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The Search for Bruticus (BOT)

War Room

        Dominating this room is a huge holographic display table, with chairs surrounding it. The display is suitable for projecting any number of video images or giant high resolution holographic maps. There are auxiliary display stations and computer consoles lining the walls, making this an ideal place to plan strategy and review intelligence.

<Earth> Resyke's uncertain voice echoes across the channel for the first time. "Um!  The Combaticons.. you know how they were, like, in the storage locker?  Well..  now they're all broken... and I think some bits are missing... Um....?"

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "I vote we let 'em stay broken"

<Earth> Reflector says, "What is the situation, Resyke?  Can you determine just what components are missing?"

<Earth> Resyke sounds like he's poking around in a large collection of scrap. "Uh... nope.  Maybe a medic or someone should come down here.  I'm only a cleaner.  Sorry."

Megatron stares at Soundwave as he receives Resyke's message. "What the hell happened now? I wanted them securely stored!

CatsCradle steps in, just in time to hear the last bit. "If they're broken, is it safe to say that they can't be put together again? Ever? I really don't have a problem with that."

<Earth> Megatron says, "Resyke, we are on the way to see what happened!"

Soundwave says, "That is not the state in which they were stored, however." Soundwave seems a little distracted by something, and concerned.

Counterpunch enters in rather quietly.

Megatron heads for the door. "But /I/ have a problem with that.

Soundwave glances briefly at the new arrival, and then follows Megatron.

Reflector heads out of the Viewing Room, where he was watching the sunset... And he hurries along after the other Decepticons.

Ravenwing gazes heavenwards and wonders if the late Starscream could have pulled this off...

Counterpunch shakes his head and follows the rest of the group.

CatsCradle leans against a console. "Perhaps there was someone else who also didn't want them reassembled, so they nabbed parts to make sure." As everyone else seems to have decided to play Follow the Leader, she joins in.



        A vast cavernous space suitable for even the largest shuttle to dock in. Currently the hangar is empty, with sounds echoing ominously off the walls.

Resyke hurriedly extracts himself from the bits of Combaticon that he was poking around in.

Ravage looks over at the other Decepticons as they enter.

Swindle lies there with the others, deactivated, but surprisingly, not in as trashed a state as they are.

Chasm lands on Soundwave’s shoulder. For some reason, he seems rather fidgety and is lashing his tail back and forth slightly like an irritated cat.

Ravage looks over at Chasm, and he says, "As it is... Why do I have the feeling that you had something to do with this?"

Soundwave gives Chasm a look, then regards the mess in the storage locker.

Resyke waves his arms around. "They were like this when I found them! Someone must have broke in!"

Chasm glares at Ravage. "Must I endure another heinous accusation from you? I think I have better things to do than play with the Combaticons..."

Ravage says, "As it is... I do not believe that you would hold anything sacred, for the right price..."

Counterpunch shakes his head, "Soundwave, what was the security like on this area?"

Reflector looks over at the scattered remains of the Combaticons, and finally, he says, "As it is... We will have to determine just what parts are missing..."

Soundwave has not properly introduced himself or anyone else to Counterpunch, but it seems their new arrival is going to jump right into the action. "There was no reason to suspect anyone of having reason to tamper with them, Counterpunch."

CatsCradle pokes at pieces of Combaticons until she finds a piece unmistakably Brawl and kicks it hard enough to send it rolling. "Of course there are things Chasm finds sacred," she says absently, enjoying her game of Kick The Brawl. "Profit, for example."

Counterpunch says, "Perhaps, but they were Starscream's minions and should have been secured as such. The Empire cannot risk another... 'set back.'"

Soundwave glances at Ravage briefly and shakes his head a little, as though to say, "Don't worry," then crouches down and looks over the trashed and dismantled bodies. He pushes a Brawl limb aside to expose Swindle, who lies motionless but without any noticeable pieces missing. "This one remains intact," he notes. "I could revive him. Perhaps there is an explanation."

Soundwave glances at Ravage briefly and shakes his head a little, as though to say, "Don't worry," then crouches down and looks over the trashed and dismantled bodies. He pushes a Brawl limb aside to expose Swindle, who lies motionless but without any noticeable pieces missing. "This one remains intact," he notes. "I could revive him. Perhaps there is an explanation." (repose for Megatron)

Counterpunch shakes his head at the summation of Chasm's character. "The Empire's only coin is her loyal troops and their deeds." He says, somewhat dryly.

Ravage nods over at Soundwave, accepting this from his Creator, for now, and he trots on over to inspect the wreckage. Given that it was sealed... If he can get a familiar scent, he might be able to track down whomever it was that took them in the first place...

Resyke gives the more important Decepticons room to do their thang, moving to stand at the back of the group and wring his cleaning-rag nervously. .o0(I hope I don't get blamed for this!)

CatsCradle grins at Chasm. "He's just jealous 'cause he doesn't have a toy made after him."

Soundwave looks to Counterpunch. "As I have been attempting to teach Chasm for some time."

Reflector nods, and he starts scanning the area over with his IR and UV scanners, looking for any signs that someone might have been tampering with the security interlocks (and if they are lucky), perhaps an energy trail...

Chasm folds his paws together, "Hmmph."

Chasm glares at CatsCradle and looks rather smug, "That was something I particularly didn't want."

Soundwave flips open an access panel in the side of Swindle's helmet and makes a small adjustment. The Combaticon's purple optics come to life in a flickering glow, that quickly steadies.

Megatron looks at the damaged Combaticons. "I must know what has happened here, who is behind this. Do your best, Soundwave."

CatsCradle tosses her hands in the air. "You're /activating/ them? Didn't we learn the last time? Combatties are not good for our health."

Counterpunch sidles over to Resyke, "It was like this when you found it?" he says, his icy gaze fully focused on the Insecticon.

Ravage starts taking in all of the scents in the area, trying to pin down any that might have accessed the bins...

Swindle stirs a little and looks around - then makes a small startled motion as he recognizes the crowd around him. But he quickly composes himself, and gives CatsCradle a charming smile. "Oh, now - we're not that bad," he says, though his optics flicker warily around himself.

Chasm waves his paws in the end, "Yes, I don't think it would be a wise idea. We should leave those insurgents where they are now - on ice..."

CatsCradle hmphs and returns to kicking her piece of Brawl around the hangar.

Chasm looks at Swindle, and nonchalantly ducks behind Soundwave's leg.

Resyke starts shaking. For the third time in two days, he's being stared at by a bigger, nastier Decepticon. "Y..Yes! Alright, so I poked around! But that's because they asked me too! I'm sorry! Sorry!"

Swindle's optics narrow just a little as he catches Chasm's motion.

Ravage shakes his head, and he reports, "The only scent in the area is that of Resyke's..."

Megatron folds his arms in front of his chest, looking at Swindle. "It seems you are the only one of your comrades still functional. And it was not me who ordered them to be disassembled...

Reflector nods, and he looks over at the Decepticons as he proceeds with his visual scans of the area.

Counterpunch shakes his head, "Ease off, kid. I just want to get to the bottom of this."

Megatron says, "I think that is quite funny, so maybe you have an idea what happened, Swindle."

Swindle climbs to his feet, making a motion like dusting himself off. He looks around, and looks surprised to see his comrades around him in pieces. "Okay, I realize you guys might've been a little upset after our last encounter," he says. "And, I admit, we got a little carried away. But did you have to hack them to bits like this? We could've made a deal of some kind, I'm sure."

CatsCradle gives her piece of Brawl another hard kick

Soundwave watches Swindle's reactions, and is aware of Chasm's as well.

Swindle flinches a little, but then tries on another smile. "Maybe if you've all taken out your aggressions now, we can let bygones be bygones and start over, eh?" He looks hopefully to Megatron.

Ravage looks over at Soundwave, his presence calming... "Very well then... We will need a list of whomever could have had access to this equipment, or anyone with the capabilities to have 'hacked' it..."

Reflector looks over the area, unable to discern anything useful from his scans, but he continues with them, staying silent.

Resyke stands around feeling generally useless, wondering if this _is_ somehow his fault.

Megatron, covering his suspicion: "So you have no idea what is going on, Swindle?" He glances at Chasm.

Counterpunch states, "This is all very well and good, but where are the missing components right now? And what could have happened to them?"

Swindle looks innocent. "Me? I just woke up." He looks around, coincidentally trying to search out Chasm. "Maybe someone *else* would know more?"

Chasm shakes his head, "Why would I be involved this, Megatron? I'm no second-hand parts dealer! I prefer luxury goods." His voice comes from behind Soundwave's left leg.

Soundwave agrees with Counterpunch, "These bodies are not merely dismantled. There are components missing."

Ravage looks over at Chasm thoughtfully... He had the capabilities, the means, and perhaps even the inclination to do something... The question is - just how could he have profited from them?

CatsCradle says mildly between kicks, "Oh, I rather like the Throwing Them Into Burning Lava theory."

Soundwave glances down toward Chasm, and then back to Swindle again. Odd.

Megatron says, "Ravage, do you have any trace of the missing parts?"

Megatron says, "Chasm, you would sell everything as long as you get credits for it. So don't take me for a fool."

Ravage says, "The only scent in the area that I can get is Resyke... IF the parts were picked up and then put into storage containers, or subspace, it could prove... Difficult to track them, but I will do my best."

Megatron says, "Then do your best, Ravage."

Swindle affects a pained expression. "Burning lava is so ... final, though. We'd be much more good to you alive and intact."

Ravage starts sniffing over at the parts, trying to memorize the scents of the Combaticons into his memory engrams... And then he starts slowly moving about the room, trying to see if he can trace their path...

Reflector looks over at the room, finally discontinuing his scans when he can get nothing of use from them.

Chasm complains, "You see how it is impossible for me to get a fair hearing! And I had nothing to do with the sale, I mean, nothing to do with this at all."

Resyke echoes Chasm. "It wasn't me! Honest!"

Chasm hisses at Resyke, "I didn't ask for your comment, cleaner-boy!" Just because Resyke is slightly taller than he is...

Resyke babbles. "Sorry Chasm! Sorry!"

Ravage goes about the area, and finally, when he has made a complete circuit of the room, he says, "They have been removed from here very cleanly. There is not enough trace evidence left to pick up a trail. Probably they were either put into storage containers and sealed, or drained of energy and transferred into subspace... I can find nothing."

Chasm seems to relax slightly.

Counterpunch shakes his head. His optics are scanning the scene and if he's reached any conclusions, he seems reluctant to share them.

Megatron takes a closer look at Onslaught, he is very thoughtful, remembering that they once fought side by side. Yes, he knows who the Decepticons in these body shells are. "Soundwave, scan Swindle and Chasm. This way we will know if any of them has the information we need.

Reflector says, "As it is... Does anyone have any ideas as to who might have taken them? Perhaps we should review the security logs, or see if Trypticon is aware of any visitors..."

Swindle tries to edge a little out of the limelight.

Counterpunch says, "If we have their subspace signatures tagged, we could use a subtronic sifter to get an approximate location of the components."

Soundwave looks to Megatron in silence for a moment. He then replies, quite calmly, "Cannot comply, Megatron."

Ravage looks over at Soundwave curiously, sending a questioning telepathic probe...

Counterpunch looks at Soundwave thoughtfully, "Wouldn't you have one available, Soundwave?"

Megatron stares at Soundwave, nearly shocked. "What? What do you mean, you cannot comply?"

Reflector looks over at Soundwave, alarmed, and his three units whirr about in confusion.

Resyke seems grateful that no-one is staring at him anymore. The cleaner goes to mop the floor, before thinking better of it. "Might be clues on it", he mutters.

Soundwave looks to Counterpunch and nods. "Naturally. I should have considered this." More to Megatron than to Counterpunch, "My apologies. I am not functioning at full capacity, it seems. There is - some interference in my telepathic capabilities. Perhaps merely an imbalance. I will see to it when we have solved the current problem."

Ravage mews over at his Father, trotting over to his Creator's side, and peering up at him with concern evident in his optics, merely lending his strength through his presence...

Soundwave draws a scanning device from his storage compartment, and hands it to Counterpunch. "Attempt to tune in the frequency of the missing parts, Counterpunch."

Megatron grumbles: "Wonderful... What else is going wrong today?"

Soundwave again gives Ravage a slight shake of his head. If he himself is concerned about his condition, he's saving it for later.

Ravage nods, and he says nothing, but he stays at the side of his Creator. They will speak of this later...

Reflector shrugs, and he says, "What will the range of the scan be, then? Will we be able to pick things up off-planet, then?"

Counterpunch accepts the device and starts tinkering with it, holding it up every now and then to recalibrate it. Finally, he hands it back to Soundwave. "You know this mudball, er, planet better than I do, Soundwave. It should be focused now."

Soundwave says, "I am reading three locations. The parts have apparently been scattered to numerous points. One reading is from New York City, another in Northern Europe. A third is near the space bridge, but this one is dissipating, perhaps an afterecho, suggesting something was taken to Cybertron."

Ravage nods and he says, "Very well then... Perhaps those of us on Earth should go after the components here, and we should contact Cybertron about searching for the ones present there?"

Chasm glares at Counterpunch, "Who is this fellow anyway?" he mutters to himself.

Soundwave says, "Transfer from Cybertron, Chasm. An impressive record under his commander there. He will be a welcome addition to our forces."

Chasm tries to look impressive, but fails spectacularly.

Resyke begins to calm down as it's clear no-one is going to 'shoot the messenger' so to speak.

Reflector nods, and he looks over at Soundwave, "I take it that we will be dividing up to split up after the various searches, then?"

Soundwave gives Chasm as well as Swindle another searching look. Of all the inconvenient times for his trusted abilities to fail him. None the less, he conveys a confident manner that they will get to the bottom of the mystery by conventional means.

Megatron says, "I want these parts back, I suppose that is clear."

Ravage nods, and he says, "As it is... We should divide to go after the parts here on Earth, and perhaps send some units based on Cybertron to go after the ones there?"

Laserbeak looks around rather, disinterested. He's not being shot at, so he stares around the room aimlessly, squaking now and then to assure all he still functions.

Counterpunch looks thoughtful, "If I was going to move parts on Cybertron, I'd sell it to the Tyrians... or the Autobot underground... No one else would really be interested in second-hand parts..."

Soundwave glances at Megatron significantly as Counterpunch says 'Tyrians.'

Counterpunch shakes his head, "But that still means there's a whole big 'why' factor in the first place. Why leave the Combaticons in such a mess and why are the parts everyone? Was Starscream hated that much?"

CatsCradle returns to the group as part of her circuit of kicking Brawl around the hangar. "Scavengers would take anything. They're usually desperate for parts, no matter how many hands they've gone through.

Swindle sidesteps around the carved-up bits of his comrades and glances wistfully toward the nearest exit.

Megatron says, "Ravenwing, Soundwave and I have to go to Cybertron anyway. Laserbeak will join us. The Rest of you will go after the other parts here on Earth. CatsCradle, you are the specialist for the planet. You will instruct our newcomer."

Ravage nods, and he says, "As it is... We are looking at someone with good connections on the black market, I would assume - to have first gotten into Trypticon and made off with the parts undetected, and to then manage to bypass the security grid on the Space Bridge... We are either looking at an inside job, or someone with very good infiltration skills, or that knows someone that did."

Chasm says, "Er, Soundwave, I have an appointment soon. I'd like to help, but I'm afraid I'd be needed elsewhere..."

Megatron doesn't show any reaction to the word Tyrian - at least he doesn't show. "Ravage, you will come to Cybertron as well, I might need your talents.

CatsCradle stops short at Megatron's order, almost tripping over the part of Brawl. "I who? Oh... er... right." She mutters something about Divefire's ability of missing things, gives the piece one final kick, and returns to the group.

Megatron says, "You, Chasm, will do everything to find the missing parts and nothing else."

Ravage nods, and he says, "As it is... Chasm and Swindle both have contacts that could prove... Useful on either planet..."

Soundwave says, "Perhaps you can accompany the Earth contingent, Chasm. Since you *are* so familiar with this planet's infrastructure."

Chasm gulps, "But Megatron.."

Reflector nods, and he says, "Very well then... Who will remain in charge of our searches on Earth, then?"

CatsCradle says quickly, "Not it."

Resyke hangs around in the background, now just waiting for everyone to clear off so he can get to the cleaning products, which was why he was down here in the first place.

Swindle abandons his momentary hope of getting to an exit unnoticed, and switches tactics. "Allow me to offer my services, Megatron. I do have some ... contacts ... that might be useful."

Ravenwing says, "Tempest? She shows considerable leadership potential."

Megatron looks at Swindle. "And as to you: you will go back into stasis until this matter is settled." He addresses Counterpunch: "You will guard the base and try to find more clues."

Chasm says, "I suppose I could guide your soldiers here and there, Megatron."

Soundwave says, "I believe those who are most suited to interacting with this planet's natives should be leading the Earth mission."

Ravage nods, and he looks over the room as he trots along after Soundwave. This should prove... Interesting indeed. He does not want his Father going along without accompaniment.

Counterpunch nods, accepting the task, "I will contact you as soon as I find anything out, Megatron."

Swindle looks almost offended. "Stasis? But - but..."

Reflector says, "As it is... We will have to spread out quickly if we are to prevent our technology from falling into the hands of the natives."

Megatron says, "Nothing else I expected from you, Counterpunch."

CatsCradle waves her hand. "Ooh, ooh, can I break him up in pieces, like the rest of 'em?"

Megatron says, "Be glad that you are alive at all Swindle."

Chasm mutters, "Sorry, old friend..." and snickers.

Swindle gives Chasm a murderous look.

Megatron narrows his optics. "You were luckier than Starscream in this case, Swindle." He turns his back to the Combaticon.

Ravage nods, and he looks over at Megatron. This will most certainly be an interesting diversion...

Chasm looks impatiently up at Megatron, "Well, I don't have all day you know."

Megatron says, "Then, my dear Chasm, you should hurry to find the missing parts."

Chasm eeps and then flaps up into the air, "Megatron, I should go alone. Others would only impede my effectiveness."

Reflector nods, and he says, "Should be break apart into two teams, then, to go pursue the parts? One to head to... New York, the other to head to Europe?"

CatsCradle waves her hand again. "Do I get to take Swindle apart?"

Laserbeak waddles alongside his Father gently nudging him in the leg with his head. He then looks to Ravage warmly. "Father what might I do?"

Megatron doesn't respond to that, but his glowing optics say all that is needed: 'Shut up if you don't want to be roasted and do as you where told, Chasm.

Soundwave reaches down and picks up Laserbeak, placing him on his shoulder. "You are to accompany us, Laserbeak."

Ravage nods, and he trots along after Soundwave, shooting occasional glances of concern up at his Father.

Not getting an answer, CatsCradle settles for grabbing Swindle by the scruff of his armor and dragging him back to the storage unit, stuffing him in until he fits. "There," she grumbles and seals the unit shut. "Would have been more fun to put him in piece by piece, though."

Skywarp walks in with a mere grin on his face as he walks proud.

Chasm looks at CatsCradle. He is forced to work with the world's most irritating Decepticon. He sighs. "Earth team," he says, assuming a grandiose pose, "Follow /me/ and be sure to keep out of my way. As an expert, you'll just clutter things up, but I will try and work with you all, despite your faults."

CatsCradle smiles charmingly at Chasm. "Oh by all means, I'll keep out of your way. You are more than welcome to do the work."

Ravenwing is really not pleased at the interruption of some rather critical negotiations, but the sooner this issue is resolved, the sooner the talks can resume. Chasm's words reach her audio receptors, and her silver optics widen. Is Chasm channeling Starscream, or what?

Swindle yelps and bangs on the interior of the storage closet once in protest, but then quickly decides he might be best off out of everyone's sight and mind for a bit. He falls silent inside his prison.

Skywarp grins and looks around at the others.

Ravage nods, and he purrs up at his Father, trotting along, and then shooting a glance up at Laserbeak. He chuckles softly. It is a nice change to see someone other than Chasm perched up there...

CatsCradle says, "However, I am /not/ going to be stuck alone with Chasm." She grabs Resyke by the back of his carapace, much like she had done with Swindle. "Resyke comes with us."

Gryphus enters the hanger and notices there is a rather large crowd. What's going on, she wonders. She shifts her wings against her back and listens in.

Reflector nods over at Chasm, and he says, "I believe that I will be accompanying you then, Chasm... It will be... Interesting to see what we can learn from the humans in this endeavor. Would you mind if I accompany you?"

Resyke loiters, cheerful demeanor almost completely restored. "Sure, I... What?" he double-takes. "Muh?"

Chasm looks at Resyke and sighs. "I suppose he will be useful if we makes a mess..."

Gryphus moves over to Reflector, "What's going on?"

Reflector looks over at Gryphus, and he explains, "The Combaticons, at least parts of them, are missing... We are going to be... Going searching for them. We detected some of their pieces in New York, and in the territory known as Europe, and others on Cybertron, and we will be splitting into teams to go after them."

Megatron gathers his group together. "Soundwave, Ravenwing, let's get this done that we can get back to the important matters. CatsCradle, I agree, take with you whoever is necessary to have an eye on Chasm.

Chasm splutters, "I should be in charge - not her!"

Gryphus nods, "Exactly why are we going to look for their parts?" she asks, a bit softer than the last question.

Reflector nods, and he says, softly, "We detected their parts in the Earthern City known as New York, and in Central Europe, and others were detected as having been transferred over the Space Bridge..."

Skywarp walks over to Megatron. "Wherever you go I go.."

Soundwave gives Chasm a warning look. "You might do well to make an effort to assist, Chasm. You are in enough trouble." He may not have his telepathic abilities at this exact moment, but he sure can read body language and make educated guesses.

CatsCradle gives Chasm an evil grin. "If I am in charge, I therefore delegate Chasm to chose our first course of action. Subject to my approval, of course."

Laserbeak shoots a quick glance to Resyke and grins "Be careful, I need you around to clean up after my drinking binges"

Chasm glares at this. This wasn't suppose to turn out like this... He shakes his head, "Very well. To New York then..."

Megatron smirks. "CatsCradle is our Earth specialist.

Ravage nods, and he looks over at Chasm, and he says, "As it is, Chasm... If I hear of you acting up again... I might just press my case to have you immobilized and mounted in my bar as a trophy."

Gryphus ahems, "You didn't answer my question."

Ravenwing wonders how many times Chasm is going to push his luck. Primus, he makes Starscream look good... If Megatron wishes to take this to Cybertron, she's perfectly happy to return home. Earth is interesting, yes, but Cybertron is home.

CatsCradle blinks again. "I who? No, that's Divefire. He's just... not here again."

Laserbeak grins to Ravage "You think Jackie would tolerate having Chasm in the bar?"

Resyke is stunned by the fact that he's actually going somewhere. "Uh. Yeah, you be careful too, Laserbeak. Someone needs to make a mess and keep me employed". He flashes a quick nervous grin.

Reflector says, "Because we have been ordered to by Megatron... We do not want them falling into the hands of the Autobots, or the Tyrian contingent..."

Chasm says offhandedly to Gryphus, "Somehow, the Combaticon parts have been scattered everywhere."

Gryphus glances up at the comment about Chasm being the Earth specialist.. right.. whatever. "Oh well you could of said that in the first place." she smiles to Reflector.

Ravage says, "As it was... If he was immobilized, stuffed, and mounted... I believe that we could probably set him up as a dart board..."

Counterpunch turns to examine the Combaticon storage chamber for further clues.

Reflector nods over at Gryphus, and he smiles over at the femme.

You stop following Soundwave.

Ramjet is parked in a row with all the other gumby jets. Someone having repaired him, probably by mistake.

Skywarp lays his optics on the earth crew. "Well get to work!" then smiles at Megatron. "Are we going already?"

Chasm flaps up into the air, "Let's proceed then," he says. "If we're quick, we can be back in time for the evening financial news."

Gryphus asks Reflector in a very low tone, "UH, who made Chasm the expert on humans?"

Reflector looks over at Gryphus and he says, "I do not know... I believe that he probably has... Contacts that can be useful in this search, somehow..."

Chasm carefully organizes the expedition and ushers them out...


New York City

     This bustling human metropolis is characterized by a large spanning bridge over the Hudson River and a unique statue of a woman with a torch in the harbour. The downtown skyline is marked by famous buildings and hundreds of lesser high-rises, many covered in gargoyles. Crowds bustle through neon-lit Times Square; pigeons gather in Central Park. The city is the epitome of human culture for this continent.

Gryphus hmms, "I've been studying them since I arrived. You'd think Lord Megatron would of noticed that. Oh well...." she straightens up and follows the crew of Con part searchers. Least it's better than hanging over a computer all day...

Resyke is silent, still wondering what he's doing here.

Reflector nods over at Gryphus, and he says, softly, "As has CatsCradle... I believe that in between the three of you, we will be fine."

Chasm stares at the subspace subsifter beeping away in his claws. "According to this widget of Soundwave's, the parts are located around here somewhere..."

Currently, 'here' looks like the New York University of Technology, a pleasant green campus surrounded by tall buildings.

Resyke looks around curiously at the grass, the buildings, the students who are probably screaming and fleeing in terror. "Wow!"

Chasm absently polishes at his left wing, as it became slightly splattered during the flight.

Reflector nods as he comes to a stop along the ground, and he says, "What are our instructions then?" He follows along after the others.

Actually, the campus looks rather deserted at the moment.

Ramjet remains overhead. Waiting for the Humans to send in their military to deal with the giant robots who just walked onto campus.

Gryphus lands in hippogriff form. "Start looking. I've a couple scanners on me."

CatsCradle gives a little smile to Gryphus. "It may have been because Divefire and I are in Earth Research and Exploration and have been here longer than you. But in any case." She looks around the campus, her nose twitched in thought. "I'm gathering they nabbed our parts to study? Chasm, can you narrow the search down to a specific building?

Chasm fiddles with his device and squints at it. "Possibly over there..."

Resyke wanders around the area and pokes at stuff, looking strangely at home since he's pretty much human size.

"Aaaah," some one screams from the side, "Giant robots!"

Reflector looks over at the source of the screams, and he ignores them. The humans are not a problem. Unless they run into an Autobot attack force, this should be a fairly simple mission to carry out.

A group of college students are running of to the left hand building, "Let's call the Autobots," someone shouts.

"Dude, you've got their number?"

"Let's check the phone book!"

CatsCradle nods. "Let's try to do this causing as little damage as possible. Chasm, you and Resyke will fit through the doors without breaking down the walls. Why don't you see if you can get to the parts and perhaps bargain a trade. Maybe one of your other scanners in exchange for the parts."

Resyke waves cheerfully. "Hello! Don't mind us, just come to get something. No need to call any Autobots!"

Chasm looks at Resyke irritatedly and flaps off.

Reflector nods, and he says, switching to the binary language of Cybertron, "I would suggest rigging it so that the parts would fuse as soon as we have made the transfer. No sense in giving the humans anything workable from us..."

Gryphus takes out a scanner as she transforms to robot mode. Hmm.. let's see... tap tap tap.. ah there we go.

Resyke turns back towards the others. "Oh, Ok!" The cleanercon scurries after the retreating Chasm.

Dirge zooms quickly into the area, casting a sinister shadow across the sky.

Chasm glides off towards a nearby building, "There's a signal over here..."

CatsCradle gives a slight shrug. "That's why I suggested a scanner. It's pretty harmless, but as a piece of Cybertronian tech, it ought to keep the students busy."

Reflector nods, and he follows along after Chasm, his scanners turning a bright shade of red as he attempts to trace the subspace trail.

Resyke follows Chasm towards the building at a fast scurry, pausing only to look up and repress a shudder as Dirge flies overhead.

Inside the building, a group of three students are putting the final touches on their robot for the science fair. "Wow Marty, that's almost ready to go."

A human with thick glasses is busy with the wiring, "My creation... Almost complete!"

Another student, looking bored, is eating a hamburger, "Hey guys - can you hear something? Almost like a jet, but really close..."

Gryphus moves after them to triangulate the position of the part in question.

Reflector follows along after Gryphus, his three units tromping along, one right behind one another.

The window where the humans are is suddenly noticeable. Chasm perches on the sill and peers in there with interest.

A student shrugs, "Man, you've just got giant robots on the brain. Hey, couldn't you have made a transforming robot, Eleanor?"

The human doing the wiring snaps, "No!" and raises her welder.

Resyke looks up at the perching Chasm, then shrugs and carefully opens the door to the building and peers inside. "Um.. hello?"

The welding human snarls, "I'm busy - go away!"

The two other humans look at the door. And scream. And scream. "It's a giant mechanical bug!"

Gryphus hmms. "Think I should let Chasm find them and deal with them? I really always wanted to talk to a human..."

Dirge spots the other Cons disappearing into the building. Remaining transformed, he circles the building, smirking occasionally as a human scurries away.

Reflector listens to the humans as they screech, and his three units hover on the ground floor, before activating their antigravs and rising up in the air.

The welding human closes the hatch on her robot. "Now, B.O.T - say something!"

The human built robot snarls, "B.O.T - smash!"

Eleanor frowns, "I didn't teach him that word. Must have been that weird part we used..."

Marty shouts out, "Hello! There's a giant mechanical bug in the doorway!"

Resyke steps inside. "Hey! I'm not... well, OK, I am a giant mechanical bug. But there's no need to scream! I just, uh, came to pick something up! Honest!"

A human steps back, "Man, what do you want?!! We ain't done nothing!"

CatsCradle picks Chasm up and shoves him through the door. "Quick, be charming."

Reflector looks at the sound of the screaming, and his three units peer in through the window.

Chasm falls forward on his nose and struggles to recover himself, "Allow me to introduce myself, humans. I'm Chasm. I can help you get what you want..."

Gryphus listens to the conversation within... "OH that's sounding really good..." (sarcasm)

The human in front of the robot says, "You can't take BOT - he's our science project!"

Reflector blinks, and he begins to ponder just /why/ that voice and personality sounds so... Familiar...

The human built robot stumbles forward and pounds a fist through a chalkboard. "BOT - smash! BOT - destroy!"

Reflector says, "Definitely Brawl..."

Resyke staggers forward as Chasm is pushed in the door after him. "Um.. yeah. He's chasm. And.. uh. Hey neat robot", he says nervously, as the B.O.T destroys something.

CatsCradle rolls her optics slightly and glances over to Gryphus. "You're a techie type person... can you help them come up with a different science project in trade for the Combattie parts?"

Chasm coughs, "We believe that your robot contains parts that are actually the property of the Decepticon empire. We're here to simply claim those parts and then we'll be off. No mess, no fuss."

"Decepticons?" A student breaks down. "I don't want to die!!!"

Gryphus hmms. "You think they'd clue in this science project doesn’t like them much..."

BOT lumbers forward, knocking the students over, stumbling towards Resyke. "Smash!" It drones, cracking a fist towards the Insecticon.

Reflector looks over at the rampaging B.O.T. and he says, "Perhaps we should... Assist them in... Subduing their creation..."

Gryphus blinks. "OH a science project hmm..."

Eleanor gets up, "No BOT! You're a friendly robot! You don't want to fight!"

Resyke does the whole anime sweat-drop thing. "We're not here to hurt you! I mean, look at me! I can't.. WHOA!" he cries, ducking as the fist sails inches over his head, scraping his antennae. "Watch it! That nearly hit me!"

CatsCradle hisses a whisper to Chasm, "Tell them the BOT-thingie is more dangerous to them right now than we are. Tell them we'll stop it, and in exchange for the parts, one of us will help them come up with a better science project."

Gryphus nods. "I could arrange for any number of fascinating projects in exchange..."

Reflector nods, and he says, "I believe that I can... Subdue the robot with a minimum of damage, and stun it rather easily..."

Marty hisses, "Shouldn't we give the Decepticons their parts?"

Eleanor snaps back, "Where did you get them from?"

"Er just this dealer guy I know..."

CatsCradle says over her shoulder to Gryphus, "Good, you're hired." She looks back through the window to see how the... er... negotiations are progressing.

Dirge circles the building again, wondering why his comrades were taking so long. He revs his engines for the fun of it.

BOT kicks at Resyke. "Smash! Destroy!"

Reflector says, "Everyone... Shut off your optics and cover your eyes!"

Gryphus smirks, yes she actually smirks, "I'll give them such a project it'd blow their little organic minds..."

Marty yells, "Take the robot, take the fragging robot!"

Resyke's knee is clipped by the kick and he falls over. "Ow! Come on! That hurt!"

Ramjet remains circling high overhead. so doesn’t hear the warning.

Chasm glides over expertly and tries to fry up the robot with his laser. Eleanor becomes empurpled with rage, "No you don't! You can take the world's energy, but you can't take my science project!" She comes after Chasm with a chair.

Gryphus shuts her optics off, "Better tell the humans to cover their eyes."

Spectro refrains from activating his flash pulse while there are other Decepticons still within visual range... He calls out again, "COVER YOUR EYES! THIS WILL BE BLINDING!"

Chasm snaps, "We're claiming our legitimate property, human!"

Two of the humans drop to the floor, covering their eyes.

The remaining human is intent on hitting Chasm with her chair.

Spectro releases a flash pulse from his unit, hoping to catch the attacking BOT in the optics and blind him!

CatsCradle says in a rather absent way, "Well, I'm sure it still has to look like /they/ came up with it, but maybe they can site you as a reference or resource and it would be all right. No, Chasm, /bargain/ with them. It's what you're best at isn't it?"

Resyke rolls away from the robot, lucky enough to be face-down when the flash goes off. "We just want to get our parts and go!"

Spotting Ramjet, Dirge silently glides towards the Seeker, stopping beside Ramjet.

Although the pulse explodes with a bright circle of light, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the rampaging BOT!

Gryphus replies, "I would be glad to be sited as a resource."

Chasm wheedles, 'Suppose we helped you with a better science project? One that could make you very wealthy once you patent it?"

Reflector looks over at Gryphus, and he yells out, "Perhaps you can short-circuit it with your sonic squawk?"

Before Eleanor can respond to this, the flash goes off. BOT smashes a fist past her and sends her flying towards the window!

Gryphus opens her optics. "Hmm you are right Reflector. She looks for B.O.T and issues a sonic squawk.

BOT suddenly stops in mid-stomp.

Resyke gets up. "Is everyone alright?" Turning to the humans, he asks "Are you guys all right?"

Chasm flaps after the human, "And once you're wealthy you could start your own corporation - no need to be the underdog - you could start out at the top."

CatsCradle hisses, "Tell them we have a researcher here who would love the chance to work with them, if they give us our parts back."

Eleanor gets up, "Well, I have always wanted to run my own technology corporation..." She shakes her head, "What am I thinking??? You've destroyed my science project!" Ignoring the fact she's being carried by Reflector, she sobs into a sleeve. "This was going to be my ticket out of here..."

Reflector slowly puts the human back down in the window, and he says, "I believe that we might be able to offer you some... Less dangerous, but no less impressive technology that would no doubt gain you much attention..."

Gryphus nods. "That will hold him for awhile." she tells Reflector.

The two humans get up. "Hey, you Decepticons aren't as bad as the Autobots say," Marty says. The other human glares at him. He's wearing an 'Optimus Prime says NO to drugs!' t-shirt.

CatsCradle oh dears as the human bursts into tears. "Maybe you can bring her back with us," she says uncertainly to Gryphus. "A mutual studying." She looks glum for a second. "Diver won't let me bring anymore of them back home."

Gryphus looks back to the humans. "Well some of aren't anyway." she grins.

Resyke reflexively starts cleaning up the broken chalkboard and anything else the BOT smashed. "Yeah, those guys can give you some cool stuff in return for our parts, and then we can go!"

Reflector nods, and he says, "I believe that we could... Work out a mutually beneficial trade for both of us..."

Gryphus glances at Cats. "I don't think it would be wise to take a human to our base of operations."

Gryphus adds, "I wouldn't mind, however, coming here."

CatsCradle gives Gryphus one of her half-shrugs. "Set up a lab for yourself somewhere else."

The human says, "Hey, you're CatsCradle right?" He scrambles through his backpack and holds something up. "Can you sign this for me?" It's a bad replica of the femme, but sort of resembles here.

Chasm looks smug, "Ah, my little factory in south-east Asia..."

Gryphus says, "My lab is quite portable, I can pretty much set it up anywhere."

Reflector looks over at the humans, and he chuckles somewhat. These creatures are perhaps not as bad as he originally intended...

Eleanor looks up, "Why is my robot such a complete psycho? Does he have your parts or something? I mean, there was some weird junk in that box, but I didn't think it would do that!"

CatsCradle freezes for a moment, then grins in a rather silly way. "Sure," she says and takes the item and scribbles her name on the back of it. She hands it back, still with the silly grin.

Resyke sweeps the remains of the blackboard into a handy rubbish bin, occasionally saying "Oooh!" or "Neat!" at some random human artifact.

Gryphus Hmms. "Yes I do believe you got a part from one of our wayward soldiers there miss."

Reflector chuckles, and for some reason, he shifts into camera mode, hovering up in the air for a moment as he -clicks-, recording the image... It could make for some rather beneficial PR...

The human clutches his action figure to his chest. "Whoa..."

Marty, in the Optimus Prime shirt, looks shocked, as though his friend has just shaken hands with the Gestapo.

Eleanor looks up at the Decepticons, "Whatever your replacement science project is, we need it by tomorrow."

Gryphus nods. "NOt a problem."

Chasm surreptitiously floats over to the student robot and starts to laser it open to retrieve the suspect Combaticon parts.

Gryphus smiles to them all, "I can provide you with a head start verbally for now and bring the physical item over in a few hours."

Eleanor seems rather doubtful of Gryphus, "What did you have in mind?"

Gryphus chuckles. "Ah now that would spoil the surprise."

Eleanor says, "We don't want you do it for us - just give us some ideas!"

The other human protests, "Wait, if they can do it for us..."

Resyke remarks to himself in the background, "Wow, this junk looks quite technical and stuff. I never knew humans were this smart."

Gryphus shakes her head, "Oh I won't do a thing. Trust me. I'm a true researcher and know where to draw the line. "

Chasm transmits to CatsCradle: "I've got the parts. We can leave now."

Resyke starts eating a pizza-box

Reflector watches from the window as his parts fly back into robot modes, splitting apart into their three units, and then they simultaneously cross their arms.

Eleanor looks impressed and she smiles, "Sure, this will be a big help then."

The other human kicks Marty - "Look, the Decepticons are even cleaning up after themselves! See - what did I tell you - Autobots just have a good propaganda machine!"

Gryphus nods. "In return for my ideas, I do expect some return for it. I wish to learn more than your television, radio, and paper materials have provided."

Eleanor says, "Sure, we can help with that. Do you have an ARPANET connection?"

Resyke hurriedly swallows his mouthful of cardboard and grins at the human.

CatsCradle says, "I think Gryphus has this under control, and we do have more of these... part thingies to find..."

Reflector nods, and he says, "Very well then... Once we have things setup, we should probably move on to our next target zone, then..."

Gryphus nods. "I have a way of getting it, yes." she assures the female human before her.

Chasm transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Gryphus.

Gryphus glances at Chasm a moment. She shakes her head as she stands. "I'll have some ideas for you, typewritten and double spaced for you in a few hours my humans scientists... for now you will have to trust for me to return>"

The humans nod, "Sure."

Marty sighs, "Why did we build a robot? I know we should have made a volcano... or does something with Lego..."

Reflector looks over at Marty, and his three units chuckle softly...

Chasm looks rather smug and flaps over, the appropriate parts clutched in his claws.

Dirge continues to wait patiently outside, alongside Ramjet.

The wail of sirens can be heard in the distance.

Gryphus straightens up. "We have another part to get, do we not?"

Resyke finishes the last of the pizza-box. "That was kinda good, and... does anyone else hear that wailing noise?"

Ramjet is still circling high overhead. He sees the flashing sirens below and banks about, diving and accelerating to attack speed...

Chasm flinches instinctively, "Human authorities..."

CatsCradle tilts her head at the sound of the sirens. "That's our cue to head to the next spot. Chasm, if you would..."

Gryphus transforms to hippogriff mode, "Time to fly."

Reflector says, "I do not believe that we have anything to worry... But it would be in our best interests to depart, I would say."

Dirge hears the sirens and inwardly frowns. He also dives, following Ramjet's trajectory.

Chasm glides off, "Decepticons, to me!" he shouts, enjoying the exhilaration of having people doing what he says.

CatsCradle sends a radio call to Dirge and Ramjet, "Hold off. We've got what we needed and we're on our way out."

Chasm is heading off away from the sirens.

In the distance there is the sound of s a string of explosions, the windows of the college the distance black smoke can be seen rising.

Resyke waves to the students. "Bye! Thanks for..uh letting us get our stuff!"

Marty says, "My god, they're bombing the place! I know we shouldn't have trusted them!"

Dirge shouts to Ramjet, "You shouldn't have done that!"

Ramjet pulls away from clusterbombing the convoy of police vehicles, now burning fiercely in the street behind him...he pulls around in a wide turn, scanning for any other targets.

CatsCradle snarls into her radio, "Dammit Dirge, control your Seekers, will you?"

Gryphus ruffles her feathers, "Who's the idiot that's bombing..." as she takes flight.

Reflector follows along after Gryphus, transforming into his camera mode to be carried by the femme.

Chasm flaps after Reflector, "So much for the new Air Commander..."

Chasm looks around, "Where's our janitor? Don't tell me he's still eating pizza scraps..."

Resyke scurries out the door. "Wait for me!"

The wail of sirens can be heard and smoke rises up from the smashed police vehicles.

Dirge flies right alongside Ramjet, and he snaps, with as much authority as he could muster, "Ramjet...refrain! Let's get out of here." He frowns again at Ramjet's little rampage.

Chasm mutters, "So much for peaceful negotiations. Well, Decepticons will be Decepticons..."

Ramjet ignores the other emergency vehicles he can see below...maybe because he was ordered to, maybe because he realizes they are medics and so forth. yeah right. At least the humans have something else to keep them busy and off campus.

The Decepticons leave the chaos of New York and fly off, heading towards Central Europe.

Gryphus sighs and comments to her camera rider, "I hope I can still save that situation. Really was looking forward to talking with some live human beings..."


Cool-Temperate Zone <Europe>

     Humans have been settled in this part of the world since before recorded history, and their presence has left obvious scars on the land. The endless depth of deciduous forest that once covered most of the region has been long-since cleared to make room for vast stretches of agriculture and an interconnected series of cities and highways.

Soon, the Decepticons are landing in the snow covered plains of central Russia.

Chasm points towards the cave, "The signal - it's coming from there..."

Reflector flies out of Gryphus' hands, splitting into his robot modes as they approach Russia.

Resyke's optics are wide under his visor, trying to take in everything at once.

The Decepticons appear to have handed on the edge of what looks like a carefully hidden Soviet military facility, although signs hanging up proclaim it to be a 'recreational reserve - enter at own peril.' However, the heavy EM radiation gives away the sites true intentions.

Reflector says, "I believe that we are approaching a nuclear facility..."

Chasm hmms, "I didn't sell, I mean, I'm not sure what the parts are doing /here/ of all places."

Dirge hesitantly approaches the facility, making the rear of the formation.

Gryphus takes out her scanner now as she transforms to robot mode. "Confirmed."

CatsCradle groans. "And military too." She rubs at her forehead. "This one isn't going to be as easy."

Gryphus says, "Agreed. This will have to handled carefully."

Reflector says, "I do not believe we are going to be able to bargain here..."

Resyke says, "What's that white stuff on the ground?"

Chasm says, "Marzipan."

Gryphus says, "That would be snow."

Resyke ooohs. "So that's snow! Wow!"

Chasm sighs and hopes that Resyke won't suddenly decide to build a snow-roach or something.

CatsCradle breaks off her train of thought long enough to scoop up an armful of snow and drop it on top of the Insecticon. "Now... any suggestions? I'd still rather not go in fighting, unless there's no other option. Especially around a nuclear plant."

Ramjet does not land with the others. he remains circling overhead. like before. watching for anything that might interfere with their mission or could be legitimately mistaken for a target.

Resyke is covered in snow. "Aarrgh!"

Dirge keeps an optic on Ramjet. "Don't start shooting things like you did just then, or you might blow us up!" Dirge snapped at him, before landing and joining the others.

Gryphus considers. "Well talking with them probably won't work. Bombing it would be regrettably bad for us and for them." she considers. "We should triangulate its location, then proceed from there. Perhaps the smallest of us can retrieve it."

Dirge transforms into his robot mode.

Reflector looks over at the plant, and he says, "I believe that an assault might be our only course of option. Unless you could infiltrate into the base and retrieve the components, CatsCradle..."

Chasm ahems, "Perhaps our esteemed Reflector could disable the security devices?" he asks, smirking.

Reflector nods, and he says, "I believe that, while I am not trained in such manners... I could hopefully accomplish such a thing, if I could get inside undetected."

CatsCradle nods in agreement with Gryphus. "However, I'm not the one to go. I'm a little too tall to get through without notice. Again, it will have to follow to our smaller ones. Reflector, you can transform and be carried along.

Gryphus says, "Why not I just sonic squawk the security systems.. there would have to be a centralized unit...""

Resyke wonders if there's going to be a psycho robot thing in this human building. Or maybe humans only keep stuff like that in cities.

Chasm remains to one side, not volunteering his assistance.

Reflector says, "As it is... We can probably have the Seekers draw the attention of the guards with a high-speed flyby, and then myself and Gryphus can probably sneak close enough to disable the security systems, and Resyke and Chasm can get inside and retrieve the parts..."

Gryphus considers. "Perhaps Reflector and I can work together on this to disable their systems long enough to get him in and out of there..." she suggests.

Gryphus smirks, "Now that was creepy..."

Chasm mutters to Resyke, "If you keep this up, you'll be promoted to a career in espionage...'

Resyke blinks under his visor. "Me?"

CatsCradle nods. "All right. Gryphus, you and Reflector work to dismantle their security, and Chasm, you and Resyke do the retrieval."

Dirge folds his arms across his chest and looks around. This...."snow" was starting to annoy him. He lifts a boot and brushes the white powder off, then calmly regards Resyke. He smiles faintly.

Chasm waves a paw in the air, "Eh. It beats cleaning corridors."

Resyke turns to CatsCradle. "Sure thing, miss."

Resyke transforms into his Giant Cockroach mode.

CatsCradle gives a quick grin. "Maybe you'll find another pizza box."

Resyke waves his antennae, not so cute in this mode. "This way I'm smaller!"

Gryphus nods, she transforms to hippogriff mode, being slightly smaller and faster in this form than robot. "Ready when you are Reflector."

Chasm flaps after Resyke.

Reflector chuckles as he transforms to his camera mode and he flies up into Gryphus' hands, ready for the infiltration attempt.

Resyke scurries over to the entrance and waits patiently for the security team to Do Their Thang.

Gryphus moves out, she has already spotted a likely place for the infiltration. "You can blind any guards we see with your flash, I'll sonic squawk the fence then cut into it with beak and claw... That will have to do to get our Infiltrators in... until we can find the main grid for the security network."

CatsCradle turns to Dirge. "You and Ramjet, continue to look out from above. And this time, don't fire unless they're either firing at you first, or I radio that it's ok. We lost a gem of a chance for good PR back there, Air Commander." The last two words are spoken only slightly with more stress than the rest, but the stress is there.

Reflector nods as he and Gryphus move in, and he remains in his camera mode as she carries him.

The security net goes down, such as it was - a tangled mess of wiring, old cameras and infrared beams.

Chasm looks at Resyke and then heads into the base.

Chasm disappears into the shadows...

Ramjet couldn’t care less about PR but is out of earshot anyway. continuing a wide banking turn somewhere overhead. He'd probably be spotted at least on radar if the humans on the ground had it.

Gryphus grins as she succeeds in taking out that part of the fence and moves on for the main grid, trusting Reflector to blind any guards that spot them.

Flying to the side of the other jet, Dirge informs Ramjet in icy tones, "Do not fire, unless they are firing at you. This is my order, understand?" He frowns to himself again - he is not having a good day, or week for that matter.

Reflector splits into his robot modes, trying to 'stealthily' follow along after Gryphus. He hopes that they can avoid attracting any attention...

CatsCradle fades into the snowshadows, doing her own patrol.

Ramjet remains silent. apart from the constant rumble of barely idling engines, not deviating from his circling flightplan around the facility.

Gryphus finds the main grid and issues a sonic squawk.. no more main grid.. the security is down entirely.

Reflector nods, and he says, "I believe that we should withdraw now, and let the infiltration team do their job..."

Gryphus says, "Let us hope the soldiers will be too busy trying to figure out what just happened to notice the infiltration team." she moves away from the fence now that her and Reflectors' jobs are done."

Reflector follows along after Gryphus, moving for the hole that they just made...

Chasm flaps out of the bunker, his tail between his legs, "Help!" he screeches, vanishing beneath a snow-coloured hologram.

Resyke scuttles up, right behind Chasm. "It's a trap!", he says. Admiral Ackbar, eat yer heart out.

The ground crumbles in on itself and a huge tank smashes its way out of the hole, just as Resyke and Chasm flee the surface. It has several turrets and tracking devices mounted on it.

Overhead, Dirge lets his engines idle. For a facility, this area seems relatively quiet. He watches Ramjet silently.

Gryphus is galloping away now and takes to the air... "Trap.. great... figures."

CatsCradle yells into her radio, "NOW you can shoot."

Chasm disappears into the shadows...

Reflector follows along, turning to peer over at the tank, and his jaws drop, "What the..."

The tank whirs and focuses on the nearest Decepticon, firing a shot into the air.

On hearing a yell from his radio, Dirge turns and stares at...some strange human vehicle.

Reflector transforms to be grabbed and lifted away by Gryphus.

Resyke scurries away from the tank as fast as his six legs can carry him. "Yeeee!!!"

Gryphus squawks as she circles around and snatches Reflector as he transforms... "Time to flee I do believe..."

Chasm squeals in agony as one of the tanks lasers smack into him, despite his hologram.

Reflector fires off a flash-pulse at the tank as they move to withdraw!

Dirge cautiously approaches this strange vehicle. He assumes that it was supposed to be a tank. He lowers his altitude, aims, then lets loose a stream of purple energy at the vehicle's side.

CatsCradle dives in to pick up Resyke by his carapace. She kicks at the snow, hoping to kick up a dragon, then decides that since Chasm can usually take care of himself, leaps into the air again, trying to dodge the tank's shots.

Ramjet remains circling, one wing dipped so he can see what’s going on below.

A voice with a heavy Russian accent rasps over the speakers, "Greetings, Decepticons. I am Doctor Petrovich. I would like to thank you for participating in our test for our new anti-transformer device..."

Resyke transforms hurriedly as he's fleeing. "What is that thing?"

The tank lumbers forward, sensors tracking, as it tries to track down the fleeing Decepticons.

Gryphus circles high up, probably out of range of the tank she hopes... to her carried rider she comments. "That was certainly unexpected.. t"

CatsCradle snaps, "It's trouble," in response to Resyke. "Ramjet, I said you can fire now!" she yells into her radio again. "Chasm, did you get the parts?"

Gryphus pauses.. "Trust the Russians to have the part we want too..." as she notices her scanner is beeping at the darned thing.

Dirge just manages to dodge the tank's retaliatory shot. He turns and banks again, yelling at Ramjet, "Now that you're supposed to attack, you don't!" He hears the voice over the speakers, and snarls, "You grazed my wing!" at the tank, then fires another stream of purple energy.

Reflector radios to the other Decepticons, "We cannot destroy the tank! It is where the parts are being used! We have to disable it and disassemble it!"

Chasm flaps after CatsCradle, "I've been shot at and all you want are the parts?"

Chasm says in a small voice, "No..."

Chasm circles around, "If we shoot at the tank we might damage the components..."

Ramjet rolls wingover out of the dive as soon as he's actually ordered to attack. He dives on the tank from almost directly overhead. as he descends he aims another clusterbomb down at it...and fires, the large missile streaking ahead.

Gryphus wheels around, "Hang on Reflector.. this could get bumpy!" she dives at the tank and takes aim with sonic squawk! Hey it should only disable the tank, hopefully won't damage the component.. erm.. much? :)

The tank's shot just skims past Dirge's undercarriage. He watches as Ramjet drops the clusterbomb onto the tank, and quickly flies away.

Reflector fires off another flash pulse at the tank!

Resyke skids to a halt in the snow. "Disable.. disable... uh... Let's see if this thing is waterproof!" Two flexible hoses snake out from under the carapace on Resyke's back, and magnetically clip themselves to his arms as the cleaner runs back towards the tank!

CatsCradle snarls, "Ah, hell... it couldn't be easy, could it." She hovers long enough to drop Resyke in a vaguely safer place than a few feet in front of a shooting tank. "If we can't shoot..." she mutters and flies back over the tank, her fingers sparking energy as she weaves her 'field into a net and tries to drop it over the tank.

Gryphus squawks as she hits the tanks but gets clipped in the wing... she tumbles to the ground a bit hard and luckily gets out of ranger of the Cluster Bomb and thusly also saves Ref from that attack on him as well.

Chasm looks as Resyke gets shot, shaking his head. "The best thing is not to get involved," he mutters.

Reflector fires off another flash pulse at the tank, trying to disable the thing with minimal damage! This is certainly turning into a rather ugly engagement...

Resyke actually hits the tank! "I got it! I got it! I.. YARRRG!" he cries, as the tank returns fire, blowing him half-way across the compound with a laser burst.

Dirge dives towards the tank again, this time intending to drop some concussion missiles onto this freaky human creation. He flies almost directly above the vehicle, then lets loose.

Gryphus groans.. "Okay. that wasn't good." she shakes her head ad regrips Reflector in her claws..

Ramjet spirals around his port wingtip as he dives, triple A laser fire lighting up the sky around him, but deftly avoided as the jet continues to dive, seemingly accelerating. anyone watching may see his engines are at full throttle. Now in cannon range he switches to internal weaponry and opening fire with lasers.

CatsCradle misses the tank, rolling away from its return fire and swings in over the tank again, trying her 'field net again

Reflector fires off another flash-pulse as Gryphus manages to come about for another pass, trying to keep up the pressure!

Reflector attacks Experimental Tank with blind, and strikes it!

Gryphus pumps her wings and regains the air.... with Reflector in her claws. "I can't take another wing hit like that.." she mutters...

Resyke's antennae can just be seen, sticking out of a snow drift and waving feebly. "Ow."

In the chamber below the decoy base, Doctor Petrovitch studies the tank, "The prototype is performing well, he says. "We did not even have to lure the Decepticons in as planned - they just showed up.

His companion, a man with a shadowed face, says: "Mmm. Perhaps they knew something.

"Impossible!" Petrovitch snaps. "Our security is air tight!"

Gryphus continues.. "But.. do or die..." she divebombs the tank again. Hoping to tag it with a lash from her tail!

CatsCradle lets out a Ha! of success as her 'field settles over the tank. Energy crackles around it and it hiccups to a stop.

Ramjet has to stop spinning to line up his lasers...and although the blasts strike the top of his target, it shoots back, with greater accuracy this time, laser blasts of it's own scoring his fuselage with ugly deep burns. The jet remains on course however, straight down, following his own laserblasts towards the target.

Chasm flaps in towards the tank, holding his breath. "If I can get close while it's stunned..."

A robot arm leaps out and smashes into Ramjet as he dives down.

Easily anticipating the rocket, Dirge simply sidesteps the projectile. Noticing that the tank was now stationary, he refrains from firing again. And what's this? A white form flying towards-Ramjet!

Chasm ducks under the energy net and sneaks towards the underbelly of the tank, his lasers snapping on.

Gryphus tags the tank but gets a turret in the gut for her trouble.. "Gah!" she drops Reflector as he transforms.. she goes tumbling after...

Reflector flies out of Gryphus' hands, moving into his robot modes, and he opens fire on the tank with his lasers, trying to disable the tank with laser fire and pick off the weapons batteries!

Ramjet piles headlong into the walking thing ...from the resounding clang of metal from the impact, the jet endflips away, crashing to the ground a short distance away, engines flamed out from the sudden loss of momentum.

Resyke pops his head out of the snow. "Oh slag... it's still going!" The cleaner gets to his feet and starts sidling around the combat, looking for.. something. A weakness? A big "OFF" button?

Ramjet's ram attack shorts out CatsCradle's net, mobilizing the tank once more.

Chasm squeaks from beneath the tank, "I thought you said this was stunned?!!"

Reflector radios over at Chasm, "Can you get into it and short out the controls of it, Chasm?"

Gryphus slowly gets to her feet... she winces in pain. "All right.. time to get up close and personally with Petrovich..." She gallops toward the tank and looks to make sure no one is attacking it first, then she lunges and hopefully lands on top of it to claw into the hatch.

Ramjet lies on the jet's topside, not doing much of anything as his engines smoke a little and make a diminishing whine as they power down.

Dirge makes a beeline towards Ramjet, transforming and landing near the fallen jet. Looking at Ramjet, Dirge shouts out hesitantly, "Ramjet! You still online?"

Gryphus claws into the hatch, the boom missing her due to her location. "Watch it..." she hisses at Chasm.

CatsCradle mutters, "Ah, hell..." as her net dissipates and the tank starts rumbling forward again. She shakes her hands, trying to work enough energy to summon another net... just as Gryphus jumps on top of the tank. "Whoops!" She pulls back quickly.

Reflector fires at the tank with his lasers, trying to keep up the pressure!

Chasm tries to laser the tank open but misses due to his nerviness. Another shot nearly disables him.

Chasm gasps, carrying out a melodramatic deathscene on the snowy landscape. "So dark..." he gasps. "So... peaceful. The pain... Ah the pain..."

Resyke looks around, antennae waving. "It's being controlled from... oh. Nevermind" he says, as the tank shuts down.

Reflector looks over at Chasm, and he says, "We need to get Chasm back to base for repairs... Dirge, can either you or Ramjet fly him back while the rest of us retrieve the parts?"

Gryphus looks at Reflector a moment. "Nice shot." she continues to pry at that hatch with those nasty looking claws... "come out and play Petrovich!"

CatsCradle lands and heads over to the tank, stepping over the "dying" Chasm and going past him. "Reflector, can you carve our pieces out of this thing?

Ramjet gets up groggily, shaking snow off his airframe. his cone is flattened out a little at the tip. He looks around and sees the tank lying on the ground and nods in satisfaction. Then starts trudging towards the facility one more.

The tank's speaker crackles into life, "I am afraid I will have to delay our meeting until next time, my dear..." The speaker goes dead.

Waving aside some smoke, Dirge frowns at the transformed shape of Ramjet. Turning to Reflector, Dirge says, "They both will have to fly back."

Reflector nods over at CatsCradle, and he says, "I believe that I can, with assistance from Gryphus..." Reflector gets out some laser scapels to start going over the tank for their parts.

Resyke keeps a watch out.. in case there are more tanks!

Gryphus rips the hatch off and looks inside... "Coward." she growls. "Hey I think I see the part..."

CatsCradle looks over to Dirge. "Can you handle taking Ramjet back yourself? Oh, and Chasm, too, I suppose. We'll finish up here."

Chasm waves his paws at CatsCradle like an upturned cockroach. "I am suffering here!" he moans. "Everything is going dark!"

Ramjet raises his arm lasers and targets the Russian facility. opening fire on whatever structure is nearest.

Resyke looks towards Chasm with concern. "You alright there?"

Gryphus moves aside for Reflector. "Take a looks see.. I'm sure that's it.. but its a bit too cozy for me to get in there..."

CatsCradle glances down at Chasm, then scoops up an armful of snow and dumps it on the little dragon. "He'll be fine."

Snarling, Dirge makes a fist and sends it pummeling towards the head of Ramjet.

Reflector nods, and he says, "Resyke... Can you get over here and assist us?"

The pike of snow whimpers, "No I'm not. I'm dying!"

Resyke scuttles over to Reflector. "Uh.. Ok. What do I do?"

The old concrete buildings explode under Ramjet's attacks. Clearly, they were little more than a facade.

Gryphus points a claw. "That's the part we need." It's WAY down inside where she certainly can't reach.

Dirge wanted to stop Ramjet from wanton shooting. One incident was enough already.

Ramjet 's head is impact proof. And from the dull metal thump, probably full of concrete or something. Obviously not a good place to attack him. Ramjet ignores it and continues systematically destroying the sham facility. Although does make a token effort no to hit any of the Decepticon wounded.

Chasm's subsystems are functioning at 20% of maximum efficiency.

<Earth> Counterpunch says, "Megatron, this is Counterpunch. I think I've found out what's going on. I'll just... *static*"

Reflector looks over at Resyke, and he says, "Under Gryphus' direction, go into the tank and remove the parts... She can talk you through it.,"

Gryphus nods. "If you could chew around it without damaging it?"

Resyke transforms into his Giant Cockroach mode.

Reflector looks up, startled at the message from Counterpunch, "I believe that our presence is needed back at base immediately..."

Dirge snarls again, as he recalled Ramjet's rather...hard head. That would explain a few things. He shrugs at the other Seeker's back and turns back to the others, who were gathered around a pile of snow. "Where's that injured Con?"

Resyke waves a leg. "Sure." With that, he crawls inside the tank. "What am I looking for?"

Ramjet ceases fire. both armlasers smoking, his victory over the fake buildings now complete as the last one topples over and collapses. Crunching the still standing wreckage underfoot he trudges back to the tank thing and kicks it with his foot. "This what we came for?"

A green paw waves frantically from under a pile of snow.

Ramjet looks around those nearby, frowning, waiting for an answer.

Chasm waves around, harder.

CatsCradle says, "You will be, Chasm, if Megatron ever finds out who sold those parts and caused all this trouble." She digs through the snow and comes up with the dragon, glancing over his wounds. She looks up at the sound of the fire. "Dirge, could you please put a leash on your Seeker before he shoots one of us?" Distracted by Ramjet's action, she actually gives the dragon a comforting pat.

Gryphus nods to Reflector. "I know. Okay now.. its that one your right middle leg is on right now.. its gray, square, about a foot long.. see it?"

Reflector nods, and he peers through the tank, watching via IR.

Dirge snaps to CatsCradle, "It's hard enough trying to get through that hard head of his. I'm surprised he even found his way here." From the corner of his optic, he sees something green waving, but ignores it. To Ramjet, "It'll probably be too hard for you."

Resyke thinks me might have spotted it. "And.. I just chew around it?"

Gryphus says, "If you would.. then pull it up enough to cut the wires.""

Ramjet sees reflector nod and assumes this to be a yes. he ignores Dirge's insult and turn back towards the hole the tank burst from. As he paces towards it, he removes something from his chestpit and fiddles with it in both hands. Since he has his back to the assembled Decepticons it's hard to make out what he's doing.

The familiar sound of an Insecticon eating scrap echoes out from the tank. Resyke slowly backs out of the hole, a large piece of circuitry held carefully in his mandibles.

Chasm digs himself from out of the snow and sulks there for a few seconds, before flapping up and perching near the tank, to make sure everyone is doing things properly.

Gryphus takes it in her claw and inspects it. "Great work!" she commends him.

CatsCradle gives a sharp nod. "Is that it, Chasm, or do we have to look for more?

Reflector nods, and he says, "As it is... I believe that our presence is needed back at base as soon as we have retrieved all of the necessary components."

Ramjet arms the grenade like explosive charge. And tosses it down the hole the tank erupted from, intending to destroy whatever underground facility might exist down there. "Fire in the Hole!"

Dirge turns away from Ramjet with a disdainful look. He blinks as a green form breaks out of the pile and perching on the tank. "You were in there?" he asks.

Gryphus calls over, "We have the part, let's get out of here!"

Chasm peers towards the tank and checks his sifter again. "That's it," he says, sighing. "Let's get back to the base - where is no more snow! Where my wounds can be tended, where I can polish myself again..."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Counterpunch. Acknowledge."

A huge fiery explosion rains out through the area.

Dirge stares at Ramjet with a horrified expression on his face. "Ramjet! What on Primus do you think you're doing?!"

Ramjet hears some calling from the others and turns back towards them, pacing away from the underground explosion. "Tidying up."

<LongRange> Counterpunch says, "**static**"

Dirge raises an arm to shield his optics as the fireball bellows into the sky. He sighs. Ramjet might've cost him his new job.

Resyke flinches as something explodes underground.

While still glaring at Ramjet, Dirge asks a general question to the others, "Can we get out of here now?"

Gryphus pumps her wings and takes to the air with the part. "Let's just get back to base already..."

Ramjet looks around but sees nothing else worth destroying. He takes off on foot thrusters then TFs and accelerates away.

Reflector flies along after Gryphus, shaking his head. That was not worth the explosives it took...

Resyke transforms into his Robot mode.

CatsCradle ducks reflexively, then turns on her heel, quickly adding up Explosion + Ramjet = Of Course. She doesn't say anything this time, just gives Dirge a quick snarling glare. "We're needed back at base," she says in a soft voice, but her optic blaze. "Do you think we can all get there without blowing anything else up?" She leaps into the air, transforming.

Resyke hurriedly follows the others into the air. "Wait for me!"

Dirge leaps into the air, transforming into a modified F-15 Eagle.


Ramjet lands inside the hanger and taxis towards the refueling drone.

Chasm sighs as he flies into the hangar. Time to rest and get repaired... "We do have a medic on duty right now?" he asks.

Dirge turns to CatsCradle and says to her, in icy, modulated tones-"Well. Nothing was blown up on our return." He glares at her venomously.

Gryphus lands and transforms, favoring her wing and dent to her gut...

Trypticon's voice rumbles from a speaker, "... I... feel... strange."

Ramjet emits. "I thought you said we were needed here?"

Resyke lands lightly. "Well, that went well. Um.."

CatsCradle transforms and lands lightly on her feet inside the hangar. "Reflector, since we've retrieved the parts, I believe my part of leading this little party is over. It's all yours." She either doesn't hear Dirge or simply decided an answer wasn't worth the effort.

Trypticon's voice rumbles from a speaker, "Think something... happened. Must destroy... intruders..."

Gryphus says, "Oh... cripes.. now what?"

CatsCradle blinks at Trypticon's voice. "Chasm, you didn't steal any of Trypticon’s parts, too, did you?"

Reflector looks over at Dirge, and he says, "As it is, CatsCradle... Dirge is, as Air Commander... The Ranking Officer on the scene..." Reflector looks about, and he says, "There have been intruders? Where?" Reflector draws his laser guns, "We should spread out and initiate a search pattern..."

Several little drones rush forwards, their lasers sparking off as they zoom towards the Decepticon entrance party...

Gryphus says, "I think he means /us/ Reflector."

Reflector says, "More drones!?!"

Ramjet assumes it's some sort of security drill and ignores the drones.

Chasm gulps, "Not his parts!" He shakes his head, "Not that I would steal parts, of course! What do you take me for?"

<Earth> Reflector says, "Counterpunch, report in!"

Several of Trypticon's internal defense drones are zooming around; some of them start to fire on the party.

<Earth> Counterpunch says, "**static**"

CatsCradle nods, popping her wrist lasers out of their housings and begins to back away. "Very well, then... Air Commander, you're in charge. Start leading."

Dirge readies his lasers, an alarmed expression on his face. "What's this? Trypticon attacking us?" He jumps away from one of the drones.

Reflector's jaw drops as he moves to get behind some cover, opening up on the drones after a few shots strike him, and he returns fire at them!

Resyke panics. "What? No! Hey! Stop! We're not intruders, we're, Ow!" he says, as a laser-blast clips his arm. "Stop that!"

Gryphus issues a sonic squawk.. "I don't have patience for this!" she screeches...

<LongRange> Reflector says, "Alert!  Trypticon's internal defense systems are going haywire, and they are attacking us!"

Ramjet isn’t moving so is easily blasted...he keels over onto one wing but luckily the safety measures in the refueling drogue prevent any spill or explosion. "Hey!"

Ramjet transforms into his robot mode.

Chasm dives down, "I'm going to try and get into the system," he shouts out. "At least there won't be any drones there!"

Dirge looks at CatsCradle with a lost expression on his face. He dodges another shot by another drone, then yells out in an irritated voice, "Destroy the slagging things!"

Ramjet climbs to his feet and pulls off the fuel line. He looks up at the security sensor, "what’s the big idea?" he doesn’t shoot back and so is shot again, this time square in the chest.

Chasm crawls off towards an interface socket.

Resyke scurries for cover. "What's going on? Why are they attacking us?"

A light splattering of drone fire goes off, peppering the Decepticons with fire.

CatsCradle begins picking off the drones, one by one, with careful bursts of lasers. "Chasm, if you can get into the system, can you override whatever's sending the drones at us?"

An interface port growls, "What do you think I'm doing? Having a nap?"

Dirge could not help smirking as Ramjet takes a shot from a drone. Finally having the opportunity to aim instead of simply dodging shots, Dirge lets forth rapid bursts of energy.

Ramjet grunts as he sustains more damage, frowning down at the laser burns in his chest. He seems to realize something is wrong and so solves the problem via the only method he is familiar with. He takes aim at the drone who shot him and fires a rocket from his launcher at the thing, blowing it apart.

Gryphus continues aiming at droids to her left and right, sonic squawking any within range.

CatsCradle answers smoothly, "Anyone else, I would have said, no. With you? A nap is a clear possibility."

Reflector fires of laser bursts, and he says, "CatsCradle, can you put up a force field between us and them to hold them off, and give Chasm some room to operate in?"

Resyke still has his hoses clipped to his arms.. so uses them, spraying jets of water over the attacking drones.

As if to prove CatsCradle wrong, the drones judder to a halt.

To his dismay, Dirge realizes he's running low of energy. "Oh, robo-rats!" he whines, "I haven't got enough energy to short-circuit a cleaning drone!"

Gryphus gives Cats this glare. "Would you MIND if you let Chasm WORK?" she hisses... ooo doesn't she get testy when she's hurt.

Ramjet sees the drones grind to a halt, he sneers and stomps towards the nearest one, balling a fist and pounding it into the top of the de-activated opponent.

The drones have all frozen into position.

Reflector looks over a Gryphus, and he gently reaches forwards to squeeze at the arm of the femme.

CatsCradle watches the drones warily, half-expecting them to leap into life again. "Chasm, can you tell what's been going on? Or pinpoint whas-his-face, Counterpunch?"

Resyke peers out from behind a crate. "Have.. they stopped?" he asks, redundantly.

Ramjet continues to pummel his frozen opponent. caving in it's hull with repeated blows from his shiny black fists.

Thankfully, the drones grounded to a halt. Dirge eyes them warily. A white form in the corner of his optics is doing something to a drone. He turns around in time to see Ramjet pummel a fist into a drone. "Ramjet! Stop that! Who knows if you'll reactivate them again."

The interface port snaps, "No. Someone's activated internal security. Trypticon thinks we're intruders!"

Gryphus bristles a little from the contact, but only for a moment.. "Sorry." she sighs...

The interface port snaps, "I've turned off the drones, but that blast door to the War Room is shut. I need to be there to turn off the defenses; that's Trypticon's central control station."

Reflector looks over, and he says, "Then the Autobots probably managed to get in an infiltrator team, and overpower the garrison, and Counterpunch... We need to get into the War Room and override the system."

Ramjet looks over to Dirge and frowns at the order. He stops hitting the thing and kicks it away, knocking it over.

Reflector says, "Ramjet - can you and Dirge get the door blocking the entrance to the war room down?"

CatsCradle rubs at her optics briefly. "Damn. OK, can you get a message out to Soundwave? If so, we can just leave here, until he and the others get back, rather than us trying to batter our way in, considering the wounded and those lacking energy.

Resyke steps out from cover and looks around.

Ramjet hears someone mention something about a sealed door. he looks in the direction indicated. "Not for long."

Gryphus looks up. "I can use my datapad to send him a urgent coded message.. but it will take awhile to arrive..."

Dirge glares at the white Seeker. "Took you a while to get my authority into that thick head of yours," he sneered. He also makes his way to the door.

Ramjet Transforms in place, engines off but pointing directly at the sealed door to the war room...with brakes on his engines fire up and start building thrust.

CatsCradle says without pausing, "Or Ramjet can do what he does best against that door..." She nods to Gryphus. "Go ahead, Gry, if Chasm can't access the communications system."

Reflector nods, and he dives out of the way as Ramjet zooms for the door!

Chasm tries to reach Soundwave, but can't. "There's some sort of interference. Whatever's scrambled Trypticon has also knocked out his radio links..."

Dirge stands aside, giving Ramjet as much room as possible.

Gryphus nods. "I’ll allow Chasm the time for the tap in..." she takes out her datapad, "Will take me a moment to figure out where on Cybertron they went to anyway."

CatsCradle looks closely towards the console where Chasm is. "Interference? Didn't he say his telepathy wasn't working earlier?"

Ramjet 's engines fire up their afterburners. all 4 of them. the noise near deafening in the echoey the dials in his cockpit redline, his wheels start to drag slowly towards the door...then he releases the brake and like a slingshot, the jet's engines catapult it across the landing area, barely in control as it accelerates towards the door with a G-force that would turn human pilots to jelly.

The interface port says loftily, "I always try to disuse that as much as possible. Soundwave really has no right to be inside /my/ mind."

Resyke peers around the hangar. "Um.. I could try and crawl through a ventilation duct or something, if that would help."

CatsCradle rubs at her optics tiredly again, shouting this time to make herself heard. "Chasm, think of it as trespassing in his mind, for once. See if you can reach him that way." She gives Resyke a pat on the shoulder. "Give it a moment, buggie. If Ramjet can't get through, we'll send you in, but we don't know if there are other drones waiting on the other side. Don't want you to get all shot up. There'd be no one left to clean the mess Ramjet's about to make."

Ramjet slams into the door...which crumples inwards under the sudden impact...with bits of the door impaled on his nosecone, the jet smashes through, wings just clipping the sides as he passes.

Reflector hurries along after Ramjet, drawing out his laser pistols!

The blast doors are crumpled in.


War Room

        Dominating this room is a huge holographic display table, with chairs surrounding it. The display is suitable for projecting any number of video images or giant high resolution holographic maps. There are auxiliary display stations and computer consoles lining the walls, making this an ideal place to plan strategy and review intelligence.

The control room is a mess. It looks badly shot up and Counterpunch is lying on the ground, a laser shot smoking up from his back.

Dirge dashes into the room. He stares at Counterpunch like he was some alien lifeform. Lowering his laser, he asks, "What happened here?"

Reflector looks over at Counterpunch, and then his three units move forwards, their laser pistols drawn as they check on him, "What happened here, Counterpunch?" He ponders how the Autobots managed to sneak in an infiltration squad into this place... "Spread out, the Autobots could still be here..."

CatsCradle glances around before slipping in the room. "Great, and no medics. Gry, you and Flec are the closest we've got. Take a look at Counterpunch, please? Chasm, can you access more systems in here?"

Resyke scurries into the room. "You know what? I bet it was something bad!"

Gryphus looks up from her datapad. "Do you still wish me to proceed?"

Chasm transforms into his Green Cassette mode.

Chasm glides into the access port and starts to process the data.

Gryphus moves forward with datapad in hand, "I'm no medic.. but I can do what I can... Do you wish me to attempt to contract Cybertron still?"

Ramjet has what’s left of the door stabbed through, carried along infront of this he is blind and there’s precious little room to maneuver he careens across the war room and slams into whatever is opposite the doorway...probably a computer console...destroying several chairs on rout he obliterates the console in question and puts a deep dent in the wall bulkhead behind...which is luckily made of thicker stuff than the doors and stops him.

CatsCradle says, "No Reflector, don't spread out. There are too few of us as it is. Wait for more information. We can hole up here, if we have to. Yes, Gry, please try.""

Ramjet once more, flames out and remains parked in the computer console, engines smoking as they power down, apparently stunned.

Reflector nods, and he tries to patch up the worst of Counterpunch's injuries, and to try and get the Decepticon conscious once more...

CatsCradle shakes her head slightly at Ramjet. "Dirge, would you please check on Ramjet and see if he's vaguely... um..." She searches for a word, and then just shakes her head again and waves a hand at the Seeker.

Gryphus could help CP (thanks to her rolls, but to only a small degree. She nods to Chasm. "Will do." she programs her datapad to send a coded message.

Dirge looks at Ramjet again, frowning at the stench of the smoke. Without acknowledging CatsCradle, he walks over to the prone Seeker, asking again, "Are you online, Ramjet?"

Chasm says, "I've got control of the systems. But there's a missing bit of Trypticon's memory."

Trypticon's voice rumbles, "Feel funny. **URP**."

Resyke peers around the room, looking for clues.

<LongRange> Gryphus says, "Coded Message: Priority Alert: Soundwave. Trypticon attacked us. Have need of assistance. Reply please. *end coded message*"

CatsCradle murmurs faintly, "Dear Primus, he's got indigestion and is going to throw us up all over the planet..."

Reflector shakes his heads, and he says, "Trypticon... Can you give us a reading on all units present within your sensor radius?"

Gryphus looks up. "Hope that got through, there still seems to be some interference..."

Ramjet remains parked, the computer console friting and sparking. what’s left of it. Inside his cockpit, Dirge can see the 'collision warning' a 'eject' lights blinking on and off

Trypticon says, "You all in here. No one outside."

Reflector says, "Did any Autobots come in and disable you?"

Reflector is clearly confused by how all of this came about...

Resyke starts sweeping up the bits and pieces of console all over the floor, trying to work around the crashed Ramjet.

Chasm says, "Here's some playback..."

Trypticon says, "Ow, get out my brain. Tickles."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Gryphus. What is the cause of this action?  Is Trypticon malfunctioning?"

CatsCradle pats the nearest console. "Don't worry, Tryppie. We're trying to make you feel better. We'll get a warehouse full of... Rolaids or something."

Ramjet gets up as he re-transforms, swinging his arms to fight his way out of the mess he made and scattering debris all over the freshly swept area. He looks around for anything that needs attacking but doesn’t see anything...he pauses and pulls the crumpled door off his head, and tries the looking around part again.

Gryphus looks up as her datapad beeps. "Ah he replied.." she picks it up as she taps in her reply.

<LongRange> Gryphus says, "Affirmative. Trypticon malfunctions. We have it under control, but will require medical assistance ASAP."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Understood.  Evacuate if necessary.  We will return as soon as possible."

Dirge gazes at Ramjet, his face unreadable. Brusquely he orders Ramjet, "Do not even ATTEMPT to attack anything." He turns away from the Seeker and asks the others, "Have we found out what's going on yet?"

Chasm says, "Here's what I can retrieve." One of the screen shows Counterpunch firing at someone. There's an image of an unfamiliar Autobot firing back, and then doing something to the console. The Autobot then throws something down and then the screen explodes into static.

Gryphus looks up again. "He said we can evacuate if we need to and they'll return when they can.. so we are on our own."

Ramjet looks up at the screens and tries to figure out what’s going on from all that. . he looks at dirge as he talks to him like a simpleton and scowls.

Chasm says obviously, "An Autobot infiltrator? But what would they want with Trypticon?"

CatsCradle drums her clawtips on the console. "I think we should evacuate. We have wounded, and we have no idea what else the Autobot did in here. The whole place could attack us at any moment." She gives Dirge a sweet smile and a half-bow. "If that meets with approval."

Trypticon says indignantly, "I not attack!"

Reflector nods, and he says, "We should await for reinforcements to arrive, with energon, and hopefully medics as well. We are low on energon, and most of us are damaged... Did any of you recognize that Autobot?"

CatsCradle pats the console again. "No offense, Trippie, but that wasn't what you were saying when we first got here."

Dirge watches the screen with a deep frown on his face. He glares at CatsCradle, wondering if she was mocking him. There is a pregnant pause in the air for a moment, then Dirge finally says, "That action is approved. Let's get out of here before we all end up dying."

Gryphus calls out to Trypticon, "Inspect your video surveillance for yourself. You sent your drones to attack us." she glances at Reflector. "We may be waiting for both of those."

Ramjet is distracted by the discussion and states badtemperedly. "We should stay and guard the base. if it's malfunctioning it might not be able to defend itself. Especially since you disabled all it's drones."

Resyke blinks. "The bar! Jackie!"

Counterpunch stirs, "Enemy! Intruder!" He looks around and surveys the mess. His optics blaze. "I have failed. This is inexcusable."

Reflector says, "We can stay within range to provide assistance, if need be. Jackie will be all right on her own... She probably evacuated as soon as the trouble started..."

Gryphus smiles a bit."Knowing Jackie.. if that Autobot went in there.. he didn't come out."

Ramjet sneers at Dirge. "If your afraid to die go ahead. I'm not leaving the base for our enemies to just walk into."

Ramjet says, "besides, have you forgotten we need to refuel and re-arm?"

Counterpunch's optics are fading out again, "Losing it... Listen... Swindle... Chasm... they did this..."

Reflector looks over at Counterpunch, and he says, "Who did it? Swindle? I thought that he was in stasis, and the other Combaticons nonoperational!"

A burst of static suddenly fills the room, blocking out sound. "Whoops," Chasm said. "Just a few problems here.."

Turning to Ramjet, Dirge responds darkly, "Death will be the reward for your heroism." He pauses, considering Ramjet's other statement. "That can be done later-" He stops as he hears the name "Swindle" and blinks, perplexed.

CatsCradle says softly, but through clenched jaws, "Reflector, please go and check that our dear Combatties are where we left them?"

Reflector nods, and he hurries to go check on the Combaticons...

Gryphus ahems and moves to where Chasm is. "You better come out here. I think you were just accused of this mess."

Reflector comes back a few moments later, rather perplexed, "Swindle is still held within stasis! What is going on here, Counterpunch!?!"

Resyke is still cleaning up the broken bits of console. Sure Jackie can take care of herself.. but still, whoever did this took out Counterpunch, and he seemed pretty tough...

Ramjet is busy arguing with Dirge to hear the fingerpointing. "How much later? after the Autobots show up and attack us outside? how can we protect the base from a distance without resupplying first?"

Counterpunch coughs, "Soundwave... tell him Crackdown... Swindle..." Counterpunch lapses into unconsciousness.

The data socket where Chasm was appears to be empty.

Gryphus looks up. "Chasm has disappeared. That would lead me to believe that what Counterpunch just stated is true. Chasm and Swindle had something to do with this."

Reflector looks over at Counterpunch, completely confused now. He yells into his radio, "Chasm, report in! Chasm, report in at once!"

CatsCradle says in an absent voice, "The base can protect itself." Most of her concentration is focused on Counterpunch, and her claws begin drumming again. "But if Swindle's still here... could he have escaped and then locked himself back in?" She looks up at Gryphus. "You sure he just isn't hiding in there behind a holo?"

Resyke's jaw drops open. "No! He couldn't have.. could he?"

Gryphus says, "I didn't check for that...."

Distractedly, Dirge throws over his shoulder, "I haven't got time for that now..." To the other Cons, Dirge says, "This is crazy."

Gryphus inspects the spot and finds no Chasm.. huh.. figures! "Nope, no hologram cover.. he's gone."

CatsCradle's voice is light. "Here's a crazy suggestion." Her expression is serious, though. "Let's evacuate to the Ark. The 'Bots aren't there, but there still might be some stores, fuel, weapons. And they'd certainly never think to look for us there."

Reflector nods, and he says, "CatsCradle... Can you get into stores and retrieve sufficient energon for us to repower? Take whomever you need with you to help carry and escort... We might have to spend a time away from our base..."

Ramjet says, "And meanwhile leave our base here undefended? Forget it. I'm staying here." he folds his arms over his chestpit."

Gryphus hmms, "We still have the desert base?"

Resyke stutters. "B..but.." he gestures around, trying to imply that leaving Trypticon would be just plain crazy.

Reflector says, "The Desert Base was destroyed by the Autobots, and the Dinobots are still MIA..."

Gryphus frowns, "See what happens when I have my nose in my work too long...?"

Dirge shrugs at Ramjet. To the others, "Then let's hurry up and get on with it. At least get out of here before we bicker about where to go."

Reflector nods, and he says, "As it is... We need to get sufficient energon to repower ourselves by... What is the general consensus? Should we evacuate, or fortify ourselves?"

Resyke says, "Do we _have_ to leave?"

CatsCradle rubs at her forehead. "Right. Flec, you're better off at getting the supplies. There are three of you and can carry more. Gry, if you can get to the medical area, get as many repair supplies as you can. If we're not evacuating, let's hole up here. Between the two techies, we might be able to get some of this stuff working again. But let's get as many supplies here as possible.

Gryphus says, "The wisest course is to take the position of our Lord Megatron. Evacuation would be a bad idea, and probably get him mad. Fortification would be the best course in my viewpoint." she nods to the suggestion. "I can do so.""

Dirge looks around the room. "Are you sure Trypticon won't attack us again?"

CatsCradle shrugs. "Beats the hell out of me."

Reflector nods, and he says, "I will go and assemble what medical supplies that I can... Gryphus, if you could get together whatever parts that you could from the repair bay, and from main storage, and see if you can start patching up the command center here enough or us to regain control of Trypticon... I will go get energon for us to recharge with."

Ramjet says, "What if he does? We kicked those drones afts before. at least in her he can't step on us."

CatsCradle gives a sharp nod. "In that case, I'm still running on a fairly full tank. I don't need as much fuel as you guzzlers. I'll take a flyabout, see what I can see."

Resyke hangs around in the background, wondering what else can go wrong.

Reflector says, "Dirge... If you and Ramjet could get up into the air and begin mounting an interdiction patrol in case the Autobots attempt to attack us..."

Gryphus nods. "Logical." she moves out to get those things we will be needing, parts, repair tools, and whatever else that she sees we'll be needing.

Dirge frowns. He would dearly love to leave, but it seems the others are intent on staying put. Dirge finds a halfway-stable chair and sits on it. To Ramjet Dirge says, "We can't hold out all those drones for a prolonged period." To Reflector, Dirge says, "I'll need to refuel first."

Reflector says, "As it is... We should immediately begin preparing for the possibility of a siege, if we plan to stay here..."

Reflector goes, and comes back about a breem later with three armloads of energon cubes. "Everyone get up to a full charge."

CatsCradle stops at the door to give Resyke a comforting pat. "Just for the record... I think we should leave, but..." She shrugs and leaves without taking any of the energy from Reflector.

Ramjet takes a cub and stomps off towards the exit. “I'll be in the armoury.”

Megatron rushes in. "Where is Nightbird?! Is she safe?

Reflector blinks, trying to focus on this... "Gryphus went into the Repair Bay... I will ask her..."

Dirge looks at the new arrivals, a weary expression on his face.

Laserbeak is still mighty uppity over what just transpired....then he looks around "What in the name of Primus?"

CatsCradle slips back in, having seen the Home Team arrive. She glances around, just in time to see Megatron run past her again. She debates for a moment, then follows.


Engineering Deck

        This room is designed as a rough-and-ready repair station, where the injured can quickly be repaired after battle. The forward section of the engineering station has been set up with a series of repair tables and shelves holding pieces of equipment. The back section of the deck reminds one of the casualties of war, where there is a series of racks for storing badly damaged mechs. The entire deck area is quite tidy and the walls gleam with polished newness.

Ravage hurries up the shaft after Megatron, hissing, on full alert now... "They struck while we were away from base!"

Gryphus has her head stuck in a control console.

From the Medical Corner, Nightbird is laying on her usual bed, having slept peacefully through the entire incident.

CatsCradle steps inside the door and stops to lean against the wall. "I can provide a report," she says in a dry tone. "Although once we came back, Dirge took command, as Air Commander." Her tone is so flat that she obviously has her opinion on that, but just as obviously won't say anything unless prompted.

CatsCradle adds, "Therefore... perhaps Dirge should be giving the report and not myself."

Ravage says, "The Autobots snuck an infiltration team in while we were away on missions, overpowered the garrison, and sabotaged Trypticon..."

Ravage hisses, almost in... Admiration, at the daring and skill of their opponents to have successfully carried out such a feat.

CatsCradle gives Ravage a sidelong glance. "How nice of you to report, Ravage... since you weren't here." Her tone is still flat. She did /not/ have a good day.

Ravage heard what the others said before he headed up here after Megatron... He looks over at CatsCradle, his entire form tensed, ready to launch himself at whatever target presents itself...

Gryphus pulls herself out of the console. "Ah my Lord, you have returned." she wipes a bit of a smudge off her face.

Megatron is just a bit relieved to see his mate is well. "What exactly happened here, Gryphus?

Gryphus gets to her feet. "Apparently an unidentified Autobot got in here, shot Counterpunch and did something to the console to make Trypticon believe that we were intruders. He sent drones to attack us. We eliminated their threat however. I am endeavoring to do what I can to find the cause, but it is a bit beyond my scope."

Gryphus is damaged from a fight too, you note her wing is scorched and his midsection buckled inward.

Megatron rubs his face. "How could that happen?" No, it is not /his/ day either.

CatsCradle gives a nod, agreeing with Gryphus' summation, and adds, "Before he passed out, Counterpunch said something about Chasm and Swindle being responsible. He was, however, unclear. Just after that, Chasm pulled a disappearing act."

Gryphus says, "If you don't mind, my Lord, I would like to seek repairs for myself and leave the engineering to the engineers."

Megatron clenches his fist. "If Chasm is behind it, Soundwave will have a hard time to save him from being disassembled...

CatsCradle gives a half-bow. "I am sure there are those who will help you in that. My compliments to Gryphus and Reflector, as they were most diplomatic in our dealings with the first set of humans. And Resyke was very brave, going under fire with little more than..." and she chuckles, as if she can't quite believe it, ".. cleaning supplies."

Ravage hisses dangerously... "Chasm will be... Found and dealt with, if I have to do it myself... I promise you that."

Megatron smirks bitterly: "You were more successful than I.

Gryphus departs to get some repairs now.

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Not entirely, sir. My intent had been to retrieve the parts with no destruction and without alienating the humans. Due to..." she hesitates for a long moment, then shakes her head. "At the last minute, a completely avoidable attack happened, and I was not able to carry out that intent."

Ravage hisses dangerously, and he says, "The mission on Cybertron was... Not successful in its entirety either." A way of stating that it was a complete disaster back there as well.

Megatron places his hand on CatsCradle's shoulder. "Don't worry about the humans... the Decepticon empire threatens to fall apart...

CatsCradle gives him a sad smile. "I have to worry about the humans, sir. That's my job."

Ravage nods, and he says, "We need to get some patrols out to see if the Autobots are going to attempt to strike out at us, get recharged, and our damaged repaired. We have to regroup now."

Megatron smirks. "I have to worry about the Decepticons. I am their leader.

CatsCradle nods. "I understand, sir. And sir?" She hesitates for another long moment. "I think... that Dirge may be a good Air Commander, once he has more experience... gaining experience is a slow thing, and right now... might not be the right time for him to practice at it." She gives another half-bow. "I'm not a Seeker, so I'm not biased. That's just my opinion."  She gives a slight smile. "In any case... my greetings to your Lady, sir." She turns and walks out.

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