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Repair Woes
Repair Woes
(played 7/1301)

RandE Office(#327en)

This is one of the smaller rooms off of the defunct Engine Room. To one side are two comfortable chairs that are suspiciously similar to those in the Library. A small table in one corner holds a small burbling fountain, the water cascading over a collection of rocks and plants into a bowl at the base. Two desks are present with consoles, one of them considerably more cluttered than the other one. The cluttered one has a poster tacked on it of a cartoon girl sitting behind a crude wooden booth with a sign that reads "Psychiatric Help 5 Cents". Also tacked to that desk is a full-color printout of a lake-side beach framed with trees somewhere in a mountain range, and a silver rose is tucked to one side of the monitor, somehow managing to not be buried under more clutter. Maps and arial shots of Earth terrain cover the walls, along with a few posters with Japanese writing, some with cartoon characters and one with a fire-breathing monster. A shelf is lined with what looks like human-sized toys styled after transforming robots, and although none of them are very similar to Decepticons or Autobots, an observant viewer might notice that the one labeled "Go-Bot" has been painstakingly repainted in Striker's colors. There is the faint pleasant scent in the air of unlit beeswax candles and that along with the splashes of the fountain, achieves a soothing atmosphere.

CatsCradle is sitting in one of the comfy chairs, working on notes for a report. Her leg is propped up on one of the desk chairs, but the claw marks on her thigh and face have sealed over and are not as vivid as they had been previously.

Hook slowly walks in the room, followed by three gumbies. "Remember why you're here, let me do the talking." The Constructicon turns his head around and smiles to the femme. "Ah! CatsCradle! I knew I could meet you here... There are things we need to... Speak of."

CatsCradle scrambles to her feet, managing to tangle herself in the desk chair, completely knocking it over. "Aw, hell... look, I'm much better now. Really."

Hook folds his arms against his chest, his assistance getting beside Hook, not really doing anything, really. Hook says. "Ah, that is not the point, my friend, I need to check you up, cause, according to my files, we haven't seen you in the repair for a while, I need to run some check up on you."

CatsCradle shakes her head quickly. "No, you don't. Look, I'm fine." She kinda jumps with her weight on the wounded leg. "See? No limp. I'm sure you must have more important worries... Oh, gee, lookit the time, gotta submit this report, seeyoulater." She heads for the door.

Hook narrows his optics and waves to his gumbies medic. "Don't let her get out." He states. "Look, my friend." He gestures. "I, and only I can decide if you're okay, it won't take long, and if youíre fine, than you shouldn't be scared of me." He states.

"That's assuming a lot," she mutters under her breath. The desks being too far away, she grabs the desk chair she had been using as a leg prop and swings it between her and Hook. Then she really notices what a tiny barrier it is and rather wilts.

Hook takes a step back and narrows his optics. "My, my, calm down or we'll have to bring you back to the medbay using force, which thing neither of us want!"

CatsCradle backs up another step, still keeping the chair between them, her optics flickering in panic. "That would most likely really put me in the med bay, which would be rather counterproductive, wouldn't it?" she says, speaking quickly. "Not very efficient at all..."

Hook grunts slightly, narrowing his optics. "I am an expert! I know what is good for you! Now come with us or I'll force you too! It's for your own good." He states simply.

CatsCradle lets out a sharp breath. "Look, forcing me is a real bad idea. First of all, being that it would get ugly and messy really quick, and I don't really want to have to put my office back together... again... and I don't think you want your repairbay going through the same treatment." She pauses in an obvious struggle not to panic and goes on in a softer voice, "I'm really not good at this. There should be warnings in huge letters all over my files."

Hook narrows his optics. "Look, this is for your own good, shouldn't really be hard for you to understand, why are you so afraid of this?" He asks.

CatsCradle sorts over a variety of answers all in a split second. "I hate repair bays," she says weakly, knowing how inadequate that sounds.

Hook waves his right hand in the air, letting how a little sigh of annoyance. "Okay then, let me check you up here."

CatsCradle blinks and thinks about that. "Ok... that's a little better," she says hesitantly. She lets out a long sigh. "Look, if you're doing a complete scan, you'll notice some very old damage to my memory relays. Old as in a few millennia. It has nothing to do with my function as a soldier, and it is not to be repaired.Ē

Hook waves an hand in the air. "Well, let me first run a scan on you and give a proper diagnosis, we'll see later." With that, he nods to his gumbies medics and walks beside CatsCradle, taking out his medscanner, running a scan on her.

CatsCradle eeps and watches the scanner warily, but remains still

Hook nods slightly, taking some notes. "Hmm... Interesting..." He states to himself.

CatsCradle blinks. "I've been called many things. I don't remember 'interesting' ever being one of them."

Hook raises his optics up to CatsCradle and chuckles snobbishly. "You're mistaken my friend, I was saying that, according to the results on my scanner." He states, waving his hand in the air.

CatsCradle looks for a second as if she /REALLY/ wishes the chair was between them again.

Hook shakes his head slightly and puts his scanner back in subspace. "Well, according to it, you are fine...Or I should say, almost fine, your leg." He points to it. "Is slightly injured and I am afraid your auto-repair cannot do the job, it's just a matter of a couple of seconds." He states, taking out his arc welder.

CatsCradle lets out another long sigh, but as long as he doesn't seem to be hinting towards memory repairs, she sits down and props her leg back up on the chair.

Hook doesn't really care for memory repairs, he could do them, but it would just let the thing harder, such operations aren't his field of things, he lets it to his brothers. The Constructicon begins to work slowly on the leg, some pain might be felt by CatsCradle, but Hook doesn't care, he'll achieve to perfection even if she must suffer.

CatsCradle watches him work, not seeming to really notice any pain. After all, she's been walking on it for well over a week and was willing to let it go longer. Since the memory problems don't seem to be a priority concern to him, she asks softly, "The claw marks on my face?" She touches them gently, the first time she has called any notice to it since they were made.

Hook stands up after a good moment, he has repaired the injuries completely. "Ah! Everything is fine, although, you have other little 'imperfection' in your armor, I would highly suggest you going back to the medbay as soon as possible..." The Constructicon rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Or maybe I could make it right now..." He takes his arc welder and looks at CatsCradle.

Medkit, one of the gumbies medic, coughs and says out loud. "Huh, Hook, I wouldn't want to disappoint you, but this will have to wait, according to our schedule, we're 35 astrominutes late, I mean, there's other who need checkups."

Searchlight, the second medic, nods. "Yes, and we'll have to try gain that time, I believe we should just worries about making what's important for now, sir."

Hook grunts a little, but turns the arc welder off. "Very well..." He looks at CatsCradle and smirks. "Then, I am seeing forward into seeing you in the medbay." With that, Hook stands up and heads away, ordering to his gumbies medic. "Let's get moving."

CatsCradle gives Hook a warning look. "Didn't think you really wanted to spend today putting your repair bay back together," she says mildly and picks up her reader again

Hook casts a quick glance at CatsCradle, a bit puzzled, just before he leaves the place.

CatsCradle settles back in her chair, grumbling slightly to herself, but not able to keep a relieved note out of her tone. The repairs are done, she won't have to hide anymore... and Diver will stop fussing.

Hook is heading out of the office, three gumbies medic following him. "Who is the next person on the list?" Hook states, unhappy because he wasn't able to do 'perfect' work on the femme.

One of the medics, Code Red shakes his head a little and looks on the list. "Saboteur Ravage..." The other medic, Medkit shakes his head in disbelief. "Oh man...."

Hook glances over his shoulder. "Huh, what's the matter?" He asks. Another medic, the last one, Searchlight, shrugs and adds. "Well, Ravage always been... Hard to do checkup on, he never comes to the medbay and all..."

CatsCradle mutters, "I sympathize entirely."

Ravage steps through the door... just as he hears his name and sees medic.... you havenít seen a cat move so fast in your life as he Bolts right on out.. and is visible seen skidding around the corner his hind end not keeping traction.

CatsCradle leans out of her chair to watch Ravage disappear around the corner. "Have fun," she says sweetly to Hook.

Hook narrows his optics. "Than, we'll catch him by force! You weren't with me for nothing!"

Searchlight blinks slightly, spotting the cat moving, he raises his finger up and points to the corner. "Look! There he is!" But as soon as Searchlight finishes his sentence, Ravage is out of sight. Hook turns around and narrows his optics. "Nobody ever got away from me! You won't escape my medical service." He looks at the three gumbies. "Take out your tranquilizer guns! We'll get him by force!"

Medkit and Searchlight gets their tranquilizer guns out, putting some ammo in it. Code Red does it too, the only problem is that he complains slightly. "But, he's hell of a kitty! We won't catch him, he's too fast!"

Hook glares at Code Red and states. "He's a cat! He's inferior to us, let us catch him, this shouldn't be hard! Decepticon, ready your weapons!"

The three medics puts their weapons on their shoulder and all nods. "Ready commander!" They say out all in the same time.

Hook turns on his feet, taking his own gun out. "Enough time wasted, let's find him before he gets too far away, try to use your scanner and radar to find him, if road separated, so we do, keep radio contact, let's go Decepticons!" With that, they rushes toward where Ravage went.

CatsCradle watches with amusement. "He's a stealth. You'll never find him."

Hook turns his head around and frowns. "Never under-estimate Brain power!! I will find him or my pride should die! Nobody ever got away from me medical wise!" He says to CatsCradle as the three gumbies rush where they last seen Ravage.

CatsCradle chuckles softly. "You only got me because you had my mate on your side. You're not so lucky with Ravage."

Ravage isn't at all Inferior... There dealing with a Stealth infiltrator who is very well knowledge in how to evade others... Which he is exactly going to do as he heads down the hall towards the corridor junction... as he passes a cargo Drum he slashes it open and lets the Mech fluid spill onto the floor to make it nice and slippery for anyone following him. To stay out of sight he ducks down behind another cargo crate.

Hook being a little behind the others, the three gumbies medics, Searchlight, Medkit and Code Red rushes into the junctions. Searchlight and Medkit stops, wondering where the cat might have been, but Code Red doesn't stop, he just continues head, running, and what had to happen, happened. The poor medic slipped on the floor.

With a loud 'thum' and a surprised 'ah!' coming from Code Red, he hits the wall, finding himself upside down on the ground.

Medkit just laughs at Code Red. "Ahah, you're always as stupid, you slipped on the ground, you silly!" Searchlight looks at Medkit and frowns. "That's not fun! It doesn't seem to be an accident, it was just a plain trap, that kitty is smarter than we thought, better be careful." Searchlight points to the left, than to the right. "Medkit, go that way, Code Red, go the other, I'll continue ahead, keep radio contact, we're three, damn it! We should be brighter than him! Let's move." With that, Searchlight and Medkit slowly passes the slippery ground and heads their separated way while Code Red slowly stands up and heads the other way.

CatsCradle puts her reader aside, deciding that this is more fun than she's seen in a while, and follows, grinning

Ravage just watches the Decepticon medic skid on past using his aft as a sled... he then leaps up over the Crate... onto Code Red's head.. and off the back kicking off using the Cons shoulders as a spring board to get into that open Ventilation shaft... There are loud sounds of echoing paw patters as he scrambles into the vent.

CatsCradle hmms... "So there's where Ruse picked up that trick..."

Code Red blinks slightly and yells to the other after Ravage just used him as a ladder. "Heh guys! Come back! Ravage just got into the ventilation thingy!" Searchlight stops and hmms slightly. "This will be his downfall really." The two other medic rushes back on place and looks around. "We need to find where it leads, we will be waiting for him at the exit" Code Red says.

Medkit nods. "Okay, so you guys try that, I will be following him, just in case." The medics nod to each other and says. "Right." And they're all out their own way.

CatsCradle speaks from some experience. "Those shafts go through the entire base."

Hook receives a message through is comm-link. "Yes, what is it?" He says. The message is coming from Searchlight, he says. "Ravage is in the shaft, Medkit is following him and we'll try to find where he is going." Hook narrows his optics and says. "Ah! So this little kitty want to play hard, I'll go into the shaft, tell me where he's going and I'll shot him some tranquilizer, I don't want to play like this for long." He turns his head to the femme and frowns. "Perhaps, but I will not fail!"

Medkit crawls through the shaft on his belly commando style.. a small flood light before him as he watches Ravages hind end turn the corner and head out the Storage closets ventilation opening... he hollers through.. "I think I got him Guys!.." but Medkitís voice is muffled and echoes through the shafts as he hops down into the Closet.. No sight of Ravage.... He peeks out into the hall.. "Guys ? where are yah I think I..." The storage space's lights go out and Medkit turns around.. "What.. another power Surge ?" peering around with the light he hums and steps inside looking for a power relay access hatch as the Door Slams shut behind him... *SLAM* the following can be heard from the hall...

*THUMP!* HEY!!... Nice kitty!!... NICE KITTY!!!! *Sounds of Stun Weapon being fired* More THUMPS>>.. *CRASH* *THUMP* *ZAP ZAP* "GUYS!! AAHH No donít!! BITE THAT!!! *ZAP ZAP* Then silence...... The door opens and out tumbles Medkit... missing His Skidplate.. and a telltale stun wound on his foot... the Medic shot himself.

Searchlight and Code Red, hearing the noise of Medkit heads over where he is, thinking he's getting the cat. Code Red yells "YEAH BABY!! SHOWS HIM WHOSE DA BOSS!!" The two medics arrive in place, just in time to see Medkit collapse to the ground, the effect of the tranquilizer taking place. Searchlight looks at him and shakes his head in relief. "Just the tranquilizer, but he's down for at least two hours. " Code Red narrows his optics and looks into the closest. "Oh yeah!? Oh yeah!! Let me deal with that stupid kitty!" With that, he jumps into the closest, firing with his stunning gun in a berserker like method, chances are that ravage's not there anymore anyway.

Ravage has taken the time to get back into the air vent and is now backtracking to where he came out before.. Hovering down the hall he tauntingly merrows and snickers... then heads off towards the Engineering section... Maybe he is trying to get out!.

<Earth> Ravage says, "Hisssss*snicker*"

<Earth> Hook says, "That is an insult to me! Searchlight! Medkit! Code Red! Don't let him through! The one who will capture him will get promoted! Hurry up and CATCH HIM!!!"

CatsCradle leans against the wall, watching the chaos. "If I catch him, do I get promoted, too?

Searchlight blinks slightly as he hears that. "Wow, must be driving Hook crazy..." He comments to himself. The other medic, Code Red rushes out of the medbay, tossing Searchlight out of the way as he runs toward the engineering room. "Sorry pal! There's only one who'll get promoted!" With that, he rushes toward there, where he thinks Ravage is going. The other medic, Searchlight, slowly gets back to his feet and shakes his head. "What Hook said... Yeah, use our scanner and radar... Let's hope this work..." Searchlight tries to find if he could spot ravage on the radar.

Hook turns his head around to the Femme and narrows his optics. "Unless you are under the medical division, no." He replies firmly.

CatsCradle shrugs, looking really devastated at the thought of not getting promoted... let's see, rank... problems... responsibility... breaking up fights...

As if this couldnít have been assumed.... The base power shuts down turning the halls into a dark void of nothingness... Ravage must have gotten into the Power generators and turned them off... The Emergency lights come on flooding the halls in a spooky Red glow.. if one isnít Careful they may slip on the floor again where the Oil was spilled.

CatsCradle chuckles, her purple optics glowing faintly with amusement into the sudden darkness

Hook grunts slightly and yells, in annoyance. "DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING IN THIS **** BASE?!?!?!?!" He ponders out loud, loud enough that it echoes through the corridor, in with an icy, more than enough to cold off the energon of anybody. The Constructicon loads his tranquilizer gun and grunts. "If it's the war he wants, he'll have it!"

Meanwhile, the medic, Code Red, enters into the engine room, emitting a loud. "AHAH!! PREPARE TO DIE KITTY CAT!!" He takes his gun and points it around. "Come out there!! I have a nice mouse for you!" He exclaims, hoping that he'll find Ravage in this whole mess.

Ravage hides quietly behind a stack of empty Energon storage crates.... idly waiting as he hears Code Red entering the engine room.... . o O ( Please.... thatís the oldest trick in the book... a mouse.. and not even an Enernip filled one) he snorts and pushes hard against the top of the stack of crates hovering as he does to try and have it fall on Code Red... He doesn't really stuck around to find out if he managed to nail the Medic.. he simply Enters the conning tower lift... closes the door and as it goes up.. opens the access hatch... heads out onto the lift and crawls down the side of it heading into a Ventilation shaft again.. this one heading right for the command center.

CatsCradle chuckles again at the crash of crates, impressed by Ravage's ingenuity. She would have just fought them all down, fled, and gone into hiding. Humiliation... now /there's/ a tactic

And... *BANG!!* The crate falls on Code Red. The medic tried to avoid it, but the only thing he did was fired a couple of tranquilizer on it. When it falls on him, Code Red finds himself to be under a big crate, now being mostly unconscious, he just hmms idly, resting there. Searchlight slowly makes it to the engineer room, having Ravage on his radar, that's nice. "hmm, Ravage has left... He seems to be heading for the Command Center, with some luck, I'll be there before him!" The gumby medic rushes to the medbay, using a shortcut, he didn't seem to care much about his companion for now.

Ravage is a stealth cat.. so most would wonder... Why are we picking him up on Radar or Scanners.. we didnít moments before.... Ahhhh But its so fun to lead others into a trap. As he Crawls into the Command center he has a few moments before the others would be able to enter. Reactivating the bases power the lights Flash back on and Ravage idly sets up the command Center door to slam shut as someone is just walking through it... That should pin at least one.

CatsCradle follows the medical personnel, still grinning. She hasn't had so much fun since Ruse escaped from Striker's baby-sitting

Searchlight rushes into the command center, Hook, being not so far behind him. The gumbies medic finds himself to fall, yet, into another trap, the door closes right on him as he passes in the command center, causing him to fall on the ground, unconscious. Why unconscious? A good slam of metal on the head would send you to the dreaming land too. Hook grunts as he sees this. "Searchlight! Don't let me down!" He yells with a grunt of annoyance. "I will capture that stupid cat!" With that, he rushes into the command center, thanks to Searchlight, he prevented the door from closing.

CatsCradle cautiously peeks into the command center... she knows Ravage too well to rush into anything

Ravage is already gone again into the Vents.. and out behind them into the Hallway as he idly strolls into the Repair bay... Nuzzles a Medic femme's leg and gets lifted up onto the table... getting pets and some Enernip... he seems to know the Femme.... Meanwhile the Command Center sensors show Ravages energy signature jumping all over the place.

Meanwhile, Hook & Co runs everywhere in the base to find ravage, without much success, what a shame for the Surgical engineer.

Trama Radios Hook, "Sir Ravages checkup is all done.. Ooh isnít he just a sweetheart.. he brought me a skidplate...." *purrs can be heard in the background.. "I gave him some Enernip Iím sure you wont mind."

Hook blinks slightly as he hears that. "WHAT THE ****" He seems to be cursing endlessly, but he finally calms himself down and says. "Okay... Okay, give him a decent check up, make sure you update his file and I , never, EVER WANT TO SEE HIM BACK IN MY WHOLE EXISTENCE!!! HOOK OUT!!" He yells in frustration, throwing his radio to the side.

The three other battered medics are their, looking to Hook surprisingly. Medkit, who just recovered from the tranquilizer asks. "Who got the promotion sir?" Hook grunts and replies. "None of you three! You are the incarnation of imperfection itself, just by staying beside you I get like you are!" He yells. The Constructicon folds his arms against his chest and comments. "A lovely lady knows as Trauma, and she can't get promoted because she's already high enough in rank!" He yells, going away, not to the medbay, he doesn't want to see Ravage, to the brig, he'll continue the repairs there.

CatsCradle laughs. "Well, if that's all I have to do to keep out of the repair bay, I'll make more of an effort next time." Her chuckles float through the dark corridors as she makes her way back to her office.

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