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(in order of appearance)

GHOST - Counter-Intelligence Operative -  Rank 2 - Ghost is an enigma. Her speech, mannerisms, even her physical form is all subject to change. There are few files on this individual, and the ones that are present do not convey the true capabilities of this shadow's dancer. She possesses a pride and bearing that shows in the detail that she focuses on her work. Underneath the quiet, studious gaze that she presents the world is a seething maelstrom, a desire to prove to everyone that she is not simply a sports model. Possesses a strangely vast array of weaponry and the ability to become a 'ghost' through means that have not been disclosed. Prone to abusing her own form for the sake of a mission, to the point of collapse. When her temper breaks, normally with a violent suddenness that dies down as quickly as it manifests her strength and firepower become openly apparent.  Sister to Megatron.

MEGATRON - Deception Leader - Rank 10 - The ultimate command figure among the Decepticons, Megatron is tremendously powerful and highly intelligent. His charisma, passion, and indomitable courage in the face of great odds, are an inspiration to those who follow him - while his unyielding determination and ruthlessness in battle strike terror into the Autobot ranks. Megatron intends to claim all of Cybertron as his own, and from that point on, to spread the Decepticon Empire outward to the surrounding stars. His trademark weapon is a massive fusion cannon linked to his right arm, which can potentially output enough power to level small cities. Megatron sometimes lets his temper get the better of him, but he also displays a brilliant tactical sense and an instinct for innovation, making him an extremely effective leader

SOUNDWAVE - Communications, Repairs, Espionage Coordination -  Rank 8 - Soundwave is a Decepticon of many talents. His highly tuned sensors can intercept enemy transmissions and detect the faintest whisper of a sound; his scientific background was the basis for his largely self-taught repair skills (his area of particular expertise is cerebral neurocircuitry); his unique telepathic powers let him extract information from an enemy or assess the cause, and often the cure, for problems in a comrade. He is a skilled and ruthless fighter when necessary, though not a warrior by nature. He is calm, patient, and composed, often to the point of seeming emotionless - but in truth he is deeply dedicated to his cause, protective of the other Decepticons, and unfailingly loyal to those who have earned his friendship. The only thing that can really rattle his composure is a threat to his cassette creations.

MOTORMASTER - Stunticon Leader - Rank 7 - A rolling terror of the highways, Motormaster's style is bold and brash - whether roaring along in truck mode, or slashing his way through the opposition in robot mode. That which does not scatter out of his way, is flattened without mercy. This powerful Stunticon commander leads his warriors with much shouting and bluster, and yet underneath all the rough edges, there's a Decepticon of sincere dedication and loyalty, who would lay down his life for his team or for his leader. There is no pretense or duplicity about Motormaster - he experiences each moment to its fullest, and is unabashedly direct about his likes and dislikes. He considers the roads of Earth his rightful domain, and one of his fondest dreams is to personally destroy Optimus Prime - to prove, once and for all, that he is undisputed "King of the Road." He can survive a collision with almost any vehicle or obstacle, reaches a top speed of 140mph, and can shatter a 20-foot concrete block. Uses a powerful sword and a cyclone gun that produces 400mph winds. Combines with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.  Mate to Tempest.

NIGHTBIRD - Ninja -  Rank 1 -  Nightbird is a highly complex and mysterious Decepticon. Originally in the hands of the human Dr. Fujiyama, she was rescued by the Decepticons and later joined them. Although she does not transform or fly, her other abilities more than compensate. She is naturally invisible to sensors and carries an enormous array of weaponry and devices. She wields twin energy swords capable of cutting heavy armor or stunning a large-sized opponent. She carries razor-sharp shuriken which she can hurl with pinpoint accuracy, and a variety of other weaponry. She is proficient in several styles of unarmed combat which she combines into a deadly art form. In person Nightbird exhibits a quiet and reserved demeanor most of the time. Her moods and motivations are often difficult to guess, but she always exhibits a firm commitment to the Decepticon cause and her teammates. When speaking, her voice resonates with an almost musical symphony of whispers and echoes.  Mate to Megatron.

DIVEFIRE - Earth Research and Exploration -  Rank 2 -   Long ago Divefire was nothing more then a young air jock. He lived to fly and fight, and cared for little else. However he was badly damaged in a fight on the Autobot/Decepticon border. Taken in by the people he saved, he would have died had an old researcher not given his life and merged with him. The result was an older and wiser Divefire, who found he questioned all that was around him. After seeking permission from the Decepticon high command, he went in search of the lost Decepticons and crash landed on Earth. 4 million years later he has revived. Now on a fully developed Earth, he works for Megatron as an observer and researcher into the planet. He is a walking database of Earth information. Divefire is still a formidable warrior. Well practiced in close combat and extremely agile, very few can take him down close up. He is armed with an Electro Sword and Arm Rifles. In his Cybertronian Orbital Interceptor mode he can reach escape velocity and in space he can triple that figure. In his Terran Mk III Trans-Am mode he can do the impossible for an Earth car if needed. Most of the time though in this mode he blends in with human life and observes all around him. Divefire prefers to work alone, not used to working with others, or enjoying it. He can often get himself in situations where he is outnumbered and outgunned.  Mate to CatsCradle.

CatsCradle - Earth Research and Exploration, Representative of the Grinder - Rank 2 - CatsCradle appeared out of nowhere, a mystery to herself and others. She remembers very little before she became a Decepticon, but she harbors a deep hatred for Autobots with no recollection as to why. Her tracking abilities are an asset in many situations, from scouting out an unfamiliar area, to tracking down a targeted individual. Her calm and quiet mannerisms enable her to stay focused, in either solo or group missions, although her stubborn tendencies sometimes keep her on a project past necessity or prudence. Her slight build and armoring, which is an asset in recon missions, are not well suited for heavy combat, and so she is best paired with a larger ally to do the brunt of the fighting while she uses her extreme agility to dart in, disable, and dart out again. Her weapon of choice is a katana-type sword that she carries in an old-fashioned sling on her back. Her fingers are also tipped with claws. She is able to weave a net of energy between her hands (thus her name), which can be used as a protective forcefield, or as an entanglement if she casts it over an opponent or prey that she is tracking. She finds heavy ranged weapons a hindrance, but she has twin laser mountings that fold out from her forearms. Because she knows she is not suited for heavy fighting, she has honed her shooting skills and also is useful as a sniper. Her largest liability is her amnesia, which is a huge emotional weakness for her.  Mate to Divefire.

SCORCHER - Reconnaissance - Rank 1 -  Scorcher is a Decepticon of rapidly fluctuating moods who is prone to fiery outbursts of temper which are almost as quickly forgotten again. She is also a fun-loving and sociable being who finds nothing more abhorrent than her long solitary reconnaissance forays. Unfortunately, since she was built with this function in mind, she is the logical choice for such missions. Her sense of responsibility usually keeps her mind on the job, but if the silence and solitude overwhelm her, she can get depressive, and careless. Her eagerness to complete her mission and return to her team-mates, can sometimes make for sloppy work. As the only female on the Cyberjet team, she very much wants to prove herself the equal of the males, and berates herself terribly for mistakes far more so than her superiors do. In such a state she can sink into additional depressions which rarely last long in the company of others, however. In combat she unleashes incendiary missiles that burst into full-blown firestorms on impact, nicely living up to her name.

SHOCKWAVE - Guardian of Cybertron - Rank 9 - Shockwave is logical, efficient, and a relentless perfectionist. He specializes in maintaining and fortifying all aspects of the Decepticon military, overseeing supply and communication lines as well as weaponry, ships, and bases. He is adept at maximizing available resources and seeking out every possible advantage in any situation.  Even though he is most comfortable in his support role, Shockwave is well aware of the contribution he is able to make on the front lines, often overwhelming multiple opponents with his sheer firepower. In person he has a quiet energy and absolute focus on whatever task is at hand, and some who see only this side of him mistake his personality as coldly logical in all things. During the few moments of relaxation he allows himself however, his more sociable nature is evident. Shockwave transforms into a powerful cannon and is capable of emitting many kinds of energy and particle streams in both modes.

TEMPEST - Warrior - Rank 2 -  Scavenger turned pirate turned newly recruited Decepticon warrior, Tempest is one of the most vicious individuals to ever wear the Decepticon brand. Spending most of her life in an environment where simple existence meant kill or be killed, Tempest has difficulty adjusting to the more civilized and regimented environment of the Decepticon troops. Her agility, speed and cunning, combined with devastating proficiency with a pair of longblades, kept her alive in the scumpits of the universe. However, her abilities are limited to what she has managed to teach herself. She has almost no concept of teamwork, grand strategy, or goals beyond day-to-day survival. In her heart she is a lonely individual, scarred by the brutality of her past; to the observer she is suspicious and guarded, confused by simple courtesies and occasionally downright savage. She has trouble trusting others and places her own survival as paramount; however, she shows considerable potential to be a valuable part of the team if only she can learn to trust them. Tempest's outlook is the product of a lifetime of having nothing to call her own except what she's managed to steal - and a burning will to survive.  Mate to Motormaster.

THRUST - Air Warrior - Rank 2 - Thrust believes that half the battle is won if his opponents are "psyched out" by his mere arrival, so he makes no attempt to be sneaky - he rattles the very air with the sound of his jets. His sudden, powerful accelerations can shake apart nearby buildings. By the same token he tries psychological intimidation by putting on the act of a pompous, loud-mouthed braggart - but if someone should see through his bluff, he's actually not that brave. His war stories always sound more impressive than his real experiences, in his eternal quest to gain popularity among his comrades. He flies at Mach 2.5, but can double that speed in 20 seconds for up to 2 minutes. He carries four air-to-air missiles and 2 automatic missile launchers.

RESYKE - Cleaner/Informant - Rank 1 -  Like his "big (bug) brother" Kickback, Resyke isn't what he seems. Resyke appears to be a friendly, gregarious, even downright cheerful individual, perfectly happy with his role as cleaner, gopher, and general kick-boy of the Decepticons. Often seen in the background of important events, industriously polishing something and trying to stay out of the way, Resyke seems to be content with being the lowest link of the chain of command. Beneath the surface however... Well, actually, Resyke _is_ a friendly gregarious guy. But he's more than a bit jealous of all those Decepticons that don't suck, and holds grudges against those that insult his _important_ role as a cleaner. You don't think all those huge bases clean themselves, do you? It is these qualities that make him perfectly willing to act in his secondary (and secret) function of Informant. After all, no-one notices a cleaning-con, and hey, he's probably a few mechs short of a gestalt anyway, right? Resyke diligently makes reports back to his commander, notifying him immediately of any treachery, insubordination, or stubborn stains that just _won't_ come out.

THUNDERWING - Regional Warlord - Rank 8- Quite literally created to command, Thunderwing is supremely confident in his ability to do so - a confidence that automatically inspires others to trust in him as well. Convinced that he has an important role to play in history, to provide a benefit that only he can offer the Decepticons, he seeks to take his place among the great leaders of the past and future. Physically swift and powerful in both robot and gunship modes, highly educated in history and the arts and sciences of war, and always open to the innovative, he presents a fine balance of self-controlled discipline and passionate inspiration. Possessed of an infinite patience and keen observational skills, he will lurk in wait for the single perfect opportunity, then strike with blinding speed, willing to commit the entirety of his resources to the pursuit of a vital goal - a strategy that has won him many struggles just on the overwhelming unexpectedness of his attack, but one that may leave little in reserve for a fallback position at some future time. He has an uncanny ability to sense "energy readings", be they from inanimate phenomena or living beings - something that gives him both a potential edge in the form of a warning signal, and a potential vulnerability to be drawn to that which he may not be able to handle.

RAVENWING - Special Ops - Rank 5 -      The proud, willful daughter of a high-ranking noble, Ravenwing is perfectly capable of ruling in her own right. Though indeed ambitious, she would never unseat a commander who was leading well, for that would not be in the best interests of the Empire. Now in service to Lord Thunderwing of Valckasta, there is an intangible distance between herself and her comrades, a barrier of pride and inherent authority, despite her lack of visible rank. Her strong sense of duty, as much a part of her as her pride, keeps her there despite her equally strong feeling of alienation. Though most of the other warriors respect her, they are puzzled by her. Usually grave, even grim, she still has a somewhat repressed sense of humour that occasionally breaks free of its constraints, in contradiction to her normal elegant regality. In her early years, she served in the Empire's Special Ops division and is exceptionally skilled at infiltrations and search-and-destroy missions, but unlike most stealth operatives, she is also a powerful, well-trained though inexperienced warrior. This is definitely not apparent from her graceful, stately appearance, as all of her weaponry is normally retracted out of sight, something of a nasty and perhaps even fatal surprise for those who would underestimate the dark femme.

DIRGE - Air Warrior - Rank 2 - Interim Air Commander -     Dirge can modulate his engines so that their sound causes petrifying fear in those who hear them, and he's a master at utilizing this technique against his opponents. However, he needs to feel as though he's in control of the situation and the enemy isn't getting the upper hand, or else he too falls victim to fear, making him useless as a warrior. Dirge keeps most of his thoughts to himself and focuses largely on the dark, pessimistic side of life. He quite deliberately cultivates the image of an individual who seems more dire and sinister than perhaps he really is. Other Decepticons tend to be put off by his mournful, silent ways, and his unwillingness to spend time in their company. Aside from his sonic weaponry, he carries two concussion missiles.

ARMADA - Space Warfare - Rank 3 -   Constructed by Unicron in an alternate universe, Armada was Cyclonus' twin and near-equal in power and combat prowess until he was stranded in this universe through a mishap caused by an antimatter reaction. Damaged during his experience and severed from drawing power from his creator, Armada's combat abilities are somewhat diminished, if his intelligence and willpower are not. Versed in combat strategies and space warfare techniques, he tends to be more of a thinker than a doer at times, but this can mislead others into thinking he's reluctant to act. Sharing the same strong sense of honor as his brother, if more expressive, Armada lives by his own code of conduct and behavior. Rarely volunteering any information about himself, he can be somewhat of a loner though he subconsciously wishes to be accepted by his fellow Decepticons. In robot mode, Armada wields a powerful plasma rifle and energy blades. As a spacejet designed for space combat, he is capable of channeling energy from his fusion generators into neutron disruption beams

RUSE  - Espionage - Rank 1 - Having lasercore patterns based on both a warrior and diplomat, Ruse has developed into a unique though still young stealth warrior. Tricky, manipulative, cunning, and with a drive for power and conquest, little stands in her way - except for herself. Sometimes she acts rashly, other times she simply behaves foolishly... perhaps fires of a youth lost too soon to war. Still, she makes up for it with her skill and creativity. Not to mention with her upgraded form tailored specifically to her talents. As a mechafox she has great agility and moves silently as well as swiftly. In her robot mode the little trickster is a successful infiltrator and warrior

HARRIER - Tracker/Navigator - Rank 1 - To the manor born, Harrier's inheritance was lost due to an Autobot attack on his settlement, leaving the young Valckastan adrift in the unmastered frontier called the Spaceways. Harrier considers himself to be a gentleman--a sort of Decepticon knight. Harrier's loyalty to his own is eclipsed only by his sense of honour. He prefers high-society and hunting to waging battle. However, mistaking him for a silly fop is a mistake--there's a tenacious and skilled hunter underneath the upper-crust veneer. Harrier has remarkable endurance and possesses an easy-going and charming personality. Harrier's sense of honour can be a handicap, since he dislikes taking what he calls unfair advantage of opponents. His tenacity can be both benefit and drawback, as he will sometimes bite off more than he can chew and insist on trying to swallow it anyway. He has excellent map-reading skills, a powerful internal sense of direction, and the ability and persistence to track a quarry wherever it may run.

LASERBEAK - Infiltration and Interrogation - Rank 2 -  Laserbeak takes pleasure in hunting his prey - usually the straggling survivors of a battle. He's not the bravest in a combat situation, and will dart for safety if threatened, though on solitary missions he is self-reliant and often infiltrates dangerous enemy territory to bring back valuable information. In addition he has studied the art of interrogation and enjoys the chance to put his research into practice, making him an important contributor to the team. He uses two independently targetable laser cannons with extreme precision to get information from captives. Flies at speeds of up to 250 mph.

RAMJET - Air Warrior - Rank 3 - True to his name, mid-air collisions are Ramjet's specialty. It makes little difference if the target is an enemy Autobot or an inanimate object - he'll crash into it just for fun. He revels in his ability to withstand damage, and this makes him a terrifyingly effective air warrior. But sometimes he takes it too far; too many crashes can injure him, especially internal mechanics. In sharp contrast to his love of wild uncontrolled flight, Ramjet actually has a strong sense of responsibility and duty. When there's a serious situation at hand Ramjet almost unconsciously takes charge of those nearby, and works toward everyone's safety and success. Just as he doesn't seem to realize he does this, and has no apparent aspirations toward the upper ranks, so his comrades quite naturally tend to defer to him without giving it much further thought. Ramjet is in fact a young flyer with a good deal of leadership potential, if only he were to realize it. His nose module can withstand impact with 3-foot-thick concrete at 1500 mph. He flies as fast as Mach 2.8, and carries 2 cluster bombs.

TECHNO - Research and Development - Rank 5 - Techno is one of the Decepticons' key R&D people. Her job is to find better ways of using existing technology, or to simply create new technology to help in the Decepticons' fight for total domination. A scientific genius, her IQ is off the scale. Knowledgeable in all the key sciences: chemistry, physics, mechanics, electronics, computers, and even sub-space technology. Equipped with an on-board computer system with its own AI personality. This computer is equipped with a state of the art hologram system, to aid Techno in her research and studies. Lightly armed, she prefers to let others do the fighting...but she can defend herself if need be...but she'd rather use her mind, instead of her brawn.

SKYQUAKE - Air Commandant - Rank 7 -  As second-in-command to Colossus, Skyquake seems to have picked up a hatred of all things non-Decepticon - first and foremost, of course, the Autobots. But unlike his commander, to whom it's an intensely personal issue, Skyquake's loathing of the Autobots is calculating and clinical in its focused single-mindedness, as though it were a mental exercise for his highly versatile mind. He leads Colossus' air forces and is convinced that more effort should be put into air superiority, while Colossus favors crushing assaults on the ground. Skyquake is sometimes at odds with his leader on just how things should be done, but once the final decisions are made, he undertakes his missions with full dedication. In alt mode he is a massively powerful heavy bomber, who directs his smaller, faster underlings on precision strikes until he can arrive at the target and clean up what remains; he and his team retain one of the best in-flight communications systems in the Decepticon forces, and balance one anothers' abilities almost instinctively.

PSYKEOUT - Psychologist/Medic - Rank 2 - Psykeout is unique in many ways. His coloring, his speech patterns, but especially the cold-blooded actions that define him. He was not created for fighting, nor does he enjoy it that much. He spends a lot of his time in the shadows, sneaking around in search of a new enemy. Satisfied simply watching the pain and misery of others, he has learned much in his time since creation. Highly intelligent and showing such in his desire to comprehend everything possible, he spends the rest of his time researching everything that he can get his hands on. Speaking with anyone he can find, reading books that he discovers, he has the insatiable thirst for knowledge. He has studied the medical and psychological sciences since his creation, using this as his profession during his life. Loving the exploration inside the minds of others, as well as repairing them, Psykeout hopes that this will help him to be more accepted into the Decepticon Empire.

FLASHPOINT - Field Medic/Flamethrower - Rank 4 -  Created in the war-torn city of Vos, Flashpoint has become accustomed to the job of fixing folks, just to have them blown up the next day. One cycle though, after a massive influx of patients, Flashpoint lost it, grabbing a weapon and charging into battle. Rewarded for his bravery with a trip to his own medical bay and a complete rebuild, Flashpoint found himself newly reinforced to deal with the dangers of Field Medicine. His main weapons, now almost all fire based, gave him a new ability that was previously unthought of. Place the medical instruments into his fingers and there is no need for a medkit held in subspace. Also armed with the ability to create balls of fire from his fingertips, plus a new weapon from his alt mode, that of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, he can throw his rotor at great speeds and distances with moderate accuracy. In Black Hawk mode, he carries the standard compliment of weapons carried by the Earth versions of himself, Hellfire missiles and a chain gun. Capable as both a medic and a fighter, he is overly loyal to Colossus, preferring to stand as his escort and staying in battle longer than he should so that his commander can live to fight another day.

DOUBLE PUNCH - Border Guard - Rank 1 - Forged in the fires of Cybertron's remote smelting pits, Double Punch can withstand extremes of heat and radiation that would fry neurocircuitry and melt other Transformers into their component metals. Appropriately enough, one of his weapons is a firebolt cannon that shoots scalding bursts of flame - but he is at his most dangerous in his scorpion-like alt mode, which he prefers to his robot form. Like some ambush-predator of the wastelands, he can lurk motionless for days at a time, and then explode into ferocious action when he sights a target. As a border guard in Colossus' realm, he is the last line of defense against any invader that somehow manages to limp through the contaminated Radlands. Almost nothing can get past him that does not end up torn asunder in his powerful claws. His tail can deliver killing doses of corrosive venom. Cunning and cynical by nature, Double Punch relishes his long periods of isolation, during which he can craft his grand plans for the future, and dream of whatever ambush-predators

SKYRAIDER - Interceptor/Air Assault - Rank 1 -  Skyraider is a youthful Decepticon who takes advice from his superiors to heart, but tends to look down on those below him in the ranks or those who he thinks do not fill an important role in the Decepticon Army. He tends to be reckless and bold in battle, determined to prove his worth, but often getting in over his head.  At first glance he appears to be a young arrogant know-it-all with no sense of humour.  The select few he allows to get close to him know that beneath this, he is a friendly, outgoing warrior that enjoys a good joke.  When the shooting starts, you know that hes got your back.

ONSLAUGHT - Combatticon Leader - Rank 7 -  Despite Onslaught's considerable firepower, he maintains that the true deciding factor in victory is the planning and forethought that goes into a battle before the first shot is even fired. He prefers devising battle plans to actually carrying them out - he wants to direct others to follow his perfectly orchestrated combat scenarios - but once stirred into action, he is a relentless, furious fighter. His incisive intelligence as well as his fighting abilities make him an inspiring command figure. In robot mode, he uses a powerful sonic stun gun, and as a missile trailer, he is capable of launching 6500-mile range photon missiles, each equivalent to 3000 tons of TNT. Missile accuracy can be hampered by electromagnetic interference. Onslaught combines with his fellow Combaticons to form the super warrior Bruticus.

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