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Still Beserking
Still Beserking
(played 10/21/01)

R&E Office

CatsCradle is curled up in one of the comfy chairs. Her arm that had been injured yesterday is patched and she has it propped on the arm of the chair as she reads.

Megatron knocks at the frame of the door.

CatsCradle glances up and smiles. "Good day, sir."

Megatron looks around. It has been a while since he has been in here. "These humans are a stange species." He takes a closer look at the gobots. "I wonder if we Transformers are the reason that they produced those..."

CatsCradle tilts her head, considering. "Actually, I believe the idea of giant robots date back aways. There are old movies... well, old by human standards... featuring them. But I did wonder that about the transforming toys. And over in Japan, such characters feature prominently in their media, especially their animation."

Megatron looks at Cats. "Is it possible they got in contact with other Transformers before we were reactivated? This... incident is too strange.

CatsCradle says slowly, putting thoughts together as she speaks, "but we've found other transformers here that didn't arrive on the ark. I mean, Diver crashed here about two million years after the ark did. And the Insecticons were found in another area entirely. I suppose it would not be impossible that there were others here during that time as well, that we don't know about yet."

Megatron nods. "Very possible..."

CatsCradle shrugs slightly with her good arm. "And transformer technology seems to appear here in the strangest places at the most unexpected times." She grins. "We could almost grow to expect it from all the unexpected times."

CatsCradle shrugs slightly with her good arm. "And transformer technology seems to appear here in the strangest places at the most unexpected times." She grins. "We could almost grow to expect it from all the unexpected times." (just in case you missed it)

Megatron nods. He walks over to the crowded desk, taking a closer look at the silver rose. He smirks.

CatsCradle gives another slight shrug, and an even slighter smile. "How is Starscream doing?" she asks casually.

Megatron turns serious. "It seems he is getting better... However, Soundwave will have a look after his circuits.

CatsCradle's voice is very carefully neutral. "Soundwave, and not Hook?"
Megatron says, "Hook was not able to find what is causing his troubles."

CatsCradle says in the same voice, "I wouldn't give Hook the care of a goldfish."

Megatron says, "Hook is not the right persons to treat someones psychical problems and his social capabilities are below zeri. However, he is the best choice to treat physical injuries."

CatsCradle hmphs softly. "I still wouldn't let him care for a goldfish."

Megatron says, "Understandable, a goldfish is an organic creature."

CatsCradle chuckles softly. "True."

Megatron heads for the door. "I will look after Starscream.

CatsCradle gives Megatron a little half-bow from her chair. "I'm sure Soundwave will be able to correct the problem."

Megatron nods. "Yes... he has to.

Megatron has left.


<Living Quarters> The Kitty Twister

      Ener-Bar and Grill

     When you first enter the Kitty Twister it reminds you of the old War front recharge depots that where set up by the rough and combat hardened Mech's. This perception is not very far off from the truth as the room is decorated with Battle trophies mostly comprising of Autobot armor, heads... The trophy wall has been given some new items since Trigger-Happy Jackie has joined the Kitty Twister team. A row of serving trays line the wall behind the bar each imprinted with some unlucky mech's face. There is even a hand proudly displayed on a plaque that reads.

     "The Kitty Twister takes no responsibility for lost appendages... or limbs Due to touching Jackie's skidplate."

     Small repair droids buzz around in this area busy handing out ordered drinks. Each with a green KT Logo painted on their side. The owner seems to have confiscated some of the droids for personal use.

     The Energon bar itself has anything a mech could want. Including the harder to find contraband energon's not permitted on Cybertron. The owner of this establishment must have some very good contacts. Over the bar hangs a sign that reads, "Any damages caused by Mech's who have over charged their circuits will have the cost of repairs deducted from their credit chips automatically without warning."

     To the back of the Kitty Twister you notice some changes have been implemented. No longer is there a dance floor but simply a stage has been set up for a live band to play at.

Megatron smirks. "I don't take the easy way either. The important thing about learning things the hard way is: to /learn/ of them.

Starscream smirks, " But that takes all the fun out it."

Megatron chuckling. "Doing the same mistakes again and again is fun? Well, I prefer to invent new ones.

Starscream asks, "I dont think I do the same mistakes repeatedly...." oO/if he only knew.....

CatsCradle slips quietly into the KT, glancing around and noticing that it is nearly empty. She takes a drink from Jackie, then hesitates, obviously wondering if she should leave again rather than risk disturbing the other two in the room.

Megatron looks up as CatsCradle enters the KT. "It seems there are more couragous people around here," he jokes.

CatsCradle shrugs a little, careful of her scorched arm. "If I can survive Diktat's martinis, I don't think there's much here to be afraid of."

Starscream looks to Catscradle but does not say anything. Hes pretty sure the femmes not talking to him. And since he has very little memory of the past two weeks he can only assume theres good reason.

Megatron studies Starscream for a while. Then he turns back to his drink, sighing.

CatsCradle regards them both, then asks Starscream in a carefully light voice, "You feeling any better?"

Starscream blinks a bit surprised she adressed him, "I await Soundwaves expertice but, " he glances to the peice of metal on the table, "I am doing better."

CatsCradle follows his gaze to the piece of metal and wrinkles her nose. "Isn't that a bit morbid?"

Starscream looks to the peice and finally sees its part of the side of Skyfires helmet. He turns it over so the concave area is up and puts his cig out in it, "perhaps but it now makes a good ashtray....."

CatsCradle was just taking a sip when Starscream said that, and she sputters, coughing. "Oh, that is awful," she finally manages to say, in a mixture of coughing and laughing.

Megatron doubts that Starscream will really use this souvenir as an ashtray. He leans back and listens to the conversation.

Starscream smirks, "Well I dont think he needs it anymore. " he looks to the peice and fidles some of the ash out of.

CatsCradle says, “If he comes looking for it, I'd be real scared.""

Starscreams optics widen a bit, "oh dont even go there!!!" his tone was light and was that a slightly smile on his face? He takes a sip of his drink and continues, " Now thats morbid."

CatsCradle shrugs again, her optics glimmering in amusement. "According to the humans, it's the right time of year for ghosts."

Megatron grumbles. "I thought for orange pumpkin landmines."

CatsCradle says brightly, "Oh, that too."

Starscream says, "mmm perhaps Gryphus can instruct us on this time of the year. Or one fothe cassettes."

CatsCradle chuckles. "Oh, I hadn't thought of that. The cassettes dressing up in costume and trick-or-treating at the Ark."

CatsCradle then cocks her head, thinking. "Then again, the Autobots might actually fall for that..."

Starscreams optics gleam suddenly as he gets a wicked idea. "Someone with holographiic ability....make a ghost of Skyfire and haunt the Ark ....."

Megatron grubles to himself: "There are some ghost I could do without." However, there are also some he would like to see again...

CatsCradle grins. "Ruse would love it."

Starscream nods, "If she wants to go for it, I see no problem in it

CatsCradle says, "And she can tape the reactions for play-back later.""

Megatron grins. "Starscream, somehow I get the impression, you and Ruse are related..."

Starscream gets an innocent look to his face, " naaa just great minds think alike. But you know while Ruse is scaring the bots it would be a perfect time to possibly plant some eavesdropping devices in the ark." the innocent look turns sneaky

Megatron laughs. "I wonder who you got that from..."

CatsCradle chuckles. "Like I said, send the cassettes trick or treating in costume at the Autobots' door. They'd be able to figure some way of getting in from that point."

Starscream looks to Megatron, " We can use this you know. I say lets go for this idea. " he grins evily.

CatsCradle gives Megatron a sly grin. "Almost as good as sending them in to glue Prime to his chair with Reflector's glue, isn't it?

Megatron bursts out, laughing.

CatsCradle's grin grows. "'course, as long as the cassettes are in there..."

Megatron says, "Just one thing about that... halloween traditions..."

Megatron says, "I don't wish to see any more pumpkins in the command center."

CatsCradle says, "I went back to adopt it last night, but it was gone.""

Megatron grumbles. "It is in the repair bay...

CatsCradle shudders. "It can stay there, then."

Starscream finishes his energon and motions for another.

Megatron watches his drink dance in the cube. "Why are you so afraid of this section? Because of Hook?

CatsCradle wrinkles her nose, studying her drink. "Hook just makes it worse."

Megatron says, "That doesn't answer my question."

CatsCradle is quiet for a moment, swirling the liquid around in her cube, sorting through answers. "I've never liked repair bays," she finally says. "Not crazy about most medics, either."

Megatron nods. "I understand."

CatsCradle glances at Megatron, then looks away again with another of her abbreviated shrugs, then quickly drinks the rest of her cube.

Megatron finishes his drink and gets up. "Please, continue your conversation. I have to return to my work.

Megatron heads for the door.

Megatron hands Jackie a generous 30 credit tip.

Jackie looks at the tip with a smile and winks to Megatron.

Megatron has left.

CatsCradle watches Megatron leave with a rather startled expression, then looks back to Starscream with a oh-dear-what-do-I-say-now? one.

Starscream looks to her actualy a bit uneasy. Hes not sure what to say either. " um...

CatsCradle glances after Megatron again. "If I didn't know better, I'd say he did this on purpose," she mutters.

Starscream sips his drink suddenly, "what was that?'

CatsCradle shakes her head slightly. "Just wondering if he abandoned us on purprose."

Starscream asks, " Why would he do that?"

Megatron has arrived.

CatsCradle shrugs. "Dunno. You're right. Makes no sense." She looks back down into her cube, still with that uncomfortable expression.

Starscream watches her, " I make you nervious dont I?"

Megatron tosses Cats the JOL

CatsCradle eeks and manages to catch the pumpkin.

Starscream jumps a bit startled at the orange earth thing flying at his table.

Megatron says, "You wanted to adopt it."

The jackolantern is a pumpkin that has been mysteriously carved to look rather alarmingly similar to Hook. Light flickers through the features from deep within.

CatsCradle turns it around to look at the carving. "It is a rather good likenss of him, isn't it?"

CatsCradle looks up at Megatron. "It isn't the same one that was in the command center, though."

Starscream looks at it, " But its not green....he probably views that as inferior

CatsCradle snickers. "True."

CatsCradle turns to Starscream. "You know what this means, don't you? We have a pumpkin carver loose in the base, leaving a trail of pumpkins."

Megatron says, "Put it somewhere where I will not stumble over it."

CatsCradle quickly sets it on the table.

Megatron looks at Starscream. "And have not been able to remember what you did the last few weeks, Starscream..." He smirks.

Starscream stares at it, " not my table. " he picks it up and sets it on the next table

CatsCradle points. "See? He doesn't like Hook looking at him either."

Starscream looks to Megatron, "I should remember later tonight.

Starscream smirks, " I hate Hook looking at me...Ive seen him looking down at me far too often lately for my tastes, " He sips his energon.

Megatron gets serious again. "Hopefully," he murmures. Darn, he is still concerned...

CatsCradle advises "Stick with Soundwave. He's pretty decent." She shrugs. "For a medic."

Megatron adds: "And you can absolutely trust him...

CatsCradle's gaze is back to her empty cube again. She lets out a soft sigh. "If you have to have someone mucking around with your memory relays," she says slowly, as if every word is fighting her, "... then Soundwave is the one to do it."

Starscream looks to her and Megatron, "I will go by what you both have said about him then,"

Megatron says, "He brought my memory back."

Starscream thinks for a moment, " then he can sort mine out and put them where they belong."

CatsCradle shifts uncomfortably, turning the cube around in her hands, not looking at either of them.

Megatron places a hand calmingly on CatsCradle's shoulder. "What is wrong?"

CatsCradle says in a falsely cheerful voice, "I just prefer to not remember."

Megatron looks thoughtfully at CatsCradle. Then he decides not to ask further.

Starscream watches the two of them but does not reply

<Earth> Skywarp says, "This is Skywarp..Uhm..I need a medic in the repair bay..erm..For the Medic!!""

<Earth> Megatron says, "WHAT!?"

Starscream smirks, " What was that all about?

CatsCradle glances up. "Oh, dear." Somehow she doesn't sound all that concerned. In fact, she sounds rather gleeful. "Sounds like something's happened to Hook, perhaps?"

Megatron looks at Starscream and Cats, questioningly.

Megatron has left.

CatsCradle says quickly, "I don't know, I wasn't there, I was right here, I didn't do anything."

Starscream snickers in spite of himself, then looks to Megatrno with the uptmost innocence, " yes?"

CatsCradle drums her claws on the table, then quickly pushes herself away from it. "This, I gotta see."

Starscream says, "Im off duty until my repairs so I will have to take a report on this.”


Repair Bay

        The place Decepticons seek medical care, the repair bay makes every effort to put the patient at ease. The temperature and lighting are optimized for comfort, and the walls are a neutral grey. There are ten beds along each wall, all with display panels. Equipment and tools are stored in the wall between beds and diagnostic scanners emerge from under the beds when in use. Off of the main room is a specialized surgery unit for laser core trauma, a small cryogenic stasis facility, and an emergency room with stacked beds to be used when the main room becomes too crowded. Overall the repair bay appears to visitors as modern and efficient and this impression is quite valid. Even the most catastrophic injuries can be treated here by a skilled medic.

Hook's optics open back up, his hands quickly raising upon to reach Skywarp's neck. "OH YOU LITTLE MOROND YOU HAD TO SAY SELF_DESTROY I WILL KILL YOU FOR THAT!!!" He yells out loud, in pure anger.

For those who just entered the medbay, there's a whole blasted spot in the middle of it, all blackened, many tools are scattered around it and Hook's office seems to have been hit by a missile, really.

Hook grabs Skywarp.

Skywarp says, "!!!AKKK!!"

Skywarp says, "GET...HIM..OFF...MA!!"

Starscream strolls in, " On second thought...." he looks around

CatsCradle cautiously peeks in the door, then leans against it. The door tries to slid shut on her, and she smacks it until it stays open. Then she turns her attention to the chaos inside. "Oh... dear..."

Skywarp says, "ME!!"

For those who just entered the medbay, there's a whole blasted spot in the middle of it, all blackened, many tools are scattered around it and Hook's office seems to have been hit by a missile, really. (repose)

Megatron says, "STOP! Both of you!"

Skywarp Chokes!!

Hook shakes Skywarp, holding tigh on his neck. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THAT!!!" Sure, Hook seems to be pretty beaten up, he's no longer lime green, he's all... Black, as if he was burnt. AS he hears Megatron, Hook tries to throw Skywarp away from him.

Hook punches Skywarp

Skywarp says, "I..DIDNT..HOOK!!..Ruse...*GAGS*"

Skywarp OOffs and flies back getting hit in the face!

Megatron attacks Hook with grasp, and strikes him!

CatsCradle says with a completely straight face to Starscream, "He's no longer lime-green. He must be inferior."

Starscream snickers and seems quite amused but then he remembers something and leaves

Skywarp coughs rubbing his neck and now his face...

Starscream pauses, " hes not orange either but black...." he smriks

Megatron grasps Hook dragging him away from Skywarp.

Megatron says, "Enough, you fools I say!"

CatsCradle goes to help Skywarp up. "See," she says in Megatron's general direction. "Not even a goldfish."

Skywarp sits up and looks at Hook..his voice all raspy.."I didnt tell self destruct.."

Hook acks slightly and gets his hands around Megatron's poweful grasp. Although, he doesn't say anything, he seems to have troubling breathing... Yeah, transformer breath, just like Galvatron did in the movie.

Megatron drops Hook. "You and your dangerous inventions!

Skywarp stands.."The invention was fine boss..*coughs*..But.."

Hook coughs a couple of time and glares at Skywarp, pointing at him. "You... You ordored my cyberdog to self-destroy!!"

CatsCradle looks up with wide optics. "You.... you have a pet?"

Skywarp shakes his head.."I didnt ..Ruse..Was..*coughs*"

Megatron looks at Skywarp. "I cannot see her here, Skywarp.

Skywarp looks at the shelf she was sitting on still rubbing his neck.."She must of snuck out Boss..But she was here .."

Hook frowns. "Oh? Well I didn't see her Skywarp! Admit it! You done it!!" Hook folds his arms against his chest and glances at Cats. "I 'HAD' a pet..."

Skywarp looks at Hook.."Why would I tell it ta do that?..I liked the little guy."

CatsCradle sighs. "Let's see, she could be a hologram, she could be in the air ducts, she could have made a run for it... she's done it before." She stares at Hook in incredulous horror. "You mean, someone actually allowed you to have a pet? Who in their right mind, would allow you to have a pet?"

Skywarp stoops down and picks up the poor doggies head.."..Mm..Maybe it can be fixed?"

Hook turns his head around to Catscradle and grunts. "Your 'humor' my friend is not liked here! Be aware that I HAVE CREATED this cyberdog!!" Hook glances over to Skywarp, answering with the first thing he has in mind. "You were just jealous of my invention!"

Skywarp says, "I was not!""

Megatron looks at the robodog. "It was obviously defective.

CatsCradle ignores Hook and begins picking up piece of the cyberdog. "Do you think Starscream could fix it?" she asks Skywarp in concern.

Skywarp looks sadly at the dog.."I dunno..But I liked th` poor lil guy."

Hook frowns. "No, it was not! It was programmed perfectly!" Hook glances at Skywarp. "I can repair ANYTHING!"

CatsCradle gives Hook a withering look. "As if we'd give it back to you. You shouldn't even have custody of a goldfish."

Skywarp says, "Hook..I didnt tell it ta do that....""

Megatron steps closer to Hook. "Obviously, it could be set to self destruct by /anyone/. That means even by an Autobot who might have intruded the base! Maybe you now get what was wrong with it.

<Guest> Needlenose has disconnected.

Skywarp looks down at the dogs head.."

Megatron looks at the mess. "You can be glad that nothing worse happened.

Skywarp rubs his poor sore neck..

CatsCradle looks down at teh pieces of cyberdog. "If Diver were here, he'd fix it," she says mournfully.

Hook grumbles. "No, no, no! It only obeys to Decepticons! It wouldn't happen!" He shakes his head and grumbles at Catscraddle. "Oh please, let's not get into this! I wouldn't let you take care of an unanimated metal rod!"

CatsCradle glares at Hook. "HA! At least my pets are still alive!"

Megatron says, "I have enough of this discussuion now! Hook, Skywarp, clean that mess. And if one of you means he has to smash the other one, I will smash him. Understood?"

Skywarp nods.."But what about Ruse Boss...THis is her fault.."

Megatron says, "Is she here?"

CatsCradle looks suspicisiouly at the air duct. "I wouldn't be surprised..."

Skywarp scratches his head..."Uhm...No Boss..."

Hook grumbles a little under his breath and eyes Cats. "Well, perhaps because yours weren't build by yourself!"

Megatron says, "So, it is up to you two."

Repair_Drone slowly drives in the repairbay, emiting a few R2D2 noises as it heads over to Hook.

Hook looks down at his repair drone and grunts. "Not now, it is really not the time to come and complain to me! Really!"

Skywarp sighs and puts the dogs head down on the table..

CatsCradle takes the dogs head, grabs the rest of the pieces, and makes a run for the door with them.

Skywarp says, "Cats?!?..Where are ya goin with that?"

Repair_Drone heads over to Skywarp, since Hook doesn't listen to him and bumps a couple of time in his feet to attract his attention.

Skywarp sighs and looks at the drone.."Whatda you want?"

Hook turns her head over to Cats. "STAY RIGHT THERE!! YOU DON'T TAKE MY DOG PIECES AWAY!!!"

CatsCradle calls back over her shoulder, "I can't let him have it! Who knows what experiments he'll do on the poor thing?"

Repair_Drone tilts its little head to the side a little, an image begins to form on it's little glass head, it appears to be the one of the equipement room, or it seems to be... The medbay's door can be seen from that angle of view.


Skywarp blinks..."The equipemant room?..What do you want in there?

CatsCradle vaults over the repair drone. "Try and take 'em!" she shouts back and squeaks out the door


The Kitty Twister

CatsCradle runs in, carrying peices of what looks like a cyberdog. She looks around wildly then runs over to the table in front of Starscream and drops the pieces on it. "Can you fix him?" she asks breathlessly. "Hook killed 'em."

Starscream looks down at it, " Maybe if I knew what it was first?"

CatsCradle collaspes in the chair across from him. "Hook's cyberdog." She looks at him in outrage. "Someone let him have a pet!"

Starscream looks at it and snickers in spite of himsefl, " you shot a dog?

CatsCradle lets out an exasperated sigh. "Nononono.... Hook did something and destroyed it."

Starscream says, "well if he destroyed it then he doesnt want it does he?"

CatsCradle gives Starscream a grave look, optics wide. "We can't let him have it back, can we?"

Starscream hums and looks at the parts for a moment, " you read my mind....we can rebuild this into something else that he cant in the world did he get approval for a pet?"

CatsCradle looks over her shoulder. "And... um... he was chasing after me when I left..."

Ruse seems unconcerned with the dog as she sips her energon, sitting at a table with some minor damage being fixed by her autorepairs, "Probably just didn't ask." oO(Still can't belive he built in a verbal self destruct command *snicker!*) Ah the prankster returns.

Starscream slides the pieces over to the side and hopefully out of the drones view

Skywarp stands at the door and folds his arms...

Skywarp narrows his optics looking for a certain small cassette..

Repair_Drone turns around to Skywarp, emiting a few other noises before it turns around to advance deeper in the KT.

CatsCradle looks over at Ruse. "And whatever it was, Megatron doesn't seem to think you did it."

Skywarp says, "He will as soon as Ruse tells him what she did...""

Starscream looks to Skywarp. He didnt see him come in. " Skywarp I think that drone is lost. Perhaps you shoudl guide it back to the repair bay

Skywarp says, "He aint lost...He led me here..""

CatsCradle eyes the repair drone warily.

Repair_Drone emits a few noises and stops beside Skywarp.

Ruse doesn't even stop in middrink. she sets the cube down, "Did what? Why would Megatron think I did anything? If its about the pumpkin in the repairbay..."

Ruse says, "Thats probably Tempest's work. Shes the sculpter, im the.. artist."

Skywarp pats the drone and looks at Ruse..."Did what?!..Oh I dunno..Like telling to dog ta Explode and almost killin me an Hook!"

Skywarp wipes some of the scorch off of his white face..

Starscream looks at sky, "what?

CatsCradle looks at Ruse with narrowed optics. "/You/ destroyed the dog?"

Skywarp says, "Ruse told that dog to self destruct and Hook thinks I did it!..After it took out half the bay!""

Skywarp folds his arms showing his purple is now criss crossed with black scorch marks from the explotion...

Ruse dims her optics, "Why would Hook put in enough whatever into the .. thing.. to almost kill all in the area when it self destructs and destroy half the repairbay? Specificaly, when I have been told it wass some sort of pet... Your whole story seems abit, strange." oO(I didn't think it really would or with that much force.)

Repair_Drone emits a few noises and tilts its back to peer up at Skywarp via it's little glass head.

Skywarp says, "How the heck should I know!..I didnt build th` thing..All I know if If you dont tell Megatron..Ill have my Lil friend here show himthe footage of you sneakin out of the bay just after it exploded!""

Ruse says, "Lets see the footage."

Starscream gets mildly annoyed, " You mean to tell me that repair bays half destroyed?!!! Oh man so how am I suppose to get fixed later tonight?"

Skywarp says, "Aks Ruse how..Screamer..""

CatsCradle smacks her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Great, Skywarp. Now she'll try to steal it from you."

Skywarp says, "No..Because if she doesnt my next stop is Megatrons office..."..Narrows his optics."

Repair_Drone emits a few other noises, rolling backward a little, going behind Skywarp's legs.

CatsCradle goes back to eyeing the drone warily. "Warp? Is that one of Hook's gadgets?"

Skywarp says, "Yeah..And its a friend..This lil guy can think fer himself...Thats how I knew where Ruse went after she snuck out.""

<Guest> Reaverscythe has connected.

CatsCradle asks suspiciously, "Is it gonna explode, too?"

Skywarp says, "No it aint gonna explode..""

Ruse leans back, "... Skywarp, even IF, IF I did what you said... The blame rests not on me, but Hook for creating a walking bomb, and placing live munition like that in the repairbay that is set off so easly. All you would be doing is dragging Hook into a mess of trouble."

CatsCradle looks like she is debating ducking under the table. "I'm sure Hook said the dog wasn't going to explode, either." Then she looks up, with a rather gleeful expression at the thought of Hook in trouble. "Yes, he would, wouldn't he?"

Ruse is the fox, crafty, sneaky, and sometimes a pain in the... *cough*

Skywarp says, "Yeah..Well we will see if the Boss thinga th1 same thing...Since you were the one who lit the fuse.."..Turns for the door shooing the drone in front of him."

Repair_Drone turns around on itself and begins to roll away with Skywarp as it walks out.

Ruse remains calm. oO(Bah even if I am cought I only lit the fuse of a firecracker disguised as a turboanimal... Hook is the one who put it there.) She just leans back abit... if she did it, she is awful calm.

Skywarp smirks and looks back..."Becides..even if Hook did have it armed..It was an expiremental right?...I dont think the boss will like you messing with Expiremental stuff..Right?..He grins back at the Tape..

Starscream looks to Ruse, " I dont want to know."
Ruse shrugs to Starscream then looks to Sky smiling, "Strange I don't remember him having permission for anything experimental like a pet that takes out half the repairbay do you?"

CatsCradle grumbles something about Hook shouldn't have permission for a pet at all, explosive or not.

Skywarp smirks.."Dont matter what Hook did...You caused it ta explode and almost took me out. I dont take kindly to that. "..Looks at Starscream..."She made it so you cant get fixed and almost caused you ta lose a seeker...You deal with her then."..Walks out with the drone

Ruse falls silent... sipping her energon with a calm expression for the moment.

Starscream looks back to Ruse sternly, " Is that true?"

Ruse gulps the energon ever so slightly. She is in it so deep she thinks to herself, how was she to know it would really do that though? Mentaly sighing but outwardly calm as ice she sets the energon cube down... does she lie to him as well? oO(.. enough .. this is disgraceful, cowardly. Just tell him!) She finaly huffs and admits in that same steady tone to the aircommander, "Yes."

Starscream stares at her for a moment, " You did this to keep me from getting repaired so that you might take my rank?

CatsCradle begins to rethink the under-the-table move.... it's starting to look more and more like a good idea.

Ruse pfts, "Starscream... me, Sky, and Hook where toying around with his pet. Hook told it to attack and it bit his hand for Primus sake. The thing was code defective. He said he didn't imput many commands and I jokingly told it to self destruct. I didn't think it would and take half the repairbay with it."

Starscream watches her closely to see if shes telling the truth, "I will have to take your word for it now wont I?" he thinks for a moment then smirks, "So I will."

CatsCradle looks mournfully at the pieces of the cyberdog. Unexpectedly, she smirks. "I bet his expression was worth it..."

Ruse leans back... and projects Hook's face seconds before the explosion for Catscradle.

CatsCradle chuckles. "If it were anyone but Hook, I'd recommend help in cleaning the repair bay." She tucks her feet up on the chair underneath her. "If it were anyone but Hook, that is."

Starscream looks and laughs, the first time hes done that in a long time.

Ruse grins looking to Starscream, "Boom... hey he set himself up all I did was joke around." She probably could get away with murder. thats the frightening thing.

Starscream says, "better hope you never need his services Ruse. he just might remember this." he says that lightly then adds, "Then again no...because if you cease to function under his care he could not live with himself.""

Ruse says somewhat jadedly, ".. like he cares. He took forever to repair your damage and shut you down when you begged him not to.."

CatsCradle leans forward. "Well. Of course, the most important question has gone unanswered." She pushes the pieces of the cyberdog in front of Starscream again. "Can you fix him?"

Starscream looks to Ruse as she says what she says and vaguley remembers something about that. Then not wanting to think any further on it looks tothe peices pushed in front of him. " Sure I can fix him...yes...."

CatsCradle beams and looks at him expectantly.

.Starscream looks at the pieces dubiously. oO/he cant fix this thing, but hes not about to say that./ He looks through the peices like he knows what hes looking at and looks to Catscradle,"Is this all you could retrieve of it?"

CatsCradle looks down at the pieces. "I thought that was all of it, but maybe some of it simply disintegrated."

Starscream looks at the parts again and hums, "And whats in this for me if I repair this doggybot?

<O-Decepticon> CatsCradle says, "like the difference between putting a bandage on a cut and doing open heart surgery"

CatsCradle grins evilly. "Because it would really really piss Hook off."

Starscream smirks, " Yes to show him that he is not the only one with skills."

CatsCradle says , "And because I refuse to give the poor thing back to him.""

CatsCradle shrugs at what she sees as hestitation from Starscream. "But if you don't want to do it, I'll save the pieces and have Diver do it when he comes back." She begins to gather the peices.

Starscream puts his hand down on the parts, " I will fix the mutt ...but after I am fixed"

CatsCradle nods. "Oh, I understand the priorities." She squeaks the pieces out from under his hands. "I'll just hold on to these and you can let me know when you feel up to it."

Striker walks in and looks around, waving a greeting to everyone and pausing on Cats, "I haven't seen you in here much, actually I don't think I've ever seen ya in here. What's up?"

CatsCradle shakes her head. "I didn't say that. I said that whenever you are ready to fix it, you can. As long as I know it's fixable, I'm all right with it." She sweeps the last of the pieces into subspace and looks up at Striker. "I've been in here a few times. Just not recently."

Skywarp walks back in after helping fix his half of the repair bay...still scorched since Hook wont fix NOT in a good mood.

CatsCradle stands up and gives them all a little half-bow. "And if you'll excuse me, I think I will head out." She picks up the jackolantern she has adopted and leaves

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