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Auto Beserk

Auto Beserk
(played 10/20/01)

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Soundwave regards the strange object. "Unknown, Commander. Suspect some idle passtime by one of the warriors."

Chasm flexes his tail. "It relates to primitive, fleshling rituals. The invocation of some harvest spirit or some such."

CatsCradle slips in as quietly as usual and perches on her console.

Ruse dims her optics, glancing up to the pumpkin... "Tempest?" Who else carves here but her?

Megatron says, "Whoever it was, get this out of the command center."

Tempest sniffs at the pumpkin. "What /is/ it?"

Tempest pokes it with the tip of a longblade. "Not very durable."

Soundwave seems to be unconcerned about the strange object, and goes right over to his station, activating one of the screens and calling up an image of an open outdoor area, apparently a satellite shot. He waits until the matter with the Earth-vegetable is resolved before he goes into his report.

Dirge takes the command literally, and picks up the orange thing and tosses it out the door. It rolls down the corridor and out of sight.

Chasm leans knowledgeable one paw. "I'm sure its organic matter. That's notoriously soft."

CatsCradle says, "Which means it's probably squashed all over the hallway, now..."

Megatron nods to Dirge. "Now, Soundwave, your report." Suddenly he looks around. "Where is Starscream...

Thundercracker idly comments, "Well I hope that orange thing wasn't something important."

Soundwave touches a control on his panel. "Sensors report he is most likely in his quarters, Commander. Shall I summon him?"

Tempest nods to Chasm. "The animals aren't much stronger," she says, and she too seems to know what she's talking about, there's a very nasty light in the optics.

Megatron says, "Yes, Soundwave."

Ruse tilts her head, "... actualy they are quite strong for the matter they are made of Tempest."

Chasm mutters, "At least they've worked out capitalism."

Tempest smirks at Ruse and runs a finger down the side of her sword, and says nothing, though she still has that hungry smile.

Rumble looks at Chasm. "What's cappylism?"

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Starscream, Megatron demands your presence in the command center.  I have information to share that we may act upon in short order."

CatsCradle shrugs. "I think it was harmless. There are a lot of them around this time of year. A human decoration."

Soundwave notes quietly to CatsCradle, "I detected no suspicious emissions from the object."

CatsCradle nods. "Like I said. A decoration. There's a whole type of celebration that it's a part of."

Ruse crosses her arms and smirks understanding to well as she jokes, "Tempest your horrible." She then looks to Rumble, with a don't get him started look.

Megatron says, "I don't care what it is. It does not belong in the Command Center, CatsCradle."

Rumble grins at Ruse, seeming pleased by her comment.

Rumble snorts, only Tempest /would/ be pleased by that and...oh no...Chasm isn't going to babble endlessly, is he?

Chasm glares at Rumble.

CatsCradle gives a slight shrug. "Just an R&E interpretation."

Rumble looks happy to escape a lecture, ignores the glare, and returns to taking snapshots of sharks outside.

Skywarp ports in and glances at the Punkin....then goes to stand next to TC.

Chasm murmurs, "We could always destroy the offensive vegetable of imminent destruction..."

Soundwave waits patiently for Starscream.

CatsCradle shrugs. "If it's not squashed, I'll put it in the R&E office on the way out. It'd be right at home, there. I gather we /are/ on our way out somewhere?"

Thundercracker says quietly to Warpo, "Late again buddy."

Skywarp wispers to TC.."Not late..Fashionable.."..He smirks

Megatron says, "While we are waiting for my dear second in command... proceed with your report, Soundwave."

Dirge chimes in, "Yeah, let's get the show on the road. Bots don't blast themselves to bits you know."

Starscream walks in then walks back out cause he saw something orange in the hallway

Megatron says, "Ah, just in time, Starscream."

Starscream walks back in shaking his head and looks around to those in the room. Regarding wach of them in his usual 'better then you' attitude he strides over to his station as if they were all waiting for him to arrive.

Soundwave nods to Megatron. "As you command." He zooms in on the scene shown from above, showing an Earth-style building made of concrete out in the middle of an open landscape. "This structure houses the weapon that my creations and I attempted to secure. An experimental weapon the Autobots have dubbed the Negavator." No weapon is currently visible on the screen. "While the external structure of this building consists of Earth materials, you can see from these readings-" another touch of the controls- "that the interior is giving off the characteristic signature of Cybertronian metals."

Skywarp folds huis arms smugly and looks at TC,.."See im now the only late one.."

Soundwave hears Starscream walk in, but glances only briefly in his direction.

Chasm sighs, "Make sure you ask for royalties, next time."

Megatron nods. "An Autobot construction.

Dirge says, "Great, the Bots with a decent weapon, that's all we need.."

"This is the playback of visual input provided by Laserbeak." The scene shifts to something apparently earlier in time, with smoke rising from the surroundings, and a wheeled cannon-like, swivelling weapon being edged slowly into the building by numerous Autobots, prominent among them Red Alert and Inferno. Soundwave explains, "These scenes were transmitted to me after our departure."

Starscream glances to Skywarp oddely and listens to the conversation in the room quietly

Tempest eyes Starscream he back to normal? He looks okay right now... She turns her attention to the bunker. "Dug in, too. That'll be annoying."

Ruse mearly watchs, stopping her doodling for the moment.

Soundwave leaves unspoken the obvious - that they were unable to secure the device as planned.

Megatron whispers very quietly to soundwave. "If you get the chance, scan Starscream. I /know/ something is wrong with his cerebral circuits. And it seems not to be a hardware problem.

Rumble looks at Soundwave.

Skywarp stands with TC looking at his fingertips idly waiting for orders...

CatsCradle glances a little uncomfortably at Starscream, not sure what to expect after the scene in the repair bay, then turns back to Soundwave. "Any idea what it does? With Inferno around, might it be a fire-based weapon?"

Starscream looks to the images and his optics widen just a bit.....oO/ how did they find out. Of course the pesky birdiecon.....he already had plans for that....but perhaps now he can use this as an easier way to get it then how he originaly planned.

Soundwave says, "According to the readings we were able to obtain, and the direct observation of its power, this device fires a highly concentrated beam of energy. It is currently being housed at the observed location."

Soundwave finishes his report, and looks to Megatron for the Decepticon leader's decision. To try for it again, or to take a different approach?

Chasm looks rather disappointed. "It's a simple laser then?"

Megatron looks at the picture of the smoking bunker. "It doesn't seem to be secure anymore... I wonder if Prime will relocate the weapon to a more secure place..."

Soundwave says, "Negative, Chasm. A more highly concentrated form of power. I will have to study the exact specifications at more leisure.""

Soundwave tilts his head a moment as though listening to something. "Laserbeak reports..."

Megatron says, "On screen, Soundwave."

Soundwave says, "Chasm, you can access Laserbeak's thoughts through mine, and project the image holographically in real-time." He adds, aware of Chasm's paranoia about keeping his own thoughts separate from those of the others, "You need access only the visual impulses.""

Chasm nods and dips into Soundwave's sensorium. His tail flicks, "This is all very interesting..."

Dirge shakes his head slightly. He's never really been wild about this whole mind reading thing.

Megatron says, "A bit quicker, Chasm, or do I have to motivate you?"

Soundwave reminds Chasm gently, "The holographic projection, Chasm."

Tempest watches this whole thing in morbid fascination. She doesnt' blame Chasm for wanting to keep his mind his own!

Skywarp folds his arms

Starscream watches critically and makes sure he gleans as much information as he can from everything around him.

Chasm carefully projects the image he's tapped from Soundwave using his holographic projector: The flickering image shows the Negavator being slowly wheeled out of the bunker again, accompanied by Red Alert, Inferno, Prime, Grapple, Hoist, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, and Ironhide. They seem to be heading off somewhere together, in a guard formation around the cannon.

Starscream stands suddenly, "My Seekers and I can find out where the Autobots are taking it Megatron."

Skywarp looks at the screen...

Chasm mutters to Soundwave, "I had to be carefully with the linkages, and I had to spend some time re-digitising the visuals. Your packet streaming isn't all that efficient."

Chasm carefully projects the image he's tapped from Soundwave using his holographic projector: The flickering image shows the Negavator being slowly wheeled out of the bunker again, accompanied by Red Alert, Inferno, Prime, Grapple, Hoist, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, and Ironhide. They seem to be heading off somewhere together, in a guard formation around the cannon.

Starscream stands suddenly, "My Seekers and I can find out where the Autobots are taking it Megatron."

Dirge says, "Great. The Bots are probably heading here to test out their new toy on our base."

Ruse drums her metalic fingers aginst one forarm, as they lay crosses in her lap. She asks in addition to Starscream's request, "May I acompany Starscream commander? After all I might learn something from watching him lead a mission."

CatsCradle shrugs a little. "Hope it's waterproof."

Starscream glances to Dirge, "Then you can take point and be the first to find them....."

Starscream gives Ruse a sharp look, " You ride in me? I think not."

Soundwave nods to Chasm, making to reply to the comment about inefficient visual streaming. "Unlikely, Dirge. They would have to find some method of maneuvering this ungainly device over the ocean. More probable is the nearby landscape, where a flyover reconnaissance-" he nods to Starscream - "would be most helpful."

Chasm sighs. No one has pointed out the crispness of the images, or its carefully digitised projection, so much clearer and sharper than other holographic pictures. "Perhaps I should have rendered it in crayon," he thinks sourly. "I would have had the same response, no doubt. Ignorant lunkheads."

Skywarp looks at the projection..

Soundwave catches just the faintest hint of Chasm's mindset through the link, and his optic band shades just infinitessimally brighter as he conceals a "smile."

Megatron activates a card of the area. "I suppose they will take the route through this cannon, we will set an amush here." He looks at Starscream. "You and your seekers will have the chance to show how good you are.

Starscreams optics seem to gleam from a hidden purpose as he nods slowly, " As you ...command..."

Dirge mutters, "Hopefully without getting ourselves killed.."

Soundwave's expression turns serious again as he looks over at Starscream thoughtfully.

Tempest looks at them skeptically, wondering if she counts as one of "Starscream's" seekers.

Megatron nods to Soundwave as if to say: Have an optic on him.

Starscream glares at Dirge, " Perhaps if you listen to your orders that will not happen...."

Ruse hms as her request is declined. She doesn't seem suprised at the hostility from Starscream anymore, somethings defently wrong with him. She hops up and walks over to Rumble whispering, "See if you can get Skywarp to take you. Keep an eye on Starscream..."

Skywarp says, "Whats the big deal about that Autobot popgun anyways?..It probably doesnt even work right if Wheeljack built it."

Megatron says, "Decepticons, we go."

Starscream heads for the door

Rumble says to Ruse, "no way. I'm in demolitions."

CatsCradle mutters, "Remember the Immobilizer? Amazingly enough, some of his stuff does work."

Skywarp says, "Yeah..I remember getting soaked too...""

CatsCradle adds, "And probably no one is more surprised when they do than Wheeljack himself."

Soundwave stands up from his place at the computer, Chasm still on his shoulder. "Skywarp, this particular device dematerializes matter. So I caution you to be wary."

Megatron clenches his fist. "I must have it.

Skywarp nods at Soundwave..

Starscream nods to the seekers, "assemble at the conning tower

Ruse just gives Rumble a look and mutters, "Thanks." Then walks past him towards the door.


Desert Ravine

Chasm winces as the desert dust splatters over his finely polished form. "I should have stayed in bed..."

Rumble is obviously excited at getting to be part of an ambush, and is hopping around as if he has too much energy and has to burn some off somehow.

Megatron gestures the others to take their places and... to be quiet.

Ruse is.. noplace to be seen. What did you expect?

CatsCradle smiles indulgantly at Rumble's excitement, then at Megatron's gesture, she fades into the shadows, all but melting out of sight, except for the soft purple glow of her optics.

Rumble skips forward to the very edge of the canyon, peering down and trying to see Autobots....sending some loose rocks tumbling to the valley floor far below.

Skywarp stands ready at the edge...

Megatron hisses: "Rumble, you clumbsy..."

Rumble looks abashed and jumps back, slipping around beside Soundwave, trying his best to contain himself.

Megatron looks down. Hopefully the enemy has not detected them...

Soundwave says quietly to Chasm and Ruse, "Another opportunity to use your skills. Can you set up a holographic disguise to shield us from view?"

CatsCradle steps out from the shadows, snags Rumble, and drags him back by the scruff of his armor with her.

Chasm flicks a gaze at Ruse, "Must I work with amateurs?"

Dirge is standing with his arms folded, seeming a bit withdrawn and sullen. But he usually is until the action starts.

CatsCradle's voice murmurs out of the shadows, "but if you worked with professionals, Chasm, you wouldn't look as good."

Rumble squirms in Cats' grasp. "Leggo! I gotta crash the walls down when Megatron says!"

Soundwave clarifies patiently, "You must combine your forces with the rest of the team." He looks around for Ruse, still out of sight, but surely listening nearby somewhere.

Tempest eyes the rest...her blades are in her hands. It's almost like a parody of her old hunting style, lying in wait for some merchant convoy....

The Autobots drive into view, apparently not having heard the rocks Rumble sent tumbling down.

Starscream stand between and slightly behind Skywapr and TC and watches expectently. oOo/he has to make this look good.....its the only way to make his plan work.....

Megatron gestures his troops to keep ready to use the advantages of the environment: rocks.

Skywarp sees the bots coming..."Here they are..

CatsCradle scolds Rumble softly, "You won't get to knock the walls down, if the Autobots figure out we're here, first."

Megatron gestures: Quiet now!

Dirge flexes his arms and gets his lasers ready to inflict some damage.

Rumble nods to Cats, and hopes she'll let him go. He'll be quiet.

Chasm grumbles and stares at Ruse, "You might learn something, you know," he says, smirking, and carefuly projects an image of the rocky terrain onto the the Decepticons.

Skywarp grins and charges his weapons

Ruse steps out of Soundwave's shadow whispering to Chasm, "Just see if you can match my work lil' holodraggie." She begins to project a holographic cloak over half the area the cons are hidding in...

CatsCradle studies Rumble sternly for a moment, then a glint of amusement appears in her optics and she lets him go, satisfied that he will hold his excitement more or less in control.

The Autobots pass right under the Decepticons, the mysterious Negavator rolling slowly across the rocky floor.

Rumble very much settles down, determined to act like a real Decepticon warrior.

Chasm expertly fuses his holographic shield to mesh with Ruse's.

Soundwave seems pleased that, despite the minor squabbling, Chasm and Ruse are combining their talents.

Megatron orders: "Crush them!" He kicks the rock loose that is beneath him

Skywarp stands and fires into the opposit rock wall above the Bots!

Rumble grins and leaps forward, his piledrivers thundering!

Dirge rises and transforms into jet mode, preparing to strafe the Bots.

CatsCradle glances over the rock wall, wondering if this tactic won't indeed damage the weapon they are trying to capture.

Tempest transforms into her CF-18 Hornet Jet mode.

Chasm would like to point out, that his holographic side is far more artistic than Ruse's. Notice those carefully arranged rocks, that bovine skull with its looking air of malevolence in the foreground and how it contrasts with the dry alkali flats behind it. All in all, his composition is more advanced and far more tasteful.... He gasps when the Decepticons leap into action, thereby ruining his fine display... "Dash it all," he curses under his breath. "Why do I work here again?"

Tempest swallows her pride and prepares to follow the other Seekers.

This tactic is to stop the convoy, capturing the Autobots inside the canyon.

As Rumble pile-drives the rocks, the entire cliff face crashes down on Prime and Ironhide. Hoist jumps out of the Negavator cockpit and goes to help them.

Megatron says, "Decepticons attack!!"

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Skywarp transforms into his Black F-15 mode.

Starscream pulls into the air and knows he does not have to tell the rest to follow

Skywarp takes off and dives for the bots that the rocks missed..

CatsCradle darts from one rock shadow to another along the top of the cliff, firing down at teh 'bots with her lasers.

Rumble laughs as his avalanche buries the Autobot leader!

Tempest falls in at the rear of the Seeker formation.

Megatron leaps from the cliff top, diving into the canyon. He heads for the Negavator.

The Autobots begin to fire back at the Decepticons, trying to protect their device.

Megatron says, "The Negavator is mine!"

Soundwave flies up after Megatron.

Starscream has them in a standard diamond formation/I think thats an actual term/ and decending on the autobots, "Do not damage the device!"

Ruse simply drops the illusion while looking to Chasm, "Becase when we win you will gain power and influince being one of Soundwave's select creations thuse, large imperial monitary gains?" She smirks drawing her rifle and joins in sniping the bots from behind some rocks... after hopefuly motivating Chasm to join in.

Smokescreen, the one-trick Bot, shouts "He can't steal what he can't see!" And proceeds to drive around the Negavator blowing out smoke.

CatsCradle takes aim specifically at Smokescreen. "Maybe," she murmurs. "Then again, maybe not...."

Skywarp flies through the cloud of Smoke and finds it clouding his canopy!..."HEY..The smoke is sticking to us..I cant see!"

Chasm ducks behind some rocks, firing off the odd laser shot now and then. "I prefer to win fame and fortune on my own merits, thank you very much," he murmurs.

Megatron grumbles. "You have to do better than that!" He simply heads the direction he has already calculated, crushing onto the device.

Starscream snaps, " Stop whining and use your radar"

Smokescreen fires an electric charge into the smoke, effectively giving the flying jets an electric stun.

Tempest calls out, in some alarm, "My radar's broken!"

Starscream leads them down lower for some odd reason toward Smokescreen

Megatron coughs to get the smoke out of his intakes, climbing into the Negavator.

Tempest chokes as Smokescreen's blast hits her in the belly. She's almost panicked at not being able to see, and struggles to keep control. Stay flying straight, and you won't hit anything, she tells herself.

Dirge shakes a bit as electricity arches from his panel. "Hey! My circuits electric blew just out!"

Starscream replies quickly, "Thundercracker fall back and assist TEmpest!

Skywarp sparks and fizzles.."To mine..Im blind Flying!!"

The Autobots keep firing at the Decepticons, trying to keep them pinned down.

Starscream gets scrambled surprised and replies, " Away mover before collide we!!"

Soundwave tries to see through the smoke, but it's impossible. Instead he tries to orient by hearing. Something's definitely scrambled with some of the flyers.

the last thing Starscream wants is to crash into any of the ones aroun dhim....that would definetly mess up his plans...

Skywarp slams into the rock ledge!!

Chasm doesn't dare look and hides carefully behind is own rock. "Things don't appear to be going too well," he mutters.

Dirge tries to keep a bit of control as he aims toward Smokescreen. "If I crash, I

Megatron quickly gets common with the controls - always the same pattern in Autobot technology.

Tempest was surprised that Starscream would send someone to help her....but right now her own survival is a more immediate concern, she must concentrate on looking out for herself...

Dirge tries to keep a bit of control as he aims toward Smokescreen. "If I crash, I take an Autobot with me!"

Tempest's wingtip grazes against Dirge's!

Skywarp transforms into his Robot mode.

CatsCradle peers down from her advantage point up on the cliff. Something is obviously wrong with the other jets. She has no idea what, but it seemed to have started with Smokescreen. She tries to determine where the origins of the smoke is and redoubles her firing efforts at it.

Tempest falls into a spin at the contact, pulling out before she crashes nose-first into the ground, and crashes on her belly into the sand.

Dirge is thrown off course, and crashes into the Negavator, knocking Megatron out of the cockpit.

Skywarp lands on the canyon floor rubbing his head..."Ow

Starscream realizes the jet noise of the others is somewhat faded out and as he sees the smoke clear he realizes theres no one around. Then he sees hes heading straight for the cliff wall....dead on for a belly smack....this might be just the diversion he needs. He decides to play this up. " Ahh is clearing,,I can see agaiaaAAAAA NOOOO" he smashes into the cliff side and falls partiallyout of jet mode, stunned

Soundwave hears the crash of Dirge and Megatron nearby, and moves toward the sound.

Megatron crushes hard on his back, staring angrily at Dirge. "I've got morons on my team!

Chasm sighs, "I could have told you that long ago."

The Negavator seems to have been damaged in the crash. It starts to hum, and suddenly emits it's deadly beam vaporizing a good 10 cubic meters of rock!

Dirge transforms into his robot mode.

Rumble peers curiously over the cliff edge now that the battle noise has died down. "Uh oh."

Tempest transforms into her Robot mode.

Dirge lands hard and transforms into robot mode, trying to clear his head.

Megatron gets on his feet.

Tempest transforms and grabs at her sworrds, but her vision has cleared and she can see the Autobots a good distance away from her. She growls, hiding a whimper of pain at her now paintless stomach surface and her dented wing.

Skywarp stands a bit hurty..

CatsCradle eeks at the Negavator fires adn scrambles back from the edge. "Oh, that's not good," she says breathelessly, her optics wide at the damage it caused.

The Negavator fires twice more in quick succession, pauses a moment, then fires again. The turret is moving back and forth, pointing the weapon to random spots. It fires again, making more rocks disappear.

Megatron says, "Retreat!"

Skywarp !!!"Holy Slag!

Skywarp transforms into his Black F-15 mode.

Megatron takes off.

Skywarp takes off as fast as he can go!

Dirge can't quite transform yet, but is thankful his robot flight engines still work. He heads off with Megatron.

Wheeljack down on the ground yells out "We've got to get it under control!"

Starscream stays where he is. THat smack did daze him a bit oO but hes also go to stay behind for other reasons...

Ruse looks to Chasm after the beams fire, "Woah... come on!" She flys close to the ground and moves to grab and pull Chasm along and upward before he begins whining again.

Skywarp asks Megatron..."Hey ..What about Starscream?"

CatsCradle quickly transforms and pops her canopy for Rumble. "C'mon, kiddo. We're outta here."

Tempest squeals, scrabbling clear of the Negavator!

CatsCradle transforms into her Jet mode.

Rumble wastes no time in hopping in.

Megatron answers Skywarp: "Leave him, we have more important things to worry about.

Tempest transforms into her CF-18 Hornet Jet mode.

Tempest is still able to fly, despite the damage, though her engines shrill louder than normal, gaining sufficient power to lift her into the sky.

Starscream does wonder though if anyone is going to think of him. And sadly so far no one has....thats ok.....he will remember it.....

Dirge says, "He's not hurt bad anyway Skywarp, he'll catch up."

Chasm gasps, as Ruse drags him along.

Chasm shouts, " the tail...."

CatsCradle takes off as soon as Rumble is onboard and safe. Energy tendrils dance around her, weaving into her 'field. She hopes it is strong enough to protect her from the Negavotor's blasts, but doesn't quite trust it and dodges randomly as she flies.

Megatron flies closer to Soundwave. "Send Laserbeak and Ravage after Starscream. They should have an eye on him. I have a strange feeling...

Soundwave takes to the air and increases speed to catch up with Megatron, catching his words about Starscream. He's about to slow down to check on Starscream, but continues on as ordered.

Ruse has her hands abit to full as she deals with a squirming dragon to think of Starscream, "Would you rather die?" She flys just a little abit faster then most in robot mode so even with the added weight keeps up... though the weight is straining her motors. Darn piglit dragon!

Soundwave ejects another cassette, who transforms in mid-air into the sleek black shape of Ravage, dropping down almost soundlessly and taking up a hidden vantage point.


Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Chasm flaps away from Ruse and perches in a corner, staring at his rather smeared tail. "My beautiful appendage..."

Ruse walks in and mock scoffs at Chasm, "... I should have let you stay and the out of control beam fry you." She heads over to the sensorstation and has a seat, climbing into the chair.

Tempest looks down at the nasty scraping on her front and belly and upper legs, and massages the dent in her wing. "I've never seen smoke like that," she growls.

Soundwave concurs with Ruse. "Consider the alternative."

Skywarp coughs.."Tell me about it.."

Megatron walks over to the computer, activating it. He is strangely quiet at the moment.

Chasm sighs, "But she could have been more careful. I mean, being dragged by the tail?"

Dirge looks even more pissed than usual. "I'm gettin' real sick of that Smokescreen. You'd think his one trick wouldn't work so often."

Tempest looks at Dirge. "Is that ol' Smoky's name?"

Dirge scrubs his canopy where the odd smoke has left a black residue of some kind. "Yeah. Not real original is it?"

Tempest looks at her own canopy sourly. "No, but certainly accurate."

Ruse just grins, slightly attempting to hide it. She could have grabbed Chasm by the sides but... She looks to Dirge distracted fromk her throughts, "No but its a well practiced trick, thats hard to defend aginst. We depend on our optics to much at times and not other sensory imputs, thats why holograms and such are so effective."

CatsCradle says softly, "if we know his trick is so effect, perhaps we should concentrate our efforts on him before he has a chance to use it."

Dirge says darkly, "I'll be glad to volunteer to wipe him out." The black stuff just will *not* come out!

Soundwave moves unobtrusively toward Megatron, ignoring the black residue of smoke that dulls his plating.

CatsCradle glances around. "What is it with Starscream? Is he still..." She hesitates, trying to find a tactful way of asking if the second in command has completely flipped.

Ruse looks around, just noticing, "Where is Starscream?"

Megatron sits in front of the screen, watching the pictures Ravage transmits to the base.

Soundwave says, "Starscream appears to be ... purposefully lingering behind."

Megatron says, "And I want to know what his plans are... maybe we can find out this way what went wrong with him."

Soundwave says quietly to Megatron, "Ravage informs me that Starscream has made contact with the Autobot known as Red Alert."

Megatron says, "So, Starscream is engaged in some private enterprise with an Autobot..."

Tempest curls her Autobot? Her optics probe Megatron's face but she can read almost nothing in his features.

Thundercracker has disconnected.

Soundwave says, "In his current state of mind, there is no predicting what his intentions are, or if he is even fully aware of the potential problems.""

Megatron know that just too well.

Dirge frowns. "Surely he's not glitched out enough to trust a Bot."

Ruse looks to Chasm, "..." Then back to Megatron and Soundwave.

CatsCradle takes the "state of mind" comment to mean that Screamer is still bonkers and sighs softly. "Oh, dear..."

Chasm raises a paw in responses to Ruse's silent stare.

Megatron murmures. "Sure is that Starscream is after the Negavator.

Soundwave says, "But to what ends?"

Rumble quotes, "For the five billionth time..."I am the greatest Decepticon and I should be leader," in a tone sounding comically like Starscream.

A tape reel moves in Soundwave's chest as he relays something Ravage is sending him. Red Alert's voice sounds: "It's not fair. It's Prime - he doesn't trust my work. None of them respect what I do - and they've been scheming to get me for some time. This is all a set up. They're going to replace me with someone else! Prowl, yes, Prowl wants my job. And when Prime gives it to him, they're not going to need me any more, will they?" Red Alert's voice rises into a panicky pitch.

Soundwave plays the next part - this time Starscream's unmistakable voice: "No its not fair one respects what I do either...everytime I turn around its Thundercracekr this and Thundercracker know he wants to replace me you know he does.....perhaps....perhaps we should team together so no one can replace us..."

Rumble whistles as he hears the recording. 'Hey, it's Mr. Paranoid..." And then he frowns. Starscream may be a jerk sometimes...but a traitor?

CatsCradle tilts her head. The panicky tone in Red Aler't voice sounds remarkably like Starscream's in the repair bay a few days ago.

CatsCradle says, "They both sound equally as paranoid.""

Skywarp listens to the tape recording

Soundwave says, "Starscream is clearly not himself. I do not believe he would mean such words otherwise. And may not, in any case."

Tempest nods, and says to Soundwave quietly, surprisingly, "Can you fix him?"

Dirge says, "Great, two glitched out partners in crime."

Ruse says, ".. this reminds me all to much of Slipstream."

Soundwave says, "I hope so, Tempest."

Chasm shudders at Ruse's words.

Soundwave turns to Megatron. "Laserbeak continues to follow the Autobots while Ravage watches Starscream. Shall we intervene?"

CatsCradle absently rubs her shoulder. "Do we go after him or wait to see what trouble he creates?"

Rumble nods a little and moves away, as if wanting to dissociate herself from having asked that question.

Megatron murmures. "I suppose a virus...

Chasm tilts his head to one side.

Soundwave shakes his head. "I do not believe that is the trouble, Commander."

Soundwave glances at Chasm. That was surely not a reference to his wayward creation from another time and place.

Dirge says, "Let's just track him down and haul him back here. Then we can find out what's glitching his circuits."

CatsCradle lets out a long sigh. "In the repair bay, a few days ago, he kept saying he had to fight "them" and that he had to stop "them."

Megatron bites his lower lip. "I hope you are right, Soundwave."

Soundwave says, "The Autobots, CatsCradle. There are reasons why it is personal to Starscream. Perhaps I can help him sort them out. Should I have the opportunity."

CatsCradle nods absently, still rubbing her shoulder. She suddenly seems to become aware of it, and stops.

Ruse takes out her rifle, hopping out of the chair. She chips in, "Dirge its not that simple, Starscream is a huge threat. There is a reason he got to be second in command. There is a good chance..." She looks around, "... we are blindly walking into an ambush. He knows our habits well and in his state would kill one if not all of us."

Dirge makes a *pft* noise. "We're always gettin shot at. It doesn't much matter who's doing it."

CatsCradle grins a little wryly. "It's a little harder to avoid when it's coming from someone one your own side."

Dirge says, "That's why we should do it now and not wait till he gets his hands on that crazy vanishing beam."

Megatron looks at Soundwave: "If it may have to do with what I learned about him a few weeks ago?"

Megatron sighs.

Soundwave says, "I believe so. Currently, however, Starscream in control of the Negavator is a situation we should not allow. Suggest intervention, Commander."

CatsCradle points out "There's no one here who has a hope of keeping up with him."

Ruse says, "Skywarp can."

Megatron nods. "We are going to take advantage of the fact that he is concentrated on the Autobots, while he is dragging their attention on him.

Soundwave says, "And we know his current location."

Megatron gets up. "Our next destination: the Negavator bunker.

Megatron says, "Decepticons, to the air!"

Autobot Bunker

Megatron lands on a hill near the bunkerr: "I need a scan of the area. Can we use the damaged part of the bunker to by-pass their security system?

Soundwave looks speculatively to Ruse. "Can you get closer, unseen?"

Skywarp lands near the others

Ruse looks to Soundwave and nods, "Yes."

CatsCradle is studying the bunker below. "I can get there without a problem. But if it's something techie you need, I probably won't be much help."

Soundwave says, "If you can determine the amount of damage to the bunker, Ruse and CatsCradle, the rest of us will follow if there is a good chance of approaching without detection. Otherwise we will have to engage in distraction and fight our way in.""

Megatron says, "A waste of energy I want to avoid."

CatsCradle glances to Ruse. "You take one side, I take the other?"

Ruse uses her holograms to change paintcolors to a more natrual pattern for the area, "Understood sir... and agreed Cats. Lets go.", before silently making her way down to the ground a ways from the bunker towards the right side of it. She then moves through shadows and such towards the bunker, moving silently but swiftly... scanning for functioning security devices among the damage.

Chasm clings tightly to Soundwave's shoulder.

Soundwave this time didn't ask Chasm to go on this mission. But, he'll have his turn.

CatsCradle melts off into the shadows towards the left side of the bunker, her dark form moving from one set of cover to another. After she makes one circuit of the area she was drifting through, she begins to make her way back through a different set of shadows, moving almost as if one of them.

Dirge sits with folded arms. "This is taking too long. We're just asking to get attacked out here."

Ruse after some time slipping through the remains stops and radios to Soundwave in a whisper, "Most camras are damaged on this side, and all visable automatic lasers lack power. It appers... as if the bunkers powersupply was hit." She waits for futher orders.

CatsCradle steps out from behind Dirge. "Boo," she murmurs with a slight smirk. She looks to Megatron and Soundwave. "Either no one's home, or they are really not expecting anyone. Even with all the damage, they should be making extra efforts to watch because of it."

Dirge starts just a bit, and turns to glare at Cats.

CatsCradle hesitates slightly. "Unless their plan is to make us believe no one's home..."

Soundwave says, "Ruse reports damaged security cameras and defenses which lack power on her side of the bunker. I detect energy emissions from within which may represent weapons fire."

Megatron stands. "We are going in, using Ruse's hologram as an optic shield.

Chasm mutters, "So it's /Ruse's/ holograms which are in vogue now, eh?"

Soundwave remarks, "You could have volunteered for the mission yourself, Chasm."

Dirge stands up, ready for action.

Chasm sulks, lashing is tail back and forth.

Megatron radios Ruse: "Shield us with a hologram of this area, we are going in now, Ruse." He looks at around. "Decepticons, let's grant our neighbors a visit."

Soundwave draws his handweapon.

Ruse does as orders.


Autobot Bunker

        Tucked away in a secluded bit of undeveloped land, this structure is massive and heavily fortified. The outer walls are typical Earther concrete, but this is merely camoflauge. The inner walls of Cybertronian metal are designed to withstand virtually any bombardment. The bunker had many underground levels as well.

Starscream hears a noise to the side and looks over quickly, " WHAT are you doing here?"

Megatron gestures the others to follow quietly.

Starscream appears to have cornered Optimus Prime with the Negavator against the wall. Red Alert lies slumped on the ground and Hound, Ironhide and Prowl are taking up defensive positions.

Dirge looks at Starscream in the Negavator seemingly about to blast Prime. Perhaps they were too hastly in thinking Screamer was off his rocker.

Megatron gets his cannon ready to backup Starscream if necessary.

CatsCradle slips into the building and drifts just as silently nearer to Starscream. She fights the impish urge to "boo" Starscream, too... but since he has Prime in his sights, she holds off, glancing to Megatron for cues.

Ruse slinks in, her armor rippling slightly with an ever changing metalic background matching the bases. Not invisable but defently hard to spot, like a zebra moving through the wild savana grass.

Prowl, carefully watching Starscream, suddenly fires a blast at the Decepticon while his entire attention is focused on Prime.

Megatron automatically fires at Prowl, breaching the silence.

Starscream looks behind him quickly at the shot from behind and sees Megatron, " WHat are you doing here?!"

Ironhide says to Prime, "Aw no, now the rest of the Decepti-goons show up. What're we gonna do Optimus?"

Prime immediately takes advantage of Starscream's distraction to vault over the top of the Negavator's cannon and to leap to one side.

Megatron smirks. "Oh, I wasn't able to wait until you deliver the Negavator to me.

Starscream sees a movement to the side of him and spins firing

Ironhide bellows, "Decepticons!"

A short rain of cover fire is let loose by Hound and Ironhide...

Starscream fails in his generic roll against Starscream!

Chunks of masonry rain down on top of the Negavator and Starscream's head.

Megatron says, "Decepticons, attack!"

Starscream glances back, " Deliver it to you? Why yes , yes of course....but...." his optics darken and narrow, " After I destroy the AUtobots.....then they will shut up and they will be dead"

Ruse draws her weapon and fires as well, her plasmabeam lancing towards the Autobot commander as he leaps! "Not tonight Prime or ever again!" It misses though and she finds herself having to fall back abit as the Bots open fire to even remotely doge.

Soundwave lets loose a blast of plasma from his handweapon, trying to provide Starscream some cover fire as the Autobots spring into action.

CatsCradle melts out of the shadows behind Ironhide, her sword drawn. "Die?" she answers his question to Prime cheerfully and darts at him, sword flashing with reflections from the firefight as she slashes at Ironhide.

Optimus Prime calls out, "Autobots, spread out and press the attack! We want to present less of a target for the Negavator."

Starscream sees the situation has gone waynot how he planned and decides to put an end to it once and for all. He glances down and begins working the controls on the negavator

Dirge mutters to himself about the enclosed space. If the Bots were further away, he'd show them the meaning of fear. For the moment though, he fires short bursts of rapid-fire lasers.

Megatron is looking for his traditional target: Optimus Prime. "You present a perfect target for me, Prime..." He fires.

Ironhide whirls around as the slash cuts into his side, firing straight to where his best guess of where the source of the pain is.

Autobot fire splatters towards the group of Decepticons.

Optimus Prime ducks Megatron's blast. "You'll have to do better than that, Megatron!"

Tempest is lurking around the wall near where the Decepticons came in, her swords drawn and scanning for a target that she can get to through the hail of weapons fire.

Megatron's optics flash. "More like that?" He fires another blast at Prime, hitting him poin-blank.

Smokescreen transforms, fully intent on using his smoke again. Dirge puts a stop to it this time though, as he blows out the front tires of the Autobot. He presses the attack, firing with his arm lasers.

Behind the Negavator, and still in a heap on the lift floor, is Red Alert. His optics flicker back on line and he starts to awaken. He flashes his head from side wearily. And then he stares in horror as he sees the Decepticons fighting the Autobots. "Oh no!" he gasps as reality catches up to him. "What have I done?!!"

Starscream suddenly spins the negavator around and fires it out of the opening of the room (?)

Prime staggers back, caught in the chest by the full force of Megatron's blow. Stunned, he tries to gather his composure to retaliate.

CatsCradle twists, trying to avoid Ironhide's shot. She is still too close, but she dodges teh worst of it, the blast scorching her arm, rather than taking it off. She snarls, slashing again at Ironhide's arm this time, in an attempt to keep him from firing again.

Soundwave ducks back a little as the cannon barrel of the Negavator swings around, still not entirely certain where Starscream might aim, even unintentionally. He continues to fire his own weapon at the Autobots as he moves, though.

Starscream snarls, " ENOUGH!!

A section of the ceiling above the entrance way is dematerialized as Starscream fires the Negavator.

Starscream looks to megatron, "LET me destroy them once and for all.....then it can end.....

The Autobots seek cover and stop firing except sporatically, waiting to see what's going to happen.

Ironhide pushes CatsCradle away, then runs toward the Negavator. Prime grabs him by the arm and pulls him toward cover. "Easy Ironhide! We can't risk being struck by the beam."

Starscream looks around tothe bots then back to the cons, " Dont you see...this can shut them up.....I have to do this.....the radio waves didnt work....but this can...and then when I do shut them up it can stop.....but..' he pauses again uncertain. " Centaris not here.....but....if I take out Skyfire I take out his idea and that will work as well." he spins the barrel over to Prime again and demands, " WHERES SKYFIRE?"

Optimus calls out "He isn't here Starscream. You'll have to deal with me. Give us the Negavator."

CatsCradle starts to dive after Ironhide, but pauses, making a quick assessment of Starscream's rant and deciding... yep, he's nutso. She ducks behind some cover and peeks out, not sure which is the more dangerous, the Autobots or Starscream.

Megatron orderes the other Decepticons: "Do not interfere." He adresses Starscream. "Do what you to do.

Megatron orderes the other Decepticons: "Do not interfere." He adresses Starscream. "Do what you have to do.

Starscream s optics narrow and he moves the negavators barrel into prime. " BRING HIM

As long as Starscream has that cannon barrel pointed at the Autobots, that's at least a good start, Soundwave thinks.

Ruse stops doging for the most part, and stares towards Starscream a moment. She moves towards Soundwave and mutters, "What does Skyfire have to do with this? I thought he had delt with that..."

Red Alert crawls upwards, horrified by the proceedings unfolding all around him.

Soundwave says quietly to Ruse, "You can understand Starscream's wish for retaliation, surely?"

Optimus Prime says to Starscream, "Get out of the Negavator and we'll get him. Otherwise, no deal."

Starscream moves the machine forward more and starts pressing OP into the wall, " BRING HIM OR BECOME A WRECKING BALL AUTOBOT

CatsCradle calls out, "Oh, hell, Starscream, just shoot him." A chance to kill Prime is too good a chance to waste.

Starscream hits a switch and the barrel of the machine starts to warm up for a charge. He smriks evily, " I coudl always blast my way to him...through you....."

Ruse nods murmering, "Yes but I didn't think it alone drove him to this..." This just reaks of Slipstream and alot of Straxus' words still haunt her. She looks up and smirks slightly at the unfolding melodrama and is comferted slightly seeing Prime near so near to his end, "I almost hope he doesn't call for that traitor... almost." She would rather see this out of his system for good though, they can kill Prime later.

Soundwave does not reply to Ruse, knowing perhaps more than he's willing to say in public.

Prime, pinned against the wall and with little options, says grimly, "All right Starscream. We'll call him. But it's not going to do you any good. Even if you kill me, you won't leave here with the Negavator."

Megatron watches carefully what is going on. Prime seems to be a bit to calm in his opinion...

In very short order, Skyfire arrives at the Autobot bunker. He transforms into his imposingly large robot mode and walks in. He looks around at all the Decepticons and then to Starscream in the device. "All right Starscream, let Optimus go. We can settle this just you and me."

CatsCradle baps her forehead against the table she is hiding behind. "Nonono," she chants. "Kill Prime first, then you can deal with Skyfire."

Starscream spins the machine to face Skyfire, "I hope you enoyed the credits you were paid to be my friend.......Centari should have burned his notes but he was a fool....and now you will pay for it....friend....." he hits the button to fire the negavator and watches the blast.

Red Alert removes a small control from subspace and frantically starts tinkering with it as the Negavator powers up, "Critical overload," he mutters. "This should atone for all of my sins..."

The Negavator panel starts to flash erratically.

Starscream gets annoyed as the machine has not fired yet and flips a few switches. " Typical terren/autobot pile of junk."

Megatron has the feeling something is very wrong... He watches the Autobots' reactions.

For those with keen senses, an alarming energy build seems to be coming from the Negavator. Deep flashes spark from the weapon's barrel.

Soundwave notices the energy build-up, and looks around to assess everyone's position in the room.

Ruse watchs, her lasercore racing with thoughts. She suddenly goes wideyed as she comes to a realization of whats happening. Just like with before it started acting funny and then it fired that huge burst. She asks simply, "Soundwave?" She has noticed hes not worried about the machines strange reactions but she has the feeling... they should run, fast.

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Detecting potential energy overload in the Negavator. Suggest withdrawal."

Starscream suddenly realizes the machine is making an odd humming sound and glances around looking for Red ALert.

<Earth> Megatron says, "The Autobots are not withdrawing, Soundwave."

Red Alert is still frantically tinkering with his device, oblivious to all around him.

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Suggest we leave them in the blast.  They may not detect the danger."

Skyfire ducks out of the way as the Negavator starts making noise.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Decepticons, withdraw!"

Starscream spins the machine to face Skyfire, "I hope you enoyed the credits you were paid to be my friend.......Centari should have burned his notes but he was a fool....and now you will pay for it....friend....." he reaches for the button to fire but pauses, "Any last words?" Starscream then realizes the machine is making an odd humming sound and glances around looking for Red ALert

Skyfire raises his rifle and says, "Yeah. It takes more than you've got to finish me Starscream!" He fires right at the Negavator cockpit.

Starscream sneers at nobody, " I will NOT have this denyed ME. NO...." he looks back to Skyfire and leaps out of the negavator,

Soundwave warns as he motions the nearby Decepticons surreptitiously toward the exit, "Starscream, you should consider-" he doesn't get to finish his warning as the Autobot fires and Starscream leaps up at the same moment.

Chasm throttles his tail around Soundwave's neck. "Aaaaaah," he cries, covering his optics with his paws.

CatsCradle snarls. "That's it. I'm outta here..." She stands up and vaults over the table, making a dash for the exit.

The cockpit of the Negavator explodes into scrap as the blast barely misses Starscream. Prime and the others shield their optics.

Megatron shoots at Skyfire. "Starscream, get out of here!

Ruse turns, and heads for the exit looking back to make sure everyone else is falling back...

Starscream ducks and glances back to megatrno, " NO" he turns and fires at Skyfire

The Negavator is emitting a whine that gets ever higher in picth.

Soundwave moves hurriedly toward the exit as well, narrowly missed by a flying piece of sharp-edged Negavator armor that imbeds itself in the wall.

Megatron says, "The system of the Negavator are set on overload, it is going to blow and you with it, Starscream!"

Chasm yells, "Soundwave, you have to get out of here..."

Starscream snarls, " SO WHAT IF IT TAKES SKYFIRE WITH ME FINE" he fires again at skyfire

Starscream succeeds in his generic roll against Starscream!

Chasm says, "... and me with you!"

Dirge reluctantly heads toward the entrance, still keeping an eye on Starscream.

Starscream attacks Skyfire with laser2, and strikes him!

Soundwave hurries the others out, but he himself pauses, knowing Megatron is just stubborn enough to go back and drag Starscream out. And might need some help.

Skyfire goes down from Starscream's laser blasts, and barely manages to raise his rifle to fire back.

CatsCradle stops at the exit, looking back and realizing the others are still there. "Aw.... hell..." She jitters, debating running back in and grabbing whoever she can grab and dragging them out by the scruff of the armor, like Rumble

with every shot he fires at his friend, Starscream can see the images of his past. a past he thought was the truth that is now nothing but a story

Megatron - other than the rest - heads back in. "He is not worth that you sacrifice yourself.

Starscream says, "remember this is what you deserve..old...buddy""

Starscream attacks Skyfire with laser2, but misses him!

Skyfire's shot goes wide but he manages to roll to the side to avoid the next blast.

Starscream says, "Im not going until hes dead...."

Ruse stops and shouts at Starscream, "Starscream! You fools get out of there, both of you!" Oh ya shes going to regret calling them that later but for now it fits. She turns and runs back, "Megatron, Starscrea.. grrah!" She is grabbed by Catscradle though...and hauled out.

Megatron says, "Starscream, retreat! This is an order!"

Tempest too is following Megatron's orders, although reluctantly, as she had hoped to be able to make full use of her longblades today. On her way out, she notices something glinting in the rubble engendered by the laser battle earlier. She pauses - takes a furtive look around - and then reaches down with a lightning-fast motion to pick up the small object and slip it into storage. Then she hurriedly makes her way out of the bunker.

Starscream snaps, : NO I cant....I have to shut him up....forever..."

Starscream attacks Skyfire with laser2, and strikes him!

Soundwave makes himself useful by laying down cover fire against the other Autobots - who are by now surely aware of the building whine of the imminently exploding weapon.

Megatron makes his way to Starscream. "I will not allow that this thing will make /you/ shut up forever.

Skyfire attacks Starscream with laser, but misses him!

Starscream suddenly notices the whine and panics, He looks around quicly and sees Megaton, " Megatron....." he grabs his head, " MAke it stop." was that fro mthe noise or whats goign on with him right nwo? its anyones guess

Starscream sees the shot miss him and with a renewed rage fires again at Skyfire

Chasm transforms into his Green Cassette mode.

Chasm dives back into Soundwave where things are marginally safer.

Megatron realizes that time is running out. He tries to grasp Starscream, to drag him out.

Soundwave lets Chasm into his tape compartment, but he stays where he is, continuing his plasma fire.

Optimus Prime and the other Bots, seeing Skyfire go down, charge at Starscream, weapons blazing.

Starscream ses Skyfire fall and turns right into Megatron, "we ...we have to go....

CatsCradle grumbles, "Something is so extremely wrong with running back in /towards/ an eminent explosion. She tucks the strugging Ruse under one arm, looks around frantically, then decides that Megatron and Soundwave can handle Starscream. Or rather, they'll have to, because Ruse is handful, and she isn't sure she can handle anyone else. She bolts for the exit again.

Prowl goes down under Soundwave's plasma fire, and Prime takes several hits from Dirge and the others firing. They can't get to Skyfire, and the Negavator is about ready to explode.

Megatron says, "Then move!"

Starscream grabs megatron and ignites his afterburners

Prime says "Autobots, fall back!"

they head out of the bunker quickly

Soundwave turns immediately as soon as he sees Megatron and Starscream coming toward him.

Seconds after the Decepticons evacuate, the Negavator explodes in a spectacular display of fireworks.

Soundwave looks around to make sure everyone is present and intact.

A smoking hunk of roughly triangular white metal lands near where the Decepticons have gathered. It looks like.. almost like a wing. Nearby are a few other pieces of white metal.

Starscream lands nearby and seems to be dazed but not from the explosion

Megatron lands beside Starscream. "Let Soundwave check your systems," he says quietly.

CatsCradle windmills slightly from the blast of teh explosion and quickly puts Ruse down before teh cassette punches her.

Starscream looks at him, "huh?....yes....I can do that....are they gone?"

Megatron looks back at the bunker. "Probably," he answers.

Dirge says, "See for yourself Screamer." He kicks over a round hunk of the white metal in his direction.

Starscream puts a hand to his head, "good...good...."

Starscream sees the piece get kicked into his line of view and stares, "SKyfire....." he pauses at once happy and sad. But he feels vengenced and he will get over his sadness.

Ruse as she is sat down after that tumbling glares at Catscradle and says seeing the bits of what apper to be the traitor landing all around them, "... thanks." She stands slowly dusting off, her optics dimmed.

Megatron looks at Starscream. "What is with your head?" He gestures Soundwave to come over.

Soundwave walks over to Megatron and Starscream. "If you will accompany me to repair bay, Air Commander, I will be able to determine the extent of your injuries. And-" he pauses and looks down at a piece of rounded white metal, and reaches down to pick it up - "you may want this." He hands it to Starscream. It is, upon close inspection, the severed and somewhat blackened remnants of part of Skyfire's head.

Starscream looks at the part and seems to fall deep into thought/well as much as he can right now. His optics darken and he looks up to Soundwave, " can you make it stop?"

Soundwave seems to have some idea of what Starscream means. "I will do my best," he promises, in his best medbay-style calm and reassuring tones.

Megatron places a hand on Starscreams shoulder. "If someone can make it stop, it is Soundwave."

Megatron says, "Decepticons, back to base!"

CatsCradle lets out an exasperated sigh. "And after this, no more Decepticons are allowed to go insane, right?"

Starscream looks to the hand on his shoulder and to megatrno, "I believe you..."

Soundwave glances at CatsCradle. "I entirely concur."

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