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Let Nothing Stand Against Us

It is the year 1986.  The ancient war between Decepticon and Autobot still wages, although lately there has been an emergence of another influence, in the form of sabotage and attacks from a group calling themselves the Brotherhood of Chaos.  Their symbol was a horned planet hanging in the infinite of space.  The Earth Research & Exploration team of Divefire and CatsCradle, along with Ravenwing of Valckasta and Armada, a visitor from an alternate universe, began exhaustive research on this ancient Autobot cult, dating back through myth and legend for millennia.  They found a foretelling, of the Bringer of Chaos, the Great Devourer, which shall be the end to all.  Gradually, they are convinced that this is no myth, and that their world is very much in danger.  All sources pointed at the Great Devourer arriving at some time in the future.  Before that time, the Decepticons had to build defenses and plan their attacks.

They thought they had time.

They were wrong.

Cast List

Chapter One - Shattered Souls

Chapter Two - Desolation

Chapter Three - Plans Begin

Chapter Four - Harbinger of Chaos

Chapter Five - Nothing

Chapter Six - Taken

Chapter Seven - Hope?

Chapter Eight - Truce

Chapter Nine - Devoured

Chapter Ten - Family Reunions

Chapter Eleven - The End

Epilogue - The Healing Begins

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