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In the fall of 1994, I came home with a rabbit.

Not just an ordinary rabbit, mind you. This rabbit Started Something.

Welcome to the Lair of the Stealth Bunnies.

This is how it all began.

I was working in a pet store in New Jersey (how this li'l ol' mountain girl ended up in the wilds of NJ is another story for another time). When a litter of black minilop bunnies came in, I barely noticed them. I was a "dog" person, who knew very little about such cute fluffy things. But one of them stood out. With his perpetually disgruntled expression, this feisty little guy was passed over by all shoppers until he was the only one left. The next shipment of bunnies was all white, and the little black one decided he was gonna fight 'em all! He had a ton of spunk and determination. He reminded me of a character in a Japanese animated series I was watching, called Yaiba. The character's name was Gekko, and he was a black rabbit-person determined to take over the world. Before long, I was calling this little black bunny Gekko... and it wasn't much longer before I brought him home with me. This little bunny charmed, danced, conned, and demanded his way into my heart and the hearts of everyone who met him. In Gekko's life, he has gone to science fiction conventions, traveled across New York state, done work as a therapy rabbit in nursing homes, gone camping, had a story written about him, and a stuffed toy based on him. And his adventures continue.
Read about Gekko in the book Angel Animals: Exploring our Spiritual Connection with Animals edited by Allen and Linda Anderson.
Own your own Gekko by purchasing the Gekko Angel Animal Toy from Safari Ltd.

To read more about Gekko's namesake, take a look at the introduction to the Yaiba manga.

On November 26, 2001, Gekko passed away. It was the death of a legend.

I miss you, Gekko-bunny.

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