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Prime Target - Decepticon Version
Logfile from TFDD
Prime Target... well, our version

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Starscream looks around impatiently waiting for everyone to wander in.

Enchantress enters, having finished with her reports for the day, wondering what they've been called in for.

Skywarp is at his station.

CatsCradle wanders in and perches on the console nearest the door.

Enchantress stretches and yawns. The stimulants are helping her immeasurably get her work done faster. Now she can actually sleep at night...

Starscream transmits a message via radio.

<LongRange> Starscream says, "Shockwave= Shockwave, this is Starscream. Laserbeak has made an interesting discovery(?) you might be interested in. With Megatron] gone at this time your presence would be appreciated."

<LongRange> Shockwave says, "Shockwave to Starscream. What is the nature of this discovery?"

<LongRange> Starscream says, "It seems we have a Cybertron city on earth....."

CatsCradle blinks. "We have a what?"

Thundercracker says, "Has Starscream been drinking again?"

Enchantress looks, confused as well. She then sighs. Her security clearance is the lowest at the base, even though she processes more classified information than most of the personnel here ever see...

<LongRange> Starscream says, "Iím sending you Laserbeakís entire video on the matter"

CatsCradle shrugs. "How should I know? I'm not one of his drinking buddies."

Starscream works on the keyboard for a moment at the communications station.

Enchantress shrugs. This is news to her, though she should have the best idea of what things are when she has to write up the final mission reports...

<LongRange> Shockwave spends a moment reviewing the data, then pauses as the implications of this start to sink in.. and the questions it raises. "I shall arrive momentarily. Cybertron out."

Starscream shuts off the comm and looks back to the rest gathered in the command center. "Iím sure by now you all are curious as to what I was talking about

CatsCradle grins. "Yes, we are all wondering why you called us here," she says in a James-Bond-ish-sounding voice.

Enchantress says, "Will that be shaken, or stirred Lord?"

Enchantress has picked up on Earth mannerisms quite quickly...

Starscreamíss left optical ridge almost seems to rise, "Indeed

Starscream looks to enchantress, "nether

Thundercracker says, "Well you have been working really hard. Maybe you need a vacation." He turns to look at Enchantress, "Maybe some other people too.""

CatsCradle says hastily, "Oh, by all means, do /not/ give him anything to drink."

Starscream scowls and give Catscradle a mean stare

Enchantress chuckles at her fellow femme.

CatsCradle says, "Well... you don't /want/ to hallucinate anymore, do you?""

Thundercracker says, "Speaking of hallucinations, what is this about a city?"

Starscream says, "In good time Thundercracker. We are awaiting Shockwaveís arrival"

Enchantress gives a faint nod to her husband, and both of them smile at each other.

Skywarp looks at Starscream

Starscream turns and activates the video screen, "Observe Laserbeakís findings.

Skywarp looks at the screen.

Shockwave arrives in the Command Center with Calcar in tow. He watches the video screen with rapt attention despite already having seen it once.

Calcar turns up, looking at the screen as well, wondering what the images here are about.

Starscream steps back to allow Laserbeak to show what he found

As the video screen flickers to life, the slightly less-than-perfect quality of the picture makes it clear this is a replay from a spy camera of the type carried by the cassettes. The scene is one typical of Earth, organic growth called vegetation and various forms of dirt. But with shocking suddenness, gleaming metal buildings seem to come from nowhere. And entire Cybertronian city, stuck smack in the middle of an organic ecosystem.

Enchantress looks up at the screen, interested.

Calcar says, "Interesting..."

CatsCradle nibbles thoughtfully on her clawtip. "Did the Insecticons build this, perhaps?"

Skywarp tilts his head at the screen.

Enchantress says, "Perhaps an Autobot base?"

Starscream studies the film intently, "Where would they get the materials? Really...

Thundercracker opens his mouth to say something but no words come out.

Shockwave rubs the lower rim of his face, deep in thought. "The Autobots would not likely build a structure so far from their main base of operation, and out in the open where it's so easily seen. Likewise the Insecticons would be foolish to do so. That Laserbeak found it so easily is testimony of that."

CatsCradle shrugs. "Where would /anyone/ get the materials? It's obviously Cybertronian design. Either whoever built it managed to find Earth substitutes or transported materials from Cybertron. I think the more important question is still "who" not "how". " She considers for a moment. "Although "why" might be a real good one, too."

Skywarp says, ""Kinda crude lookin aint it?"

Thundercracker finally recovers, "Are we sure that the city is actually there? Couldn't it just be some kinda hologram?"

Starscream listens to everyoneís comments in silence as he studies the film.

CatsCradle comments, "Lazerbeak would have been able to tell the difference between reality and a hologram, I would think."

Starscream glances to TC, "This is actual Thundercracker. I have to give Laserbeak credit. He is not easily duped

Skywarp says, "uhm..But if we didnt..and the Bots didnt...Who did?"

Calcar says, "It appears to be a city from the Golden Age period. Note the architecture, the fully artistic designs. This was built from an age when energon was plentiful, and could be spent on artistic endeavors."

Starscream says, "we have to find out what this is all about." he turns to face everyone as he shuts off the viewscreen, " I believe a recon mission is called for here.""

Shockwave explains a bit further, having had time to study the whole recording. "Laserbeak was able to conduct sonic probes. The structures are solid."

Thundercracker says, "It certainly wasn't the fleshlings. So the question would be how did it get here. I volunteer to go sir.""

Skywarp Looks at Tc.

Calcar ponders. "Perhaps another ship crash landed here from a Colonial world?"

Shockwave says, "Our long range sensors should have detected a ship entering the system."

CatsCradle says, "Sometimes I think half of Cybertron crash-landed here at various times." She looks at Starscream. "Laserbeak didn't pick up any lifeform readings? Organic or metallic?""

Starscream says quickly, "Agreed Shockwave. "

Enchantress says, "That is not always the case... Perhaps it was cloaked? But then why would they bother to build their city out in the open like that..."

Skywarp rubs his chin...

Skywarp says, "ill go Too..If its from Cybertron I wanna know too."

Shockwave shakes his head in response to CatsCradle's question. "No life forms, and only minimal energy readings. Just enough to make the city's lighting operational. It has no defenses, which makes it even more puzzling that it was built in the open."

Starscream says, "enough talk, "and quickly he heads for the door, "Skywarp, Thundercracker, Striker, Cats...with me" he walks out"

Striker strolls in like nothing importantís happening, he immediately looks at Starscream, "What? Where we going?"

Thundercracker says, "Shouldn't we bring Cal. He is the expert."

Starscream says, "if he can fit in you"

Striker says, "Ok everyone, hold up... what's going on?"

Starscream says, "all those who can not fly will ride inside one of us"

CatsCradle asks mystified, "Why would the lights be on if no one's home?" Then she blinks, startled, at Starscream's orders including her, since she is not usually considered a seeker. Then she shrugs, curiosity winning out anyway.

Enchantress transforms, and plods after the others.

Thundercracker suddenly thinks of something else, "If the bots didn't build it...won't they be investigating it as well?"

Starscream looks back to TC, " They probably will

Striker begins looking frustrated... he's got NO idea what everyone else is talking about, "WHAT IS GOING ON?!"

Shockwave glances over to Striker, and wordlessly replays the video feed.

CatsCradle says quickly to Striker, "Strange city appears, Cybertronian design, here on Earth, gonna check it out."

CatsCradle has gotten quite used to summarizing events, as Diver almost always shows up late for briefings.

Striker sighs, "Thanks Cats." He looks up and watches the video feed as well.

Thundercracker heads for the door, "Now you know as much as the rest of us. Shouldn't we hurry?"

Shockwave seems to be a bit surprised he's not coming along, but he's not exactly designed for speed, and can't shrink in his alt mode.

Skywarp stands

Starscreamís standing there with his arms folded looking at everyone impatiently, "YES come on

Skywarp follows the others.

Shockwave says, "I will try to monitor for Autobot activity from here."

CatsCradle hops off her console, ready to go

Skywarp looks back and waves.."Bye Shocky.

Striker powers up his seeker arm-cannons, they'll need them most likely.

Desert/Grassland <Africa>

Skywarp lands and Tfs to his bot mode

Calcar hops out of the cockpit of the Seeker that flew him here, alert for anything.

Skywarp looks up and gives an "OOooooooo

Thundercracker does not land yet, "Anyone else have a bad feeling about this?"

Skywarp backs up at Tcs words and takes to the air

Starscream says, "Standard formation Thundercracker, Skywarp. Striker. The rest of you continue forward taking full scanner readings""

Skywarp transforms into his Black F-15 mode.

Calcar looks around. "Amazing. This is like something straight out of the Golden Age."

CatsCradle says, "As in a horror-movie kinda bad feeling? Oh, yeah...""

Calcar pulls out a holocamera and starts scanning the city.

Skywarp follows behind SS and Tc

Striker transforms and takes up position.

Starscream is advancing slowly with the other F15s to give possible air cover to those on the ground as they approach the city

Calcar transforms into his All-Terrain Vehicle mode.

CatsCradle lands and transforms, blending into the surroundings around the city, all but vanishing from sight from shadow to shadow as she moves closer

Starscream transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Calcar.

Calcar heads along on the ground, taking readings.

Calcar transmits to Starscream, including it on the general Decepticon frequency, "Extraordinary. It appears to be a quite authentic recreation of a Cybertronian City during the period termed the "Golden Age."

Starscream transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Calcar.

Skywarp says, "Why is what I wanna know..."

As they close in on the city Starscream pulls up and TFs, "This isnít right."

Skywarp says, "Why Build a City if no ones home."

Starscream transforms into his Robot mode.

Skywarp transforms into his Robot mode.

Thundercracker says, "Actually I believe the question is where is everyone?"

CatsCradle says, "More like... why did they build it and leave?""

Calcar stays in the background, scanning.

Starscream says, "Decepticons halt"

Skywarp looks down at the city...

Thundercracker transforms into his Robot mode.

Calcar transmits to all, "We should take full readings before advancing any further..."

Starscream says, "why arenít the Autobots here?"

Striker transforms and stays where he's at, keeping distance behind everyone else.

Skywarp says, "Something ainít right..."

CatsCradle sighs. "Let's see... abandoned city, lights left on, city of Cybertronian design on earth... and he says something isn't right? Take your pick which."

Thundercracker flies over to Starscream and salutes, "Sir if you think it is to dangerous to enter the city I would be willing to go in alone."

Skywarp .........

Starscream looks to TC, "wait. They have to know we are here. If and who 'they' are.....

Skywarp says, "folds his arms in a huff."

Skywarp "folds his arms in a huff

Calcar picks up a sudden energy spike, and yells out an alert to his comrades. "I'm picking up an energy spike! Be alert!"

Skywarp says, "Spike?..That Human?!...WHERE!"

With no further warning, a massive green stun bolt, as large as a jet all by itself, shoots up from the city, catching Thundercracker in an instant. Electricity crackles along his form as his engines die, and he plummets down into the city below.

Starscream hovers back slightly, " Directed where Calcar?

Skywarp !!!!TC!

Calcar dives into the bush, creating a hologram to hide himself.

Starscream says, "Thundercracker!!"

CatsCradle mutters from the shadows, "Aw, hell." She draws her sword, then when the stun bolt shoots out, crouches down, making herself a small as target as possible

Skywarp transforms into his Black F-15 mode.

Thundercracker lets out a small scream as he falls.

Skywarp says, "I got ya BUDDY!!.."

Striker watches as Thundercracker falls and he curses as he flies down to the ground... no way this mechs gonna be the next to get shot outta the sky. He takes cover and aims his arm lasers at the base and ready for anything to come out of it.

Skywarp Dives after him.

Starscream says, "SKYWARP"

<Earth> Calcar says, "Guardian, its an ambush!  We just detected an energy spike, and we were fired on by a stun bolt."

Skywarp follows his Buddy down almost reaching him.

Calcar hides himself with a hologram, drawing his rocket launcher.

Starscream sighs cause he knows he will regret this, then TFs and heads for TC, " Decepticons advance

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Skywarp transforms into his Robot mode.

Skywarp and grabs TCs leg trying to stop his fall.

CatsCradle squeaks, "We don't even know what we're advancing into yet!"

<Earth> Gryphus says, "Does it appear to be Golden Age type tech firing upon you?"

Calcar says, "We should attempt to withdraw and gather further information before advancing."

Starscream says, "whereís your sense of adventure cats..."

Skywarp hits the burners on his feet.

CatsCradle grumbles, "Sense of adventure. I get popped back in time, chased by zombies, played with like child's toy, and he asks me about my sense of adventure..."

Starscream says, "fine you two stay here..Ive got one of my jets down and two more gung ho to get him. I have no choice but to go in"

Striker looks to Starscream, "I think it left her the last time she went back into time."

CatsCradle slips out of the shadows and glares at Striker. "That only happened once." She frowns. "I think... yes, only once."

Thundercracker's foot falls out of Skywarp's grip and he continues falling down into the city.

Starscream says, "Striker be ready for anything." he descends where he last saw TC and Sky"

Skywarp says, "Damn!"

Striker just shakes his head at Starscream and transforms, flying off to go help Thundercracker, "Can't get away from me that easily," he rushes off, dodging the green tendrils that shoot up from him from the base.

Skywarp Follows hitting the pipes on his feet. "HANG ON TC!

CatsCradle wavers for a moment longer, then leaps into the air, transforming and following the other jets

Calcar sighs, and follows along on the ground.

Calcar uses his holograms to, hopefully, conceal his presence.

Skywarp !!!!!..Gets grabbed by a tendril "HEY!

Starscream says, "Skywarp!!"

[Skywarp says, "UUnngg!!..Lemme go!"

Thundercracker falls down past all the buildings at a high speed. Just when it looks like he is about to crash into the ground....he suddenly just stops. He stops in mid-air a few feet from the ground.

Starscream sees TC hovering and hears Skywarp yell. He pulls up.

Starscream transforms into his Robot mode.

Skywarp tries to teleport out of its grip..but some kind of dampening field stops his ability.

Calcar speeds along after the others, staying concealed via his holograms.

Starscream !!!!!

Striker watches as one of the tendrils comes straight for him, he shoots it and yells as it disappears, but he shrieks as 25 of them reach up and grab him, pulling him into the city as well.

Skywarp Gets pulled down with Tc..

Starscream retreats quickly

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Starscream banks back and heads for the ones on the ground

Calcar remains concealed via his holograms, not approaching the base as close as the others, but remaining outside, holocamming it all for later analysis.

Starscream says, "ITS A TRAP"

CatsCradle manages to dodge the first few tendrils, then banks and squeaks away, transforming and dropping back to the ground, vanishing into the shadows

Striker is being pulled into the city by dozens of the tendrils.

Starscream transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Shockwave.

Calcar remains on the outside, realizing that there is nothing that he can do, then he decides that he must aid his comrades. Ejecting his holocam and sensor recordings, and putting a homing beacon on them, he zooms to join his comrades, firing rockets to attempt to free them.
Skywarp struggles as his yells are soon muffled

Starscream says, "CALCAR NO"

Calcar breaks off his assault, then moves to the maximum range and begins trying to pick off the tendrils with his lasers.

Calcar blasts at several of the tendrils with his laser and rockets, but is unable to make an effective dent in them.

CatsCradle doesn't try to shoot at the tendrils once she is on the ground, since that would rather be attracting their attention. Instead, she shifts from one shadow to another

The Decepticons furthest away from the city will receive a shock as they're bumped rather hard by a force field.

Calcar is within the boundaries of the force field, and he turns around as his scanners beep an alert.

Calcar is glad that he ejected his sensor package outside of the force field. Hopefully it will help the backup team.

Starscream feels the forcefield bearing down on him from the sky and descends hastily

Once again, those not inside the city are bumped by a force field, and now it appears to be steadily contracting, drawing the Decepticons toward the hungry tendrils.

Calcar curses as he is forced forwards, continuously firing.

Skywarp brings up an arm laser trying to blast his way out with his free arm.

Calcar says, "Where's weedkiller when you need it?"

CatsCradle is zapped by the forcefield, and cautiously pokes at it with a clawtip. When she gets zapped again, she realizes the field is closing in on her and she eeps and retraces her steps

Calcar transforms into his Robot mode.

Calcar fires at the tendrils going after his comrades, not doing much more then distracting them.

The force field gains more speed as it contracts further, pushing the Decepticons into the city at a very fast pace now.

Skywarp each one he blasts two more take its place.

Starscream feels the forcefield closing in and gets a bit panicky. He aims his arm cannons at the forcefield and fires his null rays

Thundercracker starts regaining his sense. Unfortunately as soon as he does he is grabbed by a few hundred tendrils. "Ohhh what hit me? WHAT THE?"

Calcar is forced close and closer into the city, firing continuously, the tendrils ignoring him for the moment.

Skywarp Looks at TC close by.."TC!..You ..UNNGg!!..Ok??!

Starscream is finally forced to land and is being herded toward the city with the rest

CatsCradle is zapped again. "All right, all right, I'm going," she snarls and darts closer towards the city, preferring to move on her own volition, rather than be herded by the invisible field

Starscream's null ray ricochets around the force field, eventually hitting the ground below and dissipating harmlessly.

Gryphus flies toward the rendezvous with Enchantress, both carrying everything that is carryable in knapsacks on their backs.

Calcar hurries forward, ceasing his fire, and making himself as inconspicuous as possible with his holograms.

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

Striker transforms, his transformation cutting several tendrils, then he swings around and fires at them, "How'd ya like THAT huh?!" he yells as he fires at all the tendrils coming at him.

Enchantress flies along with her friend, their wings beating and taking them closer. Enchantress scans the readings that they took as she approaches.

The force field finishes its work, contracting to the point where everyone is in easy grabbing range of tendrils. They quickly grab the remaining free Decepticons and apply stun charges.

Skywarp says, "AAAHHHH!!!!.."

Skywarp Gets stunned and falls limp...

Starscream struggles desperately to free himself only to fall still from the stun ray

Gryphus blinks. "Incoming!' she screams.. but too late as the tendrils seem to know of their arrival.. cuzz they just know.

Calcar winces as the tendrils penetrate his holograms and shock him, rendering him unconscious.

CatsCradle slashes out at the tendrils with her sword, slicing through several, before they finally coil around her, and she has a sudden feeling of deja vu before she crumples to the ground from the stun charges.

Thundercracker apparently woke up just in time to be knocked unconscious again.

Calcar's last thought are of his wife, and now he will see how she does without him...

All the unconscious Decepticons are pulled into the city, as the tendrils retract into buildings.

Cybertronian City

        Totally incongruous in the hot African grasslands, a gleaming city of metal stretches toward the sky. The city looks like it has simply been plucked from Cybertron in one of her Golden ages and deposited on the most unlikely of spots, Earth.

Skywarp out like a light.

As you each wake up from the very unpleasant stunning, you will see you're in a bizarre room. It's very large, and each wall is divided into multicolored squares.

Skywarp rubs his head...."Man..what a hangover...

Striker wakes up clutching his head, "Primus! Doesn't this place know they just gave me one HUGE headache?!"

CatsCradle curls into a little ball and slowly wakes up. "Oh... damn..." she murmurs. "That's worse than getting drunk on Diktat's martinis..."

Thundercracker rubs the back of his head, "Ooooh what happened. All I remember was a blur of pain. Actually quiet a few blurs of pain."

Skywarp blinks and looks around...."Ok..Iv woken up in weird places before... But Disneyland?

Calcar winces. "Not Ceti Alpha VI all over again..."

Starscream slowly sits up with a hand to his head. "what ..happened?

Skywarp stands all woozy.....

CatsCradle gradually uncurls, wincing and holding her head. She lays on her back on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. "At least there's no giant toys and children this time..."

Skywarp cricks his back....

Skywarp says, "....ow"

Calcar looks at his surroundings, taking sensor readings.

Thundercracker stays on the floor on his back, "Wouldn't ya know it. Of all the times I ask to go first this is the one where someone actually listened to me."

Starscream slowly stumbles to his feet and grabs the wall to steady himself

CatsCradle's voice is rather faint. "Starscream, are we having one of your hallucinations?"

Starscreamís optics go wide and he stumbles back from the wall.

Starscream says, "I I I think so"

Striker groans at Cats little joke, "Damnit I hope not..." he looks at the multi-colored block pattern of the walls, "But it sure looks that way."

Skywarp goes to help TC up...

Skywarp says, "I told ya...not to be so gung ho about stuff ..Bud."

Thundercracker waves Skywarp away, "I think I will just lay here for a while. So anyone want to tell me what happened?"

Skywarp leans on the wall....

CatsCradle blinks. "Oh, hell... I thought if we were hallucinating, it would be easier... but it's not, is it?" She slowly sits up and obviously debates curling back in a ball again. She settles for resting her head on her knees.

Starscream looks around to see if anyone else heard or saw that the wall did when he touched it. But seeing as no ones acting like anything happened he keeps his mouth shut. But he gives the wall a stern look

Calcar says, "A scene straight out of Andromeda X, I'm afraid."

Calcar leans on the wall, his scanners picking up something... "Interesting... These walls are apparently tonal in design..."

Skywarp blinks and looks at the wall....."Wha...AAAHHH!!...

Skywarp Stumbles back and falls over Tcs legs.

Striker leans up against the wall, only to find it making noise and lighting up brightly, "Damn this is just TOO weird for me."

Calcar says, "Perhaps if we play the right tune we can get out of here? It reminds me of a trap on Circuitrai in the Labyrinth..."

Starscream steadies Skywarp before warp falls on HIM, "must you

Skywarp looks at Ss..."Did you see that?!?

Starscream says, "you fall? How could I miss it"

CatsCradle looks up at the musical chimes and curiosity pulls her out of the stun-hangover. She climbs to her feet and goes over to the wall, pushing at various squares and playing tunes. She grins and quickly taps out the UFO theme from Close Encounters."

Skywarp says, "No the wall!"

Starscream says, "and yes I am aware of the walls"

Thundercracker doesn't seem interested in the musical walls. He doesn't even really care that people are falling on him, "I really hate my life."

Calcar joins her, attempting to gain an understanding of what tones and colors are associated with what wall.

Starscream looks to TC, "Are you damaged?

Skywarp says, "Guys what are you doing?..What if it sets off a self destruct or somethin?!"

Striker grumbles at Cats, "Do ya have to play THAT tune? This is too weird already."

CatsCradle gives up Close Encounters and starts on the Twilight Zone, then eeps at Skywarp's warning and jumps away

Thundercracker answer Starscream in a calm monotone voice, "No, I am stuck in a room and I don't know why."

Starscream looks over to the two con musicians, "Perhaps there is a code to free us. Let them discover it. Perhaps this is a test of some sorts and that is exactly what our captors want us to do."

Calcar says, "No, we need to continue... There is the chance that we might free ourselves..."

Skywarp says, "Oh Great...Iím lousy at tests.."

CatsCradle says, "And a chance that something icky will come out and either shoot or eat us.""

Skywarp says, "You guys know "Stairway to heaven"?"

Skywarp smirks

Suddenly, the room grows somewhat darker than before, and all the squares stop playing notes and lighting up. There's a brief pause, then the plain red square lights up and plays its note. Then the blue, then the red again.

Starscream returns his attention to TC, " You are stuck in a room because someone captured us all. are you physically damaged in any way? You did take a good shock earlier."

Calcar says, "Permission to copy the phrasing, Lord? It might be an attempt at communication."

Striker stands back, and seriously for a moment thinks about just trying to blast his way out. Then he walks up to the squares and starts hitting the red and blue ones.

CatsCradle frowns. "You know, there's a human game that reminds me of this. It plays lights and notes and you have to repeat the pattern." She touches the red, then the blue, then the red again

Thundercracker finally gets to his feet, "I say we just shoot it. And no Sir I think I am fine."

Starscream looks to the walls. "Do so CatsCradle

Calcar does so as well.

Skywarp stands towards the center of the room ..away from the weird walls.

Starscream says, "Good Thundercracker "

More squares light up and more notes play, in a more complicated sequence.

Starscream watches the ones involved in the wall activities

CatsCradle grins and quickly follows the patterns.

Calcar does so as well.

Starscream says, "and then what? we donít even know our location in the city"

Calcar starts the tedious process of playing the sequence back, and then inputting it.

Starscream says, "and we donít know how many or who our adversary is right now"

Skywarp says, "So we play along till then?"

Calcar starts broadcasting the color sequence via his holoemitters to the others.

Starscream says, "Do you have a better idea Skywarp?"

Skywarp says, "uhm....No."

Striker nods, "Like Thundercracker here said, just blast our way out, we got more than enough firepower to do it."

Calcar says, "We are being tested, I believe..."

Skywarp says, "And how do we get out ...I donít feel like getting stunned again."

Starscream says, "And as your commander in this I say no. There are too many unknowns in this situation even for me to do that"

CatsCradle says, "And what if we get blasted back? No, there's got to be a reason behind the lights and musical patterns." She nods at Calcar. "I think you're right.Ē

Calcar plays back each light in the sequence that he recorded via his holoemitters for the others. This will take some time...

Thundercracker nods, "The boss is right. I am not thinking very clearly. I just do not like being played with."

CatsCradle grins at Thundercracker. "Good thing you weren't around for the giant child then."

Calcar slowly plays back the sequence, touching each panel in the correct order. This will take at least 40 Earth minutes to complete...

Striker sighs and leans back against the wall, hitting one of the squares and messing up Calcar's recent work, "Umm... oops?"

Calcar glares at Striker, and starts the sequence all over again.

Skywarp says, "Oh..way to go Strikes..."

Starscream sighs

Striker walks over and lays down in the middle of the room where he can't cause any trouble. "Sorry Cal."

Thundercracker pats Skywarp on the back, "Hey, I get the feeling that we will all have to work together to get out of here."

Calcar says, "Not a problem, sir. It will just take a little more time."

Skywarp says, "Thatís what IM thinkin"

CatsCradle murmurs, "Dear Primus, we're doomed, then."

Skywarp says, "Hey Guys!....We need to do this as a team..."

Thundercracker cheers up, "Hey lets look on the bright side. At least the Autobots aren't here."

Calcar continues with the sequence, again displaying it with his holoemitters from the start.

Skywarp says, "Maybe if we hits the keys all at the same time in sequence...?"

Starscream says, "...Yet"

CatsCradle glances around, as if just by mentioning Autobots, they'd magically appear....

Striker gives Thundercracker an angry look, "Don't say anything... with our luck they'll show up just cause you said that."

Calcar continues on with the sequencing, and this will take a long time...

CatsCradle shrugs and moves to sit on the floor again, drawing her knees up to her chest and resting her chin on them.

Starscream pauses and ponders silently what few options they have at this point

Almost as soon as it seems that Calcar is getting close to entering the whole sequence correctly, the room abruptly goes dark. Several distant explosions are heard. A few moments later, the floor drops open, sending the Decepticons falling down hundreds of feet with their flight engines not working properly.

Starscream says, "IM NOT HAAAPPPPPYYYY!!!!!!"

Skywarp AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Unfortunately for all concerned, the Decepticons land right on top of the team sent to rescue them, Enchantress, Rumble, Fearswoop, Gryphus, and Shockwave.

Skywarp lands on Shocky....."OOFOFFfFfff....

Fearswoop eees, "Get offa me or I'll blow you away!"

Starscream lands in a heap on top of Skywarp who fell on Shockwave

Enchantress gets clobbered by several Decepticons falling on top of her.

Skywarp says, "OOFFFfff!!...Unng..."

Starscream is so annoyed at this point and cant seem to get out from Skywarpís wings.

Skywarp says, "...hurt..hurt...pain..hurt.."

Shockwave grunts in surprise as two rather heavy Decepticons crash down on him.

Rumble tries not to get hit by falling Decepticons several time his size!

Starscream says, "GET your wings away form me. " Finally gets untangled and back on his feet"

Skywarp looks at Shocky..."Funny meetin you

Enchantress weakly tries to shove whomever fell on her off, wincing at the pain...

CatsCradle flails wildly in the air, having the sudden image of a cartoon character falling off a cliff and lands hard, not having the good... or bad... luck of landing on anyone to break her fall. She groans slightly, not moving for a moment.

Skywarp Ow!!...

Gryphus shakes her head. "Well funny how this worked out..." she mutters.

Starscream sees Rumble about to hit the ground and shoves the closest con forward to break the little cassettes fall,

Skywarp stands up holding his hand..."Who stepped on me!

Fearswoop glares, "That was me."

Striker lands with a *thud* on the ground after flailing his arms around trying to grab ahold of something as he falls, "For once... can't we just get a SIMPLE mission? Instead of having giant alien kids, weird puzzles, zombies and deadly viruses? PRIMUS!"

Gryphus is gonna have fun replacing the equipment that probably got broken from the falling group upon herself and Spells. :/

Shockwave tries to be gentle in lifting off those who've landed on him and tries to get to his feet. "Decepticons, damage report."

CatsCradle's voice floats out faintly ".... ow....?" She rolls to her knees, tries to get up, then decides to sit back down again.

Starscream growls, " I stepped on you."

Rumble looks up rather gratefully at Starscream. "Hey, thanks."

Fearswoop growls, "I'm not as half as damaged as the idiot behind this is going to be after I get my electro-spear into him."

Skywarp says, "Well whoever did step somewhere else!..."

Thundercracker manages not to land on anyone, which just means it hurt more, "I'm in a lot of pain sir."

Enchantress says, "Aside from the fact that at least /THREE/ of you fell right on top of me, and another two bounced, rather well, I would assume..."

Starscream grins sheepishly , " hey Swoop I was only trying to help Rumble. Surely you would appreciate it if someone made the effort for you if you were falling?

Calcar winces as he picks himself up off of the ground.

Skywarp rubs his poor hand....

Shockwave says, "Pain can be overcome with determination. We must be prepared for other surprises that await us."

Thundercracker gets to his feet, "Next time lets not mess with the colored squares on the wall."

CatsCradle looks up at Shockwave. "Says the mech with more armor than most of us."

Gryphus folds her wings over her back. "Iíll survive but I think some of the equipment I brought may be damaged beyond repair."

Starscream looks to Shockwave, "Yes as long as that pain is not the sign of damaged systems

As if on cue, the nearest wall raises up and several being looking a lot like organic version of Draconia enter the room.

Enchantress says, "Well, I was able to shunt my bag into subspace, so it should be workable."

Rumble seems a bit surprised by Starscream's move, but decides that in the absence of Soundwave, maybe Starscream's not so bad a bet...

Gryphus says, "Uh guys... incoming."

CatsCradle sees the dragons. "Quick, Rumble! Where's the dragonsbane?"

Calcar looks intrigued, then starts shooting out greetings in the languages of the winged reptilloid species that he knows. Zenebrian, Traackadian, Lilallian...

Striker growls, "GREAT! Fleshing Draconia's, just what we need now." He pulls out the old plasma rifle he took from the body of a dead Autobot many vorns ago and walks back away from them.

Gryphus says, "Donít fire you fool.. let them explain themselves. We have to know their intentions."

Thundercracker mumbles to himself, "I hate dragons." Then he says loudly, "Good at least we get to kill something."

Skywarp backs away from the thing.....

Striker turns to Gryphus, "I doubt they can talk."

Enchantress adds in her knowledge of reptilloid languages.

Rumble blinks at CatsCradle. "If you got any sulfur I'd like to know about it!"

CatsCradle grins at Rumble. "I didn't bring any. I thought you had it."

Enchantress says, "Milk fingered prominently in several stories of how to deal with them..."

Fearswoop says, "What's milk?"

Starscream says, "What? Milk?"

Rumble mumbles, "someone /else/ is getting the pigeon droppings this time..."

Skywarp says, "uhm..*ulps*....N..Now what?"

Starscream smirks at Rumbles reference

Shockwave raises his cannon arm at the approaching dragons, trying in vain to activate his flight engines.

Gryphus steps forward. "Only one way to find out. Greetings." she is addressing the dragons now.

Skywarp aims up at one looking at him.....

Striker says, "Nothing that looks like that is EVER friendly... right Thunder?"

The closest pair of dragons roar loudly and charge, breathing not mere flame but a very hot plasma.

Gryphus is hoping her beast form may win points with the dragons.

Enchantress gives out greetings in every reptilloid language that she knows, or has heard of.

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

Skywarp in the path of the plasma...."AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Gryphus ducks... she guesses not! "I see." she sighs and sonic squawks at the charging ones.

Striker yells, "SEE! I told ya!" he quickly aims and fires his OWN stream of hot molten plasma, "Take some of ya own medicine!" He fires at the closes dragon.

Rumble gulps,

The lead dragons are caught off guard at Gryphus' squawk, and stop suddenly, leaving the dragons behind them to crash into them.

Rumble says, "ONE was bad enough!"

Enchantress transforms into her Robot mode.

Skywarp dodges the plasma and aims back at it!!

Fearswoop leaps in with his spear, "Out of the way, ladies - I'll defend you." He stabs his electrically charged blade at the one of the approaching dragons.

Thundercracker decides to shout an order. Which he can do since he is in current command of the seekers, "Everyone pick a target." He shoots his laser at a dragon.

Fearswoop misses with his spear thrust, "Damn it! Stay still, you overgrown lizard!"

CatsCradle murmurs, "Oh, dear, why is Draconia never here when we meet dragons." She draws her sword and darts in, ducking plasma blasts, and slices at the nearest dragon

Shockwave shows his frustration at the days events as he fires off a high powered particle beam attack. "Miserable flesh creatures!"

Gryphus turns towards the dragon she soniced to a stun and snaps her tail at it.

Enchantress skewers a dragon into two pieces with her katana, and then swings, continuing on with her strike into the next set of dragons, her claws sliding out of their sheathes, and slicing them to ribbons.

Rumble decides that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and powers up the piledrivers.....

Calcar fires a burst of missiles, missing, but forcing several to dive for cover.

Rumble isn't happy as the big beasties seem barely inconvenienced by the shaking earth!

Skywarp still unable to Teleport he dodges between one of the big lizards legs aiming up he fires at its head!

Gryphus tries to kick the dragon now

Enchantress skewers several dragons with a combination of her swords, and with her claws acting in concert.

Fearswoop curses, "I can't seem to hit these lizards..."

Skywarp gets in a tangle with one of them ..trying to keep the snarling jaws away from his neck...

Rumble tries not to be stepped on by one of the monstrous lizards! "Remind me to smack Chasm next time I see him," the cassette grumbles, dodging a swaying tail.

Skywarp says, "!!"

Striker takes this opportunity to test out his aim with his arm lasers, he puts his rifle back into subspace and points at two different dragons, one with each arm laser and fires.

Shockwave decides nothing is gained by holding back and transforms into cannon mode. He lets loose a blast at the ones furthest away from other Decepticons.

CatsCradle's sword slices through the nose of the dragon. It yelps and paws at its nose, and Cats swings at it again. "I thought you were protecting us femmes, Fearswoop," she calls out.

Enchantress chops off the head of one of the dragons with her blades, like a literal Lady in shining armor...

Thundercracker sees his friend Skywarp in trouble and he tries to get the attack dragon's attention.

Striker smiles nastily as both his laser shots punch through the dragons in a spray of their 'fuel' or whatever these flesh creatures use.

Calcar covers his comrades with his missiles, not effective weapon, but the shockwaves are rather disconcerting.

Gryphus calls to Cats. "Mechs defend femmes.. thatís a new one!"

Enchantress says, "I was always certain that we were the deadlier ones of the species."

Skywarp trying to keep it away the creatures head swings towards Thundercracker...

Skywarp says, "Tc!...."

Skywarp flinches as it knocks him away and charges towards the blue seeker.

Enchantress pauses for a moment to throw four throwing daggers at the dragon assaulting Skywarp, hitting it in its fleshy rear, and it rears and turns around, heading towards Spells!

Even though the dragons are able to dodge some of the technological attacks, enough have been wounded or died to make them realize they can't win. Collectively they turn tail and flee back the way they came,

Rumble snipes at the dragon with his laser pistol, but mostly is trying to dodge it or avoid its attention, firing only when a dragon gets a little too curious, or a little too careless about where, and on whom, it is stepping....

Striker laughs and fires at two more dragons as they flee, at this rate, he could take on the bot army on his own, or so he feels like. "I doubt that Enchantress."

Gryphus chases after them to be sure they won't change their minds.

Skywarp stands...

CatsCradle laughs under her breath, then as the dragon realizes it is in danger of more than a sore nose and breaths plasma at her, her fingers flash, weaving tendrils of energy into her forcefield. The plasma bounces off her 'field and sears the dragon's already-sore nose. It decides it's had enough and bounds away

Skywarp says, "They left?..."

Behind the Decepticons, another passageway opens, leading the opposite direction as the dragons. It's a long corridor, well lit, and obviously empty.

Skywarp Whews....

Thundercracker looks down at himself in surprise, "I'm actually okay. Wow, Hook will be surprised."

Enchantress chuckles as she draws out a sonic sprayer and begins cleaning her swords of the residue.

Skywarp looks behind him at the corridor...

Calcar says, "Well, the road ahead is set..."

Gryphus folds her wings over her back. She stalks back to the others. "They won't be bothering us again I believe."

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

CatsCradle looks down the corridor. "It looks empty. So I don't trust it."

Skywarp says, "Ooohh No...I ainít going down there."

Enchantress says, "We can scout ahead. We have wings, and are more mobile."

Striker grins at his ability to take on two targets at once, something he's never tried before until now.

Starscream watches the fleshcreatures retreat and glances to Shockwave, "as good a direction as any."

Gryphus nods. "I rather scan it.. if any of the equipment is working after our fallen comrades landed on them.

CatsCradle says, "Maybe we should try following the dragons? After all, they're kinda clearing the way for us.""

Striker walks forward into the tunnel, "Get in here you big bad cons..." He keeps watch out but feels confident in his arm lasers.

Thundercracker says to Enchantress, "See, you said I needed a hobby. Why do I need a hobby when I have a life like this?"

Enchantress draws out her pack that she shunted into subspace. "This should work."

Rumble tags along behind Starscream....

Gryphus says, "Striker wait for us to scan the empty hallway first!"

Enchantress transforms into her Robot mode.

Enchantress scans ahead of the hallway.

Thundercracker suggests, "Perhaps we should split up?"

Skywarp looks at Tc in shock...

Enchantress says, "Milady, if you could help me set up a sonic scanner..."

CatsCradle shakes her head. "No, no splitting up. The first law of horror movies. Never split up."

Skywarp says, "Split..Up...."

Skywarp says, "What are we..Scooby doo or something?"

Starscream says firmly, " no one is splitting up

Rumble nods frantically along with Cats....he saw those movies too!

Shockwave says, "Patience Striker. A scan is the logical course of action before we proceed."

Thundercracker says, "We are not here to play these games. By splitting up we can cover more ground sir."

Gryphus nods. "NO splitting up. and of course Spells." she steps over to help.

Striker frowns, "I don't see anything in there, what're y'all afraid of?"

CatsCradle says, "It's because we /don't/ see anything that I'm worried.""

Skywarp steps forward slowly....

Fearswoop says smoothly, "I'll go with you, Cats. You'll need my help."
Fearswoop smiles charmingly.

Gryphus says, "You never saw That Dadiers movie did you... well I tell you its all true.. booby traps lie in the most inconspicious places."

Striker just shrugs them off, "There's nothing in there... and if there is I'm sure we've all seen worse things in our lives so lets go."

CatsCradle's jaw drops and she stares at Fearswoop, then laughs. "And who was missing their shots at the dragons, Fearswoop? It wasn't me."

Rumble says to Fearswoop, "Divefire's gonna punch your lights out if you don't stop it," from the other side of Starscream.

Gryphus taps at the device Spells got form her knapsack. "Okay scan it."

Enchantress says, "The traps were relatively simplistic, compared to what we usually encounter, but somewhat original, for an organic species."

Enchantress says, "Everyone - SHUT UP!"

Enchantress says, "Produce no noise, or it will interfere with the scan."

Skywarp looks over at Enchant..

Starscream glances to Enchantress expectantly and waits for the results of her scan.

Starscream then he looks down to Rumble as he realizes thereís a little voice beside him.

Enchantress conducts several wires to her swords, weighs them carefully, and then clangs them together at regular intervals, producing a set of focused soundwaves that fall back and radiate onto the swords, and by connecting them to a readout a rough sketch of the underground labyrinth can be determined.

Rumble grins up at Starscream

Gryphus watches the scanner quietly. For once the unruly seekers are actually paying a bit attention to the researchers. :)

Starscream looks down at the little guy and allows himself a slight smile.

Fearswoop coughs and whispers at CatsCradle, "Hey, I was going so fast with that spear it only /seemed/ like I was missing. In reality, I'd actually stabbed them full of holes. Er, yeah."

Enchantress looks at the readout, and smiles. "The immediate corridor is solid, and there are no spaces in which traps or trapdoors could be concealed. We can repeat this at every junction."

Starscream says, "then lets go"

Enchantress tosses a glare at Fearswoop. "Seeker, did I not request that you remain silent?"

Skywarp sighs in relief

Gryphus nods. "Iíll carry it." she picks it up carefully.

CatsCradle whispers back to Fearswoop, "Yeah, and they were remarkably uninjured. What a draconian miracle!"

Thundercracker shakes his head, "No, it is to easy. Why would someone capture us and then just let us escape?"

Enchantress says, "We should shunt it to subspace, in case we come into combat again."

Gryphus smiles to Enchantress. "Let him have his fun hon."

Gryphus nods. "Of course."

Shockwave places a hand on Enchantress' shoulder, intending to calm and caution at the same time.

Starscream says, "unless they are so sure of their 'jail' they donít think we can escape"

Rumble says, "This ain't the Autobots' usual style," looking creeped out. Autobots he can understand...Autobots he can deal with. But what the frag is /this/ mess they're in?

CatsCradle says, "And just because it's clear at this point, doesn't mean we won't have trouble further down the line." She smiles brightly at Thundercracker and Striker. "I'm sure you'll get more chances to shoot things.""

Calcar nods, and pulls out his own scanning array, which survived the fall, the tendrils, and everything else in between. Bless solid DeceptiTech construction. These units have been with him since his first archeology class, and they are nearly as close to him as his wife is.

Shockwave says, "I would say our captors have little need for trickery, since they have shown to be able to encapsulate us individually in force fields and then stun us. What did the rest of you experience prior to our.. encounter?"

Gryphus Moves forward after subspacing the item of equipment and moves into the next room to redo the scan.

Fearswoop shrugs and stands aside, "Well, whenever you come to your senses..."

Starscream mutters, " no Rumble this is not Autobot style

Enchantress continues along, clanging her swords as they reach each corridor junction, and Calcar scans as well.

Skywarp follows along keeping his lasers charged

Gryphus mutters to Enchantress. "Sounds like Swoop is trying to pick up on Cats..." she grins.

CatsCradle grins at Fearswoop. "There are plenty of unattached femmes out there. Go chase them."

Thundercracker laughs, "But Cats the rest can escape. Your stuck with him for a while."

Rumble says to Starscream, "So who else would go to all this trouble to pick a fight with the Decepticon Empire?"

Enchantress says, "On her, I would rate his chances at .000000 percent. That one is attached, such a pity. Divefire is quite the catch..."

Skywarp looks back over his shoulder in case one of those lizard things is following...

CatsCradle shrugs. "Only until either Diver or I kill him."

Enchantress tosses CatsCradle a salute at her last comment, and then waits for instructions.

Starscream says, "If it were other offworlders to this planet we would have heard about it on the satellite communications back at base. But we have heard nothing so that only leaves the Humans or a Human capable of this.""

Shockwave emits a burst of static from his vocal module. "I am positive the details of pair bonding are intriguing, but we have more pressing matters. The first group to go in, what did you experience here before we encountered you? Starscream?"

Gryphus smiles. "So are you attached and it don't stop you any Spells." she notes.

Enchantress grin broadens at this. "I have a lot of things on my mind. Such a pity that its depths, and its insanity, will never be completely revealed to others."

Skywarp glances over at Spells for a moment ...then back down the corridor making sure nothing is following...

Fearswoop saunters around to one side, whistling.

Starscream explains the laserblast that struck TC and the tendrils followed by the force field and the stunning. Then he quickly explains the room and the walls

Gryphus blinks to Shocks comment and hmms. "I think I won't touch that one. "she mutters.

Rumble says to Starscream, "HUMANS? You gotta be kidding."

Fearswoop has partially disconnected.

Rumble says importantly, "Soundwave thinks humans are hardly more than an annoyance," as if Soundwave's word was the last one in any situation.

Starscream says, "Humans aided by Autobots perhaps"

Enchantress smiles. "Well, I learned my lesson, and I've got quite the tail for the future. Not every girl gets rejected by the Emperor."

Shockwave considers this. "It would seem at first analysis we're being tested."

Starscream says, "I thought of that also Shockwave"

Gryphus blinks. "tested for what though?"

CatsCradle says mildly, "That's obvious where Enchantress and I are different. I don't go searching away from my mate."

Calcar quickly adds in the tale of the music and colored tones, and provides a playback of what recordings he made.

Shockwave says, "And Rumble is quite right, the flesh creatures infesting this dirt ball planet have not the technology nor cognitive skills to construct a city such as this."

Starscream adds a comment after Calcar is done, "It seems to me that perhaps we were close to truly getting the code to get out when everything went black.

Enchantress smile broadens at Cats last comment. Yes, she has learned her lesson, and she and Cal got many a laugh at her experience, one that will no doubt turn into its own little legend amongst many amidst the Valckastan History and XenoArcheology Department.

CatsCradle turns to Shockwave. "They also didn't have the ability to create something like Nightbird, but there she was."

Starscream says, "But they are friends with the Autobots"

Fearswoop grrs, "Give me a human and I'll squish it."

Rumble grins and feels important. Then he looks at Starscream. "Screamer's got a point, Shockwave. I mean, what if the humans and the Autobots have buddied up?"

Starscream sneers slightly at the mention of the name Autobot, "And you can be sure they would gladly ally themselves with humans to this end

Thundercracker says, "But to toy with us? The Autobots have more honor then this."

Calcar says, "The Autobots would not go for such a subtle plan. Far easier to expend these immense resources on buildign a weapons platform capable of destroying us."

Gryphus says, "Humans and dragons.. in a Cybertronian city.."

Enchantress says, "Autobots and honor are words that are incompatible, from my experience."

Shockwave glances at CatsCradle, but doesn't answer her concerning Nightbird. "Even so, this technology is beyond the Autobots. Those encapsulating force fields could simply be used to wipe us all out, and the Autobots would surely have used them by now."

Starscream turns to Calcar, " No they would not build a weapon of that magnitude Calcar. It could damage some of these fleshcreatures and they wont have that.

Skywarp says, "Yeah and if there gonna kill us...Why test us?"

Gryphus says, "Autobots wouldn't allow harm to come to flesh creatures.. it has to be.. someone else."

Skywarp says, "The bots know what we can do by now."

Enchantress says, "And we would've found out about them, and found a way to counter them. One thing that both sides are good at is espionage of new weapons technologies, and reverse engineering and countering them as soon as they are introduced."

Shockwave quickly fills the others in on how they arrived, with the shrinking force field changing suddenly to small bubbles that captured them easily.

CatsCradle muses, "A test for us... but a game to whoever is running this."

Rumble says, "Whoever's playin' games with us, is gonna be sorry when we get ahold of 'em...."

CatsCradle says, "if killing was the intent, they would have done it long ago.""

Thundercracker hits the wall with his fist. He doesn't seem to be his usual calm self. He shouts up at the ceiling, "What do you want from us!?"

Fearswoop shakes his head, "Y'know, I bet it's those aliens again. It usually is."

Calcar says, "I would doubt that those Dragons are the ones behind this. Far more likely that they are a servant species, or an artificial construct."

Skywarp Looks at TC

Skywarp says, "Its ok bud..we will get outta this."

Rumble looks at Fearswoop. "Aliens?"

Striker looks over to Thundercracker, "Calm down Thunder, you'll get to smash whoever's behind this sooner or later."

Gryphus shakes her head and figures they'll figure out the bots have nothing to do with this...

Starscreamís optics widen slightly as he realizes something. "Wait. Dragons have been extinct on this planet for centuries. HOW were we just attacked by REAL ones?

CatsCradle says, "On this planet, we're the aliens.""

Skywarp stops...

Calcar says, "Genetic engineering, clones..."

Gryphus says, "There is no proof dragons ever existed at all on Earth."

Calcar says, "Winged reptilloids are not the most uncommon sight across the galaxy. I can think of at least a dozen species that would appear nearly identical to the human "dragon.""

Starscream says, "That is an organic technology we have no use for. A human IS behind this, it has to be."

Rumble looks at Gryphus. "I /saw/ one, me an' Cats and Screamer an' Ramjet."

CatsCradle waves her hand. "Excuse me? Ramjet, Rumble, Starscream and I /saw/ a dragon.

Enchantress says, "You should read some of the battle reports milady."

Shockwave doesn't add anything to the dialogue just now, his optic twinkling with thought.

CatsCradle says, "It was quite real. It spat fire at Starscream.""

Skywarp snickers a bit and follows ..."Singescream...

Starscream gives an annoyed glance to Cats and almost whines, "Do you HAVE to remind me

Enchantress chuckles. Not that most of them havenít thought about doing such a thing to Starscream at one time or another...

Gryphus says, "I'm not saying that those weren't dragons I'm just saying there is no physical proof of a dragon ever being on Earth. I have been studying the Earthen culture slowly but I know that much."

Starscream then glares at Skywarp but says nothing

Skywarp smirks

CatsCradle says, "Gryphus, I was on Earth. I saw one. I chucked dragonsbane into it's mouth. That was pretty physical to me."

Thundercracker says, "Standing around isn't helping us any."

Calcar says, "Who is to say that they were an Earth based species? There are many alien races that resemble dragons."

Fearswoop nods, "See, what did I tell you? Aliens are behind it all."

As the Decepticons move down the smooth metallic corridors, stopping every now and again for a sonic scan, very little seems to happen. In fact it's almost routine.. Until the corridor they're in begins to rotate.

Gryphus blinks. "Uhm.. this was NOT on the scan."

Calcar says, "Just like Decoorra..."

Rumble yelps, "Aaaa, the hall's gone crazy!"

Skywarp Tumbles into Shockwave surprised!

Enchantress digs her claws into the wall to help her keep steady.

Fearswoop nips to one side, "If you fall, CatsCradle, my arms are ready to catch you any time..." He says with a grin.

Enchantress draws one of her swords and smashes it up to the hilt into the wall for her to grip onto.

Rumble is too rattled around, and transforms to tape mode, landing at Enchantress;' feet.

Skywarp feels whose...

Rumble transforms into his Blue Cassette mode.

Gryphus grips the wall with her handy claws.

Enchantress picks up Rumble and puts him in her chest storage compartment, making sure that he is well padded, and then continues to grip onto the wall with her swords.

CatsCradle tries to catch her balance. "You know, I'm not going to let Diver kill you, Fearswoop. I'm going to do it myself." She abruptly sits down, driving her claws into the floor to brace herself. "Later."

Calcar doesn't seem fazed by the wall spinning, having been in this experience many times...

Gryphus says, "Iím so glad I'm not easily made dizzy."

Fearswoop easily braces himself. And looks cool about it too.

Skywarp says, "Speak for..*urp*...yourself...OOoooo"

Thundercracker has no claws or swords so he is falling all over the room.

CatsCradle ducks a tumbling Thundercracker. "You know, I always wondered about humans and their amusement park rides..."

Enchantress hands out throwing daggers for others to use to dig into the wall.

Skywarp slams back onto the floor as the corridor rotates again...

Shockwave lacks any ability to dig into the wall, though he may not want to be attached to a spinning wall at any rate, so he gets to his feet as best he can and walks with the wall spinning under his feet, like some turborat in a wheel.

Gryphus sighs and wishes she had claws on her feet instead of hooves...

Gryphus erms on her back feet front feet have claws :)

Enchantress passes out throwing daggers, having several dozen within her subspace storage.

Skywarp Catches one and digs it into the wall.

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

Enchantress transforms, places her swords in subspace, and then simply climbs UP the ceiling, walking forwards.

Fearswoop rolls his optics, "Ooh, I'm really scared, Mr Mastermind. You're spinning tube of death is really whittling down the Decepticon forces... NOT!"

CatsCradle hisses to Fearswoop, "Donít encourage... um... them... it... the aliens... oh, dear..."

Gryphus hmms. "Hey we could walk this.." she undoes her claws and trots with the wall as it circles.

Starscream easily maintains his balance as the tube slowly spins

Calcar thinks. "The last time that I was involved in something like this, there was a pit at the end..."

Starscream says, "we can all fly. Remember that"

Fearswoop says, "Big deal. We can fly, remember?""

Calcar says, "Are your antigravs still neutralized, milords?"

Starscream glances to Fearswoop and smirks slightly

The corridor begins to spin more rapidly now, making those walking with it have to jog to keep up. Flight engines are unfortunately still not working.

Skywarp says, "And I still cant teleport!"

Starscream looks to Calcar, "Unknown. I guess we may find out the hard way

Gryphus uses her claws to walk the floor, defying gravity just not in her today.

Thundercracker is really getting angry, "Lets just blow a hole in this ride."

Fearswoop says, "Hey yeah, count me in."

Fearswoop draws his rifle.

CatsCradle looks from Striker to Thundercracker to Striker again. "You sure you two aren't related?"

Skywarp Nods and uses the dagger to get up on his knees..charging his laser.

Skywarp says, "Im sick of being pushed around!"

Enchantress rolls her three sets of optics. Mechs... Flyboys... Seekers...

Starscream says, "ENOUGH all of you"

Striker glances at Cats, "Why'd ya think that?"

Starscream says, "What happens if you all blast this tunnel to bits and we end up in a far worse situation then this as a result? What if blowing this thing up IS what they want?"

Enchantress climbs along on the ceiling, scouting ahead in the tunnel, looking for any sort of traps ahead.

Striker says, "Although he is having some wonderful ideas lately."

Shockwave glances to Starscream, his single optic difficult at best to read.

Gryphus says, "Finally someone is using their brains."

Starscream stares back at Shockwave, "Well I donít hear you with any bright ideas.....

Skywarp Looks at SS

CatsCradle was about to answer Striker seriously, until his last comment, then just tosses up her hands and keeps walking, easily keeping her balance with the tunnel's movement

Calcar says, "Gentlemechs, we have to work together if we are to escape the confines of this place."

Skywarp says, "Oh yeah...Like what Calcar?......"

Starscream cringes inwardly at the word 'confine' but gives no outward indication it bothered him

Shockwave doesn't answer Starscream but adds to his other comment, "Enchantress will soon reach the end of the tunnel, and perhaps discover an answer there,"

Striker was being sarcastic, and still wants her answer, "Ok, now really, tell me why you asked that?" He keeps himself moving to the speed of the tunnel, running to keep up with it.

Thundercracker says, "Hey, I am one for thinking but I cannot stand being played with."

Gryphus is moving forward with Spells.. as back up.

Skywarp keeps trying to Teleport...

Calcar says, "Like it or not, we do not have the advantage here. We need to play by our captor's rules until we have learned them, and how to bend them."

CatsCradle says, "You both have a fondness for shooting things when all else goes wrong."

Enchantress plods ahead on the ceiling, for once glad to have her particular alt mode.

Fearswoop nods, "No one messes with me and gets away with it. If we can blow this hamster wheel up, so much the better. At least we won't be playing their stupid game anymore. I don't want to be anyone's puppet."

Starscream looks to Fearswoop, "And you will get your chance Fearswoop. but on MY command is that clear?

Striker shrugs, "Your right... when all else fails, shoot it. It's worked many times for me in the past." He thinks a moment and adds, "Although now that I think of it... half those times I coulda been maybe... a little more subtle."

Skywarp says, "If I can just teleport..Maybe I can find this things controls!...."

Calcar says, "Like it or not, we are the hamster within the wheel, and our movement is controlled. We need to choose the precise moment for leaping off, when we can maximize our gain."

Fearswoop sighs, "Fine, Starscream. I'll wait. For a bit."

CatsCradle grins at Striker. "Perhaps."

CatsCradle adds in a grumble, "What do I know about hamsters? I have fish."

Gryphus reaches the end of this twisting tunnel.. and finds?

Enchantress radios back /I have reached the end of the corridor. There is a large red button, and a small blue one./

As though to underscore Fearswoop's impatience, the corridor begins to rotate even more rapidly, sending those trying to keep up with it by jogging tumbling around.

Gryphus Hmms.. "What was that rule about buttons..." she frowns.

Starscream stares at Fearswoop neutrally then acknowledges Calcarís remark, "And how can we be so sure at the precise moment?

CatsCradle says, "Red and blue were the first of those lights back in the eh first room, weren't they?""

Starscream says, "damnit"

Enchantress says, "Red is a signal for danger in most cultures."

Fearswoop groans, "Aw, come on... This is just like being back at the Grinder..."

Striker says, "Hit the blue one... the blue one."

Starscream stumbles and quickly regains his feet only to struggle to maintain them

Calcar says, "Yes. Red, blue, red..."

Gryphus says, "We can't assume that's so in this case."

Thundercracker says, "They expect us to pick blue."

Fearswoop mutters, "Frickin' puzzles..."

Fearswoop says, "Let's just press both of them. Or shoot out the control mechanisms. Or so something that's different, so it'll screw up their plans."

Enchantress says, "Milady, if we could splice you into the control systems here, could you access the computer network?"

Gryphus says, "The smallness of the blue may be purposeful as is the largeness of the red... maybe to draw us to the red more than the blue.""

Enchantress says, "Or determine what each of these buttons does?"

Striker nods, "Just shoot the slagging panel!"

Gryphus continues walking the spinning tunnel. "How can I link up like this..."

A new wrinkle now as the corridor suddenly slams to a stop, sending everyone in it painfully skidding or crashing along the walls. Then it starts right back up even faster this time, then stopping suddenly, starting, stopping.

Skywarp crashes to the floor....."Ooooooowwwwww

Skywarp says, "HIT A BUTTON!!....Oow..oo..eeh..ow.."

Gryphus blinks as it stops and hmms. "Seems maybe we don't need to pick a button after all." she notes idly.

Striker grumbles, his used-to-be shiny jet-black paint job has turned dull, and now the paint is scratching off.

Striker yells out, "Just shoot it!"

Gryphus acks!

CatsCradle curls up in a ball, trying to roll with the spinning.

Starscream looks to Enchantress, " HIT THE BLUE

Shockwave is holding his hand over his optic, more to protect it than to spare him the sight.

Enchantress shrugs, and mashes the blue button.

Thundercracker shouts, "Please just press something!" As he gets tossed all over the place.

Skywarp getting tumbled to death here...

Starscream tumbles as TC smashes into him

The corridor immediately stops spinning and returns to normal.

Skywarp thankful its stopped...."OOFfff.....uunnk....

Gryphus frowns.. "Well so much for us getting out of here with less injuries."

Starscream gives a pitiful moan as TCís sprawled over him, "ack.....

Shockwave says, "Decepticons, I suggest we exit at once."

CatsCradle lets herself roll to a stop. ".... ow....?" she says faintly. "Wait, I said that before, didn't I? Oh, well... it still applies..."

Striker shakes his head, "Ok, I'm /really/ gonna enjoy crushing whoever's doing this."

Thundercracker says, "Boss can ya get off me?"

Fearswoop laughs, "You have to tell us to move out?"

Fearswoop jogs down the tunnel

Gryphus exits the tunnel. "Well guess we know what the Red was for." she shakes her head.

Skywarp stands all woozy..."And to think ..I used to wait in line for rides like that...

Starscream says, "Iím not *ack* on you"

Thundercracker figures out that he is on top of Starscream, "Oh sorry about that." He gets to his feet.

Enchantress says, "I guess we do."

Starscream says, "That was OFF...oh " *ahem* ok you did that"

Starscream scrambles to his feet

Calcar jogs up the corridor, giving polite applause to the two femmes.

CatsCradle crawls to her feet, favoring one leg. "I want a long hot bath after this."

Gryphus says, "I was going to say blue since it was smaller but ah well.. no use crying over the unsaid."

Enchantress says, "Well, we have apparently made the correct decision..."

Thundercracker quickly moves over to where Enchantress is before the thing starts again, "This is just not a good day."

Gryphus brings out the scanner to see where to go next.

Barely a few astroseconds after the corridor stops, the wall up ahead moves to one side revealing a group of Autobots!

Calcar says, "This is actually a rather low end series of traps, milord. Somewhat like the complex on Arcturus."

Enchantress yelps as she dives down, transforming, and drawing her swords!

Starscream glances down at himself and makes sure heís in one piece and notices some of the shines dulled a bit but it can be fixed.

Skywarp walks out of the corridor trying to compose himself before he surges....."uungg

CatsCradle limps out of the tunnel, looks up and sees the Autobots... and lets out a long sigh.

Gryphus blinks. "OH.. pahzney." yep a nice Cuss word for anyone into that

Starscream gasps. " Autobots

Skywarp looks at the bots........"

Calcar draws his rocket launcher. "Tetrarch's Third Law of Unexpected and Unwanted Consequences."

Gryphus hates it when she's WRONG.

Striker looks down, "Oh great." He quickly looks back up and arms his arm-lasers again, at this point ready to split open anyone who looks at him wrong... and the Autobots always look wrong.

Optimus Prime glares laser bolts as he says, "Decepticons. I knew it. Autobots, take em down!"

Starscream steps forward suddenly, " What is the meaning of this Optimus Prime?

CatsCradle tilts her head. "Gee, I wonder if they're trapped here, too?"

Skywarp leans on the wall in no shape to fight...

Starscream says, "DECEPTICONS, ATTACK"

Skywarp says, "You gotta be kiddin..."

Gryphus stuffs her equipment back into subspace before its damaged.

Enchantress sends a half dozen throwing daggers towards the Autobots optics, as most of the Decepticons here are in no shape for combat.

Fearswoop grabs his rifle, "You don't have to tell me twice.."

Starscream looks to Skywarp, "They are attacking us you wanna be a target stay there and they will be more then happy to oblige

CatsCradle blinks at Starscream. "What if they're trapped in here, too, and they are closer to finding a way out?"

Starscream says, "I thought of that and was about to ask until Mac breath there decided to talk with his rifle instead"

Fearswoop fires a shot down the corridor.

Prime pulls his laser rifle, firing multiple shots at Starscream. Oddly enough though, the shots don't his the Air Commander. And none of Starscream's shots hit Prime. A force field in the middle of the groups keep them separated.

Starscream growls and stops firing

Gryphus says, "This is highly unusual for Bots to attack first..." she mutters under her breath as she sonic squawks toward them."

Enchantress says, "Someone is playing with us all, Prime."

Striker sighs and begins firing, firing relentlessly on the Autobots, "Can't you just be good mechs and die?"

Starscream says, "cease fire!"

Fearswoop curses, "I'm that close to blowing away Prime and there's a frigging forcefield in the way. I figured this wasn't my lucky day."

Calcar says, "We are all being manipulated here..."

Fearswoop stops blasting. "We could try again with more force..."

Starscream walks toward Prime, "Explain how you got here

Gryphus blinks. "Figures.. more fields..."

CatsCradle pokes a clawtip at the forcefield. "Oh, this is even more fun." She gazes through the 'field at the Autobots. "Let me guess, you're stuck here, too?"

Skywarp sighs

Thundercracker says, "Could this day get any more perfect?"

Calcar says, "Perhaps an energy based culture? They have high technology, and control over both organics and energy fields... Perhaps the Zeddorian? Or the Repulsoids?"

Prime reluctantly stops firing, and lowers his rifle. The other Bots follow suit, looking to Prime for guidance. He says, "Well, it seems the Decepticon turborats finally found a maze big enough for them. What do you know about this Starscream? And where's Megatron? Or is he the one pulling the strings?"

CatsCradle grumbles, glancing over the battered Decepticons. "Do we look like we're in charge, here?"

Starscreamís optics narrow and he smiles dangerously, " I asked you first my dear Prime

Enchantress murmurs, "This is highly unusual behavior, for Prime..."

Gryphus blinks at Calcar. "Using our own tech against us?"

Calcar says, "This technology appears to be quite beyond our own, and we have no control over organic species..."

Skywarp looks at Enchant and nods.....

Skywarp says, "Yeah,...real odd.."

Enchantress says, "Autobots, a question, if you will answer it - is your leader usually this bloodthirsty?"

Skywarp looks at Calcar...."hey..ppstt..Cmere.

Starscream glances to Enchantress and holds back a hand as if to say 'quiet'

Gryphus Hmms

Calcar walks over to Skywarp.

Skywarp talks low..."Can you tell if heís a hologram er not?...

CatsCradle sits down on the ground, waiting for the next bout of chaos. She amuses herself by poking the forcefield with her clawtip over and over.

Calcar whispers, "No. I do not have a sensor suite capable of determining such a thing."

Before the conversation can go much further, a video screen is lowered, and the image of a bizzare reptilian alien shimmers into life. "Greetingss ss-Cybertronians. I trust you have found my little testsss amussing?"

Gryphus looks up. "Ah finally he shows his face."

Skywarp looks at the screen...

Fearswoop says, "Some popcorn to go with it would have been nice."

Skywarp says, "Eww..another lizard..."

CatsCradle glances up tiredly at the vid screen with no apparent surprise.... and goes back to poking at the field

Striker glares at the vidscreen, finally, the one giving them all this trouble, "I'm gonna have a good time squishing this one."

CatsCradle says softly to Striker, "Yes, you could shoot that one."

Striker grins abit, "Thanks for your permission Cats."

Shockwave glances to Starscream, perhaps feeling he should speak for the Decepticons here on Earth.

Enchantress remains silent. She does *NOT* like being toyed with.

Prime narrows his optics and responds, "And who exactly are you?"

Starscream glares at the video screen " trust?

Starscream says, "What is the meaning of this?!"

Calcar yawns. All in all, he has seen much more impressive displays than this paltry alien has put on.

Thundercracker says, "Hey alien! Could you lower this force field so we can kill the Autobots and then kindly tell us where you are so we can kill you?"

Starscream glares at Prime, " Who cares what he is as long as he releases us

Striker grins at Thundercracker, actually agreeing with his suggestions for once.

CatsCradle looks back up at Striker. "See?"

The alien answers Prime's more specific question, saying "My name iss not important. I have been watching you, to ssse what kind of creaturesss you are, and what kind of prey you would make. My ssspecies is devoted to hunting you sssee."

Skywarp doesnít care who does what just so he can get the heck out of there.....

Gryphus says, "Ahhhhhh haaa."

Skywarp says, "hunting?...swell"

Starscream steps back a bit. Heís not about to become prey for anything if he can help it. Nether will he let the rest of the cons become prey for this lizard either

Calcar yawns. "We have encountered species much more intelligent, advanced, and dangerous than you are. Have you ever encountered the Feliniians of Phelias? They would be laughing at this..."

CatsCradle looks up at the vid screen again. "Tell you what," she says, her grin suddenly feral. "Put aside your toys and gadgets and come down here and hunt us yourself. It will give you a whole new outlook."

Striker gets angry, "You hunt us? Boy... you don't know the first thing about hunting us. You get down here and fight us yourself, then see how much you like hunting us."

Enchantress says, "I call you a coward. You are supposed to hunt your prey yourself, with only your own personal weapons. You put us through this rather pathetic walkthrough, with your own traps. You are too afraid to face us yourself."

Starscream looks back at all of them angrily, "Iím sure your comments will sway him in his decision......

Thundercracker motions for his fellow Decepticons to be silent, "Let the future deadthing speak."

CatsCradle whimpers suddenly. "Oh, dear, I'm starting to sound like Striker." She buries her face in her hands."

The alien ignores Calcar and the others and goes on, supremely confident. "The rest of my race isss bound to our home planet and a few missserable little coloniesss. But I had the good fortune to find thisss ssship, which isss millionss of yearss more advanced than your pitiful technologiess."

Gryphus distrusts this is. "He can separate us and hunt us one by one.. this is no laughing matter."

Striker glances at Cats, "That such a bad thing?"

CatsCradle's face is still buried and her voice muffled. "I'm not sure yet."

Striker glares over at Starscream, "Why? I don't care about his decision, he's gonna die one way or the other."

Prime, even though all the Decepticons are talking at once, throws in his own comment, "You'll find we're not so easy to hunt down."

CatsCradle squeaks again. "And sounding like an Autobot, too."

Starscream glares back, " You may not care but Iím sure there are others here that do. Your words could effect us all, now silence....

Shockwave's optic glitters with an odd light as he says meaningfully to the others, "Let's hear him out."

Striker decides to actually follow Starscream's orders for once. This is /really/ odd for him.

The alien licks its lips with a forked tongue, and goes on. "Unfortunately, even though your race has some interesting militaristic qualities and cooperation techniques, your technological level is too low to be of any interest. You may continue your little war in this backwater section of the galaxy, while I hunt bigger game."

Gryphus says, "Sounds like fear to me."

Fearswoop says, "What, not even a decent fight? Talk about being ripped off!"

Thundercracker looks around in confusion, "Did that thing just insult us?"

Enchantress says, "Coward. You are too afraid to fight a worthy group of warriors."

Skywarp says, "I think it said ..."Where not good enough fer it..."

CatsCradle peeks out from between her fingers. "Great. what did I say about encouraging it.... the alien?"

Starscream almost wearily " who cares

Calcar yawns. "As for displays, I've seen far more interesting ones, and more advanced ones. However, if we are not worthy of being your prey, then you should be off."

Starscream says, "as long as we are out of here and the lizard leaves"

Thundercracker turns to Cats, "Oh you want to rip a piece out of him as much as the rest of us. Maybe more."

Shockwave speaks up, saying "Then we won't take up any more of your time. Let us leave, and continue your quest."

CatsCradle says, "True.... but I would rather him not decide just to plop us back in that original room and we have to go through this all over again just to get out."

Striker grins nastily, "Listen whatever you are... your afraid to fight us because you /know/ that no matter how hard you fight us your just gonna end up a huge splattering of blood against the walls of this so called shots."

Calcar says, "You might want to try the Drazoids of Razelcore X. They are renowned as the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. Certainly worthy prey for a hunter of your stature, hunting the hunters themselves..."

Prime is talking quietly with the other Autobots, just out of audible range.

Skywarp says, "Cats donít give it any ideas!"

Striker growls and aims his seeker arm-lasers at it, ready to blast the vidscreen if someone doesn't stop him.

Gryphus is oddly quiet as she thinks this talk from her fellows will invite trouble.

CatsCradle buries her face her in hands again.

Starscream glares to Striker, " One more word

Calcar says, "Or the Mandalorians..."

Thundercracker says, "I would love to kill this guy. However the others are right. We have to be smart about this."

Calcar says, "They would probably be a worthy prey for one such as you. Perhaps the Mistryl? They are regarded as the most elite hand to hand specialists in the galaxy..."

On the screen, the alien gives a contemptful grunt, and leans over to push a button. The floor drops open once again, sending Autobots and Decepticons both crashing to the dirt ground of the African grasslands. Apparently the ship has taken off.

Starscreamís getting really annoyed. And then finds himself crashed to the ground

Gryphus acks and spread her wings!

Skywarp .............laying on the ground....again....

Starscream gets up and looks for the Autobots

CatsCradle hits the ground hard yet once again today and lays still for a moment. "How many times does that make it now?" She debates just laying there for a while. A long while.

Skywarp says, "...I wanna go home now....."

Enchantress spreads her wings and glides for a landing.

Thundercracker lands on Skywarp.....again. "You know for Robots who have the ability to fly we sure end up falling a lot."

Striker fries the vidscreen as he falls. "Damn... if my engines were working I'd fly up there and blast him."

Calcar lands on the ground with a *thump* and tries to look dignified.

Skywarp !!!OOFFF!!...T....C..

Skywarp whimpers...

Gryphus lands by Calcar. "Well that was most unamusing."

Prime and his fellow group of Bots also land in a heap, and Cliffjumper growls in anger. "Ok, that does it!!" He starts shooting at the ship as it rises slowly out of orbit.

Skywarp shoves Tc off

Striker fires all his firepower on the huge ship, and shoots down on the ground as it gets out of range and lets out a very angry swear.

Calcar yawns, rather unimpressed by what they all have just gone through. "This is nothing, milady. Nothing at all to be concerned about."

The little Bot's laser bolts get nowhere though as they bounce harmlessly off the force field.

Thundercracker stays on the ground, "Okay I am way to tried to fight Autobots today."

CatsCradle watches the shots arc up towards the ship, from where she is still stretched out on the ground. "Oh, look... Autobots and Decepticons agreeing... the universe must be ending."

Calcar turns to look at the Autobots, but makes no aggressive move. They've all been toyed with by a superior power tonight, and no one is in the mood for fighting.

Skywarp sits up dinged ..broken ..and nauseous....."I hate lizards..

Shockwave takes his eyes off the Bots long enough to observe this. "Starscream.. The force field.. It's only on the lower half of the ship. Like the dome shield earlier."

Striker says, "So... we can still go after that thing?!"

Enchantress transforms into her Sabrecat mode.

CatsCradle's optics brighten. "So the upper half is rather defenseless?"

Shockwave says, "No, it's rising much too rapidly now for us to catch it.."

Calcar smiles at this. The Seekers will get to play...

CatsCradle says thoughtfully, "Shockwave could shoot the upper half, couldn't he?"

Skywarp says, "You go gonna sit here and wait for a bus..."

Starscream says, "Yes shockwave"

In unison, Starscream and Shockwave both turn toward Skywarp. Together they both say, "I've got an idea."

Striker says, "How can a thing that big get up past Mach 3?"

Skywarp looks at them.....

Starscream pulls Skywarp up to his feet

Skywarp says, "..No....No...NO!..."

Calcar says, "What are your orders, Lord?"

Starscream then glances to Shockwave, " MY idea will work

Thundercracker says, "I think you have just been drafted again."

CatsCradle is just relieved that it's Skywarp being nabbed for work and that she can remain stretched out on the ground

Skywarp says, "Me?..Port up to that thing?!?"

Shockwave says, "Starscream, your cluster bombs. Thundercracker, your incendiaries."

Enchantress transforms, and takes to the air after the ship.

Enchantress says, "I have several seismic grenades left..."

Striker walks over to Skywarp, and attaches one of his .50 caliber armor piecing machine guns to him. "Have fun pal."

Skywarp says, "But..Butbutbut...."

Starscream detaches several cluster bombs and loads them onto Skywarp.

Fearswoop transforms into his Yellow Jetfighter mode.

Skywarp says, "oh..Man...."

Shockwave says, "No time to argue Skywarp. Transform and prepare to teleport."

Fearswoop jets up into the air. "This is going to rock..."

CatsCradle sings out "Skywarp.... you'll be a herooooo...."

Thundercracker says, "Good luck buddy."

Skywarp ulps stands back and Tfs...not happy at all....

Skywarp says, "...I hate this idea..."

Shockwave says, "Just drop the bombs and teleport out again. The risk should be small."

Starscream says, "yea yea well the sooner you get it done the sooner you can stop whining over it now GO"

Skywarp fires his afterburners and takes off!!!!

Skywarp says, "Yeah ....small risk..riighhtt"

Enchantress cheers on her friend as he takes off, pacing him for a few meters, grinning widely.

Skywarp goes maximum speed and teleports..

Calcar yawns, having been through much odder experiences on his travels.

Skywarp ports in above the ship...

Striker notices Calcar's calmness about the whole thing, he walks up to him and gives him a really hard shove, enough to knock him to the ground, "Do you always have to be so damn calm all the time?!"

Skywarp whines again .....and dives!!!!

Calcar looks up surprised at Striker. "Milord, this would be considered a slow day for me, back during my traveling days."

Skywarp rolls hard and drops the Bombs!!...Pulling up fast!!!

The huge green stun beams start lancing upward toward Skywarp, trying to get a bead on him.

Starscream sees what Striker just did and walks over to them, " Striker explain yourself?

Calcar takes the shove in the spirit that it was intended, and realizing that the Seeker was merely trying to ease up some stress, does nothing but brush himself off, the spitting image of a calm Valckastan.

Starscream hears something amiss and looks up quickly to see the green beam shooting at Warp

Calcar says, "No problem at all Lord. He was merely venting some stress. I have no problem with it."

Skywarp rolls pulling up before they explode!!!

Enchantress zooms in for a landing, her three heads still watching the airshow above.

Striker says, "So what? You could at least get a little emotional when your lifeís in danger and when in combat... emotions a great weapon."

Skywarp gets clipped with a stun beam and starts to descend....

Shockwave holds up a hand trying to stop any further altercation as he says quietly, "I believe a large explosion is imminent."

Skywarp says, "Uunngg!!..."

Thundercracker stands between Starscream and Striker, "Let me handle it please sir. I am Seeker commander right now." He turns to Shockwave, "What did you say?"

Starscream looks back to Calcar and striker," Fine but not at a fellow Decepticon

Calcar yawns. "Again, I have seen much worse than this, and this is certainly not worthy of any strong emotion."

Starscream nods to TC, " Very well. " He sounds tired and he turns and walks back toward Shockwave

Skywarp afterburners go out just as the bombs hit the ship..

CatsCradle's hands fly as she weaves her forcefield over her, still laying on the ground.

Calcar yawns again, merely shielding his optics as he watches everything very calmly.

There is no large explosion. There is however a *MASSIVE* explosion high in the sky that almost blinds any looking directly at it. The fireball that follows is several miles in diameter, as the entire sky seems to have turned into fire.

Striker seems very irritated at Calcar's calmness...

Calcar dims his optics at the explosion, still looking up, and yawns.

CatsCradle watches the fireworks, safe under her 'field. "Ooooh.... ahhhhh...."

Skywarp crashes back to the earth...offline.

Enchantress does several barrel rolls in the sky, preening.

Starscream turns and grabs Striker. " VENT YOUR ENERGY ON CATCHING SKYWARP. " HE shoves striker in the air toward the falling Seeker

Skywarp skids to a halt the fall searing off his wings

Almost two seconds after the flash, the shockwave hits, throwing anyone just standing around to the ground like a doll.

Thundercracker transforms into his Blue F-15 mode.

CatsCradle is already laying on the ground, and although the bulk of the shockwave's force parts over her 'field, she is pushed along the ground a ways.

Thundercracker attempts to take off but the shockwave sends him flying in a different direction then he wanted.

Shockwave was somewhat braced for it, but still goes crashing to the ground as his namesake strikes. That isn't the worst of it though, as bits of molten metal now drop from the sky, covering everything.

Starscreamís furiously dodging molten bits as he recovers from the shockwave and blasts toward Skywarp

Enchantress speeds up into the air, trying to keep up, and wanting to do something...

Skywarp in a nose dive headed for the surface.

Starscream catches up to Skywarp and noses his canopy under Skywarp nosecone and levels him out, then he quickly transforms when some of the speed is worn off and catches him

Shockwave isn't much use in an air rescue. He simply endures the molten metal splashing down on him painfully, and watches to make sure the Autobots stay put.

Skywarp offline in Starscream arms...

CatsCradle watches molten metal bounce off her 'field.

Starscream quickly opens an access panel and puts Sky into robot mode then descends holding him.

Prime has other ideas though, as he yells "Autobots, transform and roll for cover!"

Calcar merely shields himself from the molten metal, and remains standing, unconcerned. He could be reading from a lectern, for all the emotion he's putting out.

Skywarp limp from the stun beam.

Striker wishes he had Cat's field right about now as the molten metal melts his already ruined paint job.

Starscream sees the Autobots scatter, " Decepticons BACK TO BASE

Enchantress tries to lift herself up into the air to act as backup for Starscream, should he need it.

Skywarp is just dead weight in his arms....

The rain of metal finally stops falling, although the clouds of smoke remain in the sky.

Calcar says, "All in all, not a complete loss, I would say."

CatsCradle debates for a moment, wondering if she is simply too tired to head back to base. Sleeping... yes, sleeping right here might be nice.... Then again, a hot bath would be even nicer. She lets her 'field dissipate and slowly sits up.

Shockwave comments, "If the alien was telling the truth, there is no risk of retaliation. The ship was something he found rather than a product of his race."

CatsCradle adds, "Besides, we /bored/ him."

Striker says, "No... we just proved the cons could kick that 'hunter's' aft badly."

Calcar says, "Such a pity though. The Mistryl could've used the target practice..."

Starscream says, "heading back to base with Skywarp"

Starscream s heading back to base with Skywarp as the rest should be behind him

Calcar follows along after the others.

Engine Room

        Once one of the most important areas of the ship, the engine room now serves only to house most of the control systems, the conning tower to the surface, and the central computer. A large console provides access to the main computer and detailed information about its operational status. The main engines still remain in place, but most of the peripheral machinery and materials were removed once it was determined the ship would never fly again. Consequently, most of the adjacent rooms are empty, awaiting future expansion.

CatsCradle limps off to find that hot bath...

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