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Seeking Sola
Seeking Sola


        A burnt, coppery wasteland stretches flatly for as far as you can see. Bordering this area are bombed-out ruins, body-shells and clumps of war debris, whose collapsed structures create a maze-like environment, casting pools of shadows that contrast oddly with the halogen glare of the border-lamps. In times past this area was a sealed-off zero zone, containing small pockets of the enemy. When the borders were opened again, the enemy were found in a dormant state, starved of energy. They were shot and recycled and since that time the Shadowzone has been tagged as a notorious deathtrap.

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "(signal coming in from Cybertron to Earthbase command center) Megatron, this is Soundwave in Polyhex. Please acknowledge."

<LongRange> Megatron says, "This is Megatron. What is it, Soundwave?"

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Commander. I have just received an interesting message.  An unknown individual informs me he has information on Autobot troop movement near Polyhex.  He refuses to reveal more unless we pay him with three astroliters of energon.  An inexperienced bargainer - I have already traced the point of origin of the transmission.  Or alternately, a trap."

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Autobots? That may explain why the Ark seems to be nearly deserted... Where does the message come from?"

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Within the heart of the Shadowzone, Commander. I am dispatching Chasm to obtain a visual."

<LongRange> CatsCradle says, "Soundwave, I am in the Shadowzone now."

Chasm glides in, camouflaged beneath a cloaking hologram. He surveys the area with interest, carefully transmitting the images he receives...

<Cybertron> Soundwave switches frequencies to something that encompasses a smaller area, and replies to CatsCradle, "Any sign of suspicious activity?"

<Cybertron> CatsCradle says, "Depends on your definition of suspicious.  A few radio signals, but nothing that screams Autobots."

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Do you have a sensor check of this area?"

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "Can you follow up on these signals?  Chasm should be joining you shortly.  Proceed with caution."

CatsCradle slips from one set of shadows to another, her dark form all but invisible except for the occasional amethyst flash of her optics.

A small scavenger bot lingers in one of the alleyways, looking about nervously. "C'mon, where are they?"

<Cybertron> CatsCradle says, "Already working on it."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "I am reading no build-up of energy that would indicate active weaponry."

The scavenger bot steps out. His armour his rust streaked and one optic half-hangs out. "Well, don't make me wait!" he hisses from the shadows, as he sees CatsCradle step into view.

The scavenger bot gestures at CatsCradle, "Do you have the energon? Drop it on the ground and take ten steps back."

<LongRange> Megatron says, "Nevertheless, be careful. I will send you an additional load of energon and some warriors to support a possible counterattack."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Understood, Commander. Will you be joining us?"

CatsCradle stops for a moment, then smiles slightly. "Why would I make you wait?" After a brief second, she places an energon cube on the ground and backs a few steps away. "Consider that a downpayment," she says.

<Cybertron> CatsCradle says, "Soundwave, I've found him."

<LongRange> Megatron says, "I have to do some business on Cybertron anyway. We will arrive in 20,000 astroseconds. Megatron out."

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "A single individual, CatsCradle?"

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "I will meet you in the Command Center."

<Cybertron> CatsCradle says, "Looks like it.  A scavenger."

The scavenger bot shakes his head. "Three litres! Three litres! That's not good enough."

<Cybertron> CatsCradle says, "He's insisting on the three litres of energon"

Chasm transmits to CatsCradle: "We should evaluate the worth of the information first... (Chasm sends an image that he's hiding nearby, watching the negotiations...""

CatsCradle studies the cube, then looks at the scavenger. "How do I know your information is worth three litres?

<Cybertron> Thunderwing notes, almost lazily, "I do believe we have an offworld visitor..."

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "I would first be interested to see whether the information he claims to have, is worth payment.  Chasm has more experience at such negotiations than I."

The scavenger bot shakes a fist, "Because, I can tell you the Autobot movement details. You guys wondering while they've been lying low recently? Well, I can tell you about their plans! But only for three litres!"

<Earth> Megatron says, "This is Megatron. All Decepticons on duty that are not needed to secure our base meet me in the Engine room for a support trip to Cybertron."

CatsCradle tilts her head with a mild smile. "And why should I believe that you would have access to such plans?"

<Earth> Megatron says, "This is Megatron. All Decepticons on duty that are not needed to secure our base meet me in the Engine room for a support trip to Cybertron. (repose for Striker)"

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "Proceed, Lord Thunderwing.  Another offworlder?"

The scavenger tilts his head. "I was right there, outside Polyhex. Magnus invites me in and offers me some energon soup ... hmmaahaa! ... and while I'm there I overhear the plans. Then I nick off before they can finger me. I figure, I bet the 'cons will love to here about this. I think, I bet they'd pay top premium for this information! And so I'm here, but only if you got the e goods!

CatsCradle debates for a minute, then shrugs. "Half now, half after the information." After all, the energon can be replaced easily enough from Earth....

The scavenger bot sniffs, "Half the information then. The 'bots are massing for an attack. But when? Where? How? Only Rattlescrap knows and he ain't telling until he gets his three litres."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Ready to receive you, Megatron."

<Cybertron> Thunderwing says, "Yes, a most unlikable creature. Apparently, he is here looking for something."

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "There is a potentially troublesome situation here in Polyhex, and I expect Megatron's arrival shortly.  Is there any indication that your visitor poses a threat?"

CatsCradle debates for a moment longer, then shrugs again. She places two litres down. "You give me all the information, I give you the last litre."

<LongRange> Tempest says, "tempest"

The scavenger desperately eyes the energon. His optics flicker with greed. "Okay. They're going to attack Polyhex - send a big squad in. Down in the tunnels. Now give me that last litre!"

CatsCradle leans forward. "When?"

The scavenger says, "Uh, uh... give us that last cube first!"

CatsCradle smiles. "You already have the first two. I keep the third to make sure you don't run off before you answer. When are they attacking, and from what location?"

The scavengers shrugs, "From the tunnels. Soon."

CatsCradle transmits to Chasm: " anything else you think we should know?"

Chasm transmits to CatsCradle: "I think we should only pay him .774 litres of lowgrade fuel. We can't pay top dollar for every unsubstantiated rumour, can we? It wouldn't be financial."

CatsCradle transmits to Chasm: " (with a sigh) It's easily replaceable from Earth, and if we pay him well, he may be worth more information in the future. Financial reasons aside, can you think of anything else we need to know?"

The scavenger bot hisses, "C'mon three litres now!"

Chasm transmits to CatsCradle: "I'm guess that the simple-witted creature has told us all it knows. You are getting shortchanged at three cubes however, my dear."

A radio transmission is received by Chasm.

CatsCradle sets the third cube down, then holds up a smaller one. "In case you might have any more information in the future," she says and places the fourth cube on the pile. She then stands and backs away further.

Chasm rolls his optics, "That's the last time you should get put on negotiating duty," he murmurs. "A flagrant overpayment of second-rate informers! Honestly."

The scavenger's optics light up and he dashes forward, grabbing at the energy. He pauses to quickly schlurp from one cube and his optics light up, "Thanks!" he says in a trembling voice and then scampers off into the darkness of the alleyways.

CatsCradle watches him go, her optics clouded with thoughts for a long moment, then shakes her head with a sigh.

<Cybertron> CatsCradle says, "Soundwave, he said the Autobots are massing for an attack on Polyhex.  Soon and through the tunnels."

<Cybertron> Thunderwing says, "Threat? Uncertain at this time, but make sure you have Thundercracker's pet under observation. Somehow...I think this one is after the... *a moment's silence, then* Have someone bring the gem to the Serridon Plains. The alien wants it returned, with the promise that he will leave afterward. Nowhere in this was its inhabitant mentioned, after all."

Chasm shakes his head at the waste of fuel. He then pauses, cocking his head to one side, "Oh dear, Soundwave calls. I wonder what he wants..." He flicks a gaze back at CatsCradle, "You do realize when word of this gets through the underground we'll have every scavenger bot in a twenty klick radius begging here and giving us all sorts of rubbishy information in exchange for a prospective motherload?"

CatsCradle shrugs at Chasm. "Or he keeps his mouth shut, intending to keep all chances to himself."

Chasm sighs, "You don't understand the scavenger mindset. Let me tell you about..." He pauses. "Yes, I'm /coming/ Soundwave... I was discussing.... Never mind..." He waves an idle paw at CatsCradle and flaps off, rather distractedly.


Command Center

        Replacing the largely ceremonial Throne Room, this area serves as a liaison point between officers and troops. This is where, in recent years, Shockwave makes the day-to-day decisions about Cybertron's governance. The decor of the Command Center is purely functional, designed to facilitate the easy transfer of information. The area is circular in shape, with a raised standing area around the edges to give speakers an edge of authority. Various relays and datafeeds are displayed on banks of reclined monitors, set around the walls in a semi-circle, along with computer banks, datagrids and inert coms monitors. Security cameras map out every aspect of Decepticon territory, as well as constantly showing different location shots of the Nightwarren. A huge hi-res screen curves above the main terminal, and the gleaming walls capture the flickering and jump of information as it scrolls past on the screens, viewers and terminals. A funnel-like elevator exists at the centre of the room leading upward to one of the few above-ground facilities of this structure - the Spacebridge Transmat Chamber. Because of its proximity to the spacebridge site, the energon storage hold is located nearby.

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "Understood, CatsCradle. I am beginning provisionary measures to follow up on that information.  You and Chasm are to return to Polyhex for the moment. (switching frequencies slightly) Lord Thunderwing, you should be aware that there is a possible Autobot threat against Polyhex in the making.  There is also a prior claim to the ownership of the gemstone.  Megatron will contact you further on this matter."

Chasm lands on Soundwave's shoulder, staring at the ground. "Talk about overpaying the lower class... "

Slasher glances over as Cats and Chasm enter.. He says nothing but simply leans back more in his chair and listens.... Observing what the others will do.

Sola blinks as even more of these beings come into the room. She glances around, then peers at Megatron, hesitant, but speaking with some edge of authority to her voice, "Yes.. the gem from which I was retrieved. It is.. It belongs to my people.. And being the last of my kind.. It belongs to me."

Megatron says, "Who where you talking to, Sola?"

CatsCradle glances at Chasm and shakes her head slightly. "I think he will hold it in his best interest to continue giving us information as he gets it. I saw no reason to cut off future chances." She glances curiously at Sola, but doesn't say anything further.

Soundwave sends out a bit of a sense of sympathy to Chasm, in an attempt to settle him down and focus him more on the current matter. He also looks questioningly to Slasher, and replies, "I do not sense any alien influence over Thundercracker's mind, Slasher. Sola has proved a model guest."

<Cybertron> Thunderwing says, "Yes, I have heard of the matter in Polyhex. I am entirely confident that my attention is not absolutely vital in thwarting this threat."

Slasher shrugs at Soundwave then says, "What about this other Visitor he is talking about now ?"

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Chasm looks at Sola, "You know, if you've finished using the gem, I can get you a good resale price for it. Or would apply gold mounting to it - that will enhance the presentation and therefore the aesthetic value."

Sola smiles softly, optics glimmering with golden light, and begins to speak, "You seemed to have a question about the gem, Megatron.." she stops and glances at Chasm, almost in shocked horror at the very notion, "You can't /sell/ that. It .. it is priceless.. "

CatsCradle says dryly, "Chasm would sell Cybertron if he thought he could get away with it."

Megatron transmits a message via radio.

Slasher says quietly under his breath, "Its good to keep out a sharp eye selling things for a good price... even if it isnít yours."

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Chasm looks at the gem, "Ah, yes, but it would interesting to see what something

Megatron turns back to Sola with a charming smile. "It seemed to me, you talked to someone about the gem who appeared not to be present, my dear. I admit I was slightly confused about that fact.

Chasm looks at the gem, "Ah, yes, but it would interesting to see what something 'beyond price' looked like in terms of hard currency, eh?"

CatsCradle sighs. "Excuse me? Autobots attacking Polyhex? Soon? After all, you can't sell anything if you don't survive..."

Chasm looks rather hopefully at Sola. "Or merely adding a gold weavework and setting it would increase the attractiveness of the overall piece..."

Megatron transmits a message via radio.

Megatron grumbles. "It seems again, I am the only one who does not get informed about what is going on."

Sola frowns for a moment, then shakes her head, optics whirling slowly with golden lacings amidst emerald, "I seem to be hearing others that are not present.. But that has been explained as.. simple regular co.." she frowns, still not perfect with this language, "Vkesh.. " Sounds like an oath as she frowns, then smiles once more, "regular speech for those of your kind." she peers at Chasm, "It is not to be altered." The lightness leaves her voice at those words, something in those echoes reminiscent of one who, despite years of being alone, retains the air of being used to phrasing orders. "It is as it always has been and always will be. It is the neverchanging and the unmutable. To attempt such things is to defile it, little one."

Soundwave checks something on Shockwave's scanners. "Sentries report they are searching the surrounding tunnels and have as of yet found no sign of an enemy."

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Soundwave says, "Which does not necessarily mean that our informant was paid for nothing."

CatsCradle says, "They could be attacking from a different location.""

Soundwave listens in on the various radio transmissions, and remarks, "Commander, shall I remove our guest to a safer location - perhaps to settle this claim on the gemstone - in order to leave you to plan Polyhex defenses in peace?"

Megatron transmits a message via radio.

Soundwave says, "And Chasm - as I mentioned to you earlier, the stone is not your property."

Chasm snorts and crawls up in cassette mode to sulk.

Chasm enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Megatron says, "You and Sola stay here. I want to know everything about that stone and.. about that Alien, Thunderwing is talking about."

CatsCradle murmurs, "Since when has not owning something ever stopped him?"
Soundwave says, "Would you invite Thunderwing to bring his visitor here, then? Into the midst of a possible assault?" He looks a little dubious, looking over Sola as though concerned that she really should be taken to a place of more safety, if only so as not to be in the way of the warriors."

Megatron says, "I invited Thunderwing and no-one else."
Slasher speaks up, "Maybe putting the base on Alert would be a good course of action..... IF Megatron agrees of course."

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Gryphus enters the CC to work some more on reports. Finding a bit of a crowd.

Megatron transmits a message via radio.

Soundwave nods to Slasher, still tracking the reports from the sentries. "Defense weapons are online. Perimeter guards are standing by."

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Sola watches as conversations and words go on, a frown crossing her face as she seems to concentrate on.. something else for a moment, then shakes her head... "If I am in the way.." she looks around, peering at Soundwave, then back at Megatron, "I can return to whence I was awoken. If someone can.. aid me through the shaft.." A small smile, almost joking, "It would seem that I do not have this.. knack for flying that comes so natural to all of you."

Megatron frowns at the last transmission. He doesn't like that.

Rumble tries to imagine life without being able to fly, and fails.

Gryphus settles into a chair at a computer station and just gets to work.

Slasher pushes off and gets up out of the chair heading over to Soundwaveís position... asking, "So... Whatís new in this Defense grid layout since the past five million years ?"

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Soundwave looks back over to Sola, then to Megatron. "Shall I take her down to the laboratory and have Thunderwing and his visitor meet us there?" He pauses, then adds, "It seems the alien is on his way in any case."

Megatron has no time for long discussions, so he decides to give in. "Soundwave, what is the best meeting location between Valckasta and Polyhex? It must be a place where we have a good defense position in case of an attack.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Rumble mutters, "well, we can always charm visitors in the lovely decor that is Colossus' domain..."

Gryphus is idly listening in as she surely types reports in. Perhaps some of her own, possibly others that don't do their own.

Slasher tries to keep himself busy now... looking over the base defenses and the guard patrol routs...

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.
A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Soundwave replies to Megatron, "That choice has been taken out of our hands. Thunderwing reports his guest is on his way into Polyhex. I will have him restrained by the border guards."

Slasher comments to Soundwave, "Megatron could always meet them outside the base... within Weapons range..."

Megatron's optics glow dangerously. "I don't like this."

Slasher turns and looks to Megatron, "You would be safe.... not that It is ever a question."

Soundwave motions to Sola, thinking it best to reach the gem first. "Come." Behind him, a warning light flashes on the computer, as one of the sentries reports the alien visitor simply forced them aside with some sort of repellor field and walked in.

Slasher wonders if that should be taken as a hostile action....

Gryphus blinks at the flash. "What.. on.. Earth.."

One of the border guards further reports that Thunderwing is following.

Rumble says, 'Who is this alien guy? He better watch it, no body messes with the Decepticon Empire!"

Megatron says, "Slasher, come with me."

Sola moves after Soundwave, optics glimmering with signs of worry.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "I'll engage the scanners and see what this guy is about sirs."

CatsCradle sighs a little. "Why do I have the feeling that immovable force is about to meet immovable force. I wish Diktat were here.."

Gryphus says, "Yes a diplomat would be rather nice to have right t about now.""

CatsCradle thinks about that for a moment, then follows the others

Linking Shafts

        Color-Coded shafts lead out from this central hub in all directions, including the gravshafts that lead downward even deeper below ground. While they are not marked with text, those who live here will be familiar with the color coding and be able to confidently find their way around in this subterranean cluster of decks and corridors.

Rumble says, "Hey, who you callin' inferior?"

Ravenwing has finally caught up with the Valckastan party. Well, and a much larger party as well...

Megatron says, "Where is that uninvited guest?"

Soundwave looks over the intruder carefully, motioning Sola to stay back. He doesn't know her particularly well, but has gotten a good sense of her personality while he communicated with her - and is not about to let a guest be damaged here in Polyhex.

Soletron stares at Sola, shaking his head, "What has happened to you? How did you leave the vessel I forged for you?"

Spinister follows Soletron, at a distance beside his liege. As he catches up, his run slows to a walk. His face is unreadable but his optics glow brightly. Who is this new seeker that Soletron greets with the first sign of respect Spinister has seen from him so far?

Thunderwing gets his first look at the 'new and improved' Sola and arches a brow, inclining his head to the one he last saw as merely a bit of green rock.

Sola looks up to see why the hurried party has stopped. Then she freezes, optics widening, glimmering a deep velvety gold as she stares at Soletron.. She seems startled, then shaken, before she raises a hand to her head, speaking softly, "You... have come, for me?" she asks softly, hopefully.

CatsCradle slips into the room behind the others, an expression of concern on her face. She notices Soundwave motioning Sola back and unobtrusively moves to stand beside her, quietly protective.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Sirs, I have a powerful energy reading leading to the labs. I suggest caution til I figure out what is causing it."

Spinister looks from one 'guest' to the other, noticing Soundwave's protectiveness.

Soundwave remains on the defensive, yet carefully observes the manner of both of the offworlders. They appear to recognize each other. None the less, he remains cautious over the prospect of an individual who could simply brush aside the Polyhex border guards.

Megatron stands in the hall, coming from the entrance, studying Soletron. Slowly he approaches the crowd.

Soletron says simply, "Yes." He raises his hands and waves of crackling golden energy run up and down his arms. Suddenly his tone turns to anger, "They have placed you in one of their ... shapes. Did these primitives hurt you in anyway? I shall destroy their planet then, and leave only dust on the winds of space. I shall unmake their race, leaving nothing at all..."

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "I believe I have a visual on what is causing your readings, Gryphus.  I would attribute the cause to our visitor.  So far there has been no violence.  Stand by."

Slasher follows in after Megatron just in time to catch that destroy there planet bit... He says to Megatron, "See... we should have stayed on Earth..."

Thunderwing watches Soletron, not quite ready to trust this one yet, and mutters to apparently no one at all, rubbing his temple in apparent exasperation, "...-what- a surprise. Now for the literal-mindedness to come into play..."

Sola steps away from the defensive shadows of those near her, making a curious gesture with her hands towards the other mechanism.. Her words are soft, perchance soothing as she speaks, "They have given me respite from the void.." she falters for a moment, and uses the closest word she can find for the odd relationship, "father. They have not caused me any harm nor pain. Friendships have been kindled, in their lending aid to an unknown, even granting a gift of life."

Rumble snaps, "Primitive!" His natural bluster and his reluctance to believe in /anything/ that can best the Decepticon empire cause him to blurt out his displeasure without a second thought.

Megatron doesn't answer Slasher. For someone who seem to come from a destroyed planet, this Soletron is darn brazen.

CatsCradle, from the expression on her face, rather agrees with Slasher, but she doesn't say anything, although at the stranger's anger, she glances at Soundwave and Megatron, taking her cues from them.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Sirs Iím getting a build up of energy at the border of Polyhex near the warrens. I seems to be coming from underground. I'm checking the tunnel maps to see if there's a way there."

Soundwave speaks quietly, "Rumble." That one word being a warning to restrain himself.

Thunderwing does not, however, seem particularly indignant at being called 'primitive'. The offensiveness of the term wears off after you've been referred to as such for the hundredth time or so...

CatsCradle thinks to herself, wondering if Soundwave would telepathically pick her up thoughts... maybe we should aim this stranger at the Autobots...

Soletron's optics seem to flicker with mild surprise. "I'll give more credit to these creatures than I originally planned. Come, Sola - let us leave now. The void calls me forth... pulsating as it is with a myriad of lifestreams and energy waves. I cannot stay my hunger for much longer. As a reward, however, I'll spare this planet. That much I owe these creatures, for saving your life."

Rumble looks rather guiltily at Soundwave, and puts his laser down.

Slasher thinks, . o O 0 ( Oh Geeee thanks... )

Megatron suddenly laughs, dragging attention. "How generous of you, my dear 'guest'," he says ironically.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Sirs, the heat readings are increasing. There should be a entrance at the border of Polyhex."

Sola's smile, which has been bright before, seems to get even more so as she hears the words that she will be leaving with this individual.. Its as if this is what she has been waiting for.. tendrils of her emotional state begin to bleed off, a myriad scoring of excitement and happiness, true bliss and even rapture.

<Cybertron> Polyhex sensors suddenly pick up an explosion along the border of the Nightwarrens - a blast of heat showering upward as something bursts from the underground, from a place that was known not to harbor tunnels previous to this time. A sort of tunneling machine rears upward out of the ground, followed by a swarm of Autobot warriors.

Slasher crosses his arms and has the emotionless expression on his face like always... thinking its such a kind gift.. of someone who sees themselves so superior to all others that he would Destroy a planet and possibly thousands of innocent lives they do not know.. or have even met... Slasher knows the one who is Inferior... and it sure isnít the Cybertronians... One can give the power to destroy worlds to a child...

Soletron says gently, "In our time apart I have discovered much that I would share with you... distant galaxies spinning with strange layers of energy, stars about to die, stars about to be born, worlds living, thriving... the long, cold dark of the void... Now that have you been 're-cast' from your organic nature, the entire universe has opened for us to explore... We shall never be parted again..."

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "HOLY Primus... We have a trap! Autobots incoming!"

CatsCradle says, "Well, unless the Autobots kill us all...""

Slasher listens to the Radio call and isnít surprised. Sarcastically he emits, "What a surprise.." he grabs his rifle from his back and slides the bolt back loading it with a round...

Soletron flicks a gaze at Megatron, "You'd rather a bag of gold or some other pretty trinket? How brazen of you...:

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Shields up. Weapons online.. Incoming fleet sirs!"

Spinister watches the two guest silently.

Soletron muses, "I thought existence itself was a serviceable reward, but no matter..."

<Cybertron> Polyhex's border guards shift into action. Yes, they were caught a little off guard because they were patrolling the known tunnels, but they quickly shift their targets and engage the incoming stream of attackers.

Soletron raises a flickering golden hand out to Sola.

Ravenwing finds the reunion of father and daughter so very touching... but there are other priorities right now that are more important than their alien guests. She glances questioningly at her Lord.

Sola simply walks towards Soletron, stepping to his side.. She does get a moments look of concern at the radio messages bleeding through the airwaves, but her voice remains touched with echoes of her past, even in bliss, "Their enemies attack then, my lord and father. Politeness comes secondary to a race that must fight for survival."

Slasher speaks up, "Uh... Yah its nice and all the Family reunion... and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sparing our puny lives... but... We got some problems developing so..." Slasher looks to Megatron.... "Megatron.... orders ?"

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Alert. Scramble all warriors to main gates. Repeat all warriors to main gates."

Soundwave draws his handweapon, looking to Megatron for the orders that will come. Glancing back toward the offworld visitors, catching Sola's words, he nods to her. "I regret you have arrived at such an inopportune moment."

Soletron nods, "Ah, I see - their enemies are attacking? Are all the creatures of the planet your allies or just the ones native to this city?"

Thunderwing watches the exchange between Megatron and Soletron and -almost- comments, but thinks better of it. Slasher's words makes the mech smirk and he too looks expectantly at the Emperor, though with rather more irony lacing his optics. Well, o glorious knight in grey? Lead us...

<Cybertron> Polyhex sensors pick up a fleet of attacking ships soaring down on the city. Autobot vessels? Hard to tell at this point.

Megatron says, "I am not interested in primitive treasures, Soletron. I just have the feeling you tend to underestimate us, and that can be very dangerous. Others did this mistake before."

CatsCradle's attention is still on the two visitors, especially at the mention of allies. Oh, yes, yes, we're the nice friendly ones, aim some of that power of yours at the Autobots....

Spinister gazes at Megatron. While they are waiting, the Decepticon forces are probably being creamed...

Slasher is so glad this isnít his army thatís getting there afts blown up...

Soletron waves a hand dismissively. "You are a warleader, are you not? Perhaps victory will bring a sweeter taste to you than 'mere trinkets...'"

Sola looks puzzled, "I am afraid that I was amiss in discovering exactly whom they are opposing." She glances at Megatron for a moment, arching a brow, the offers a hesitant smile, "They are warriors, not philosophers. Perchance they see things differently than my people.." here she hesitates, the smile disappearing, "did."

Thunderwing shakes his head and scowls. Then he turns on his heel and leaves, motioning for Raven and Spinister to follow.

Ravenwing follows promptly.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Incoming fleet is NOT Autobot or Cybertronain in design. Do you wish they be targeted?"

<O-Decepticon> Soundwave thinks Megatron is a bit lagged, thus hasn't given the order to go topside and engage yet...

Megatron says, "Victory and domination is my goal, indeed, to give my kind a possibility to survive."

The base rattles with the impact of heavy firepower from outside.

<Cybertron> Slasher says, "Any readings on what kind of Weapons they might have ?"

Soletron nods, "I can understand survival. I may be able to 'reward' you after all..."

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "I'm working on that"

Megatron watches Soletron's reactions. Yes, he tries to challenges him a bit, finding out more about the others.

Soletron calmly walks outside to where the scenes of battle are taking place.

Megatron gestures his warriors to follow Thunderwing.

Victory Arch/Gateway to Polyhex

        To enter Polyhex is to abase yourself before history and move underneath the Arch, where a well-guarded checkpoint and the gates of the city await you. Designed to contrast with the iron melancholy of the Avenue of Conquerors, the Victory Arch is an overwhelming stack of architecture dedicated to the conquering Decepticon spirit. In times long gone, a distant warlord erected the beginnings of this edifice, and each successive conqueror contributed to the welded arch of stacked enemy parts, weapons and gleaming polychrome piping. That axe over there, for example, belonged to Warlord Traanus the Implacable after he brought the tower-city of Argon low to the ground; that smelted pillar is said to be all that was left of Gunblade and Sentinel Prime after their final titanic battle. Megatron has not yet made his mark on the archway, for it is said that he is waiting until the last Autobot is dust and the ripe worlds of the universe are laid before him at his feet.

Ravenwing takes a quick look around not only for the enemy, but for the Polyhexan response as well. Don't want to get in each other's way...

Soletron appears as a flare of golden light. He casually surveys the armada of strange ships streaking in and then nonchalantly raises a single hand. The entire front wave of ships explodes in an explosion of energy.

Soletron appears as a flare of golden light. He casually surveys the armada of strange ships streaking in and then nonchalantly raises a single hand. The entire front wave of ships explodes in an explosion of energy.

Soletron appears as a flare of golden light. He casually surveys the armada of strange ships streaking in and then nonchalantly raises a single hand. The entire front wave of ships explodes in an explosion of energy.

<LongRange> Gryphus says, "Cybertron to incoming fleet. Identify yourselves or be fired upon."

Soundwave hurries to the gate with the other warriors, picking a target at random out of the onrushing Autobots on the ground and the alien ships swarming in the sky. Firing at one of the ships, the shot is lost in its effectiveness as Soletron's wave of tremendous power incinerates the leading edge.

Soletron raises another hand the side guard of the invasion fleet explodes with a thunderclap. The air is rocked by strange waves of energy.

Spinister's cockpit light blazes in alarm at Soletron destroys the entire front wave of ships with nothing more than a wave of his hand. Who is this being who otherwise appears to be a normal Cybertronian.?
Rumble's piledrivers are useless against an air armada, and his rifle not all that effective either, but it doesn't stop him from sniping at the ships.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "WHAT THE BLAZES!!!!"

Sola stays as near to Soletron as is currently possible for her, simply watching him with cool, calm acceptance of his every move.. Even the rampant destruction doesnít seem to affect her.. aside from a moments glimmer of pure, unadulterated awe.

CatsCradle skids to a stop at the various explosions Soletron causes. "Oh.... my," she murmurs. "Well... that's impressive...."

<Cybertron> Chasm gasps, "The entire fleet's been blow up by that strange golden mech..."

Thunderwing hovers just behind the line drawn by Polyhex's defenses, surveying those would-be invaders who have managed to get work their way past the autoguns and actually entered the city. Alas, his aim is somewhat marred, and his attention rather abruptly diverted by the effects of Soletron's...dealing with the incoming fleet.

Rumble chokes, and looks like Soletron is completely capable of making good his earlier threats!

Megatron doesn't join the fight, but watches Soletron. He wonders if he should be impressed or if he has to suppose this is a trick by that alien...

Ravenwing would blink, if she weren't in her alt mode. Well, well. Someone finally lives up to his boasts... Her attention divided, she gets burned by a laser bolt from an attacking Autobot, which reminds her that there's a battle going on here, and she returns to business. Accelerating sharply, she dives towards a small group of Autobots, firing.

<LongRange> (cracke of static)....planet Lutha is ours by right... will not tolerate looting...(dissolves into a hiss of white noise as Soletron's attack washes over the ships)

Slasher knows that all that went up eventually comes down... and blowing up a buzzing fleet is bound to generate some flaming hunks of rain... so he takes a bit of cover and suggests, "Maybe we should duck.."

Spinister hovers beside Thunderwing. In a low voice that only Thunderwing would hear above the roar of Spinister's rotors, Spinister says, "So he *was* telling the truth, Lord Thunderwing. I now understand why you let him talk to you in that way."

Soletron pauses and stares amusedly at the Autobot assault. "Honestly, these creatures do not lack for enemies. Survival of the fittest indeed." He casually raises a finger and the charging Autobots explode into small columns of golden flame.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Sirs the incoming fleet that just got nailed apparently is form Lutha and aren't happy abut  looting it.up"

Soundwave hides any startled amazement at Soletron's action under his usual impassive facemask, and hesitates only an instant before utilizing the Autobots' shock against them, turning to fire at the attackers on the ground who remain at the gate.

Thunderwing shrugs at Spinister as he once more focuses on driving back the Autobots, but was that a slight grimace at the way in which the alien dispatches the intruders? Possibly not.

Soundwave slowly lowers his weapon, as it seems to have become superfluous. As a rain of burning debris showers down around him from the sky, he looks over toward Soletron appraisingly.

Megatron looks at Soundwave as if he wants him to read his mind.

Spinister flies down, shooting at the Autobots from a distance, although hoping that they too will go the way of the first wave of ships. Wouldn't it be something to suddenly be free of Autobots?

Ravenwing gets peppered by shrapnel as the Autobots blow up, quite literally in her face. She banks sharply to the left, trying to clear her damaged sensors enough to see again. Ouch.

The Autobot as well as the alien attackers who are left, seem to hesitate and break off their forward momentum in disarray.

Soletron nods, "Well, your enemies are no more. There, I will consider that due payment for rescuing my Sola. I shall depart now... The universe calls and the tooth-and-claw struggle of this planet for survival is somewhat wearying. Farewell..."

Soundwave catches Megatron's expression, wondering what his leader is trying to convey. Taking the hint, he sends out a telepathic inquiry, to see if he can pick up on Megatron's thoughts.

Slasher yells out at a surviving Autobot and says, "Hey... Ugly boy... Run that other way and be careful not to trip over the bodies."

CatsCradle recovers from her shocked surprise and takes cover, popping her lasers out of her wrist armor and begins taking shots at the remaining Autobots... feeling rather... unneeded in the face of Soletron's power.

<LongRange> Gryphus says, "Lutha fleet, I assure you that we had no idea anyone was still alive on that world. There is someone here ah that is attacking you, it is not our forces. Do you read."

Soletron extends a golden hand to Sola. "Come," he says simply, his optics flickering with hope and a sort of joy. It's as though he's tuned out the Decepticons and in this moment, all that exists are Sola and he."

Those few Autobots who have survived, re-organize rapidly and dive back down into the tunnels they've newly dug for themselves. A few alien vessels turn tail and soar away into the distance.

Thunderwing takes note of the rather short battle, then apparently dismisses as over and done with. Now, if only these things could go this smoothly all the time...

Sola watches the rubble fall down, flinching as some falls close to her.. That smile returns to her face, rapture and bliss as she takes the accepted hand. A glance is given to Soundwave, "Please.. tell thunders Cry that he will always be.. my friend.. And that now that I've learned to walk.. I can now fly free.."

Spinister's cockpit light flickers. For a supreme being, Soletron seems a little short sighted. There are still plenty of surviving Autobots, despite Soletron's comment that their enemies are no more.

Soletron takes Sola's hand and suddenly the pair and consumed by golden radiance. When the light flickers down, they are gone...

<LongRange> There is conspicuously no answer from the alien fleet, as the survivors of Soletron's attack soar away as quickly as possible - perhaps to exercise the better part of wisdom and retreat for good, or to go away and plot their vengeance for the future.

Rumble doubletakes as the pair appears to vanish into nothing.

Soundwave gives Megatron a faintly apologetic look, shaking his head slightly in response to Megatron's silent command. There was no opportunity to examine Soletron more closely before he too went on his way - leaving only the debris of the battle and the burning shards on the ground, as evidence he had ever been there.

Thunderwing nods to himself as the two aliens vanish and just...smirks at his XO.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Sirs I have the shields on the front gates to maximum to help with the attack. The fleet is leaving. apparently that guest of yours packs quite a punch."

CatsCradle says, "Well!" She looks around brightly. "Which one of us gets to tell Thundercracker?""

Rumble shakes his head. 'Thundercracker better feel lucky that guy didn't incinerate him on principle."

<Cybertron> Soundwave says, "Suggest we collapse and seal the tunnel through which the Autobots came."

Ravenwing's emergency backups come online, enough that she can navigate again, and what she sees is the aftermath of a battle: the dead, charred and fragmented weapons, and no more alien guests. That suits her just fine.

Ravenwing transforms into her robot mode.

Megatron looks at the spot where the aliens disappeared. Something about that scene was wrong, but he can't tell what.

Ravenwing hovers briefly before dropping to the ground. No need to make a target of herself, even if the enemy is routed. Once there, she uses a forefinger claw to pry a piece of shrapnel from the side of her helmet, muttering something about collateral damage not being fun, especially when you're on the receiving side.

Spinister watches Soletron and Sola vanish and glances back in time to see his liege's smirk. His liege's forbearance has been well repaid. He looks around, trying to make out Ravenwing among the smoke and debris. He scans the area with his radar, picking up Ravenwing in robot mode. Strange that she has transformed. Is she injured?

Spinister transmits a message via radio.

A radio transmission is received by Ravenwing.

Soundwave steps over to join Megatron, looking over the others, as the Polyhex sentries and warriors begin the clean-up process. "Ordinarily I would offer repair services now," he says, with an amazed shake of his head, "but it seems scarcely necessary." He does note Ravenwing's landing, and adds, "However, I will see to any superficial injuries, if such is required."

Ravenwing picks another piece out of a shoulder, using language unbefitting a lady. Spinister's transmission catches her attention, and she looks up, scowling.

Ravenwing transmits a message via radio.

A radio transmission is received by Spinister.

Megatron looks at Soundwave, nodding in agreement, but saying nothing. He still tries to figure out what gives him that strange feeling of something being wrong...

Spinister transmits a message via radio.

A radio transmission is received by Ravenwing.

Slasher brushes himself off and surveys the battle field... "Typical aliens..... Wild kickaft weapons but do a half assed job..." he shakes his head..

Spinister turns to Thunderwing. "Ravenwing has received, in her words, 'a face full of shrapnel'. I will go to her." He transforms and heads towards the ground.

Thunderwing surveys the scene and his optics come to rest at Raven, taking in the femme, her status...and her language. The everpresent smirk comes close to a serene smile, this time, carrying enough faint mockery in it to cut glass. A challenge?

Spinister transforms into his Robot mode.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Shields and weapons going back into readiness. Minor damage. I'm getting minor damage reports from several warriors. There is much debris from the fleet that was attacked. the Autobot readings are no longer in scanning Range. Good work k everyone. May I inquire as to the status or our guest?"

<Cybertron> Rumble says, "You could, if we could /find/ him. He just/vanished/' took Sola with him.""

Soundwave remembers his knowledge of Valckastan protocol, and looks to Thunderwing as well. "With your agreement, Lord Thunderwing, I will see to your warrior's condition so that she will return home undamaged."

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "I'll attempt to see if I can get a fix on him on his energy readings"

Spinister doesn't pay any attention to Thunderwing's smirk. This is definitely not the time for point scoring, and Spinister does not think highly of Thunderwing's expression. Instead, he flies down and lands beside Ravenwing.

Slasher slips his Rifle onto his back again and kicks the head of an Autobot... "Such a waste.."

Thunderwing hmms? and turns away from said warrior to Soundwave, gesturing carelessly, "By all means, do." Then he simply vaults higher into the air until he is no more than a glitter of silver against the sky, presumably heading back to Valckasta.

Spinister says gently, "Let me see, Ravenwing." The swearing is something new. Perhaps Diktat has a more interesting vocabulary than he lets on.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Bad news. I cannot get a direction trace but there was a energy reading like .. well like a stars interior. Its hard to explain."

Spinister glances up only slightly as his liege leaves. He might have waited until his troops were alright. It appears that expensive military education didn't exactly sink in. Spinister's face is unreadable, however.

<Cybertron> Slasher says, "Forget about it.... Keep scanners looking for Autobot Signatures.. don't want any of them thinking they can get sniper shots in."

Ravenwing narrows her silver optics at Spinister almost in annoyance, but that smoothes out quickly. "I have some minor damage, that's all."

Polyhex sentries are busy still cleaning up the debris, and start filling in the tunnel beyond the gate through which the Autobots appeared. That's *one* route they'll never take again.

Soundwave nods to Ravenwing. "Yet it would be unseemly for us to allow you to leave without offering the use of our repair bay."

CatsCradle nods with some satisfaction. "Guess the information was worth the price after all."

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "I assure you they are quite gone, nothing on scanners."

Spinister says, ignoring Ravenwing's tone, "Soundwave has offered to fix the damage. Will you be taking him up on the offer?" The unspoken words are to the effect that having a non-Valckastan medic fix Ravenwing would certainly put the wind up a certain fang-faced liege.

Soundwave's optic band brightens very faintly in amusement as he catches CatsCradle's words, and thinks momentarily of his "problem child," Chasm.

Slasher is always on the job so directs some mechs in there cleanup effort.. he nods to himself and Radios...

<Cybertron> Slasher says, "Well done... Alert if anything strange pops up."

Ravenwing's annoyance seems completely gone now, and despite her dings, she bows gracefully to Soundwave. Maybe that hurt, maybe it didn't. "Thank you, Commander." As it happens, she'd been intending to have a talk with the mech, and this is a good opportunity. In a softer tone, she says to Spinister, "I was wanting to speak to him in any case, about a certain incident..."

Megatron heads to return to the base. "I invite you all to be my guests to refuel. We brought a new load of energon with us.

<Cybertron> Gryphus says, "Skywarp did some good shooting. Thank him for that. I just did the shields."

Soundwave follows Megatron toward the base, listening for others to follow.

Soundwave continues on toward Polyhex repair bay, assuming those who need his services will find him there.

Command Center

        Replacing the largely ceremonial Throne Room, this area serves as a liaison point between officers and troops. This is where, in recent years, Shockwave makes the day-to-day decisions about Cybertron's governance. The decor of the Command Center is purely functional, designed to facilitate the easy transfer of information. The area is circular in shape, with a raised standing area around the edges to give speakers an edge of authority. Various relays and datafeeds are displayed on banks of reclined monitors, set around the walls in a semi-circle, along with computer banks, datagrids and inert coms monitors. Security cameras map out every aspect of Decepticon territory, as well as constantly showing different location shots of the Nightwarren. A huge hi-res screen curves above the main terminal, and the gleaming walls capture the flickering and jump of information as it scrolls past on the screens, viewers and terminals. A funnel-like elevator exists at the centre of the room leading upward to one of the few above-ground facilities of this structure - the Spacebridge Transmat Chamber. Because of its proximity to the spacebridge site, the energon storage hold is located nearby.

Skywarp says, "Where is he now?""

Gryphus says, "He took Sola and disappeared, Skywarp."

Gryphus says, "At least that is what the scanners said."

Megatron says, "Slasher, do you want to risk that any other creature is able to control you? I doubt. So, next time I want to be prepared."

Skywarp says, "Oh man..."

Skywarp thinks...poor Tc...

Slasher looks to Megatron, "Then Id suggest... With the readings we gathered... a Scientist starts work on devising defenses against energy creatures like Soletron."

Gryphus is thinking much the same.

CatsCradle slips quietly into the back of the room

Gryphus is working on getting her readings into a understandable format for herself as well as anyone that should read them like Megs and any top dogs like that.

Megatron grins. "That is exactly what I had in mind, Slasher.

Slasher chuckles, "Maybe some of your processing units came off the same assembly line."

Megatron grins. "Maybe...

Slasher says, "Id suggest we install Seismic scanners as well so the Autobots don't do another tunnel digging deal on us.""

Gryphus looks up. "I can h have a tunnel map for that ready along with my other reports sirs."

Skywarp sets the bases autoguns on recharge...

Slasher looks to Gryphus, "Good idea.." he pauses thinking, "Gryphus... Include it in your report."

Megatron says, "Interesting suggestion. I suppose you get in touch with Shockwave, expounding your proposals. He will surely be interested."

Megatron says, "If someone searches me, I am in the repair bay."

Megatron enters Administration Deck

Gryphus continues working busily on her progressing reports.

Slasher lets himself fall back into a chair and relaxes... he seems a bit disappointed about something...

Skywarp works on resetting the command terminals...

Slasher watches Skywarp trying to look busy.... he sways slowly from side to side in his chair before saying to no one in particular... "Almost seemed unfair.... To have em destroyed like that...... Almost."

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