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One day I went to a rabbit show.

I knew this was a dangerous thing to do. And I was determined not to come home with another rabbit. I left my checkbook and credit cards at home. I just brought enough money for lunch and a few raffle tickets.

I won a rabbit in the raffle.

Gem is a Netherlands Dwarf rabbit, who weighs 2.5 lbs fully grown. Her registered name is Diamond Girl for her diamond-shaped marking on her forehead, but I decided that was too long a name for such a tiny rabbit, and she became my precious Gem.

She was an angry, grumpy bunny. She had never been a house rabbit, and she wasn't sure she wanted to be. She was very territorial of her cage and would often punch and growl at me. But when she was picked up, she'd snuggle and beg for pettings.

Throughout her first year at the Lair, Gem had many health problems. She was rushed to the vet on many occassions. Finally, I had her spayed, and we found out she had been in the beginning stages of uterine cancer. The surgery saved her life.

Gem's personality went through a dramatic change. Little Miss Thumpy Grumpy became loving and playful. Just a few months after her surgery, she became the first of the Lair bunnies to become a therapy bunny, visiting nursing homes. She was a real natural at bringing smiles and snuggles to the residents of the homes we visited.

The little bunny I won in a raffle was truly a "luck bunny" and has brought joy and love and has tought many people the love of bunnies.

In 2001, I had a relapse of my fibromyalgia. After a heartbreaking deliberation, I decided that four rabbits that didn't get along, were too many for me to take care of, considering my health. In the summer of 2001, Gem and Coffee went to live with a friend of ours in Connecticut. Their new home and companions can be seen at: So What About That Sam?

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