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The Immobilizer

(played 5/12/01)

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

CatsCradle steps silently in, slipping to one side of the door. leaning against the wall

Soundwave is aware of those who are coming in to join them, but makes no outward notice of them just now. He's at his usual station, awaiting Megatron's orders.

Divefire walks in his usual fashion of being fashionable late and not caring one bit about it.

Megatron says, "It seems that this little pest Bumblebee and his human friend are heading for the town... Send Ravage after him. I want him to plant a micro bug on the Autobot, this way we will find out what is going on inside the ark."

Soundwave says, "As you command, Megatron. It would be convenient to catch the small Autobot alone."

CatsCradle moves to sit on the edge of the console nearest to the door. She grins at Divefire as he walks in, then shrugs as if to say she's not quite sure what's going on yet.

Soundwave's optic band shades a little brighter for a moment as he sends a silent mental signal, then reports, "Ravage is in the vicinity of the Autobot base. He is in pursuit."

Megatron says, "Ravage should just attach the device to him, then retreat. Let them think they beat him."

Soundwave says, "Understood."

Divefire glances at the screen, then folds his arms over his chest and leans against the console that Cats is on, watching.

Megatron turns back to his controls. "Don't think you can hide your plans from Megatron, Prime..." he whispers to the absent foe.

Soundwave touches a control on his console and tunes in another satellite link, which follows the path of the little yellow Autobot into town. He winds through the traffic and comes to a stop in front of a building with a flashing sign over the entrance, labeled 'Video Arcade.' As the human Spike emerges from Bumblebee's side door, the Autobot transforms and follows him inside.

Soundwave glances back at Divefire and CatsCradle. "The two of you have done extensive Earth reconnaissance," he says. "What manner of establishment is this?"

CatsCradle says, "It's a game center." She gives Diver a sidelong glance, grinning. "Diver could even give you an explanation of most of the games."

Soundwave tilts his head a little in curiosity. "What manner of games? Combat training?"

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Entertainment, mostly."

Up on the screen, more adolescent humans come in and out of the arcade. It seems to be a popular spot.

Divefire glances at Cats for a moment, then looks back to Soundwave. "If you call frustration wrapped up in primitive graphics entertaining."

Soundwave comments, "They must have a great deal of time for entertainment."

CatsCradle amends. "Addictive, perhaps, then. It brings out their competitive spirit, even if it's just a little yellow ball chasing ghosts around a maze, right, Diver?" She grins at him again.

Divefire muses and smirks ever so slightly. "They've built industries up around entertainment." Then he glances back to Cats, his optics glowing slightly. "Right, Cats.."

Megatron says, "I don't care what this games are meant for, all that counts is that they keep Bumblebee busy to give Ravage the time he needs to do his job."

Soundwave tries for a moment to picture the entertainment value of a little yellow ball chasing ghosts through a maze, and apparently fails. "Most unusual," he says.  He returns his attention to his job. "Acknowledged, Commander. Ravage is in place and awaits Bumblebee's emergence." He touches another screen control and the picture zooms in on a dark alley off to the side of the arcade, where a pair of glowing-red optics can just faintly be made out.

Megatron nods, watching the screen.

Divefire glances up at the screen, looking over at some of the flashing screens. "Hrm, they have one of the new Outrun machines..."

The picture zooms out again after a while, showing Bumblebee and Spike stepping back out of the building. Another human is with them, a female, who seems to have eyes only for Bumblebee. If one listens closely one can hear the sound transmission come through faintly: "I think you Autobots are *wonderful*!"

CatsCradle says, "Really?" She leans forward, examining the screen. "Ooh, there's Joust, too. That one's kinda fun, too. Jousting flying ostriches."

Divefire sighs and shakes his head slightly. "Only the humans could produce a game using an animal which is incapable of flying because of evolution."

Spike seems annoyed at the gushing girl's attention to Bumblebee, and tries to give her the brush-off. "Bumblebee, we were supposed to come back with Wheeljack's polarizer, remember?"

Megatron grins at the girl’s comment. "Enjoy their presence as long as they still function.

Bumblebee says, "Right, the polarizer." He transforms. "Hop in, Spike. Nice meeting you, Carlie!" He drives off into the city traffic.

CatsCradle says, "And then stick an armored knight with a lance on top of said flying unflyable bird."

Soundwave says, "Ravage is in pursuit. He will strike when the Autobot reaches a less populated area of the city."

Soundwave listens with some interest to the conversation between Cats and Divefire, but the majority of his attention is focused on Ravage as he senses his oldest creation's progress through the shadows and alleyways of the city.

Divefire sighs slightly at the imagery of the Joust game. "Only slightly less insane then that Tempest game you like, Cats."

Up on the screen, one can now see an aerial view of Bumblebee turning into a side street, and suddenly a car in pursuit - a black-and-white police cruiser reminiscent of Prowl, complete with siren and flashing lights. The police car chases Bumblebee down, who obligingly pulls to the side and stops.

CatsCradle swings her legs cheerfully. "Aw, that's just 'cause you can't beat me on it."

Soundwave now does glance back from the screen at Divefire and CatsCradle. "Tempest game?" he queries. "Somehow I find it difficult to imagine Tempest engaged in a game of mere entertainment."

Divefire glances at Cats at shrugs lightly. "You can explain it, dear."

Megatron shortly glances at Divefire and CatsCradle, chuckling slightly. Then his attention turns back to the screen. Knowing what the enemy is doing, that is what counts at the moment.

CatsCradle laughs. "No. This is a game where the player is represented by this strange shape traveling around the edge of other abstract shapes, as all sorts of objects shoot at you."

On screen, Spike steps out of the car and asks, "What's wrong, officer?"

The policeman replies, "Your age, son. Are you old enough to drive?"

Spike laughs. "Oh, is that all. It's not a problem - I wasn't driving. It was Bumblebee here."

Soundwave says, "What is the significance of this individual in the uniform? I have noticed certain classes of humans seem to distinguish themselves by their exterior coverings as belonging to particular social classes."

Megatron says, "As far as I recall it is a kind of security unit."

On screen the police officer mocks, "Oh yeah? *Bumblebee*? Let's see it buzz and make honey!"

In response, Bumblebee transforms and says, "Maybe I can explain - without buzzing."

This takes the police officer aback, as he realizes his mistake. "Say, you're an Autobot! Well, alright then - but just remember, the speed limit laws apply to you too."

Divefire glances up at the screen and adds a commentary in a matter of fact way. "That one is a law enforcement official. They have particular powers enforced by a code of law that most of the human countries have. Although their effectiveness is some what questionable, most humans seem to be reassured by their presence. They're called police, as a matter of interest."

Soundwave says, "Ravage is moving to attack." Even as he speaks, a black shape leaps out of the alleyway and launches itself at Bumblebee, throwing the yellow Autobot to the ground.

Megatron grins.

As Ravage tangles with the Autobot, Spike runs over to the police car. "Officer, do you have jumper cables?" he asks. The cop says, "Sure, but why-?" Spike simply grabs them from him and flips open the hood of the patrol car, connecting the ends to the battery.

Megatron watches closely.

Straxus arrives from Access Corridor.

Megatron watches the events on the screen.

Soundwave notes the familiar footfalls as Straxus comes to join them, but his attention is on screen still as Spike approaches Ravage with the jumper cables and touches them to the black cat's ears while he has Bumblebee pinned. There's an audible *zzzap!* of electricity, and Ravage lets out a snarl and vanishes back into the alley.

CatsCradle winces in sympathy.

Divefire raises a brow slightly. "Shocking."

Megatron's optics flash shortly, but that is the only reaction he allows himself to show.

Megatron says, "Has Ravage been successful, Soundwave?"

CatsCradle coughs back a laugh and cuffs Diver. "Wise-ass," she murmurs

Soundwave likely felt that shock through the mental link he shares with Ravage, but it's not possible to tell from watching him. "Affirmative, Commander," he says. "Finding the transmission frequency now."

Divefire smirks a little to Cats in a side-long glance type of way, but doesn't voice anything.

Megatron says, "Good... Poor Prime, now one of his brave Autobots works for the Decepticons."

Megatron laughs.

Divefire mutters slightly as he glances at the screen again. "The way things have been going lately, they've probably gone and devised a way to make the Ark transform."

CatsCradle says, "Don't tempt fate. Now they probably will, just because you said it.""

Megatron says, "Nonsense! The ship can't be removed from the volcano."

Divefire smirks again and shakes his head. "I'll keep quiet in the future, dear."

CatsCradle glances at Diver, then shakes her head and sighs with a give-me-patience expression.

The screen shows a Bumblebee's-eye view of the Ark as the small yellow Autobot returns, coming into the command center just in time to catch a presentation by Wheeljack. He's holding up a vaguely oval device with some antennae projecting from it, and says, "Good, here's the last missing piece. Thanks, Bumblebee! Now, as I was saying, the Wheeljack Instant Immobilizer can freeze any moving object in its tracks. I haven't made the effect permanent, that just seemed too dangerous - but it'll work, I tell you!"

Divefire would go into a quick analysis as to why the Ark is actually holding the volcano up, but with Cats likely to hurt him for it, he just nods slightly in Megatron's direction.

Striker grins, this little exchange between Cats and Divefire is a little amusing from the day to day chores of the base. He glances back over at Megatron before they notice, "That sounds interesting... an immobilizer."

Megatron looks up, frowning. "Immobilizer?" he asks soundlessly.

CatsCradle leans forward, studying the screen. "Ewww... that can't be good..."

Divefire makes a noise at the idea. "Please. Wheeljack can barely make a stable FTL drive."

CatsCradle still watches the screen. "Yeah, but watch this be the time he gets it right."

The screen image shifts to Prime as Bumblebee apparently turns to look at him. "Then we'll have to test it," the Autobot leader decides. "A safe place would be the river in the desert. Autobots - roll out!"

Megatron says, "We will use their immobilizer against them. Now that Ravage planted a microbug on Bumblebee, we always know right where to find it when ever we want..."

Divefire might add something about until the bug is found, but some how he doesn't think that's wise..

Megatron says, "Decepticons, I think it is time to grant our neighbors a visit."

Megatron heads for the door, expecting the other to follow. At the door he turns to Striker. "You will stay here and guard the base. Remember, you are still under house arrest."

Striker frowns, "Oh yeah... great."

Divefire smirks lightly to Cats. "Follow the leader."

Striker adds, mostly to himself, "It's better than gettin' shot by that fusion cannon of his."

Divefire enters Access Corridor

CatsCradle gives Striker a sympathetic smile. "Don't worry, Strike. Someone has to be around to pick up the pieces afterwards, no matter which outcome." She hops off the console.


     The free-flowing power of the river has been greatly reined in by the gleaming monstrosity of the human construction upstream. But none the less this huge river sweeps away from Sherman Dam in a boiling torrent of water. Rocks poke above the rapids, like jagged fangs through the whitewashed foam. The cleared brush to either side of the river is making a stab at growing back: small shoots erupt upwards through the scorched stone, and many stumps are generating small leaves and stems. The torrent rushes through the valley it carved here long ago, the white water foaming against the banks.

Soundwave flies in to join the others, having been delayed at base to make sure there was no damage while the others were gone.

Ravage comes bounding out of the underbrush as Soundwave lands alongside the others, transforms, and slides into Soundwave's tape compartment.

Soundwave says, "Ravage reports the Autobots have arrived a short distance downstream."

Megatron says, "Then surround them - Take the trees to cover your action - and attack."

As Megatron gives that order, the oddest thing happens to the river water - it stops its motion completely, solidifying into a gray mass that looks almost like dirty ice.

CatsCradle squeaks, then narrows her optics at the river. "Yep... this is the one time Wheeljack got something to work..."

Megatron stares at the water for a moment. So... that's what the immobilizer does, freezing the movement of the molecules.

Near the riverbank, a small group of Autobots is trying various ways of testing out the result. Brawn clenches a fist and pounds it into the solidified surface of the river with all his might - only to draw back with a yelp of pain as his action has absolutely no effect. It's possible to see the tall form of Optimus Prime up ahead as he evaluates the situation.

Megatron watches what the Autobots are doing, gesturing his warriors to take their attack positions.

Soundwave draws his weapon and takes aim at one of the obvious targets, Ironhide.

CatsCradle melts into the shadows of the trees, all but disappearing as she moves closer.

Soundwave does not yet fire, but waits for Megatron's order.

Prime steps over to Wheeljack and takes the Immobilizer, looking it over carefully. "Something like this," he muses, "must never fall into Decepticon hands."

Megatron wonders where the Autobot's guard is. No-one near? Well, good. He gives the signal to attack.

Divefire moves through the foliage, getting as close to the edge of the tree line as he can with out being spotted, or so he hopes.

Indeed there doesn't seem to be a lookout posted. Soundwave picks up Megatron's signal, and lets loose a bright burst of plasma fire.

Megatron moves forward. Excellent, they took the enemy totally by surprise...

Divefire goes with the signal and works in tried and tested seeker fashion, raising both his arms forward and aligning his arm rifles at the closest target. His arm rifles spit forth a hail of relatively deadly fire as he bursts from the tree line, focusing on pinning the Autobots down then taking them out at this range.

Ironhide moves off into the trees before the battle picks up, apparently not noticing its start, so Soundwave's shot sizzles past and alerts Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, who jump into action, letting loose a barrage of laser beams.

CatsCradle sends a line of strafing fire through the Autobots, not so much as picking out a specific target, but sending them running

Prime shouts, "Autobots, take cover and fight back!"

Megatron aims at Prime. "Nowhere to go, Prime. Lower your weapons!

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker dive for cover along the riverbank and keep firing, while Prime targets Megatron. Bumblebee and Brawn transform and try to dodge the weapons fire from Cats and Divefire. Wheeljack scrambles backward in an attempt to get the Immobilizer out of firing range, and Ironhide, oddly enough, seems to have gone off somewhere and is nowhere to be seen.

Prime retorts, "I don't think so, Megatron!" as he fires a blast of laser light toward the Decepticon leader.

Megatron ducks and fires back.

Divefire glances over towards Cats as he notices Wheeljack doing his best to get out of it. "Cats, covering fire!" And with out another word he's transforming again.

Divefire transforms into his Mk III Trans-Am mode.

Soundwave tries to catch Divefire's attention and motions toward Wheeljack. He starts up a concentrated hail of plasma fire to cover the actions, in hopes that Dive will get the idea and make a run for the device.

Soundwave nods to himself as Divefire seems to have had the same thought at the same time.

Megatron drags Prime's fire - as usual - and - as usual - fires back.

Prime ducks back, and glances aside toward Wheeljack as though checking to make sure he's getting away.

Ironhide comes crashing out of the bushes again, and joins the firefight. Scurrying about at his feet are two humans, Spike and the blond-headed girl from the video arcade whom Bumblebee addressed as Carlie.

CatsCradle's optics blaze in answer and she quickly changes the focus of her aim, setting up a covering barrage of laser fire for Diver.

Divefire accelerates forward, ignoring the fire he might attract as he focuses his charge on to Wheeljack, drawing a bead on the escaping mad genius who for a few moments seems to getting away, right up until the point Divefire gets full traction and bursts forward like black bolt at Wheeljack.

Soundwave too tries to circle around to cut off any Autobot escape. With the river solidified, perhaps he can get out onto the surface and attack from behind.

Wheeljack is struck by Divefire and goes flying forward, the Immobilizer bounding out of his hands and rolling along onto the solidified water.

Prime, distracted by Wheeljack, gets nailed full-force by Megatron's cannon blast. He's thrown backward, the wound in his chest smoking.

Megatron says, "Well, Prime, we'll take the immobilizer, if you please."

Soundwave ejects Laserbeak. "Capture the Immobilizer," he directs as the red mechanical bird soars upward.

Divefire sets himself into a skid as the immobilizer goes air born, the idea of reducing Wheeljack to spare parts is tempting, but then so is the immobilizer... And then Soundwave makes the decision for him. Divefire transforms and starts to stalk Wheeljack. "This, I'm going to enjoy."

Prime pulls himself to his feet, his blue optics flashing in anger. "No deal, Megatron. Are you willing to risk your warriors over a mere device?"

Megatron says, "Warriors are expandable. The most important thing is that /I/ get what I deserve. And I always do...""
Laserbeak dives downward toward the spherical device, even as Bumblebee and Brawn leap for it.

Soundwave's gaze flickers aside for a moment as he hears Megatron's words. How *unlike* his commander to say a thing like that. He files it away for future reference, and continues firing at the Autobots.

CatsCradle sends another volley of fire at Bumblebee and Brawn, trying to keep them away from the device long enough for Laserbeak to get to it

Prime fires on Megatron in rising frustration, having been unable to goad Megatron with his ploy, trying to force the Decepticon leader and his troops out onto the frozen water.

Divefire’s electro sword flickers into reality as he steps forward on the recovering form of Wheeljack. Of course the craft Autobot is not unprepared for a fight, and quickly rolls to his feet, letting lose a volley of fire from his shoulder gun at Divefire.

Megatron is absolutely unimpressed by Prime's trial to stop him as he fires back.

Laserbeak swoops down and catches the Immobilizer by one of the antennae just as Brawn reaches for it. Firing twin heatbeams from his optics, he forces the two Autobots back onto the bank and hovers, waiting to drop the prize into Megatron's hands.

Megatron , having to catch the immobilizer, fails hitting Prime. But that is not important now, he has what he came for.

Divefire manages to twist and duck away from the worst of the barrage of fire, his armour absorbing what he doesn't dodge. With a growl he leaps on Wheeljack, tearing at him with vicious punches and slices from his sword.

Wheeljack gives up on trying to recover his invention for now, and tries to leap for cover, but not fast enough to avoid Divefire. In mid-leap, however, a beam lances out from the Immobilizer in Laserbeak's grasp, and the Autobot finds himself frozen solid. Divefire's attack bounces right off the impermeable 'Bot-statue.

Divefire blinks of a fashion. "What the...?"

Soundwave breaks cover to join Laserbeak out on the solid water, keeping up his plasma blasts to keep the Autobots away from the device.

CatsCradle, as soon as she sees that Laserbeak has the device, draws her sword and runs out towards the fight between Diver and Wheeljack, intending to protect her mate's back. She skids to a stop next to Diver as Wheeljack is... well, er... immobilized, and she glances from Wheeljack to Diver.

Divefire takes a moment in a life and death battle to tap Wheeljack's forehead with his finger. On hearing a definite clunking noise he just shrugs. "He's been turned into a Dinobot."

<Earth> Soundwave says, "We have what we came for, Commander. Suggest we withdraw and analyze it."

Megatron doesn't realize where he stands: the river bed.

<Earth> Megatron says, "I agree."

CatsCradle laughs in spite of the situation, and turns back to the rest of the fight, her sword raised. "Rather fitting, that he's frozen by his own device."

Megatron says, "As I said, Prime, I always get what I deserve."

As Megatron and Soundwave stand near the hovering Laserbeak, Laserbeak drops the Immobilizer into Megatron's hand.

Megatron catches it.

Not an instant later, the solidified river shimmers and turns back to liquid, the effect having worn away. The Decepticons standing on the solid surface, are plunged into the rushing torrent.

Prime makes ready to fire again on the openly exposed 'Cons, but his targets are suddenly no longer there as they drop down into the water. Bumblebee bursts out laughing. "You certainly deserved that!"

Soundwave and Megatron are washed downstream, leaving only those on land behind, who are now decidedly outnumbered.

CatsCradle squeaks as Megatron and Soundwave tumble downstream. "Ahh... Diver?"

Divefire’s optics go wide as Megatron and Soundwave go bye bye. Now it's himself and Cats vs the entire Autobot Earth force. One very keen and intelligent plan crosses his mind. "Run."

The Autobots collectively turn their weapons against Divefire and CatsCradle, stepping forward to surround the frozen Wheeljack.

Somewhere downstream, Soundwave catches himself on a boulder near the bank and reaches out to try and snag Megatron, as Laserbeak keeps pace in flight, coming down to assist.

Megatron makes an annoyed sound as he's washed down the river, his hand grasping around the device. Realizing what actually happened, he tries to reach the river bank.

CatsCradle immediately leaps into the air, transforming as soon as she has cleared the ground. Energy crackles around her as she throws her 'field up, protecting her against any Autobot fire

Ironhide's nitrogen blasts bounce harmlessly off CatsCradle's shield.

Divefire lets out a quick smirk before he to leaps up and transforms and activates the full forces of his fusion engines. From about three feet off the ground.

Megatron grumbles as he gets out: "The Autobots shall pay for this humiliation soon enough!" He clenches his fist. I, Megatron, swear it!"

<Earth> Megatron says, "Return to base, we have what we came for."

Engine Room

        Once one of the most important areas of the ship, the engine room now serves only to house most of the control systems, the conning tower to the surface, and the central computer. A large console provides access to the main computer and detailed information about its operational status. The main engines still remain in place, but most of the peripheral machinery and materials were removed once it was determined the ship would never fly again. Consequently, most of the adjacent rooms are empty, awaiting future expansion.

Soundwave looks to CatsCradle and Divefire. "Perhaps the two of you can assist."

Divefire nods to Soundwave. "I'd be interested in seeing what that blinking eared fool has managed this time."

Striker rushes through in from the training complex angrily and rests against a wall with a heavy sigh.

Soundwave is about ready to head to the lab, when he notices Striker's entry. "Problems?" he asks, though he already can imagine.

Striker doesn't really answer Soundwave's question directly, but replies, "Sorry Soundwave, I damaged one of the consoles in the command center..."

Soundwave looks at Striker intently. "You are aware you are already in enough trouble. Merely because Megatron has not reviewed the matter officially, does not mean it will not occur. What happened in this instance?"

Striker says, "Yes, I'm aware I'm in trouble..." he looks back at Soundwave, "Straxus started telling me I was useless... That I was better off dead, that I was a disgrace to the empire, I slammed my fist into the console involuntarily to keep from hitting Straxus, I don't wanna cause any more trouble."

Soundwave sighs in exasperation, the sound making an eerie echo in his voice synthesizer. "Straxus is not an individual to antagonize. You are making his points for him if you lose control of your emotions."

Soundwave says, "I have a project to see to. Can I be reasonably assured that you and Straxus will not kill one another in the meanwhile?"

Striker says, "I was not antagonizing him though... I simply saluted him because I was trying to learn some discipline, and no, we won't kill each other. I'll leave before that happens."

Divefire keeps himself a respectful distance away from Soundwave and Striker as they, chat.

Soundwave says, "I would not have you leave, Striker. I will be in the science section if I am needed."

Striker slowly nods, "There won't be any trouble..."

Soundwave nods to Striker, and a little reluctantly now moves to join Megatron in the lab.

Divefire heads after Soundwave, wanting to get inside that gismo

Science Section

Striker peeks in, "Am I allowed to come in here?"

Divefire walks into the lab a few moments after Soundwave, giving a customary sweep of the room to locate the gizmotron.

Soundwave peers with interest at the device that Megatron is working on

Megatron says, "This is indeed a splendid peace of art. I have to admit that."

Megatron grins. "However, it is /not/ perfect... yet.

Soundwave glances at Striker in the doorway, but makes no move to send him away, perhaps assuming it's better for him to stay in sight.

CatsCradle comes in just after Diver, looking a little uncomfortable surrounded by all this... techie stuff. She hops up on the nearest table-ish surface and sits quietly, watching

Striker slowly walks in.

Soundwave says, "If the effect could be made permanent, it would be more efficient."

Divefire flanks the other side of Megatron, glancing down at the device. "Just don't cross any of the wires, it might blow up."

Megatron says, "It can easily be made permanent, Soundwave. This fool Wheeljack has just overseen a little physical fact."

Striker takes a seat on the floor and watches.

Soundwave regards the device closely as though sorting out the connections within his own mind and playing back the process it must have taken to put them all together. A most interesting piece, indeed.

CatsCradle murmurs something about at least so it doesn't blow up the planet, then settles back into silence again

Divefire glances at the device again. "I'm just amazed he made something work."

Megatron obviously works purposively on the device's circuitry.

CatsCradle murmurs, "I'm sure he was surprised, too."

Soundwave notes, "The Dinobots were functional. Merely needed improvement from us."

Megatron says, "Soundwave, go and check the base security systems... I am sure the Autobots want their little toy back."

Soundwave nods, casting a last look at the device before leaving it in Megatron's capable hands. If anyone can unclutter an Autobot's twisted work, it would be Megatron.

Striker’s optics widen, and he murmurs to himself, "...the console..." he stands up and follow Soundwave.

Gryphus wanders in to get some things for a research project.

CatsCradle is sitting on a table out of the way, watching Megatron and Divefire working

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Intruder detected outside the base. It appears to be one of the Autobots' human associates. I will send Laserbeak to retrieve or destroy."

Gryphus gets what she needs and departs.

After a while, Megatron closes the immobilizer again. "Now that I modified the powerflow, the immobilizing effect will be permanent.

Divefire glances to Megatron. "You're sure about that?"

Megatron says, "Of course I am sure!"

Divefire shrugs lightly. "Right. Just checking."

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Laserbeak is closing in on the target at the water's surface.  Shall I direct him to retrieve, or to terminate?"

<Earth> Megatron says, "Retrieve. I want to know who it is."

<Earth> Megatron says, "I'll join you in the command center in an astrosecond."

Megatron enters Training Complex

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Target has been acquired."

CatsCradle nibbles thoughtfully on one clawtip. "You don't think he's altered that device correctly, do you?

Divefire glances back at Cats and frowns lightly. After a moment he just states in a low voice. "Boom."

CatsCradle sighs. "Oh, dear..."

Divefire adds after a moment. "I could be wrong of course."

CatsCradle gives him a yeah-right look, then sighs again. "Shall we go see who they caught?"

Divefire nods slightly. "I suppose we should, rather then disappear into a corner for several hours."

CatsCradle chuckles, then turns serious again. "How big a boom?"

Divefire raises a brow to her. "This is one of Wheeljack's inventions..."

CatsCradle whimpers softly and hops off the table.

Divefire nods to her then heads out to track them down

Command Center

Striker quickly looks at it again as it sparks heavily, then calms down...

Megatron says, "Clean this mess and take care that it will be repaired, Striker."

Megatron enters Access Corridor

Soundwave seems to take little further notice of the struggling Carlie, whose gaze is fixated on the nearby claws. He explains, "A redirection of aggression resulted in damage to the interior surveillance console. It can be repaired. However, I have already informed Striker that such useless expenditures of emotion are not acceptable."

Gryphus moves over to Soundwave. "May I have her sir?"

Striker nods, "I hit it instead of trying to hit Straxus, I didn't want to get into a fight with him that might have ended up with me dead."

Straxus growls. "No, let me have her... Soundwave."

Soundwave steps over to the far wall and opens an access hatch to a small storage area off the command center. Usually used to store excess energon or supplies, it is currently empty. He says to Gryphus, "For the moment she will be contained, as her allies will undoubtedly come for her. Afterward, you may have her for study, if such is Megatron's will - and then allow Straxus to finish with her."

Straxus nods his head and shivers slightly with anticipation. "Yes."

Gryphus nods. "Very well sir." she EYES Straxus with a undeniable frown upon her lips.

Divefire shakes his head slightly as he walks in. "We should just dangle her over a pool of sharks..."

<Earth> Calcar says, "Attention, Calcar approaching Earth Base, requesting permission to approach."

Soundwave tosses the human lightly into the storage cubicle and closes the hatch. He looks through the transparent portal for a moment to make sure she's safely contained, then turns to look at the damaged console.

CatsCradle adds as she followed Diver in,  "Would probably be kinder."

<Earth> Megatron says, "permission granted."

The base is suddenly rocked by a minor explosion, sending an alarm klaxon wailing.

Gryphus blinks and looks up from her data pad.. "we are under attack? So soon?"

Calcar enters, bearing a stack of reports. "Greetings from Cybertron, Emperor. A report from Shockwave."

The explosion goes off just as Calcar steps into the command center. A minor shudder runs through the base.

Straxus braces his left foot behind him as the base shudders slightly. "I believe they've come for their pet."

CatsCradle catches her balance quickly, almost before she even lost it. "That didn't take long," she murmurs

Divefire mutters as the base rocks. He reaches out for a console to steady himself. "Joy. We really need to fit auto guns to this place."

Calcar looks up, his calm back in place. "Brief me later. I take it that we are now in a combat phase?"

Soundwave hurriedly checks the sensors. "Exterior surveillance detects no Autobots. Explosion centered on the north quadrant. Hull breach in-" he looks up, toward the command center wall - "command center storage cubicle. Damage is minor."

Calcar draws his rocket launcher, and waits for instructions.

CatsCradle says, "But probably enough for them to reach the human?""

Divefire blinks towards Soundwave. "Tracking device?"

Gryphus says, "MY.. they are very accurate aren't they?"

Soundwave says, "Sealing the east corridor as a precaution."

Soundwave shakes his head. "It appears to be an explosive device that has punctured the hull."

Anyone who looks through the 'window' of the storage cubicle would notice water rushing in, filling the makeshift prison cell and rising quickly.

Calcar says, "What is the Autobots location, milord?"

Calcar says, "I've had enough of water for one day."

Gryphus Notices. "Uh sir.. the captive is in danger of drowning..."

Soundwave re-checks sensors and repeats, "No Autobots within range. I would deduce that their ally brought the explosive device with her."

CatsCradle sighs. "Can we seal off the breech fast enough to get the human out? She's still rather valuable."

Straxus says, "She is indeed!"

Soundwave calculates rapidly. "Opening the storage compartment would risk flooding the command center and damaging the computers. Suggest against it."

Calcar says, "The Autobots are allying themselves with the organics now? Prime truly is worthy of such a title as head Deformer of the Autobots."

Gryphus Frowns. Well somuch for studying her...

Calcar says, "Perhaps going to the outside and sealing the leak from there?"

Soundwave says, "We will find another for your studies, Gryphus."

Soundwave's disinterest in the humans' safety might come as a surprise to those who know him, and yet it must be remembered that this is a proven Autobot ally.

Divefire shakes his head slightly. "She'd hardly intentionally drown herself. She probably concealed a breathing device on her person as well."

Gryphus puts her datapad away. "I best get my things to my room.. there prepare for the inevitable."

Soundwave remarks, "She was not intending to be placed at the site of her own inflicted damage. It is fitting, in a sense."

Calcar says, "Could her body withstand the pressure of the water?"

Straxus looks to Divefire. "I wonder where she hid that.

Gryphus enters Access Corridor

Calcar says, "With your permission, milord, I can seal the breach from the exterior."

Soundwave turns to study the damaged console, as water keeps filling the small storage compartment. The human struggles to stay in the air portion of the room, which is rapidly dwindling.

Straxus says, "Oh, please... let her drown, even if I cannot skin her myself. I love the way they bloat."

Soundwave shakes his head at Calcar. "Unnecessary, Calcar. We have a battle to plan for now."

CatsCradle peers through the window. "I'm not sure you have enough time, Calcar." She looks up at Soundwave. "Is there anyway of sealing it off from here?"

Calcar not receiving permission from his immediate superior, stands down. "I take it that things have been moving quickly since I left then. This is what I get for missing the briefings."

Soundwave looks up from studying the console as though a bit surprised. "Should we wish to? This being is an Autobot ally who has come here to damage our base.”

CatsCradle says, "Because she is more valuable as a hostage than as a bloated carcass? The Autobots seem to be very fond of their humans.""

Straxus says, "As am I, simply not in the same manner."

Calcar says, "Lay a trap, use the Organic as bait. Common, but effective tactic. The Autobots will sense a trap, but their sense of protecting their inferiors will lead them to mount a rescue every time."

CatsCradle shrugs. "Yeah, but what would the Autobots do to get her back? Prime, especially, puts himself before the humans time and time again. And his little allied ones are his favorites."

Calcar says, "Or, there is the psychological effect of delivering her corpse to Prime and forcing him to confront how he failed to save his precious organic. Either way would work quite well."

Gryphus returns, her things put away.

Calcar says, "Prime is one of the most sentimental Autobot leaders ever. It is his biggest weakness."

Megatron hurries in. "Damage Report!

CatsCradle sighs with another give-me-patience expression. "Calcar, a live hostage is infinitely more useful than a psychological look-you-failed tactic. As long as we have her alive, it is a constant leverage over the Autobots." She glances in the window again. "Although it will be a moot point anyway very shortly

While the philosophical discussion goes back and forth, the storage room fills completely with water, blocking further view of the human inside. The last image of her is trying to push at the ceiling, to no avail, and then she's blocked from sight by the water.

Soundwave says, "Minor damage to the north hull, Commander. Only the prisoner's cell was flooded."

CatsCradle tosses her hands in the air in disgust. "Oh, well." She retreats to her spot by the doorway, leaning against the wall.

Megatron says, "It seems that was interesting. Well, the show is over, back to work."

Megatron says, "We have to set an ambush on the coast."

Striker speaks up, "Megatron? Will I be permitted on the ambush?"

Calcar says, "As you say, milady. However, the Autobots have proven quite adept at rescuing said hostages time and time again. It is a very good approach, but one that constantly seems to fail."

Calcar says, "As they have from your own after action reports."

As Soundwave turns away from the computer, another explosion rocks the base - this one stronger than the last, rattling the base to its foundations.

Gryphus wonders why we are all standing here and not doing something ;)

CatsCradle gives Calcar a dismissing glance, then braces herself as the base rocks. "I really hope we're not going to have to spend a week sliding through a tilted base again," she mutters.

Calcar says, "I take it that that was not the only sabotage the organic effected."

Megatron says, "Soundwave, damages?"

Striker says, "Megatron? Will I be permitted to go on the ambush?"

Soundwave moves hurriedly back to the sensor console, his fingers rapidly skittering across the controls. "Damage to the north hull again, at the site of the first strike ... this time affected by a laser weapon." He touches another keypad and the exterior cameras show the form of Ironhide rising upward through the water, carrying something.

Megatron says, "You'll stay here, Striker."

Gryphus apparently missed the 'this is our plan of attack' speech.

Megatron says, "To the beach."

Striker frowns.

Calcar says, "Milord, could the organic have overheard your plan?"

North Atlantic Coast <North America>

Striker transmits to Gryphus, Straxus, Soundwave, Megatron, Calcar, Divefire, CatsCradle: "Good luck on the ambush."

Calcar looks at the assembled force. The Autobots won't know what hit them. /If/ the organic didn't spoil the surprise. "Emperor, I can conceal our presence with holograms, if you wish it."

As the Decepticons fly in from the ocean, it's possible to see Ironhide down below on the beach, where he deposits the human back on her feet. She seems none the worse for wear. What's more, a group of other Autobots roll up to join them.

Gryphus transforms into her Hippogriff mode.

Soundwave files alongside Megatron. "You were able to perfect the device?"

Gryphus soars behind the rest..

Megatron gestures to land on the cliffs above Ironhide.

Divefire flies along with the rest, keeping in his robot form considering the distance they're traveling is, negligible.

Megatron says, "Of course. It's effect is permanent now."

Calcar fears a little voice warning him. Its that voice that always comes to him when he's reviewing combat footage, when he realizes that things aren't going their way, or a way that things could've gone differently. Now its telling him that something is about to go wrong.

Megatron fires the immobilizer beam at Ironhide.

Straxus transforms into his Artillery Cannon mode.

Calcar draws his rocket launcher, and keeps an eye out for other Autobots.

Soundwave lands beside Megatron on the cliff, from where they can overlook the Autobots. One can faintly hear the human say, "And you thought you were too old to make a difference, Ironhide." She starts to turn away, then realizes Ironhide isn't following, and looks back in horror to notice him turned gray and frozen in place.

Straxus drops low, gunning his starboard thrusters and flaring his reaction jets, falling down in a harsh spiral towards the Autobots as he unleashes a volley of HEAT rounds.

Gryphus circles high above.. just behind the cliff.

CatsCradle lands on the cliffside in the shadow of the rock formations.

Calcar lands on the cliff, concealing those present there with a hologram of the cliff formation.

The Autobots scatter into what cover there is on the beach as they're suddenly attacked from above.

Divefire lands next to Cats, not drawing any other weapons other then his always deployed arm rifles. He glances down at the 'bots and considers.

Megatron says, "Divefire, take over the immobilizer control. You'll have the honor to immobilize our enemies."

CatsCradle nods at the frozen Ironhide. "No boom," she murmurs very softly.

Gryphus waits for the order to attack as she makes lazy circles.

Megatron looks down the cliff, facing the enemy.

Calcar looks down at Prowl, a glint of a smile on his face. "Ah, old "friend." It is now time for our little game of chess to begin again."

Divefire glances to Megatron, and just nods. He steps over to the device and quickly gives it the once over. "Hrm, I press here to freeze them?" And he presses the green button, making the device shoot of down towards the beach again. "Ah yes. This will be entertaining."

Straxus comes in low, attempting to impact Brawn with his left tread.

Calcar makes a horde of Decepticons appear, attacking from the opposite direction, and firing, trying to force the Autobots to fight from two directions at once.

Brawn skids aside, or tries to, leaving tire tracks in the sand, while Prowl picks out Calcar up above and takes aim.

Megatron addresses the Autobots: "As you can see, we perfected your little toy. The effect is now permanent. Soon I shall immobilize the worthless population of this planet. The Earth will be mine, and you and you and your friends will be the first to go!

Soundwave fires up a barrage of plasma bolts to draw the Autobots' attention so that Divefire can get a clear shot at them.

Gryphus dives toward the twins, Sunny and Swipe. She gives a sonic squawk!

Megatron fires at Prime.

Calcar flies down, aiming for Prowl. "Ah, /Prowl,/ an unexpected pleasure. You still suffer from the same weaknesses that always allowed me to beat you when we went up against each other in the sim pits. You are too logical, and too careful. A wise commander takes risks to win."

CatsCradle moves closer to Diver. "I have you covered," she murmurs to him, setting up a steady fire with her wrist lasers.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe counter with a synchronized laser barrage, and then leap from cover to transform, trying to draw fire themselves but inadvertently putting themselves in the Immobilizer's firing line.

Prime for the second time that day is blasted by Megatron, and falls back toward the waves, forcing himself to return fire rapidly to counter the attack.

Megatron says, "Destroy Optimus Prime!"

Divefire looks down at the battle field and catches site of his two favourite victims. He gives a slight nod to Cats in response and focuses in on hitting the Lambo brothers with a freezing attack of doom.

Megatron shoots again.

Gryphus squawks as a laser or two hits her in the wings. Now that hurt!

Calcar smiles as he and Prowl start to circle one another. "Seeker to aerial assault position four beta alpha. You counter with your AA infantry, trying to cover your flank. I send in my infantry at your center, and I win once again. You are too predictable."

Straxus impacts the ground, rolling to a stop as his left tread grinds the surface. He lines up a volley at Sideswipe and fires.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker freeze in mid-motion, resulting in Straxus' shot bouncing off their impenetrable forms.

Straxus says, "Dag!"

Meanwhile Brawn has managed to find cover, and takes up a protective position near Carlie.

CatsCradle snorts softly. "Too bad being immobilized provides that nice protective covering."

Prowl looks up at Calcar. "Well. We meet again. Can't say that I'm pleased. Logic is the answer to all problems. If you're calm and rational in every decision, then you won't panic, and you can't be overrun."

Gryphus comes around for a strafing run on the twins.

Prime takes another shot from Megatron, even as two of his troops are hit by the diabolical immobilization beam.

Straxus throttles his treads, rolling towards Brawn and firing off an incendiary round.

Brawn manages to escape Straxus with an unexpected maneuver - he transforms, and tunnels underground like a turbo-rat, taking Carlie with him.

Divefire looks up from the freezing device and blinks slightly at his aim. "Hrm, practicing is paying off." He then starts to take site on the next of the devices victims and tries to get the large red Mac truck in his sights.

Calcar says, "Now, let me give you a situation? I threaten your leader, and do you engage me, or protect yourself?"

The frozen Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are no more threat to anyone, but Jazz and Bumblebee are still out there, among others, firing from cover.

CatsCradle laughs softly, not missing a beat in keeping up her covering fire. "Aw, it's just my influence, dear."

Straxus swears to himself, turning around and letting loose at Jazz.

Gryphus wings around for another go.. those two are down. She now angles for Jazz. She let's loose a squawk.

Megatron says, "Divefire, freeze them all!"

Calcar whirls his rocket launcher around to aim it at Prime, and Prowl races to intercept, just as Calcar whirls his rocket launcher back around and nails Prowl, who was going for the interception. Prowl takes a massive volley of rockets, and goes down, his internals leaking out from his shorn chest plating.

Jazz was in the process of speeding toward the clifftop, and manages narrowly to out-distance Gryphus, but is nailed by Straxus' assault. He flips over sideways, his tires spinning in the air.

Straxus says, "Yeah, eat that!"

Calcar says, "Checkmate. I win /again./"

Calcar moves over to Prowl, pointing his rocket launcher at Prowl's head, intending to finish the Autobot strategist.

Gryphus sniffs.. some mechs has all the luck!

Bumblebee sees Jazz's fate and comes rushing out, firing at the flying cannon. "I'll get you for that!" He too puts himself in the line of the Immobilizer beam, and Gryphus' attack.

Divefire smirks and finds himself rather enjoying this. He starts to fire in a less controlled manner, taking pot shots at the Autobots that are taking cover, oh and that gold bug too.

Gryphus circles around to see who's left.

Calcar smiles as he intends to savor this moment. The Autobot never was much of a rival, but a rather interesting diversion.

Bumblebee is stopped in mid-leap, with the very odd effect of a partially-fired laserbeam solidified in mid-air from his weapon barrel.

Prime meanwhile fires at the Decepticons with renewed determination.

Gryphus says, "That's impressive."

Gryphus angles for Prime now.. she squawks a sonic at him.

Megatron shoots once again at his favorite target: Optimus Prime.

Calcar, intending to draw Prime's attention away from the immobilizer, yells, "Prime! I will finish off your lieutenant if you do not surrender!"

Calcar fires a rocket for effect at the ground by Prowl's head, trying to get Prime's attention.

Jazz's wheels spin up again, and then he transforms, creeping up the cliffside hurriedly, ignoring the leaking trail of fuel that he leaves in his wake. Transforming again with a painful grinding noise, he starts up a blare of disorienting sound and light that's aimed at Divefire and Catscradle up atop the cliff with the Immobilizer.

Straxus transforms into his Robot mode.

Straxus takes the axe clasped at his hip and launches it in a heavy arc towards Bumblebee.

Prime fires back at the suddenly appearing Gryphus, the action putting him just out of range of Megatron's attack.

The axe bounces right off the frozen Bumblebee.

Straxus says, "Dag!"

Megatron cowers his audio receptors.

Calcar says, "Prime! Say farewell to your chief strategist!"

Calcar prepares to fire at Prowl's head, as this is beginning to bore him.

Divefire is about to take aim again, when a mobile disco opens up right to the side of him. He stagers away slightly, trying to shield his optics from the laser show and muttering. "How the blazes did he get there?!"

Soundwave winces at the sudden blast of noise and light. For a few moments he's completely unable to see or hear anything else, the painful sound effect seeming to come from everywhere at once so as not even to give him a target to fire at.

Megatron says, "Someone turn of that noise at once!!!""

Gryphus blinks at the light show below.

Megatron blast in the direction he /thinks/ the noise comes from.

Calcar looks up, surprised at the commotion, and Prime takes the opportunity to nail Calcar with a series of blasts, driving him away from Prowl, who weakly gets up and starts to run to help his fellow Autobots.

Under cover of the lightshow and horrific noise, something breaks through the soil atop the cliff. It's Brawn, tunneling up. Carlie leaps out of his passenger compartment and scurries toward the Immobilizer, hurrying to open a side panel. She fumbles around inside frantically and shuts the panel, trying to make it back to Brawn before they're discovered.

CatsCradle winces away from the lights, trying to pinpoint the source of the sound.

Calcar grunts in pain, "A well played hand, Prime. You train your lieutenants well. Your forces make up for your deficiencies in a pinch."

Megatron's aim was true, and Jazz's sound effects and disorienting light fizzles out just as Carlie takes cover back inside Brawn.

Megatron says, "Quick, Divefire, immobilize Optimus Prime!"

Soundwave spins around and fires off a blast at Jazz himself.

CatsCradle snarls as she can suddenly see again and fires at Jazz

Straxus braces a palm against the ground, throwing a small dagger at Jazz's throat.

Gryphus goes for Prime again.

Soundwave is still disoriented from the noise, and his shot misses.

Divefire shakes his head quickly to try and clear his head, ignoring Jazz for a moment since a bigger prize awaits. He leaps back over to the immobilizer and aims it towards Prime. "So long... Prime!" And with a press of a button... All hell breaks loose...

Calcar chases after Prowl, who looks up weakly just in time to have another rocket slam into him, driving him back to his knees. "Old /friend,/ you were saved once. You always were the weak one. Too logical, too compassionate, too conservative. You always played it safe. Well, perhaps your forces will do better with you gone."

Megatron gestures toward the Autobot leader. "He is over there!!"

Jazz tries to draw back, finding himself the target of all this retaliation.

Calcar fires off a series of rockets at Prime, intending on preventing Prime from coming to the rescue again.

Calcar misses widely with his rockets, but he does manage to scatter up some debris around Prime, blinding the Autobot leader for a few moments, but also making him that much harder to target.

The beam from the Immobilizer shoots out and heads right for Optimus Prime, straight and true. For a moment it looks like the Decepticons greatest triumph is at hand, and then the beam swerves violently to the left and heads straight for the immobilized form of Bumblebee, then Sunstreak and Sideswipe, releasing the once paralyzed victims. The beam heads for the first victim, the seemingly indestructible Ironhide and with one last burst of colour and light, the Autobot is free and the Immobilizer ray is no more.

Gryphus blinks... "UH.. oh" she utters.

Straxus says, "Now there's somethin' you don't see everyday!"

CatsCradle looks with wide optics from the Immobilizer to the newly un-immobilized Autobots, to Diver. "Oh, dear...'

Megatron says, "What is going on?"

Soundwave's optic band flickers faintly as the frozen Autobots are suddenly back in the fight, and entirely undamaged at that.

Calcar looks up as the Autobots suddenly start to move again. "This is a rather unusual turn of events..."

Prime rallies in defense as his troops come back on line. "Now, Autobots! Take them!"

Divefire looks on at what's happened and just stares. After several moments of wide open unbelieving staring he utters one single unrepeatable word. For a clue though, it's human and begins with F.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker activate their rocket boosters, rising upward toward the cliffside and the Immobilizer itself, while Ironhide and Bumblebee fire from below.

Gryphus makes a strafing run, hoping to scare them back...

Megatron wants to take the immobilizer’s remote control to take over a laserblast destroys it.

Straxus says, "This is quickly becoming an embarrassing situation!"

Megatron says, "Save the immobilizer!"

Ironhide is struck by the swerving Gryphus, but Bumblebee rushes forward to back up Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

Divefire is standing right next to the thing and Megatron's voice wakes him up slightly from his shock. With a very nasty glint in his optics he goes to start to move the device away from the incoming Autobots.

Megatron runs to save his new possession.

The two brothers zero in on Divefire and try to attack him together.

Soundwave takes aim for the closer of the two, Sunstreaker, and unleashes a blast of plasma.

CatsCradle steps in front of Diver, energy flashing from her fingertips, weaving energy tendrils into a protective shield in front of them both

Gryphus comes around.. this time she hopes to score a sonic squawk on somebody!

Calcar looks up from Prowl, and decides that there are other situations that require his attention, and he fires towards the rapidly rising Autobots.

Sunstreaker ducks the plasma blast, and tries to throw himself bodily at CatsCradle to get her out of the way, so his brother can tackle Divefire.

Calcar fires towards Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

Sunstreaker is thrown back by the energy of the force shield, but hopes he's provided enough distraction for Sideswipe to make use of.

Calcar is simply missing everything today, as his shots once again go wide, not doing much more than damaging the cliff face further.

Gryphus wings around, she sighs.. this isn't good. She's missing easy shots...

Prime takes aim at Megatron from below and fires again, trying to slow the Decepticon leader before he reaches the warrior with the Immobilizer.

Soundwave isn't having much luck with his shots either, damn that sound-and-lightshow from Jazz anyway - but he returns fire on Prime so as to protect Megatron.

Straxus shakes his head and takes another dagger from his ankle, launching it at Prime's optics.

Megatron releases several insults towards the Autobot leader, while trying to make it through the line of fire.

Calcar fires at Prime, trying to get him caught in a crossfire.

Divefire has one last option as Sideswipe comes diving for him and the immobilizer. "Megatron, catch!" With a swift turning kick in the best traditions of soccer he kicks the immobilizer high into the air, sending the device sailing towards Megatron moments before Sideswipe plows into him.

Megatron ready to catch, sees the immobilizer coming his way.

Prime is nailed from three directions, sending his aim completely awry and sending him crashing to the ground as he loses his balance. At the exact same moment, Divefire launches the object - only to have Bumblebee dart out and snatch it in mid-air. He was there backing up Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, after all, and making good use of his small size to be overlooked. He grasps the device tightly, glaring at the onrushing Megatron.

Gryphus spots Prime.. easy target!

CatsCradle snarls as Sideswipe tackles Diver behind her. In a quick move, her fingers dissipate the energy of the 'field and she draws her sword, slashing at Sunstreaker before he can recover from bouncing off her 'field

Prime struggles to stand again, barely missing Gryphus' attack.

Bumblebee declares, "This object is too dangerous to exist anywhere near you Decepti-creeps!" He raises the Immobilizer in a gesture to bring it smashing to the ground.

Gryphus cusses something in another language.

Calcar carefully lines up Bumblebee in his sites...

Prime shakes his head to clear his vision, obvious damage to his armor and one of the optic lenses shattered.

Megatron screams, horrified: "The immobilizer is mine... mine! No!"

Gryphus says, "Ohhh.. nice shot!"

Bumblebee cries out as Calcar's attack strikes him, sending him toppling backwards. With an improbable twist of his upper body, he manages to land atop the Immobilizer, shattering it into multiple pieces and spilled circuitry.

Gryphus says, "OH.. bad shot.. bad...."

Prime notes the destruction of the device and the wounded on the battlefield, those still in combat, and the badly-damaged Prowl. "Autobots!" he calls. "Our mission here is done! The Immobilizer is out of Decepticon hands and they can do no further evil with it. Gather our wounded and withdraw to base."

<Earth> Megatron says, "Back to base."

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe rapidly break off their battle and pull back, doing their best to avoid parting shots, as Ironhide finds Prowl and starts to pick him up. Jazz too somehow manages to transform and help cover the withdrawal.

Engine Room

Calcar sighs, dusting himself off and getting an inventory of his damage.

Gryphus transforms into her Robot mode.

Soundwave steps out of the tower and looks around as though evaluating the others for injuries.

Straxus kisses his palm. "You know, this evening would have gone alot better if you'd just let me eat the girl, Soundwave."

Soundwave says, "I still fail to see what nourishment value an organic creature could bring you, Lord Straxus, but I am sure we can obtain another."

Gryphus raises a gaze at the odd movement from Straxus...

Calcar looks at himself, for once unsure as to what he should be feeling. Elation, that he made the shot, disgust that he lead to the device's destruction, or something else, since if he hadn't intervened, it would've been destroyed anyways. An interesting dilemma. Ah, another one: fear. If Emperor Megatron happens to blame him for the failure, then life should be interesting...

Straxus says, "But that one looked really tasty, Soundwave..."

Divefire steps over to Cats in the group and gives her a quick once over. "You alright?"

Soundwave says inflectionlessly, "I will take your word for it."

Gryphus says, "That's just.. vile and disgusting."

CatsCradle smiles up at Diver, giving him much the same look-over. "Yeah. You?"

Straxus says, "Vile and disgusting?"

Soundwave says, "It is a shame, truly, that the device was lost. A most interesting construct. Megatron had more time with it than I, but perhaps..." he moves off, musing to himself, "Perhaps it could be reconstructed.""

Soundwave enters Training Complex ]

Calcar says, "This was a different outcome than anticipated. Perhaps the Autobot's legends of some form of deity are true, and it works to protect them. Such a waste, in this case. Whatever the cause, Prime has trained his troops well, to be able to operate independently."

Gryphus isn't going to repeat herself. "I've work to do."

Gryphus enters Training Complex
Calcar enters Training Complex

Divefire nods to Cats slightly. "Just a few dents, nothing major. I came out of that one pretty lightly."

CatsCradle smirks. "Sure, considering you let Sideswipe bowl you right over."

Divefire looks to Cats with a frown. "I was a little distracted after that blasted device freed all the Autobots."

CatsCradle snorts, but with a slight grin. "Sure. Likely excuse. I didn't let it stop me from throwing my 'field up, did I?'

Divefire frown to Cats deepens. "Well you weren’t the one responsible for firing the device."

CatsCradle nods. "True." She grins again. "Just the one covering your hide while you fired it."

Striker looks over the three other Decepticons to see if their damaged and heads to go find Soundwave.

Divefire smiles to her slightly. "Well, that I appreciate, hun."

CatsCradle blows on her claws and studies them. "Of course you should, dear.

Divefire rolls his optics slightly. Then he looks at her more seriously. "You're sure you're not hurt?"

CatsCradle lets out a short sigh. "I am not hurt. I am not trying to avoid the repair bay, I am really really not hurt."

Divefire nods to her slightly. "Alright, good. I'm glad to hear that."

CatsCradle mutters, "Yeah, if only because you're relieved that you don't have to drag me to the repair bay."

Straxus enters Training Complex

Divefire sighs to her slightly and shakes his head. "No, only because I love you."

CatsCradle beeps his nose playfully. "Yeah, but my way of saying it was funnier."

Divefire smirks a little. "I suppose."

CatsCradle glances around. "You think we're needed any more tonight?"

Divefire shakes his head slightly. "I don't think so."

"Do you want to stay here tonight or go back to the lake?""

Divefire looks to her and offers her a smile. "It's up to you hun, which ever you prefer."

CatsCradle lets out another short sigh. "Why do I have to decide?”  She pokes at one of the dents in his armor. "Besides, you took more of a knocking around than I did. Do you feel up to flying back to the lake?"

Divefire considers it for a moment then smiles slightly. "I think staying here for tonight would be good."

CatsCradle nods. "All right." She looks at him hopefully. "We can go back tomorrow, though, right?"

Divefire nods again. "Of course we can."

"Good." She glances around, then murmurs, "I don't really want to be around if arguments break out again. And I think they will.""

Divefire sighs a little as he turns and starts the walk to the barracks. "Yes, I think you're right. There is a lot of tension between every one still."

"Yeah. And it's getting worse instead of better. But if we sneak out here tomorrow, there's not much of a chance of getting pounced on." She laughs. "'Sides, you just want a real bed, tonight.""

Divefire smirks to her lightly. "Actually, yes."

"Hah!" She dances a little at his side. "Thought so." Her face suddenly brightens. "Oh, and I've missed the fish, too.""

Divefire rolls his optics again. "Oh sweetness and joy..." He replies in a monotone

CatsCradle laughs and quickly kisses him before going on ahead.

D-C's Home

CatsCradle goes over to the aquarium and sprinkles food inside. "So... I think we should concentrate on getting a bed up there next."

Divefire nods slightly as he comes and goes to lean against a wall. "I think that's a very sensible idea."

CatsCradle regards the aquarium for a moment, then sighs. "It doesn't sound the same."

Divefire glances to her and then the tank. "In what way?" He questions lightly.

"As our lake, and our waterfall. I thought the gurgling of the tank would make up for it, but it just doesn't sound right.""

Divefire nods to her slightly. "Artificial."

CatsCradle studies the aquarium for a moment longer, then adds another bit of food, capping the jar and putting it away. She stretches. "But yes, a real bed will be nice."

Divefire smirks to her slightly and opens the door into the bed room. "Especially after today."

CatsCradle smirks as she follows him. "Well, you shouldn't have let Sideswipe nail you..." She kerflumps down on the bed

Divefire follows her down, muttering. "It's not like I invited him to do that."

CatsCradle giggles. "I dunno, you kinda left yourself wide open there..."

Divefire mutters again. "I was trying to save the device."

CatsCradle tries to nestle deeper into the bed, which doesn't work quite as well as on sand. " 'Least it didn't go boom."

Divefire nods slightly, following her down. "Yes, that's one improvement. I didn't need my armour more black then it already is."

CatsCradle giggles again. "And soot is so hard to clean off of armor."

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