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<Cybertron> = radio transmission heard only on Cybertron
<Earth> = radio transmission heard only on Earth
<LongRange> = radio transmission heard by long range communication equipment


        This north- and southbound skytrack is an apparently delicate
gleaming metal ribbon arcing through the air, its design taking full
advantage of Cybertron's low gravity. Cybertron has an aerial landscape - as
deep as the shafts spear into the multi-layered crust, similar spires tower
in forest-like clusters above the base-plain. Transformers with vehicle
modes and carrier-drones can slide effortlessly along the frictionless
skytracks at subsonic speeds, due to their magnetized repulsion fields. This
skytrack forms a gentle arc between Polyhex and the industrial factories of

<Cybertron> Starwave says, "Does this work here? If any Decepticons on this
frequency can hear my voice, please respond."

<Cybertron> Slasher says, "No just us chickens."

<Cybertron> Starwave says, "That's helpful. What place is this, it looks
like Cybertron during the war."

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "This is Cybertron.  Identify yourself,

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "Well, I'm a little unfamiliar with it myself
milord.  I'm from five million years in the past, and they've tried to keep
me in the dark as much as possible to avoid contaminating the timeline."

<Cybertron> Slasher 's transmission crackles as there is a slight explosion
near by... he then says, "Who the slag is this.... This is a secured
Frequency for the Decepticon Empire"

<Cybertron> Slasher says, "Emperor Straxus will have you smelted!."

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "I assure you, that I am a Decepticon, milord.
  There has been some sort of unraveling of the temporal straights, and it
has led to some disruptions in the timeline.  One of them brought me to the

<Cybertron> Starwave says, "Temporal disruptions? Would that be the glowing
thing behind me?"

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "Quite possibly milord.  What is your
location?  I will attempt to send a team for retrieval."

<Cybertron> Slasher curses under his breath, "Son of a tard!.." there is
another boom echoed over the radio.. "I don't give a tarns aft..."

<Cybertron> Starwave says, "I don't know where I am. What's happening with
that other guy?"

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "This is a secure channel, not meant for the petty
bickerings of enlisted men and women."

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "Enchantress, you are not under any authority to
mount any sort of retrieval operation.  Unknown broadcasters, identify

Enchantress zooms in, flying in her rarely used unarmed Seeker mode. She
radios, /Milord, I traced your signal. Please send a message to allow for

<Cybertron> Slasher 's transmission brakes up seriously as he is heard
yelling at someone, "Shut it.. and fight you coward!... there trying to
flank us..." he then is heard more clearly... "This is Slasher of the
Imperial Elite Squad... Lord Straxus the Rebels have more powerful weapons
then Intel lead us to believe.... its an ambush not a convoy."

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "Well, according to what I heard Lord, you
resigned your position, so please explain how you currently have the
authority to give me orders, and I will obey them.  Until then, I am

<Cybertron> Starwave says, "My name is Starwave, Lord Straxus."

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "Slasher.... well, this is a day of new names and

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "We apparently have two individuals out of
their proper timeline placement.  Lord, you take Slasher, I will go achieve
contact with Starwave.  Your firepower sounds like it could greatly aid

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "I'm afraid that's not going to happen,

<Cybertron> Slasher sounds slightly confused his transmission still broken,
"Pardon ?... Uh... *Crackle*..."

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "Report your positions, all of you."

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "Lord, we do not abandon our comrades,
temporally displaced or not."

Starwave stands around on the ground, near a glowing portal of some type.
His dark frame doesn't seem to be highlighted against the ground, but he
glances in the direction of the radio transmission. "I am here." He radios

<Cybertron> Slasher 's signal clears up all of a sudden and there is
silence.... he then says, "What in......" there is a strong pause... "I....
I do not know how to report this..."

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "You're only good at walking point and taking the
first bullet, Enchantress.  Do learn to live within your means.  Starwave,
your position?"

Enchantress zooms down, triangulating the source of the transmission, and
comes in for a landing. "Greetings milord. I am Enchantress. I am a victim
of the temporal displacement myself."

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "I am aware of that Lord.  Weren't you the one
lecturing me a short time ago about our responsibility in combat?"

<Cybertron> Starwave says, "I do not know Lord Straxus. The surroundings are
unfamiliar to me, to much battle damage."

<Cybertron> Enchantress says, "Who was the leader of the Empire of your

Starwave nods slightly, taking a guarded step back from Enchantress as he
measures her. "I see." He replies carefully, not knowing quite what to make of

<Cybertron> Straxus says, "This is bullshit... Slasher, I'm on my way."

Enchantress gestures to show that she is unarmed, and points to her
Decepticon insignia. "I am lost myself here, in this future. The Empire will
do all it can to return you to your proper time, milord."

<Cybertron> Slasher says, "My location is within the Zero Zone Lord
Straxus...... My... Squad has vanished..."

Starwave blinks slightly, glancing around. "Future? What sort of event could
have taken place to send the Empire back to the days of the war with the

Enchantress says, "Interesting... You come not from the past then, but from
the future? This is an interesting turn of events..."

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "Straxus to Starwave, are you receiving me."

Starwave transmits to Straxus: "Indeed I am Lord."

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "If you can, describe your surroundings. I'll
try and home in on your signal."

<LongRange> Enchantress says, "Attention Earth, this is Cybertron,
requesting instructions.  We have two personnel here from different time
periods.  One from the past, another who apparently hails from a future time
period.  Requesting instructions on how to proceed, and on current status of
command authority for Lord Straxus."

Enchantress says, "Interesting... You come not from the past then, but from
the future? This is an interesting turn of events..."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "This is Soundwave at Earthbase.  Are you
experiencing time rifts still, Cybertron?"

Starwave transmits to Straxus: "It appears to be a partially destroyed Skytrack,
rather an old design, but useful for it's age."

<LongRange> Enchantress says, "Yes, milord.  A pleasure to hear from you
again.  We have two additional temporally misplaced personnel.  One
designate Slasher, who was apparently under the command of Lord Straxus and
is being dealt with by him, and another designate Starwave who apparently
hails from a future time period."

Starwave optics flicker a darker shade of purple. "Then, I'm in the past?"
He glances around again, still looking confused. "Yes, of course..."

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "We'll be there shortly."

Enchantress says, "Yes. During this time period, the war with the Autobots
continues. Megatron and the Decepticons and Autobots who crashed on the
third planet of the Sol system have been reactivated, along with a
contingent of Autobots, and the war has spread to that planet as well."

Starwave nods, taking in the information quickly as he looks to the dark
skyline of Cybertron. "The Earth War... Then my Father... Mother..." He
stops speaking and glances back to Enchantress. "If you're from the past,
how do you know all this?"

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Understood.  There has been a great deal of
stress on the time/space continuum of late. These may be aftereffects that
will heal themselves. I would advise all displaced individuals to be
prepared to be returned to their own time by a natural sequence of events.  
But, if they are not ... (he pauses to consider) ... we will have to stand
ready to repair the damage. For the moment, simply attempt to keep the
travelers safe so that they may return to their own time.  I will contact
Shockwave and work on a contingency plan."

Enchantress says, "I am a historian, and the first thing I did upon my
arrival here, and the realization that I was in the future, was to attempt
to catch myself up with current events. I know that regulations are somewhat
vague on that principle, so I chanced it on the off chance that I would be
able to offer some assistance to the current command staff. I would be
unable to do nothing if I was allowed no information."

<LongRange> Enchantress says, "Confirmed, milord.  Cybertron out."

Starwave’s youthful features frown as he folds his arms across his chest. "And
you're not concerned about knowing too much about your own future?"

Enchantress says, "I've already placed a command in my laser core to delete
all information from the date that I arrived upon the confirmation of my
return to my original timeline."

Starwave raises a brow in a slightly perplexed fashion. "So the point of
learning about the future is redundant to you."

Enchantress says, "I want to be able to contribute something to the Empire
while I am present here, and without information, I would be unable to do
that. I certainly don't want to feel useless during my tenure in this
period. I already get enough of that already, being a non-combatant..."

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "We are en route."

Starwave nods slightly and relaxes his arms from his side, deciding to leave
the subject it seems. "So where am I now, what area of Cybertron is this?"

Enchantress says, "You are in the Skytracks, on the outskirts of the present
day, or past day, by your perspective, Polyhex."

(Fearswoop, Straxus, and Slasher arrive)

Straxus says, "Fearswoop, you're a godsend."

Enchantress sighs at the sight of Fearswoop. She remembers him from her

Straxus says, "Slasher, right flank. Fearswoop, left flank. Arm weapons."

Fearswoop smirks, "That's my job."

Straxus hoists his shotgun upon high, calling out in a commanding voice.
"Advance, and be recognized!"

Enchantress places herself in the line of fire between Starwave and the
arriving Decepticons. Of all the Decepticons to be present...

Slasher heads off on Straxus's command... his Gatling cannon rearming with a
quick spinning sound as he Takes the Right flank... He looks like something
out of a war Museum...

Straxus points to Slasher and growls. "Slasher, remove her from my field of
fite by any means at your disposal!"

Fearswoop rocks forward, grabbing his rifle. "Hey, Strax, that chickbot, she
really reminds me of someone I used to know!" he whispers. "So many names
and faces." He strikes a pose. "Hey babe, want to go flying some place? I
can pull off a 360 dive like you wouldn't believe."

Enchantress defiantly places herself in the line of fire. If they want to
remove her, it will be by force...

Straxus says, "Fearswoop, mind on the job... don't worry, we'll find enough
femmes for you to cool your burners on."

Slasher raises his weapon as commanded and points it at Enchantress, "Your
choice... You can go the easy way.. or the fun way."

Fearswoop cocks a gun, "Yeah, okay. Out of the way, babe, unless you want a
piece of me."

Starwave watches the incoming ensemble with a calm expression, he doesn't
make a move to run, or to fight, rather he meets the gaze of the incoming
lord, and even cracks a slight smile. "Lord Straxus." He voice calmly,
offering a slight bow in greeting.

Enchantress says, "I choose the hard way then, milord. I think it would look
very good on your records, opening fire on fellow personnel for no reason."

Slasher idly puts his finger on the Gatling trigger, "Refusing a direct
order by the Lord.... Crime of High treason.. punishment.. termination."

Enchantress silently wishes that she had brought her laser gun along. It
would feel better to have something to point back at them...

Fearswoop wonders what all this frag is all about.

Straxus holds up a hand. "Stranger... advance and be recognized. Don't let
this sorry excuse for a female make more trouble for you than she's worth."

Enchantress says, "I see. And the rumors going around that you have resigned
your commission are false then?"

<LongRange> Enchantress says, "Milord, the situation has become much more
tenuous.  Straxus has arrived, and I do believe that he intends to offer

Starwave steps past Enchantress, though not blocking her. Despite being
around 10 feet shorter then Straxus he doesn't seem intimidated by his
presence, more reassured by it. "Lord Straxus, my name is Starwave, from the
future it would appear."

Straxus says, "What you fail to realize, Enchantress, is my soldiers follow
me out of honor."

Fearswoop smirks, "Damn straight..."

Slasher is just about to pull the trigger as Starwave walks into his line of
fire.. his finger promptly slips off the trigger and he raises the weapon

Straxus raises his rifle parallel to his upper arm, holding a palm out to
StarWave. "I am not aware of your presence within the Decepticon ranks. From
what timeline do you herald?"

Enchantress says, "Very well then, milord. They follow you. I am willing to
stand up to you, despite the consequences. He hails from the future Lord."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "What are the details of the situation?"
A radio transmission is received by Enchantress.

Straxus says, "Slasher, on my six. Go."

<LongRange> Enchantress says, "Straxus has arrived with two troopers, and
has threatened myself and the arrival from the future with combat.  
Requesting instructions, and reinforcements."

<LongRange> Techno says, "Stick your head between your legs, and kiss your
aft goodbye..."

<LongRange> Spinister says, "I will deal with it, Lord Soundwave. Over and

Enchantress moves again in between the arrival from the future, and the
other Decepticons.

Starwave glances to Enchantress. "I am capable of speaking for myself, thank
you though." He looks back to Straxus and nods at his words, shaking his
extended hand. "To be sure I would need to know what the current Earth date
is, since that is what the Exo Corps work from."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Acknowledged.  Keep us informed if there are
further anomalies."

Spinister flies in, radar scanning the area. He is looking for Enchantress.

Straxus looks to StarWave and quotes matter-of-factly. "December 12th,

Fearswoop covers Spinister, "Strax, it's that Valckastan 'copter! Isn't he
like really high up in rank or something?"

Slasher quietly starts to look around surveying the area like any good
trooper would in case of enemy ambush or attack. He quickly notes something,
"Incoming craft My lord..."

Straxus says, "He's really high up on something, Fearswoop. Don't make a
move unless he does."

Straxus says, "I am peripherally aware, Slasher. Be on your toes."

Starwave nods back to Straxus and adds in a calm tone. "I see, that would
make me 150 years in the past then."

Spinister spies the group of Decepticons below and flies in for a closer
look. When he enters audible range he says, almost politely, "What's going
on here then, Lord Straxus?" He peers down at Enchantress but says nothing,
not quite sure if the others are aware of Enchantress's distress signal. Is
she fussing over nothing?

Straxus looks up to Spinister and shouts. "Just entertaining a few guests,
Spinister... care to join the fun, lay your cards down on the table as they

Fearswoop says nothing, but keeps his gun cocked and ready, waiting for
Straxus to give the word.

Enchantress stands defiantly in front of the line of fire of Straxus and
Slasher. "Is this what we want to be remembered for? Greeting visitors by
threatening to kill them? In my day we normally would behave in a much more
civilized fashion. Apparently certain segments of the Empire have become
somewhat more barbarous... I certainly hope that this does not stay the case
in the future, milord (to Starwave).

Slasher keeps his weapon raised towards the sky as he watches the approach
of a mech he doesn't know... He is not very relaxed even after he hears that
this one knows Straxus. Standing ridged like the warriors of the past he is
like a vigil war machine.. ever ready for the throws of combat. His optic
though does not wonder for too long from Enchantress's sight even though she
is now behind Starwave. He then snorts under his breath at her words saying
quietly, "Smells like an Autobot..."

Straxus looks from one mech to the next, snarling as his gaze passes over
Enchantress. "Slasher, if she twitches blow her brainbox out." He coughs,
then smiles to Starwave. "I apologize if the transition has disoriented you
in any way. I assume you are a recent construct?"

Slasher nods to his Commander and covers both Enchantress and Spinister.
Since he still doesn't know Spinister’s business. Spin may notice that
Slasher doesn't exactly look New Empire. he still wears The Empire colors
and emblems of when Straxus was the Ruler.

Starwave’s optics lighten slightly in what might be a familiar way to those
who know his mother while his face remains mostly neutral. "A fair
assumption Lord, I've only been on-line for 50 years. Though this is the
possibly the strangest event that has occurred to me in my short life cycle."

Spinister frowns slightly, if a jetcopter can frown, "Not really, Lord
Straxus. I'm on duty." He willfully misunderstands Straxus's request to
transform and land. Although his voice gives nothing away, the fact that he
hasn't transformed out of his more powerful jetcopter mode may suggest to
those that know him well that he is on guard. But none below know him well.
He sees the guns cocked at him and Enchantress and wonders why. Colossus -
he could understand Colossus aiming guns at a fellow Valckastan. Tyrian and
Valckasta have been undergoing a 'cold war' for millions of years. But
Straxus? Last time Spinister checked they were friendly with Valckasta. When
Straxus tells one of his followers to 'blow Enchantress's brainbox out', he
adds in a more forceful tone, "Straxus, what is the meaning of this? I
apologize if Enchantress has bothered you in any way, but do you really
think blowing her brain box out will improve relations between Valckasta and
your city? Our cities have been friendly time out of mind!" He glances at
Enchantress, wondering what has caused this, but says nothing to her. He
sees the ancient uniforms below and cares little. Enchantress herself is one
of the ancient ones who have returned. All Spinister cares is that everyone
behaves themselves, ancient or modern...

Fearswoop raises a hand, "Let's just clear up the situation. Spinister, if
she..." he points to Enchantress, "..belongs to you, why don't you take her
back to her library so she can get back to reshelving or whatever excites
her in life, and let Strax deal with the situation? We just wanna talk to
the guy. Cybertron's security is at stake, y'know?"

Enchantress stands defiantly in the line of fire. This is a rather familiar
situation for her. She's lost track of the number of times that she had to
intersperse herself in between the Tyrians and some archeological dig... But
she really did expect better from Lord Straxus. She actually respects him a
great deal...

Straxus says, "Enchantress, you mustn't introduce yourself into such a
volatile mix. I only wish to debrief StarWave and choose the best course of
action for him." He looks up to Spinister and barely contains a snarl
beneath his breath, lowering his high powered shotgun in one smooth, yet
slow motion. "Spinister, you really must teach even your *displaced*
comrades to cover their own asses. Our cities are indeed friendly with one
another... but she pops out of nowhere and shoots her mouth off. Slap a
collar on the bitch or I will." He shakes his head and looks at StarWave,
the friendliest, most genuine smile imaginable gracing his features. "I can
see a family resemblance.""

Enchantress nods curtly, now that the situation has calmed, and backs out of
the line of fire, and stands down, after tossing a salute to Straxus and his
forces, and a curtsy to Starwave.

Starwave gives Enchantress another polite nod in return and then focuses in
on Straxus again, still quite calm despite the rather tense atmosphere that
seems to have developed. "I see." He states back to Straxus in a level
fashion, then the edges of his lips tweak up in a smile. "I'm not surprised
you noticed Lord, my Mother has told me the tales of when she served under
your command."

Slasher sees that the tension is still very high in the situation but the
volatility has dropped a good deal... his weapon lowers slightly but his
finger remains on the trigger.

Spinister flies overhead, his usual acrobatic flight path more erratic than
usual. He has no idea why these ruffians are threatening Enchantress, and
quite frankly he is developing the utmost contempt for them. Even Colossus
didn't talk like this... They can be dealt with later, when Enchantress is
out of harm's way. They appear to be backing down even now. The conversation
below doesn't interest him and he is angry at being called away from his
duties like this. He was in the process of fighting a group of Autobots in
the Valckastan underground when the message from Enchantress came. He says, "Enchantress, kindly head back to Valckasta.

Enchantress gives a curtesy to Spinister, and transforms and heads off.

Fearswoop waves a hand, "Okay, everything's fine right? Seeya, babe!" He
waves to Enchantress. "Here's my radio frequency if you get bored." He turns
back to Starwave, "So what do we do with you, dude?"

Straxus holds a hand up, smiling as he tilts his head and looks at StarWave
from various angles. "My oh my... oh dear, you did get your mothers looks."
He frowns slightly, brushing a hand over StarWave's shoulder. "Your father's
paint scheme though... well, no matter. He more than makes up for it in
charm, I suppose." Straxus chuckles slightly and releases a gentle sigh,
shaking his head. "He'd have to."

Spinister watches Enchantress leave. When she is out of sight he says, "Lord
Straxus, I must also take my leave. You shall be hearing about this
situation at a later date."

Slasher notes Straxus did say this time period does suck ass... he can't
quite see the difference since he himself spent most of his time on the
front lines battling pockets of resistance and other warlords armies.

Fearswoop steps up to Straxus, "Huh? Like you know this dude? But he's from
the future, right? How can you know him? Unless you've been time-trippin'
without me along. Hey, that sucks."

Starwave glances a look to Fearswoop and offers the slightest of shrugs
before glancing back to Straxus and offering a mild smirk in confirmation.
"My fathers has spoken well of you to Lord." He seems more amused with
Fearswoop's confusion but doesn't offer an explanation, then he considers
what to do with himself and frowns again. "Well since the time portal that
brought me here has disappeared, I'm not quite sure what to suggest."

Fearswoop grins, "That's easy - come back to the flight lounge and practice
a few maneuvers... And then we can assign you a post or something."

Straxus frowns, giving Fearswoop a sidelong glance. "It would seem I'm the
only one present who hasn't been taking safaris through time. I just have to
sort out the time rift shit that's been left in its wake." He considers
StarWave, his optics dimmed slightly. "Now... what to do with you."

Slasher doesn't lower his guard as Enchantress and Spin leave... In fact he
remains quite on the alert since he doesn't like any area he has no Intel
on. Quietly he mentions to Straxus, "Sir, We should consider moving on... We
are vulnerable to attack the longer we remain."

Starwave glances around the area once and nods slightly. "I'd prefer not to
stay here on my own and die out of my own time to a stray Autobot shot, so

Straxus says, "Let's move."


Rodger Young
A long, slate grey and charcoal black vessel, pitted with a myriad of small
dents and abrasions, it looks as old as the stars themselves. Along its
bottom, a ventrally mounted meson cannon stands in silent watch over the
ship and it's contents.

Main airlock

Designed to dock with other vessels from the Deceptitech Sentry series, this
airlock is octangular, roughly 15 metres in width. The docking port sections
extend to meet with a docking vessel's own port, and can maneuver to
accommodate ports of varying geometrical shape and size.

Rodger Young's hangar bay

Sitting beneath the Rodger Young like a low slung air intake, the vessel's
single hangar bay can accommodate fightercraft and small slips up to 150
metres in length. The bay is tracklit from above and below, and is lined
with small berthing chambers for refueling and repairing whatever flocks

Straxus says, "Welcome, both of you, to the Rodger Young."

Slasher looks around and nods, "Your new ride ?"

Starwave glances around the hangar bay, noticing some of the design features
and trying to place them. "Something of a classic, Lord." He adds, just to
confuse the issue.

Straxus says, "It is a classic indeed, Starwave. You may be young but you
know your starship architecture. This vessel harkens from the days of the
Quintesson rebellion."

Slasher says, "Excuse my confusion Lord... But could you explain exactly
what’s going on ?"

Starwave nods slightly and adds with a smile. "It comes from being brought
up in the R&E division, Lord."

Straxus clicks his heels and paces the length of the hangar bay, peering up
at the catwalk that bisects it far above their heads. "This vessel was
*requisitioned* by a Decepticon assault team. In some areas, you can still
smell the carbon stench of burnt Quintesson flesh. It's a marvelous beast."

Straxus says, "What is going on, Slasher? It's a rescue mission, you'll love
it. There's some juicy colonist daughters we have to rescue from their

Slasher stands unmoving and nods, "Yes sir... I meanth the time rift.... five
million years in the future.. I was.. am MIA ?"

Straxus says, "Well we never found your body, Slasher. And you were never
the type to desert his post."

Straxus says, "I assumed you were atomized."

Starwave raises a brow at the whole virginity thing, but knows his place
well enough to not ask for now.

Slasher kinda doesn't swallow the whole atomized deal... he is just way too
good to be taken out by something like a weapon... he looks to the others
and states, "Id rather die then betray the Empire I was built to defend."

Straxus sighs slightly. "Slasher, I never disputed your loyalty in any
degree. In fact, in the back of my mind I've been waiting for you to fall
through some sort of time warp. And now... here you are."

Starwave adds with an amused tone. "Makes perfect sense."

Slasher says, "I hardly run from scum like rebels.. and we would have won
that ambush.... I couldn't see what would have caused me to vanish.. unless
its this time crap... I can tell you sir.. I'm itching to get back there and
kick some serious aft."

Straxus tilts his head curiously to one side, his gaze casting over StarWave
before it comes to rest on Slasher. "That was a dark day, Slasher. Perhaps
there is a reason you are in the here and now, and not a name on a
tombstone... with an epitaph that no one's ever going to bother to read."

Slasher shrugs, "I never expected to have any of my body parts found if I
did face Termination.... I wouldn’t go without a fight.

Straxus says, "With Enchantress it's another matter entirely... she died in
the past, I saw her corpse myself."

Straxus says, "She is a specter, a non-entity... and she doesn't belong

Slasher tilts his head..., "Who is to say I do.... Maybe I vanished

Straxus says, "At the moment I'm not about to rule any possibility out...
but it's far better to have you here, than to have you dead, Slasher. Now...
onto you, StarWave."

Starwave watches the two warriors debate the fate of one and considers his
own place here. "Speculating on time travel is a dangerous thing to do..."
He adds, sounding not unlike a certain researcher. "Lord?" He looks to and
questions Straxus on the mention of his name.

Straxus places a hand on his hip, rubbing his free hand over his chin,
dancing a claw over his lower lip. "I wonder why you are here, StarWave."

Straxus says, "It occurs to me, StarWave, that you should tell us absolutely
nothing about the time you come from."

Slasher chuckles, "Unless he knows all the winning numbers for the Turborat
races on Monocus for that time span.."

Straxus says, "I knew the tension wouldn't last long after Enchantress was
spirited away. Damn I'm glad she's dead."

Starwave looks to Straxus, and then Slasher. A slightly perplexed expression
falls over his young features before he responds. "I couldn't say Lord. One
moment I was leaving the Exploration Corps command centre, the next I was
standing where you found me some 150 years in the past." He then nods at
Straxus's almost command. "I was thinking the same thing, Lord." A slight
smirk is his response to Slasher's comment. "Not far enough back to help you
I'm afraid."

Slasher snaps a finger... "Ah well.. I’m sure they forgot all about my tab...
if not I’m a dead mech with five million years of interest on it."

Straxus says, "Perhaps *that's* why you disappeared."

Slasher laughs... "No... That’s why some Loan Sharks disappeared.." you may
not get the hint but he probably means he offed a few.

Slasher says, "After all... Gambling against Imperial law."

Straxus takes a few steps towards one of the only craft gracing the vessel's
hangar bay, a slender aerospace jet of indeterminate age. It is pristine,
gleaming milky white... but the design is somewhat archaic, huge turbines
mounted above the three wings. "Do tell me one thing, StarWave... have we

Starwave measures Straxus for a moment and then lets a familiar half smirk
on his face as his optics lighten playfully. "Oh now Lord, that would be
telling. But do you think I would be... This relaxed in your presence if we
had not?"

Slasher nudges Straxus, "He's either real stupid.. Or he knows you."

Straxus traces a finger over the craft's air intake, gently following the
gradual curves. "You are just as coy as your mother, if not more so. The
fact remains you are safe aboard this vessel, but you may go as you please.
There is an operation I must take part in... I suppose though, StarWave,
that you already know it's outcome."

Starwave attention is drawn to the craft for a moment as he tries to place
it, and fails. He shakes his head slightly in disappointment, no doubt his
Father would know what the craft is. His attention refocuses on Straxus and
he shakes his head slightly. "I would, if I had access to those records

Slasher crosses his arms.. letting his cloak drift down part of his chest...
this is getting interesting... Straxus appears to have a knowing of who
Starwave is... or does he know his mother ?

Straxus smirks, lowering his head slightly and chuckling under his breath.
"You would... but I suppose that's information best withheld at the moment."

Starwave nods slightly but doesn't confirm or deny Straxus's statement.
Instead he shifts the subject slightly. "Tell me about this mission, Lord.
What would it have us do?"

Straxus says, "To be honest... it's not exactly what I'd call a safe
endeavour, my friends. There is an outpost on Acheron... and they are in
distress. Before Cybertron's relocation, a burst transmission was received
by my technicians. Only recently has it been decoded, and the message was
most disturbing. It was not a distress signal, more a warning. To 'stay

Slasher listens to Straxus idly and nods, "So when are /we/ going ?"

Straxus says, "The hyperspace window opens in one week's time."

Straxus says, "We're being moved into orbit over North America. We'll take
this fighter to the surface. And please, remember where we parked."

Starwave looks over to Straxus, a slightly questioning look etched on his
face. "We're going to attack Earth, Lord?"

Straxus takes a step up the fighter's boarding ladder, holding one hand on
the uppermost rung and depressing a small latch along the craft's nose. With
a gentle hiss, the four canopies open, one after the other. "We are going on
a little run to gather supplies, StarWave."

Starwave hesitates for a moment at the bottom of the steps to the fighter,
seeming to think on something quickly. Then the hesitation clears and he
nods slightly. "Well it has been quite some time since I saw Earth."

Straxus climbs into the forward cockpit, barely wide enough to accommodate
his form. He reaches up and latches onto the canopy rim, pulling it down and
shut. The cockpit's panel lights glimmer into life, bathing his form in a
soft blue light. "Starwave, I imagine you can handle navigation. Station
number two. Slasher, you handle weapons. Station three."

Starwave makes his way to the indicated console and starts to familiarize
himself with the display and controls at his disposal in a silent but
precise manor.

The slender, milky white fightercraft shakes for a brief second as the
engines throttle up, their haunting whine barely muffled in the sealed
cockpit area. Straxus maneuvers the craft into position, jockeying the
control column delicately and just brushing the throttle with his palm. Once
in line with the small runway, the Young's sultry feminine tinged computer
voice announces: "Fightercraft in line, chocks secure. Catapult is active,
launch when ready."

Straxus tugs at his straps, making sure they're tight and secure.
"Pre-launch auto-cycle complete, engines are at 90%. Everyone strapped in?"

Starwave nods slightly then answers verbally. "Yes, Lord."

Straxus hands fold across his chest. "Go with launch."

Having waited on Straxus' verbal command, the fighter sinks slightly as the
nose gear is gripped by the catapult's actuator. The engines continue their
howl, yet the sound quickly rises in pitch. In a split second, the craft
literally slingshots forward, propelled both by the lit afterburners and the
catapult's whiplike forward motion. They break free of the hangar bay's
containment field, and the Young quickly recedes behind them.

Starwave finds his back compressed against the seat with the violent
acceleration of the aided launch of the ship.

Straxus frees his hands and wraps them gingerly around the throttle and
control column, flicking his thumb over the column's toggle switch. The HUD
switches to a re-entry profile as the Earth looms beyond the bubble canopy.
Straxus flicks his wrist, sending the craft into a 180 degree spin. "We're
going to make a powered atmospheric entry, so thing's may get a little hot.
If anything goes wrong, I'll yell *Eject, Eject, Eject!*. If I do, grab onto
that black and yellow striped ring between your legs, and hope for the best.

Starwave would nod slightly, but the g-forces are a little to much to
consider doing that. "Understood Lord."

The slender craft touches the Earth's upper exosphere, and a soft orange
starts to form at the fighter's nose, cresting back over its entire form.
Cacooned in a red streaking plume, the craft streaks towards the upper
portion of North America at well over Mach 10.

A mild tremor runs through the craft, then a thundering bump hits the aft
section *hard*.

Straxus reaches forward and punches a button next to the MFD, switching to
an external camera array. "Looks like we've got company. Two F-16s. probably
scrambled from California."

Starwave would get jolted out of his seat, were it not for the restraints.
"What was that?" He asks in a measured tone. "Ah, human jets."

Straxus hauls the throttle back and pops the airbrake, slowing the craft in
a matter of seconds to sub-sonic speeds. Thus back under control, he twists
the control column, firing off the nose mounted maneuvering jets, spinning
the craft around. "Two bogies inbound at 12 miles, closure 800mph. Switching
to Rattlesnakes."

Starwave smirks slightly as he glances back at his controls. "I would offer
to help but you seem to have the situation well in hand."

Straxus' finger hovers over the trigger, his thumb flicking the control from
guns to missiles. A hollow tone fills his aural receptors, gently rising
into a whine. "I've got radar lock... good tone I'm taking the shot,

Slasher wakes the hell up.

Two spiked missiles snake out from beneath either wingtip, whisper thin
contrails slipping from their tailfins. The lead F-16 pulls into a high
banking roll, dropping flares. Unfortunately for him, the missile homes in
with help from the launch vessel's tracking systems. Neatly passing through
the glittering chaff, the first missile explodes brilliantly inside the
F-16's exhaust nozzle, disintegrating the aft end up to the forward air

Straxus says, "Bingo, splash one!"

The forward end of the F-16 plummets, twisted wreckage spilling from the
open gaping wound. The craft's canopy flicks off, and the pilot rides a
pillar of flame as his Martin Baker ejection seat thrusts him free of the
dying jet.

The trailing F-16 lights his afterburners, attempting to make a run for it.

But the peak speed of a Deceptitech Rattlesnake is Mach 6 in an atmosphere
such as this, and the effort is futile at best. The missile impacts with the
F-16s starboard wingfoil, cooking off the munitions and fuel pods racked
underneath that wing. This pilot, along with his craft is disintegrated in a
multi-chained explosion.

Straxus says, "Splash two. Returning to pre-arranged flight pattern.""

Starwave watches the combat, impressed. "A nice display, Lord."

The fighter settles into a sweeping arc along the continent's Western coast,
slipping along at somewhere around Mach 3.5. Nearing a jagged coast, Straxus
slows the craft and pops the airbrakes, lowering the landing gear. "We're
coming in at a low angle of attack. We'll hit the Alaskan pipeline, take
what we can and split."

Straxus brings the craft in for a smooth landing, popping the canopy before
the craft has even fully settled. The engines remain lit, just in case.
"StarWave, we should make this as quick and clean as possible.

Starwave undoes his restraining straps and nods slightly. "Understood Lord.
How will we be containing the energy for transport?"

Straxus says, "There's a filter in this craft's port engine assembly, it
will convert and compress crude oil into energon. We can hold enough energon
to run the Young for months. Unfortunately we'll be heavy on the way up."

Starwave nods slightly in understanding as he stands from his console. "I
can fly escort on the way up if need be Lord."

Straxus says, "Is your form capable of exo-atmospheric flight?"

Starwave says, "Much like my Fathers, yes."

Straxus steps off the craft's cockpit frame, landing solidly onto the
permafrost. He wipes accumulating snow off of his brow and brushes his hand
over the revolver holstered at his hip. "Unsling the tubing from the
fighter's port side, and snake it out. There should be about 100 feet of
slack, just enough to reach the pipeline."

Straxus thumbs the safety catch on his holster, sniffing the air. "Be quick
with that, I smell something on the winds."

Straxus pulls the revolver from its holster, holding it tightly in both
hands and snarling. "I smell something... get that pipe into place, we may
have to blast our way out of here."

Starwave quickly hops out of the cockpit and makes his way to the side of
the ship, searching and quickly locating the pipe and then dragging it over
to the main pipe line and attaching it. "Who do you think we might be
attracting Lord?"

Straxus says, "I somehow think blasting two Air Force jets to bits may have
attracted someone."

Straxus says, "I smell something on the winds... exhaust fumes. Not sure
yet, but someone's inbound."

Starwave looks over from the pipe line. "Exhaust fumes? Who could reach us
this far out?"

Breaking through the thick grey cloud layer, three Autobots come barreling
in at almost supersonic speed. Skyfire, Powerglide, and Cosmos. Speaking
with a faux authoritative tone, Skyfire breaks the silence first. "Unidentified Decepticons, you are trespassing on human territory! Cease and
desist your activities and leave this area, or we will be forced to open

Straxus says, "Does that answer your question?"

Starwave looks at the sudden appearance of the Autobots and takes a step back
upon suddenly facing the legends of his youth. "Yes..."

Straxus holds his pistol out at arm's length and braces it in both hands,
cracking off a shot at Powerglide. The round impacts Powerglide's starboard
engine and slices through his fuel lines, causing the pod to rupture and
spill components. Powerglide releases a surprised yelp and starts to

Cosmos sees this and turns in, transforming into the fattest and dumpiest
fucking Autobot you've ever laid your eyes on. He attempts to catch
Powerglide in his arms but only manages to become part of his dive.

Starwave takes his lead from Straxus, raising his arms up and snapping of
some shots at the Autobots with his arms laser rifles. "Coordinated, aren’t

Skyfire doesn't waste another word on the Decepticons, coming in low and
strafing them with both barrels. The rounds impact the ground and send up
plumes of snow, barely missing the outstretched fuel line.

Straxus shields his eyes from the upturned snow, growling under his breath.
"They've survived this far, but not much longer. Spread out!"

Starwave nods quickly in under standing and leaps over the fuel line,
sprinting through the deep snow as he keeps his attention on Skyfire. "I can
take him on in ariel combat if need be!"

Skyfire comes around for another pass, sending out lancing bolts of coherent
energy towards the both of them.

Straxus says, "That may be advantageous... I'll handle the other two, you
take it to Skyfire in the air! Go!"

Straxus tracks Skyfire as he comes around, sending off a few rounds in his
direction. "I'll cover you, make your move!"

Starwave leaps for the air and transforms, his plasma engines igniting as
launches into air and quickly gains height.

        In the unforgettable grace of a traditional seeker, Starwave
transforms into his jet form.

Straxus holsters his revolver and grabs his shotgun from behind, pumping the
mechanism and rushing towards Powerglide and Cosmos, both having impacted
the ground a quarter mile away.

Starwave cuts a vapor trail in the cold sky as he banks hard to draw a bead
on the lightning fast Autobot flier. His underwing missile racks prime in
readiness of a lock.

Skyfire senses the unknown Seeker gaining on him, and cuts his power, coming
around in a shallow arc to face him head on. Now in a wings level position,
he throttles his engines up for a supersonic game of chicken.

Starwave has quite the size disadvantage going up against the transport jet,
but he doesn't lack courage or speed as he quickly raises the stakes by
putting his space flight capable engines to the stops

His frame shaking slightly from the sudden acceleration, Skyfire heads
towards Starwave straight on. His lasers remain hauntingly quiet, but a
mid-air collision between these two would almost certainly mean death.
Skyfire's engines rumble a threatening death march.

Starwave also doesn't show any signs of slowing down, although he could
easily shoot Skyfire out of the sky, or just as simply move, his engines
show no sign of relenting his cause.

Straxus tackles Cosmos, bringing his elbow down at the base of the squat
Autobot's neck, then grabbing his head and bringing his knee up swiftly into
Cosmos' face, shattering one of his optics.

Skyfire nears StarWave, and at the last moment cuts into a 180 degree roll,
his belly slipping by StarWave's with inches to spare. He plummets through
StarWave's jetwash, spinning slightly before he comes around, readying a
pair of Friend or Foe missiles. "I do not wish to harm you, Decepticon, but
you leave me no choice!"

Starwave doesn't reply at first, continuing on his straight as an arrow
cause before rapidly transforming and turning...

        In the unforgettable grace of a traditional seeker, Starwave
transforms into his robot form.

Starwave robot form slows rapidly to hover in mid air, his arms back and
almost locked together as plasma starts to form between his arms and glows
exponentially. "Don't worry." He replies, with a slightly mocking tone. "You
won't relic!"
Straxus brings his fist down on Cosmos' jaw, smashing the delicate framework
wide open. Powerglide comes up from behind to strike the large Decepticon,
but Straxus expertly blocks the Autobot's motion with his forearm, coming
around and grabbing Powerglide’s elbow with his free hand, wrenching his arm
behind him. "Guess it's not a good day to be a badguy, huh Powerglide?"

Skyfire lets loose a single missile, letting its internal sensors track this
obvious threat. Skyfire banks sharply left and clears free, letting the
missile do its work.

Starwave watches the missile come for him, but keeps his focus on Skyfire.
The plasma he draws from his engines and focuses between his arms in a
containment field grows exponentially with each passing moment, the light
starting to envelop Starwave's frame. The missile rockets for him,
unwavering and yet he seems not to care... Just as the missile enters the
enveloping light from the build up of plasma, Starwave shouts out, "Kame Hame
Ha!" And throws forward his arms, sending the massive wave of plasma towards
Skyfire's form, the shockwave of which blows the missile up before it can do
significant harm.

Striker flies in from the South, apparently looking for someone, he mutters
to himself, "I thought I saw some energy readings this way?"

Sees this, and if he were in humanoid form his eyes would widen and his
mouth would hang open agape. Skyfire shudders slightly, as if stuttering,
and attempts to throttle out of the shockwave's path, succeeding
nominally... it impacts his left wingtip and wrenches it, bending it
upwards. "Blast you, Decepticon!"

Starwave poses in mid air, his hands still outstretched, the wave of plasma
dissipating as he drops slightly in the air, his optics glowing. "Save you
strength Autobot, you're going to need all of it to get out of here alive!"

Cosmos bends under the pressure of Straxus' hammerlike fist, his hands
spread out beneath him as he falls to the ground. Powerglide, still held in
Straxus' grip, screams openly as the Decepticon bites into his neck, pulling
the armor apart, wires and cables coming free between his teeth.

Skyfire roar's openly, a rare spot of raw emotion escaping the Autobot.
Turning around he lights his burners, coming in at a straight arc towards
StarWave, laserlight flashing out from his twin barrels. "You will not
survive this encounter, Decepticon!"

Striker looks down upon the fighting mechs on the surface and begins and
slow dive at the Autobots, but not engaging due to his orders. "Straxus,
Megatron wants you and your troops back at base, NOW!" he radios out, "I'll
help with the Autobots but your coming back to base."

Straxus pulls the cablework free from Powerglide's throat, pushing with his
free hand against the Autobot's back. Hearing this, he looks up to Striker
with pure malice and fire in his eyes. If his words were made real, they
would be in 1,000 foot tall glowing neon red letters. "FUCK MEGATRON!"

Starwave shows no signs of being intimidated, despite his actions being a
little slower after throwing out that massive wave of plasma at the Autobot
jet. With a flash of subspace he pulls out his bo staff and spins it quickly
in his hands and then fires out a series of shots at Skyfire. "So sure of
that are you relic?!"

Straxus unsheathes his claws and pulls his hand back, slashing them across
Powerglide's face. The Autobot's features disappear as they are shredded by
razored plasma claws.

Skyfire cries out as one of the shots hits his starboard wingfoil, causing
his own aim to go wide of the target. Figuring the air to air approach to be
ineffective, he shunts into humanoid form and rushes towards the hovering
Decepticon. "Then we shall settle this hand to hand, cur!"

Straxus holds the immobile Powerglide in his hands, screaming out for all
the world to hear. "Any of you fucks wants to try me, you'll end up like
this little piece of shit! Resting in pieces!"

Starwave purple optics glow darkly as he twirls his bo staff once more,
powering up it's energy field before rushing forward to meet Skyfire's
charge. "Bad Move." Is all the younger Decepticon mutters before spinning
in a tight arc around his staff and launching towards Skyfire in a double
footed kick.

Skyfire attempts to block the Decepticon's kick, but only manages to duck
low enough for it to hit him square in the temple. Momentarily dazed, he
brings his arms around to grasp onto StarWave's foot, bringing his own foot
up into the Decepticons knee.

CatsCradle and Divefire streak in a short time after Striker, transforming
and landing as they quickly take in the scene of fighting. "Oh, dear,"
Catscradle murmurs. "This is /not/ going to be pleasant..."

Starwave lets his knees buckle on the impact, but rolls with it enough to
turn the momentum against his larger foe, using his bo staff to slam into the
midsection of the all white Autobot.

Skyfire 'oofs' as the bo staff impacts his sternum, gritting his teeth as
his optics haze slightly from the pain. He grabs onto Starwave's leg and
hauls him downwards in the air, pulling his fist back and making a strike at
his chest.

Straxus hauls Powerglide's inert form high above his head, tossing the near
corpse at Cosmos as he attempts to stand up. Powerglide smacks into Cosmos,
and they both go for a tumble.

Starwave rolls with the blow of Skyfire's fist to his chest as best he can,
but there are some things that size achieves, hitting hard being one of them.
Getting knocked back a bit, Starwave raises his arms again and opens up with
some close range laser blasts from his rifles.

Slasher quietly watches over the Energon extraction keeping an eye on
Straxus and Starwave.... He is more then confident that Straxus could take
on all three Autobots and still come out on top. He notes some new arrivals
and hums... They seem Decepticon.

Skyfire raises his forearm up to block the bolts, the best he can do in
these close quarters. Some of the rounds deflect off the armor, but others
drill through and impact his internal working. Lines are severed and split
wide, and fluids spill out from the wounds. Pulling his arm back, he tilts
his head backwards, then sharply forwards... moving to headbutt StarWave

Striker soars over the area at a relatively slow speed, still not engaging
any of the Autobots he's mostly keeping an eye out for reinforcements until
these 3 bots are taken care of, but there’s still that little thing of taking

Straxus back to base... "Straxus, you /ARE/ going back to the base whether
you like it or not," he radios out to the already angry mech.
CatsCradle hesitates briefly, then decides to fight one battle at a time.
Autobots first. She pops her wrist lasers and opens fire on Skyfire, since
he seems to be the only Autobot still in the action.

Slasher makes sure that the energon extraction is working well then turns and
picks up his Gatling Gauss and begins to target Striker.

Divefire watches the combat with some disdain, then glances to Cats. "No! At
this range you're likely to hit both of them!"

CatsCradle's lasers go slightly wide, though one grazes StarWave. Skyfire
smiles. "Perhaps your own slagging Decepticons will do the job for me, cur!"

Straxus braces his hand on the ground, his lips curling into a sadistic
parody of a smile. "Megatron has as much authority over me as Optimus Prime!
You proceed on such an idiotic mission at your own peril!" Straxus laughs
inside, the very prospect of such an effort suceeding quite humorous to him.

Slasher upon Straxus order raises his Gatling Gauss and beings to track
Striker. Keeping him in his targeting lock ready to return fire if the
Unidentified Transformer decides to cause any problems.

Striker notices the lock on him and address the mech aiming the weapon,
"Listen, I don't know who you are but that's one hell of a stupid move to
pull a weapon like that. And if you think your protecting that traitor you
got another thing coming." he says as he mentally prepares to fire weapons
of his own and gets his own lock on the unknown mech.

Divefire mutters a quick curse in the direction of Skyfire, and the whole
engagement between Striker and Straxus. "Blast it. It won't do us any good if
we have to take Striker home in a body bag."

Starwave growls out in pain as his back gets speared across by a familiar
weapons signature, and then his head goes snapping back as Skyfire slams his
head into him. Falling back, Starwave resorts to almost instinct, one more
sliding his hands together as he rolls back through the air, then powering
out of the motion and throwing another wave of plasma in Skyfire's
direction, albeit, a smaller one then before.

Judging the situation and settling on a course of action in a millisecond,
Skyfire transforms into aerospace shape and ignites his afterburners. The
situation having him hopelessly outnumbered, he lets loose a continuous wave
of concussion blasts from his twin laser cannons at Straxus. Rolling out of
the way, Straxus is in no way able to grab Skyfire as he rockets by in
Gerwalk mode, scooping Powerglide and Cosmos up in each hand.

Straxus lunges for Skyfire as he passes, but the immense jet is too quick
for him. He impacts the permafrost and rolls, firing off a round at the
quickly receding jet. "Run ya fuckin' lunatic!"

Slasher may be from the past but his systems have proven themselves even in
present day situations. He simply tracks his weapon ahead of the fast moving
Mech whose name he is sure is Striker since that’s what Straxus called him...
He simply responds to Strikers words, "Treachery are many things, But I see
you know little of what loyalty is.. Or what it means..." the Gatling gauss
rotates slightly making a chain rattling sound as it loads up... "Do not
make me kill a non Autobot... It would simply be a shame.. and waste of my
ammo. As well your termination would be upon your own head."

Striker's weapon systems have already calculated for his speed and height,
Slasher, seems to think he can take out a flying jet but Striker has other
plans, "Your right about one thing, I am a non autobot, I'm a Decepticon.
You'd be a fool to try to attack me, seeing as your helping a traitor I
doubt Megatron would be lenient to you," he fires a warning shot, a
low-level laser barrage at Slasher.

CatsCradle tosses her hands up in the air as Striker fires. "I think the
Autobots were the easiest part." She folds her arms over her chest, glaring.
"I'm tempted to just let them fight it out."

Divefire growls again. "Blasted idiot. Cats, why don't you check out the new
seeker, I'll stop Striker from getting himself killed..."

        Wings fold out as engines emerge and body panels slide into a far
more aerodynamic form, revealing an Orbital Interceptor.

Starwave slowly falls towards the ground, looking slightly exhausted from
the fight, but not particularly worse for wear. At the sound of more laser fire
he looks up in surprise, wondering who would be so foolish, then he hears an
all to familure noise and watches a black jet dart through the sky.
"Father..." He whispers in a cross between reverance and shock.

Straxus plants his foot in the permafrost, launching forward. Keeping low,
he rushes towards his craft, ducking and rolling. Coming up, he pulls the
revolver from his side and flanks Slasher. "Fire again and we will return
fire, Striker! You are outgunned!"

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "Hate to break up the family reunion, but
tensions are high. I will not fire on your parents, but if they choose to
interfere... I ask you delay them. Please."

Starwave transmits to Straxus: "I... Yes, of course Lord."

Striker attempts to swerve the stream of ammunition but his speed allows
only limited agility, "Ahhhh..." the rounds punch 8 clean holes through his
left wing, crippling him and forcing him to decrease his speed, "Yea, and
I'm just following /MY/ orders," he screams as a slow, steady stream of fuel
leaks from his wounds and falls to the ground, "And right now, your in my

CatsCradle buries her face in her hands. "Oh.... hell..." she mutters. She
looks up at Straxus. "Look, he's an overeager idiot, sir" she says quickly.
She nods to Slasher. "Call him down, and let Diver handle Striker. Or at
least, don't interfere with Diver handling Striker." She tries to grin.
"Besides, if this gets any worse, it's probably going to put me in the
repair bay, and believe me, none of you want to be the ones dealing with
getting me there." She takes a cautious step towards Starwave. "Are you all
right? I'm sorry. I aimed too quickly and didn't mean to hit you."

Divefire rapidly breaks most of the rule for objects under acceleration as
he closes in on the wounded Striker, with one intention firmly etched on his
mind. "Stop firing you idiot!" He barks as he angles his attack to collide
into Striker and bring the both of them down into the permafrost.

Straxus raises a hand to Slasher, placing it near the barrel of his gauss
cannon and gesturing downwards. "Hold fire. Keep a track on him, but hold
fire. Divefire, Starwave, I advise you secure that idiot!"

Starwave is about to launch and do his best to stop Divefire from getting
involved when Cats lands next to him, his attention is drawn to her and for
a moment he just blinks, not quite sure what to say given with what he's
confronted by. "I'm... I'm fine... Thank you." Such is his distraction he
barely registers Straxus's command.

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "On the bounce, soldier!"

Slasher chuckles softly as he sees he got a pretty clean hit on Striker
having him leak fuel now... As Striker makes his turn and opens up again
Slasher can see the jet's nose winking in a sense.... he instinctively turns
his back to the Incoming jet as machine gun fire rips along the ground and
past Slasher. The impacts of a few bullets sending him down to a knee. The
thick armor on his back taking moderate damage but all systems are still go.
With a smirk he says to himself, "Now we're havin some fun." with a menacing
chuckle he sends up another red snake of Gauss fire whirling at Slasher’s aft
and tail rudder. Pulling the gun off as Divefire bursts into his targeting
scanners, "Damnit... That totally ruined my shot..." he glances up to Straxus
as he puts his hand near the cannon... Rising to his feet he nods to the
commander, "Yes sir."

Striker would smirk if he were in robot mode, his shots hit but didn't do
any real damage to the mech. "I don't know just /who/ you are, but you are
keeping me from trying to take a traitor back to base. I'm under orders to
bring Straxus back to Megatron, I'm not going to attack any further unless
you insist on keeping me from carrying out my orders."

Divefire mutters at Striker's pigheadedness and frowns internally. "Blast
it..." He quickly loops under him and once more gets in the range to stop
any one from blasting the other, hopefully, while he sends out a burst of

CatsCradle sighs a little at Striker's words, but at least the weapons have
stopped firing... and now that they have, she really hasn't an idea of what
to do next. She grins at Straxus... sorta... and rocks on her heels. "Hi,
sir," she says cheerfully.

Starwave does his best to snap out of the daze having Cats right in front of
him put him in and looks towards the sky once more. "So that's Striker..."
He says with a slight whisper and contempt. He looks over to Straxus with
a slightly helpless expression on his features as for the first time in the
last few hours he feels lost.

Straxus smiles to Cats and winks. "Your son takes after you, you know." The
merriness leaves his features though as he regards the airborne
*Decepticons*. "Starwave, keep your mind on the job!"

Slasher idly slides his finger off the trigger but keeps his weapon at the
ready. Not trusting Striker the slightest he wonders about Straxus's order
to discontinue continue the battle but orders are orders. He does not honor
Strikers remark with an answer for he does not need to do so. As Slasher
hears a femme voice he turns and lets his dark optics glance over her
frame... and the childish/nervous rocking on her heals he notes but says
nothing. His head slowly turns back to keep his optics on Striker.

Striker decreases speed and transforms, still hovering in midair he pulls
his automatic plasma rifle just in case, "Look, I don't know who you are but
all I want is for you to let me try to take this ex-Decepticon back to
Megatron, that's all," he repeats.

Divefire transforms and decends quickly to land a few steps away from
Straxus, a look of shock on his face. In vocal he repeats. "I don't have a
son from my past, Straxus."

Straxus says, "Then take the next logical step, DiveFire."

CatsCradle was frowning angrily at Striker, then when she hears Diver's
words, she suddenly clicks on what Straxus had said earlier. She stares at
Straxus. "My... my what?" She gives Diver a helpless look.

Starwave looks from Cats, to Straxus, to Diver, then back to Cats and smiles
in a familure, slightly coy manor. "Hello Mother."

A warning chime sounds off in Straxus' aural receptors, a signal from his
aerospace jet. Transfer complete, energy reserved full. Disengage energy
siphon? Yes. Commence pre-launch engine ignition? Yes. "Divefire, would you
say we have the situation under control?"

Straxus jerks his thumb over his shoulder. "Slasher, station three, weapons.
Bring the fighter's weapon systems online."

Slasher glances over Striker again and just shakes his head. The expression
more or less being Blow it out your aft buddy... He then turns and looks at
Cat and Divefire again so this is Starwave is there creation how
interesting. Then he looks to Straxus as his chime goes off, "Yes Sir..." he
swings around his shoulder cape swirling around with him as he heads off
towards the fighter craft to reactivate its weapons systems.

Striker frowns at Slasher and Straxus before turning around and glaring at
Divefire, then Cats... Megatron is going to be so angry when he finds out
they just let Straxus get away like this, "Damnit you two, if your not going
to stop him from leaving I'll do it myself!" he aims his plasma rifle at the
fighter, aiming for the engines hoping to cause an explosion.

Divefire looks to Straxus and is about to reply when the whine of plasma
impacting against the tundra breaks away his attention. "Striker! If you
fire another shot I will kill you MYSELF! Is that understood?!" As if to add
a wave of a threat if the tone of his voice wasn't enough, his electro sword
flickers into existence. "We have a situation here which is beyond Straxus
and Megatron's current spat and I will not let you endanger all our lives by
being an unthinking idiot! Now STAND DOWN!" It would appear as Divefire means every last word, as his optics burn a deep green in regard to Striker. He's
not kidding.

CatsCradle was just about to light into Striker herself, but decides that
her mate did it rather nicely, and focuses her attention back to Starwave,
picking out traces of both her and Diver in him. She suddenly gasps. "Oh,
Primus, I shot my own son..." She has to sit down suddenly, her optics wide
in shock

Straxus walks over to CatsCradle and grasps her by the shoulder, gingerly
picking her up. "On your feet soldier... you know I'm all for tearful family
reunions, as odd as this one may be, but there are more serious matters at

Starwave takes a step back involuntarily at hearing his Father raise his
voice, then looks to his Mother and takes a step towards her, an expression
of deep concern on his face. "I'm fine Mother, honestly. And Lord Straxus is
quite right." At the words he looks to Straxus, then up to Striker.

Striker yells at Divefire and points his rifle at him as well, "AND YOU DO

Divefire glowers in the direction of Striker, but doesn't act any more then
to turn towards Straxus and ask him in a far too level to be good tone of
voice. "Straxus, would I be correct in assuming that your ship is full of
energon and that you should be returning to where ever it is you came from
before the Autobots arrive once again to kill us all?"

Straxus looks to StarWave and motions to him. "This would be a correct
assumption, DiveFire. I've accomplished what I'd set out to do. My mission
is complete. I have yet, however, to decide what to do with your son. It is
best, I surmise, to keep him as far from this timeline as possible."

CatsCradle takes a step closer to her mate, energy flashing between her
fingertips, ready to throw up her 'field in front of them both if Striker
fires. "Striker, /think/, dammit," she snarls. "We are completely outgunned.
Any further aggressive movements will get the three of us killed, beyond any
doubt." In a softer voice, she adds, "Megatron has used tactical retreats
himself." But at Straxus' words she falters, her optics wide as she glances
from him to her son. "As far as... but..."

Straxus transmits to Starwave: "It is best that contact with your future
parents remain at a minimum. I can't imagine what rifts we've already opened

Striker glares at Cats then narrows his optics as he speaks, "CatsCradle,
this wouldn't be considered a tactical retreat... why? Because you two never
bothered to even ATTEMPT to bring him in. I'll tell ya what," he says
matter-of-factly, "Straxus, his /friend/, and your son can go back... and
we, get to go back to base and explain to Megatron why we couldn't bring
Straxus back because two of his soldiers not only did not try to bring him
back, but helped let him get away, how's about that?"

Striker does lower his weapon.

Straxus says, "Megatron said I could leave of my own accord. Now he wants
you to bring me back? Bullshit."

Starwave pauses, unsure of how to act, or where to go. On the one hand in
front of him are his parents, admittedly younger and during the beginning of
their courtship. And on the other is Lord Straxus, the legend and respected
warlord. And up in the air making life far to difficult is the want to be
Starscream... Then a memory from his past of a story that his parents told
flashes into his head. "Of course..." He turns to regard Straxus. "My Lord,
may I request that I stay here, I believe that is the way things are meant to
happen. I do not think my stay in this time will be long."

Straxus approaches StarWave, his head held low. "StarWave, there is but one
thing I have to say to you."

Straxus takes the young man's hand and clasps it in both of his, his words
tinged with but a hint of warmth. "I wish you the best in wherever your
journey takes you."

Divefire watches the exchange between Starwave and Straxus half ready to
step in and save his son, then he just blinks in shock, and stands down.

Straxus steps back, letting StarWave's hand fall from his. He holds that
same hand up to DiveFire and CatsCradle, palm out. He nods once, and turns
to his vessel.

CatsCradle lets out a soft breath of relief, her optics still wide, Striker
all but forgotten.

Starwave gives a genuine smile to Straxus, shaking his hand back and
offering a bow of his head to him. "Thank you my Lord. I would wish you the
same, but I have no need to." He gives a slight smirk to Straxus, but says
nothing more. He has no need to.

Straxus mounts the fighter's small skeletal boarding ladder and nods to
Slasher, who reaches up and closes his own canopy. Squeezing into the
forward cockpit, he wraps his hands around the throttle and control column.
The jet's engines whine, and a layer of snow is kicked up as the vessel
rocks gently, slipping free of Earth's gravitational grasp. Dipping his wing
once in salute, he slowly settles the craft into an upwards arc.

Striker scowls at both CatsCradle and Divefire, his optics burning a bright

From beneath, the pristine and glimmering symbols of a fighter from the
Decepticon armada, circa the First Great War, greet them all. They are all
reflected in the craft's brilliant and pristine milken white sheen.

Divefire watches Straxus leave with what might be considered a new found
level of respect, then looks towards Starwave, still not quite convinced his
son from the future is standing in front of him. Oh and that Striker is
giving him the evil optic.

CatsCradle steps forward to Starwave, holding her hands out to him, looking
over him in amazement. "my son," she murmurs. "I have a family." For someone
with no past, proof of a future is overwhelming.

The craft lets loose a single thundering sonic boom and levels into a purely
vertical climb, becoming a shining star for a moment... then, disappearing.
Striker just shakes his head in disgust, transforms, and flies off
muttering, "...can't believe...those two..." There's more that he said, but
it's drowned out by the sound of his engines heading back to base.


Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

CatsCradle peeks inside and knocks on the doorframe

Megatron works at the computer. As he hear the knocking, he look up. "Yes?"

CatsCradle steps inside. "Has Striker spoken to you, yet?"

Megatron says, "No... Straxus isn't in the brig, so I suppose the operation failed."

CatsCradle sighs a little nervously. "No. We were outgunned. To pursue the matter would have probably ended in the death of all three of us."

Megatron doesn't seem to be impressed. "Where is Straxus now?

Striker walks in, his optics are still burning red... his left wing is pierced with holes, a small amount of fuel is still leaking through them. He sits quietly before a console before glancing at CatsCradle.

CatsCradle says "Last I saw, he was heading for Earth’s orbit in a fighter."

Striker hisses, "How's your son, CatsCradle?"

CatsCradle sighs again. "Hadn't gotten to that part yet, Striker. Do you want to take over?"

Megatron says, "We will stay on alert. Either Straxus comes back to mind and surrenders to me, or has to face the consequences... Your son?"

Megatron is now surprised...

Striker smirks, "No, you can tell it... Sure hope you've told him the whole story though."

Megatron folds his arms in front of his chest. "Well... I hear."

CatsCradle says, "One of the mechs accompanying Straxus was someone from the future." She smiles slightly, the emotion reaching her optics more than her face. "My son. And Divefire's.""

Megatron frowns. "And then he fought at Staxus side?

CatsCradle considers for a moment. "Against Autobots, yes."

Megatron says, "And against his leader too?"

CatsCradle says evenly, "Starwave made no move against us."

Striker sits quietly in his seat, arms folded across his chest, "Wasn't much of a fight considering I was the only one there who even cared if Straxus came back with us."

Megatron grumbles something beneath his breath. "After this experience you better teach your son where his loyalty has to be... as soon as he is constructed.

CatsCradle glances at Striker with another sigh. "He had a high-weaponed fighter ship, as well as three heavily armed soldiers. My weapons and armor would never have stood up to an all out battle. Which is what this would have been. At the very least, maybe you and Divefire would have survived with heavy injuries, and we still would not have taken Straxus. There will be other opportunities, that will not bleed the Decepticon earth forces of a large fraction of it's soldiers."

Striker says, "I doubt that your son would've fought against you... and there's no way he could've gotten in the ship while it was still fueling, it was 2 on four, and you and Divefire made no move to even attempt to bring him in... you even tried to stop me, try telling Divefire not to pull a weapon on me again."

Megatron sits down. He looks at the screen that shows the last satellite pictures, rubbing his chin. "I need to keep track of Straxus. I have enough trouble with the Autobots - what I don't need are renegade Decepticons."

Striker is pretty much ignoring Megatron as he talks to Cats, "Next time he threatens me like that I won't hesitate to fight back, worse case scenario if that happens is we both die and you... are without a mate."

Megatron says, "Enough, Striker! However - if your son appears to be an enemy, you will have to treat him as such, CatsCradle."

"When the shots first started, on your initiative, I had no knowledge that he was my son." Her optics flash an angrily deep purple. "Your actions would have gotten him killed, too." She turns to Megatron. "Starwave is on base with us, and no longer with Straxus. For that matter, the time portal will most likely reclaim him soon anyway." and for a second, her optics lighten in grief.

CatsCradle adds "For that matter, the other mech accompanying Straxus was from another time portal. Which means Straxus will be the only one left." She glances at Striker. "You may try to kill my mate," she says in a low voice, optics flashing again. "I doubt you will succeed."

Striker says, "I didn't draw my weapon against him in the first place, he's the idiot who decides to pull a sword on someone who was holding a plasma rifle and ready to end it right there. And you thinks there’s anything he could've done with that little sword of his at that range?"

Megatron grins and repeats to himself: "So? Straxus lost one of his men? Excellent!" He notices Cats last hiss towards Striker and the mechs counterattack. "Enough now, you two! Striker go and get yourself in shape again.

CatsCradle, surprisingly, bursts out laughing. "Obviously you haven't been watching my mate fight, Striker, or you wouldn't say that."

Megatron says, "I said, enough now!"

CatsCradle stops laughing and gives Megatron a half bow. "Of course, sir," she says with respect.

Striker says, "I've seen your mate fight, and he's an excellent fighter... but there’s no way he could've done anything with a sword at that range... I respect Divefire, he's a good fighter, but I don't appreciate someone pulling a weapon on me!"

Megatron's optics flash. His optics show he wouldn't hesitate to smash both their heads together if there is no silence.

CatsCradle remains silent. /She/ knows when to shut up...

Striker finishes up yelling at Cats and stand at attention facing Megatron.

Megatron gets up and slowly walks towards Striker. "You seem to have problems with your audios as well. Let Soundwave check them!"

Divefire walks into the center having heard the yelling outside. His face is set in a grim visage as if he expects to receive a heavy verbal assault, but a steely glaze to his optics would seem to say he's quite prepared for it.

Starwave walks in a few steps behind Divefire, his head slightly bowed and looking particularly submissive today.

Striker glances angrily at Divefire, "Speak of the devil and here he comes..."

Megatron glares just shortly at Striker.

CatsCradle looks back at Divefire and Starwave and her optics lose their flash of anger for a moment. "My lord, Megatron," she says softly, "might I present our son, Starwave."

Megatron watches the newcomer for a while critically. "So, you are Starwave..."

Starwave takes a step to the side of Divefire, but is careful not to step infront of his Father as he looks up to Megatron, and then bows deeply. "My Liege." Is all his reply contains. "It is an honour to meet you in this timeframe."

Divefire gives a steeling stare towards Striker, but knows his place well enough to not say anything. Yet.

Megatron grins. "I'm glad you realized in time on which side you belong, young warrior."

Starwave keeps his bow firmly in place at Megatron's words, but does add. "I do, and always have belonged on the side of the Empire my Liege."

Megatron says, "A heir his parents could be proud of. I like to hear that."

CatsCradle smiles at Starwave. "We are, sir."

Divefire glances over to his son and frowns slightly. "Despite the company he keeps, perhaps." He then looks back to Megatron and studies his command for a moment. "Have Cats and Striker reported the situation with Straxus to you, my Lord?"

CatsCradle nods to her mate. "A rather chaotic and abbreviated version of it, yes."

Striker frowns, "I'm not sure how much CatsCradle has told him... but it seems like he's taking your side of it," then he mutters barely above a whisper, "like always..."

Megatron shortly glances from the family to Striker and back. "Yes, I was informed... However, I propose you two show your son a bit around and instruct him about our actual situation." He looks if it was not a proposal, but an order.

Divefire nods slightly in his understanding to Megatron. "We shall do just that then." He turns slightly and glances to Cats, before walking out of the room once more.

CatsCradle gives Megatron another half-bow and also turns to leave

Starwave smiles politely to Megatron and bows deeply once more. "It's an honour to be here my Liege." Then quickly turns and follows his parents out of the room as well.


RandE Office

This is one of the smaller rooms off of the defunct Engine Room. To one side are two comfortable chairs that are suspiciously similar to those in the Library. A small table in one corner holds a small burbling fountain, the water cascading over a collection of rocks and plants into a bowl at the base. Two desks are present with consoles, one of them considerably more cluttered than the other one. The cluttered one has a poster tacked on it of a cartoon girl sitting behind a crude wooden booth with a sign that reads "Psychiatric Help 5 Cents". Maps and arial shots of Earth terrain cover the walls. There is the faint pleasant scent in the air of unlit beeswax candles and that along with the splashes of the fountain, achieves a soothing atmosphere.

Striker peeks in, "Uhh... Cats? Divefire?"

CatsCradle looks up from her chair, her expression going carefully mild when she sees who it is. "Yes, Striker?"

Divefire is sitting in one of the office chairs, compiling a report it would seem, when he looks up at Striker's voice. An expression of sincere displeasure crosses over his features, but he lets Cats do the greeting.

Striker glances between CatsCradle and Divefire, "I came to apologize for how I acted toward you two the other day." He actually looks sincere, "I'm really sorry."

CatsCradle gazes at Striker for a moment, then looks back at her reader. "I've heard your apologies before, Striker."

Divefire raises a brow slightly then heh's slightly and goes back to working on his report. "Indeed." Is all he adds to his mates words.

Striker sighs, "So you don't believe me... I don't blame you." He moves back towards the exit, "I'll uhh... try to stay out of your way."

Divefire mutters something and shakes his head. "Striker." He calls out, resting his head in his hand, obviously a little worn by the past few days.

CatsCradle sets her reader aside. "I can only hear so many apologies before I no longer believe them. And the whole Straxus thing aside, you shot at a fighter full of fuel. You could have killed all of us, because you didn't /think/." Her optics flash. "You could have killed my mate and my son."

Striker dims his optics, "I know that, I was just so intent on carrying out my orders, to try to make up for the trouble I've caused Megatron, and look, I just ended up causing more trouble."

Divefire mutters again. "If you'd think before pointing that interface extension around, you'd have a much easier life."

CatsCradle snorts. "Megatron, nothing. You just wanted to get back at Straxus."

Striker frowns, "If I wanted to get back at Straxus, I would've been shooting at him instead of that other mech down there... all I wanted was to bring him back."

CatsCradle studies him. "And you're saying that you wouldn't have enjoyed bringing the mech back who caused you so much trouble? Because I think that's what you were really thinking about out there."

Divefire mutters again. "Not to mention pulling rank."

Striker says, "No I wouldn’t have enjoyed it... bringing him back would just mean he's got more of an opportunity to give me trouble, why would I want him back here? And Divefire, I'm sorry about that, I was just angry..."

Striker adds, "I shouldn't even be this rank."

CatsCradle glances at her mate with an expression equivalent of a shrug and goes back to her reader. She has nothing more to add to the conversation.

Divefire lets the very slightest of smirks cross his features. "Funny, I've been thinking the same thing, Striker."

Striker looks at Divefire, "You and everyone else in the base, including me."

Divefire optics narrow slightly as he puts his pad to one side and laces his fingers just off his chest, looking up from his chair to Striker. "Then tell me, what are you going to do about it?"

Striker says, "Request that I be demoted, that's what."

CatsCradle glances up over her reader again at Striker, then at her mate.

Divefire heh's again, then shakes his head in an almost amused fashion. "Yes, I'm sure that will be far less humiliating then some one challenging you for your rank."

Striker glances at Divefire, "If you want it, you can have it."

Striker says, "Sure as hell be more worthy of it than I am."

CatsCradle's optics go wide, but she still doesn't say anything

<Guest> Divefire has reconnected.

Striker says, "Or would you /rather/ beat me up for it, cause I know that's what your thinking when you said it'd be less humiliating than someone challenging me."

Divefire optics look to Striker and measure the mechanoid before him. "I don't want to pummel you Striker, today. I am a Decepticon, but the days of my only quest being to further my ranking in the Empire are long behind me. However what I do want is respect, you can't order people around who don't respect you. Your problem is Striker that you hide behind your rank, if you become one of the underlings again, who will you be looking up to Striker, who's respect will you

Striker doesn't say anything, he just frowns and averts his eyes to the ground.

CatsCradle sighs, her expression more gentle. "Remember how you felt when Straxus was pushing at you. You fought back against that. But you're doing the same thing to others that Straxus was doing to you. The difference is..." and she smiles slightly. "... is that your instincts know that's not the type of person you want to be."

Divefire stands and folds his arms over his chest, continuing to look at Striker. "You have a decision to make and something to realize. Most people die before they realize they need to change."

CatsCradle adds, "It doesn't do any good, to apologize later and hope that makes up for it. Because after a while, the apologies no longer hold any weight with anyone. If you truly are sorry, then you need to fix what it is you feel you are doing wrong."

Divefire stays standing, watching Striker and nods slightly, not particularly pressing the matter verbally, but more of reinforcing his mates words with his presence.

Striker glances around the office, "I'll try that, do you two know anything important about Ruse?"

Divefire says, "Other then it's best not to leave her alone in the same room as Chasm, no."

Striker says, "Thanks Divefire, Megatron wants me to watch after her until her new body gets built... and I don't wanna mess up this time."

Striker says, "Just don't tell her that."

CatsCradle says "Be prepared for all kinds of practical jokes."

Divefire shakes his head slightly. "And don't give her your gun."

CatsCradle adds, "or any of Reflector's glue."

Striker raises an optic at the two of them, "She's really that bad?"

CatsCradle says, "She was before she got sent to the Grinder.  And considering she walked in here as a hologram of Diver, trying to trick me... I'd say the practical jokes warning is still a good one"

Striker laughs, "When did she do that one?"

Divefire mutters as he sits back in his chair again. "Last week, so I heard."

CatsCradle grins, her gaze on her mate. "A few days before Diver came back from his last mission. Woulda had me fooled too, until she spoke. She didn't have the voice deep enough."

Striker says, "Great, if she's this bad in a cassette body, think of what she'll be able to do in her new one."

Striker is joking when he says that.

CatsCradle chuckles. "Oh, are /you/ going to have your hands full." Her voice shows no signs of sympathy

Divefire glances to Striker again. "Do you know what sort of body she's getting?"

Striker shrugs, "I'm not sure, Megatron just told me about it a few days ago."

Divefire hrms and nods slightly. "I see."

CatsCradle says, "Does this mean you'll be going back to Cybertron with her?"

Striker looks at Cats, "I never really thought of that, I'm gonna have to ask Megatron next time I see him."

CatsCradle nods, focusing back on her reader. She has noticed Striker's reluctance about returning to Cybertron...

Divefire looks down at his report and mutters something. He then pauses and glances over to Cats. "Have you seen Starwave today?"

CatsCradle meets her mate's gaze. "Um... no...? Should we be worried?" She thinks a beat, then sighs. "He's our kid. Of course, we should worry..."

Striker glances at Cats and wonders if he should just stay out of this one.

Divefire shakes his head slightly and frowns. "I don't think he's off base. He should know better then that."

CatsCradle notices Striker's glance and says defensively, "I'm new at this parenting stuff. And I don't really remember any role models." She looks back to Diver. "I'm sure he's fine. If he's anything like you, he's got his nose against a terminal screen somewhere reading reports."

Divefire adds with a slight smirk "Or he could be looking at fish."

Striker looks at Cats again, "Sorry Cats," is all he says.

CatsCradle tries to fight off a grin. "Or playing video games," she adds in as serious a tone as possible.

Divefire optics narrow in a fake annoyance. "Or sleeping in the library."

CatsCradle says, "Reading comic books."

Striker smirks at all this talk of their son.

Divefire snaps back quickly. "Getting shot."

Striker adds, "Or he could be trying to go back to Straxus," he knows he shouldn't have said that.

CatsCradle looks taken aback by the last one, and gazes steadily at her mate. "Taking Prime on."

Divefire is about to reply to Cats, then glances over to Striker, a look of annoyance on his features. "My son is entirely loyal to the Empire, Striker. He also trusts Straxus, read into that what you will."

CatsCradle adds, "After all, his mother was one of Straxus' favorite students. And that never stopped her loyalty to the Empire." She looks back to her mate. "Taking on Prime," she repeats.

Striker glances at Divefire, "I know he's loyal..." he looks over to Cats, "Sorry 'bout that comment, I didn't mean anything by it." He looks at both of them, "Cats may be right, after what I saw your son do to Skyfire he may very well be able to take on Prime."

CatsCradle drops her amusement and stares at Diver, her optics wide. "Oh, he wouldn't, would he?"

Divefire frowns, then shakes his head slightly. "He'd know better then to play around with the time line like that. Besides, I don't think he'd fair that well against Prime."

CatsCradle counters with, "Yeah? And maybe in the timestream, he did go after Prime. As for fairing well against Prime, it certainly hasn't stopped you from trying."

Divefire mutters. "That was different. Besides." He adds changing the subject quickly. "We can just radio him."

CatsCradle grins a little at his quick change of subject. "Do so, then. I'm sure you remember what you were like at that age. Who knows what trouble he might be up to."

Striker thinks for a moment. o O (hmm... when I was their son's age I was already hiding from bounty hunters on Cybertron)

Divefire mutters and powers up his radio and focuses in on it.

CatsCradle is sitting in one of the comfy chairs, looking at Divefire with a certain amount of concern

Divefire transmits a message via radio.

Striker snaps out of his thought daze as Snipe enters the room.

Snipe walks in, still looking a bit weary, but most of the small dents are gone now.

A radio transmission is received by Divefire.

CatsCradle looks up as Snipe walks in. "Snipe!" she says in surprise, then glances at Diver. "Oh, dear..."

Striker is leaning against the wall near the door after having talked with Cats and Divefire.

Divefire glances over to Cats and is about to report that Starwave is fine when Cats blurts out a name. He looks slowly up to the door, the look he gave Striker when he first came in mirrored as he looks to Snipe. "Oh, good..." He mutters in a dark tone.

Snipe waves Divefire off, “Not now, I'm not in the mood to avoid attacks."

CatsCradle's optics widen. Just because Snipe isn't in the mood to avoid attacks, doesn't mean Diver might not be in the mood to offer them...

Divefire stands slowly from his chair, his gaze level on Snipe. "You walk into my office and have the gall to try and wave me off? I see no ones bothered to attach a mind to the body since you were last around."

CatsCradle squeaks a little.

"...great..." Strike whispers, just what he needs, another argument to listen to.

Snipe raises an eyeridge, “I didn't know this was your office. I've been away for a while, if you haven't noticed. I'm tired, cranky, and really sick of this bad attitude I'm getting from you. I apologized to Cats for what I did, while I had no control over my actions. I'm still thinking of a way to make amends for my actions. If you want me deactivated so badly, why not challenge me to a formal duel? If you think, although I'm a lower rank, that I'm going to take your bullying for much longer, you're wrong." he then turns around, “If you have nothing positive to say, like 'Welcome back Snipe', then keep your mouth firmly in the shut position." he says as he walks towards the door, “Good day to you all."

Striker says, "Err... welcome back Snipe."

Striker looks at Cats and Divefire, wondering what he's done now.

Snipe looks over at Striker and nods as he leaves.

CatsCradle says in a level voice, her optics flashing in anger, "I stopped him once, Snipe. I won't do it again."

Snipe looks at Cats as he's stepping out through the door ,”Maybe it's better that you not try. This will never go away if something isn't done about it, and soon."

Divefire optics blaze into the back of Snipe, but for those watching him, his displeasure of seeing Snipe is perhaps more clear at being dismissed so casually. "Snipe." He manages to get out in a cold, deep tone. "You can atone for what you did to Cats by starting to respect those of us that will be fighting by your side on the battlefield."

CatsCradle waves her hand. "Umm... as the person who was shot, do I get a say, here?"

Striker looks at Cats, she should have something to say, but so does Striker, after all, he /was/ there to see it in person.

Snipe turns around suddenly, optics flashing, “Then start respecting me, instead of always glaring at me, always speaking to me in an angry tone. I only give respect for two things. People who respect me, and I respect /rank/. With all do respect to your /rank/, I don't respect you as a 'con, not until you respect me as a'con."

Divefire glances to Cats, his temper barely in check but biting back his remarks to Snipe for her to speak.

CatsCradle's voice is steady. "It was not Snipe's fault that I was shot. The blame goes around equally. However, you must also understand, Snipe, that if it had been me watching Divefire nearly bleed to death, you would not have made it back to base alive, regardless of the surrounding factors. I admire his restraint in that he /hasn't/ actually attacked you and that all he has really done is throw glowers at you. But /you/ have to understand what it is like to watch the person you love most nearly die, and that that kind of helplessness and anger just doesn't melt away with an apology."

Ruse walks in, and blinks at the speech given by Cat... wondering what she walked into now?

Striker thinks about the last sentence or two that Cats said, he stands there leaning against the wall thinking about the events of the past few weeks.

Snipe looks at Cats, “I know. I'm still trying to find a way I can make it up to both of you. But it really doesn't matter, does it? No matter what I do, it won't ever be enough, will it? Maybe this doesn't apply to you, Cats, but I'm starting to think this about Divefire here. While I can't say I have personal experience with near personal loss, I can understand that it's not something that goes away." he then sighs, slumping a bit and rubbing his weary optics, “All I ask is a little respect, and a little less hostility." he then straightens again, “I’ll still cover your back in a firefight." he says, turning to Divefire, “But until things get worked out, or you can stop reacting with such hostility...I'll keep my distance, if you keep yours."

Divefire folds his arms over his chest again as his optics dim slightly. "I've had to endure that type of loss once before and I will not pretend having it almost happen again was a pleasant experience." He pauses and takes that time to move over to where Cats is and touching her shoulder lightly. "However Snipe... If Cats can tolerate your presence... Then so can I."

Ruse says, "May I suggest something? First let me ask, Divefire do you feel this matter is settled in full?"

CatsCradle looks up at Diver, startled, touching his hand with hers. "Once before...?" she whispers, then catches herself, setting for curling her fingers through his and brushing her cheek against them.

Snipe nods once to Divefire, “It’s a start...maybe, someday, the preconditional won't need to be included in that sentence."

Divefire glances to Ruse, but his face is showing the age of his memories and he just nods slightly. "It serves no purpose in continuing. Our lives are more the complex enough already."

Ruse says, "That’s not what I asked Divefire. You let this fester and it will just be a problem later like with me and Straxus."

Divefire optics narrow once more as he looks from Ruse and towards to Snipe. "I know well enough how to deal with these problems Ruse. There will be no more, issues, between myself and Snipe."

Ruse sighs and nods, letting it go at that but not fully believing it.

Ruse says, "Anyway how’s everyone been while I was gone?"

Snipe nods once, then turns to leave again, “I’m sorry to leave, but I need rest. Good day to you all."

CatsCradle kisses Diver's fingers, looking up at him again. "I love you," she mouths.

Divefire watches Snipe leave, then glances to Cats and smiles slightly, but then moves to a console and leans against it, letting his body fall slightly as resurgent memories wash over his mind.

CatsCradle rises to her feet and goes to him. "Ruse, Striker, please leave," she asks softly.

Striker glances at Cats, grins, and nods, getting up and heading for the door.

Ruse watches Divefire and hms... She suddenly produces a energonish containment field from subspace. She walks over and sets it (and the baby plasmacreature/monster from the outer planets) on a table before leaving. "A gift.", is all she says with a devilish smile.

CatsCradle sits on the console and pulls him to her. She doesn't say anything. Just holds him.

Divefire hands slide up her back as he holds her back, his arms firmly wrapped around her as he closes his optics for a bit and rests against her.

CatsCradle kisses his forehead, then rests her head against his, her hands moving up to massage his shoulders and neck

Divefire sighs slightly and brings a finger up to brush up the side of her face as he looks into her optics, then smiles slightly before kissing her lips very, very softly.

CatsCradle rests her forehead against his, cupping his face in her hands, her thumbs lightly brushing over his face. "I love you," she says in a low tone, her voice catching.

Divefire sighs softly and replies in the same low tone. "I love you.." He looks at her soft features and purple optics, studying them intently as if for the first time. "Forever."

CatsCradle tries to smile. "Well, we know at least for the next 150 years," she says weakly.

Divefire smiles to her softly, brushing his fingers over her face again with a tender touch. "This, is true... What would you like to do for the rest of the day?"

CatsCradle whispers, "Spend the night showing you how much I love you. And it would still never be enough." She traces the lines of his face with the pads of her fingertips. "And at the same time... our son could disappear at any minute."

Divefire sighs softly and catches her hand in his and squeezes it softly. "I'm sure we could enjoy the former very much... But you're right, it could be 100 or so years before we see our son again."

CatsCradle kisses his fingers and rests her forehead against his again. "I won't ask,"' she says. "When the time's right, when you're ready, you'll tell me."

Divefire smiles softly to her, the faintest hint of amusement on his features. "Cats, I'm always ready for you." Then he adds in a more serious and softer tone. "I will tell you."

CatsCradle tickles his neck softly at his first words. "I know," she says to both and kisses him lovingly, her hands lacing together behind his neck.

Divefire hands brush up her back, linking together and pulling her a little tighter against his frame as he kisses her back as lovingly, his lips and tongue gliding over hers with a gentle passion.

CatsCradle kisses him again, her lips just barely brushing against his. "All this time," she whispers, "the worst of the nightmares was you being killed and me being alone. Of this war ending us before we could even live. But it's not going to." She breathes a soft laugh. "I'm going to have a family, Diver. We are. I never believed it, but it really is going to happen, isn't it?"

Divefire nods slightly, smiling to her as his fingers brush down her back. "If Starwave is anything to go by, then yes, it is. We are going to have a family."

CatsCradle smiles with another soft laugh, her optics full of awe. "He's something else, isn't he?" Her expression turns proud. "We did all right."

Divefire optics flash a little with a slight amount of amusement. "He certainly has his mothers charm."

CatsCradle grins. "Yeah, but from what I saw, he fights like you do."

Divefire smiles back to her, fingers still brushing up and down her spine. "I can think of worse combinations."

CatsCradle shudders, wrinkling her nose. "Me, too."

Divefire raises a brow slightly. "Such as?"

CatsCradle blinks innocently. "Oh... my trouble magnet, your moodiness..."

Divefire actually winces slightly. "Yes, that wouldn't be so good."

CatsCradle grins, her optics glinting evilly. "I could probably think of some more. Do you want me to go on?

Divefire optics narrow at her. "No. I do not want you to go on, I do however want you."

CatsCradle murmurs longingly under her breath, brushing her nose over his. "What is Starwave doing?"

Divefire breaths become heavier as he suddenly feels her very close to him. "He was in the science lab when I last spoke to him." He replies in a low, breathy tone.

CatsCradle blinks in alarm. "Oh, dear... I hope he inherited your tech ability and not mine..."

Divefire smirks slightly in response. "I think he knows well enough not to touch."

“Close enough." Her fingers brush over his face again. "How long do you think we have him for?""

Divefire murmurs to her slightly, his focus fully on her so deep optics. "I'm not sure, but I ran some temporal scans on him last night and today, judging by the change in readings I'd say for maybe another day, or two.

CatsCradle's fingers trace his lips, trembling slightly. "We shouldn't waste any of that time, then."

Divefire sighs and nods very slightly, but his lips capture her fingers and suck on them lightly.

CatsCradle whimpers softly, closing her optics and shivering, her senses attuned to her fingers. Her other hand traces down his throat, clawtips skimming lightly over his skin. "We have the next century alone together, Diver," she whispers. "Only two days with our son."

Divefire sighs softly and release her fingers from his mouth and nods to her, raining his emotions in. "You're right, of course..." He looks to her and smile softly before tenderly kissing her lips again. "We best go spend some time with our son then."

CatsCradle's lips linger on his, reluctant to break this precious mood... but at the same time, the longing to see her son, her family, lets her slip off the desk, taking his hand in hers. "Let's go find him."

R&E Office

<Earth> Ruse icly vanishes from all sensors suddenly. As if she literally went off planet.

<Earth> Striker says, "Ruse!"

<Earth> Starscream  looks at Striker "Striker do we have a problem?

<Earth> Ruse icly reappears on sensors a moment as being someplace in the living quarters... then vanishes again. Seems she’s wanting to play with Strikers mind.

<Earth> Starscream smiles " has she done this before?

<Earth> Striker says, "Oh yes, only this is the only time I've been her bodyguard, if I don't find her, Megatron's gonna kill me."

<Earth> Starscream says, " and why did Megatron put you in charge of her?"

<Earth> Striker says, "For punishment, after that little stunt I pulled in the arctic."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "(as if she can't help it) To keep him out of trouble?"

<Earth> Ruse meanwhile idly plots while listening to the radio and Striker trying and find her. She smiles smugly, and summons a datapad from subspace and begins reading a downloaded book. Got to pass the hours somehow...

<Earth> Ruse speaks up into the radio teasingly, "Try the RandE room Striker."

CatsCradle buries her face in her hands. "If it was a week ago, I'd feel sorry for Striker..."

Striker peeks in and sighs, "Is Ruse here?"

<Earth> Starscream says, "so Striker needs to find Ruse before Megatron finds out she’s missing eh? :smirks"

Starwave leans on the door frame with an amused look on his features, listening to the radio conversation. "Why feel sorry for him Mother, he's... here..."

CatsCradle is sitting curled up in her usual chair. She glances up at Striker, her expression more amused than normal. "Last I saw, she was heading for the conning tower."

CatsCradle adds, "said something about the space bridge..."

Divefire glances from Cats, to Starwave and then to Striker, looking less then amused. "Or shuttle hijacking..."

CatsCradle nods. "Either of which is entirely possible. Did I ever tell you how she took pot shots at Dinobots once?"

Striker covers his face, "You’re joking right?"

CatsCradle says seriously, "About the Dinobots, no. Shot Grimlock right on the nose in front of the Ark."

Starwave glances across to Striker with a pleasant smile. "No, I'm afraid my Mother is entirely correct. If I were you Striker, I'd run."

Catscradle says , "Either after her, or away. Depends on if you're more scared of her or Megatron.""

<Earth> Starscream says, "CatsCradle.  Track Ruse"

Striker rushes out.

CatsCradle mutters, "Aw, crud. It's not my job to look after her"

CatsCradle transmits to Ruse: " you aren't in any trouble, are you?"

Divefire glances over to Cats, frowns slightly and then leans back in his chair. "You're radio's been out for days."

Ruse transmits to CatsCradle: "Nope just giving Striker a big headache."

CatsCradle transmits to Ruse: " I just told him last I saw you, you were heading for the conning tower muttering about the space bridge"

CatsCradle laughs softly. "Ruse is just playing with his mind. I figured I'd just tell Starscream that. He'd probably enjoy watching Striker race around like a maniac as much as we are

Starwave steps fully into the RandE office and starts to look around, literally a child in an almost candy store.

Ruse transmits to CatsCradle: "(chuckles) "Good.... by the way. if you’re trying to track me via radio? Won’t work.  I have my broadcast signal bounced through a half a dozen systems.""

<Earth> Striker says, "Has anyone found her yet? She's not at the spacebridge."

CatsCradle transmits to Starscream: " Ruse is fine. She probably hasn't even left the base. She's just playing with Striker's mind. Hide and Seek, as it were. Sit back and enjoy the show."

CatsCradle transmits to Ruse: " why would I bother? I'm having too much fun watching Striker panic"

Divefire has the smallest of smiles appear on his features. "Possibly. As long as he leaves you out of it."

<Earth> Ruse remains radiosilent now, hoping Striker thinks she went off world.

<Earth> Starscream says, "CatsCradle, where is Megatron?"

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "I do not know.  I haven't seen him in a couple of days"

<Earth> Starscream says, "what a shame. . ."

CatsCradle laughs softly and tucks her feet up under her. "I told him to sit back and enjoy the show."

<Earth> Striker says, "Come on, surely she hasn't gone off planet yet?"

Divefire optics narrow in the direction of Cats. "You just told Starscream he had a free rain..."

<Earth> Starscream says, "Ruse is quick Striker. It stands to reason she may have"

<Earth> Starscream says, "What are you going to do about it?"

Striker peeks in again, "Let me guess, haven't seen her yet?"

Divefire frowns. "No."

Striker sighs.

Striker has left.

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "doesn't mean Megatron isn't around.  I've been cooped up in my office since the last time I saw him"

<Earth> Striker says, "Turn the base inside out until I find her, that's what."

CatsCradle says , "which is more or less true. Just because I haven't seen Megatron doesn't mean he isn't here.""

<Earth> Starscream says, "lets hope Megatron does not find out you lost Ruse before you find her . . ."

Starwave starts looking through a pile of reports on one of the desks. Given there unstable nature of stacking, he pulls one of the lower ones out, and manages to dislodge the rest onto the floor with a clatter. "Oops." He comments in a low voice after cringing slightly.

<Earth> Striker says, "Wow, thanks for the advice Starscream."

<Earth> Starscream says, ". . anytime. . ."

CatsCradle smirks softly. "This is better than a movie." She sighs at the cascade of falling files. "Yeah, that happens to me, too."

Divefire mutters something and looks out of the corner of his optics at Starwave. "You are going to pick those up." He questions as a statement.

Starwave nods slightly, lowering his optics to the floor slightly. "Yes Father." And quickly goes about picking the reports up.

<Earth> Striker says, "If you see her, /please/ tell me, I don't need Megatron shooting at me again."

<Earth> Striker says, "I'll start looking in the quarters."

CatsCradle glances up at Diver. "You locked ours, didn't you?"

<Earth> Starscream says, "I will let you know if I see her,  Striker, you have my word.

Divefire nods slightly back at her. "Always. No ones getting in."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "but how can you see someone in a holocloak?"

<Earth> Striker says, "I... I don't know."

CatsCradle adds off-radio, "just to add a little more panic to Striker." She looks over to Starfire as he picks up the files. "They weren't in any particular order. Just toss them back on my desk with the rest of the mess."

<Earth> Starscream says "well that’s a simple matter of adjusting your scanners for that

Starwave looks up to his Mother and nods with a smile as he places the files on the desk. "I get my organizational skills from you, Mother." With the files back in place he moves over to lean against the desk slightly and glance between his parents with a slightly questioning look. "Was it always like this around here?"

CatsCradle says with a straight face, "Well, no. Sometimes we have to look for missing video game hint books, don't we, Diver?"

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "Hey, Striker, maybe she's gone to pay the Autobots a visit..."

Divefire glowers at Cats, and folds his arms across his chest in usual fashion. "Yes, dear."

<Earth> Striker says, "Ruse? Please pick up."

<Earth> Starscream says, "yes I think I did hear her mention something about the Autobots"

<Earth> Striker says, "Starscream..."

CatsCradle burst out into laughter. "Oh, dear..."

<Earth> Starscream says, "surely some 'bots would be no problem for you eh Striker?"

<Earth> Striker says, "Of course not..."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "after all, she has a fondness for Autobot-allied Dinobots..."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "as in taking shots at them"

<Earth> Striker says, "Great... dinobrats."

Starwave smiles and shakes his head slightly. "It's like I'm back home again."

CatsCradle grins at her son. "Things don't change much, huh?"

<Earth> Starscream says, "Dinobots?"

Starwave shakes his head again and fakes a sad, forlorn look. Even going so far as to droop his head to the ground. "No, I'm afraid not."

<Earth> Starscream says, "Well she is under your care. I would go and get her before one of the Dinoclods damages her"

Ruse transmits to CatsCradle: "Tell em about how I stampeeded the dinos making them think a sniped shot from me was from one of the Bots... by the way tell Megs I’m not gone and Striker hasn't failed I’m just being mean, if this brings up trouble."

CatsCradle's optics glint. "Guess that part runs in the family as well."

<Earth> Starscream says, "it would be a shame for Megatron to find out Ruse was damaged under your care wouldn’t it?"

<Earth> Striker starts sounding angry, "RUSE! ANSWER! I KNOW YOUR LISTENING TO THIS FREQUENCY!"

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "actually it might be the other way around.  She stampeeded the Dinobots once by shooting Grimlock's nose.  Made him think it was an Autobot shot.  Started a real riot.""

<Earth> Starscream almost chuckles

CatsCradle transmits to Ruse: " not a problem"

Divefire frowns and rests the side of his head in a hand. "Heh. Wonderful." Although the tone may be flat, there's a clear smirk on his features.

<Earth> Starscream says, "then that’s all the more reason you need to get her Striker"

CatsCradle turns her amused look to Diver. "You're enjoying this and you know it."

<Earth> Striker says, "Come on Ruse, please answer? I don't need Megatron angry at me... again."

Divefire frown deepens, but then he lets out a smirk, optics shining. "Just maybe." Then he glances over to Starwave, looking over his son. "Although I will admit that your presence here has been a little off putting, I'm willing to admit that the idea of you being my son is a good one."

CatsCradle chuckles softly. "I'm glad you think our child was a good idea."

<Earth> Starscream looks to CatsCradle "perhaps this might be on Megaton’s frequency?

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "(in an innocent tone) Why, I'm not sure... I suppose it might be...""

Starwave glances from his father to his mother and smirks in a reflective manor. "That would be children, Mother."

<Earth> Starscream says, "If I had you know I would tell you. I said I would"

CatsCradle completely loses her amusement for a moment, her optics wide. "Children? As in..." She automatically scolds: "You shouldn't tell us about the future... but.... since you've already started..." Her expression melts into delight. "Children?"

Divefire smirks again at Cats reaction and then seats himself further back in his chair, glancing over to Starwave for him to continue his explanation.

<Earth> Starscream says, "Cats where is Ruse now?"

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "I honestly don't know"

<Earth> Starscream says, "What?!"

<LongRange> Ruse suddenly appears on the monitor on earth in the command center. The command center on Cybertron seemingly behind her, "Hi, just letting you guys know I am safe and the trip went smoothly."

<Earth> Starscream says, "Well where was she last on your scanners?"

<Earth> Starscream looks at Ruse

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "it's extremely difficult to pick her up on scanners when she doesn't want to be found."

<Earth> Starscream says, "well that’s not our problem, its Strikers"

<Earth> Starscream says, "what is Striker?"

<LongRange> Ruse 's image flickers albeit on the big monitor in the command center and she waits for a response. She reports ahead anyway for anyone in there listening, "If Striker is busy looking for me, don't tell him where I am. I decided to go ahead and finish training with Shockwave."

Starwave nods slightly to his mother, his optics flashing a light purple. "Yes, I have a twin sister."

<LongRange> Ruse 's image fades as the transmission ends.

CatsCradle's optics light up. "A daughter? Twins?" She looks at her mate in delight.

Divefire smirks and shakes his head slightly. "No one could accuse us of doing things by half."

"A daughter..." Her voice trails off, her optics still alight, and she gazes at Starwave for a moment, obviously bursting with curiosity and trying to hold on to their no-future-discussing rule."

Starwave smiles back to his mother, delighted to read the expression in her face. But despite himself he shakes his head slightly. "I won't tell you Mother, even if you ask me."

CatsCradle squeaks in frustration. "Not even a name?" she asks in spite of herself

Divefire glances to Cats and shakes his head. "You know we can't ask Starwave to devulge information from the future..." Although from his face it's clear he's mildly curious himself.

CatsCradle groans and buries her face in her hands.

Starwave sighs slightly then shakes his head. For a moment he looks to the heavens and then smiles. "Her name is Firewave, that's all I'm going to tell you."

CatsCradle repeats softly, "Firewave... that rather makes sense, doesn't it?" she looks back at Starwave. "Identical?" She glares at Diver. "That won't make a difference in the timestream if I know that."

Divefire frowns but says nothing.

<Earth> Striker says, "Come on, surely ONE of you has seen Ruse?"

Starwave shakes his head slightly, looking to his mother. "No, not identical mother. After all she is my twin sister."

<Earth> Starscream says, "and if one of us did what would that be worth to you?"


CatsCradle nods. "True." she adds to Diver, "Besides, you wanted to know, too. You just don't want to admit it."

<Earth> Starscream says, "I don’t play games Striker, but you need to take better care of your charge"

Divefire looks back to Cats and smirks to her. "I just have more restraint then you."

<Earth> Starscream says, "Perhaps I can assist you and lets just say you will owe me . . . fair enough?"

CatsCradle shoots back at her mate with, "usually. I can think of a few times when you didn't."

<Earth> Striker says, "I'm not gonna owe you a thing... Starscream."

Divefire smirk keeps on his features. "And you'd really like to discuss those times with our son present?"

<Earth> Starscream says, "then I have not seen her."

CatsCradle grins. "I don't have to discuss them further. You already know what I'm talking about." She winks an optic at Starwave

Starwave blinks slightly and then coughs a little. "Ah, yes well. I'm sure you're aware that most children are not comfortable discussing the details of their creation with their parents..."

<Earth> Starscream watches closely, "I suggest you start looking for her. . Striker

CatsCradle shrugs a little, her expression apologetic. "I don't know much about any children, and even less about my own."

CatsCradle shoots another amused glance at Diver. "'Sides, we weren't creating yet."

<Earth> Starscream sees the holgraphic image but just cant bring himself to say anything about it

Divefire shakes his head with a smile at Cats. "You're embarrassing our son, lover."

CatsCradle sighs. "I'll stop now."

<Earth> Starscream points toward where several 'cons were at earlier, "Why don’t you try that way.

Starwave nods slightly, a grateful look on his finely crafted face. "Thank you Mother."

CatsCradle glances up at Starwave. "Twins, huh?" Her delighted expression is back. "And these antics of Ruse made you think of you and your sister?"

Starwave smiles again, cocking his head to one side and exaggerating his gestures with his hands. "Well, you could say so, yes. We were something of a handfull as kidlets."

CatsCradle gives Diver a mournful look. "Why do I think we'll be sympathizing with Striker someday." She perks up. "Speaking of which..."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "Striker, quick!  She just ran by the door!"

<Earth> Striker says, "Where?"

Divefire shakes his head slightly and then nods. "Yes, someday..." Then he adds with a slight smirk. "Obviously not today mind you."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "the office door"

<Earth> Striker says, "I don't see her."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "running through the base, not in or out?"

Striker rushes through the door, all out of breath... "Where... is.... she?!"

CatsCradle points quickly towards the training complex. "That way

Striker sighs and rushes out again...

CatsCradle laughs evilly. "Defiantly not today."

<Earth> Striker says, "Ruse! I know you’re listening, where are you?"

Divefire smirks again and adds with a tone of distinct humor. "Is it any wonder I love you so much?"

<Earth> Striker says, "Come on Ruse, please?"

CatsCradle laughs again. "Oh, I love it when they beg..."

<Earth> Ruse merely waits for someone to try and wrestle down the Optimus Prime looking Striker.

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "maybe if you bribe her"

Divefire adds with another smirk. "I'll keep that in mind."

<Earth> Ruse says, "Bribe? Hmm. I’m listening if your going to try and make an offer Striker. That is all though, listening"

<Earth> Striker says, "Ok, I promise I won't have Megatron send ya back to Straxus if you come back nicely."

<Earth> Ruse hms, "going to have to do better then that. time to up the anti abit.

<Earth> *Base Alarm* Warning!! Intruder Alert!! Autobot Energy signature detected!

CatsCradle unfolds herself from the chair. "This is probably going to get a lot more silly, and as much as I like hearing Striker go quickly insane... lets get out of here before something goes wrong...." The alarms go off and she sighs. "Like that..."

<Earth> Striker uses his scanners to attempt to locate Ruse's radio signals. "How about I get you something, whatever you want."

Divefire mutters as he flips out of his chair. "Wonderful... Starwave, stay close to us."

Striker enters, "Any of you know what that Autobot warning was?" Apparently, he doesn't realize that Ruse's hologram is still doing it's work.

<Earth> Ruse says, "Nope.. erk uh oh! ... I think Prime is loose in the ship! *For some reason you can't find her signal Striker. Its shielded by... something.*"

CatsCradle's optics widen as what looks like Prime comes into her office. "Sonofa--" she pops her wrist lasers

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "All Decepticons.  Prime is in the R&E office!""

Striker's optics widen as Cats aims at him, "What the... CatsCradle! Don't!" He ducks.

Starwave jaw drops slightly at the image of Prime walking through the office door, with out so much as a second thought and acting far more on instinct he quickly brings his arms together besides his side and starts to charge up his plasma wave. "I can deal with this relic!" He boasts quickly.

Striker glances up at the trio of cons, "Starwave, don't! Don't attack!"

Divefire’s electro sword flashes into being but he glances at his son as Prime does something very odd and ducks... "Starwave, wait a second I don't think..." However it's a little to late...

Striker screams, "It's me, Striker, don't shoot!"

CatsCradle's first reaction had been to pop her lasers, her second was to glance for her son, in a torn choice of firing at Prime or pulling her son to safety.

<Earth> *Base Alarm* Intruder Alert Canceled... (Meowth thats right)

Starwave form shines as he summons the plasma into tightly focused beam, focusing more of the energies into the field, before he throws it forwards towards the image of Prime... "You can't fool me Prime, I know your kind to well!"

Striker groans as he's hit in the torso from the plasma, hard. "Ahhh..." He shrieks and falls over.

Striker's holographic form slowly, revealing Striker laying on his side, his entire torso area is scorched from the plasma blast, and there’s even more damage on the inside. "Uhh..." Is all he can say.

Divefire growls and throws an evil looks towards Starwave. "When I say stop, I mean stop!"

CatsCradle runs to crouch next to Striker. "Oh, dear..." Her hands flutter over the wounds. "Diver, I'm not any good at this stuff..."

Divefire mutters and shakes his head. He quickly goes to Striker's side and glances over the damage. "Let's get him to the medbay, it doesn't look life threatening."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "Ruse, this isn't funny any longer.  Striker's hurt."

Starwave’s optics go wide on seeing what he's done, his hands fall limply to his side and his mouth falls. "Oh no..." He whispers, realizing the size of his mistake.

<Earth> Ruse says, "Not badly, Starscream saw me place the hologram so would have prevented any serious harm to him. Now I assume Striker your ready to come to more.. agreeable bribery then you offered before?"

CatsCradle looks up at Starwave and waves him over, then looks again and reads his expression. She sighs a little, then waves again. "Help Diver take him to the repair bay." She moves next to him and touches his arm. "It had me fooled, too," she adds in a softer voice.

<Earth> Divefire says, "I'm sure Striker would, if he could hear you Ruse. My son just blasted what he thought was Optimus Prime with what I can only describe as the equivalent a plasma cannon discharge. Now I'm going to try and save him so if you'd be so good as to stop with your prank now, I'd appreciate it."

Starwave shakes his head and then nods slightly, not saying a word as he goes to the bottom of Striker's legs and carefully starts to lift him.

CatsCradle hovers nearby, shaking her head at the damage. "Your sister just as deadly?" she asks Starwave.

Divefire frowns after his radio report and then nods slightly to Starwave. "On two, lift. Two." And with his arms under Striker's arms he lifts the battered 'con up and out.

<Earth> Ruse can... for a moment... can just be heard breathing then there’s a gasp before she screams, "Ill be right there!"

Starwave glances to Cats and nods slightly on the way out with a solemn nod.

Divefire leads the convoy towards the med bay.


Repair Bay

CatsCradle glances at Diver. "You're right. We don't do things by halves, do we?" She looks a little guiltily proud at the thought of her children being so powerful.

Ravage idly comes padding along and sniffs the air... . o O ( Ahhh I love the scent of plasma in the morning..)

Ruse is, standing there... waiting... medtable all set up for Striker.

Ravage follows along the trail of armor bits on the floor.. sniffing at each.

Divefire walks in with his arms under Striker's battered frame, Starwave holding Striker's feet as they move Striker over to the prepared med bay and put him down on it, softly as the situation requires.

Starwave backs off quickly to the side of the room, shaking his head slightly with a forlorn look at what he's done.

Ravage pads over to Starwave and rubs up against his leg... behold the future lord of the universe.

CatsCradle moves to stand closer to Starwave, patting his arm gently. "Worse things have happened here," she says gently. "Keep me talking, so I don't realize where I am."

Striker's entire body tenses up, then goes limp as the two set him on the medtable.

Ravage sits down looking up at Starwave... a twinkle in his optics..

Divefire glances over to Starscream as he starts to hook up the medtable to Striker's battered body is a hurried fashion. "Do something useful Starscream and find Soundwave." He asks of the Seeker XO in a commanding tone.

Ruse is standing in a corner having done what she could by prepping a medtable for Striker...

Soundwave steps into the room since sensors alerted him upon his return to base that most everyone was here. He looks around to see what has occurred.

Ravage sits beside Starwave rubbing his head against the mech’s leg.

Starscream steps aside for Soundwave and watches

Ruse looks towards Starscream and GLARES at him a moment... before looking downward.

Starwave looks to Cats and tries to smile softly, but really can't bring himself to do it. He notes Ravage's presence by his feet and gives the other cat a questioning look, and then looks back Cats. "I, yes, you told me the stories of the Earth wars..."

Starscream realizes he’s in trouble

Soundwave glances at Starscream, acknowledging the Subcommander with a brief nod before moving over toward the center of the action.

Starscream studies Striker for a moment

Starscream looks to Ruse

Soundwave's gaze passes over Starwave as well, but if he knows anything about this individual, his unreadable eyeband does not let on. "What has occurred here?" he questions.

Starscream leans down and whispers to her, "I hope you learned a lesson

Striker is laying on a medtable, his entire body is loose... his torso is burned badly and there are several small holes in his armor with fuel leaking from them, the rest of his body is slightly scorched from the blast but that is nothing compared to the damage to his torso.

CatsCradle leans closer to Starwave. "Your father tried to take on Prime not too long ago as well," she whispers. Her optics glint a slightly darker shade. "It must run in the family."

Ravage looks up at Cats then nudges her leg.

Divefire glances over to the door as Soundwave comes in, nodding slightly to the presence of the vastly more experienced surgeon. "Due to a prank gone wrong, Striker got hit with a very high yield plasma wave, courtesty of my son. The results you can see for yourself."

Ruse looks guilty and angry at the same time... a very difficult look to pull off but she does. As Starscream finishes whispering she balls a fist and tries to take a weak swing at his face! Ok bad move but she’s ticked at herself AND at him.

Starscream leans back a bit, "Ruse please control yourself

Soundwave does not wait long for an explanation, going into action even while he listens to what those around him are saying. Spraying the extensive burn wounds first of all with nitrogen coolant to numb the pain, he then shuts down Striker's tactile sensors completely and starts removing the armor.

Starwave can't help but smile at that and glances to his Mother. "Was that the occasion when you traveled back in time?"

CatsCradle smiles down at Ravage at his nudging, then is distracted by Ruse's movement at Starscream and sighs. She pulls her attention back to Starwave. "Yes." She grins suddenly. "Looks like we have that in common as well, don't we?" She looks amused. "Your father tried to ram Prime's legs out from under him."

Soundwave evaluates the phrase "a prank gone wrong," as well as hearing the scuffle of Ruse's actions, and draws his own conclusion, but keeps silent now, simply concentrating on his task.

Ravage hardly feels guilty in taking part... considering he knows just how rugged and tough Decepticons are.

Ravage yawns.

Starscream blends into the background

Ruse grrrs and narrows her optics at Starscream hissing as she walks toward him and accuses, "Why didn't you say something? You clearly saw me plant the device... I meant you to otherwise you wouldn't have. Don't you care they hes on that table because you failed to act and my misjudgment of your concern for other Decepticons?"

Starscream remains alert though and watches

Starscream looks to her

Divefire steps back and gives Soundwave room to work, giving the monitors that show Striker's vitals with some interest. "I suspect this goes beyond my field medic skills Soundwave..." He mutters close to the table as he watches the tape deck work.

Starscream says, "I..I didn’t think this would happen"

Starscream says, "and this is just as much your fault as well"

Starscream says, "the holograph was your idea was it not?"

Soundwave files away every word spoken, but one could never tell from his demeanor as his hands move quickly and surely to remove and replace the molten components. "Divefire, I will need replacements for these parts, as well as fresh fuel lines and neurocircuitry wire," he says in his calm monotone.

CatsCradle mutters something about rank and experience should have known better, but it's a little hard to make out the actual words

Starwave whispers back to Cats, an aloof smile on his face. "I'm sure he'll do much worse to worry you."

CatsCradle looks at Starwave in pure horror. "Oh, I really didn't need to know that."

Ruse crosses her arms and huffs, "True... fortunately the damage is not life or death. One plasmabolt wont take a larger transformer down." She leans against the wall nearest Starscream and looks to Striker's form on the table.

Starscream glances to striker then to her, "then no harm done"

Starscream hopes silently

Starscream glances to Soundwave

Ravage moves over and sits down by Soundwave glancing up like a critter waiting for table scraps.

Divefire moves quickly, but in a calm manner to the sides of the repair bay, selecting equipment from draws and looking across the room to locate the next item. He walks back to the table, mostly ignoring the rest of the room for now as he focuses on the task at hand and stands ready to give Soundwave the required components, just like a well trained nurse.

Starwave smirks to his mother then glances over to Ruse, before he can stop himself he voices to her. "Actually that was one of my smaller blasts..."

Soundwave accepts the replacement parts from Divefire and fits them expertly into place, then brings out a small blowtorch to work over that external armor piece that he removed.

CatsCradle studies Starwave intently. "Smaller blasts?"

Divefire steps back again, seeing that most of the work is done and slides back to be closer with his family, also having heard Starwave's remark and giving him a questioning look.

Ruse says, "Let me guess you can infuse laser-energy with plasma Starwave? Its the only way to generate such force that I know of, from a mech your size."

Soundwave finally seems satisfied and fits the armor plate back into place, after re-activating the tactile sensors. Striker should be regaining sensation slowly.

Starscream says, "I take it he will be fine Soundwave?"

Starwave glances to both his parents and then shrugs in a slightly defensive manor before glancing back to Ruse. "Actually only my Father can do that, my plasma wave is focused and controlled by magnetic containment field."

Ravage idly listens in and takes notes for his Dooms Day weapon.

Soundwave checks Striker's readings one more time to assure himself, then faces Starscream in response to the question. "Affirmative," he says, the tone giving away nothing more than that piece of information. And yet he regards Starscream, and Ruse, with a sort of expectant silence.

Ruse says, "Railtech? Interesting... in a plasma-weapon no less."

Ruse looks to Soundwave... somewhat guilty feeling but not as much anymore. She now believes the blame lies with Starscream.

CatsCradle starts with, "Only your father--" She gives Diver a oh-and-when- were- you -going to share-/that/-one look.

Starscream heads for the door, “Good Soundwave, I will need a report on it.” Walks out

Striker's optics slowly begin activating again, his fingers flinch as he regains consciousness, "Wha... what happened?"

Starwave grins back to Ruse but says nothing more

Ravage hops up onto the table and walks up onto Striker's chest and looks him in the eyes... then licks his fangs slowly.

Soundwave simply watches Starscream in silence, adding the Subcommander's timed escape to the information he has already deduced.

Divefire looks back to Cats with as a surprised look and simply voices. "I can't..."

Ruse says, "Yet, Divefire..."

Striker glances up at Ravage, "Don't even /think/... about it, Ravage."

Ravage thinks, . o O 0 ( Yum... too late )

Ravage sticks his nose in Striker’s face... sniffs.. then jumps off the table.

Soundwave then look speculatively to Starwave. "Perhaps you could inform me how you ended up shooting, apparently by accident, a member of our forces?"

CatsCradle mutters, "We just keep getting more and more surprises." She turns to Soundwave. "Striker was hologrammed to look like Prime."

Divefire looks over to Ruse, nodding slightly then glances back to his future son and narrows his optics, but doesn't ask for an explanation. Yet.

Ruse side-glances...

Soundwave tilts his head a little, as though taking in a curious fact, and looks speculatively over to Ruse. "There are one or two individuals among us who have such an ability," he says neutrally.

Ravage sits down again and watches Soundwave looks around the room... Boy this cat sure knows how to get others in trouble.

Ruse says, "And it was me that cloaked him in Starscream’s sight... and activated the base alarm hoping Cat or someone would wander in and panic... but that the subcommander would intervene."

Ruse glances to Ravage as if saying she will take the full heat for this...

Divefire shakes his head slightly and sighs. "You should know Starscream better then that Ruse."

Ravage doesn't see Ruse's look he is intently staring at Soundwave.

Starwave sighs slightly as he looks over to the revered form of Soundwave but finds he has nothing really to add, certainly he didn't intend to shoot Striker, although curiously Soundwave might detect a certain emotionally smirk at the thought...

Soundwave only shakes his head a little at Ruse, looking for a moment almost disappointed. "We are pleased to have you back among us, Ruse, but it seems your idea of a joke has gone a bit farther than you intended."

Striker says a little weakly, "I'm sure Ruse didn't mean for this to happen."

Soundwave says, "I am sure she did not. But I would expect of her, an intelligent Decepticon warrior, to give some regard to consequences."

Ruse sighs, "I didn't think he would let Starwave blast Striker, or wander around without warning him about that holopackage I planted! I mean... I -thought-" She nods and sighs looking to Soundwave, "Not totally... to be honest as long as Striker is ok, I’m sorta glad he got blasted. Maybe he wont think about playing baby-sitter anymore."

Striker glances at Ruse, "Wasn't my idea, trust me... there's lots of things I'd rather be doing than baby-sitting a cassette."

Ravage thinks, . o O 0 ( Like what... Shooting other Decepticons ? )

Soundwave says, "It is my understanding that this occurred on Megatron's orders." He casts a speculative look over at Striker. "And was it not possible for *two* intelligent Decepticons to follow Megatron's orders without one ending up in repair bay?""

CatsCradle says , "He wasn't playing, Ruse. He was ordered to."

Ravage idly claws the floor and looks around... He wasn't playing either really since he was told by Soundwave to look out for Ruse and he did just that.

CatsCradle turns her attention back to Starwave. "You said your sister is just as deadly? Does she have a similar power?"

Ruse grumbles, "ORDERS? I don't need a baby-sitter and wont tolerate anyone attempting to follow me around. Final... end of line. I warn now Striker, I was playing this time and didn't mean to hurt you. Next time I might NOT be and you can imagine how deadly I can be when I want." o O(Primus I just get ok for a adult body and Megatron DARES pull this!)

Starwave glances away from Soundwave and nods to his mother once more. "Similar, yes. Though her power is fire based rather then plasma based."

CatsCradle grins smugly at her mate. "Yep. I think we did all right with them."

Soundwave says quietly, "Ruse, if assigned someone to keep watch on you, he had his reasons. If you disagree with them, I suggest you take it up with him. Threatening to harm your fellow warriors, however, is hardly a desirable response for one who claims maturity." The tone is, oddly enough, not a reprimand but simply an observation.

Ruse looks to Soundwave, "I already know somehow.. he wont accept any argument against having a guard that I present to him. So I am taking the steps I feel I must take to dissuade such actions. A logical course of action isn't it?"

Striker looks at Ruse, "You could've just asked me to give ya a little space."

Divefire offers a smirk in response, but doesn't say anything within the current surroundings.

Soundwave says, "Negative. You are unlikely to win a struggle of wills with Megatron. There are more effective ways to convey your message."

Ruse looks to Striker, "After you jumping in to save my life.. in the simulator when you wasn't even part of the training? I doubt it..." She then returns her gaze to Soundwave, "Like what?"

Soundwave looks around the room again, his gaze lingering with interest on Starwave for a moment before returning his attention to Ruse. "Perhaps that is something we should discuss elsewhere."

Ruse says, "Lead the way."

CatsCradle nods towards Diver and to the door, tugging at Starwave's arm. The rest of the discussion really doesn't have anything to do with them, and a quiet leaving might be a good idea...

Soundwave heads toward the door anyway, content that Striker after some rest will be just fine.

Striker watches Ruse and Soundwave's conversation with intent.

Divefire nods and quickly heads for the door.

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