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Prime Target - The Day After
Logfile from TFDD
Prime Target... The Day After

D-C's Home

At first look, this seems like a larger version of the other quarters, except this is actually two of the standard quarters with a doorway joining them. One room is obviously set aside as a sleeping area. The other room is more of a living area, with two work terminals, one that seems to be cluttered in an organized fashion, and the other that is simply cluttered. There is an aquarium, about fifty-gallon-sized, with several Earth species of tropical fish. Although most of the fish are tiny, there is a holo-projector set up to bounce an enlarged reflection of the aquarium's contents up onto the wall above the tank. The room is filled with the soothing gurgling sounds of the aquarium's pumps and the pleasant fragrance of unlit beeswax candles. On a small shelf, a tiny glass hummingbird hangs, its edges faceted to catch the occassional stray beam of light, refracting it in splashes of rainbows.

CatsCradle is buried under a pile of blankets on the bed, the only parts of herself visible are her nose, a bare shoulder and a bare foot. Her armor is piled on the floor next to the bed looking considerably dented and pummeled.

Divefire walks through the door to their room moments later, casting his gaze over to the bed.  His tired expression moves to one of concern as he notices the pile of dented armour. Slowly he moves over to the bed and sits on the edge, running a fingertip down Cats' nose and calling to her softly.

CatsCradle's doesn't move. Her voice floats out from the blankets. "....ow....?"

Divefire’s brow furrows in concern. "Touching your nose can not hurt, can it?"

"/Everything/ hurts." She lapses into wordless grumbling for a moment, then comes out with, "I think I even dented my nose...""

Divefire just blinks, looking down at her almost totally covered form. "How?"

CatsCradle says, “That would have been when I ran into the forcefield.""

Divefire blinks some more. "Forcefield?"

Divefire mutters in a slightly darker tone. "Cats, what did you do when I was away?"

"The one that herded us into the ship. 'Cept we didn't know it was a ship, 'cause it looked like a Cybertronian city that just appeared outta nowhere." She is quiet for a moment, then wails, "Diver, it wasn't my fault.""

Divefire’s head falls slightly as he fights the urge to face-palm in front of her. "I'm sure it wasn't dear."

CatsCradle moves slightly as if trying to sit, then obviously decides against it, but the blankets shift enough for her to peek out. "Laserbeak found this city. So we went to check it out. Turns out it was a ship with this lizard person who considers himself a hunter. Set up a trap for both us and the Autobots. Testing us, kinda like going through a maze. We had to pass each test before we could go any farther."

Divefire raises a brow slightly. "Right... We've got to stop advertising our presence here..."

CatsCradle grins suddenly. "I figured out the first one! There was this wall that played lights and musical tones, and we had to repeat each pattern it played." She frowns. "Calcar took over on that one though. Guess he's gotta have some feeling of accomplishment somewhere. Anyway, that's when the floor dropped out, and none of our engines were working, so we fell from..." She debates, then settles with "a long long ways."

CatsCradle adds "And that's when we fell on our rescue team."

Divefire winces slightly. "Oh dear... Would the next several hours be filed under tragi-comedy?"

CatsCradle laughs and winces. "Rather good description, yes.

Divefire shakes his head slightly. "Oh dear. So what was the fallout from all that?"

"Anyway, long story short... we fought dragons -- would you believe Gryphus /still/ doesn't believe they existed in Earth's history -- and got trapped in this room that spun us around, crashing off each other, then the lizard creature decided we were too boring and punted us off the ship, which was another long fall, and that's when I gave up and just lay there while Skywarp destroyed the ship." She pauses for a long moment. "Nice fireworks, though...""

Divefire raises another brow and then just lets out a slight smile. "Not a good day to be wearing the purple badge then."

CatsCradle snorts. "Autobots were there too. Didn't seem to be doing any better, though. /We/ were the ones who destroyed the ship." She grins brightly up at him. "Do you wanna kill Fearswoop, or shall I?"

Divefire looks to her curiously. "Why would I want to kill Fearswoop?"

CatsCradle fades off slightly. "Hmmm... maybe I should let you do it after all. I might be too busy killing Enchantress...."

Divefire keeps looking at her as his voice drops an octave. "Cats, why would I want to kill Fearswoop?"

CatsCradle blinks up at him. "'Cause he was hitting on me all day?"

Divefire’s optics go slightly wide in surprise. "Pardon?"

CatsCradle giggles. "Everyone /warned/ him not to. Usually prefaced with 'Divefire's gonna kill you, Fearswoop...'. My favorite part was when he dove in front of me at the dragons with his spear, declaring how he'd protect me... and missed ever single stroke."

Divefire mutters darkly. "That's it. I'm putting a message on the boards to inform the next person who hits on you that I'll use their head as a vause." And in an even darker tone. "I'm gonna have to have words with Fearswoop."

CatsCradle chuckles. "I wouldn't worry too much. I've seen him hit on Draconia and Tempest just as hard. It seems to be a compulsion with him. He can't help himself."

Divefire heh's slightly. "What, that he has no self preservation factor?"

"Pretty much, yeah. Anyway, I'm more concerned about Enchantress.""

Divefire’s optics narrow again. "Why?"

CatsCradle beams up at him. "Because she told me that it was a pity I was attached to you, because you are... what were her exact words?... 'quite the catch'"

Divefire blinks again. "You're kidding me, right?"

CatsCradle grins widely.

Divefire’s shoulders slump. "You're not..."

CatsCradle giggles. "And since she had been after most of the mechs on base since she arrived, I think Fearswoop is the minor of the two problems."

Divefire mutters, shaking his head. "If she comes near me, she'll be missing a few limbs."

CatsCradle's grin turns slightly feral. "Not if I reach her first."

Divefire half smirks to he, then leans down to kiss her nose very softly. "I love you."

CatsCradle slips her arms around his neck. "I love you."

Divefire’s optics glow slightly as he slides his body next to hers, albeit, gently. "Glad to hear it."

CatsCradle sighs and nestles carefully against him. "Wanna hear about last week, too?" she asks brightly.

Divefire’s forehead rests against hers slightly. "Sure, why not."

CatsCradle gazes gravely at him. "Giant children."

Divefire blinks then raises a brow. "What?"

CatsCradle giggles again. "We were the size of their toys... oh, Diver, why is it that you're never around for the really weird ones?"

Divefire replies in a deadpan tone. "My sanity."

"Oh, all right." She tucks her head under his chin. "I guess you'll just have to take care of me when I go flippin' insane. Shouldn't be much longer at this rate.""

Divefire nods gravely, his tone still flat. "No, I'd say another month."

CatsCradle nuzzles his throat. "Will you still love me when I'm insane?"

Divefire smiles slightly. "Of course, I love you now don't I?"

"Yeah, but I’m not insane --- HEY!" She nips his throat. "I am /not/ insane.""

Divefire smirks some more as his back arches slightly. "Oh, you're sure about that now?"

CatsCradle grumbles. "You're just picking on me, because I'm aching too much to fight back."

Divefire balks in a very fake way. "I would never do such a thing to you."

CatsCradle snorts and rolls over in a huge effort, turning her back to him. "Sure you wouldn't."

Divefire hand light trundles down her side. "You know I wouldn't."

CatsCradle grumbles and buries herself deeper in the blankets

Divefire murmurs more to himself. "Give you a relaxing massage maybe..."

CatsCradle goes limp. "Oh, yes, please?"

Divefire’s fingers work up to her shoulders and gently start to press into her skin, working the muscles underneath slowly. "I think I might be able to."

CatsCradle rolls over onto her stomach, sighing into her pillow. "'Course, it's prob'bly gonna put me t'sleep," she murmurs.

Divefire smiles as he leans down to place his lips to her neck. "That's alright, you're too tired to do anything else tonight and honestly, so am I." He whispers to her as his fingers continue to work her shoulders.

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