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We Have Fish

D-C's Home

At first look, this seems like a larger version of the other quarters, except this is actually two of the standard quarters with a doorway joining them. One room is obviously set aside as a sleeping area. The other room is more of a living area, with two work terminals, one that seems to be cluttered in an organized fashion, and the other that is simply cluttered. There is an aquarium, about fifty-gallon-sized, with several Earth species of tropical fish. Although most of the fish are tiny, there is a holo-projector set up to bounce an enlarged reflection of the aquarium's contents up onto the wall above the tank. The room is filled with the soothing gurgling sounds of the aquarium's pumps and the pleasant fragrance of unlit beeswax candles. On a small shelf, a tiny glass hummingbird hangs, its edges faceted to catch the occasional stray beam of light, refracting it in splashes of rainbows.

Divefire is at his desk again, on the chair of last nights explosion. He seems to be going over news reels in one corner of the screen and newspaper reports in the other. "Hello." He greets to Cats as he hears her come through the door.

CatsCradle leans on the door as it closes behind her. "It's not my fault."

Divefire glances to Cats, frowning slightly. "What do you mean?"

CatsCradle grins. "Nothing. I just wanted to see your reaction."

Divefire shakes his head slightly, the hint of a smile in his features. "I see. Feeling like that are you?"

“Perhaps." She moves to perch on top of her desk. "Want the business first, or the gossip?""

Divefire shrugs lightly as he considers. "Business first, it gets it out of the way."

CatsCradle nods. "There's a US airforce base planning on sending some rockets into space. They're receiving a shipment of highly energized fuel to do so. Megatron wants us to intercept the shipment."

Divefire hrms and then nods slightly. "Easy enough to do when you command a group of jets."

CatsCradle tilts her head at him. "It's an airforce base, love. Jets against jets."

Divefire smirks slightly. "Yes but human pilots have this nasty habit of blacking out."

"But they still have missiles and weapons that can rather hurt. Not all of us are as fast as you, dear.""

Divefire nods slightly in understanding. "True, but you should be able to avoid most of their firepower dear."

CatsCradle smiles fondly. "It's the ones left after the "most" that worry me. Anyway." She grins. "Just to mess up more of the little soap opera lives of those who live around us, I can almost swear Megatron knows about Striker's crush on Tempest. She is, of course, still oblivious."

Divefire shakes his head again and lets out a small sigh. "So Striker will be leading the mission on the base then, on his own."

CatsCradle snickers. "I think he's amused by Striker's hissings. Striker, however, is getting to be as bad as Ruse about mouthing off."

Divefire’s optics glow with a mild amusement. "I wonder if I ask Megatron, he'll let me shut Striker's mouth..."

CatsCradle leans back against the wall behind her desk. "You won't have to, love. He's got a death wish already. Wants revenge against Straxus. And even if he didn't, he wants to go after Defcon, remember? Just bide your time, dear. It will happen. Oh, and he did fix the hole in the office wall."

Divefire nods slightly then smirks again, pondering standing up and doing wicked things to Cats’ legs. "Hrm.." He musses. "Well he does have some use then."

CatsCradle nods, then suddenly grins and points at the aquarium. "Whatcha think?"

Divefire glances at the fish tank and then back at Cats with a slightly bemused look on his features. "It has fish in it."

CatsCradle hops off the desk and goes over to peer in the tank. "Really? I didn't know that!"

Divefire glances at the tank via way of Cats’ rather fine rear and then he shakes his head slightly. "What I meant was, why?"

CatsCradle carefully shakes a tiny bit of food through the opening in the top of the tank. "I kinda liked watching the fish swim by outside. It's soothing, for some reason. And hearing the water gurgle." She taps the glass. "Look, look! They come when I tap the glass." She watches the fish dart for the food.

Divefire's optics flicker as he watches in some amusement. "Yes, I suppose you'll want to start naming them next?"

CatsCradle starts pointing out fish. "That one's Splashy, and that one's Splishy, and that one's..." She giggles

Divefire resists the urge to bang his head against the desk. "Joy, we have fish..."

CatsCradle rests her elbows on the tank's cover, her chin in her hands. "Whassa matter, Diver? Don't you like our pets?"

Divefire raises a brow slightly. "Our pets? You brought them in Cats.."

CatsCradle's optics glint with mischief. "I thought we shared everything."

Divefire stands up walks over to the tank, examining to the fish for a moment. "We do, mostly bodily fluids..." He adds with a smirk. "I suppose we can, share the fish..."

CatsCradle grins up at him. "Oh good. I'll feed them and you can clean the tank when it gets dirty."

Divefire mutters as he turns and walks back over to his desk. "I'll design something to do that."

"Oh, goodie. Even better." She puts the cap back on the jar of food and stores it away in a cabinet. "Anyway, that was all the gossip I had."

Divefire nods slightly as he slides back into his chair. "Well it was only one day after all Cats." He goes over the reports he was reading then closes the monitor down. "Still, I'll take gossip over life and death situations any time."

CatsCradle closes the cabinet and comes over to sit on her desk again. "Yeah, but I get more piled on me in a day than most do in a week."

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