me with the -- uff -- with Motormaster. He's too -- ungh -- heavy...!"

Dirge glares at Macabre. He is insulted that he was confused with Ramjet.

Laserbeak tries to crawl to Trypticon's entrance, also trying not to bleed on his brother.

Dirge says, "I am called Dirge.""

Macabre tries to keep from wincing. "My -- My mistake. Please. I'm about to buckle. I wholeheartedly -- ooh -- apologize."

Ferret is slightly reluctant to leave Laserbeak. Also, he has no idea who Flashpoint is. He says, somewhat angrily, "What!?"

Dirge glares as Macabre again, then eventually walks over and helps Macabre with Motormaster.

Tempest flanks the Stunticons. Her wings are shot to fragments but her limbs still work and the pain is not important...she goes back to her old trick of divorcing mind from body so she can function while the others are repaired. She notices, however, that ignoring her feelings--and her pain--is harder than it used to be.

Macabre, with Dirge's aid and a clipped "thank you," gets Motormaster up out of the hole and into the dinosaur.

Soundwave indicates to Megatron to take Nightbird carefully inside. He has her as stable as he can get her under these conditions, and knows he's got a long night ahead of him. He picks up Laserbeak again, providing him with some reassurance from the familiar touch, and accompanies Megatron.

Ferret transforms into his Robot mode.

Ferret stomps over, and scowls at Flashpoint.

Flashpoint doesn't seem to notice the fact that Ferret is angry, "Get this one into the med bay. ICU area." He stands up and walks away, heading to his next patient

Ferret looks at CatsCradle, who is twice his size, and then back to Flashpoint. "Yeah right. What do you want me to do, levitate her!?"

Flashpoint looks back at Ferret, his optics flashing dark blue, "Get help with her." he growls shortly. He turns back around and returns to his search for the most critically wounded.

Ferret makes a rude gesture at the back of Flashpoint's head, and looks round for someone to help him, or rather, someone to do it for him.

Resyke is standing around, just waiting to be ordered to do something.

Ravenwing steps forward to kneel beside CatsCradle. No, she doesn't look good. She looks damn near dead... The femme is also small enough to easily pick up, and she does just that.


Engineering Deck

        This room is designed as a rough-and-ready repair station, where the injured can quickly be repaired after battle. The forward section of the engineering station has been set up with a series of repair tables and shelves holding pieces of equipment. The back section of the deck reminds one of the casualties of war, where there is a series of racks for storing badly damaged mechs. The entire deck area is quite tidy and the walls gleam with polished newness.

Macabre gives Tempest an 'Uh, okay' look. "...could you... er... move your foot? I need to... I need to get at that, uh, one place there." She points with her deactivated torch.

Flashpoint walks into the Engineering area, looking down at Dead End on the floor as he enters. Looking around he calls out, "Someone move him from the door way." He heads to the closest area he can claim as a repair area and looks around for a volunteer to help him deal with casualties. That, and he looks for the worst of the casualties to deal with.

<Earth> Ghost's comm has a touch of static to it, "Operative Ghost to base command. Please send tracking signal as I am unable to locate the base. It would seem that it has been moved."

Laserbeak is laying there waiting to be tended to " I just got kidnapped . Then I managed to shoot the foot! Hurrah."

Ravenwing finds an empty table, if any, and sets CatsCradle on it.

Ravage chuckles softly, and he says, "You were very brave, Brother, you were very brave..."

Ferret moves closer to where Laserbeak is lying, "Beaky! You okay?"

Megatron looks up who touched him. His expression is very tired and sad. Turning back to Nightbird, he softly caresses the unconscious ninja's cheek that is covered by the mask.

<Earth> Reflector says, "Ghost, base has been...  Relocated...  Coordinates to follow..."

Laserbeak looks up at Ferret and replies "Donít worry about me." "You shot an Autobot Today! Nice work."

Tempest shirts to the corner of Motormaster's bunk and sits upright, but won't leave.

Macabre gains access to that hard-to-reach place, fixes, fixes, fixes, and finishes. She moves on to Laserbeak. Fix, fix, fix. "... They wanted to -eat- you, Laserbeak?"

Tempest murmurs to Megatron, "She'll be all right. You told me Soundwave can fix anything." She gives him a wan smile.

Ravage looks over at Laserbeak, and he purrs softly over at the Condor, "You did well... And Starscream has... No one to fix his foot..."

Flashpoint lets Ravenwing place Cats on the table before him, looking at the horridly hurt femme. Shaking his head, he goes to work on stabilizing her systems enough to allow self repairs to take over. But that's a long time off, as this femme looks like she could be dead.

Dirge was listening to Laserbeak prattle about having mechs wanting to eat him. He smiles.

<Earth> Ghost says, "Thank you Reflector. I am altering course and should be there soon enough."

Ferret stands back while Laserbeak is worked on.

Megatron nods at Tempest, managing a weak smile.

Dead End is moved to a bunk near Motormaster, unmoving and obviously energon depleted. The orderly sets up an IV of a slow energon drip as the Stunticon lays there.

<Earth> Reflector says, "We have...  Heavy casualties, be warned..."

<Earth> Ghost says, "Understood."

Laserbeak continues talking to no one in particular "THEY WANTED TO EAT ME! He called me a Turkey! I'm A Turkey not a condor. No. I mean...oh forget it."

CatsCradle's optics flutter to a pale lavender glow... or rather, one does. She speaks as if concentrating to get each word out, "Memory relays... were damaged... long ago." She stops for a moment, the glow of her optics fluttering. "Do not repair them."

Macabre again peers, rewiring some of Laserbeak's wing. "...who wanted to eat you? Starscream's... er... goons?"

Ferret is slightly worried. Laserbeak appears to be delirious.

Reflector looks over at the other Decepticons, and he sighs softly, in immense pain... But there are others who are far more damaged than he is, and he will see that they are repaired first...

Ravage says, "They drained his power converter..."

Laserbeak nods " Yes that Tank looking one."

Ravage says, "He had... His leg blown off, from what I could see..."

Macabre taps Laserbeak with her deactivated torch. "Don't nod. Your neck pieces are twisted. ...wait. You're... you're missing your power converter... hnn. ... Ferret," she says as she points at something, "fetch me that, please."

Flashpoint raises a brow as he works on her internals, "Your memory is the least of my concerns. Shut down and conserve energy." He welds some metal to other bits of metal, then solders a few wires together, bypassing the lack of a power converter by triple looping the feed from the energy pump through the filter. Satisfied that she's not about to die right then and there, he turns around and looks for an energon IV and a power converter.

Ferret smiles, "When those Combaticons were down, I went round and gave them all a good kicking for you."

CatsCradle's optic flutters towards Ravenwing. "Promise you won't let him," she says softly, her expression pleading.

Macabre says, "Ferret. The spare power converters. Fetch one, please."

Dirge looks up slightly at hearing 'power converter'. That's right. He almost forgot. No wonder he was feeling weak. He slowly slides down to the floor.

Tempest falls asleep beside Motormaster, exhausted from the day's events.

Ferret looks around until he finds a power converter, and presents it to Macabre.

Ravage says, "Our former Air Commander, I believe... Starscream and his... Followers have been... Permanently exiled."

Macabre takes it, staring at the gap where it used to be inside Laserbeak. "Thank you, Ferret," she mumbles softly as she begins to realign the tubing connecting the converter to the rest of Laserbeak's body.

Reflector says, "Our former Air Commander, I believe... Starscream and his... Followers have been... Permanently exiled."

Flashpoint returns from his search for supplies with everything he went searching for. He undoes the field fix he did with the fuel pump, setting the power converter where it should go, and letting the internal systems do their own jobs for the time. He adds in the bag of energon on a slow drip as he goes to work on her power core, making sure it's not damaged enough to need major repairs.

Macabre finishes patching up Laserbeak's wing. "Mm. Avoid moving your wings for a few minutes -- it'll hurt." She then turns Laserbeak over and gets to work on that leg.

Macabre smiles very very slightly. "Always." And she begins to reconnect Laserbeak's frame, fusing the severed 'bone' back together.

Ravenwing isn't aware of CatsCradle's... problem with repairs, so is puzzled at her request. "Don't let him... what?"

Dead End remains prone on the bed as he gets a bit of energon at a time.

CatsCradle's optic closes for a moment, then opens to look at her with more strength. "Don't let anyone fix my memory."

Ravage looks over at Laserbeak, and he gently sends a pulse of strength down to his brother.

Ravenwing glances at the medic, someone with whom she's not familiar, then back to the damaged femme. As far as she can tell, this is nothing to do with CatsCradle's memory, just her damaged body. "I don't think he will..." Ah, now she remembers. A conversation with CatsCradle long ago after memories she didn't want to remember. She nods and glances at the medic again, asking, "She doesn't need any neural circuitry repairs, does she?"

Dirge looks at CatsCradle. Interesting.

Flashpoint looks down to Catsí semi-working optics, confused as to why she's still talking when he told her to shut down. No matter, he's got other worries to deal with. Like figuring out why she seems to be so damaged as he thinks he's gotten all of the major problems at least patched up. He shakes his head as he ponders over other possible things that could be wrong with her. "No. They're undamaged." He runs a quick scan, hoping that it will show him what he's missing. "But," he takes the moment to look at Ravenwing, "if you can get her to stop expending energy, that would be helpful. Tell her a story, tell her you're here for her, hold her hand, whatever. I just need her to stop using energy faster that I can pump it back into her." He looks at the results of the scan, still perplexed./

Macabre is carefully, very carefully, re-linking all of the connections in Laserbeak's leg. "Can you feel this?" she asks, tapping Laserbeak's foot gently with her little finger.

Ghost walks slowly into the Eck area, Thrust slung over a shoulder in a classic Firemanís carry. Her wings are completely folded into her back so that the mech on her shoulder wont bonk into them. A brow lifts as she slows even  further, peering around to ask, no one in particular, "Where should I put this one?"
Resyke hurriedly follows, mop poised to clean up any drops of energon falling from Thrust's wounds.

Dead End lets out a soft groan as the energon finally seems to be getting back to his processors, and he can once again move.

Ravenwing shrugs and says quietly, "Phobia," then steps forwards and does as he suggests. "Your memory will not be tamped with, CatsCradle. He's said it, and I can see it for myself. Why don't you rest now? I know it would be hard, but if you rest, he can finish more quickly, and you can be free of this place." Let's see how well logic fares against a phobia...

Thrust cant do to much ...just hang around for the ride

Chasm flaps up into the shafts. Occasionally he mutters to himself. "Hmm, Megatron merchandise - probably through Brazil? Or Taiwan. Must work on shell company."

Dirge turns to Thrust. "You know who they might make as our new Air Commander? Skywarp!"

Macabre is just finishing up repairs on everyone's second favorite condor.

Thrust twitches suddenly, "SKYWARP!!!!!!!!!!..........." he whimpers,"We need a conehead in charge

Dirge smirks. "Who? You?!" He laughs mockingly at the red Seeker.

Reflector looks over at Ghost, and he looks about for an empty table... He finally points over at one that has been taken from the rec room that appears to be generally used for playing cards...

CatsCradle's face twitches as if she was trying to smile, but wasn't able to, but the pale glow of her optic relaxes. "S'all right," she murmurs. "I'll rest. Diver'd be real mad at me if I died."

Ravage purrs over at Laserbeak as his brother is fixed... He sighs softly, convincing himself that his brother will be all right...

A rasping voice sounds over Trypticon's speakers, "I is leaving now. Back to island."

The room starts to shake slightly.

Having seen Thrust into med-bay (as ordered), and being absolutely no help to the wounded at all, Resyke nods and heads out to continue his usual cleaning schedule.

Macabre steadies herself, pressing her oversized feet flat against the ground. Phew.

Thrust grumbles, " I didnít say me now did I?"

Ghost glances at Dirge, deadpanning, "Would you refrain from speaking to Thrust while his responses are aimed at my backside?" A nod is given to Reflector as she starts to head for the indicated table, still moving slowly so as not to jerk about her cargo. She stops as the room starts to shake, spreading her feet so her center of balance isnít upset too much. "Lovely."

Ravenwing nods agreeably. "Indeed he would. Rest now, and you can tell him all about this when you next awaken." Hopefully the poor femme will be unconscious for a good, long time, enough to be able to retire to her quarters to finish recuperating.

Macabre looks around. "Who's next...?"

Thrust cringes and hopes he doesnít get smacked to the floor face first

Dirge smiles again. "Who out of the Coneheads would want to be the leader?"

Flashpoint finally catches what he's missed. One of her neural pathways was fused to her frame. It's not a memory pathway, but rather the one that tells the power converter what to do. He about kicks himself for missing it. He lets his welding finger flip back as he starts to solder the needed wires into the places they need to go. As he's making a few connections, he is sent a bit off balance as Trypticon moves. He curses a few times under his breath, "...fraggin moving cities. Never get used to this slag..." Once he regains his balance, he finishes the repairs, and it's as if a miracle had been worked. The internal bits all start working in harmony as they finally all know what to do. "There. You'll be fine. You'll need some armor repairs, but I need to get to some of the others that are damaged right now."

CatsCradle's optic flutters again, then shuts down, and her body relaxes with a sigh.

Stalker saunters into the room

Stalker leans against the wall

Dirge leans against the corner, steadying himself.

Ghost starts to unsling Thrust from her shoulder, careful not to get clipped with his wings as he first ends up in her arms, some strain showing on her face as she carefully, despite the cityís movement, sets him on the table..

Reflector slowly looks at the other Decepticons, sighing softly... Spectro's faceplate is shattered, his chest blown open, and two great holes have been opened in it from where the repairs to his systems were completed a few days ago, and his lens unit has literally been blown out from him, and he appears to have been... Beaten.

Macabre moves over to Thrust. "Do you know where or how he's injured?" she asks Ghost as she preps a scanner for a more in-depth look.

Thrust is happy heís not slung over a shoulder anymore and relaxes just a bit, " I appreciate your assistance."

Dirge laughs again, coldly. "Did Thrust stub a finger?"

Flashpoint gives a quick nod to Ravenwing, "She'll be fine." He flips the tip of his finger back into place, and heads on to the next casualty.

Ravage sighs as Laserbeak is finally fully repaired, and he purrs softly, and he moves to stand guard. HE will not be getting any sleep for a long time to come... Someone has to make sure that the Autobots don't attempt to sneak in to finish them off while they're all vulnerable and damaged...

Ghost nods to Thrust as she takes a step back, popping a shoulder. Her wings fanfold back out into the regular position. "Not a problem, Thrust. Lets just not make it a habit?" She offers a faint smile before she turns to finally get a look at those present.

Ravenwing nods in understanding and steps back, so the mech has enough room to get past her. CatsCradle seems to finally be asleep or unconscious, and she's strangely relieved. Getting emotional attachments to some of these Earth-based folk, is she? Scorcher also, is a concern, and she takes the time to check on her as well.

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