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Medic from Hell


<Earth> Noises of people fighting can be heard in the intercom of the Decepticon base, throughout all the base... One would wonder what happens. Suddenly, one of the two person struggling says. "Attention Decepticons, this is Hook, I have an emergency... Well...." Other struggling noises interfere with the message, one might believe he heard curses in the background, but it's hard to tell. "Starscream is reluctant to... Ack!" Other noises interfere, statics come in, making it even worse. "Come in the medbay, mayday! I need help! Ack, stop that you .... Hmmm!! I am doing this for your own good!! I AM TELLING YOU I AM NEVER WRONG NOW LET ME WORK!!!" Apparently, something not really good his going on in the medbay...

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "ah, hell.... the last time I helped with an insane 'con, I got shot...."

<Earth> Striker sighs... "I'll come with ya Cats."

<Earth> CatsCradle grumbles, "You were there the last time, too..."

<Earth> Striker says, "I know..."

Repair Bay
The place Decepticons seek medical care, the repair bay makes every effort to put the patient at ease. The temperature and lighting are optimized for comfort, and the walls are a neutral grey. There are ten beds along each wall, all with display panels. Equipment and tools are stored in the wall between beds and diagnostic scanners emerge from under the beds when in use. Off of the main room is a specialized surgery unit for laser core trauma, a small cryogenic stasis facility, and an emergency room with stacked beds to be used when the main room becomes too crowded. Overall the repair bay appears to visitors as modern and efficient and this impression is quite valid. Even the most catastrophic injuries can be treated here by a skilled medic.

Starscream’s struggling desperately with Hook trying to get away from him, “NO....I'M NOT LETTING YOU TOUCH ME."

Motormaster is the first of the.. 'reinforcements' to arrive, his gun out even as he runs with heavy clunking steps into the room, pausing at the tableau awaiting him before blinking his optics once, “Frag.. Of all th' folks I wouldn't mind scrappin' each other."

Lots of noise can be heard when one approaches the medbay, in fact, if one would stare inside, they might see Hook over Starscream, struggling desperately, but incapable to reach his chest somehow. "NOW LET ME DO MY WORK!! I AM THE STRONGEST LINK!! I AM RIGHT!!! I WILL TOUCH YOU IF I NEED TO!! NOW OBEY ME!!" He says, but having trouble with Starscream, since he seems reluctant to Hook.

CatsCradle warily peeks in the repair bay, overhearing Starscream's last remark. From the expression on her face, she obviously agrees with it.

Starscream throws his left shoulder down and tried to ram it into Hooks chest, "You cant touch me no Imnot letttingyoutouchmeIdontwantoffline." he sounds panicked and quite hysterical almost

Striker walks in and sighs, "Screamer, you let him do whatever he was gonna do or WE will off-line you... forcibly."

Motormaster nods in agreement, “Stand down ya fraggin' lunatic.. 'fore we have to get all rough an' tumble on ya..."

Starscream screams and grabs his head, " NO....." his scream turns to a snarl and he raises his cannons to all those in front of him. " LET me out of here."

CatsCradle's fingers dance, tendrils of energy flashing between them. "Hook, do you need him off-line, or can you repair him while he's conscious?" she asks quickly.

Tools scatter around as Hook is rammed away from over Starscream, hitting the small tables with all the medbay's tools on it, making even more noises. As Hook tries to stand back up, he yells. "Quick! The button in Starscream's opened chest! Press it!" Of course, genius Hook didn't say WHICH buttons, since there's so much there... Of course, it's just so evident for Hook that he thinks everyone should know that. "We must set him off-line before he makes anymore damage!"

Hook puts his hands over his head as he sees Starscream raising his cannons. "MY MEDBAY!!! NO!! YOU SHALL NOT!!!" With that, Hook struggles back to his feet, take one of the tool there was on the ground and charges toward Starscream... Hopefully, it's a tranquilizer...

Ruse walks in. She seems, distracted to say the least... and seems to be looking for Soundwave.

Starscream sees Ruse and pauses fractionally. He cant shoot with her in the line of fire...he just cant

CatsCradle decides it is probably better not to wait for an answer. In quick movements, she weaves her 'field and tosses it over Starscream

Starscream turns and swings at Hook and does not notice what Catscradle does.

Striker glances down at Ruse as she enters, thinking it won't take her long to see everyone with guns pointing at Screamer, "Think you can calm him down Ruse? Oh wait... seems' Cats is doing that pretty well."

Starscream screams and spins toward CatsCradle, " You will pay for that, " He raises an arm cannon to fire

Ruse raises her rifle, and fires it off with a loud roaring boom towards the ceiling over the rogue seeker, "ENOUGH! Starscream stand down!" She turns and just glares at him.. not in the mood for this slag.

Striker glances down at Ruse as she fires, "Uhhh, ya didn't have to be /that/ direct about it."

Motormaster relaxes a bit and lowers his gun once more, which probably would have torn up the medbay something wonderful if he'd had to use it anyways. He ducks a bit as Ruse fires, then glances at the little femme, “Thatta fem! Ya show 'im how it is!"

Hook jumps Starscream in mid-air into a tackle-like move, trying to push the button on his chest, but he can't do that much because of the impact.

Starscream abandons his attempt to fire at CC and tries to get our of the net. He hears Ruses voice and pauses, "I cant...I have to get away......uh..uh" he grabs his head again and supresses a scream of rage.
Starscream gets smashed by Hook and meets the floor quite the hard way....

Striker yells and aims a laser cannon at Starscream, hoping to Primus he stops before he has to get shot... again...

Striker fires a low-level laser at Screamer.

CatsCradle lets out a quick breath. "There. I got him stunned. You guys can dogpile on him, now." Still, she hovers nearby, ready to jump in if needed.
Ruse holsters her rifle and winces just slightly as the two go crashing to the floor. She scowls and looks to Striker hearing him fire, "I said .. enough!" She looks back to Starscream and begins to slowly walk over, nodding to Motormaster as she passes by him. Looks like Hook has the seeker pinned under him for now.

Starscream lays there pinned by a net and hook and a shot from striker. He’s also pretty spent from no recharge in a week but he’s still mad and struggles inspite of it, though it obvious he’s not getting away.

Ruse motions to Motormaster, "Lock the repairbay doors, for the moment." She then gazes towards Starscream and sighs, "... at ease Starscream, unless you want to go through me along with everyone else to get free."

Starscream looks to Ruse wearily, "No...." he almost says something else but catches himself and is silent.

Motormaster doesn't seem the least bit miffed to do what she says, stepping over to the control board and tapping at it for a few moments, so that the doors slide shut with a dull clunk and then lock with another echoing clang.

"AHAHAH!! NOW WHO WON!! WHO IS THE BEST!! ADMIT IT! ADMIT IT!!! AHAHA" Hook laughs out loud to himself, all proud to show he is better than Starscream... Well, that's what he believes, anyway. Raising his fingers up, taking this moment to brag the more he can. "Prepare for offliness my friend!" With that, he brings his finger down in Starscream's chest.

Starscream blinks and looks so terrified as hooks hand closes in. He looks to Ruse, " Don’t make him do this...please...."

CatsCradle looks like she empathizes entirely with Starscream... as strange a feeling as that is. "Do you have to turn him off-line?" she asks. "Can't you just repair him?"

Motormaster looks to CatsCradle, “How many times you wanna come runnin' in here? Only way ta keep 'im from freakin' like this again is ta have him nice an' off-line."

Hook turns his head around and frowns to Catscradle. "Well excuuuuuse I!!! But I do not tell you HOW to work so don't tell me how to do my job!!"

CatsCradle snarls, "I was asking, not telling." Her voice softens. "Starscream, if you don't stop fighting Hook, he will take you off-line. Your choice."

Ruse looks to Motormaster, almost pleadingly no.. in fact she is pleading, "Starscream may be a horrible second in command but he’s... don't let him turn him off Motormaster please!" She doesn't believe a threat will work on Hook so resorts to desperate measures...

Starscream looks to Catscradle, "Please....I have to stop them....I cant let Hook shut me down.....I have to fight me....."he tries faintly to break free of the net but to no avail

Motormaster frowns a bit, glancing about the room and realizing with some discomfort that he's in literal command of the situation. However, he's not an indecisive fellow, so he speaks up after only a moment, saying with some annoyance, “Alright, don't shut the bugger down 'less ya have to fer some specific operation that'll kill 'im if he's awake. Put some locks on this boy, though.. I don't want him movin' 'til we can be sure he ain't gonna start shootin' folks again."

Hook blinks in surprise. "WHO MY PRIMUS NAME DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ALL ARE?!" He exclaims, yelling at everybody as they want Starscream to NOT be off-line. "I /am/ the most ranked officer here!! Yes, even more than Starscream, within the medbay /I/ and only /I/ is the boss!! My orders are straight and clear and NOBODY, I said NOBODY IS TO NOT OBEY THEM!!!" Hook frowns and cracks his knuckles. "And do not worry, I do not turn off-line just for the fun of it, I have my reasons and they are good! Ah! But why am I bothering explaining, you couldn't understand anyway!" Hook exclaims. Turning his optics toward Starscream, he manages a little evil smile. "Now, you are going off-line my dear!" He mutters.

Striker looks at Hook, "Your forgetting one thing Hook, we're the ones with the guns right now."

Motormaster nods, just having kind of raised an optic ridge during this little tirade from the narcissist, “Flyboy’s got a point."

CatsCradle doesn't say anything, but her fingers touch the hilt of her sword.
Starscream is so tired and realizes no one will help him. He cant escape his fate and seems to accept the fact that what he’s been fighting all these days will win and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Hook frowns. "What? Treason is it? Ah! Now Megatron would be disappointed to hear such thing... Oh my Lord, /I/ tried to save our dear air commander Starscream, but those fools prevent me to do my job... Why? Because THEY SAID THEY THOUGHT IT WAS THE GOOD THING TO DO!!! Yes, it is a sorrow not all the Decepticons are as bright as I am..." Hook frowns. "Go ahead! Continue with your actions, Stunticon, and Seeker, but you will be accused of /TWO/ war crimes!! THE DEATH OF THE SECOND IN COMMAND AND... Treason to the empire!!" Hook turns his head back to Starscream and smirks, yelling back to the other. "NOW WHO HAS A POINT HUH!?! Ahaha! So characteristic of the hopeless warriors pawns of the empire!" Hooks glances at Striker and frowns. "I just dare you to try and stop me from doing what is rightfully the /GOOD/ thing to do!" Hook, thinking that they will just go away after what he said, turn his attention fully to Starscream and turns him off-line... Unless something happens before he does.

CatsCradle says in a flat voice, "We are not stopping you from doing your job. We are just stopping you from deactivating him while you do it." She snorts. "Big mech, you are... deactivating him when there's barely any fight left in him."

Striker sighs and casually aims his plasma rifle at Hook, "Just fix him, alright?"

Hook grumbles and taps his right hand over his head. "Oh why, Primus, oh why, tell me why I am bothering to explain them this whole thing!" Hook shakes his head and deactivates Starscream.

Starscream’s optics go black, the shutters close down over them and he is still.

Striker sighs and throws his hands up in the air, "Ya just HAD to go and deactivate him anyway didn't ya? Slag I must be losin' my touch." He puts his rifle up and just walks out.

CatsCradle says in a very emotionless and soft voice, "Hook, you had better pray that Divefire is the one to bring me in next time I am wounded." She turns on her heel and walks out.

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