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Child's Play

Child’s Play

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Soundwave looks up from his usual place at the communications console as he hears someone enter, and nods to CatsCradle. "Your timing is most appropriate, CatsCradle," he notes. "I was about to call the others together. It seems we have a potential problem."

CatsCradle sidles in to perch on her usual console. "Is there any time when we /don't/ have a potential problem?" she asks in amusement

Soundwave tilts his head a bit. "One could conceivably make such a claim."

Soundwave touches a control on his console.

<Earth> Soundwave says, "All Earthbase Decepticons within range, assemble in the Command Center. I have information that will be of interest to you, and we have a mission to complete."

CatsCradle sighs, but not in resignation, simply... acceptance. "Part of being a Decepticon."

Soundwave nods. "At times," he says, though his tone is calm and unruffled as always.

CatsCradle is perched on her usual spot, on top the console nearest to the door.

Enchantress enters, having spent the past eight hours unloading energon cubes from a cargo skiff. As she enters, she pops an energon cube into her mouth, grateful for the energy burst it gives her.

Gryphus comes into the room upon hearing the request.

Soundwave waits quietly as the group assembles.

Enchantress starts to massage her aching arms and back, then pops and readjusts her servos.

Gryphus aside to Spells. "If Calcar is here you should ask him to tend to that..."

Enchantress says, "He returned to Cybertron last week milady."

Gryphus ohs. "Oh that's too bad."

Enchantress says, "We had some time together, which is always nice."

Soundwave waits a bit longer yet, simply observing the others.

Gryphus nods and wonders what this 'mission' is all about.

Soundwave finally decides no one else will be joining them, and rises from his place, looking over the others. He begins without preamble, "Some of you may be aware, and some of you may not be aware, that Megatron has gone on a mission of his own, for purposes of his own. I have been tracking his progress."

Soundwave accepts Enchantress' report and puts it into storage for later reading.

Enchantress walks up to Soundwave, handing him a report on the shuttle incident for his later perusal. Then she takes a seat on a nearby chair, and stretches.

Gryphus says, "Has he?"

Enchantress looks surprised. So they finally get to hear what has happened to the Emperor? This is the first that she heard about some mission...

Soundwave nods a confirmation to Gryphus. "I have, however, lost touch with him. It may be somewhat premature to be concerned, but as chance would have it, I have discovered a workable coordinate for the space bridge that should take us to him with a minimum amount of energy expenditure, in case there is a problem. I will ask Shockwave to join us at the site."

Enchantress shrugs, and nods.

Soundwave looks around the room again, and nods to himself. "I believe the currently available group will be sufficient to deal with any problems we may encounter." He turns away to activate the main communications screen, sending a message to Shockwave on Cybertron.

A flickering, staticky picture comes up on screen, as the transmission starts up.

CatsCradle asks "Are we going to Cybertron or a different location?"

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Earthbase to Cybertron.  Shockwave, are you receiving me?"

Enchantress sits down and watches the transmission.

Soundwave replies to Cats' question without looking back at her, "A new planetary location, CatsCradle."

<LongRange> Shockwave says, "Affirmative Soundwave. Proceed."

Shockwave's image solidifies on screen.

CatsCradle drums her claws on the console beside her. "There's not any zombies or incurable viruses there, are there?"

Enchantress says, "Well, we can't be any worse outnumbered than we were on the shuttle mission..."

Soundwave glances back briefly at Cats. "Unknown," he says calmly. That's simply the honest truth. He turns back to the screen.

CatsCradle sighs. "I was afraid you'd say that."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Greetings, Shockwave.  I have some information I must impart to you, as well as a request for assistance."

<LongRange> Shockwave says, "I shall spare no effort to provide whatever assistance is required Soundwave. What is the situation?"

Striker just sits in his chair, wondering what impossible evil they'll come against this time.

Or impossible good.

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Megatron has of late been on a solitary mission of his own, and has kept in touch to inform me of his progress. I have recently lost his signal. I do not believe there is cause for alarm, but I wish to be certain.  Especially since I have discerned a suitable location for the space bridge that should send us directly to his coordinates with a minimum of energy expenditure. I have brought together the available Earthbase warriors - but I would request your presence as well, as an additional warrior as well as an individual who has worked closely on space-bridge development."

Gryphus hmms. "lovely.. field trip." she asides to Spells.

Striker just sits in his chair wondering what evil they'll come up against this time.

CatsCradle mutters to Gryphus and Enchantress, "You weren't on the last one."

Gryphus says, "I was injured and couldn’t be there."

Enchantress says, "You are quite right milady. I much preferred the last mission I went on, where four of us hit the entire Autobot Earthforce plus two additional squads of them. However, you were in a much more critical situation than we were."

<LongRange> Shockwave pauses for a moment, considering. "Agreed Soundwave. I shall transport to Earth at once."

CatsCradle nods. "I would have preferred that one, too. Those odds are certainly better than tens of thousands of zombies to each one of us."

Striker nods to Cats.

<LongRange> Soundwave nods. "I have already directed the Constructicons to build the ring of the space bridge in the correct location.  Transmitting coordinates now." (a flash of rapidly scrolling text fills the screen for just a moment, then fades back into Soundwave's image)  "You should be able to re-direct your space bridge transmission to meet us there, and then we will travel together to Megatron's coordinates."

Gryphus thinks we ought to just let Megs tend to himself, but she' don't word that

Enchantress says, "I would not have wanted to be with you on that mission, milady. It sounded truly horrid."

<LongRange> Shockwave says, "Acknowledged. I shall arrive soon. Shockwave out."

<LongRange> Soundwave disconnects the transmission.

CatsCradle says nothing, watching the transmission, but her fingers trace the claw scars on her face

Enchantress looks at CatsCradle for a moment, wondering why she hasn't had them repaired yet.

Striker looks down as Ravage enters, the owner of his favorite on-base hang out, what a cat. "Ya, it was an awful mission. The zombie's, the virus."

Soundwave turns away from the screen and looks over his group for another moment, then nods to Ravage and sends a silent mental direction to follow. "Come," he says to the others. "Be prepared." He opens his tape compartment to encourage Ravage to enter as he moves for the door.

Ravage strolls over to Soundwave and leaps up into the air Transforming to his Tape for just as he Enters Soundwave’s chest.

Ravage enters Soundwave's tape compartment.


Baseball Stadium

        The interior of the ring is lined with rows upon rows of seats, reminiscent of the old Cybertronian gladiatorial arenas, though on a considerably smaller scale. A chaotic mass of humanity is packed into those seats. All seem eager to observe the individuals spaced throughout the central field, whose brightly colored uniforms seem to mark them as opposing teams engaged in some kind of game or conflict.

Gryphus says, "hmm.. curious."

Enchantress says, "What kind of sporting venue is this? I was unaware that the humans still continued gladiatorial arenas."

Soundwave flies in above the stadium, where the ring of a newly constructed space bridge is visible within the field, like an inner circle to the arena. He tilts downward in the air, as the humans on the field mill around the alien structure in apparent annoyance.

CatsCradle says, "They do, Enchantress. It's called 'football'.""

Gryphus hmms. "Actually the layout tends towards Baseball..."

Enchantress says, "Evidently I need to do some research then..."

Gryphus says, "Though I do see how one could change the layout for football.. perhaps soccer as well."

CatsCradle says, "I was reacting to the gladiatorial comment, Gryphus, more than I was to this location.""

Gryphus ohs.

Gryphus says, "RIght how silly of me."

Soundwave says, "Some manner of sport or combat, surely. I am not familiar with the purpose. But it was from here that our coordinates showed the greatest efficiency at following Megatron's last known location.""

CatsCradle shrugs. "Then again... baseball can fall into some pretty nasty fights, too."

Striker says, "Not nearly as many as the humans' 'hockey' though."

Enchantress says, "Oh, Lord, when we return, I need your authorization to requisition several caches of various weapons from Cybertron."

CatsCradle grins at Striker. "This is very true."

Gryphus sets down and hmms. "You'd think the humans here would be running seeing us?"

Enchantress says, "What about boxing? That appears to be a sport worthy of something."

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Hockey is much more gladiatorial.  Except in teams."

Enchantress says, "Such a pity about the Romans... They truly knew how to make combat an enjoyable field..."

Soundwave lands atop the ring of the space bridge, noting that the humans aren't running, just seem to be annoyed still. A voice sounds out over the announcement system: "As the general manager of this stadium, I respectfully request that you move your construct and allow us to play ball!"

Gryphus says, "Ah the Romans..."

Soundwave considers. "Ravage," he intones, chase these creatures back from the space bridge controls. Shockwave should be arriving any astro-second now." He opens his tape compartment to eject the black tape.

Enchantress says, "He appears to be taking this rather well, I would assume - for an organic, anyways."

Gryphus transforms into her Hippogriff mode.

Ravage leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

Gryphus squaks as she changes to hippogriff form. "Shoo!"

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

Ravage ejects from Soundwave’s Chest and searches for targets... then right away goes chasing after them... If they want to become lunch so be it.

At the sight of Ravage and Gryphus, some of the ballplayers do indeed cringe back, and a few take off running for the safety of the stands.

Enchantress transforms to her Sabrecat mode, joining in with Ravage and Gryphus in chasing away the humans.

Gryphus lopes after them for the fun of it.. not to kill them. She does WANT to study them eventually after all.

CatsCradle crosses her arms, and drums her claws on them. "We could have tried asking first," she says mildly

One of the Humans screams as Ravage grabs him by the nickers and Rips his pants clean off *RIIIIIP* leaving a human in nothing but his boxers.

Soundwave watches for a moment, amused. "If they wish to play, CatsCradle, perhaps we should accommodate them." He appears to appreciate seeing Ravage have some fun, though quickly recalls his true mission.

Ravage chases them around and if one didn’t know better.. he seems to be having fun depanting the Humans.

Soundwave ejects Rumble as well, and hovers down toward the space bridge controls that the Constructicons have built along the side of the ring.

Rumble transforms into his Robot mode.

Enchantress roars a bit ferally at the humans, many of whom faint, though a large number of fans are taking pictures. Enchantress seems to enjoy the attention, and makes several poses, which seems to increase the number of shutters clicking...

CatsCradle chuckles at Ravage's human-de-panting in spite of herself.

Rumble looks around the stadium excitedly. He recognizes it... "Baseball! I saw this on TV," he informs the Other Decepticons somewhat smugly, in a tone of importance.

Soundwave re-checks the controls, and then takes out several energon cubes from storage, and sets them aside to feed into the bridge for their next step. At that moment, the ring lights up with a beam of power that deposits the travelers from Cybertron in its midst. The fans in the stadium seem to think it's part of a show and cheer wildly.

Ravage trots back and drops a pair of ripped Baseball pants at Rumbles feet then smugly trots away.

Rumble mutters aloud at his feline brother, "They're no put holes in 'em."

Gryphus chuckles at Spells. "Show off!" she chortles.

CatsCradle finds a spare baseball and rolls it past Ravage

Ravage sits down by Soundwave and watches the Femme's deal with the Rest of the humans... he had his fun.

Shockwave arrives from the space bridge with Calcar into the midst of a crowd of humans. He looks around, his single optic and body language managing to convey a look of disdain.

Calcar spreads her wings and dives into the air, giving the humans a show as she flies up in the air, growling, the lights beating down on her metal wings...

No sooner does the space bridge power down again, than Optimus Prime bursts through the stadium wall in truck mode, followed by numerous Autobots, among them Trailbreaker, Inferno, Perceptor, Bumblebee, and Smokescreen. Optimus Prime shouts as he transforms, "Okay, Decepticons - it's *our* turn at bat!"

Gryphus beats her wigs a few times and then settles down. Folding them over her back. She yawns and looks bored best she’s able.

Gryphus says, "I knew that wouldn't take long..."

Rumble yells at the Autobots, "Party Crashers!" He grabs a hot-dog from some startled fan and chucks it at Smokescreen's head!!

Enchantress smiles as she dives down at Prime, "Well Prime, seems like the Autobots are batting .000 tonight!"

Ironhide follows a ways behind, and drives through the hole in the side of the stadium, transforming as he arrives. As a group, the remaining Autobots transform and rush the Decepticons, attempting to chase them away from the humans.

Soundwave draws his weapon and takes up a defensive position near the spacebridge controls and the small stack of energon cubes.

Calcar looks around, taking in the situation, and draws a bead on Ironhide with his rocket launcher.

Shockwave reacts instantly, snapping up his cannon arm and firing several laser shots into the midst of the Autobots, more to distract them as the superheated ground in front of them explodes upwards into their optics.

Calcar hits Ironhide with his rocket, sending the Autobot crashing down into the ground.

Ravage thinks, . o O 0 ( Knew we should have read the script before we left home. )

Ravage leaps into Soundwave’s Chest once the Autobots show up... This isn’t his cup of tea so to speak.

Soundwave fires off a few undirected shots to discourage the Autobots from getting too close. With Shockwave's arrival, he needs a moment to recallibrate the space bridge beam.

Gryphus rears up at the arrival and charges a Bot with sonic squawk ready to go! And she lets it loose once she's close

Trailbreaker reflexively covers his audial receptors as he's hit by the sonic blast, and staggers backward, momentarily disoriented.

CatsCradle pops her wrist lasers and sends a quick burst of fire at Perceptor, simply because she's still rather upset about the whole virus thingie.

Striker takes shots at several Autobots with his arm lasers, not really aiming at anyone in particular.

Rumble succeeds in his generic roll against Rumble!

Rumble laughs as his thrown hot-dog hits Smokescreen square in the face!

Calcar fires off another rocket at Ironhide.

Calcar fails in his generic roll against Calcar!

Enchantress dives down, aiming herself at Bluestreak, still rather annoyed with him for their last fight.

Perceptor manages to dive under Cats' attack, the fire singing his shoulder as he manages to avoid most of it. He leaps for the space bridge controls, causing Soundwave to spin toward him - but Prime slams into Soundwave from behind, pushing him through the open ring of the space bridge along with a number of energon cubes.

Perceptor works hurriedly at the space bridge controls. "If I can deactivate it," he mutters to himself, "they'll never get that energon to Cybertron."

Smokescreen jumps back, a bit startled as a hot dog hits him square in the face. He brushes it aside and comments, "I guess this is why humans say fast food is hazardous to your health." He fires toward the Decepticons as best he can with two optics full of mustard, and comes darn close to vaporizing three humans still present.

Ironhide ducks under CalCar's rocket, which impacts on the ground behind him. He quips, "Strike one Decepti-creep. Let's see how you like my laser-powered fast ball." He fires a barrage toward CalCar.

Bluestreak doesn't try to get out of the way of Enchantress, and instead grabs on and she swoops down.

Shockwave rushes forward toward Perceptor, not risking shooting the controls. "Get away from there Autobot!" He tackles the smaller Autobot scientist, and both go flying into the space bridge.

The Bot that Gry's sonic hit stumbles back from it. She takes advantage of that and comes at him, claws swiping.

Gryphus succeeds in her generic roll against Gryphus!

Scrreech screech! Owch.. you know that had to hurt.

Perceptor is carried into the space bridge by Shockwave, but he's done *something*, because a surge of power starts up.

CatsCradle draws her sword, grumbling a little at the difference in weight and balance of it -- standard service issue, while her last one had been custom made for her. She dives after Perceptor, intending to drive him away from the controls, skidding to a quick stop just outside the bridge as he and Shockwave tumble into it.

Trailbreaker is slashed by Gryphus' claws, flailing ineffectually against her.

Striker shakes his head, and runs up to Ironhide from behind, "No way Autobutt, I'm gonna rip that new arm of yours right off," and he runs up, smashing his fists over the back of the red Autobots head. He turns his head to the space bridge, wondering what just happened.

Striker succeeds in his generic roll against Striker!

Rumble practically falls over laughing at Smokescreen's blind shooting, and the terror on the faces of the three humans that have a very close call thanks to their Autobot "ally." Unfortunately, even blind shots sometimes get lucky and one of Smokescreen's random blasts falls far too close to Rumble for comfort, striking some seats in front of him and sending debris flying that strikes Rumble square in the chest. He stumbles backwards, falling off a step....and goes tumbling into the space bridge at the bottom of the staircase.

Calcar nods his thanks to Striker, and fires a barrage of rockets into Ironhide's chestplate.

Further power courses through the bridge as the Autobots fight alongside the entrance against the Decepticons. Some of them are thrown into the ring by the battle.

Soundwave manages to knock Prime back a little, and tries to force his way past to make for the space bridge controls.

Enchantress fails in her generic roll against Enchantress!

Enchantress rolls with Bluestreak hanging onto her, and she transforms, drawing her swords with her two arms, and daggers with her other four. Spells' two swords flash down, cutting Bluestreak's gun in half, while he daggers nick his shoulder cannons in critical places - his coolant pumps. He can fire his lasers, but now they have a chance of blowing up on him.

Gryphus pushes her advantages at TB staggers back, hey not often does the researcher get the better of a warrior.. if it is even TB! She whirls around and sends both hooves at his nicely ripped up chest. Ow :)

Enchantress is grappling with Bluestreak, who uses his superior strength to toss Enchantress towards the other Deceptions, where she lands in a heap with a squawk, knocking into Gryphus.

Chasm circles around in the air, trying to dodge all the laser blastfire from below. "Days like this, " he remarks to himself is when I should have stayed in the oilbath.... Suddenly, a sharp blast from the Autobots below send him spinning head-over-tail inside the space bridge ring. "Ouch..." He finds himself crouching behind the steel wall. "Cover. That's good. It seems safe."

Calcar is hit by Ironhide's blast, and goes stumbling towards the Space Bridge, where he collapses, struggling to get up before he's blasted again.

Inferno notices the control panel of the space bridge catching fire from the overload, and rushes forward with an extinguisher, so the fire doesn't spread to the stands. Leaping upward to get a better angle, he rams against the hovering CatsCradle, sending them both tumbling into the ring. The flickering power surge solidifies finally into an actual beam, circling around the rim and arrowing upwards into the sky.

Rumble shakes his head after the fall, realizing he's all in one piece, and after testing his limbs, sits up. Only then does he realize that he's fallen right into the space bridge. He seems more confused than anything, but wastes no time drawing his laser, ready to fight back....still in a sitting position.

Striker gets punched in the face, and reels into the ring, cause he was too busy watching the space bridge.

Several of the Autobots run toward the space bridge and enter it themselves, either to help their teammates or continue fighting the Decepticons inside.


Arin's House

        One of the rooms within the dwelling is clearly a child's domain, with building blocks, books, toys, and other clutter strewn about. In one corner, a tendriled plant wavers about, while atop the desk, a fishbowl stands beside a rodent cage housing an elephantine "rat." Everything is in gargantuan proportions, however.

Rumble gets a look at the surroundings and says woozily, rubbing his head, "What the...?! Ow...I musta fallen harder than I thought!"

Chasm dives for the safety of something solid, like Soundwave's shoulder. "Curiouser and curiouser. Do you think this is some sort of facility, Soundwave?"

Calcar looks around, a groan falling on his features. "Dear Primus, not Sigma Draconis IV all over again..."

CatsCradle rolls to her feet, sword ready... then looks around, mystified, turning in a small circle to look at the entire room.

Gryphus shakes her head.. that wasn't a fun ride... "OH.. my.. " she states the undertoned surprise everyone must be feeling.

Soundwave looks around as the beam of the space bridge deposits them in these strange surroundings. "This is *not* the place which Megatron described," he notes.

Chasm advises, "My recommendation is that we turn around and head straight back. What do you think? Agreed so? Excellent. Let's start to move out."

Nearby, the Autobots gather themselves to their feet, equally astonished. "A Decepticon trick!" Prime says.

Shockwave has Perceptor by the throat, and gets to his feet, holding the Autobot off the ground. He takes in his surroundings and looks back to Perceptor. "What did you do to the space bridge Autobot?"

Enchantress draws her swords again, pointing them at the Autobots.

Scattered around their feet, the energon cubes glow softly on the ground surface.

Rumble transforms into his Blue Cassette mode.

Rumble enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Gryphus looks around hmming. "IT appears that there will be a large occupant here eventually. I do suggest we hide?"

Ravage just stands there looking at the Rat... some how he doesn't have the urge to chase it. .rather he would like to hide behind Soundwave.....

Calcar says, "That would be an excellent suggestion. The inhabitants of most planets of this scale would almost certainly not be very welcoming of our presence..."

Chasm flicks his optics around accusingly, "You mean an Autobot trick, Prime..."

Ravage thinks, . o O 0 ( Its a bad dream... punishment for all them rats I ate... thats it. )

CatsCradle shakes her head slowly. "Why is it that Diver's never around for the really weird ones?"

As Perceptor struggles to free himself, the arrival of the Cybertronians sets off a device - a huge cube nearby pops open as a thing that looks like a giant head on a spring bounces forward and back into the box repeatedly.

Striker looks to Cats, "Same reason Megatron's not?"

Enchantress says, "I hate places like this... We will be little more than toys to them..."

Gryphus says, "Toys are possible trouble depending on who owns this room."

Ravage starts to feel worse... cuz they always like to pay and brake the animal toys more... he saw that on TV he knew he shouldn’t have been watching Human TV like Soundwave told him but did he listen... noo...

Shockwave is taken aback at the giant swaying head, and nearly drops Perceptor.

CatsCradle frowns slightly. "That's true... Megatron wasn't around for the time travel, the zombies, and this... this...." She turns in another circle, looking around helplessly. "Whatever this is..." she says in a smaller voice

Chasm links his tail around Soundwave's neck. "Hellooo Decepticons, we have an Autobot situation. We don't have time to be admiring the decor."

Gryphus adds. "Judging by that toy I say a child owns this room..."

Calcar says, "I do believe that, as milady Gryphus suggested, we should attempt to conceal ourselves before the owners arrive. Our weapons would be useless. I would speculate that we are in a child's room."

Striker arms his weapons, he hates this already.

Soundwave reflexively pulls a weapon and aims at the giant head, but it just repeats the mechanical motion. A large sphere rolls in toward the group as well, apparently under its own power - but a huge shape moves behind it. The gray cat-like being towers above the sphere, but quickly shifts its attention to the little metal beings that are moving around so temptingly. It pounces toward the group with huge paws.

Enchantress yelps, and transforms to her Sabrecat mode, preparing to go evasive.

Gryphus squawks. "Move!" she launches into the air.

The huge animal shape zeros in on something that looks animal as well, namely Enchantress.

Enchantress yowls and spits at the new arrival.

Enchantress drives towards the eyes, trying to blind it, and swipes at the nose for good measure.

Striker leaps into the air and transforms, trying to shoot the cat-thing.

The Autobots scatter toward a set of building-sized blocks that are set up into towers and walls.

CatsCradle squeaks at the sight of the feline... starts to run... realizes the feline would chase a moving object, starts to transform to fly... realizes the feline would chase a flying object. "Oh, hell..." she mutters and transforms anyway, darting up and out of the feline's reach

Striker transforms into his F-15 mode.

Calcar creates a hologram of a large canine behind the feline, making it bark.

The giant cat yowls and swipes a paw at the jet, then hisses at the sudden appearance of the canine thing.

Enchantress swipes at the felines vulnerable nose.

Chasm growls, "Monsters!"

A door opens elsewhere in the room and a child-like voice calls out, "Nitro, what are you doing?"

Gryphus says, "Stop it you fool.. too late.. here comes the owner of the cat!"

Calcar quickly calculates that their weapons will do little damage to the creature, but tries to distract it away from his mate with a rocket.

Gryphus swoops down toward where the others are to avoid detection.

Calcar pants as his holoprojector automatically cuts off.

Calcar dives for cover.

A giant green-skinned humanoid is visible, a being with long three-fingered hands, upswept ears and antennae, and huge eyes. "What's going on in here? Is the rat loose again?"

Enchantress zooms away from the distracted cat, trying to hide amidst the stuffed animals.

Ravage enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

CatsCradle squeaks again at the voice and transforms again, ducking into the depths of the plant and hiding behind its leaves

Soundwave takes cover behind some of the colored blocks, rather too close to the Autobots.

Chasm looks at Calcar's hologram and shakes his head. "Amateur artists," he says dismissively. He then flicks a gaze up at the strange giant humanoid and digs his claws tight into Soundwave's finish. "I /knew/ I should have stayed back at the base today. Perhaps even read the paper..."

Shockwave ducks behind some kind of green toy-like object, still holding onto Perceptor, despite the violent struggles of the Bot.

Gryphus lands on a toy herself and wiggles behind it.

Enchantress sighs. This is far too much like her stay on the planet Gigantor. That was far too much hands on research, even for her...

The tendrilled plant quickly wraps its coils around CatsCradle, holding her in place. The giant boy, for his part, follows Nitro's agitated movements around the stuffed toys, and starts digging through them.

Gryphus is revealed when the boy digs around his stuffed animals. She freezes hoping he'll mistake her as one too.

Enchantress remains still, acting like some kind of toy as well.

Chasm crouches down, pretending to be a metallic dragon.

The kid uncovers Enchantress and Gryphus, and picks them up in his giant hands. "What's this?" he says, intrigued. "I don't know where you came from, but I'm keeping you." He looks over toward the plant and notices Cats, unwrapping her as well and putting the three of them into a glass jar. He looks around the room. "Maybe there's more? Nitro, help me look!"

Enchantress thinks that this is worse than the time that she had to spend a month pretending to be a model plane on Gigantor for her research...

Gryphus clinks to the bottom. 'Lovely.." she sighs." she looks to the two. "Think we should TRY and escape expe or let him think we are toys some more?" she whispers.

Calcar remains silent, concealed as his wife is made a prisoner. He cannot fight that creature without a plan.

Shockwave happens to be near Optimus Prime and speaks softly to him, gambling that their suddenly-small scale will prevent them being overheard by the aliens. "Optimus Prime, we seem to have more immediate problems than our conflict. We must neutralize these aliens before we are all captured."

CatsCradle completely loses any composure at being practically smothered in the plant and frantically swacks at it with her sword... thereby attracting the kid's attention and more or less deserving getting popped in a glass jar. She taps at the glass with her claw, then squishes her face mournfully against the glass, peering out at the others.

Enchantress says, "I would advise that we attempt to avoid attracting his attention."

In the shadows of the building blocks, the Autobots peer out at the scene. Soundwave hears them moving and turns toward them, attracting Nitro's attention. The huge cat springs toward the block-castle, causing Soundwave to fire off a shot toward the creature, that also catches one of the wooden blocks and causes it to burst into flames. Fire-safety testing seems to be a foreign concept on this world.

Enchantress draws out her swords, and begins slowly digging her way out. Luckily, the glass isn't that strong, and she should have it penetrated shortly.

Striker rushes forward at the glass seeing Cats being captured, he takes aim and tries to crack it with a missile.

Gryphus acks. "Careful where you swing those!"

Gryphus lost a few feathers from that swinging there.

Calcar quickly radios to Striker to stop it /You want them to fall within that spheroid still contained within it when it hits the ground and shatters?

Soundwave makes a run for it, pulling Chasm along, and radios back to Shockwave.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

CatsCradle says mournfully, her face still against the glass, "I now know how my fish feel..."

The giant green alien kid moves with amazing speed and agility for a monster so large, swiping up a net in an attempt to net Striker out of the air like a butterfly, even as Nitro pounces on Soundwave and Chasm and pins them down.

Gryphus is too busy ducking those sword flails. "Stop already!" she shouts.

Enchantress digs desperately with her swords and with her claws, making headway, but very very slowly. This will take a lot of time. She hands several daggers to CatsCradle and Gryphus, hoping that they'll help.

Enchantress lessens the energy of her strokes, cutting her backswing.

Enchantress says, "You want to become a science project?"

Enchantress says, "Get digging!"

Enchantress seems a little desperate at this point...

CatsCradle looks at the rat, the cat, and the fishbowl. "I think we stand more of a chance of becoming pets."

Inferno once again springs into action, dousing the flames, as the giant kid pops Striker into the jar with the others, then gathers up Soundwave and Chasm from beneath the cat's paws. "Good work, Nitro!" he says, adding the two to the mix, and looking around eagerly for more.

Gryphus ruffles her feathers. "I'm not in the proper mode to be using your weapons.. besides only a diamond could decently cut this stuff.."

Chasm wishes that everyone would follow his lead and cower behind a convenient bit of masonry.

Gryphus oofs as she has a Striker dumped  don her back.

Striker transforms, he's trapped now too.

Gryphus says, "My it sure is getting cozy in here..."

Enchantress says, "I'm not going to be another child's science project!"

Prime observes almost everyone being swept up the alien kid, and slowly nods. "All right Shockwave. A temporary cease fire. What do you suggest?"

Calcar transforms into his All-Terrain Vehicle mode.

Calcar sneaks across the floor, using his holograms to make himself appear like a block, and joins Shockwave and the Autobots.

The giant kid crouches down and peers at his smoldering blocks. "My playset," he says with a scowl.

CatsCradle murmurs, "There are worse things, Enchantress. Being a scientist's science project, for example."

Calcar joins Shockwave and Prime and transforms again, muttering a few Triphorian curses under his breath that would get you executed on several planet across the galaxy...

Prime notices the huge shadow falling over them, and determines, "Perhaps our approach has simply been wrong." He steps forward, motioning his troops with him. Inferno still has his firehose out, making it clear who it was that doused the flames.

Gryphus shakes her head. "I've seen worse things and this is mild..."

Enchantress says, "The child was a scientist. He dissected half my team before we were able to escape."

The giant kid's face lights up with a smile. "You! You saved my playset!" He reaches out toward the Autobots.

Soundwave watches with concern, trying to signal Shockwave and Calcar to withdraw if the can do so unnoticed.

Calcar stays with Shockwave, radioing a quick message that does he wish them to be concealed via hologram.

Chasm sighs, "The Autobot priorities of diplomacy and charm win through..."

The door once again opens, and two even larger humanoids come in, one clearly male, the other clearly female. "Arin, have you been playing with fire?" demands the male, looking around carefully.

Calcar stays with Shockwave, whispering a quick message that does he wish them to be concealed via hologram.

Gryphus whispers 'Uh oh.. parental units..."

CatsCradle murmurs again... "Now /that/ can be worse. Parents seeing us. Submitting us to some research facility." Now she looks terrified.

Shockwave tries to keep himself hidden from the giant alien, keeping the odd toy between him and line of sight. He motions to CalCar to move as he does, pointing toward a space under a piece of furniture. He circles slowly, making for that space.

Enchantress continues her digging. Whatever this material is, even her quantum edged blades have trouble digging through it. But she continues...

The giant kid, Arin, gathers up the Autobots, who upon Prime's signal don't resist, still trying for the friendly approach. "It wasn't me, it was the strange little guys," Arin says. "But this group put out the flames."

CatsCradle hisses to Enchantress, "Stop moving. Don't attract their attention."

Calcar conceals himself and Shockwave as a partially burned block which is simply rolling across the room.

Enchantress nods, and does so, her desperation slowly lessening.

Chasm decides that hiding is the better part of valour and dives back into Soundwave.

Gryphus says, "trust the Bots to do something so heroic it puts them in danger eh?"

The parental units seem to gear up to chastise the kid for making up wild fantasies, but stop short upon seeing the little Autobots in his hands. "Amazing," the father says.

Arin grins, and steps over to the jar full of Decepticons. "See, these are the others."

Striker transforms into his Robot mode.

Shockwave sees his chance as all of them are looking at the Bots. He grabs CalCar's shoulder and runs toward the secluded area. At the last moment he turns toward Soundwave and the others trapped in the glass. He gives a quick salute, his silent promise to free them.

Optimus Prime attempts, "My name is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. We mean you no harm and have come here accidentally-" but his words go ignored by the giant beings. The mother in particular seems creeped out by the little moving things. "Arin," she scolds, "those things could be carrying all kinds of diseases. We'd better contact the authorities."

Calcar follows Shockwave, quickly scanning the area for any potential debris he could put around them as a hologram.

Striker wishes the aliens were /his/ size... then he'd cream them all.

Soundwave notes Shockwave's motion, but takes care not to look directly at him, so as not to draw attention to them.

CatsCradle backpedels at the "contact authorities". "See? I told you!"

Gryphus frowns. "OH we are in trouble now..."

Soundwave listens intently. "Remain calm," he says. "Panic will not benefit our situation."

Enchantress looks offended. "Diseases? We're technological. We cannot catch diseases from organics, and vice versa... Its like Gigantor all over again..."

Arin protests loudly as his father unceremoniously takes the Autobots from him and puts them in a similar jar. The mother has already stepped out to make the call.

Enchantress checks on the parents, getting ready to start digging with her swords again at the first opportunity.

Striker sees no immediate danger so he leans up against the wall of the jar at rest.

Calcar sighs, and makes a mental note to review the first contact procedures with the inhabitants of Mercuirion when they get back.

The Autobots' attempts at reasoning and informing the giant aliens, much like the Decepticons' words, are muffled by the glass.

Calcar says, "What do we do, Guardian?"

Gryphus says, "I'm not panicking..."

CatsCradle says "I am!" But she obviously makes an effort to calm down.

The mom sticks her head back into the room and says, "The police station wants us to bring them down to the lab. They say be careful about handling them until we know what they are."

Enchantress says, "Just the way I always wanted to die again. Dissected."

Gryphus frowns though. "Well I suppose in the perverse way of things that researchers should be dissected... don't you think?"

Enchantress hands out daggers to CatsCradle, Gryphus, and Striker, in case an opportunity presents itself to escape...

Soundwave notes, "We do not know what opportunities will present themselves." He looks pointedly at the faintly glowing energon cubes that are still scattered over the carpet. Fortunately, the giant beings seem to be ignoring those.

Shockwave speaks at absolute minimum volume to CalCar. "We require more information. The sheer size of the aliens make direct confrontation impossible. Stealth and cunning is required."

Enchantress says, "Ah - Corcuss' Conundrum."

CatsCradle glares at Gryphus. "I'd rather not be dissected, thank you."

The Cybertronians are rattled around as Arin's dad picks up both jars and sets off for the exit, his wife and son trailing behind him. Arin keeps hopping up on his tiptoes to peer into the Autobot jar.

Gryphus squawks as she plays bump against her buddies.

Enchantress quickly shunts her swords and daggers into subspace before she drops them as they are rattled around.

Soundwave transforms, and suggests, "Perhaps we can convince them we have become inert, in order to surprise them with an escape."

Soundwave transforms into his Tape Recorder mode.

CatsCradle scrabbles at the glass with her claws, trying to brace herself, and only sliding around, her claws squealing against the surface of the jar

Enchantress fires a few suction darts, making lines across the jar for her to hang onto.



        As busy and peaceful as this civilization is, the construction has retained a sort of low-lying, flowing harmony, with the cities spreading outward rather than upward, and melding seamlessly into each other. Individual buildings and dwellings also seem to flow easily toward one another, their curved roofs sloping and rising and falling like grassy hills. The inhabitants go about their lives in the self-involved and orderly fashion that comes from having known many generations of prosperity and lack of conflict. One can see the natives going about their day: giant green-skinned humanoids with huge eyes, upswept ears and antennae, and vaguely insectoid features.

Arin's dad walks briskly down the street in the direction of the police laboratory.

Calcar transforms again into his car mode, speeding after the humanoids.

The Cybertronians in the jar continue to get rattled around.

Gryphus is gonna be so sore when this is all over.

Enchantress says, "Of course this had to happen on the day when I've been doing heavy work for hours..."

Enchantress looks rather cross now, rather than panicking.

Shockwave is atop Calcar as he proceeds after the alien, simply watching and waiting at this point.

Gryphus thinks. "This is not how I pictured getting to KNOW my fellows.."

CatsCradle hisses very softly, her voice bouncing in rhythm to the jouncing of the jar "Next time... Diver can ... get kidnapped... and I'll.... stay home and... write reports..."

Enchantress grunts as she is knocked into CatsCradle, "This is certainly a way of getting closer, but Primus, not THIS close..."


Police Lab

        Here within the police laboratory, equipment exists to investigate evidence from crime scenes as well as any strange objects or occurrences that may take place within the neighborhood. Forensic scientists have access to a wide array of techniques, including cutting and magnifying tools which are prominently displayed.

The giant humanoids enter the police lab, where they're greeted by white-coated scientists of the same green-skinned species. One of them immediately comes forward and takes the jars, peering at them with great interest. Optimus Prime is still trying to make non-threatening gestures of communication, which don't seem to be given much notice by the scientist. He sets the Autobot jar aside for a moment, and regards the Decepticon jar. "Interesting," he muses. "Some of them have died?"

Arin says in frustration, "No no! They can change form like that, I saw it. Give them back!"

Gryphus shakes her head. "This one isn't much of a scientist is he?"

Enchantress remains perfectly still.

Rumble leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

Rumble transforms into his Robot mode.

Shockwave finds a quiet spot to observe what's happening to his teammates, hoping there aren't more alien cat-beings around to possibly smell him or Calcar.

Soundwave remains still in tape recorder form. As Arin's mother shushes her son, the chief scientist unscrews the top of the Decepticon jar. As the outside air enters from above, Soundwave ejects Rumble and transforms himself, drawing his weapon.

Soundwave directs the others, "Attack!"

Calcar stands by Shockwave, waiting for orders.

Rumble pulls out his laser and tries to shoot the huge creature!

Enchantress spreads her wings, and starts flying out of the jar.

Striker transforms into his Robot mode.

Striker aims up and fires with both lasers.

Enchantress transforms into her Robot mode.

Gryphus lets loose a sonic squawk on cue.

Enchantress zooms out of the jar, and hurls daggers at the eyes of the humanoid, trying to blind him.

Calcar says, "Instructions Guardian?"

Soundwave fires a stream of bright plasma, leading the way out the open mouth of the jar. The beams and various weapons bounce off the green skin of the aliens and sting them where they hit. "Ouch!" the scientist exclaims. "They bite!" He quickly hits a switch on a control on the examination table.

Rumble says, "Have I ever mentioned how much I hate bein' a little guy?" In the current situation it takes on a /whole new context/.....

Enchantress tries to throw daggers at vulnerable extremities - eyes.

A powerful magnetic force suddenly pulls all the Decepticons down to the table surface, their weapons clattering down around them. They're all caught fast against the surface.

Shockwave says, "Stand down for now. Unfortunately I don't think the attack can succeed. We cannot risk capture ourselves."

Calcar nods, and holsters his weapon.

CatsCradle manages to scramble her way out of the jar... only to be slammed down against the table surface.

Striker transforms and flies out of the jar, firing missiles at the large green aliens, "How'd ya like a little heat? Courtesy the Decepticons!" Then after he fires only one missile he's slammed down onto the surface, topside down.

Rumble eeps as he realizes he can't move any of his limbs at all!

Spinister nods silently at Shockwave, then adds, "They seem to be doing pretty well by themselves, Shockwave." But he transforms into his more dangerous jetcopter mode, should attack be necessary.

Spinister transforms into his Jetcopter mode.

Enchantress flies down to the table, her daggers clattering down against her.

The chief scientist nods. "There, that's better. These little creatures might have toxic bites. Now, let's see to the others." With one hand he reaches for a handheld rotating sawblade, and with the other for the jar of Autobots. "We shall have to dissect them to find out exactly what makes them work."

Gryphus flies out after everyone else and soars out of reach.. she shoots squawks at anyone trying to bug here.

Enchantress can't move at all, her arms acting as magnets to hold her down.

Shockwave tenses at the suggestion of the alien, his optic glowing with fury. This can not be permitted. To the Autobots of course, but not his friends and teammates.

Calcar remains hidden, as instructed.

Arin gets a horrified expression on his face. "No you don't!" he shouts, and darts forward, snatching up the jar of Autobots and darting hurriedly out of the building with it. His startled parents remain still for a moment, then bolt after him - followed by the whole scientific staff, trusting in their magnetic restraints to hold the Decepticons. "Boy, get back here!" the chief scientist calls as he hurries out the door. "Those things are dangerous!"

Calcar truly wishes that he had done some reading of Behemouth before he was sent here.

Soundwave tries to move and pull away from the magnetic restraint, but is locked completely in place.

Gryphus hits the table once the magnetics pull her down out o the air.. "ow.."

Soundwave transforms into his Robot mode.

The lab clears out. Soundwave listens intently for any sound, for either friend or foe.

Spinister tips slightly on one side, cloaked and inaudible. Now it appears the Autobots have been saved. Such a pity, as seeing them get dissected would have been...fairly enjoyable.

Striker grumbles, this is NOT comfortable being upside down in jet mode.

Calcar turns to the control that the scientist activated, looking for Shockwave for permission to go after it.

CatsCradle tries to scramble free, but is not able to move it all. "Great. Sure," she snarls. "The Autobots get rescued by the kidlet and /we/ get dissected..."

Spinister sends radar pulses around the lab, confirming that it is as empty as it looks.

Shockwave holds up a hand to Calcar. He speaks to both Calcar and Spinister, "Both of you be ready to distract anyone coming back in with holograms."

Soundwave says, "I will attempt to contact Shockwave and direct him here. I could not tell if he was able to follow.""

Gryphus says, "I sure hope they did."

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

Calcar nods to Shockwave, and starts directing power to his holoprojector.

Enchantress decides that for her next design, she's getting a nonmetallic exterior.

Soundwave says, "Transmission to Shockwave indicates he is nearby. Exact location unknown.""

Shockwave takes off in robot mode, but doesn't answer the radio message, perhaps concerned about it being detected. Instead he flies over to the control panel and releases the magnetic bonds.

Calcar stands ready to intercept anything coming by the door.

Spinister follows Shockwave. Without holograms, his only chance is to stay cloaked and surprise the scientist.

Gryphus says, "OH! I'm free!"

Soundwave feels the release of the force that had him pinned to the table. He reaches for his weapon, which was pinned beside him, and gratefully pulls himself to his feet, looking over the others for obvious damages.

CatsCradle rolls to her feet, looking very /not/ happy.

Enchantress rushes up off of the table, glad to be free, and her first priority is to get herself away from it. She doesn't notice the slight leak of mech fluid where her body has been lightly skewered by one of her swords.

Rumble is on his feet the second the pressure is released, looks around....and then scrabbles for his laser, picking it up gratefully. He grins to see the other Decepticons, coming to help them.

Enchantress takes her swords and sheathes them, flying away from the table at top speed.

Shockwave flies over to the table, but out of the range he estimates for the magnetic field, just in case. "Damage report Soundwave?"

Striker transforms finally being freed from the magnetics, "Primus, remind me never to go to worlds with giant alien creatures again." He reaches for a weapon and finds some place to hide. He looks angry but the only damages he has is a very scratched up paint job from being upside down in jet mode.

Calcar transforms into his Robot mode.

Enchantress hurries after the others.

Soundwave says, "Minor damage only, from appearances." He looks around again. "What has become of Spinister?""

Calcar doesn't notice the disappearance of his escort, and quickly starts shunting power away from the standby mode of his holoprojector.

Spinister moves silently over the table. The Decepticons seem mostly unhurt, apart from Enchantress's slight scratch. He stays cloaked, in case the scientist returns.

Spinister transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

Calcar starts circling around the room, looking for something that he could use to create a distraction if the scientists returned.

Shockwave transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Spinister.

Spinister transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

Shockwave says into his radio, "Affirmative Spinister. Do not drain too much power however, we must conserve." He turns to Soundwave and says, "He is cloaked, in case a distraction is required. We should depart quickly before the aliens return."

Soundwave detects Spinister's transmission and seems satisfied that he's safe. "Suggest we track the Autobots. If they have an ally on this world, we may be able to make use of the resources they find, in order to return to Earth." Soundwave apparently is looking to Shockwave to continue to direct the mission, as they highest-ranked individual in the group.

A sound of heavy footsteps sounds from just beyond the door that everyone ran out of. Fortunately there's a window on the other wall....

Calcar pops a mini energon cube into his mouth, the experience of running his holographic projector earlier having drained him.

Shockwave gestures to the only available exit and says, "Quickly!"

Gryphus follows everyone out.

Striker flies to where is gestured.

Rumble doesn't need to be told twice, and sprints across the table towards the window.

Rumble uses his anti-grav thrusters to help him fly out.

Spinister flies higher in the air, allowing the Decepticons room to leave. He waits momentarily, to make sure everyone else is capable of leaving.


        As busy and peaceful as this civilization is, the construction has retained a sort of low-lying, flowing harmony, with the cities spreading outward rather than upward, and melding seamlessly into each other. Individual buildings and dwellings also seem to flow easily toward one another, their curved roofs sloping and rising and falling like grassy hills. The inhabitants go about their lives in the self-involved and orderly fashion that comes from having known many generations of prosperity and lack of conflict. One can see the natives going about their day: giant green-skinned humanoids with huge eyes, upswept ears and antennae, and vaguely insectoid features.

Spinister transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

Soundwave slips out through the crack at the bottom of the window where it's propped open for circulation, and joins the others. Rising upward into the air, he activates his scanners, looking for signals that indicate the presence of their enemies. After a moment of orientation, he turns toward one of the curving avenues.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Spinister.

Spinister transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

Shockwave says, "Soundwave, can you track the Autobots?"

Soundwave looks to Shockwave and points. "They are close by, moving away."

Spinister takes time to uncloak, now that everyone has escaped. The sound of his rotors rises from inaudible to deafening in less than a second.

Gryphus circles close to the window the others stand at..

Calcar nods to the others, then quickly zooms after the others.

Shockwave says, "Spinister, transform to robot mode, we do not wish to attract any attention. Soundwave, release Buzzsaw to scout above us. The rest of you, follow Soundwave as he tracks the Autobots."

Enchantress winces as her internal repair systems plug the slight leak, then quickly speeds after Soundwave.

Spinister transforms into his Robot mode.

Gryphus transforms into her Robot mode.

Gryphus changes so she's in line with all the others...

Spinister nods at Shockwave, the order to transform now obeyed.

Enchantress beats her wings to stay up in the air, attracting more attention this way, but since she lacks antigravs, there's not much that she can do about it.

Soundwave ejects Buzzsaw, who soars up ahead. Soundwave himself follows. To the inhabitants of this world, the Decepticons look like nothing so much as a swarm of brightly colored insects.

Rumble is at Soundwave's side and shows every intention of staying there.

Gryphus pulls up next to Spells. "You'd think they'd let the Bots get hurt eh..."

Rumble mutters, "Being small sucks."

Up ahead, Buzzsaw closes in on Arin, who has ducked through a few alleys and has shaken the adult pursuers. He moves along at a rapid walking pace, clutching the jar of Autobots in his hands.

Spinister's optics glint in what might be a smile. "We're all small here, Rumble."

Enchantress says, "The Autobots are probably our best ticket out of here, with their ally."

Soundwave looks aside at Rumble, and nods in confirmation to Spinister's words. "And it can be a distinct advantage."

CatsCradle says, as if thinking out loud, "Now if we could just arrange to leave the Autobots here..."

Rumble mutters sullenly, "I'd rather be the one doing the stepping than being the one getting stepped'a my quakes wouldn't even get one of these big green dude's attention."

Gryphus says, "I don't see how.. since it was our machine that got us here."

Enchantress says, "Yes. We would each have to have a massive restructuring to come close to their size. Better to be small and unnoticeable than to be large and easily targeted when we are so outmatched here."

Calcar flies after the others, keeping pace.

Calcar says, "Be glad that we did not end up the victims of their weapons. It would probably be akin to a fusion cannon on its highest power setting being used on a turborat."

Spinister keeps his usual silence, as he stays nearby Shockwave.

Soundwave slows his speed to stay well back of Arin, so as to follow unobtrusively - but someone else finds him. A larger kid steps out of a side-street and approaches the green-skinned alien aggressively. "What'cha got there?" he demands, pointing at the jar of Autobots.

Arin quickly shifts the jar behind his back. "Nothing, Marty," he says hurriedly - to which the larger bully pokes at his chest and says, "I saw you hide something, don't be holding out on me!"

Gryphus pulls up.. "Oh you know this isn't good.."

Soundwave slows to a hover, observing.

Shockwave holds up his cannon arm, indicating the others should stop. Fortunately, they are small enough not to be noticed.

CatsCradle's optics narrow. After all, the kid never tried to hurt them. "A bully," she mutters. "I hate bullies."

Calcar comes to a stop. Will they have to aid the Autobots in order to get out of here?

Spinister stops as Shockwave ordered, and watches the scene with interest.

Enchantress comes to a stop. If they lose this child, how can they get offworld?

Striker pulls his plasma rifle and raises the level to maximum, aiming it at the bully just in case. Hey, he can make it sting at the least.
CatsCradle draws her sword. "You know... there are these insects on Earth called wasps. They sting. They are very tiny, but the humans have a lot of respect for them..."

As Arin tries to stall the bully verbally, one of his long-fingered hands unscrews the jar lid behind his back, allowing the Autobots to climb out. A conveniently placed sewer grid is close to his feet, and the 'Bots drop down one by one and disappear down the drain.

Calcar watches, impressed. This child has some intelligence after all...

Shockwave says, "Stand down CatsCradle, we shall observe a moment longer."

Striker nods to Cats, "We can make this guy respect us too. Just takes a few motivation 'stings'."

Gryphus says, "Are we following the Bots?"

Soundwave notes quietly, "I would not wish to risk an attack on these giant humanoids. Our true prey has found another pathway, and will surely find their way back to their ally."

CatsCradle relaxes only slightly at Shockwave's words, but grins at Striker in agreement.

Rumble shakes his head. "Autobots an' sewers...just go together somehow."

Arin finally produces the empty jar after much bluster and threat from the bully. "See, I told you, Marty!" he says, to which the bully gives him a shove and stalks off in disgust.

Spinister narrows his optics as he watches the Autobots escape down the drain. He glances at Rumble, his optics twinkling, "How true that is, Rumble..." His voice appears to be smiling.

Enchantress says, "Could be worse. Don't go to Dionyousios. The entire planet is a literal sewer..."

Arin looks around, and then furtively crouches down, whispering into the drain, "Make you way to my house, guys. I'll meet you there!"

Shockwave adds, "And as distasteful as the thought may be, we might have to cooperate with the Autobots to return home. We shall follow them."

Enchantress says, "You mean we can't pretend to work with them, and as soon as we have a way home double cross them and strand them here?"

Enchantress looks up in mock hurt.

Soundwave says, "I would prefer to strand them here in any case. But they are moving away in the underground, and we should keep pace."

Enchantress chuckles, continuing, "After all, by their standard, we are the "bad guys," and shouldn't such behavior be expected from us?"

Enchantress nods to Soundwave.

Soundwave says calmly, "The ends justify the means, Enchantress."

Rumble isn't the sort to make command decisions, and prepares to follow the others wherever they go.

Gryphus says, "I rather fly there than go down there.."

Spinister listens to the current exchange but doesn't add to it.

Soundwave says, "Advise remaining together. We are on a strange world.""

Shockwave doesn't answer Enchantress, since the answer seems self-evident, and instead takes off after the Bots, motioning for the others to follow.

CatsCradle peers at the sewer, thinking about the size the rats must be like down there. "Can't we track them and follow them from above?

Soundwave drops downward out of his hovering stance, following Shockwave toward the sewer grid.

Enchantress speeds off after the others.

Spinister murmurs in answer to Soundwave, "And insects swarm together, after all..." He flies off after the rest of the Decepticons.

CatsCradle sighs softly and hurries to catch up

Calcar heads off after the Decepticons. Ah, the sewers... Such memories... And not very pleasant ones either...

Soundwave replies softly to Spinister, a trace of amusement flashing through his optics, "I should be interested in what our Insecticon allies would say to that observation."

Rumble grimaces as he drops down between the grates after Soundwave

Striker flies to catch up.


Sewer System

        Endless dark flooded tunnels run underneath the city. An occasional waterfall cascades down from above and then cuts off again as more waste water is added from the housing development overhead. Elephantine "rats" make this place their home, scurrying along in the less flooded corners or splashing through the water in their search for food.

Enchantress drops through the grates.

Gryphus says, "The one eyed leading the blind.. so to speak..."

Shockwave speaks softly, aware of possible echoes. "Soundwave, recall Buzzsaw and release Ravage to scout ahead. We don't want the Autobots hearing us."

Spinister's optics twinkle in answer to Soundwave. "I'm sure the Insecticons would agree with me there."

Calcar says, "Tale of the Devourer - Act IV, Scene VIII."

Soundwave lands in the knee-high water, and replies to CatsCradle's question, "Less chance to lose them here, or to be captured by the natives."

CatsCradle mutters something about more chances about being eaten by sewer creatures, then adds slightly more loudly, "I definitely need to stop watching human horror movies."

Soundwave opens his tape compartment and recalls Buzzsaw, who flies back and folds up into a golden cassette.

Rumble makes an uncommital noise as he hears the giant rats moving somewhere down a side tunnel, and says to Cats, "no kidding...." He looks at Soundwave. "Let's not be /eaten/ by 'em either, hm?"

Striker nods, "Yea you do." And keeps his rifle out, the thought of giant rats is slightly unnerving.

Enchantress says, "Remember, if you're attacked by one, target the nose and the eyes."

CatsCradle sighs. "Won't help against giant alligators.

Enchantress says, "In that case, run. They can't move very fast."

Spinister hovers down in his leg engines, and drops into the knee high water. Even the splash echoes and he purses his optic ridges in a frown. Reaching into subspace, he withdraws his sword. A silent weapon for the not so silent giant rats nearby.

Gryphus drops into the water. "well so much for the finish huh?" she smile a bit. "Reminds me of a trip to Argus four."

Soundwave points forward into the dark tunnel. "The sound of activity is up ahead."

Enchantress says, "Or try and get behind them, they can't turn around."

CatsCradle says, "They smack you with their tails then.""

Shockwave states the obvious, "Avoid combat with any native animals when possible. Use your flight engines to get around them."

An elephantine rat, similar to the animal that Arin had in his room, scurries out into the middle of the tunnel, sniffing toward the Decepticons with its trunk.

Enchantress draws her swords as well. Any creature that messes with her will be a carved up hors d’ourve.

Soundwave says, "Ravage, eject and scout ahead."

Ravage leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

Calcar draws his rocket launcher and aims it at the rat.

Gryphus says, "Odd creature..."

Striker looks up in horror at the rat, "What about that? Kill it?"

Spinister raises his sword and takes to the air again as he spies the rat.

The elephant-rat's ears twitch, the trunk snaking back and forth. It seems to be caught between a decision to attack and a decision to run.

Enchantress throws daggers at its eyes and nose.

CatsCradle raises her wrist lasers, aiming at the rat. "Well, we can invite it to tea if you'd like, Striker. I wouldn't suggest it, however."

Ravage leaps out and chases after the Rat flashing his eyes and shooting harmless laser pulses.

The rat lets out a shriek as the daggers gouge into its face - a sound that echoes off the walls long after it has vanished back into the shadows.

Shockwave says, "Enchantress! I ordered you to avoid combat with these creatures!"

Gryphus sighs. "So much for r Bots not know we are here.

Spinister almost sighs. So much for surprise! The noise generated by his fellow Decepticons and that rat must surely have alerted the Autobots up ahead. Hopefully, they've got their own giant rats to deal with, or maybe an alligator!

Striker flies up, and since they're already attacking, he shoots at it as well.

Suddenly the air is filled with the bright beams of laser light. Optimus Prime shouts, "Don't think for a moment we'll allow you to harm the natives of this planet, Decepticons!"

Enchantress sighs as Calcar looks reproachfully at her. She'll log in a discommendation into her own file personally when she gets back.

Gryphus eeps and frowns. "Great..."

Soundwave just shakes his head at Enchantress' action, but is quickly distracted by the attack.

Striker radios Shockwave, "Tell him it was self-defense or something."

Enchantress sighs. She REALLY messed up this time... She avoids the Autobots, and targets the rat.

Rumble mutters, "I think you got that backwards Prime..."

CatsCradle shouts back, "It was a rat!"

So much for keeping quiet! Spinister transforms, ready to face the Autobots.

Enchantress yells at Prime, "I would prefer to avoid becoming a meal for a nonsentient lifeform, Prime!"

Spinister transforms into his Jetcopter mode.

Shockwave says, "Your priorities are as backwards as ever Optimus Prime. Decepticons, attack!"

Gryphus says, "Isn't shooting at an animal not exactly like shooting at a cognizant species?"

Spinister cloaks and his rotors suddenly fall silent as he vanishes from sight.

Rumble mutters to Gryphus, "Shooting at an /Autobot/ isn't exactly like shooting at a species that shows a decent amount of /sense/." as he gets ready to fight.

CatsCradle tosses her hands in the air. "We're fighting Autobots over shooting at a /rat/!" She draws her sword, still snarling under her breath.

Calcar says, "Prime, we were merely defending ourselves from one of the creatures that inhabits this area."

Ravage arms his proton rocket packs and targets the bots... Waiting for the Order to Fire and rain Hell from above.

Shockwave fires steadily at Prime, trying to draw the attention of the Autobot leader to himself and away from the others.

Gryphus uses her squawk at a Bot.

Prime retaliates, "Arin is just a child. You have no right to bring him into danger within his own society." Obviously the natives that Prime thinks he's protecting, are the humanoids.

Enchantress says, "A child that brought us to his parents for dissection, Prime. We have to protect ourselves first!"

CatsCradle says a little cautiously "... you know, shooting explosive weapons while underground, even in a sewer this large... might not be a great idea..."

Spinister flies slowly, using his radar to keep away from the walls in the darkened tunnel. He ignore Prime's bleating, uncloaking suddenly before and above Prime and bringing his machine gun to bear on Prime before rapidly cloaking again and flying back towards the Decepticons. Spinister's trade mark attack, although difficult in this narrow tunnel.

Soundwave fires in retaliation. "One cannot reason with Autobots," he notes - though he seems to not be aiming very carefully, as though to give them the chance to escape and lead them to any resources they might get from their ally.

Gryphus says, "Like we could ever hurt a child so big Prime."

Calcar fires a covering burst of rockets towards the Autobots, intending more to distract them from Spinister than to deal actual damage, doing little more than sending debris flying.

CatsCradle shakes her head mildly and drifts into the shadows, working her way silently, almost invisible, towards the Autobots, stepping out next to Perceptor. "Hi!" she says brightly. "Wanna talk to you about a certain virus." She slashes at him with her sword.

Prime takes a glancing blow from Spinister's attack, which throws off his aim momentarily, but he gets back into the action quickly enough, not of a mood to argue philosophy when he's in 'heroic defender' mode.

Enchantress flies up into the air and dive bombs Ironhide!

Gryphus leaps towards TB, her previous target. "Tag!" she giggles.

Perceptor is startled by Cats' sudden appearance - his optics flash bright in alarm as he falls backwards, a nice gash opening in his chest.

Rumble decides his piledrivers are almost useless on a world built to such huge scale, and instead relies on his laser to snipe at Smokescreen.

Meanwhile, Calcar's rockets have breached a wall, sending a shudder through the whole tunnel structure.

Bumblebee loses his balance and trips into the water, landing close to Ravage.

Ironhide is ready for Spells attack, and hits her with several bursts form his laser blaster, sending her careening into a wall, where she is partially buried from debris from Calcar's rockets.

Calcar swears as he sees the damage caused by his rockets, and switches to his backup weapon, his laser.

Spinister tries to dodge the flying debris generated by Calcar's rocket attack. Darn it! Spinister will have a few words to say to Calcar after this! He spins around, landing, uncloaking and transforming among the Decepticons and staring back at the Autobots. Looks like the machine gun bullets only slightly damaged Prime. Still, it's a start... Spinister draws his laser. The tunnels walls are shuddering around him, making him stagger

The rushing sound of water, which had been soft and steady all along, suddenly intensifies.

Spinister transforms into his Robot mode.

Shockwave is unwilling to let anyone else tackle Prime, so he takes a literal step by launching himself toward the Autobot leader. He knocks Prime to the side, but doesn't have a chance to follow up before the sound of water interrupts.

Rumble tries to get the others' attention. "Um...guys...." He points. "SURF'S UP!"

Gryphus is wrestling with TB.. "Hm.. I hate to say this but.. INCOMING!"

Enchantress starts shoving debris off of her. For her, this is rather minimal damage.

CatsCradle follows Perceptor, her sword strikes pushing him back. "You see," she says, her tone still pleasant, "I was one who caught it. And I went through hell because of it. I didn't think I was going to be able to ever see my mate again." She snarls suddenly, the feral sound made more so after her soft tone. "And that's your fault that I went through that, Perceptor."

Soundwave says, "Shockwave, alert! Incoming water." He looks around hurriedly, something catching his attention as he sends a hurried telepathic message to Ravage."

Perceptor stammers something in amazement, starting to form some excuse or explanation, when he too notices the sound of onrushing water.

Shockwave says, "Decepticons, to the air! Try to stay above it!"

Spinister tries to keep his feet, as the tunnel shakes and the sound of rushing water gets louder. He notes Shockwave attacking Prime and doesn't mind sharing him at all. The more damage Prime receives, the better, as far as Spinister is concerned.

Calcar flies up into the air.

Rumble uses his thrusters, hoping he can hover above the oncoming water....

Spinister takes off on his leg engines, glancing rapidly around to ensure the rest of the Decepticons are following.

A great river of water washes down the sewer tunnel, sweeping away the various Cybertronians into the deeper, darker reaches of the underground system. Even those that try to stay in the upper reaches, get caught and swept along, so great is the influx of water that it fills the whole tunnel.

Enchantress still works at piling the debris up off of her, working hurriedly as she hears the water incoming.

Ravage turns around and starts to follow Bumblebee in order to restrain him....

Enchantress is caught by the stream and carried down.

CatsCradle hears the oncoming water and lets out another soft snarl. She smiles at Perceptor. "Nice chatting with you. Sorry to cut it short. We'll pick it up another time." She slashes at him again, darting away and up into the air, but the water hits her in mid-air, sending her down through the tunnel

Gryphus tumbles with TB since they are so intwined.. actually TB is trying to get fresh! "OH you are a sick Bot I tell you she hisses."

Shockwave seals his air intakes to the water, and tries to maneuver towards the center to avoid being smashed into one of the walls.

Soundwave tries to move in the direction of the water, so as not to get slammed into a tunnel wall. Mentally he keeps track of Ravage and Rumble, sensing them nearby.

Rumble tumbles in the liquid, driven by the powerful blast of water...WIPEOUT.

Calcar is carried along, and stays in the center, having been through this routine many times before...

Ravage uses Bumblebee as a raft and stands on him....

Spinister is in mid air but not high enough to escape the water. It catches him and sweeps him along, bouncing him along the walls. He tries to grasp at edges, in an attempt to stop his rush down the tunnel. Finally he manages to grasp at a crack in the wall. He reaches out with his other hand, attempting to catch the Decepticons being washed past him.

Gryphus kindly give TB a knee for his troubles and breaks free. "Masher..."

Gradually the flood of water dies down, and the tunnel slowly empties again. As luck would have it, the Decepticons who tried to take to the air when the wave hit, have been washed some distance away from the Autobots, who are now nowhere to be seen. Except for Bumblebee, who's still struggling in Ravage's grasp.

Enchantress is bounced off the walls before she can paddle her way towards the center, looking like she is very cross with herself at the moment. This is all her doing...

CatsCradle catches onto the walls with her claws, curling around herself until the pressure of the water eases.

The excess water starts swirling around and around and finally drains through a series of grids into a catchbasin below, leaving the Decepticons mostly-dry.

Gryphus shakes her head. "Well t hat was unamusing."

Soundwave slowly gets to his feet, rivulets of water running down his blue plating, as he goes motionless for a moment to orient himself. It's as though he's listening for something.

CatsCradle sweeps water off herself with the side of her hands. "What is it with us being swept down tunnels. Water, lava, instant-hardening-goo...?"

Shockwave gets to his feet and takes stock of their situation as best as his swirling head allows. "Damage report everyone. Ravage, hold on to the Autobot hostage you've captured. We may have use for him later."

Enchantress's body is battered, but her armor has taken most of it, and the damage is all external, and it looks far worse than it is.

Bumblebee tries to pull away from Ravage, growing ever more panicky in the grip of the deadly black cat.

Spinister has been washed some distance from the Autobots. He failed to capture any of the Decepticons floating past, although he did spy Rumble on his 'surfboard'. Now he lets go of the crack in the wall and drops to the nearly dry floor, hurrying in the direction of the flow to catch up with the other Decepticons.

Gryphus frowns as she's missing some feathers. "I wonder that myself..."

Rumble says, "I gotta learn to surf..." He looks rather enviously at Ravage.

Ravage smacks Bumblebee in the head with a paw... . o O (Swim you slag heap IM not Getting Wet for anyone!)

Calcar tosses Ravage a salute. At least one of them was doing his job tonight... Calcar will need to spend a long time talking with his mate tonight about following orders... There is a chain of command for a reason, and the fact that she is a trainee does not excuse her from following it.

Soundwave's voice echoes even more in the hollow tunnel. "We have been swept considerably off course, but I believe I can retrace our steps to the child's home. If we proceed in flight, and assume the Autobots are headed to the same location, we should be able to catch up.

Gryphus says, "Brilliant deduction."

CatsCradle says rather plaintively, "Do we have to stay in the sewers?"

Spinister hurries down the tunnel, his feet making a distinct splash clanking on the hard wet floor. Up ahead, he can hear Ravage growling and Soundwave's voice echoing more than usual. He takes off on his leg engines. A moment later, he catches up with the group of Decepticons.

Enchantress follows along, looking somewhat downcast.

Soundwave says, "I detect no increased damage that would preclude our flight, Shockwave. I will still suggest sticking to this route."

Shockwave's optic flashes as Gryphus as he replies, "Excellent Soundwave. Ravage, scout ahead as before. The rest of you, make no hostile actions to any native animals. We should be able to avoid them or cause them to flee."

Enchantress returns her swords to subspace, retracts her claws, and puts a lockout on her subspace refraction, so she will not be able to access her weapons.

Gryphus is in a bit of a sour mood so you'll have to pardon that jab...

Rumble goes to take Bumblebee from Ravage's "care", pressing his laser into the Bot's back.

Calcar nods to Gryphus, and looks at his wife with a questioning look. What is wrong with her tonight?

Soundwave nods to Rumble in response to a telepathic exchange.

Ravage drags Bumblebee over to Rumble and hands him over before darting off to once again scout ahead.

Shockwave takes to the air in robot mode, some slight steam coming from his air intake portals.

Spinister hovers before Shockwave, "I've some news for the scouts, there are no Autobots," his optics glance at Bumblebee, "Apart from THIS one, as far as the crack in the wall."

Rumble growls, "One wrong move Autobot and I scrap you, understand?" He marches Bumblebee ahead of him at gunpoint.

Rumble has obviously been watching Dirty Harry movies again... ;)

Soundwave rises upward as well, and notes to Spinister, "If they are within tracking range, Ravage will find them. We also know their destination."

Gryphus takes to the air as well.

Calcar follows along in the air.

Shockwave says, "Proceed Soundwave."

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

Ravage hovers he isn’t touching that Water... once he gets home he is gonna spend a week in Decontamination.

Spinister rises as well, "Because it's our destination, Shockwave."

Enchantress follows along in the air. She's going to be spending a lot of time banging out the dents in her armor when she gets back to base. Then she'll ask to be relieved of field duties, since its obvious that she is a threat to the mission after her performance tonight.

CatsCradle stops along, not much happier than Ravage. She doesn’t have his hatred for water... as long as it's clean.

Ravage is utterly disgusted as he sees a dead rodent float past in the water..

Soundwave says, "Ravage reports hearing our targets ahead."

Soundwave picks up his flightspeed a little.

Enchantress follows along, as does Calcar.

Spinister's armour is dented and stained with the mucky water that carried him along but he pays no attention to it, although he rises up to avoid the dead rat that Ravage was so disgusted by. His cyan and violet colour scheme is now almost drab from the filth that covers it. This may actually be a good thing... ;-)

Shockwave again states the obvious, but it is his job today, "Have him keep out of sight and observe."

Gryphus follows behind last.

Ravage sticks close to the wall.. his hovering keeping him silent... and the dim light keeps him virtually invisible.

Soundwave says, "Ravage reports the Autobots have reached their destination, at our point of arrival on this world."

Ravage moves closer to where he sees the Autobots moving out of the sewer.. he peers up to maybe hear what they are saying.

CatsCradle says, "Does that mean we're close?" She suddenly looks worried. "We were talking about leaving them here... they may be thinking much the same about us.""

Calcar says, "We can always find another way to depart."

Gryphus says, "That's not their style.. I hope."

Enchantress remains silent.

Rumble says, firmly, "We won't /let/ them do that, Cats..." and then he looks at Soundwave as if for confirmation.

Soundwave says, "Autobots have exited the underground sewer system. They will surely leave us stranded if they have the opportunity. So we will not give it to them.""

Shockwave says, "Excellent. Decepticons, the giant alien could still pose a problem from its sheer size. But I believe our hostage will discourage it from taking aggressive action. Enchantress, Calcar, would you concur with that opinion?"

CatsCradle shakes her head. "They probably wouldn't want to leave us here." She grins suddenly. "After all, we're not safe to the rat population, remember?"

Enchantress nods, as does Calcar. "It appears to feel some sort of bonding with the Autobots.. The hostage will be our key off of this planet."

Rumble keeps a closer optic on Bumblebee. This is /his/ job, Ravage entrusted him, and he's /not/ going to screw it up.

Soundwave listens intently. "Ravage detects from their conversation, they have not yet noticed one of their own is missing. They will surely notice any moment now."

Spinister shakes his head slightly. Fancy the Autobots not realizing Bumblebee is missing. Stupid Autobots!

CatsCradle fingers the hilt of her sword. "I could cut his arm off and go wave it at them."

Enchantress says, "However, I would advise against using the hostage in an extremely threatening manner - such action will cause resentment, and will greatly increase the probability of the humanoid attempting to do something unexpected, like engaging us in combat to rescue his ally. We cannot stand against him and the Autobots."

Shockwave holds up a hand to Enchantress and turns to Gryphus for her view.

Bumblebee tenses in Rumble's grip, as though debating a struggle, but the tip of the laser against his back convinces him otherwise.

Enchantress nods, and remains silent.

Shockwave says, "Excellent. Decepticons, the giant alien could still pose a problem from its sheer size. But I believe our hostage will discourage it from taking aggressive action. Enchantress, Calcar, Gryphus, would you concur with that opinion?"

Ravage is moving out behind the Autobots to peer into the massive bath tub...

Rumble says, "Don't even think it, Autobot."

Gryphus says, "I'm not so sure. But worth a try."

Soundwave says, "The Autobots are within the dwelling."

Spinister rubs his mask, "Very true, Shockwave, the humanoid is too powerful." He glances back at Calcar with a slight frown, remembering the so-called covering burst of rockets that Calcar sent after Prime, the ones that nearly knocked Spinister out of the sky. But he says nothing. Too much has happened between now and then.

Calcar says, "I believe that our best course of action would be to offer to trade the hostage to the Autobots for inclusion in the departure from this world. We can attempt to strand them after we have secured a method of departure, but I would advise keeping the hostage within our grasp until we are firmly secure in going home."

Calcar nods to Spinister in apology for his earlier actions. He is not exactly a combat mech...

Shockwave holds another hand up to Calcar and flies forward toward the opening to the house. He then points upwards and motions forward and flies upward.

Gryphus says, "I'd like to add that whatever course we take, that the alien can nab one of us. Only one of us should go out there with the little Bot here."

Spinister catches Calcar's apologetic nod and his optics brighten slightly in reply. Calcar didn't mean it...

Rumble lets the others debate what to do. He's content to do /his/ share....he prods Bumblebee with his laser. "You follow Shockwave...and I'm right behind ya."

Bumblebee gives Rumble a silent glare, but moves along as told.

The plumbing of Arin's house opens downward into the sewer, and there's plenty of room to fly upward into the pipes. Soundwave follows Shockwave, directing him as they come to intersections, in the direction that Ravage went.

Gryphus says, "Whew.. I'm so glad our waste products aren't so foul..."

Soundwave says quietly, "It seems the Autobots are converging on the child's sleeping quarters where we first found ourselves.

CatsCradle murmurs in agreement. "I'd rather deal with the lava."

Enchantress follows along.

Spinister follows Shockwave, remarking to Gryphus, "This place is making the tunnels of Cybertron look like a paradise!"

Calcar goes up the pipes, having been in much worse.

Gryphus follows up.

Calcar says, "This is nothing milord. You should see Centaurus X... They regularly bathe in stuff far worse than this..."

Ravage 's butt is the first thing any Con shall be seeing at the end of that tunnel.

As the Decepticons climb upward, the interior of the pipes takes on a slippery feeling from the algae that grows in closer proximity to light. Up ahead there's a faint light as the pipe takes a downward curve, and those who come to the end of the passage will realize they're looking out over bathtub the size of a small lake, ready to drop down out of the faucet.

Shockwave nods to Soundwave. "We shall follow them there. Be ready to release Buzzsaw once more to scout an escape route if it become necessary."

Soundwave nods to Shockwave, and notices Ravage crouching in the faucet exit up ahead.

Enchantress follows behind the rest of the group, with Calcar at her side.

Spinister shakes his head slightly, his optics twinkling at Calcar, "I knew there was a reason I preferred Cybertron..." He flies upward, avoiding the slimy, slippery walls of the pipe, and sees the faucet ahead. He nods at Calcar, "I see the aliens actually bathe in the water that comes from this pipe. This place isn't so dissimilar to Centaurus X after all!"

Shockwave motions for the assembled team to follow him towards the room where they first arrived on this bizarre macro-scale organic world.

Rumble is not subjecting anyone to his commentary, for once, because he's too busy with the prisoner.

Gryphus hovers, waiting for the cue to move on.

Soundwave pauses and listens at the mouth of the faucet, before nudging Ravage to drop down and land silently on the tile floor so the others can follow.

Spinister flies after Shockwave, glancing behind at Rumble busy with his prisoner. Nice to see the kids enjoying themselves! ;-)

Ravage drops down slowing his fall with his Hover engines... landing on all fours... Naturally.

Enchantress says, "Yes. Quite the oddity, isn't it. I guess that it is all a matter of scale then. Since we are small, we can observe the deformities quite easily. However, they are not quite so observable to the inhabitants of this planet, being on a much larger scale. It is all a matter of perspective milord."

CatsCradle flies down, landing lightly.

Calcar grins at Spinister, and gives him a half bow of acknowledgment.

Gryphus hovers up and out now the cat is out of harms way. "I'll be glad to be home." she mutters.

Shockwave checks to make sure Rumble still has firm control of Bumblebee, then flies off.

Soundwave follows Shockwave, keeping his audial sensors tuned to any noise. He hears the giant kid rustling around in his bedroom next door, and picks up the faint voices of the Autobots with him.

Coming through from the crack under the doors, is Prime's voice, explaining with somewhat strained patience, "We can't stay, Arin, we belong on Earth."

Perceptor chimes in, "Surely there's material that can be utilized. The Decepticons left energon cubes, for example, which could power a ship - if we had a ship."

Rumble does take the opportunity to mutter, "No you don' never came from Earth," then notices Bumblebee tensing up and digs the laser into his back. "Nuh-uh, Bumblebutt."

Enchantress remains silent.

Gryphus says, "Uh I do see they are plotting to leave without us after all... how un noble of their kind."

Calcar says, "Whoever said Autobots were noble?"

CatsCradle says, "They did.""

Enchantress says, "And whoever said that they were right?"

Shockwave glances over to Rumble's control of the prisoner, perhaps thinking he's doing a really good job keeping him under control. He glances back, and his gaze falls on something inside the room.

CatsCradle grins and says again, "They did."

Enchantress says, "And do we happen to agree with their perspective?"

Soundwave peers under the crack in the door, his hand reaching out of its own accord to stroke the back Ravage's neck.

Gryphus says, "I am merely stating that they tend to not leave their own kind behind.. that's all.. honestly ..."

Shockwave motions back to keep the conversation quiet and looks back to the room, his optic blazing with the look of intense thought.

Within the room, Arin is standing by his windowsill, where a large telescope is propped up and pointed toward the night sky. "But tell me about *your* world," he says.

Spinister does not say a word about Autobot honour, although a few things come to mind. He takes a position close to Bumblebee. Not too close - he doesn't want Rumble to think Spinister doesn't think he's capable of keeping Bumblebee captive.

Soundwave gives Gryphus a dubious look, but says nothing.

Rumble doesn’t' seem bothered by Spinister's presence, though he looks to the Valckastan with a bit of curiosity, and a bit of deferral.

Ravage looks around and wonders what he should do now.

Soundwave waits for Shockwave's further orders, still observing from under the doorframe.

Enchantress remains silent, as she hopes to continue this discussion later. The Autobot propaganda tapes always were used as the standard startup for any stand-up routine while she was at Valckasta...

Shockwave says, "I believe following the Autobots to this giant flesh creature will pay dividends after all. Decepticons, follow me. Rumble, you and our hostage will stay beside me."

Spinister notes Rumbles look and his optics twinkle at Rumble in a smile, although he is his usual taciturn self.

Gryphus sees things a bit differently apparently tan the rest of this group, she shakes her head. "Nevermind. .. I'll shut up now." she just watches and waits for what to do next.

Rumble is truly pleased, "Yes sir Shockwave!" and proudly marches Bumblebee over to the purple leader.

Calcar gives Rumble a bow, acknowledging his contribution to their cause tonight.

Soundwave surreptitiously draws his weapon just in case, but stays back, allowing Rumble to take an important role.

Striker just stands off to the side and does as told.

Spinister nods, "Very well, Shockwave", and moves closer to Shockwave.

Calcar does the same to Ravage.

Ravage Sits down...

Shockwave flies into the room and approaches the Bots, with Rumble and Bumblebee close by. He amplifies his voice and says, "No sudden movements Autobots, unless you wish your friend here to be reduced to a cloud of particulate matter."

Optimus Prime is saying, "Arin, we'd love to tell you all about Cybertron, but there's no telling what damage the Decepticons are causing on Earth. We've appreciated your hospitality, but-" he freezes and turns toward the sound of the voice.

Rumble brandishes his laser as well to prove he means business.

Spinister's optics twinkle again at Rumble's evident pride. It reminds Spinister, must not think of such a thing here. Spinister's optics fix on Bumblebee and a hard stare is evidence of what Spinister is thinking right now.

Prime's blue optics narrow a little. "Shockwave," he says, a dangerous undertone to his words. "You would hide behind someone smaller and weaker than yourself?"

Enchantress remains at the far end of the group, making no actions that could cause the Autobot to free himself. She's caused enough damage for one night...

Rumble gives Prime a dirty look. Bumblebee's as big as he is...although probably weaker, the cassette thinks smugly.

Soundwave has his weapon handy but is holding it in a casual way so as not to spark a reflex reaction from the Autobots, but to have it ready just in case.

Gryphus follows almost in stride with Spells, oddly quiet and watching with a researchers eye.

Calcar remains by his wife's side, casting her a curious look at her depressed look, but he remains silent. There will be time to comfort her later.

Shockwave says, "Do not bore me with a lecture on combat ethics Prime. Stand down and you and your fellow Autobots might just survive to see another cycle."

Rumble adds, "Yeah, even this one!"

Arin looks uncertainly toward Prime, realizing now who was missing from the group. He's just a kid, after all, and the tone of authority in Shockwave's voice as well as his concern for the little yellow robot, makes him take a hesitant step back from the window and the telescope.

Spinister hold his hands ready to extract his weapons from subspace, should they be necessary. Yet another ethical lecture from Prime. Does he ever shut up?

Shockwave says, "Decepticons, gather up the energon cubes on the floor. As for you Prime, you and your ilk stand away from the window and lower your weapons."

Prime motions his Autobots to back up slowly as well, but keeps intense watch on Shockwave and Rumble. "Do you expect us to trust you to release him unharmed?" he demands.

Striker begins grabbing energon cubes.

Rumble snickers, "Like You got a lot of choice..." then looks at Shockwave and decides to shut up and leave it to the boss-bot.

Gryphus moves to gather cubes.. what this again?

CatsCradle flies down, giving the Autobots a little wave, then she begins to gather the scattered energon cubes.

Ravage enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Enchantress follows and begins to gather cubes.

Spinister floats down and begins gathering energon, keeping one optic on the Autobots. They may talk of trust, but Spinister wouldn't trust *them* as far as he could throw them.

Calcar moves to cover cubes.

Calcar moves to subtly cover the Autobots with his laser.

Smokescreen makes a small movement of his hand, as though itching to reach for a weapon, but he obeys Prime and does not complete the motion.

Shockwave's optic seems to convey contempt as he answers Prime. "Not in the slightest. But you'll embrace any small hope, won't you? Now comply at once with my instructions."

Prime motions the Autobot group another step back.

Soundwave is curious as to what Shockwave's plan is, but does not ask, as they will all find out soon enough.

Shockwave makes his way over to the telescope, and motions for Soundwave to follow him. He says to the others "Bring the cubes here."

Spinister gathers energon cubes, sparing a glance at Rumble and Bumblebee and wondering if he was right to leave them unguarded with the Autobots so nearby.

Soundwave accompanies Shockwave.

Rumble says, "Follow Shockwave...but /slow/," to bumblebee, trying to sound big, menacing, and tough.

Spinister carries the gathered energon cubes over to Shockwave, they are piled in his arms and almost obstruct his face.

Gryphus gets a good armful and wonders where to put them.. an.. she goes where Shock pointed out.

Enchantress gathers cubes, and takes them over. Her back is starting to complain again... She feels like she's pulled some servos from earlier.

Striker brings several energon cubes over to where Shockwave pointed, going back to get more, he mutters, "Didn't do enough of this with the shuttle?"

Bumblebee tries to muster an expression of anger at Rumble, but now it just comes off as a little scared. He can't help but shoot a look at his comrades, hoping they'll be able to get him out of this before he's hauled off with the Decepticons.

Gryphus nods. "I was thinking just that.." whispered back to Striker.

Shockwave motions for Soundwave to keep his weapon trained on the Autobots as he pulls open the telescope. "By luck, I was carrying a replacement part for the space bridge when I arrived on Earth. We can use this telescope to focus the beam it will generate to return us to that world. It will not be as precise as our regular bridge, but it should suffice."

Soundwave looks over the scope, as though taking in its potential capabilities. Then he levels his weapon at the Autobot group to guard Shockwave while he works.

Spinister notes Enchantress is feeling pain in her back and relieves her of her energon cubes.

Enchantress nods her thanks, and gets another bunch of cubes. The pain reminds her that she is alive, and it keeps her going. Far better to feel anything, even pain, than nothingness...

Calcar looks at his wife in concern as she gets another group of cubes. What has been going on with her on Earth?

Shockwave is working the whole time he's talking, installing the component into the telescope. Unseen by the Bots, he also sets a small explosive that will detonate after the bridge returns them home, destroying the precious piece of space bridge technology and stranding the Autobots here.

Spinister watches Enchantress go back for more cubes, despite the pain. Now there is a true Decepticon, ready to do her duty whatever the consequences. What a pity she is so lacking in self confidence.

Arin shifts nervously from one foot to the other, his tension conveying itself to the cat that winds restlessly back and forth past his feet.

Striker says, "That's the last of them Shockwave."

Rumble eyes the big kid...and he means /big/...nervously. The kid could swat them all. He tries not to think about it and to concentrate on his captive.

Soundwave nods to Shockwave while still keeping careful watch on the Autobots, acknowledging the likelihood that Shockwave's plan will be workable.

Gryphus looks to Calcar. "You need to looks into her back when we get home. "she mutters to him.

Shockwave finishes his work with the telescope and takes a moment to wire in the energon cubes in a decidedly jury-rigged manner quite different from his usual work. He turns back to Prime and says, "We shall take our leave now Autobots. I shall give your regards to Megatron."

Calcar nods, but still keeps his laser within reach. "What has been going on with her on Earth milady? Is this her normal behavior there?"

Soundwave motions to the others.

CatsCradle moves to stand near the pile of cubes, her sword drawn and planted into the ground in front of her, her hands resting on the hilt. She grins evilly at Perceptor.

Soundwave says, "Shockwave's device will need power. Input the energon cubes."

Rumble grins nastily to Bumblebee. "Let's go're taking a little ride courtesy of Decepticon Air."

Spinister fold his arms, casting a quick look around the group. All present and accounted for. Perhaps this mission will be successful after all? What could stop them now?

Bumblebee tenses up, trying to slow his steps as Rumble pulls him forward.

Shockwave activates the bridge component and a circle of light begins to form around the bottom edge of the telescope.

Prime clenches his fists, but does not come forward.

Soundwave glances at the connection between the makeshift spacebridge and the stack of energon cubes, and seems satisfied. Hurriedly he motions the others toward the beam.

Striker grins and waves byebye to the Autobots. "Adios Bots."

Gryphus nods a bit to Cal. "Lately yes..."

Rumble waves as well from behind bumblebee. "Say bye to your friends, Bot."

Spinister says nothing but his optics glare brightly at the Autobots.

At that moment, Nitro the cat finally launches herself at the tempting movement of the little scuttling creatures, her gray paws outstretched and zeroing in toward the two creatures who are moving with some difficulty - Bumblebee's resistance slowing Rumble down.

Gryphus moves forward with her two friends.

CatsCradle pulls her sword out of the floor and moves towards the beam, pausing when the motion of the cat catches her gaze. "Rumble, look out!"

Enchantress yelps as the creature jumps!

Rumble sees the giant cat and yelps! He bolts forward two steps, then remembers Bumblebee and darts back to grab the little Autobot....

Spinister's attention is rapidly drawn to the massive cat about to attack Rumble and Bumblebee. His arms uncross and he steps forward.

Nitro swats at the duo, the huge paw batting Bumblebee out of Rumble's reach.

Soundwave says, "Rumble!"

Shockwave says, "Leave him Rumble! Get into the beam!"

Rumble looks helplessly back at Soundwave and Shockwave...then realizes the nasty situation he's in and runs before the cat can make him a chew toy.

Rumble fires his laser rather ineffectively at the cat as he runs....

CatsCradle shouts, "Just don't let the cat follow us back to Earth

Spinister grabs at Rumble and drags him back to the beam. There is nothing for it but to get back to the subspace beam. Bumblebee will have to wait until later.

Striker fires at the cat to distract him, hoping to give Rumble enough time to let Rumble get in.

Enchantress runs towards the beam, followed by Calcar.

Rumble transforms into his Blue Cassette mode.

Gryphus moves toward the beam, everyone for themselves ;)

Rumble figures Spinister knows what he's doing and shrinks to a more manageable size!

Spinister clutching Rumble in cassette mode, Spinister transforms, hoping that the sound of his engines will drive the cat away.

Spinister transforms into his Jetcopter mode.

The space bridge circuit completes its warm up and activates, drawing up all those in range and sending them along it at many times the speed of light.

Spinister flies desperately into the space bridge beam, his rotors roaring.

Nitro makes a growling sound, Bumblebee's form skittering between his paws. He's suddenly confronted with unexpected noises and more movement, and thinks better of casing after them.

CatsCradle hesitates for a second, torn between running for the beam and helping Rumble, then the beam catches her up and pulls her in

Optimus Prime raises his rifle. "Bumblebee's safe," he calls out. "Autobots, attack!"

Calcar turns to fire a burst of rockets at the Autobots as he rushes into the beam.

Spinister just makes out the sound of Primes voice as the beam draws himself and Rumble along. Bumblebee is safe, drat it! But at least Rumble is safe and there's always next time.

Soundwave realizes Rumble is safely with Spinister, and jumps into the beam himself, just as Autobot firepower converges on the telescope/bridge. The alien kid's room vanishes from his awareness.

Striker leaps into the beam.

Gryphus says, "Now I know how that girl in Oz felt like."

Rumble finds it weird to be carried by Spinister and not Soundwave!


Southeastern Subtropics <North America>

     This region is characterized by short winters and long hot humid summers, supporting a variety of plantlife from standing-water swamps to pine barrens. At the southernmost part of this range, the true subtropics begin, complete with a riot of introduced species struggling for limited space with the native life-forms as they all get crowded further and further out by humans. In the northernmost part of the range, ancient mountains, once taller than the Rockies, have been worn down to rolling forested hills by eons of erosion.

Calcar arrives, and lands on his feet.

Enchantress arrives somewhat up in the air, and rolls to the ground in her beast mode, landing nimbley on all eights.

Spinister is still in jetcopter mode, carrying Rumble. He transforms in mid air, releasing Rumble.

The beam deposits them in the middle of a dripping swampland.

Spinister transforms into his Robot mode.

Rumble squirms out of Spinister's grip...

Rumble transforms into his Robot mode.

Calcar says, "Seems appropriate. We came from muck, and we return to muck."

Rumble lands on the ground, and looks kind of sheepishly up at Shockwave and Soundwave, as if uncertain whether or not he did good.

Soundwave lands partially in the water, and immediately searches for his creations and the others.

CatsCradle manages to land on her feet, but ewwws at the gunk she lands in.

Shockwave looks around to make sure they've arrived safely and that everyone is accounted for. "Report. Did everyone make it?"

Gryphus lands as well a bit roughtly. "I'm so glad to be out of there..."

The sudden commotion attracts long green shapes that glide through the muck toward the Decepticons. Alligators! This is their nesting time, and the females who are guarding their nest sites are drawn in by the noise.

Enchantress says, "Present and accounted for Lord."

CatsCradle points. "Didn't I say there'd be alligators? Didn't I?"

Enchantress says, "At least these are normal sized ones..."

Calcar draws his laser, but does not fire without instructions.

The lead female increases her speed, opening her mouth in a threatening hiss, meant first of all to bluff the intruders. Only if they don't back off will she escalate into a real attack.

Soundwave regards the creatures with detached interest as he steps out of the water onto a somewhat dry mudbank, motioning Rumble to stay nearby.

Shockwave takes to the air, avoiding the land-bound creatures. "Don't waste power attacking these organics."

Gryphus says, "OH this is not good.... ack!"

Rumble glances around and his optics pop! "Well, at least they're more our size," he says, as he take position near Soundwave.

Gryphus leaps to the air.

Calcar follows them out of the water. He hardly notices the gunk. Nothing that a good sonic shower can't cure.

Spinister has not yet landed, remaining hovering in mid air and is very glad he did. He says, "The Valckstans appear to be fine, Shockwave. Apart from the alligators!"

Enchantress walks out of the water in her dignified manner.

The big female gator thrashes her tail, as the smaller ones catch up to her and give off threatening hisses of their own.

CatsCradle splooshes her way to the bank, making shooing motions at the alligators as she goes

Soundwave says, "Come, Rumble. You can kill Bumblebee next time." He gives the gators little notice, rising upward into the sky to follow Shockwave.

Rumble nods, and returns to daddy's storage compartment...
Rumble transforms into his Blue Cassette mode.
Rumble enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Gryphus says, "Silly creatures think they can actually eat us."

Enchantress says, "I doubt that we would be palatable milady."

Slowly the alligators settle down as the invaders withdraw, and one by one return to their nests.

<Guest> Tempest has disconnected.

CatsCradle says, "I don't really want to be the one to convince them of that, though"

Striker rises in the air, but blasts one of the gators just to prove who's the superior lifeform.

Calcar says, "Yes. We've gotten enough scratches for one night."

Spinister follows Shockwave up into the sky, feeling very out of place. From one filthy organic planet to another...he has to return to Cybertron as soon as possible.

CatsCradle glares at Striker. "Can't you just once /not/ shoot at something?

Shockwave allows himself a moment of satisfaction as he remarks, "With any luck, it will take Optimus Prime and his cohorts years to find his way back."

One of the gators rears up and hisses threateningly as the mudbank beside her explodes outward from the blast, and hurriedly slides into the murky water.

Striker shrugs, "Sorry Cats. I'll /try/ to control myself next time."

Calcar says, "The Autobots have shown tremendous skill at escaping adversity. It is highly probable that they will find a way back in a much shorter amount of time than we can anticipate..."

CatsCradle snorts. "I've heard that promise before." She looks around. "Can we go home, now?"

Spinister is now well aware of the organic filth clinging to his usually pristine armour as he answers, "I'd like to think so, Shockwave. But we don't know the extent of those aliens' technology. The Autobots might yet find a way back."

Gryphus says, "Hmm... we landed in the everglades?" she shrugs. "Guess that’s close enough to home.""

Soundwave says, "And we have not yet found Megatron. Perhaps whatever was interfering with our communication has dissipated. I will attempt to reach him again. Otherwise we will have to attempt the journey once more without Autobot interference.""

Shockwave says, "Quite so. And our priority now must be to complete our original task of locating Megatron."

Calcar says, "Could be far worse things milord."

Calcar says, "There are planets where the stuff hardens into things stronger than duracrete as soon as they come into contact with metallic based compounds..."

Spinister nods slightly at Shockwave's words. What the Valckastan might be thinking right now is not readable on his masked face.

Gryphus sighs.. her poor feathers won't be the same...

Soundwave turns in the direction of the base, far out to sea. "Those who must return to Cybertron can make use of our main spacebridge." He pauses and listens to a transmission. "Scrapper reports the bridge that was built in the human entertainment arena, was destroyed shortly after it sent us astray."

Striker rolls his optics and sighs, "I haven't cause much trouble lately... have I? I've been trying to be more respectful."

Spinister sighs at Calcar, "I'm hoping that won't apply to the planet we've just been on."

Spinister turns to Shockwave, "Many thanks, Shockwave. I will take up that offer of the spacebridge."

Striker waits to see what Cats says about that. Hoping it won't be another negative comment about him. Oh well, he thinks.

CatsCradle sighs softly. "I know Striker. I meant more of your tendency to shoot things that can't shoot back." She gives him a tired smile.

Shockwave says, "Soundwave, my small amount of expertise with the space bridge may be of some use in the project to re-establish contact with Megatron. I shall stay at the undersea base to assist."

Soundwave pauses and looks back toward Shockwave, then nods. "Your presence will be most welcome." He continues on in the direction of the undersea base.

Striker grins abit, "Sorry."

Spinister rises in the air, gesturing for the rest of the Valckastans to follow him. Cybertron calls, and so does a long solvent bath!

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