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Brigade's Aftermath

Medical Corner
     The neatly arranged corner packs as much equipment and parts as possible into a relativly small space, claimed from the recreational area itself. There are few tables, with tight spaces between them for medical staff to manuver between as well as a sign that simply states: Due to the lack of room, please wait outside the perimeter if you are not wounded or needing repairs. Thank you, MSE.

Megatron leans back. "Has Astrotrain reported in whereto he brought Starscream and the renegades?"

Macabre says, "Um. I... I wouldn't know, sir..."

Ghost glances over her hsoulder, pausing as she wants to find that out herself..

Flashpoint shrugs, palms facing upwards in the classic 'I have no clue' pose.

Macabre continues working on Megatron. She's going very slowly. Very very slowly. Very very very carefully. This is the Emperor. You don't screw this up.

There is a slight stirring from the bed where CatsCradle sleeps.

Flashpoint nods to Mac, "If you have this under controll, Macabre, I'll go arrange transport back to Tryian for the two of us."

Resyke's antennae twitch, and he turns towards the sound. "Uh.. looks like someone is waking up.."

Macabre appears to be close to finishing. "Uh? Oh. Um. Sure. I. I guess."

<Earth> Divefire says, "Alright, where the blazes is Trypticon now?!"

<Earth> Reflector says, "Greetings, Divefire...  We are now at the... Continental mass konwn as...  Australia by the humans...  I will broadcast a homing beacon..."

CatsCradle groggily tries to sit up, and it takes her a more than a few seconds before she realizes it isn't working at all.

<Earth> Divefire says, "Wonderful. I want a whole pile of explinations when I get there to. You've got two minutes."

Resyke waves a hand, trying to get a medic's attention. "Hello? Um.. someone's waking up."

<Earth> Reflector says, "I believe that the situatoin is...  Complex."
Macabre says, "Flashpoint, can you handle it? I'm fusing new armor, here..."

Flashpoint raises a brow at Resyke, walking over to stand beside CatsCradle. Looking down, he asks "Memory still in tact to your liking?"

Reflector shrugs as he watches the other Decepticons, and he stays in hte background, simply letting them interact. Besides, he should be getting to monitoring duties...

Ghost hops back up onto a counter, crouching down as she settles in, going back to playing with her knife.

CatsCradle looks up at Flashpoint, her mind trying to do a rewind and play. "Yeah," she says in a thick voice. She looks down and checks her claws. Yep, those are still there. The rest of her weapons failed her, but the claws never have. Hands not shaking, either... this is a Good Thing. She blinks around. "Um... how much more needs to be done?"

Reflector says, "CatsCradle... Divefire has arrived at base, if you wish me to summon him..."

CatsCradle blinks over at Reflector. "um... I think he'll find his way all by himself."

Megatron stares at the ceiling while the medics work on him. Dark thoughts are keeping his mind busy.

Resyke peers over the edge of the bed that CatsCradle is lying on. "You alright, miss?"

Flashpoint says flatly, "Still need to reform your armor, and then reconnect your neural pathways to control your weapons systems, but that's all easy stuff. For now, stay on the table. Your systems still aren't recharged enough to get up."

Ghost turns he head to watch Megatron, wanting to ask him questions, but the numbers of forms inhabiting this area has risen.. She frowns, optics flickering as she turns her head, that strange expression crossing her face once more before she gruffs, "Going back to Cybertron. I think you all have all the hands you need for this trouble."

Macabre puts on the finishing touches... a newly applied Decepticon logo to replace the one that was burned off, for the most part, in the plasma explosion. "You're finished, Emperor. One hundred percent optimal... I mean, um, perfect condition."

CatsCradle eeks and jerks backwards as two antenae waver up at her. She catches herself from nearly falling off the bed, with the squeal of metal claws against metal bed surface.

Resyke backs away hurridly. "Whoa! Didn't mean to scare you like that miss! It's just me, Resyke! I clean things!" Resyke waves his Ultra-Mop 3000, just incase proof is required.

Flashpoint lets out a quick curse as Cats begins to fall, moving to grab her by her frame single handedly, and hold her there to keep her from falling. He reaches over with his other hand, deciding that pulling her by her frame might be a tad unfomfortable.

Megatron gets up from his bed. "Now get the rest of my troops repaired.

CatsCradle recovers her balance, although much slower than she usually would. As if in an afterthought, she bats Flashpoint's hands away. She looks back at the Insecticon, waving his mop around in the air, and with the air of someone who simply doesn't know what else to do, she begins to laugh weakly.

Flashpoint glares at Cats as she bats his hands away. "Fine. Fall next time"

Resyke stops waving his mop and grins sheepishly. "Sorry miss. Next time I'll tie my antennae back, alright?"

Ghost slides off the counter, moving around the narrow spacesbetween tables in order to not bumb into anyone.

Reflector looks over at Ghost, and he gets up, and he stays out of the way as the medics go about working on their repairs.

CatsCradle gently touches her face, which still shows the clear sign of a kick to the frame of her cheek, and winces despite the soft touch. "I'm still not seeing real well out of this side."

Flashpoint nods, and goes to work switching off the pain sensor in that area before he offers to replace the optic. "I'm out of your color right now. Only got yellow and gold. Preferance?"

Ghost heads for the exit, not realizing that she is being tailed.

CatsCradle looks confused, as if vanity is not something she's used to. "Mismatched, or are you replacing both of them?"

Macabre is... standing around. Lur dee dur!

Resyke is wiping down a table.

Flashpoint shrugs, "Your call. I can do it either way." He doesn't admit that he wanted to only replace one. His sick sense of humor once again goes unstated.

Megatron gets up from his bed, returning to his chair beside Nightbird's bed.

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Megatron looks up, watching Ghost leave. Then he looks back to his unconscious mate, sighing softly.

Divefire steps into the new medical center with a cape of darkness wrapped around him as visible as the barely suppressed rage behind his tightly held dark green optics. Wordlessly he files through the room to find Cats table.

Flashpoint is standing next to Cats table, talking to her about changing out her optics.

CatsCradle looks at Flashpoint, clearly at a loss, and just as clearly, not thinking entirely along a normal thought-path. "Um... gold, I guess." She glances around again and sees her mate making his way through the tiny area., and her remaining optic closes in relief.

Resyke looks up from his cleaning at Megatron. "Cheer up boss", he says sympathetically. "She'll be okay. We've got the best medics in the universe here, right?"

Flashpoint grumbles something in response to Resyke as he goes to fetch the golden optics that will make up Cats new face. As he turns back to face them, he notes Divefire making his way towards her. "You must be the boyfriend." he says to him as he returns to her table.

Macabre is just kind of... there. Other end of the room.

Divefire shoots Flashpoint a look, a flicker of his ire before he regards Cats again and wordlessly takes a hold of her hand in his. "How is she?" Is all he asks in an emotionless tone to the medic.

Reflector looks ovre at Divefire tiredly, and then he takes a sip from his energon cubes.

Flashpoint shoots a glare back to Divefire. "Oh, she's perfect. Yeah, these optics. They're for someone else." He can't stand it when people come in and bother him while he's working. "Yeah. And disregard all that missing armor." He shakes his head and begins placing the optics in their slots, making sure that the diodes match up so that she won't just have pretty optics, but rather pretty *working* optics.

CatsCradle leans over and slips her arms around her mate's neck and clings to him for a moment, gaining a strength from him that energon could never supply, then sits back again, still with her hand in his. She looks as though a giant hand had picked her up and squashed her against a wall... which is actually what happened, and once side of her face bears a clear imprint of a kick.

Flashpoint is interuppted by Cats movement. He hates that too.

Divefire lets Cats hold him for as long as she wants, trying his best to keep his mess of emotions in check in regard to the pissed off medtech. "Fine." He mutters across to Flashpoint before he sighs a little. "Who did this? Which Autobot was it?"

CatsCradle murmurs, "It wasn't Autobots." She remains almost perfectly still, numbness from the pain controllers keeping her phobia under control, except for a slight trembling in the hand her mate holds.

Flashpoint isn't pissed off, he just has the bedside manor of a crocadile on crack. He waits for Cats to finish hugging her mate before he goes back to the optics. In the mean time, he puts the finishing touches on her new armor.

Resyke leans on his mop.

Divefire’s expression lets a little confusion through as he looks to Cats again, making sure not to get in the way of Flashpoint working. "Well who was it then, Earth forces? Some new prototype weapon?"

CatsCradle muzzily sorts over a few answers, then lifts one shoulder in a careful shrug that stops short when it hurts. "Starscream," she says simply. "With a combiner team of other Decepticons. He apparently stole their lasercores from Polyhex, and I'm not sure of much more than that."

Divefire’s expression flickers between confusion then a little surprise before everything else fades away into a background behind some cold realization. "Where is he?" Is all he asks, carefully controlled.

Flashpoint turns back to his patient with the new armor in hands. Placing on a work bench near him, he looks at Divefire. "Can I have her for just a bit longer? Then she'll be all yours, and I can get off this rock." He quirks a brow showing that it's not really a question as much as a 'Move it buddy'.

CatsCradle stops herself just before shrugging again. "You'll have to ask someone who was conscious, dear." She pats Diver's hand, then lets him go to let Flashpoint at the rest of the repairs. "Don't go anywhere, love," she adds in a small voice. "Please."

Divefire steps back from the table and paces around it, thinking briefly before taking up position just out of the way. "I'm not going anywhere just yet."

Divefire transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

First, Flashpoint finishes the installation of the new optics. Once that is complete, he begins welding the new armor to the existing frame. The work isn't exactly done at light speed, but it's not exactly going at a snails pace either. He works his way from toe to head, making sure each of the parts is seurely welded before moving on to the next. As he finishes up the work, he runs a quick structural scan to make sure that everything is done right. Satisfied, he looks down to Cats, and reactivates her new optics. "Give it a test run."

CatsCradle blinks and looks around, almost startled when everything looks exactly the same as with her other optics. For some reason, she thought that the different color would have changed her vision somehow. She looks down at the ankle that was shot out and wiggles her foot before carefully slipping off the table and resting her full weight on it. She takes a few hesitant steps, in a rather shakey line, and makes it far enough to lean against the next bed, as if those steps took most of her energy. "It seems all right," she says, truthful at least about the repairs, if not about how strong she feels at the moment. Then as an afterthought, she says softly, "Thank you."

Flashpoint nods in reply, "I'd suggest a good recharge time, but I'm sure it can wait until you calm your boyfriend down a bit." He looks over to Divefire and nods.

Macabre continues to stare at her little toesies.

CatsCradle corrects softly, "He's my mate." She looks over at him, not missing his murmurings into his radio. "He's forever."

Flashpoint shrugs and walks over to stand beside Macabre, "You ready to go, or do you have things to do on this planet?

Divefire has his arms folded across his chest in typical fashion as he engages in a quiet radio conversation and watches Cats take her first few steps. A little show of relief runs through his body at her motions as he returns Flashpoints nod, carefully.

Macabre ums. "I... we can... we can go. Um."
CatsCradle looks briefly startled at Macabre. "You're leaving?" Her voice is tinged with disappointment. "Oh."

Macabre blinks at CatsCradle. "...? I got, um, transferred to Tyrian. I thought you knew."

Flashpoint nods, "I'll go find us a way home." He says this as if Mac had always been from Tyrian, and thusly consideres it home as well.

Flashpoint transmits a message via radio.

CatsCradle sighs and shakes her head a little, then stops when that hurts too. "Too much happening. I'm not keeping up with... with the gossip," she adds with a soft smile, but stops again when the smile tugs at repairs.

A radio transmission is received by Flashpoint.

Macabre looks up at Flashpoint for a moment. "Um... sorry I can't be your good luck charm anymore," she mumbles to CatsCradle. "...goodbye."

Flashpoint has left.

Macabre follows after Flashpoint.

CatsCradle turns, careful not to lose her balance, to look at Diver. "I wanna go home," she says softly.

Divefire nods slightly, closing off his radio and stepping forward. "I think that can be arranged pretty damn quickly."

CatsCradle touches her face, her fingers gently tracing around the golden optics. "Do they look funny?" she asks, as suddenly self-conscioius as a femme only a fraction of her years.

Divefire walks up to Cats and touches the side of her face lightly. "You look as beautiful as ever."

CatsCradle slips her arms around his neck again, leaning more heavily against him this time. "Take me home, Diver."

Divefire holds her tightly again and then nods, picking her up in his arms. "Yes Ma'am."

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