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Me and the Decepticon Dominion MUSH

CatsCradle herself


CatsCradle wonders if the Decepticons will ever be accepted on Earth.

Bedtime Stories
While in hiding, CatsCradle amuses her children with a story of how Divefire out-flew Starscream.

Turning Point
How CatsCradle joined the Decepticons


Worldshield Flight Divefire asks Cats to come to Earth (played 1/1/01)

 Shot Cats is sent after an AWOL Decepticon (played 3/4/01)

We Have Fish Cats brings home some pets. (played 4/20/01)

The Immobilizer The Decepticons steal Wheeljack's newest invention... and this one actually works! (played 5/12/01)

Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court The Decepticons and Autobots get sent back in time (played 5/19/01)

Starwave Time portals appear everywhere... along with Cats and Diver's son from the future (played 6/9/01-6/14/01)

Enter the Nightbird The Decepticons confiscate a ninja-robot, supposedly created by humans. But jealousy at her abilities and Megatron's attention towards her set many against her. (played 6/16/01-6/23/01)

Dusk of the Dead Sent on a rescue mission, Cats is stranded on a planet, infected with an incurable virus and surrounded by zombies (played 6/30/01-7/4/01)

Repair Woes Cats finds out that she isn't the only one who hates repair bays as Hook goes after Ravage for his check-up (played 7/13/01)

Child's Play The Decepticons and Autobots are transported to another world where they are only the size of toys in comparison to the child that finds them (played 7/21/01)

Prime Target (The Decepticon Version) The Decepticons go to explore a Cybertronian-type city that suddenly appears on Earth. (played 7/28/01)

Prime Target... The Day After Cats tries to tell Diver what happened (played 7/29/01)

Journey to Lutha The Decepticons find some alien artifacts on Cybertron and trace their origin to a devestated planet (played 8/25/01)

Seeking Sola Gemstone-aliens, attacking fleets, and an Autobot invasion... (played 9/1/01)

Medic from Hell Starscream goes insane and Hook needs to repair him. But with a medic like Hook, who needs enemies? (played 10/16/01)

Auto Beserk Starscream goes crazy and takes Red Alert with him in a quest to kill Skyfire (played 10/20/01)

Still Beserking The next day. Jackolanterns and Cyberdogs and a destroyed Medbay (played 10/21/01)

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide.... Sorta The Decepticons kidnap a human... and quickly wish they hadn't. But, hey... they get to beat up Powerglide! (played 10/27/01)

Nightbird's Return The Decepticons find news of Nightbird and set off to resuce her, no matter the cost. (played 11/03/01)

Arguments Overheard... or... It's Still Not My Fault! Cats gets caught in an argument between Starscream and Megatron and can't escape (played 11/4/01)

Cosmic Rust The Decepticons unknowingly bring (another) deadly virus back to Earth. (played 11/10/01)

Atlantis Arise... or... CatsCradle's New Pet The Decepticons discover an underwater city rich with energy (played 11/17/01)

Day in the Life of a Deception Chick Starscream's pet disappears (played 11/22/01)

The God Gambit The Decepticons land on a planet where the natives view them as gods... Can Starscream's ego get any larger? (played 11/24/01)

Mystery of the Grinder The Grinder and all its cadets disappears, and it looks like it might be contagious, as two other warriors begin to mysteriously fade away, as the Warlords of Cybertron contend for the land previously held by Straxus. (played 12/01/01)

Beginnings of Change Cats returns to the Grinder (played 12/02/01)

Kremzeek! Megatron creates a cute l'il critter... who'da thought it would be so much trouble... (played 12/08/01)

Changes Continue Cats meets the new "exchange student" from Polyhex and discusses changes at the Grinder with Megatron (played 12/09/01)

The Core The Decepticons nearly destroy Earth.... again (played 12/15/01)

How the Decepticons Saved Christmas (played 12/22/01)

Golden Lagoon The Decepticons find a pool of golden liquid that makes them invulnerable, and they take on Omega Supreme and the entire Autobot Earth army (played 1/26/02)

The Decepticons Go Hollywood The Decepticons steal a mysterious container from Wheeljack's laboratory... and get filmed by a human while doing it! Can they recover the film footage before the Autobots figure out what they're up to? (played 2/3/02 & 2/4/02)

The Quest for Cybertonium When the Earth Decepticons begin to suffer from a depletion in Cybertonium, a troop goes to Cybertron to obtain more... but first, they have to fight through an infestation of morphobots that are blocking the way to the Cybertonium mine. (played 2/23/02)

The Secret of Omega Supreme What do dragons, asteroids, Constructicons and Omega Supreme all have in common? The Decepticons soon find out as the tide of the war begins to shift in their direction (played 3/2/02)

The Microcons The Decepticons must shrink themselves to microbe size to perform surgery on Megatron. (played 3/9/02)

Masquerade Will the real Motormaster please step forward? (played 3/16/02)

Megatron's Master Plan The Decepticons are ambushed... but not by the Autobots. And just who are the Brotherhood of Chaos? (played 3/23/02 and 4/6/02)

Femmes' Night Out Scorcher throws a farewell party for Ravenwing, but will the mechs crash it? And just who put /that/ song in the jukebox, anyway? (played 3/24/02)

Industrial Evil The Decepticons return to Cybertron to investigate a strange energy reading from deep within the Shadowzone... and just when you thought they were safe from zombies... (played 3/30/02)

The Return of Optimus Prime (part 1) (played 5/19/02)

Raiders of the Lost Colony A giant mechanical dinosaur attacks Japan... and it isn't Mecha-Godzilla, 'cause it is wearing the Decepticon insignia! (played 6/1/02)

Starscream's Brigade Starscream carries out his ultimate plan to overthrow Megatron (played 6/22/02)

Brigade's Aftermath CatsCradle's repairs (played 6/23/02)

Revenge of Bruticus Starscream and the Combatticons return (played 6/29/02)

The Duel Fed up with Starscream's plots, the Decepticons demand that Megatron do something. Megatron forces Starscream into a duel to the death... but will either son or father be able to deal the killing blow? (played 7/6/02)

The Search for Bruticus (B.O.T.) Parts of the Combaticons turn up missing. Can the Decepticons find the missing pieces and the thief that stole them? (played 7/13/02)

Digital World The Decepticons are sent into a virtual reality of their computer systems in order to kill a virus. But some of them wonder which is the real world, as the digital one seems to be more honest. (played 8/3/02)

Post-Digital  Cats tries to describe the digital world to Diver (played 8/6/02)

Let Nothing Stand Against Us: A Decepticon Dominion MUSH Novel.  A myth is proved real, but at at the threat of total devastation.  Lives are changed and lost, souls are shattered, and no one will ever be the same again.  (played 8/17/02-8/24/02)

Terror Underground  Unicron's destruction reveals a new world underneath Cybertron's streets... and the people who live there. (played 9/7/02)

Hellfire  A Decepticon patrol ends up in an alternate universe, where the Decepticons are slaves to the Autobots