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Me and the Decepticon Dominion MUSH
I stumbled on this MUSH entirely by accident. I was reading some of Raksha's writing and saw a blurb on the brand-new MUSH on her site. A role play game based entirely around Decepticons? How intriguing! I have roleplayed for many years, but never on-line. I sent Raksha an email compliamenting her writing (if you haven't read her work yet, by all means, go do so. Now. Her site address is below), and threw in some line about that the game sounded really interesting, but I was too intimidated by the on-line format.

She talked me into it.

CatsCradle is by far the most developed character I have played in almost fifteen years of role playing. The MUSH environment is so different that sitting around a living room or table, yet the fundamentals of role playing are the same everywhere, and it wasn't long before I felt right at home.

And CatsCradle is just a hell of a lot of fun

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