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Innocent Epilogue

by Kamara


The sun set behind the ridges of the valley.  Tarla curled up on a large rock.  The reds of the sky turned the edges of the meteor crater black.

When she could no longer make out cliff from sky, twin pin-points of red light broke away from the darkness and made their way toward her.  The rising moon glinted off steel, and Starscream stopped in front of her.

They didnít speak.  There was a soft rustle, barely heard, and Ravage melted out of the night to lay his head on the rock next to Tarla.

She stood and carefully shouldered her pack on her good shoulder.  Ravage crouched, and she slipped up on his back.

They began to walk, and the darkness swallowed up three just as effortlessly as it had already done two.


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