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CatsCradle awakes with a start, stopping herself just before bolting upright. She looks down at Diver, almost fearfully, but he doesn't wake. She sits up carefully, holding her head in her hands for a moment, then leans over and gently kisses Diver's forehead. She slips out of bed, sorting through the pile of armor on the floor by the bed for the pieces of hers, puts them on, and silently goes out of the room.

Living Quarters
You enter Training Complex.

CatsCradle walks in and gives Striker a pleasant smile. She goes up to the target range, brings out a small laser pistol and begins taking practice shots.

Striker grabs a pistol and starts practice

CatsCradle glances up from her practice. "Are you new here, or have you just been away on mission?"

Striker says, "No, I'm definitly new here. I haven't even had my first mission yet."

Striker says, "How long have you been here CatsCradle?"

CatsCradle gives him a reassuring smile. "Trust me, that won't last long. I think things are going to get busy rather fast." She takes five quick shots, hits four of them and grazes the fifth. "Only about two weeks. I was in Polyhex before that."

Striker takes several shots, "I haven't even been to Cybertron, I don't even remember what it's like up there.

Striker fires a few more quick shots at the targets, only hittin 3 outta 5.

"Very different from here." She aims for the next range of targets, trying to coax more distance out of her accuracy. She hits four and misses the fifth completely."

Striker puts up his laser pistol in exchange for one of the larger, more long distance rifles

CatsCradle says, "Are you finding your way around all right?"

Striker says, "yea, I've been doing pretty well, expecially with all the help I've been getting from everyone."

Striker says, "I did get lost once or twice yesterday. But luckily everyone else I was talking to knew there way around."

CatsCradle nods. "Good." She grins. "There have been so many new people here, that I think everyone is getting adept at recognizing that blank 'I'm lost' expression.

Striker agrees. "I had, accidenlty gotten myself somewhere over the Pacific Ocean."

Striker walks down the range to the long-range targets.

CatsCradle chuckles. "All that water can be pretty disorienting." She runs through another series of shots at the mid-range targets, hitting three and grazing the fourth

Striker takes carefully aim before firing at the two closest targets, hitting both. "Yes it can be, I learned that the hard way."

"It's only the hard way if you come back injured." She gives him another of her reassuring smiles. "You'll be fine.""

Striker says, "Ok, well it wasn't really THAT hard."

Striker says, "After that, I just took my time learning my way around.""

CatsCradle says, "There are several reports on Earth in the library and on the main terminal system. It includes some detailed mapping reports. You might want to take a look at them.""

Striker says, "Ok, thanks."

CatsCradle frowns slightly at the results of her last series of practice shots, then puts the pistol aside. She pops her wrist lasers out of her armor cuffs and sends a series of shots at the same range targest, moving more fluidly and hitting four out of the five and grazing the fifth. She looks a little more satisfied.

Slipstream walks in, whistling a popular Decepticon War Academy tune as he mops. This is strange, even for him. He's apparently in a GOOD mood.

Slipstream notices Cats and the unfamiliar Seeker, and tosses out a robust salute, still whistling.

CatsCradle sighs with a mixture of amusement and exasperation. "I told you to stop with the salutes."

Slipstream seems a little embarrassed, but not much, as he grins and says, "Sorry. Just couldn't help it. I just feel in sucha great mood now!

CatsCradle tilts her head slightly, obviously wondering how long such a good mood will last. "Good," she says, with a little uncertainty

Slipstream says, "How are you doing? Is there anything that I can help you with."

Slipstream, not receiving a reply, goes back to mopping with a new energy, and continues his whistling.

CatsCradle thinks for a moment, and then nods as if making a decision. "Actually, there is, Slips." She takes the mop away from him and steers him to the door. "Please excuse us for a minute, Striker."

You enter Living Quarters.
You enter Library.

Slipstream waits for CatsCradle's instructions, and forces himself to sit still. His mind goes over plans to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning solvent that he's been working on, so that he can get to the outer hull cleanup sooner.

CatsCradle lets go of Slips shoulder. "I need you to do some computer hacking for me.

Slipstream says, "OK. What do you need it for? I'm willing to help, just tell me what you need me to do."

CatsCradle sits on the edge of one of the work stations, her feet on the seat of it's chair. "I need you to explore around in the computer systems of any human university. Or a few. Especially with science divisions. I need you to put together a report on nuclear energy, especially as a weapon.

Slipstream says, "It'd take some time, since I haven't had the chance yet to explore the main computer systems for backdoors (actually he has, but he'd rather not admit it, and the backdoors are to lower level systems). And with Soundwave stationed here, I'd need to be more cautious than normal."

Slipstream says, "That, I can handle. Human security systems are pretty weak. Do you want me to hit military systems as well?"

CatsCradle thinks a moment, then nods. "Yes, that would be fine. Also, if you can put together a list of whatever texts the universities are using to teach such classes with, that would be great.

Slipstream says, "I'll get right on it. Human security systems rely on primarily password access to work, and their passwords are pretty simple, usually. They don't even use 64 bit encryption! Most of the time, a number cruncher can get their passwords pretty easily."

Slipstream starts planning on how to get into the human computer systems and start reading up on nuclear energy. Let's see... He thought that it could only happen in stars (fusion and fission), but perhaps the humans may be smarter than he originally gave them credit for.

CatsCradle says, "It may even be public knowledge. From what I know, a city in Japan was destroyed using this power, so I can't imagine that the knowledge is secret. The technical details maybe, but right now, we're trying to figure out how much of this is reality. It may not even be real. But see what you can find out for me and submit a report to either Divefire or myself." She grins. "Just don't neglect your cleaning duties"

Slipstream says, "Gotcha."

Slipstream smiles. Finally, he'll get to do something worthwhile, and begin to pay back his friend.

CatsCradle gives Slips a friendly grin and hops off the work station. "Let us know what you come up with. We can catch up with each other later.

Slipstream says, "Gothca. I won't let you down!"

“I'm sure you won't. This is right in your area of expertise." She winks an optic at him and ducks out of the room, humming softly.

You enter Living Quarters
You enter Training Complex
You enter Engine Room.

Engine Room

        Once one of the most important areas of the ship, the engine room now serves only to house most of the control systems, the conning tower to the surface, and the central computer. A large console provides access to the main computer and detailed information about its operational status. The main engines still remain in place, but most of the peripheral machinery and materials were removed once it was determined the ship would never fly again. Consequently, most of the adjacent rooms are empty, awaiting future expansion.

Megatron stands at the computer terminal, frowning. Obviously something is not as it should be.

Tempest is looking over Megatron's shoulder trying to figure out what it is.

CatsCradle walks in, stopping when she sees the others. She gives a little half-bow, tempering the formality with a grin.

Megatron says, "Snipe left the base, but he's not scheduled for reconnaissance..."

CatsCradle's grin fades. "I saw him leave two nights ago. He didn't come back?"

Tempest shrugs. "Maybe he just wants to go out, get a break...that is allowed, isn't it?"

Megatron says, "It depends, Tempest. He's not authorized to stay away for so long without report back."

Tempest nods. She frowns. "So our perfect little saluter's gone rogue?"

CatsCradle's face is disturbed. "He was... upset when he left. Said something about not belonging."

Tempest snorts. "Oh, like /I/ do... Where in the slag is he going to go? There's nothing else on this stupid planet and I would know...he doesn't seem the type to live off car gas."

Megatron activates the main computer's sattelite connection via the terminal. After a few minutes he says: "According to the readings he is in an area the humans call Rocky Mountains..." His optics flash. "I cannot allow this. CatsCradle, Tempest, I want this deserter back!"

Tempest says, "In how many pieces?"

CatsCradle lets out a long sigh. "He's been having some problems since being activated. He said Shockwave mentioned there might be a few glitchs because he was in storage for so long."

Megatron says, "Actually in one piece. If someone rips him appart, it's me!"

Tempest's mouth twitches, but she doesn't seem irritated as she sighs and says, "So I have to do it the /hard way/...all right..."

Megatron says, "Now, bring him back!""

Tempest nods.

CatsCradle murmurs, "Yes, sir."

You enter Conning Tower.
You enter Atlantic Ocean <Central>.

CatsCradle transforms into her Jet mode.

Tempest transforms into her CF-18 Hornet Jet mode.

You enter Atlantic Ocean <Central>.
You enter Atlantic Ocean <Western Hemisphere>.
You enter North Atlantic Coast <North America>.
You enter Great Plains <North America>.
You enter Rocky Mountains <North America>.

Tempest cruises in the sky, her optics piercing downward, looking for Snipe. She calls to CatsCradle, "Do you have sensors or anything? I've got nothing beyond my own vision."

CatsCradle radios Tempest: " I don't know how much he's glitching, if that's what it is. But he's one hell of a good shot... the best I've ever seen"

Tempest radios to CatsCradle: "you think he actually might shoot at us? SLAGGIT!"

Snipe hears the two approaching and takes cover underneath a cammoflage net, lying on his back, staring up at the skies, watching, listening.

CatsCradle says, "I have no idea if he'd shoot. I'd like to think he wouldn't. But you might want to let me go in first, since I can throw up my 'field if he does.""

Tempest says, "All yours, I'm sick of being shot at..."

Snipe remains still and silent, becoming one with the ground underneath him.

CatsCradle mutters, "I'm not so thrilled with being shot at myself." She pulls ahead of Tempest. "I'm better at tracking from the ground, but that's a large area to cover."

Tempest enjoys the feeling of the air over her wings and canopy. "Still, it's good to be the hunter again instead of the hunted..." She glances around. "How experienced is this guy? I mean, he's newly built...but was that laser core active before?"

Tempest and Catscradle are flying in formation over the rockies, looking for Snipe.

CatsCradle extends her sensors, still feeling partially blind in this mode. "No. He's completely new. And he's got some stealth abilities. It'll be hard to find him on radar

Tempest mutters, "Slaggin' stealth...but if he's new, then he doesn't have the warrior's most dangerous weapon...experience. He'll screw up and then we'll have him..."

Snipe watches and waits patiently...if they can't see or hear him, they will leave...

Tempest glances over. "Hey. What's that...three o' clock Auotbot, an earth plane, or one of ours?" She regards the oncoming Striker.

CatsCradle says, "I don't recognize it, but I still don't know most of the Earth personnel"

Striker radios his identitiy to the rest of the Decepticons hunting for Snipe.

Striker falls in formation with the other hunters.

Tempest pulls in teh transmission. "A friendly. Named Striker. Fall in, Striker, let CatsCradle take lead. We're looking for an AWOL con named Snipe. Be careful, he may fire on us. Megatron wants him back alive."

Striker says, "What's this Snipe look like?"

Snipe remains still, trusting in his cammo net and radar stealth to keep him hidden.

Tempest replies, "Slim, green and grey paint scheme...camouflage type. Finding him won't be easy...btu he's newly brought online. I'm just waiting for him to mess up..."

Striker looks around the surrounding area, looking for any sign that Snipe is nearby.

Tempest sees a twtich of motion below...and dives, lasers flashing! A herd of deer bolt from cover as the yellow jet pulls up, cursing!

CatsCradle lets out a soft sigh. "If we're supposed to bring him back in more or less one piece, going in firing might not be such a great idea...."

Striker says, "Anyone have null rays? That should do the trick if we DO want him alive."

Tempest snorts. "It was a strafing run, I wouldn't have hit anything."

Snipe 's optics narrow into're firing.

CatsCradle says, "No, but it might encourage him to fire back. And I'd rather avoid that, if possible."

CatsCradle thinks a moment. "Then again... if he fires, we'll be able to tell where he is..."

Tempest grumbles, "First you flush the prey, then you taken." The yellow jet, with her sharp edges and battered metal plating, has a rough dignity and a take-charge attitude, but also shows a very vicious streak...almost animal-like.

Snipe watches them, his optics still narrowed. There's a slight clicking sound as he prepares his heavy laser rifle.oO(If they shoot anywhere near me...)

Tempest perks up...did she hear something? She zooms down, searching...if Cats is listening, you might herar her mutter, "where's my tracker when I need him..."

Tempest pulls away from the formation. "This is getting nowhere...I'm heading north. We can cover more ground." She fires her burners and is gone....

Striker breaks formation and moves in closer to the ground. "Maybe I can get a better veiw from down here."

CatsCradle's frown is evident in her voice. "Just remember what a good shot he is. don't make yourself a target."

Striker gets higher above the ground, but still low enough to get a good view. "Good point."

Snipe watches and waits...oO(The one who fired is gone...these two may not be a threat...) he thinks, powering down the heavy laser rifle again.

CatsCradle says, "If he starts shooting, veer away and get behind me. I have a forcefield that will break the shots, but it'll only protect someone else if they're directly behind me"

Striker says, "No problem."

Snipe continues his silent vigil as the pair fly directly over him.

Striker says, "You say he's camoflauged?"
Striker says, "It'll take forever to find him in all these trees."

CatsCradle deliberates a moment. "He's gonna know we're here, anyway." She follows a gut instinct and radios, "Snipe? You there? C'mon, Snipe, I'd take one of those one-word answers now.”

Snipe hears the transmission, but doesn't respond.oO(Clever....get me to talk...reveal position.)

CatsCradle's voice is very gentle and concerned. "C'mon, Snipe. Talk to me. Please."

Striker tries to radio Snipe, c'mon man, we can get to know each other better.

Snipe smirks, but doesn't say anything. However, he does shift his position ever so slightly to get rid of the damn rock that was scratching his paint.

Striker in a real loud voice hoping to get Snipes attention. "YOU HAVE ANY BOMBS CatsCradle?

CatsCradle's sensors pick up a movement. She dives in closer, skimming just over the treetops, energy gathering around her to throw up her 'field, in case Snipe shoots.

Slipstream transmits to Striker, CatsCradle: " Got your request to base for additional support. What's going on?"

Snipe remains stalk still.

Striker says, "Slip has gone AWOL, we need him in alive."

Slipstream transmits to CatsCradle: " What's going on? Who is AWOL, and what can I do to help?"

CatsCradle is suspicious because of the complete lack of movement after the hint of movement earlier. Animals would have broken for cover, like the deer Tempest scared earlier. She circles back and makes another pass, energy crackling around her much more visably now.

Slipstream transmits to Striker, CatsCradle: " I havea machine that can scan for Cybertronian alloys, and that should be able to locate him fairly accurately."

Snipe sees the energy crackling,oO(She wouldn't...but then again...)

CatsCradle says, "Give it a try, Slips. Keep in mind, he's one hell of a shot. If shots start flying, get out of there. Let my 'field take the shots"

Striker says, "Who thinks this air search isn't providing any real results? Maybe we should try a ground search. If we did that though, we would still need someone in the air in case he runs for it."

CatsCradle says, "Let Slips give it a try. His sensors are sharper than mine, at least from the air. If it doesn't work..." She sighs. "We'll try something else.""

Slipstream says, "Too few of us."

Striker says, "Are any of you carrying flash grenades or null rays?"

Snipe is torn between firing and fleeingoO(That must be a weapon...they're here to execute me...)

CatsCradle is still suspicious of the area where she saw the movement. She radios the location to Slips. "Slips, give that area a try."

Slipstream says, "Actually, both in a way. I have flash grenades, and an ion blaster, which is kinda like a null ray, but lower power."

Slipstream says, "Wait, I'm pickign up a fairly large concentration of Cybertronian alloys down below."

Snipe hears SlipstreamoO(It's now or never...)

Snipe transforms into his Armored Car mode.

Slipstream radio to Cats/ Do they ahve any theories on what went wrong with him?/

CatsCradle says, "Striker, I've got something that will bring him down, if we need to. I'd rather talk him in, though. This may be a glitch in his systemry, from what he's said to me."

Slipstream says, "Probably. I've gotten enough in my systems to be pretty familiar with them."

Slipstream says, "Wait, it's moving. I think that he's leaving cover!"

Snipe drives away rapidly, staying under the trees as much as possible.

CatsCradle radios, "Aw, Snipe, don't do this..."

Striker dives down trying to keep track of the movement under the trees.

Slipstream zooms close to the ground, and as Snipe zooms off, he fires a xmall tracking device that attaches itself to Snipe's chassis.

Slipstream radio to Cats/Permission to employ stun based weaponry?/

Snipe 's turret turns around and he fires a few warning shots, narrowly missing each of the other cons on purpose.

Slipstream radio to Cats/ I hit him with a homing beacon, so we can track him now/

Slipstream says, "Under fire."

Striker rolls to aviod fire. "C'mon Snipe stop running."

CatsCradle dives down, transforming and flying among the trees. Her robot form is much more agile in small areas. "Snipe, don't make us fire on you! I don't want you hurt."

Snipe dodges in and out of the trees, heading straight for a cliff.

Slipstream radio to Cats /I can try to stun him, with your permission./

Striker says, "Radio to Slip and CatsCradle-We've got to stop him before he hurts himself."

Slipstream yells in surprise and dives down to catch Snipe, his antigravs straining under the weight.

CatsCradle swears under her breath softly. Energy flies from her fingertips, tendrils weaving into a net that she flings over Snipe

Striker transforms to Robot mode

Snipe. jumping over the cliff  transforms into his robot mode,  forming a beautiful swan dive towards a lake below. dodging the net.

Snipe transforms into his Robot mode.

Slipstream yells and dives down after him, grabbing him and trying to prevent him from falling. Slips antigravs strain under the additional mass. "Sir, I won't let you fall..."

Striker flies down and trys to help Slip since he is a larger robot.

Slipstream says, "I could use some help here."

CatsCradle swings the net around again and throws it over Snipe, now that he is already caught by the other two.

Snipe brings his legs up in an attempt to kick Slipstream.

Striker kicks at Snipe in an attempt to restrain him.

Slipstream dodges the kick, and now that Striker has Snipe secured, Slipstream brings out a pair of stuncuffs and prepares to put them on SNipes.

Snipe growls angrily and twists violently, not noticing that they're over jagged rocks now.

Snipe breaks free and starts to fall rapidly.

Slipstream yells as Snipe breaks free, and once again rockets after him.

Slipstream manages to catch up to Snipe again and hold him.

Slipstream brings out a pair of stuncuffs to secure SNipe with.

CatsCradle digs her heels in as she is pulled over the cliff by the weight of the others.

Snipe points one of his wrist-mounted railgun and points it at Slip,"Try it, and I fire."

With Snipe's struggling in midair, Slips is barely able to keep SNipe up, much less put the stuncuffs on him

Slipstream does some quick calculations.

CatsCradle mutters, "We are quickly losing control of the situation here."

Slipstream radio Cats/I have a way to stun both of us.

Slipstream signals to Cats in hand signals, EMP grenade.

CatsCradle hesitates for a second. "Do it, Slips. Striker, be ready to catch them."

Striker says, "No problem."

Snipe aims his other railgun at the straining forcefield, the muzeel starting to glow,"I hold back this through concious will...knock me out, and it fires."

Slipstream releases an EMP grenade and they're both stunned, and they fall to the ground.

CatsCradle, between struggling to hold the net and trying to keep flying at the same time, is hit by a stray shot from the rail gun. The blast hits her square in her shoulder. She loses grip of the net and the energy disappates.

Striker narrowly dodges the shots from Snipe

Striker tackles Snipe and tries to restrain him until Cats can come help.

CatsCradle snarls, curling in on herself for a moment, clenching her shoulder. She uncurls, her face twisted in pain, and sees that Stricker has caught Snipe “Get him to the ground, " she orders through clenched jaws

Striker slowly makes his way to the ground while carrying the combined weight of Snipe and Slipstream.

Striker says, "Come on Cats, we've got to get you, Snipe, and Slipstream back to headquarters for repairs."

CatsCradle lands with none of her usual grace, hissing in pain. "Oh, hell." She looks up. "Striker, can you carry both Snipe and Slips, or do I need to radio for help?”

Striker says, "I can carry them. Are you going to be able to make it back to base?"

CatsCradle's expression freezes almost in terror for a moment, thinking about repairs. Then her face drains of all expression. "I"ll be fine, Striker. Get them back. I'll make it in."

Striker grabs the unconcious Slipstream and Snipe and begins to fly towards Decepticon headquarters.

CatsCradle watches them leave, then sinks to the ground. "Oh, this is really not good," she says faintly. She looks around, then makes her way to a tree and sits against it.

Slipstream transmits to CatsCradle: " Hey. Where are you?"

<Earth> Slipstream says, "All Decepticons please report to the Repair Bay, medical emergency."

Slipstream transmits to CatsCradle: " Cats, wherever you are, we could really use your help. Snipe is loosee in the Repair Bay, and Divefire's about to try and filet him. We could use soem help calming him down, and you're the best that there is at that kind of thing. Please hurry."

CatsCradle whimpers softly at Slips' radio message. "I can't go in," she murmurs.

CatsCradle transmists to Divefire: " ... don't hurt him... wasn't his fault..."

CatsCradle transmits to Snipe: " Snipe... stop... they don't wanna hurt you... (her voice is full of pain)"

Divefire transmits to CatsCradle: "Where ever you are, stay there. I'm coming for you."

Catscradle transmits to Divefire: " ... not goin' to th'repair bay..."

Divefire’s jet form hugs the rockfaces of the Rocky's as he flys to the maximum of abilityes, combining speed with agility as he serches for the wounded Cats.

CatsCradle hears Divefire's engines. She lifts her uninjured arm and fires her wrist laser into the sky as a beacon

Divefire picks up the beacon and wings over, flying low over Cats, taking a look at her postion before he climbs rapidly and then transforms, falling back to Earth near her.

CatsCradle is crouched, leaning against a tree for support, clutching the remains of her shoulder with her other hand. She closes her optics in relief at seeing Diver, then opens them again. "No repair bay," she says weakly

Divefire walks over to Cats, his expresion a combination of anger, shock and a vain attempt to remain calm. At her request he nods slightly and kneels next to her, looking over the wound before he looks into her optics, taking a deep breath to steel himself before asking. "How bad is it?"

CatsCradle says, "Ain't gonna kill me," falling into the street accent that only shows in her voice when she's very tired or very hurt. "But not good."

Divefire frowns at her accent and nods again. Tentaivly his fingers gently take hers off her shoulder so he can see how bad it is.

CatsCradle cries out softly at his touch, clenching her jaws tightly. She tucks her face in the crook of her unwounded arm to muffle the cry

Divefire frown deepens in concern as he sees the resulting damage from the rail gun, it looks like the shoulder is there but exit wound is huge. He places her hand back on the sholder as lightly as he can before squezing it firmly. "Keep presure on this Cats, I don't care how much it hurts, just keep presure on it. I'll be back very soon."

Slipstream transmits to CatsCradle: " You ok?"

CatsCradle nods. "I can do that." She clamps her fingers tightly, although her optics dim a bit from the effort. "How bad's it?"

Divefire looks to her and trys to smile slightly. "It will be fine." He lies. "I need to get some materials to patch the wound though."

CatsCradle closes her optics, then opens them again, her expression glazed. "Slips' r'port on necl'r weapons... 's'on our desk."

Divefire smirks a little. "You can show it to me when we get back." He replies, his voice a little shaky despite himself. "Don't go anywhere." He comments to her before leaping into the air and decending into the valley

CatsCradle smiles faintly. "Where'd I go?"

Slipstream flies onto the scene, searching for Cats. Radio/Cats, are you there?/

Divefire scans the valley as quickly as he can, trying to find any sort of metal structure or... Ah! He swoops down and lands next to a bright red Massie Furgasen tractor. The startled driver looks up at him and Divefire commands him with a growl. "Get out." The driver quickly exits the cab and runs for his life as Divefire picks the tractor up with some effort and then leaps into the sky heading back up the valley towards Cats.

Slipstream transmits to CatsCradle: " Cats, are you there?"

Slipstream activates his radar, and also starts scanning for Cybertronian metals.

Slipstream picks up Cats on radar, and slowly goes down for a landing. "What's your condition? I brought a repair kit."

Slipstream lands and starts moving towards Cats’ position.

From the sky and with a loud bang, a rather large vechile lands some twenty feet away from Cats postion, it's wheel buckaling under the impact. Not far behind it a rather focused Divefire lands near Cats, looking towards Slipstream with an intense expresion. "What are you doing here?" He asks quickly, before turning and kneeling down next to Cats to check on her a second time.
Slipstream says, "We took care of Snipe, and since she never checked in, I assumed that she was damaged, and I came out to look for her. I brought a repair kit."

Slipstream moves to Cats sides, and looks to her and Divefire for permission to begin wokring on some fied repairs.

CatsCradle is still managing to keep pressure on her ruined shoulder, but her optics are dimmed further. However they flicker with a little more light when she sees Diver again. "Couldn't keep away, huh?" she asks, her words slurring slightly

Divefire looks to Slipsteam, his optics blazing with less then rational thought. "IF, you don't mind, I'll administer the repairs." He turns to look at the tractor he brought back with him, frowing for he had wanted to rip it into peices himself, but. "However since you're here, are you cable of striping that vechile for raw materials?"

Slipstream transmits a message via radio.

Slipstream says, "Yes, sir. May I have your permission to dress the injury and apply some energon patches to help stabilize her, or would you like to do that?"

CatsCradle blinks at the tractor. "Oh, look," she says faintly, "You brought me a present." Her optics try to focus on Slips. "Wha h'ppen'd to Snipe? 'S he okay?

Slipstream says, "There was... a little trouble with Snipe."

Slipstream has some fresh new injuries on him.

Slipstream says, "WE figured out the problem, and he's in stasis until Soundwave can have a look at him."

Divefire frowns deepen at the simple thought that he knows full well that energon patches will do nothing on an exit wound that size. "Get some energon ready and drain the oil from that tractor's engine after you get the metal off it." He then turns to Cats and says to her in a low voice. "Cats, hun, I need you to let go of your shoulder for me. Can you do that?"

CatsCradle tilts her head in a very slight nod and relaxes her fingers, letting her uninjured arm fall in her lap.

Slipstream signals his confirmation and starts stripping the tractor engine. He tosses Divefire the Repair Kit's components for sealing an injury of that size, and some painkillers, and a welding torch.

Divefire takes the repair kit contense, picking up the welding torch and setting about sealing the leaking oil and energon lines in Cats shoulder. With her life blood leakign out of her shoulder he works as fast as he can, keeping omnisly silent as he works.

CatsCradle whispers, "He didn' mean t'hurt me. He wasn' e'vn awake."

Slipstream strips the tractor down, separating the useful stuff and the oil from the outer plating. He then moves to assist Divefire in whatever way necessary.

Now is not the time for self-recrimination.

CatsCradle adds softly, " 'n I didn't duck fast enough

Slipstream says, "Be quiet, save your energon. Snipe is fine. SOundwave will fix him up good as new."

Divefire transmits a message via radio.

Divefire’s face is locked into a frown as he turns to Slipstream. "Pass me the oil and some of the metal from the tractor." He asks gruffly after he's finished patching the last of the fuel lines.

Divefire then speeks into his radio again
Divefire transmits a message via radio.

Slipstream says, "This should do better than the tractor parts, and here's the oil and tractor parts, plus soem spare parts that I usually keep with me."

CatsCradle's optics flicker onto Diver's face, searching his expression. She sighs slightly. "I'm gonna hafta go t'the repair bay, huh?"

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Divefire looks to Cats and nods very slightly. "At least you'll need a medic to look at this shoulder." he takes the oil from Slips, nodding slightly in thanks before turning back to Cats. "Drink this. It's going to taste terrible, but it's compatable with our systems."

Slipstream says, "Uhm, I know a bit about reconstruction. I've had it done to me enough times, and I had to do it a couple of times to myself while I was out on one of my many insanity trips."

Divefire transmits a message via radio.

CatsCradle gaze remains on Diver's face. "Don't leave me," she says, her voice steady. "And don't let them fix the memory relays. Promise me, Diver."

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Slipstream wonders what she means by the memory relays, and then shrugs and gets back to assisting Divefire. It's none of his business, anyways.

Divefire looks into Cats optics and nods. "I promise you. All of it. Now drink." He replies, lifting the oil container to Cats lips and tilting it slowly.

Slipstream pops open his chest panel and gets out a few energon cubes, which he proceeds to hand to Divefire.

CatsCradle obeys him, hurting too badly to even notice the taste

Slipstream whispers, "They're tinged with sedatives. I used them on myself when I was hurt and leaking, and I needed to recharge and slow my body functions down until a copmlete repair could be done, and deaden the pain."

CatsCradle’s optics flare. "No sedatives," she snarls, beginning to struggle

Divefire frown once more and quickly puts the cubes to one side and then places his hand on Cats good shoulder. "Cats, I won't let any one sedate you, but if you keep strugaling you're going to make the wound worse. Please, stop."

Slipstream shrugs and gives her an apologetic look. He was only trying to help.

CatsCradle's gaze focuses on Diver's for an instant, her expression pure panic, but she stops struggling

Slipstream sighs. He's really not done anything very well today. As soon as they get CatsCradle back to base and looked at, he's going to up his med dosage, and see if he can refine a stronger, purer dosage. But now he has more important things on his mind.

Divefire mutters to Slipstream with out looking away from Cats. "CatsCradle is rather sensative about anything medical Slipstream. It's not common knowledge and I prefer it to stay that way, but if we are going to get her back to base with out woresening her condition we need to be honest with her at all times, am I understood?" There, that was cohesive...

Slipstream says, "Yes, sorry sir. Cats, would you like some painkillers? They won't slow down your system any, but they should help deaden the pain some. I also have some energon patches that I could use to make you more coherent, with Divefire's and yours permission."

Slipstream nods at Divefire's explanation, and puts that information in a protected datafile.

CatsCradle's optics flicker from Diver's face to Slips', then back to lock onto Diver's again, as if seeking confirmation about the painkiller

Slipstream says, "They were experimental ones in development on Cybertron for use in warriors who were damaged and wanted to get back into the fight without being deadened by pain, or having their reflexes slowed down."

Divefire looks straight at Cats. "As far as I'm aware he's telling the truth."

CatsCradle finally nods. "All right," she whispers.

Slipstream says, "They work by locating pain receptors and shutting them off without directly effecting any other kind of neurowire."

CatsCradle blinks without much comprehension. She doesn't understand much tech even at teh best of times

Slipstream hands them to Divefire. He's used them enough times without a problem. Now, if he could only remember where he got them from, or how to get a new supply. They've come in really handy.

Divefire takes the cubes from Slips and raises them to Cats lips, tilting the cube so she can drink from it.

Slipstream says, "I have a few neurowire patches, if you'd like to use them. They'll give a jolt of energy to her laser core, and make her more coherent."

CatsCradle drinks, her good hand reaching up to touch Diver's on the cube

Slipstream sighs. To have friend like that is his greatest wish. ANd one he knows that he will never accomplish until he can control himself.

CatsCradle mutters, "'m p'rfectly coherant, thank you."

Slipstream transmits a message via radio.

Divefire smiles sligthly as Cats touchs his hand, she's still here, that's good. it could be alot worse after all. "Slipstream if I lean Cats foward can you take a look at the back of her shoulder?"

Slipstream says, "Affirmative."

Slipstream pages: Can you @emit a desc of it?

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

A radio transmission is received by Slipstream.

Slipstream says, "Sir, the Repair Bay is prepped for surgery when we bring Cats back."

Slipstream transmits a message via radio.

Divefire thinks on that for a second. "Take a look at the wound and patch it with a plate of metal from the tractor."

Slipstream says, "I have some replacement armor plating that should work better, at least to control the injuries."

Slipstream pulls out a myriad of various spare parts from subspace, and waits for Divefire to move Cats so that he can get to work.

A radio transmission is received by Slipstream.
Slipstream transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Slipstream.

Divefire is curently nealing next to Cats, who is leaning against a tree. She's obviously wounded, her shoulder being quite a mess at the back, where the shot exited.

Striker walks over to Divefire. "How is she?"

CatsCradle's optics flicker to Diver's again. "Surgery?"

Striker says, "Ya, your gonna need surgery for that shoulder. It's pretty messed up."

Divefire turns slightly, hearing Striker's voice. His expresion looks drained, but his optics are glowing a dark green as he replies. "She'll live, but I need to patch that wound before we can move her."

Striker says, "Alright, but we should probably hurry, she's losing alot of energon."

CatsCradle murmurs very softly, "I think I miss Diktat's subtlety more n' more."

Striker says, "Sorry if I upset you."

Divefire growls under his breath. "I patched her fuel lines, those energon trails are from before." He then looks to Cats, sighing softly as he takes a peice of red metal that he scrounged up earlier and starts to patch her shoulder with it, using his laser pistol as a welder.

Striker takes some bandages out of subspace and tosses them to Divefire.

CatsCradle sighs a little as the painkillers start to kick in. "How's Snipe?"

Striker says, "We had another little... incident in the repair lab."

Striker says, "He ended wounding Reflector with a shot to the chest, he wasn't hurt too bad but was dazed for some time."

Divefire mutters as he carfuly moves Cats shoulder so can patch the back. "Is Snipe still active?"

Striker says, "Yes, he in unconcious though."

Striker says, "He is in the repair lab with stun cuffs on, a stasis feild and force feild around his bed, and two sedatives dripping into his feul lines."

CatsCradle clenches her jaw at the movement. The painkillers are helping, but certainly not succeeding. The fingers of her good hand touch Diver's arm lightly as he works,

Divefire pauses a moment from patching Cats shoulder to look to her. Softly he asks her. "How is it?"

CatsCradle looks at him solemly. "Pain hurts."

Divefire smirks lightly to her. "It does tend to yes." He then adds more solemly. "It will be over soon, I promise."

CatsCradle nods wordlessly, closing her optics.

Divefire coments to Striker as he works on Cats shoulder. "Were you aware of any Autobot patrols when you came in?"

CatsCradle murmurs, "Didn't see any, b'fore."

Striker says, "No, there aren't any in the area I'm aware of."

Divefire nods. "Good." He replies to them both as he finishes up on Cats shoulder. With the finale zaps of his laser pistol he comments. "Probably to bissy trying to stop us round up humans..."

CatsCradle murmurs again, "A good thing 'bout it after'll." She looks up at Diver's face. "Home, now?"

Striker says, "Can you fly?"

CatsCradle says slowly, "Good question."

Striker says, "You look in too much pain to even walk. Come on, try to stand up."

Divefire nods slightly. "Home, but I'll carry you." As he looks into Cats optics. It's obviously a statment rather then any thing else.

CatsCradle is, for once, in no shape to argue. She nods slightly

Divefire slips one arm under her legs, the other under her back and he stands carfuly, balancing Cats in his arms. He looks to Striker, gauging the new Decepticon and then simply asks him. "You'll fly air cover?"

Striker nods firmly.

Striker transforms into his black and silver F-15 jet mode.

Divefire’s fusion engines ignite on a low burn, pushnig Divefire into the air as his anti-grav compensates for the wounded Decepticon femme in his arms

CatsCradle rests her head on Diver's shoulder. "Do I still have to go to the repair bay?"

Striker says, "Divefire? I'm no medic, you make the call."

Divefire mutters under his breath. "Nor am I." Then in a more definate voice he replies to them both. "Cats, your shoulder is going to need reconstruction repairs."

Striker pulls up beside Divefire, weapons armed.

CatsCradle's optics flicker miserably for a moment before she closes them.

Striker says, "Come on Divefire, let's get out of here before anyone shows up un-announced."

Divefire raises the speed up to 500mph as if in answer to Striker as they climb to above the could cover, not wanting to push above the sound barrier on Cats wounded frame. He sighs as he notices Cats fetures and whispers to her, over the wind noise. "But perhapse they can do it outside of the med bay."

Striker begins flying towards base.

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Won't matter. Ain't the repair bay. It's the medics."

Striker says, "Yes, and we're not medics."

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.
A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Divefire fly's southwest with Cats in his arms.

Striker says, "Which way is the shortest route?"

Divefire replies simply. "East."

Striker says, "Ok."

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Divefire once more heads east with Cats.

You enter Southeastern Subtropics <North America>.

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.
A radio transmission is received by Divefire.
Divefire transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

You enter Atlantic Ocean <Western Hemisphere>.
You enter Atlantic Ocean <Central>.
You enter Atlantic Ocean <Central>.
You enter Atlantic Ocean <Central>.

CatsCradle says "Do they have to look at me tonight? Can't we just to back to quarters?"

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Divefire sighs lightly. "Perhapse. I don't think there are any medics in the base right now."

Divefire transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

CatsCradle murmurs, "You can leave 'em a message. If any get in t'base tonight, you can take me then. But I don' wanna go, if there's no one there." She pauses, then sighs. "Don' wanna go, anyway"

Divefire transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Divefire nods slightly. "Alright. You win, I'll take you to our quaters and work from there."

You enter Conning Tower.
You enter Engine Room.
You enter Training Complex.
You enter Living Quarters.

Divefire walks down the access tunnel, carrying Cats in his arms still.

Striker says, "Did she do good on the trip here?"

CatsCradle transmits to Divefire: " (very sleepily) I nearly get m'arm shot off, by one of our own people, 'n he asks if I had a nice trip."

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

Divefire replys stoicly. "She's tyred, which is rather understandable."

Divefire frowns as he sees Striker walk off, finaly. "I do not like him." He comments as he carries Cats into there quaters

CatsCradle murmurs, "'course y'don't. He's a Seeker."

Divefire smiles softly to Cats as he lays her down gently on the recharge bed. "True. How are you feeling?"

CatsCradle winces as her shoulder comes in contact with the bed and struggles to sit up. "I'll live," she says faintly, then her optics clear slightly and she meets his gaze. "Thank you," she says in a clear voice, but still soft and without strength

Divefire leans across her and activates the bed, then looks to her, meeting her gaze. "Thank me when your shoulder is repaired." He replys in a calm tone, but his feture slook totaly drained.

CatsCradle shakes her head slightly. "The shoulder can be repaired. But you're the one who saved my life." Her face holds none of its usual amusement. "It was that bad, wasn't it?" she whispers.

Divefire nods very slightly in reply. "It wasn't good." Then he adds with a stiff tone. "Snipe and I will be having words."

CatsCradle struggles to speak clearly. "He wasn't even conscious when he shot. And he wasn't shooting exactly at me anyway. I just..." she starts to shrug and catches herself before the movement was more than thought. "I just was in the wrong spot. I was the one who told Slips to use his EMP grenade. It was my call and it was the wrong one.""

Divefire frowns as his hands sloftly, but determindly lie her back to the bed. "It was still his shot that did this to you."

CatsCradle tries to shift to a more comfortable position. "Hurts to lay down, love. What happened when they brought him back? I got a transmission from Slips, but..." she frowns. "I don't remember what. He kinda went crazy, didn't he?"

Divefire forwns and looks around the room, searching for something, e steps away from Cats and moves to a storage cuboard. "From what I know, yes, something about him malfunctioning. I, wasn't paying a lot of attention after I learned he had shot you."

CatsCradle closes her optics. "If it was a malfunction, then how can we blame him? He had said something aobut it a few days ago, but I didn't realize how seriously." She sighs. "When he stormed off, I thought he was still angry about me."

Divefire is still frowning as he returns to her side, a peice of large padding in his hands. "I'm sure I can find a way." He utters darkly. Then in complete contrast he says softly. "Sit up love, I'll put this under your shoulder."

CatsCradle snorts softly. "I was trying to sit up. You pushed me back down."

Divefire replies a little tersly. "I'm trying to help Cats." But he catches himself and bows his head. "I'm sorry." He says simply in a low voice.

CatsCradle turns enough to gaze at him for a moment. "I make a rotten patient," she finally says

Divefire smirks faintly as he places the padding at the top of the bed. "I don't have much of a bed side manner either."

CatsCradle whispers, "I love you." And for a moment, the echoes of that intense fear return to her optics

Divefire hands capture hers as he looks into her optics as his fears and the past few hours threaten to overwhelm him entrily. "I love you." He manages to breath out, only just keeping his control.

CatsCradle's breath catchs and she pulls herself up to cling to him, burying her face against his neck."

Divefire’s arms instantly wraps his arms around her back, holding her tight to him, despertly, long gagging gasps is the only sound he makes.

CatsCradle says in a fast voice without any control to it, "I couldn't think, I just heard Striker say that I needed repairs, and I couldn't think, and I didn't know how bad it was, because I couldn't think, and then I saw it in your face how bad it was, and you were trying so hard not to let me know --" She breaks off, shaking

Divefire keeps holding her, tightly trying to reasure her with his touch. "It's alright Cats." He manges, his voice strangly hollow. "You're back in the base, you're patched up for now, Soundwave can fix you soon. It's okay."

CatsCradle says in a small voice, "I couldn't even think enough to call you. Then I saw how scared you were, and I couldn't stand seeing that, to think I put you through that."

Divefire repeats, a little more life in his voice. "It's okay, really. It was, a shock, that's all..." He lies again.

"I saw your expression," she says, her voice tight. "It was not okay."

Divefire takes another shuddering sigh. "I can't stand the thought of losing you." He manages, optis closed tight.

CatsCradle clings to him, rocking slightly. "We're soldiers..." she manages to say.

Divefire shudders again, one of his hands find the back of her helm and holding her. "I love you too much to lose you." He states between more ragged gasps.

CatsCradle is shaking again. "ANd I stand just as much of a chance of watching you die as you do me. I don't think I could live through that. Oh, Diver, what do we do?"

Divefire holds her as tight as he dare with her injury, not saying anything for a long, long time. "I don't know." He replies finaly in a low, faint whisper.

CatsCradle whispers again, "I love you." Then she repeats it, over and over, as if she is afraid to stop.
Divefire looks to her, raising her chin with a light touch, and then placing a finger to her lips. "I am never, ever, going to leave you or let you leave me." He states, still in a low whisper.

CatsCradle closes her optics, still shaking, but able to stop what became almost a chant.

Divefire softly takes her head between his hands and kisses her forhead softly, then kisses all over her face in slow light tender kisses.

CatsCradle opens her optics again and touchs his face gently, then rests her forehead against his.

Divefire looks into her optics and lets out a long sigh, then lets out a breath in an almost laugh. "Well... We've found something that can stop us."

CatsCradle laughs shakily, the sound filled with fatigue and pain.

Divefire sighs again. "You need to rest Cats."

CatsCradle shakes her head, so tired she can't focus her optics. "No, if I sleep, they'll come and get me and fix my memories. I can't sleep."

Divefire looks to Cats as he lays her back down, making sure the padding covers where her shoulder will lie. "Yes you can, because I'll be standing over you and no one is going to do a thing to you."

CatsCradle lets Diver settle her on the bed. "Promise?" she whisperes, her optics fearful. "It's such an easy repair. They'd have it done before you'd even know they were doing it."

Divefire nods slightly to her. "I promise, any medic to touch you while you sleep will find themselves in pieces, I swear."

CatsCradle closes her optics in relief, her body finally relaxing. "I love you," she whispers again, but is asleep almost before the words are said.

Divefire replies to the sleeping Cats. "I love you too." Then he stands pulling a chair close and sitting in it, settling down to watch his love sleep.

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