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Now, as I have mentioned before, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to animals. OK, maybe "a bit" is a downplay. I'm a lot of a wimp.

I went to explore the new PetSmart store in Saratoga Springs, and there was one of the local fostering groups there with cats to adopt. Now, I really like PetSmart's philosophy. Instead of getting cats and dogs from breeders or puppy mills, they have local shelters bring in animals to adopt.

And there was Jazzi.

Jazz is an eight month old kitten, who came to the shelter about two months prior to my adopting her. She was fully pregnant, and gave birth shortly after arriving. One by one, all the kittens died, leaving Jazzi heartbroken.
Now Tiki has separation anxiety. I sometimes call her my "velcro kitty", because she is always right tight to me when I am home, rarely more than a few feet away. She does everything she can to try and convince me not to go to work in the morning. Laying on my clothes. On my shoes. On my knapsack. Bringing me toys. So she was a cat needing to be loved, and Jazzi was a kitten needing to love.

Their first meeting didn't go well. In fact, I didn't even know Tiki knew some of those cat-cuss words. But a few weeks later, they are sharing the bed to sleep with me at night, and even enjoying some chases and trading back and forth who gets chased and who does the chasing (and occassionally joined in by a rabbit.). We're getting there. I think adding Jazzi to our house was a Good Thing. And it has given my Flippity a new energy in life, in the form of having another cat to bully.

Jazzi bathing Flip

Tiki and Jazzi sharing a window

Jazzi on Gerbil Patrol

Jazzi in one of her favorite spots to hang out

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