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The Girl Who Loved Powerglide... Sorta

(played 10/27/01)

Living Quarters

        When needing to rest, recharge, or relax, Decepticons go here to their private rooms. A long hallway has doors on either side leading to each Decepticon's assigned space. The rooms are equipped with a small computer console and work station, a recharge bed, and whatever personal belongings the individual has. The rooms are fairly small and packed close together, but they are reasonably sound-proof for privacy.

Skywarp skids as his feet go our form uder him.."Wha!!!"..*THUDS*

Skywarp says, ".........ow....."..Looking up at the celing..."

Megatron makes his way throught the hall, spraying the floor.

Skywarp sits up and moves as Megatron passes by.."I think its workin Boss..I can stand!"

Motormaster hrms a bit and, walking more carefully this time, heads over to Skywarp and offers a hand to the Seeker, surprisingly enough.

Skywarp looks at Motormaster ....and takes his help slowly...

Ruse sighs as the floor returns to siminormal, "Well atleast the worst is over." She glances to Skywarp, "Whatever you do, don't transform in here if you slip anymore."

CatsCradle looks out her doorway in time to see Warp go sprawling.

Skywarp stands rubbing his back..."Thats gonna leave a mark..."

Starscream closes his air intakes and other inlets as the srpayer goes by, He also makes a face but says nothing

Megatron puts the spray aside and looks around his troops. "Everyone back on the feet?"

Motormaster nods to Megatron.

CatsCradle asks, "What happened to the floor?" She looks at it suspiciously but doesn't make a move to leave her quarters

Skywarp looks at Starscream.."I dunno Cats..."

Megatron says, "Good, than we are going to meet in the Command Center in 200 Asec"

Motormaster coughs a bit,"Uh, that'd be my fault."

Ruse says, "Noway Moto. You didn't say buff it untill we all slipped everywhere..."

CatsCradle gives Motormaster the same suspicious look. He had never looked the sort for practical jokes.

Skywarp says, "This aint one of my ideas neither...To bad its a good one..""

Skywarp rubs his chin..

Megatron says, "No thanks to you, Wildrider, but we can walk here again."

Wildrider walks in to see everyone admiring his pretty floor..

Megatron says, "I await you all in the Command center."

Megatron enters Training Complex

Wildrider sees Megatron walks past him as he looks at the others..."What?.Ya dont like how the floor came out?"

Motormaster shrugs,"It was my orders, Wild just took it a tad too far. It ain't his fault. Just who he is." He then plods after the Decepticon leader, careful not to fall over again.

Starscream dusts himself off and starts gathering his datpads

CatsCradle cautiously reaches out with one foot and tests the surface of the floor.

Ruse makes her way over and helps Starscream gather up the datapads.

Skywarp cracks his back getting the kinks out...

Motormaster frowns a bit as he sees Starscream's activity and after only a moment or two of hesitation moves over to help gather them up too.
Starscream nods to Ruse and Motormaster

CatsCradle seems vaguely satisfied that the floor is more or less normal and heads to the command center


Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Starscream walks in and over to his station. Sitting down he sets his datapads to the side and looks to Megatron expectently.

Megatron waits in the Command Center for the arrival of his troops.

Skywarp sits down at his seat still rubbing his neck from the fall..

CatsCradle slips in and perches on her console, swinging her legs slightly

Motormaster heads over to a miscellaneous empty seat, draping himself in it casually and waiting for Megatron to start.

Ruse walks in about the same time as everyone else, her arms crossed. She wanders over to the sensorstation chair and has a seat...

Wildrider stands at the door..

Megatron activates the computer. On the screen appears the image of a suborbital station. "I like to introduce my latest project to you: the sky platform."

Ruse hms, wondering what her fathers plan is this time. She remains silent however and waits for him to explain what he has in mind for such a creation.

Skywarp looks at the screen..

Megatron gestures at the image. "In short, the energy transductor it contains will be functional, enable us to turn this planet's electromagnetic field into raw energon.

Dirge wears a frown, having heard plans like this numerous times that never quite seem to work out.

Starscream looks to the screen and asks, " So this is whatthe Contsructicons have beenworking on ?

Megatron nods. "One of their projects for to be exact. However one component I need is still missing. I need an energy formula that was developped by Hybrid Technologies.

CatsCradle tilts her head and studies the screen. "Hmmm... didn't Hook's last invention self-destruct and take out a good portion of the repair bay?"

Dirge mutters, "Great, more humans, That'll bring the Bots running."

Starscream raises an optical ridge, " Human technology?"

Starscream glances to Catscradle and smirks

The image on the computer changes and the picture of a young woman appears.

Ruse hmms... wont the Autobot notice this platform in the skys above the planet? As is Teletran was able to spot us with its equipment on a human building when we where testing the heatray. This sticks out even more... She suddenly looks up to Catscradle, "That was an - accident."

Skywarp glances at Cats...then looks at Ruse.."Yeah it did."

Motormaster ums and eyes the projection from his seat,"'xactly who're ya plannin' ta have run that thing, Megatron? I mean, once we got the formula and all."

Megatron says, "Yes, human technology, Starscream. Or, lets say, they just did the work for us."

Megatron smirks at Motormaster. "Volunteering for running it, Motormaster?" He turns serious again, turning the attention towards the screen.

Starscreams optics narrow a bit, " So then why the hesitation on working with the humans I found?

Wildrider looks at the screen and frowns..."Not a lot of room on that thing ta get up much drivin speed..Is there.."

Megatron says, "This time we will not work /with/ them, but just take /from/ them what we need, Starscream."

Starscream smirks slyly, " Understood

Motormaster ehs and looks bleak at the idea of being stationed on the thing, but then brightens,"So this is just a smash'n'grab, right? Me and m'boys c'n take care o' that."

Dirge says, "I guess when there are a few billion of em, one or two come up with something useful just by dumb luck."

Megatron points at the human female: "This is Astoria Carlton-Ritz, chairwoman of the board at Hybrid Technologies. She has what we need.

Starscream mutters, " Give Wildrider a buffer and point him in thier direction. Mission complete..."

Wildrider looks at Starscream.."Ya dont like how I fixed the floor?"

Skywarp looks at the Human femme.."Scrawwny lookin Human.."

Dirge speaks up, looking at Motormaster. "Who are you sending to grab her Megatron?"

Ruse says, "Can I go? I can snatch her without causing any unwanted attention."

Starscream wrinkles his nose, " better any of you then me

Starscream doesnt like the looks of this fleshcreature, Hes afraid he might get something from her.

Megatron says, "Chasm has informed me that today is her birthday - whatever that is... And she is celebrating that on the terrace of her penthouse. There the seekers can get her, while the Stunticons will secure the Streets in case she manages to escape."

Motormaster grins,"An' if any Autobots show up ta try an' spoil th' fun?"

CatsCradle says, "A birthday is a celebration of the day the human was born.""

Ruse says, "... so this flesh creature was just born? She looks remarkably aged. Perhaps the smaller ones we have seen develop quickly. It would explain their numbers."

CatsCradle chuckles. "No, they celebrate the anniversary of their birth every year."

Skywarp looks at Cats.."What for..Humans dont even live that long..Why bother?"

Motormaster looks to Catscradle,"How d'you know alla this, anyways?"

Dirge says, "More importantly, who cares? We're wasting time."

CatsCradle shrugs slightly. "I'm in the Research and Exploration division. Learning about the humans kinda comes with the job description."

Megatron says, "Starscream, you lead that operation. I will be on the sky platform, taking care that Chasm doesn't start to sell parts of it..."

Motormaster leans over to Wildrider,"Ya ready ta cause some collat'ral damage?"

Megatron says, "Motormaster, you coordinate the troops on the ground. I await you on the skyplatform with the girl."

Wildrider grins at his Boss.."Im always ready!"

Dirge checks his arm lasers, more from ritual than practical need.

Megatron says, "Starscream, I will transmit its coordinates to you. Decepticons, fullfill your duty!"

Starscream stands, " As you command. Decepticons follow me." he heads for the door

Dirge follows the air commander.

Ruse stands and follows Starscream.. not sure how useful she will be in this operation but going to assist anyway.

Skywarp stands and follows Starscream

CatsCradle shrugs and hops off her console to follow along.


Hybrid Technologies Corporation

The famous Hybrid Technologies Corporation fills an entire skyscraper with its offices, development laboratories and subsidiary companies. The top floor of the skyscraper is a lush garden, complete with outdoor entertaining area, swimming pools and tropical hothouses. A marquee has currently been set up atop the building and coloured banners and streamers snap in the wind.

A group of humans are conducting some sort of party atop their skyscraper. Colourful marquees are set and everyone is wearing silly hats. One of the humans appears to causing some sort of tantrum. "It's not fair! It's my party! You should be enjoying yourselves, you old geezers!"

The humans see the explosion of Decepticons filling the sky and start to yell, running around in a panicked fashion, "Help! Giant Robots!"

CatsCradle comments mildly, "You'd think that they'd be used to this by now..."

Skywarp dives following Starscream...

Motormaster roars up to the road beside the giant building, emitting back to the Stunticons following behind him,"Y'heard what Megatron told us ta do! Secure th' area... /nobody/ gets in, nobody gets out. An' if ya see th' girl runnin', grab. Don't kill."

CatsCradle adds, "And don't squish by accident either."

Wildrider says, "Dont Kill? much fer having fun...""

Wildrider revs and blasts past MM headed for the doors!!

Astoria stares rather stupidly at the Decepticons, "Hey, those things are much bigger than on TV."

One of Astoria's bodyguards tries to drag her back into the building, "Chairman, please, it's not safe!"

Dirge flies in a perimeter around the building, watching for signs of Bots.

Ruse flys along after the jets, though being so slow tends to lag behind abit. She pours power into her antigrav trying to keep up with them, "I wish I was a seeker at times." She draws her rifle, and eventualy catchs up to the group... ready to cause some trouble.

Astoria shakes off her guard, "Will you lighten up? This is so cool!"

Wildrider RAMS into the cement stairs in front of the doors plowing into them

Debris flies everywhere as Wildrider slams into the door! Humans are thrown in all directions!

Motormaster calls,"/That/ ain't how ya make an entrance, Wildrider. THIS IS!" And his engine roars to full too moments before smashing into the wall next to where Wildrider came in with his even greater mass.

Meanwhile, just out of sight, a certain Autobot plane is surveying the Decepticon attack. "Whatever are those bozos up to?" he thinks to himself, jetting in for a closer look.

Powerglide flies into the area, spotted by Dirge, who fires a couple of quick bursts at him. The red plane dodges them and transforms, running down toward where the Stunticons are causing havoc.

Wildrider transforms into his robot mode.

Wildrider says, "hehHAHAHAHAA!!..Good one Boss!..Ok Humans..Wheres the Girl?!""

Astoria is terribly confused, unable to work out which way to run in the confusion. "Heeeeelp!" she shrieks, working out that she's in danger now by the all the ruckus caused by the Stunticon's demolition derby!"

Dirge calls down to the other Decepticons, a bit later than ideal, "Hey, we got an incoming Bot, look alive!"

Dirge dives down in pursuit.

Skywarp hears dirge and sees the red plane.."HA..No Prob Dirge..."

Skywarp banks and teleports out..

Wildrider walks over the Humans looking for the one that Megatron wants...

Starscream orders quicky, " Skywarp, Dirge intercept that autobot//repose corrected

Motormaster transforms with Wildrider and frowns a bit at the confined space available, smashing about to clear a bit more room to work and then looking down at the little humans scrambling this way and that,"Funny little critters. Like runnin's gonna get 'em away if we wanted ta squish 'em."

Motormaster transforms into his robot mode.

Wildrider says, "Ggrr..They all look the SAME!!""

CatsCradle decides that there are enough 'cons going after the single autobot and transforms, landing lightly on the rooftop.

CatsCradle transforms into her Robot mode.

Humans are milling back and forth in a confused, panicking mass.

Ruse powers up her rifle and slowly takes aim from hover a short ways away from the building... She charges up, building up for a distence shot slowly as she follows the Autobotplanes movements through her scope...

Dirge mutters to himself, "To heck with this, I'll just nab the girl they were trying to protect." He had a good view of who was the center of attention while circling.

Dirge transforms into his robot mode.

Dirge lands amid the humans and grabs one in particular, trying to match it to the picture Megatron showed them earlier.. They all look so much alike.

Starscream circles and fires randomly into the humans fromtime to time, " So we have her yet?

Powerglide barrel rolls to one side and manages to avoid the attacks targeted at him. "I'm I good or WHAT!" he yells in excitement. As he flips over, he sees Dirge heading towards the girl... "So that's what they were after!" he says to himself. "Too bad the Decepticons couldn't organise a picnic. It's rescue time... And awaaaaaay we go!"

Dirge looks around for Catscradle to verify this is the right target. Then he sees Powerglide heading toward him.

Skywarp ports in behind Powerglide..."More like..Away you GO!!"

Astoria realises that all of her guards have run off or are buried under rubble, "Um, um," she says to the Decepticons surrounding her. "Is this because I didn't pay my credit card bill at Macy's?"

Motormaster lets Wildrider and Dirge search among the organics, raising a head as he hears the Autobot start to close in and activating his subspace pocket, Cyclone Gun in hand moments later. He brings it loosely to bear on the approaching jet and squeezes the trigger, unleashing a screaming whirlwind his way.

CatsCradle sorts through the humans, trying not to step on any of them. She looks over at the one Dirge indicates and nods.

Ruse grins looking through her scope, "...or what." She fires towards the Autobot plane as it jets down towards the building hoping to hit him, or atleast shoo him away with cover fire for Dirge.

Powerglide flies in at a crazy angle, dropping a toe line from his underside. "Grab on! He shouts, damage smoke pouring out of his left engine."

 Astoria looks around, and realises that she's been driven to the edge of the building. "I guess I've got nothing to lose," she comments and seizes the toe line.

Powerglide draws the toe line, loading the human into his cargo bay. He flips around to avoid the Decepticon shots and then starts to fly vertically straight down the side of the building!"

Skywarp follows after Powerglide and hits his Radio to the other Cons...."GGgrr..The little runt plane has the GIRL!!!"

Dirge raises his arm laser reflexively to shoot, but holds his fire. If the red Bot blows up, so does the girl.

Dirge transforms into his Blue Jetfighter mode.

CatsCradle leaps into the air, transforming. "Yeah, but he's damaged. He can't fly forever."

CatsCradle transforms into her Jet mode.

Wildrider hears the Radio and looks at Motormaster..

Motormaster glances to Starscream,"Looks like its up ta you boys now."

Powerglide is demonstrating a considerable amount of unpredictable craziness in flying - with sharp dives, rolls and slides - it's almost a wonder that the much vaunted Seeker force can keep up!

Ruse grs, "Darn it... " She looks to Cats and the jets slowly lowering her rifle. Not much she can do now. She slowly hovers down to Motormaster, "Should we report back to Megatron now commander or chase after them in hopes of being of some assistence?"

Dirge follows the glitched-out red plane, trying to get into a good position for his fear-inducing sonic weapon.

Skywarp follows Behind Powerglide..though the smaller jet can manuver a lot better in such closed in spaces..

Powerglide drops out of side, his NOE systems blocking off the Seeker's chance of radar. The terrain abruptly changes to NY's convoluted highway system.

Motormaster hrms, gun still head casually in one hand, and steps over to the edge to peer out at the city beyond before making is decision,"Let's go. Powerglide's gonna call in help sooner 'r later, and when he does.. well, the Seekers are gonna need help." He looks to Ruse,"Need a ride?"

Skywarp Growls as the Autobot slips off his Radar...

Skywarp says, "Where is that RUNT!""

CatsCradle streaks after Powerglide, managing to keep him in sight. Energy crackles around her, weaving into her field, which suddenly sweeps out towards the plane.

Ruse nods to Motormaster, "Ya, save my energy for gunning down that twisted autoscrap of a plane rather then chasing it."

Powerglide flips to one side as the elegant, glittering energy net misses its target!

Wildrider walks up and stands next to MM and Ruse

Dirge is flying somewhat above Powerglide, waiting to get into a good position.

Powerglide yells out, "I see the Decepticons are hiring fishermen! You'll have to do better than that!"

Motormaster nods in agreement and transforms back to his other mode,"Wild, transform an' go as fast as ya can after 'em. We gotta catch up 'fore Optimus and his goons arrive." His door then pops open for Ruse to climb in.

Wildrider blinks and nods.."Ok Boss!"

Wildrider transforms into his Gray Racecar mode.

CatsCradle snarls as the plane squeaks away from her 'field, then grumbles even more at the fishermen comment. She rolls in again behind Powerglide for another try, taking a second longer in her aim. "Here little fishy..." she croons.

Ruse climbs into Motomaster's cab and takes a seat behind the wheel, "I hope we arn't to late for the battle... Not that Starscream will need the help." Said in a slightly teasing tone.

Powerglide shouts, "Oh now - the fishercon's on my tail. Gotta shake her loose..."

Motormaster transforms into his Black Semi mode.

Powerglide tries to put on a final burst of speed to shake off CatsCradle's dogged pursuit.

CatsCradle drops into place behind and just slightly above Powerglide and sends her 'field net out again

The Stunticons can hear the wailing of police sirens and ambulances from the bottom of the building.

Wildrider revs and drives into te safty rail and over the side ..Driving down the side of the building!

Dirge hits his engines and streaks downward, using gravity to finally get in range to use his sonic weapon. The sound of his engine reacts with Poweglide's audio receptors, causing him to freeze with fear. Dirge radios out "Ok Cats, nab him!"

The gossamer energy net wraps around Powerglide, cutting off his manouvreability just as Dirge's sonic weapon freezes his engines! The Autobot plane starts to drop like a stone!

CatsCradle rolls down after the plummeting plane. "Dirge, catch 'em!"

A news crew watches Wildrider race down the side of the building. "Man," a cameraman says, "We've got give that guy a tyre sponsorship!"

Motormaster grumbles so that nobody but Ruse could really hear it as he drives back out of the building and sees the approaching authorities, snorting a bit in response to her comment and noting,"Jus' hold on, alright? I wouldn't want ta throw ya against the windshield. Too hard, at least."

Dirge extends a tow cable down, trying to calculate their rapid rate of decent, Powerglide's weight, the strength of the cable... Can he pull up in time?

"This Cynthia Redgrove for XAZ-1," the reporter says quickly. "A crisis at the Hybrid Technologies Corporation ... we have a truck driving /OUT/ of the building... my god, how will it fit through the door?"

Ruse laughs and grips the dashboard just incase, "Don't worry about me - just floor it!" Now where did she learn that expression? Probably goofing around int eh city with Rumble.. in a car. another long story for another day.

Dirge angles almost straight up, his engines glowing white hot as he tries to stop them from falling. Powerglide is unfortnately in a power dive at the moment, and pulling Dirge with him.

Motormaster doesn't seem to intend to fit through the door so much as bring the door along with him attached to his grill, for he does indeed put the pedal to the metal. And then, he smashes straight through it with a giant crash in a huge cloud of glass and metal shards, easily taking the shock and continuing on.. straight towards the gathered humans that are in his way!

Powerglide and Dirge, locked in a deadly embrace, are spiralling the ground!

Wildrider suddenly slams into the ground behind the camera crew..the dust clears showing the car without a scratch..

Dirge radios out, "Someone give me a hand here!"

CatsCradle radios back to the other Seekers. "We could use a little help here," she sings out. Her engines whine as she pulls even with Powerglide, then she transforms and catches part of her 'field, pulling up and adding her own engines with Dirge's.

Skywarp ports in next to them..."You Called?"

The reporter leaps backwards, "Well viewers, that's our answer ... the truck just drove straight through the door! Wow, imagine this guy at demolition derby! We're seeing maximum collateral damage, folks! And just where is Optimus Prime in all of this?" She glares at the camera accusingly.

Dirge says, "Yeah Warp, add some thrust here!"

The news crew tries to break up as Wildrider rumbles towards then. The reporter grabs her mike and runs to one side, but the cameraman, a real news hound, focuses on the Decepticon. "Hey, a word for the camera, buddy?"

Skywarp extends a tow line as it clamps onto Powerglide

Powerglide mutters, "This isn't looking too good."

Inside, Astoria wails, "You freak! I thought you said you were hear to rescue me! This isn't fair! I demand to be dropped off at the shopping mall right now!"

CatsCradle lets out a squeak at 'Warp's sudden appearance, but doesn't let up. Her lighter weight isn't enough to make much of a difference, but maybe with all three of them...

Skywarp pulls his nose up as the tow line pulls tight..

Ruse laughs wildly, what a ride! She watchs as Moto plows towards the humans... hanging onto the dashboard carefuly as she is bounced around slightly in the cab.

Wildrider says, "Why dont you give me a word Human...or more to the point..a SCREAM!!..HEHAHAHHA!!.."...revs and heads right for the Camera!!"

Powerglide drops to the ground, transforming, carrying Astoria in one hand. She frantically beats at his arm with her fists.

Meanwhile, a convoy of cars can be seen driving up the highway on the wrong side. A huge red truck is in front...

Dirge transforms into his robot mode.

Skywarp transforms into his Robot mode.

Skywarp says, "Tricky for an Autobot..""

The cameraman shouts, "Shiiii---" as he drops he camera, dodging off to one side. The homeviewers can see Wildrider coming straight at them!

Dirge lands right near Powerglide, and wastes little time on subtly. He swings right for the little red plane's faceplate.

Skywarp runs over the camera smashing it into pulp.."Film at eleven!!..hehHAHHAAAA!!"

Motormaster doesn't even slow down as humans hurl themselves out of his way hastily, in fact seeming to speed up a bit in anticipation as he nears a small cluster of police cars that were abandoned the moment he emerged in their direction. And then, boom, he smacks casually through them too in another spray of glass and metal that will probably jounce his passenger around some more, before he roars off down the road in the direction the Seekers went.

Powerglide shouts! "I can take all of you on! Just watch me!" (Gotta hold them off until Prime shows up...!).

Powerglide dodges Dirges first blow, but not his second! He totters around and then collapses to the ground like a poleaxed cow!

Astoria lands on the ground. "Great!" she wails. "So much for my knight in shining red army." She glares at Dirge. "What do you want, tin head?"

CatsCradle lands, rolling, and comes up, sword in her hand, her optics blazing amethyst. "Megatron didn't say anything about keeping /you/ alive, Autobot" she says in a soft snarling voice. Then she notices Astoria on the ground and scoops her up in her hand. "Gotcha!" she says in lighter voice, grinning.

There's a huge car pileup as Motormaster smashes his way threw parked cars, police vehicles, delivery vans and expensive business cars. People are leaping out of their vehicles, screaming in mad panic.

Astoria kicks at CatsCradle's hand. "Gee, what is it with me and giant robots? I demand you put me down at once!"

Skywarp lands closeby and aims at Powerglide.."Hold him DIRGE..I got him in my sights!"

Dirge raises his arm laser and prepares to finish off the Bot plane when he sees Prime is about two seconds from arriving. "We got trouble. Let's get the girl back to Megatron."

Ruse flops back into the seat from the final burst though the police lines and clonks her helmet on the back of the cab. She winces slightly rubbing her head... still grinning though as she looks back towards the carnage left in the commanders wake, "Now this is my idea of fun!"

Optimus Prime can be seen rumbling towards the exploded building. "Decepticons, this action is uncalled for!" he shouts, transforming and drawing his laser rifle. "I demand that you let the human go!"

CatsCradle ignores the human and holds her tightly enough, but careful not to hurt her. She gives the Seekers another grin. "Score one for the jets," she chuckles, then winces. "I think I strained an engine on that one, though."

Ratchet transforms, "Prime, there's humans trapped beneath that rubble. We've got to start clearing it."

Skywarp looks at Prime.."Woah."

Astoria screams, "Somebody help meeeeeeee!"

Dirge heads up in robot mode, then transforms, trusting the others will follow.

Dirge transforms into his Blue Jetfighter mode.

Motormaster barks a laugh as he continues to hurry towards where the trouble is brewing, speaking into his cab to his passenger,"Ruse, ya hadn't really lived 'til ya've ridden with a Stunticon!"

Powerglide lies on the ground, struggling to get up, "Got... to... get ...up...."

Bumblebee grunts, "Oh man, it's the Stunticons, causing havoc as usual."

Skywarp says, "Gotta go Bots ..See YA!!!"

Prowl raises his gun to fire, but Prime knocks the weapon aside. "Careful, Prowl - we can't risk hurting the human."

CatsCradle leaps into the air, transforming and carefully encaseing the human in her cockpit. She follows Dirge, pushing her engines hard again.

Skywarp transforms into his Black F-15 mode.

Dirge radios down to the Stunticons, "Hey Motormaster, we got the human, let's go report to Megatron."

Bumblebee says, "I may not be able to fire at the jets, but I can fire at Motormaster!" He snaps off a weak lasershot at Motormaster's cabin.

Ratchet coughs, "Little buddy, do think that was a good idea? We're here to minimise damage!"

Motormaster calls out as he nears the gathering of Autobots and the Seekers pull away with the prize, intending to buy them time to get away. And maybe have some fun while he's doing it. "Prime! Me and you, here an' now! I'm King O' the Road, and I'm tired o' you Autobots ridin' on it!" He just drives straight through the laser without even seeming to notice.

Dirge says, "Aw great. Motorhead's going to take them all on."

Skywarp takes off

CatsCradle radios to the other jets, "Let's get the girl back to Megatron before something happens." Her voice takes on a sudden note of amusement. "The Stunticons are having their own fun. They can catch up later."

Optimus Prime says calmly, "I want you out of New York, Motormaster, and if you want a duel, that's fine by me." He transforms and starts to rumble towards the black truck.

Bumblebee shouts, "No, Prime!"

Ruse grins, front-row seats. She braces herself as the laser is drivin through and calls out cheerfuly, "Ramming speeeeeeddd!" Ah chaos, well atleast the jets are getting away in it.

Dirge radios back, "Yeah, that's great until they need backup Cats."

The huge bulk of Optimus Prime bears down on Motormaster...

CatsCradle sighs. "You wanna tell Megatron that we had the girl and lost her?"

Wildrider watches his leader go head to head..."Go Boss GO!!"

From inside CatsCradle, Astoria emits a constant stream of complaint. "It's so stuffy in here! The decore is terrible! Where did you buy this upholstry from? A dime store? I want a glass of water! I want to go home!"

CatsCradle finds herself wishing her stun net worked on humans too...

Optimus Prime smacks head first into Motormaster. A huge cloud of dust is raised by the collision...

Motormaster just pours it on even more, not even thinking about his passenger or the rest of his comrades looking on any more. He doesn't look as if he's about to back down, even though the space between him and the huge Autobot leader is getting smaller by the moment.. and then THWOOM and they impact and both disappear for the moment...

Dirge hears all this over the open radio link and says darkly, "Don't these things come with off switches?"

CatsCradle squeaks in spite of herself at the massive collision. "Then again, if Motormaster just killed Prime..."

Wildrider rolls forward a bit to get a better look..."Boss?"

The dust clears.... Motormaster is in terrible shape, his windows smashed and his front engine incredibly dented. Prime appears to be intact, and he staggers roughly to his feet, transforming. The Autobots cheer heroically! "Prime did it!"

"Get out of here, Stunticons", Optimus Prime says in a tired voice... Sparks flicker from broken panels, revealing internal wires. 'Give back your hostage and vacate this area."

Wildrider flinches as he looks at his leader...

Wildrider transforms into his robot mode.
Wildrider runs over to Motormaster.."Boss..You Ok?!?"

Motormaster transforms as well, but is unable to rise.. Ruse probably thrown clear already in the crash itself, considering the shattered condition his windshield is in. He raises his head, gritting against the pain as he snarls up from where he's on his hands and knees,"We already got the girl, Prime. Yer too late."

Motormaster transforms into his robot mode.

Wildrider grabs Motors arm trying to help him up..

Ironhide grunts, "Damn, this was a distraction so the jets could get away with the hostage! We've been had, Autobots!"

Bumblebee mutters, "Trust the Decepticons not to play fair.."

Ruse just got cought in a two truck headon... as the smoke clears she finds herself about several yards away, her armor peeled in places and dented from having bounced on the cement road. Slowly she stands with the ultimate transformer version of a carpet burn and shakes her head. "Ow.. w... what a crash.. Moto you ok?" She looks around slowly relising she isn't even in his cab anymore.

Prowl says, "Let's take down Motormaster while he's wounded..."

Prime shakes a hand. "We had a gentleman's agreement, a duel... If the Stunticon's leave now..." he glares at Motormaster warningly, "...we won't pursue. Autobots, we've got a lot of work to do and humans to rescue. We'll finish this another time."

The other Autobots look rather disappointed, but respectful of Prime's honour. "That's wasted on the Decepticons," Prowl mutters. "They have no concept of honour..."

Ratchet is carefully co-ordinating the rescue of serveral trapped humans.

Wildrider pulls on Motormasters arm to help him to get up..

Motormaster is more dragged to his feet by Wildrider than much from his own motive power. He looks on the verge of collapsing once more, optics flickering for a moment... but finds a reserve of strength somewhere to straighten a bit,"It ain't over, Prime. Next time you won't be so lucky." But he's obviously unable to continue the fight now, looking to Wildrider and gritting out,"Get Ruse. Let's get outta here."

The other Autobots look rather disappointed, but respectful of Prime's honour. "That's wasted on the Decepticons," Prowl mutters. "They have no concept of honour..."

Ruse slowly, looks around. She staggers towards Wildrider and slowly wills herself to hover as her open skidwounds sparks slightly, "Its ok, just focus on him Wild.. he took the brunt of it."

The Autobots carefully focus their weapons on the Stunticons as they retreat...

Wildrider tries not to get crushed by Motormaser as he helps him walk..."Where the Heck is Dead End when I need em!"

Bumblebee whispers to Prowl, "At least they can't form Menasor now! Can't we just get them as they retreat?"

"No!" Prowl says, horrified. "Otherwise we wouldn't be any better than them. We've got to follow Prime's example. As soon as we start fighting at their level, the Autobots have as good as lost the war. We're here to stand up and fight for our principles - that's what makes us Autobots."

Wildrider growls at Prowl as they pass.."Hmph...Pace Car.."

Prowl stares at Wildrider as if the Stunticon were on acid or something.

As the Stunticons get far enough away from the Bots, Skywarp, Dirge, and Starscream arrive to help carry the wounded Motormaster. The Decepticon team, complete with wailing annoying cargo, fly toward the new base.


Orbital Sky Platform

        Waves of energy ripple out of the Decepticons' latest technological super-project - an energy transductor, designed to suck energy from the Earth's electromagnetic field. The entire structure resembles a flying saucer with a huge spire rising from the centre. Crackling waves of energy appear to be flowing into the spire. The weather around the platform is quite turbulent, caused by the disturbances in the Earth's electromagetic field.

Astoria peers out of CatsCradle's canopy. "Oooh, is this a flying saucer or something?"

Skywarp flies along side the others...

Scrapper stands on the flying platform ready to receive the wounded Motormaster.

CatsCradle agress with "Or something." She doesn't transform yet, thinking Astoria would be better contained in her canopy.

Dirge helps lower down Motormaster to where Scrapper is waiting with a medical platform.

Chasm flaps behind Megatron, looking very self important.

Dirge transforms into his robot mode.

Astoria asks, "When does the in-flight movie start?"

Megatron awaits his troops by the Ops. "It seems the mission was a success.

Scrapper takes a look at Motormaster's injuries and begins preliminary first-aid repairs, enough to keep him stable.

Skywarp transforms into his Robot mode.

Motormaster is pretty much out of it by this point, his incredibly battered chassis having given out once more and dropped him into unconsciousness as Scrapper sets to work.

Chasm flashes an optic, "He did something right for once. I /am/ impressed," he says quietly.

Megatron looks at Motormaster. "Except for this...

CatsCradle lets out a long sigh. "I can't quite believe I'm about to say this," she murmurs, then says in slightly louder voice, "Didja see the net I used on the Autobot? Think what it might do to a noisy human..."

Scrapper takes out a small sparking tool used to fix circuits. "I'll have him repaired soon enough Megatron."

Megatron points at Astoria. "Take her inside for interrogation.

Astoria sobs into her Coco Chanel hankerchief. "He was supposed to rescue me! You ruined everything! And I've lost my scarf so this dress isn't as effective as it was before..." She peers out the canopy again. "Is something going to happen soon? This is, like, so boring! I hate waiting around."

Ruse slowly hovers down along with Motormaster, and stays next to him all the while. She sparks now and then from open 'spots' of almost peeled off armor on her frame... Although damaged she stays silent untill Scrapper finishes speaking, "How long will it take to repair him?"

CatsCradle transforms, holding the human in her hands and looking like she is coming down with a severe headache. Without another word, she follows Megatron inside

Scrapper doesn't even look up, absorbed in his work. "At least a couple of hours, to do a proper job."


Ops Room

        This room is the living heart of the Energy Transductor - computer banks line the walls, and various meters and graphs show the various power outputs running through the entire structure. The master computer is linked with the Decepticon base computer, allowing an exchange of information. Various technological projects can also be found in the Ops Room, including Soundwave's experimental 'Psycho Probe', designed to suck information from the minds of organics.

Astoria looks around the Ops Room. "Wow, this sooo cool. Look at all those little flashing lights and everything! Hey, you guys all turn into jets! That's so much more exciting than cars. Mind you, there was that Autobot plane, but he was like, sooooo useless! He didn't even have a clue on how to rescue a person. Hey is that a little dragon over there? Oooooh, isn't it cute?"

Dirge double-checks to make sure the door behind them is closed all the way. The human won't be wiggling through any cracks if he can help it.

Chasm bristles indignantly, "How dare you tag me that irritating appellation!"

CatsCradle looks at Megatron, with a helpless expression, the girl in her hands at arm's length. "And you know... up till this moment, I really liked the humans..."

Chasm babbles quietly, "Many adjectives describe me - charming, handsome, witty, fearsome. Just not .... /that/ one..."

Gryphus says, "May I have the human/""

Dirge looks at Cats like she's nuts.

Skywarp walks in and looks around

Megatron grumbles: "Chain her to the chair." He gestures at the chair in the middle of the room which is constructed for a human being.

CatsCradle looks a little uncomfortable at the idea of chaining the human, so hands her over to Gryphus to let her do it.

Ruse eventualy walks in, nolonger sparking but not repaired either. She looks to megatron hopefuly, "Can I preform the interrogation?"

Skywarp says, "Dont Humans have off switches...""

Dirge mutters, "Just so long as no one thinks we're keeping it.."

Astoria says, "I've never been on a flying saucer before! So is true you guys are aliens? Or were you made by the Russians after all? I mean, why would aliens turn into cars and jets? It doesn't make sense! You're a Russian experiment that got out of control! An alien Russian experiment?"

CatsCradle sighs. "They do have off-switches, but it's really messy to use them. And it's rather permanent."

Scrapper is off in one corner of the room, repairing Motormaster.

Megatron says, "You can assist me, Ruse, but I don't put her off-line."

Gryphus studies this girl human a moment. "You must forgive them for they knwow not what they do." she murmers. "Russian no.. aliens yes>" no sense telling lies. "Now would you be so kind as to tell us soeme inforation? Trsut me its beteter you tell if reely than it to be tortured out of you." Gry is using all that charm of hers.

Megatron walks over to Astoria. Looking down at her, he demands: "Tell me what you know and you will be released.

Astoria stares helplessly at Gryphus. "Information? You want information from /me/? Uh, I know all sorts of things. For instance, you can get a great bargin on pocketbooks over at 46th Street. And don't buy the tortellini at Castallo's, as they use inferior-grade pasta. And on Saturday nights, the Germain's Wine Bar has this great little string quartet playing."

Gryphus says, "NOt that sort of information. Just answer the questions from my Lord and all shall be well."

Dirge rolls his optics. "Great Cybertron, it never shuts up. Why don't we just get Soundwave to do his mind reading thing?"

Megatron's optics flashes. "Before your father died he gave yout he the hightech energy formula.

Skywarp folds his arms..

Astoria sits up, "Oooh, a quiz! I'm good at these.... Huh? Energy formula? I don't know anything about that. I just run my company and do shopping. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to juggle those two aspects of my life."

Megatron clenches his fist: "Tell me what you know!

CatsCradle leans up against the wall nearest the door and rubs her temples silently. She looks like her headache is getting worse steadily.

Skywarp says, "Sheesh..And people call ME dim..."

Gryphus shakes her head. "Sure you do... he must of told you something.. wrote it down?"

Astoria scratches her head, "Well, the earth is the third planet from the sun? Or is that the fourth planet? I get confused sometimes."

Megatron says, "Silence!"

Gryphus says, "Sir she doesn't seem to know..."

CatsCradle lets out a strangled noise and buries her head in her hands.

Megatron tries to stay calm somehow. There is Ruse, there is Starscream, there is Wildrider... he should be able to handle this trouble as well... ;)

Ruse walks over slowly as she is still damaged. She hovers slowly up to Astoria's level having a slight insight here, "I know how important such a formula must be personaly to you. Since your father gave it to you... Is it really worth your continued existence though flesh creature?"

Scrapper is luckily oblivious to the keeings of the organic as he continues to work replacing Motormaster's damamged parts.

Megatron says, "Since you won't give me the formula willingly... there are always other ways!"

Gryphus looks at the girl. "You realize if you know we'll find out and it will leave you.. less of a normal state. Be best you tell us the truth."

Astoria rolls her eyes, "For the last time, I don't know anything about some silly formula." She sniffs and draws out her Coco Chanel hankerchief again. "And I get all upset when people talk about Daddy as though he's no longer with us. You know, he used to call me 'his little princess...'"

CatsCradle asks in a voice, muffled from behind her fingers, "Is there a vice-president of your company, or co-chair, that your father might have given the information to?"

Astoria sighs, "How would I know? I'm only the president of the company."

Dirge stands with his arms folded and an impressive even for him scowl on his face.

Megatron gestures at the device above Astoria. "The psycho probe is capable of extracting all the information from a humans mind. I'll give you one last chnce. Tell me what you know. The psycho probe is not a pleasant experience.

CatsCradle looks up. "Who runs the company when you are... um... doing your shopping?

Astoria says, "I don't know anything about the formula! Oh, and you might want to be careful of the machine - I'm not too good with those things..." She looks up, "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings..." She looks over at CatsCradle. "I run the company... it sort of takes care of itself."

Megatron makes Ruse a sign to connect the psycho probe to Astoria

Gryphus sighs. "I regret we must do this."

Ruse narrows her eyes, "She had her chance Gry." She reachs up and them moves to connect the probe as her antigrav lifts her abit higher...

Astoria looks rather doubtfully at the psycho probe. "Will this be like going to the dentist?"

Gryphus says, "More like going to a bad pych person."

The little sucker pads fall off Astoria as Ruse tries to connect them to the human's forehead.

Megatron sets his jaw plates. This girl is going on his neuro circuits... "Have it your way then... Chasm , activate the psycho probe!

Astoria says, "Do you need a hand there? I'd help, but these stupid clamps are in the way. She kicks at her clamps that hold her to the chair."

Ruse brights her optics... and trys again. Failing that she holds the pads to the girls forhead, via the wires, careful not to touch the connectors.

Gryphus watches on, sad the human may be too ruined to be much use for her research.

Chasm raises a delicate paw and presses something on the terminal. There is a sudden flash and then a cloud of smoke rises from the computer, "Er, there's some sort of malfunction," Chasm reports cheerily. "Don't worry, I'll have it fixed in a jiffy."

Dirge supresses a smile. The human's thoughts even make computers nuts.

Megatron shakes his head. "Impossible," he mutters.

Chasm opens a panel and starts to fiddle with the machine. Only his tail can be seen for a few seconds, flicking from side to side. He turns around sticks his snout out, and presses something again. "Erm, it's reporting that she doesn't have a mind at all - that it's complete empty. Perhaps I should have used the green wire instead."

Gryphus rubs her chin. Hmmmm...

Megatron barks at Chasm: "Then use it, idiot!

Astoria rolls her eyes, "See? What did I tell you? Me and machines just don't get on well together. Like stripes and polka dots, or caviar and bernaise sauce."

Chasm grumbles and dives into the panel again, emerging a few seconds later. "This should do it," he says, and flicks the switch again.

Dirge mutters, "Or your head and a laser bolt. We ought to try that next."

Megatron grumbles: "Very well, activate.

Chasm presses a switch.

The psychoprobe's current, all 9000 volts, bypasses Astoria and is directed straight through Ruse, juddering her circuits and covering her with a crackling electrical aura.

Chasm scratches his chin, "I don't think it's working properly."

Astoria laughs delightedly, "Wow, you guys are really sad, do you know that?"

CatsCradle leans her head back against teh wall behind her and begins to pound lightly

Dirge steps away from the wall, still frowning, and moves to help Ruse.

Ruse GRRAHS! She is shocked and lets go of the probs rubbing her hands and wincing as her chips sizzle. She snaps at Chasm, "Fry the girl not me!"

Megatron sees what is happening, shocked. In reflex, he blasts the controls to stop the probe.

Chasm leaps to one side as smoke pours out everywhere. "You almost hit me!" he snaps indignantly at Megatron. "I just needed more time to investigate the technological parameters... Perhaps it was the blue wire after all..."

Megatron grasps his head with both hands. "I do not believe this!!!"

The security computer emits a warning chime. "Aerialbots detected in formation. Repeat, Aerialbots detected." It flashes an image on the screen of Powerglide flying in front of the Aerialbot wing.

Chasm hisses, "You stupid piece of recognition software! Powerglide isn't an Autobot! Why is everything malfunctioning today?"

Astoria tries to clap her hands, but the clamps hold her down. "Yay! It's my rescuers! And there's cute little red plane again!"

Gryphus blinks. "Cute?"

Ruse clanks to the floor kneeling, her optics dimmed, "... secondary chips damaged." Between this and the skidding on concrete for yards.. her optics dim slowly. She then grrs and they brighten as the human speaks up, "They can't rescue you if you are deactivated human!"

Dirge snaps up in attention. "Permission to intercept Megatron."

Megatron heads for the door to "welcome" the visitors, gesturing his troops to follow. Turning to Astoria one more time. "I will attend you later."

CatsCradle says slowly, "I'm not sure we should leave her alone... given the way machines malfunction around her..."

Gryphus says, "I'll watch her."

Ruse slowly stands, and leans aginst a wall. She looks to Megatron, "Permission to help guard Motormaster along with the prisoner." -and avoid a fight.

Megatron says, "Good. Take care of Ruse too."

Gryphus says, "Gladly sir."


Orbital Sky Platform

        Waves of energy ripple out of the Decepticons' latest technological super-project - an energy transductor, designed to suck energy from the Earth's electromagnetic field. The entire structure resembles a flying saucer with a huge spire rising from the centre. Crackling waves of energy appear to be flowing into the spire. The weather around the platform is quite turbulent, caused by the disturbances in the Earth's electromagetic field.

The Aerialbots and Powerglide are flying in formation, breaking through the waves of energy emitted by the powers spire.

Megatron nevertheless laughs. "They will never make it through the energy storm." Except for Astoria's bad influence on machines let's the system fail...

However, the Aerialbots appear to be having grave difficulty actually /reaching/ the platform, as the spire is emitting powerful crushing waves of force energy.

Dirge looks around. "If they break through, we don't have the firepower to stop Superion."

Megatron says, "They will be too weakened to form him."

CatsCradle squints up through the flashes of energy at the flying 'bots. "How much longer 'til Motormaster is fixed?"

Dirge says, "Scrapper said two hours. Where are the other Constructs? We need *some* kind of big Con here."

The Aerialbots and Powerglide fire various missiles at the platform - most of the blasts are shredded by the waves of energy, but one missile slams through, knocking against the side of the platform! For a second, the delicate anti-grav balance of the platform is disturbed and everything lurches to one side for a brief second, before the stabilises cut in!

The Aerialbots renew their assault through the waves of energy!

Megatron curses. "The gravity controls.

Dirge raises his arm laser by reflex, but knows it wouldn't go through the EM waves.

CatsCradle loses her balance and goes skittering across the platform until she drives her claws into the surface, claws squealing against metal as she pulls herself to a stop. She rolls back to her feet in a smooth movement, snarling softly under her breath.

Megatron says, "Dirge, help Scrapper to take Motormaster and Ruse to Headquarters."

Megatron says, "Gryph shall assist you as well."

Dirge says, "I obey Megatron."

Gryphus arrives from Ops Room.

Gryphus has arrived.

Gryphus says, "Get back here. I've way too many questions!"

Dirge heads toward the door when the human comes running out between his legs. "Hey, what?"

Gryphus bowls right into Dirge. Oops ;)

CatsCradle dives for the human, trying to scoop her up in her hands

Astoria crouches to one side, hiding beneath a bank of machinery. "Oh no, got to save that cute red plane... What if I can short out that spire thingy?"

Dirge falls backward with Gryphus, both tangled up, and narrowly missing the human.

Astoria squeals, trying to wriggle out of Cats' grip. She snags off her locket, and whips it around her head, throwing it at the spire. "Sorry Daddy about your formula, but this is more important!"

Megatron fires at the incoming planes.

As dumb luck would have it, the locket connects with the spire. There's a sudden explosion of power and then the platform goes into freefall.

Megatron sees in terror what is going on. This is definitely not his day!

Dirge yelps a bit as the platform starts to plummet down.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Decepticons, return to headquarters!"

Astoria beats at CatsCradle's hands, "Let me go you badly colour-coordinated construct!"

Gryphus gets free of Dirge just in time for the frefall. "Ack!"

Dirge says, "The Aerials are going to hit us with missiles any second!"

Megatron says, "Dirge get Motormaster."

Gryphus transforms into her Hippogriff mode.

Megatron says, "Cats, throw that darn human over board. Rescuing her will keep the Arialbots busy."

Dirge seems afraid for a moment, then steels himself and heads quickly into the Ops room.

Dirge doesn't make any speeches. He gently takes Motormaster from the smaller Ruse and Scrapper, throws him over a shoulder, and flies out of there.

Ruse doesn't waste time either.. she trys to grab Chasm by the tail and quickly fly after them!

Chasm wails, "Not the tail again..."

<Earth> Megatron says, "I repeat, return to Headquarters!"

CatsCradle can't quite bring herself to chuck the human overboard, and squints back up towards the autobots. Assured that they are fairly close, she puts the human down on the platform. "They'll be here soon for you," she says and leaps into the air, transforming
Obvious exits:

The platform is dropping... It won't be long until it connects with the ocean...

CatsCradle flies out, her hands empty and transforms barely a wing-span from the platform

Scrapper bails out over the side, cursing the Bots and that flesh creature for ruining yet another base.

Megatron ducks the blasts. "Throw the human over the edge, now!!

CatsCradle says , "I left her on the platform. They'll have to fly in to get her.""

Gryphus tries to at least give the Bots a repair bill as she tracks her lasers at the gestault.

Astoria wails, clutching to a portrusion of metal. "Heeeeeelp meee!"

Ruse flys out afterword, Chasm in tow by the tail most likely.

Powerglide and the Aerialbots fly intowards the platform, swooping in towards the human.

Chasm snarls, "Out of all the humiliations and indignities I regularly undergo as part of this despicable, rag-tag army, this has to be the worst!"

Megatron flies down from the base, grasping Ruse and Chasm in flight, carrying them along.

Ruse looks down at Chasm, her sparking joints aching as she hisses, "This hasn't been my ideal mission either so stop your whining!"


Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.
Obvious exits:

CatsCradle slips into the room and sits on her console, studying her hand. "I think she /bit/ me."

Ruse walks in with Chasm being drawn behind her by the tail STILL. Slowly she walks forward abit into the room then over to a wall letting go of the dragon.. then clanks aginst the wall bracing herself.

Chasm snarls and withdraws his tail from Ruse's grasp, clutching the delicate piece of coiled in metal in both claws. He flaps up to a computer back to start polishing it. "There, there," he says, patting the mace like end of his tail.

Megatron walks into the command center, glad to have escaped that darn mess.

Ruse looks to Chasm and smiles though somewhat mentaly exhausted, "Your welcome, by the way..."

Dirge says, "Motormaster is in the Repair Bay."

Megatron nods. "Good.

CatsCradle frowns at her hand, shakes it one more time, then looks up at the rest of the room and waits for the fallout from /this/ adventure.

Megatron is not pleased. Well, this was one of these project you should simply write off. He should have stayed in his recharge bed today...

Chasm stares at the computer screen, "Ah, Megatron - take a look at this. There's something coming towards us... something big."

Dirge says, "Superion?"

Ruse says, "... ... ... Chasm, how big?"

Megatron says, "What is it. The platform should be the Autobots' problem by now."

CatsCradle murmurs, "Aw... crud...." She hops off the console and stands next to the door."

Chasm says weakly, "Er no, our problem. The shape - which is the same size of the platform - is falling straight on top of us!"

CatsCradle squeaks, "You're kidding, right?"

Megatron stares at the monitor. "Activate the Forcefields!" he orders, forgetting that the platform had forcefields not the undersea base...

Chasm cowers under his wings. "I wish I was."

Dirge says, "We gotta get out of here!"

Chasm looks at Megatron incredously, "What forcefields??!!"

Dirge hands begin to shake as he says, "Not good."


The entire base judders to one side... water begins to fill the lower hold. The orbital platform has slightly knocked the base off its moorings and is angled up on the ocean floor, held at a diagonal by the roof of the Decepticon ship.

Chasm scraps his claws into the computer as the base tilts, leaving a long, neatly scratched line of claw markings on the polishing chrome of the computer. "Eeeeep..."

Megatron graps to the consoles, not to fall down. This is definitely not his day...

CatsCradle catches herself in the doorway, claws digging into the metal, swearing in a mixture of Cybertronian and several Earth languages. "I'm beginning to think," she snarls, "that having an underwater base is a really bad idea."

Ruse goes flying back, and crashes aginst the other wall with a loud CLANK! No sound escapes her voicebox though. Her body is so jarred several plates actualy fall off before she just drops with a clunk to the floor. She remains still...

Dirge has grabbed a chair and is holding on, optics dim.

Reaverscythe arrives from Access Corridor.

Megatron activates the intercom.

<Earth> Megatron says, "Attention, Decepticons, this is Megatron speaking. Your new orders are... errrr... Clean up this mess!"

Chasm erms, "I have to go and... check something..."

Megatron sounded quite depressed this time. Astoria was just too much for his neuro circuits.

Megatron suddenly realizes that Ruse is off-line, hasting over to her. He touches the small femme. "Ruse? Ruse can you hearme?"

Ruse is limp, no responce. All that damage from before, plus this.. its lucky she is still in one chunk of metal... er scratch that several bits of her remain behind on the floor, including her destroyed rifle.

Megatron picks his daughter up. "Ruse, darn..." He heads for the door, hoping the repair bay is still functional.

CatsCradle watches Megatron leave with Ruse with a worried expression. She starts to follow, then stops and quickly goes back to the control panel. "Right. Are we taking on water anywhere?"

Repair Bay

        The place Decepticons seek medical care, the repair bay makes every effort to put the patient at ease. The temperature and lighting are optimized for comfort, and the walls are a neutral grey. There are ten beds along each wall, all with display panels. Equipment and tools are stored in the wall between beds and diagnostic scanners emerge from under the beds when in use. Off of the main room is a specialized surgery unit for laser core trauma, a small cryogenic stasis facility, and an emergency room with stacked beds to be used when the main room becomes too crowded. Overall the repair bay appears to visitors as modern and efficient and this impression is quite valid. Even the most catastrophic injuries can be treated here by a skilled medic.

Motormaster hesitates,"Sir... would a normal motor board work in a tape like her?"

CatsCradle steps into teh doorway and hesitates. looking around.

The drone mearly beeps and returns to replacing and implimenting new parts on the small femme, and replacing finished sections with armor. It leaves her midsection open though, unabe to complete repairs there.

Megatron says, "It may work for a while..."

Ruse meanwhile doesn't move. She is still transmitting messages from her core to body, the bodys motors are just unable to respond. Slowly her optics brighten as the repairs are done to her, but her face is set in stone.

Motormaster doesn't hesitate this time,"Take mine an' give it to 'er sir, I'll wait fer the next supply shipment ta get fixed up. I got 'er hurt, it's my responsibility."

CatsCradle hesitates a moment longer, her jaw clenching, then she walks into the repair bay and to Ruse's side. She touches Ruse's hand gently, then looks up at Megatron. "Will she be all right?"

Megatron slowly shakes his head. "I need you fuctional, Motormaster.

Motormaster is about to protest,"But Megatron, I..." Until he catches himself and nods, lowering his head,"Alright."

CatsCradle begins to say slowly, "If you need parts..." she hesitates again, looking down at Ruse's face. "I'm... I'm not as needed as Motormaster." For a second, though, she looks terrified, even as she tries to hide it.

Ruse lays limp on a table. She is mostly repaired.. save for a missing #344 movment control board. Her midsection lays open, minus the chipset. Her optics dims slightly, everyone is offering her their controlboards.. but a huge one in a small con wouldn't work to well.

Megatron is standing beside Ruse's table, holding her hand.

Hook enters in the repairbay, a large enough Cyberfalcon rests upon Hook's arms. It's smaller than Laserbeak or Buzzsaw, but it looks like more a falcon, a masterpiece, a work of Hook. The Constructicon takes a few steps forward, a smile growing upon his lips. "My, my, everyone went in the repairbay, it seems... Gladly, I came here because I forgot my tools, or else I would have still remain with Scrapper to assist him." He coments.

Megatron says, "Stop chattering and start to work!"

Hook blinks to Megatron, giving him a hastly nod. "Of course my lord!" Shaking his arm a little, the Cyberfalcon flies off of it, flying toward a nearby medtable. The Constructicon takes his tools and heads toward Ruse.

Hook allows the Cyberfalcon to fly off his arm.

CatsCradle looks up at Hook, her expression suddenly blank. She gives Ruse's hand a quick pat meant to be reassuring, and moves out of Hook's way. Her optics blaze amythist for a brief second, then she goes to stand quietly in the doorway, bracing the door open with her shoulder.

Hook examines the mini-tape for a few moments. The Constructicon hmmms faintly, staring at various places of her body, looking for what's wrong. He folds his arms against his chest and lowers his optics. "Ah! Seems like she's missing a movement control board!" He declares. Ain't he a genius? ;)

Motormaster snorts,"We've known that fer a while now."

CatsCradle closes her optics briefly, then opens them again.

Ruse 's optics flash brightly... she would strangle him if she could move her arms right now.

Megatron's optics flash annoyedly. "Don't tell us the obvious! Help her!

Hook turns his head over to Megatron and frowns. "Ah! Well, that's something I wasn't aware of, my lord, thus now, I am enlighten." Hook gives Megatron a nod. "Yes! Yes! I shall, I shall, although, I do need a movement control board just like her, for her design... Since she's missing hers, I cannot repair it, and if we do not have any fitting for her here, I will have to either create it, which would take long enough, or go get one on Cybertron. Hopefully, we must have one here!"

Megatron says, "Whatever is necessary, do it."

Megatron says, "However, if you think it has more sense to repair Motormaster first, so do it - I need every Decepticon."

Hook snaps his fingers. "Very well my lord, I shall do whatever's possible for it." Hook turns his head over to the medbay's door and folds his arms against his chest, waiting. Tapping his right foot inpatiently on the floor, Hook coments. "Stupid little drone... What's taking it so long..."

CatsCradle says in a very soft level voice, "maybe it self-destructed."

Megatron looks down. Ruse is his daughter, but he is responsible for all Decepticons.

Hook nods to Megatron. "Very well, my lord... Although, Ruse's operation shouldn't take long, if we do have a movement control board here." As Hook says this, the little repair-drone enters the room. "Ah! Speaking of Primus!" He exclaims. The Constructicon walks over to his drone and states. "Go get me a #12n4h5jg6836kl Movement Control board my friend...." With those words, the repair drone turns around on its wheel and heads out to futfill Hook's request.

Motormaster offers,"I'm willin' ta wait sir... I'm mostly repaired as it is."

Megatron takes a seat on one of the tables.

The repair drone comes back, emiting a few R2D2 noises to Hook. The Constructicon folds his arms against his chest and rubs his chin thoughtfully. "I see... Well thank you, my friend..." He turns around on his feet and says. "My lord, I am affraid we do not have a movement control board, I will have to build one myself... Although, I cannot begin now... I am affraid..." Hook turns around on his feet and heads over toward Motormaster.

Megatron says, "Do it as soon as possible."

Hook nods. "I will, my lord." He states as he begins the repairs.

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