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Nightbird's Return

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Soundwave is at his usual communications station, but he's watching Ruse and Rumble. He looks toward the door at the footsteps approaching, inclining his head slightly to Megatron, his gaze moving to CatsCradle and then to Blood Raven, still a shading of curiosity in his expression for those who can read it. Perhaps he's wondering how she's been fitting in.

Tempest paces in, optics flickering over Blood Raven, though she no longer carries her swords. She's just gotten back from...some business of her own, outside.

Blood Raven watched everyone intently especially Soundwave....

CatsCradle moves to her usual console, hopping up to perch on top of it, tucking her feet under her and looking perfectly comfortable. She rests her elbows on her knees and her chin on her fist and simply waits for the chaos to break out. It always does after a meeting in here.

Megatron walks in, back from his business. There is Bloodraven... "Soundwave, report. What is with that superweapon?"

Tempest looks around, agitated...too many people for her to use the computer... She curls up in a chair away from the consoles, fidgeting, thinking thoughts that are anyone's guess. Her optics are burning, her gaze piercing and fixed on nothing visible...

Ruse looks to Megatron, her playfulness vanishing for now as serious matters need to be attended to...

Soundwave fills Megatron in on a brief summary of last evening's events. "Anti-aircraft cannon at Sherman Dam was successfully destroyed, Commander. Starscream's agility as well as Blood Raven's information, readings taken by Ruse, Gryphus, and CatsCradle, and a combined effort of firepower, proved its undoing."

Dirge enters from the Access Corridor, and takes a long look at Blood Raven. He's been on patrol and hasn't really gotten a good look at the new addition.

CatsCradle says softly with a grin, "It exploded very nicely."

Blood Raven nods her head when her name is mentioned

Ruse nods to those that entered absently, then adds, "It also got in a few hits commander. It was very well designed for Autobot tech."

Tempest nods, satisfied...where she'd gone last night, is again anyone's guess. This one has had a project of her own devices, of late.

Megatron grins. "Excellent. Very well done, Decepticons." He looks at Blood Raven. "I will give you a chance in our ranks.

Soundwave does not wish to interrupt Megatron's conveying of a place in the ranks to Blood Raven, but has more information to impart. He goes on after a brief pause, "Additionally, Commander, I have discovered some information of interest, specifically through reconnaissance by Ravage."

Blood Raven bows in respect "It will be a great honour to serve you my Lord" her voice is filled with sincerity

Ruse looks to Blood Raven and smiles abit, "Welcome to the elite warriors of the universe." She then looks back to Soundwave and falls silent to hear the rest of his report.

Blood Raven smiles and nods at Ruse

Tempest doesn't really show much particular interest in the report per se...she listens idly, as an excuse for something to do.

Soundwave waits for an indication of Megatron's interest.

CatsCradle gives Blood Raven an absent but pleasant smile, her own attention focused on Soundwave, her chin still pillowed on her fists.

Blood Raven smiles at CatsCradle

Dirge is leaning on a wall, arms folded, with his usual half-frown expression, waiting to hear what oil field or hydroelectric plant they'll hit next.

Megatron says, "Continue, Soundwave."

Soundwave says, "Ravage took the liberty of exploring on his own as he tends to do. He reports a heavily guarded laboratory complex, situated nearly in the center of the North American continent. I directed him not to infiltrate, but to discern what he could from outside. It is a human establishment, but clearly Cybertronian technology is in use, as indicated by drone-robot guards. I surmise that the Autobots are sharing technology with their human allies, and I detect considerable power usage from the facility. The remote readings indicate a highly sophisticated computer system in use, which according to intercepted communiqués is known as 'Torq-3' among these humans.""

Tempest's head suddenly perks up and she says, guardedly but with interest, her optics gleaming and riveted on Soundwave, "Drone robot guards?"

Soundwave says, "I can display visuals of the exterior."

Tempest waits for them, her circuits pulsing...

Blood Raven watches and listens excited at the thought of battle

Soundwave gives Tempest a look, noting her sudden interest.

Dirge says, "Wait a sec. The Bots are giving gizmos to the flesh creatures? What are they stupid?"

Ruse waits as well, calmly. She tilts her head slightly, "You have to ask that question Dirge?"

Rumble laughs and says to Dirge, pretty much!"

Megatron narrow his optics as if he has a presentiment of something. "Show me visuals, Soundwave."

Blood Raven says, "they must have some good reason for it"

Tempest looks right back at Soundwave, as if to insinuate that she has every right to be interested and no need to explain herself.

CatsCradle says in her soft voice, "The Autobots have been supplying help to the humans for quite some time. We keep seeing more and more of 'bot influences on their technology."

Dirge hmms. Clearly he isn't happy with the thought.

Rumble says to Blood Raven, "Yeah, they have a good reason...bein' pains in our afterburners."

CatsCradle adds, "And I imagine, if we looked hard enough, we'd see human influences on the 'bots."

Blood Raven says, "do not underestimate them little man, something is brewing I can feel it"

Ruse says, "That and pretending to care about them while arming them subtly to fight in their war for them. Disposable fleshling warriors, willingly, doing almost the same as those that Megatron outfitted those humans with hypnochips... we have already seen them producing weapons with Cybertronian tech."

CatsCradle tilts her head slightly. "I haven't noticed any of the cassettes underestimating the humans. If anything, they are among the ones who study them the most." Her voice holds no scold to it, just a mild tone.

Megatron says, "Soundwave, the visuals."

Rumble shrugs to Catscradle and says, "What can I say? They play good music."

CatsCradle grins at Rumble. "I thought you might say that."

Soundwave's fingers tap across the controls on his console, activating the main screen, the staticky image dissolving into an overhead satellite shot that zooms in rapidly on a set of featureless buildings surrounded by a heavily guarded exterior. But rather than the expected armed human guards - there's one night watchman strolling across the grounds and disappearing inside one of the outbuildings - there are robotic sentries, wheeled and tentacled things with mounted weapon-like appendages, that stand positioned near all entrances.

CatsCradle turns her gaze to the screen and studies it. "I'd like to see what those sentries are capable of, before we waltz in there."

Tempest's optics flare, her breath catching in her intakes, and she nods her head...a short, firm gesture as if confirming something. She glances sidelong at Megatron.

If Soundwave notices Tempest's reaction - and there's practically no doubt that he does - he gives no indication.

Blood Raven remains silent but notes her behavior too

Megatron watches the screen. "So that is Quantum Laboratories..." he murmurs. He stumbled over the name while doing some private researches, but did not know that facility seems to be so important...

Blood Raven "you are a warrior at heart...Tempest?" she remarks quietly.

Ruse crosses her arms, and rubs her chinplate, "... I wonder what they could be building in there with transformer tech?"

CatsCradle's attention is distracted by Blood Raven's voice, and she passes a quick grin to Tempest. "Tempest is a warrior in a hell of a lot more than heart, aren'tcha, Temp?"

Tempest nods sharply to Blood Raven and gives her a twisted smile. "Perhaps you could say so..." She doesn’t' seem to like being the center of attention here, but... "Those robots are carrying Cybertronian lasers, tech very similar to ours. Serious resistance."

Soundwave says, "There is considerable monitoring of the perimeter, which is why I directed Ravage to remain outside. We could infiltrate, but the number of guard-drones is unknown. It is likely there are more within."

CatsCradle says, "And again, I'd like to know more of their weaponry and numbers before going in blindly."

Tempest speaks like she knows what she's talking about. Her optics dart to CatsCradle. She's edgy, disturbed...the flickers in her optics are visible to those who look...and she figures a nod to Cats is the easiest way to respond civilly while not having to think too hard about it."

Tempest says, very softly to CatsCradle, "The numbers are rough," and hands her a data pad.

Dirge says, "Well, we're gonna have to blow it up sooner or later. Might as well do it now before they send those drones after us."

CatsCradle leans forward to take the data pad and scans over it. She whistles softly. "Going in hard would be difficult."

Megatron says, "I read something they would work on a computer project... If they work with Cybertronian technology - what they obviously do - they may work on a second Teletraan..."

Tempest says, "I presumed the numbers indicated human guards, but now I see..." She looks at the visuals. "This is far more heavily guarded." Again her optics flicker to Megatron and her brow furrows.

CatsCradle hands the pad back to Tempest. After a moment, she shakes her head ruefully. "I can now see the use for Hook's exploding pets."

Ruse says, ".. I volunteer for any infiltration mission! I want to see what those humans are up to first hand."

Blood Raven notes this remark made by CatsCradle and remembers seeing Tempest in battle before (previous to joining the ranks) she would make a fine tutor if she would be willing to have an apt pupil

Soundwave says, "The computational power of the Torq-3 system, according to the power output in the main building, is not entirely comparable to that of Teletran-1. But it is possible it is still under construction and being enhanced further."

Rumble chimes in, "Yeah, you just tell me where to shake n' quaker Ruse...teach /them/ to steal our tech!"

Blood Raven says, "I will join you as well, my...alt. mode may be needed there."

Dirge says, "Let's just carpet bomb the whole place, end of problem."

CatsCradle says, "If it has human influences to the technology, it might not have the same type of output of Teletran, unfinished or not."

Tempest says, her voice shaking just a little, "Dirge, we can't do that."

Soundwave regards Tempest.

Megatron watches the pictures on the monitor. "Do you see a possibility for us to get more information on this facilities? I need to know a possible enemy to fight him.

Dirge looks at Tempest. "Why not? Be a lot easier. We don't need this computer Soundwave is talking about do we?"

CatsCradle catches Tempest's tone then and studies her for a moment. Edginess from Tempest is almost normal, so she hadn't taken much notice of it, but now there is definitely something different about her. She doesn't ask, knowing the Seeker would brush the question away.

Tempest gathers her courage and gets up, walking towards Megatron, carrying the data pad she gave to CatsCradle earlier, and now offers it to him. "As I said to CatsCradle, the numbers are rough and you'll have to cross reference my presumptions as to the layout with Soundwave's intelligence."

Ruse says, "not to mention if we just destroy it the humans would build another. We have to counter it."

Tempest adds, "Never mind the other installations and their tallies...this is the one you want."

Blood Raven says, "how do you know of this information?"

Soundwave tilts his head a little. Interesting, that Tempest should know something about this compound.

Tempest says to Blood Raven, "I've been watching...seeking things out. Hunting, if you will."

Ruse looks to Tempest, "... hunting for what?"

CatsCradle asks softly, "What are you hunting, Temp?"

Tempest turns her back on them, her gaze fixed on Megatron.

Megatron looks at Tempest, then takes the datapad wordlessly. What information will he get?

Dirge doesn't seem to quite get what's going on. There's a threat, we have bombs, what's the hold up?

CatsCradle had guessed what Tempest's response would be, and shifts her gaze from the Seeker back to the screen, chewing her lower lip thoughtfully.

Tempest takes a deep breath and reaches into her storage compartment, wordlessly... She pulls out a Transformer-sized throwing star and brings her hand down, embedding it into the side of the console, never once taking her optics off Megatron.

Soundwave seems much more interested in observing Tempest than in the image on the screen, for his part. In the picture, one of the wheeled drones moves along the side of a building, coming to a stop and swiveling its turret toward the main gate as though keeping watch.

Blood Raven watches her intently twinge of jealousy courses through her she should have known about this base as well...seeing as she too had been watching from the shadows.....if only she had been more observant

CatsCradle blinks at the throwing star and draws in her breath slowly. "That takes care of the idea of bombing the place," she murmurs very softly. She rubs her forehead for a moment, then looks back to Tempest, her expression still thoughtful.

Blood Raven doesn't flinch

Megatron looks from Tempest to the shuriken and back. "Where have you found that..?" he asks hoarsely. His hand slowly reaches for the star, carefully as if it may disappear.

Ruse falls silent looking to Megatron then Tempest.. Tempest.. Megatron what could... have her so- She is snapped from her thoughts as Tempest punks down the throwing star. "That design." Who else has used those types of weapons besides her and ...? She narrows her optics commenting to Cats, "Indeed."

Tempest's voice is a ringing but essentially emotionless tone, her optics burning but her face a mask, as she answers. "In the wreckage of the Negavator bunker. With the wrecked prototype of a drone like one of those." She points to the screen. "The Autobots hide more than a supercomputer in that complex."

Dirge looks around at the others. "What? What is it?" He starts to move around, trying to get a look.

Tempest folds her arms, hand away from the star, letting Megatron touch it or take it if he will.

Blood Raven says, "is that really of any importance to us? so the humans are making more "robots" really and we feel this to be threatening?"

Megatron jerks around, facing Soundwave: "Soundwave, I need every information about that facility, now! I have to get in there!

Rumble walks over to Blood Raven and says, "That star belonged to Megatron's girl-friend."

CatsCradle chews on her lip some more, studying the screen again. "I'm in. You'll need all the stealths you can get. You hit this place hard, and they'll scuttle her away to another hiding place." She glances to Ruse. "I'm a stealth, but I'm not much good with the infiltrating stuffs. I can get in with you, if you can take care of the techie stuff."

Tempest turns her head slightly, watching Megatron spring into action, and then looks away, heading for the door without a word.

Soundwave nods. "Suggest we allow Ruse and CatsCradle to infiltrate, disable part of the security and monitoring grid from within, and allow us access."

Ruse dims her optics a moment. no matter what she feels, Megatron feels another way. She remembers the lessons she learned with Slasher and looks to CatsCradle nodding, "I can, and will. I am ready to leave whenever."

CatsCradle doesn't look away from the screen. "Can Ravage join us?"

Blood Raven eyes widen "My Lord, I was not aware. I will join you on your mission as it is of utmost importance

Soundwave looks toward Tempest as she hurries out, but his thoughts are impossible to guess at. He's quickly turned back to his console to see if remote sensors can tell them anything else of interest.

Dirge finally gets it as he hears Rumble's comment. "Oooh, I get it."

Blood Raven looks at Soundwave "Soul dancer perhaps you can alert her of our plans to ensure her safety?

Megatron hesitates a bit. This is not the problem of his troops, they should not be dragged into his private businesses. On the other hand, Torq-3 may develop a risk for the empire. "Agreed, Soundwave, CatsCradle and Ruse go in while we back them up.

Soundwave replies to CatsCradle, still calling up data on a smaller screen, "Ravage is currently too far distant to join us in time if we leave now. But I have contacted him and he is on his way."

CatsCradle blinks and turns to look at Soundwave. "Can you reach her? I mean... with that mind woogidywoogidy stuff you do?"

Megatron watches Tempest head for the door. "You will not be with us..?" he asks.

Soundwave peers at his data. "We cannot learn much without being closer at hand, Commander," he confirms, then replies to Blood Raven, "I cannot contact a being that is not also a telepath, Blood Raven. Or else we might have found what we sought long before this."

Blood Raven nods and frowns

Tempest is a minor player in the events now...neither an infiltrator, nor a leader, and as such she has vanished into the background, as she'd hoped. She's almost out the door when she hears Megatron's voice and pauses. All anyone in the room can see is her back, and the shaking of her head as she answers Megatron's question in the negative, but the face is unseen.

Soundwave's reply to Blood Raven is simultaneously an answer to CatsCradle's question. "If I am close enough, I may be able to detect her mind - if it is active," he adds more quietly.

CatsCradle nods, if anything, relieved by Soundwave's reply.

Megatron addresses Tempest again: "I may need my best warriors there..." There is a good reason not just to order her to join them.

Ruse says, "Good, we can carry you in cassette player form if you will allow Soundwave and you can help guide us once we are close, if she is active. That and some backup if we are caught is always a plus."

CatsCradle nods, if anything, relieved by Soundwave's reply. "That could help, if you can sense her and pass on to Ruse her general location. Nightbird might not even know it. If she was brought in unawares, she may not know where she is. But if she does, that would cut down chances of being stumbled upon even more."

Tempest takes a moment and then says, voice flat, still not turning her head, "Megatron, you're asking too much of me. How much do you want?" Tempest has never been verbally insubordinate to a request before, and she's still not looking at him. She seems not to even care if her behaviour is going to get her scrapped.

Dirge's optics show his confusion again at this exchange. Isn't Tempest part of the team?

Blood Raven notes this remark? Her emotions are overriding her logic she thinks strange to see such a warrior experiencing such things

Soundwave intervenes calmly, "I believe we have a sufficient infiltration and fighting force, Megatron. Someone must guard the base as well."

CatsCradle's attention is pulled away from the planning process at Tempest's voice, and the normally vivid amethyst of her optics soften slightly. "Temp," she says in a soft voice, "I'd really feel better if you were on the back-up team. I'd like to know you were around to pull me out by the scruff of my armor if I need it."

Blood Raven says, "let her be, it is wiser for her to stay out of this if she feels the need to, she's done enough I think." replies quietly to no one in particular"

Megatron nods to Soundwave, then asks Tempest: "Will you still be here, when we come back, Tempest?" His voice seems to be neutral, but there is a strange vibration in it...

Tempest's head turns fractionally, enough to show part of her helmet and perhaps the tip of the nose, but again not the face. She nods in response to Megatron's question, and says...though the voice is still flat... "Soundwave's right, someone needs to watch the base." And with that she is gone.

CatsCradle rubs her forehead again and glances at the throwing star, wondering for a sharp instant if that was the only reason Tempest came back in the first place. Then she turns in an abrupt moment to study the screen again. "Ruse? Where do you recommend going in?"

Rumble for a moment looks after Tempest, brow furrowed like he just can't figure her. Then he turns his attention to the task at hand...the mission! " I can't just earthquake the whole place flat now, eh."

CatsCradle chuckles in spite of herself. "I'd rather you didn't, Rumble, 's long as I'm going to be in there."

Ruse looks slowly to Tempest as she departs adding in a whisper, "Somethings, one has to deal with on their own..." She then looks to Catscradle, "Honestly? I would suggest the section the organic is guarding. He would be the weakest link in their defense parameter."

CatsCradle gives a decisive nod. "Sounds good to me."

Megatron takes the shuriken. "Soundwave, the coordinates, we are going to visit Quantum Labs.

Soundwave zooms the image of the laboratory out again until most of the continent is visible, a glowing red dot blinking on and off in nearly the very center of the land mass. The latitude and longitude appear in text just below.

The shuriken disappears in Megatron's subspace pocket.

Great Plains <North America>

     At their northern edge, these inland grasslands are bordered by the Great Lakes gouged out by glaciers a mere several thousand years before and filled by meltwater. Continuing south and west from there, the original prairie ecosystem has been largely replaced by farmland, as have the original deciduous forests on the eastern edge of this range.

Dirge swoops down to the spot just outside the security perimeter of the human complex, joining the others. "Looks quiet in the air. No crafts patrolling Megatron."

Rumble looks at the complex. "We better not let them know we're out here."

Soundwave flies into the area with the others as the complex they saw on screen becomes visible below.

Slasher slowly sets down and since Hex can't fly... Drops the critter who lands on all fours shaking its tail and giving a hiss.

Megatron flies carefully closer. He gestures his troops to land outside the security perimeter.

Looking toward the east, one would see a very heavily-guarded building complex, tucked away in the grasslands of Ohio, just north of the sprawling human city of Columbus. Inside, the flesh creatures struggle to build weapons with technology provided by Autobots. Their partial success is evident by the high voltage fencing that surrounds the perimeter, each post of which is armed with a security camera and Cybertronian laser array. What could possibly possess the Autobots to give real weapons to the puny organics can only be guessed at, but the results forecast danger for all Decepticons.

Blood Raven watches hex and thinks what a cute little pet he is

Ruse follows Megatron’s order, flying down and landing with the rest. She hms looking at defenses and comments to Cats, "This might actually be a challenge... be on guard."

Slasher stands quietly busy observing the human compound... his optics serving as binoculars as his optics digitally enhances what he sees.

Hex just sits down and drools like always... wrapping its tail around its base as Slasher watches the humans.

CatsCradle transforms in mid-air, landing lightly on her feet. She grins, directing her words towards Ruse, but her gaze never leaves the base. "I'm always on guard, Ruse." She lets out her breath in a sharp sigh and nods. "After you."

Soundwave lands with the others, and says to Megatron, "I can transform and be carried inside with Ruse and CatsCradle. Someone must disable the perimeter security."

Rumble looks nervously at Slasher and Hex. The alien critter is certainly Ruse's taste, can a little tape-bot compete against Slasher?

Megatron quietly says: "Ruse, CatsCradle... it is up to you now. Take Soundwave in - he will deal with the defense systems.

Soundwave transforms into his Tape Recorder mode.

Blood Raven turns to Megatron "what so you wish us to do?

Soundwave shrinks down to his human-equivalent-sized mode, making him much easier to carry - and more likely to be mistaken for an object forgotten by an "absent-minded professor" who works in the lab.

Megatron says, "We will wait until the road is clear..."

Slasher looks down quietly to Hex and says to himself, "I see Security... But is any of us.. ever truly secure ?"... Hex peers up and hisspurrrs then bounds forward a bit.

CatsCradle picks Soundwave up, slipping him into a compartment to leave her hands free.

Rumble grumbles, "I hate sittin' an' bein' quiet."

Blood Raven agrees with Rumble

Megatron smirks hearing Rumble.

Ruse looks to the others then nods to CatsCradle, "I suggested such earlier... but sound advice is always stated more then once. Lets go." With that she turns and begins to make her way towards the fence, her stealth skills falling into play natural as she stalks through the shadows towards it. She then just.. antigravs over the fence holographing herself as nothing more then a small organic rabbit.. pfft that was an easy obstacle. Once on the other side the 'critter' bounds over to the controls for the fence and moves to power it down, the image of the earth guard shimmering over her form so the sentries if they look that way see nothing unusual.

Blood Raven notes Slasher’s remark and her optics deepen he is more observant than she originally thought

Slasher crouches down softly and continues to watch and track the chosen Decepticons attempt at gaining access... Hoping that they will anticipate more security measures then just a simple ionized perimeter barrier...

CatsCradle gives Rumble an encouraging pat on the shoulder, then melts into the shadows, all but disappearing, except for a soft deep purple glow from her optics. She waits a moment for Ruse to power down the fence, then slips in silently, drifting from one set of shadows to another.

Dirge watches as Ruse works her way past the security and mutters to himself, "This would still be a lot easier if we could just blow it up."

Blood Raven smiles at that remark "but it would be wiser to do it this way

A tape reel moves almost silently in Soundwave's tape compartment as his voice emits from the tape player, so quietly that only CatsCradle can hear, "Attempt to position me in the path of the human guard when he returns on his rounds."

Megatron watches Ruse and Cats disappear, he hardly can wait to get inside... His optics glowing like red stars in the night.

Quantum Laboratories

        A very heavily-guarded building complex, tucked away in the grasslands of Ohio, just north of the sprawling human city of Columbus. Inside, the flesh creatures struggle to build weapons with technology provided by Autobots. Their partial success is evident by the high voltage fencing that surrounds the perimeter, each post of which is armed with a security camera and Cybertronian laser array. What could possibly possess the Autobots to give real weapons to the puny organics can only be guessed at, but the results forecast danger for all Decepticons.

Ruse follows after Cats into the shadows, hologram dropping. She remains quiet... trusting Soundwave has a plan as always.

As the two stealthed Decepticons get past the fence, the guardian drones remain motionless like the mindless machines they are. Their sensory systems, while heavily enhanced with Cybertronian technology, do not detect the infiltrators. Still, the main lab remains locked. The night watchman strolls around the corner of the building and comes into view, a routine night for him as he moves past the ominously silent drones.

CatsCradle gives a slight nod, knowing that Soundwave will feel the assent, rather than see it. She debates for a second, then slips out of the shadows again as the guard finishes his round and disappears on his next. She brings Soundwave out of her compartment and places him down in a spot as if he had been dropped carelessly out of someone's bag or knapsack. Immediately, she melts back into the darkness and crouches down to wait.

The guard circles the building on his routine route, unhurriedly, swinging his nightstick. He pauses as he sees the little tape player lying on the walkway. Shaking his head, he mutters, "I can't believe the careless researchers around here. Always losing stuff. Still, that's what Lost and Found is for." He reaches down and picks up the tape player, putting in a code in the keypad beside the main entrance to the lab building. The huge door slides open just far enough to let him through - though there's room and time for a smallish, stealthed Decepticon to slip past as well.

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Status report: we are within the perimeter, in the process of being taken inside the main building.  I hope to have the whole security grid down shortly."

<Earth> Megatron says, "We are ready to get in, Soundwave. Inform me when you are ready."

Ruse quickly slips in after the guard, sneaks up behind him, and moves to smack him upside the head and out like a light, and catch Soundwave before he clatters to the ground. oO(Time for a forced recharge human!)

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Acknowledged."

Ruse after snagging Soundwave and returns to the doors, pushing them open slightly more for Cats to squeeze in through..

CatsCradle drifts up to Ruse again, her optics glittering with approval at the cassette’s quick catch. She slips through the doors, glancing around warily, still in the shadows the doors cast

With the inside dark and seemingly deserted, Soundwave unfolds out of Ruse's grasp and rises to his full height, having no problems standing up in here with the high ceiling.

Soundwave transforms into his Robot mode.

Soundwave extends a cable from the tip of one finger and taps into a set of controls by the door, patching into and shutting down the exterior security systems.

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Soundwave to Megatron: security grid is down.  We are inside the main building.  No opposition visible at the moment."

CatsCradle looks up at Soundwave and taps the side of her head, wondering if Soundwave can pick up any thoughts of Nightbird, either from the femme herself or from anyone else nearby thinking of her. She never thought to ask if Soundwave could scan humans.

Ruse looks around then looks up at Soundwave murmuring, "This was easy..." She doesn't like that at all.

Soundwave catches the question in CatsCradle's motion, and shakes his head silently, indicating he's not picking up anything of significance at the moment.

Gryphus looks around alertly, on guard for trouble.

Megatron slowly approaches the main building, being watchful.

CatsCradle nods to Soundwave then gives Ruse a troubled glance, mirroring the cassette’s concern. "Well, we're not all the way in yet...."

Blood Raven watches intently for danger

Gryphus has her scanner out, seeing what may lie ahead.. if anything.

Slasher and Hex pick up and move out as Soundwave radios the Ok... Moving up to the Fence Slasher runs his claw along the links cutting them like they where made of butter.. he then pushes his shoulder against the side of the fence parting an opening for Hex to scamper through.. He then follows in after Hex.

Rumble trails the pack, staying well back, his laser in his hand.

Dirge follows Slasher in, heading toward the main building.

Soundwave looks deeper into the darkness of the main building, uneasy also that they've encountered minimal resistance as of yet.

Blood Raven follows the others quietly

Hex fans out with Slasher, Both working like a well coordinated team... Working with an unseen communication.

Rumble looks around for opposition. Soundwave seems to have done an especially good job.

Gryphus keeps an eye on her scanners.. odd... is this darn thing even really working?

Ruse doesn't draw her rifle, and slowly looks around just inside, there should be monitoring devices and cameras stationed most likely at hidden points... She looks to Soundwave whispering, "Can you sense any hidden internal security devices?"

CatsCradle drums the claws of one hand silently against her leg. "They should have had scanners," she murmurs almost silently, knowing Soundwave would hear the thought as clearly as her voice. "They can't be entirely relying on human guards..."

Apparently Soundwave's shutting down of the external security perimeter has also neutralized the drones that are spaced out in front of the lab buildings, since they simply sit there and make no move against the Decepticons.

Soundwave replies quietly, "The exterior systems seem to be off-line. But I am detecting considerable energy emissions from within the building."

Megatron whispers: "Over there, quickly." He points at the main building.

Soundwave says, "The computer system, perhaps."

Blood Raven whispers as well "something is not right here

Ruse hmmms murmuring, "What now then commander, sneak on ahead or wait for the others and just charge in?"

Rumble runs along behind them, now getting the idea that this is /too/ easy....

CatsCradle's optics narrow slightly, her fingers still drumming. "Ain't right," she murmurs, the street accent slipping into her voice along with her concern. "Ruse's right. Way too easy."

Blood Raven says, "Lord Megatron perhaps this is a trap?""

Soundwave does not disagree, simply listens intently for signs of danger.

CatsCradle glances up at Soundwave again. "What better bait to lure Megatron here?"

Slasher idly radios on a low band Decepticon Frequency, "When your advance is going well.. Your walking into a trap."

Gryphus frowns at her scanners. "I don’t detect anything on my scanners... odd."

Megatron whispers, grinning. "Now that they think we will take the door... We will take the roof. To the air, Decepticons

Blood Raven follows Megatron’s command

Hex and Slasher quickly climb up the wall and head into the roof... taking Defensive positions.

Blood Raven turns to Rumble if he is near her " Little man, perhaps we should ask Lord Megatron stay low in case this is a trap... After all if they (Autobots) know of his weakness what a better opportunity to play on it.

Megatron rips one of the high-windows out of it's frame.

Gryphus puts her scanner away. apparently it needs work cuz its oddly quiet.. like a tomb.

Rumble says, "The door's probably a trap but the roof ain't, they'll never expect this...and hey, the name's Rumble."

Hex watches Megatron with a look that just says.. I could have done that too...

Hex watches Megatron remove one of them fake windows just to reveal a wall behind it....

Soundwave waits just inside the doorway, watching the still and silent grounds. No move from anything outside. Definitely suspicious. He waits for the other Decepticons to join him before they go farther in.

Blood Raven smirks "Rumble. of course"

Gryphus bristles her feathers a bit.

Slasher says, "It will require a little more skill then Brute force to crack this egg."

Blood Raven Asks Megatron "My lord perhaps we can shoot at it?

Slasher heads to the side of the roof and peers down... "Perhaps some Acid would be the perfect key."

Blood Raven shell spikes bristle, something is defiantly wrong

Megatron carefully moves into the building, still watchful. His instincts on the edge.

Slasher enters the first section of the laboratory... the sound of his and Hex's claws tapping on the floor can eerily be heard echoing through the halls.

Megatron looks around, securing. His optics glow like burning coals.

The interior is dark and silent, another door blocking the path of the Decepticons.

Gryphus comments. "You think this is creepy you should try going to Epsilon Seven where there is th is fortress long ago left by its denizens. Palace creaked and cgoraed.. I won't even get into the atrocities that I saw there."

Rumble shivers and says to Gryphus, "Do you have to say that /now/?!"

Blood Raven shudders she's heard of the horror stories about that place

Dirge looks around the cramped space they find themselves in. "So what's behind door number two here Soundwave?"

Gryphus says, "Just saying there are worse places."

Ruse grins at Rumble, "What, are you scared?"

Megatron looks around. "Rumble, where is Soundwave?" He does not want to use the radio.

Soundwave moves forward in the dim antechamber. "Still detecting energy emissions from within. Their exact nature is unknown."

Slasher moves forward a bit... his vision not hindered by the darkness.. he simply says to himself, "Fear is irrelevant..."

CatsCradle remains in the shadows, her optics still glowing in concern. The surroundings seem entirely too quiet, and in contrast, the voices of the other Decepticons seem to ring throughout the room.

Slasher shivers a bit.. "I can feel it..."

Rumble picks Soudnwave out of the shadows and points him out to Megatron, then heads over himself. Soundwave's presence reassures him.

Dirge replies nervously to Soundwave. "Yeah, well, let's get going. We here to bust out the ninja or not?"

Soundwave says, "I can disable the interior door controls. However, we should be prepared for potential problems thereafter. It may be the computer system that is emitting so much energy - or it may be more than that.""

Hex accidentally brushes up against Rumble in the dark... Cold claws touching his Armor.

Gryphus keeps an eye out, listening, carefully scanning with her internal sensors rather than external.

Rumble lets out a loud squeak.../far/ too loud than is good for him....

Blood Raven "a ninja? is that what Lord Megatron's Lady is? " suits him somehow.

CatsCradle soundlessly draws her sword, the metal reflecting the gleam of her optics.

Megatron says, "I will take the risk, Soundwave. I will get in. However, who wants to leave and return to base is allowed to, but has to do it now."

Hex peers at the tape its clear eyes reflecting some of the dim light in the room... Slasher chuckles to himself possibly having done that intentionally.

Gryphus Hmms.. that explains some.. behaviors last week.. or so ago...

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Like I said. I'm in." In a softer tone, she adds, "if it were Diver in there, I'd claw through the planet to get him back. I'd like to think I'd have some backup doing it."

Rumble nods to Blood raven. "Yeah. Nightbird. She was built here on Earth."

Blood Raven looks proud "No true warrior would leave his Lord unprotected"

Ruse melts out of the shadows beside Rumble... then says firmly to any listening, "I am staying. Lets hurry up and go before we are noticed."

Rumble says, "I won't let you down, Megatron."

Dirge looks at Megatron, "We leave this place standing, we'll regret it. I'm for leveling it."

Gryphus Hmms this will be something to note in her papers later.. all this over a Earth creature built machine... has to be darn special.

Dirge says, "Uh, after we get Nightbird of course."

Slasher moves up and examines the door.. and how its locking mechanism could possibly work.

Soundwave seeks out the controls beside the interior blast door, patching into them much as he did to disable the exterior sensors. In a matter of moments he's cracked the code, and the heavy door begins to slide back into the wall.

Soundwave simultaneously draws his plasma rifle.

Blood Raven looks at Dirge "Nightbird is that the Lady's name?

Ruse now, draws her rifle and braces for anything that could be on the other side.

Slasher 's and Hex's eyes follow the opening door like a cat following a flashlight.. then peer inside.

Blood Raven prepares for an attack

Rumble takes a stance like a proud warrior and prepares for whatever may come....

Gryphus grasps her hip attached whip tail and readies for anything.

Megatron readies his cannon. "Be prepared, Decepticons."

Slasher heads on inside... prepared to face any challenge he meets with Claw, fang and tail.

Just inside the vault-like entrance is a warehouse of sorts, where various robots are kept when not in use or performing maintenance on one another. There are several layers of storage areas arranged vertically, giving the impression of a prison. Huge robotic arms, even larger than the arms of Devastator or Menasor, hang from the ceiling. Their function seems to be to move the robots to and from their storage spaces on the upper levels. At the far end of the warehouse is a corridor where the robots enter and leave the other parts of the lab.

Blood Raven tries to contain her excitement, as her levels of "adrenaline" rise she is prepared to fight it gives her a rush

Ruse stares at the arms, "Impressive... for human made work." She slowly advances forward now that they can see in, ready for a fight and to look around.

Megatron slowly moves forward, ready to fire at any time.

Blood Raven is right behind him

Rumble gulps a little. "It looks like the slammer!" Too many human movies...

Megatron hates it when he doesn't know his enemy...

CatsCradle slips in through the door, her dark form still melting into the shadows, except for an occasional optic flash or gleam from the lighter metal of her sword. She looks around. "More like a giant stasis chamber," she murmurs, shuddering.

Megatron murmurs. "Like a crypt...

Perhaps thirty seconds after the Decepticons enter, a somewhat high-pitched and mechanical sounding voice resonates from all over the room. "Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Initiate defense mode."

Gryphus hmms as she looks around. Fascinating to her really... until THAT happens.

Megatron out of reflex points forward. "Run, everyone!"

High-pitched humming noises meld into each other as robots power up and begin to fire.

Rumble looks over his shoulder, prepares to Decepticons run /forward/. He gives out a battle yell and charges!

Ruse narrows her optics, "Big hands, big punchs! Stay away from the arms!" She bolts forward, knowing full well the laserbolts probably are the least of their worrys.

Blood Raven growls and prepares to attack the machines

Soundwave tries to pinpoint the source of the voice, but it really does come from numerous locations around them - and the sound of machinery powering up is also coming from multiple angles. He runs forward, bringing up his weapon.

The door behind the Decepticons slams shut with a horrendous *BANG* cutting off any means of escape.

Gryphus gives a sonic squawk upwards, hoping it hit an arm at least. She scampers with the rest... she so did not sign on for this warriors work...

CatsCradle lets out a soft sigh at the alarm, almost relieved. The lack of response had gone past making her worried and on to nervous. Now that the attack has started, she almost relaxes into it. She doesn't seem to notice the door slamming behind her. Instead she runs in with the others, not far behind Megatron.

As more and more of the machines power up, lasers start to come in from all angles, impossible to dodge. There are at least a hundred robots firing now, each with medium power lasers.

Rumble fires at everything that moves, but says, "Guys...I think we're kind of outnumbered here...."

Blood Raven transforms seeing as it would be better for her to focus her strength on them one at a time

Blood Raven transforms into her Anti-Aircraft Gun mode.

Soundwave fires bright blasts of plasma, additionally powering up his shoulder cannon and firing repeated laser blasts.

Megatron knows, these machines outnumber them. Not being a fix target and finding a way through gives a chance to succeed, but saying and trying to fight them, would be the Decepticon's doom. "Do not stop! Don't be a target!" He randomly fires at the machines while running.

Gryphus lets loose more sonic squawks up at the lasers.. even though she herself is taking a beating. Well so much for her research papers later!

Blood Raven shoots at one of the machines and hits it with a shrapnel shell...

Slasher stops with Hex and thinks that in this situation two targets are not better then one... So he leaps in front of Hex who rears up on its hind legs and gives off a loud hiss as its body splits in half with a sickening sound... Slasher stands up and slowly merges with Hex a soft blue light glowing around them as they come together... Once the Transformation finishes only one is left standing there.

Rumble follows Megatron, feeling pretty good in the presence of the leader, and cheering as he takes something out!

Megatron tries to hit one of the machines out of a movement, but stupidly just decorates the wall with another hole...

Gryphus growls as the hits miss or get interrupted by laser fire.

Rumble is too busy shooting to even notice Slasher merge that way...

Ruse opens up fire while dodging laserbolts as best she can, slowly getting pelted by more and more of them. She has a hunch though and yells over the laserfire, "Gra! Soundwave, these things are probably basic remote earthtrash the strange computer is puppeting. they can't be that advanced even with Cybertronian parts. Try to jam the computers radio control!"

Slasher turns for the robot and lets out a Shrill cry that echoes in the building... He digs his claws into the floor and launches his body into the air at the robot spraying a Vile fog of acid at the machine.

Soundwave takes a powerful laser blast from one of the robots, even as he tries to dodge away from them.

Megatron curses at his aim today.

Blood Raven smiles inwardly and sets her aim on another robot

Gryphus takes aim this time with her laser and fires upon the robots as she keeps looking for cover.

Rumble yelps, "There's too many...hundred anyway...we gotta get outta here!"

Megatron says, "Soundwave, hurry."

Soundwave blasts apart one of the robots, but there are many more right behind it. He keeps running, despite the damage he has taken.

CatsCradle dashes through, dodging laser blasts. Her fingers suddenly glow with energy, trailing tendrils behind them as she begins to weave them into her 'field. Not quickly enough, though, and one of the blasts hits her hard enough to send her flying backwards. She rolls shakily to her feet, one shoulder smoking and hissing sparks and fluid. "Aw, dammit, not another shoulder," she grates out between clenched jaws and pops the laser on her other wrist, firing back at the robot.

Slasher collides with the Robot as its body starts to smoke and melt from the Corrosive spray.. he bounds off it and heads for the nearest exit... not caring if its a door or a hole.. its all the same to him.

Dirge runs like crazy toward the corridor up ahead, trying to dodge all the laser bolts coming toward him.

Megatron says, "The gate over there, hurry and forget the machines."

Rumble squeals as a laser blast hits him and sends him somersaulting. The damage is mostly cosmetic, as his armour is scorched and the paint bubbles, but that /smarts!/

<Earth> Slasher says, "What about Nightbird ?"

Blood Raven transforms into her Robot mode.

Soundwave manages to mostly elude more of the blasts, though a few strike him in a glancing shot.

Gryphus Moves where her Lord directs.. out of all of them she's probably the least built to take such heavy damages.

Ruse follows after the others, so much for her idea.. oh well. She has been hit enough as is. Her integrity field is low on energy after receiving that many hits so quickly and doesn't want to it failing to see if it would have worked. Seeing Rumble falter she runs back, tries to grab his leg though weak, and haul him onward!

<Earth> Megatron says, "I doubt we will find her here. This is just another ring of defense."

Blood Raven tries to help Gryphus by covering her back

Slasher slows down as he realizes he is heading deeper into the complex.. confused weather they are advancing.. or retreating...

Dirge runs down the corridor and turns right, finally out of the range of those lasers.

Megatron secures the door while the others get through. "Hurry!

Blood Raven pauses a moment to look behind her its too bad they weren't able to finish the fight

Gryphus limps through, not saying much of anything.. too much pain.

Rumble picks himself up and runs.

CatsCradle catches up the sword that she had dropped when she fell, sheathes it one-handedly and runs with the others. She ducks through the door and stops for a moment, panting and holding her shoulder, fluid leaking through her fingers. She takes a deep breath and tosses back her head. She tries to clench her hand into a fist, but it doesn't respond and she swears softly.

Blood Raven isn't quite a bad off as the others so she stays near the wounded as though she is 'protecting' them from any further attacks that may pop up

Ruse follows once she is sure Rumble can make it on his own, "Oh well, maybe I will get to haul Chasm nextime." She scampers down the hallway with the rest and huffs...

Gryphus grimaces but doesn't indicate her pain.. she troops on bravely.

Chasm flaps out of Soundwave, pausing to perch on his favourite stand's shoulder.

Rumble says, "I can still whoop your aft, Ruse..."

Slasher follows along using the ceiling.. Its less crowded.

Soundwave continues forward with the others, with Chasm on his shoulder. They're fleeing from something behind them, making ominous machine-sounds further back down the hallway.

Ruse glances to Rumble with a smirk despite the fact they are running away and damaged, "Ok toughcon when we get back to base its you and me.. we will see who whoops who."

Blood Raven watches Slasher walking on the ceiling "what are you doing?"

Dirge runs along, a smoking hole in one wing. "Wow, those things pack a punch for Earth machines. Where now?"

Rumble says, "You're on!" Having ruse to joke with helps him forget any fears that they may not make it back. He looks at Dirge. "That's cuz they're packin' Autobot technology."

Megatron says, "Down the hallway. Whatever is protected so heavily, it must be valuable..."

In front of the Decepticons, the corridor opens up into one of the lab rooms, with half-finished robot part scattered around.

Gryphus frowns at all this bravado.. something else for her research papers on social interplay in this group.

Chasm coils his tail around Soundwave's neck, "Better run quickly," he advises.

Megatron says, "Be prepared for ambushes."

Slasher drops down from the ceiling and continues to head on... making his way into the lab.

Chasm cranes his head from side to side. "Ambushes?" he whispers furtively.

Ruse nods and does as commanded then stops as they come to the labroom then looks back, "Hope this isn't a deadend... and if this is an ambush, we have just played right into it."

Soundwave slows down a bit as they reach the laboratory area.

Blood Raven says, "she has a point"

The lab room the Decepticons find themselves in is large, but only has human-sized exits.

Slasher mumbles to himself, "Lets hope its not Dead.. Or our End."

Blood Raven guards the door

Chasm tinkers with the idea of annoying everyone with a hologram of one of the drones, but decides against it.

The same high-pitched and oddly mechanical voice booms out into the room once again. "Intruders, you have been identified as Decepticons, hostile alien cybernetic life forms. You are ordered to remain where you are and submit to detainment."

Megatron looks around. "Take the robot parts and built up a barrier for the machine.

Gryphus props herself against a wall... she looks like h eck and is barely staying conscious.

Megatron looks where the voice comes from.

CatsCradle drifts to one side of the room and stops to lean against the wall. One side of her dark armor glistens down most of her body, and she clutches her shoulder tightly.

Slasher hisses Sarcastically, "Oh No... they have us I guess we better do as they tell us... "

Chasm murmurs, "Well, some of us are more hostile than others."

Looking carefully, one can see little boxes on the wall that might be loudspeakers.

Megatron says, "And also block the little doors."

Slasher climbs up the wall and delicately.. RIPS a box from the wall to see whats in or behind it.

Blood Raven prepares for battle once more "show yourselves cowards" she demands

Soundwave looks over the robot parts, picking out metal pieces with which to block the human-sized doorways, though the real threat is still the drones in the other part of the building.

Rumble does as Megatron orders...he can't carry very /big/ parts, but the does his bit.

Dirge moves to set up robot parts to block the open doorway. Robots could come pouring through any time..

Chasm carefully supervises Soundwave.

Slasher idly drops the box to the ground and takes position in a high corner of the room.

Ruse takes, and begins carry afew smaller parts towards one of the doors, "Forklift duty again Rumble.. but if we block the entrances and exits, how do we get out?"

Megatron says, "Soundwave, can you detect from what direction the main energy emission comes from?"

Rumble says, "We can blast a hole in the roof or floor or something...I'm more worried about all those drones getting /in./"

Blood Raven watches the main door.

The voice coming from the loudspeakers says, "Repeat, remain where you are. Attempt no hostile actions."

Soundwave finishes blocking the small doors and listens intently.

Gryphus waits til they know where they are going.. she's trying to coax her systems to keep her conscious..

Slasher rams his tail tip through one of the other speakers... "Hostilities ?.. How primitive."

Megatron says, "Well Soundwave?"

Soundwave indicates one of the small, blocked doors. "In this direction, Commander." The doorway is too small for the average sized Transformer to get through.

Rumble says, with a grin, "Want me to crack the wall open?"

Megatron says, "Then lets see what is behind door 2..."

Megatron rises his cannon and blasts his way through.

Ruse says, "I think Megatron has his own key Rumble..."

Rumble shrugs. "That works too...."

Chasm sighs with relief, "I never thought I'd be glad to see that cannon go off. For a second there I was worried that I'd be asked to scout ahead or something. At least Soundwave realizes how valuable I am and he's keeping me in reserve in case we come across a rogue computer program or something."

Soundwave notes in a tone that makes it impossible to tell whether he's being sarcastic or not, "Your input is invaluable as always, Chasm."

Slasher looks down at Chasm with a predatorial glance... then drips some clear goo down from the ceiling onto the floor... Dinner maybe ?

Ruse smirks and then ...looks to Chasm, "W.. wait a second. You babble about all your computer hacking skills why don't you slide into the one in here and try to shut down that main pesky one?"

Chasm glares at Ruse, horrified. "That might be dangerous!"

Slasher jumps down and lands on Soundwave’s opposite shoulder clinging to the big Transformer.

Chasm flaps back... "Ack! Soundwave!"

CatsCradle grates out through clenched jaws, "And staying here isn't dangerous, Chasm?"

As Megatron blasts the wall, a terrific explosion spews out splashes of molten metal. There is indeed a hole in the wall, but only big enough for Ruse or Rumble. It will take a few more blasts to make a hole large enough for the rest.

Chasm steeples his claws together, "Soundwave, you really, really don't want me to go into that room all by myself to try and disable the main computer, do you?"

Megatron says, "Decepticons, all fire at once!"

Blood Raven "I can watch your back chasm if you want?

Soundwave quite calmly reaches up and pulls Slasher off his shoulder, as he's rather too large to fit as nicely as the little dragon or Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.

Megatron shoots again.

Blood Raven transforms into her Anti-Aircraft Gun mode.

Rumble thinks about using piledrivers...but not in the middle of all that gunfire, so he chimes in to the shooting match with his laser.

Dirge adds his lasers to the barrage.

Soundwave fires along with the others to widen the opening and says to Chasm, "That would be the ideal use of your talents."

Blood Raven aims at the opening and fires

Ruse raises her weapon, and fires out a tiny beam of plasma!

Blood Raven fails in her generic roll against Blood Raven!

Slasher slightly wraps his tail part way around Soundwave’s arm for Balance and keeps perch on his shoulder.

Chasm grumbles, "Why was I afraid you'd say something like that?"

Gryphus sighs and fires off a shot, though her heart.. and powers.. isn't into it.

The now-familiar voice doesn't sound nearly so impressive coming from only the one remaining speaker. It says, "Desist aliens! Damage to this facility will only be held against you."

CatsCradle raises her good arm and fires. The laser is weak and her arm trembles slightly, and she drops her arm quickly to brace herself against the wall again.

Blood Raven fires and a rather large hole appears

Chasm vanishes from sight.

Chasm mutters to Slasher out of nowhere, "You'd better get off my perch by the time I get back..."

Blood Raven says, "save your energy you'll need it for later""

Blood Raven transforms into her Robot mode.

Chasm waits patiently for the shots to end so he can try and *gulp* sneak into the computer chamber.

Slasher glances to Chasm, "Don't get hurt now.."

The wall the Decepticons were firing on is now mostly gone, only a few scraps left.

Soundwave gives Slasher a brief glare, as though to say, "Don't give him more excuses to hold back."

Blood Raven follows Chasm and is prepared to attack

After the last vibrations of the shots die down though, the pile of robot parts begins to shift. The other robots are coming through!

Soundwave moves to follow in the direction Chasm went, now that there's room.

Megatron steps into the next room. "This sounds like the standard speeches of Autobot police forces.

Rumble says, "Don't look now but company's coming!" He points at the shifting barricade.

Chasm glides invisibly into the main computer chamber, calculating that the Decepticons will take care of the drones while he goes for Torq, hidden beneath his cloaking field.

Slasher meets Soundwave’s optics and chuckles, "What... He talks too much."

Gryphus groans.. great.. just .. great...

Dirge doesn't need any more encouragement, and runs through the hole into the main room.

Soundwave is very much aware of the drones coming through behind them, and no sooner does he enter the main computer chamber, he turns to prepare for the onslaught of their attackers.

Blood Raven runs back out seeing that Chasm is already protected

CatsCradle follows Rumble's pointing hand and snarls. There is no sound to her voice, just the move of her lips. She pushes herself away from the wall and carefully makes her way to the newly-created hole, not sure if she would be able to get to her feet again if she falls now.

Blood Raven tries to shoot at the robots coming (trying to protect the wounded)

Soundwave notices out of the corner of his optic band that CatsCradle and Gryphus have taken pretty bad hits from the drones - and only dimly does it come to him that he has, as well, but he levels his plasma rifle in the direction of the sound.

Gryphus limps in after a few of the warriors duck in first. Her movements are slow.. her hand remains firm on her tail whip though.

Blood Raven looking at wounded CatsCradle and Gryphus "stay low let me distract them!"

Slasher 's tail constricts around Soundwave's arm like a Boa.. he hisses softly, "This party is getting out of hand."

The main computer room is decidedly lacking in the junk and clutter of the other rooms in the building. In the center is a very large computer with a giant monitor. On the monitor is a pink face not quite Cybertronian or human.

Megatron says, "I think we just found our friendly host..."

Rumble drags some junk after him...certainly not enough to barricade their exit again, but enough to possibly give the drones a bit of pause, a bit of trouble getting into the main room.

Blood Raven runs at the machines armed with her stardagger and her laser gun

CatsCradle takes a deep breath. In a very detached voice, she says, "Kill him."

Unfortunately, there are also quite a number of robots here, and they come to life, seeking to stop the Decepticons.

Gryphus waits to strike at any robots dumb enough to get close enough for her whip to work on them.

Ruse looks to the drones, ".. low on energy... outnumbered... " She looks to Rumble and forces a smile, "Hey rumble ready to rock?" With that she opens up fire on the dronearmy!

Soundwave whirls around as the drones who were lurking in this room activate as well, powering up their weaponry. "Chasm, if you can gain access, you had best do so quickly!"

Megatron quickly moves over to the computer, trying to avoid their attacks. Once he reaches Torc, he links himself to the computer, initializing the reprogramming of the machine.

Gryphus stays low, trying to keep most of her body out of laser ranger and yet snapping out that whip like a pro. *KKKrrack*

Rumble starts pegging off drones again. They fall as soon as one good shot is landed, which would be easy if there weren't so /many/ of them....

The robots in the computer room don't seem to be armed with lasers, but they quickly entangle anyone near them with tentacle-like arms and start to apply electric shocks.

Invisibly, Chasm glides forward and connects with the machine, transforming into his cassette mode as he does so. He riffles through the computers security files and tries to counter its master program.

A few seconds later, all of the drones freeze suddenly in their tracks.

Blood Raven fires at the random robots hitting some and missing some

Two robots grabs Megatron and start to haul him backwards. The computer wails, "You will not interfere with my functions!"

CatsCradle sees the robots stirring. "Aw... shit," she mouths, her voice gone again. Her optics are a faint lavender, almost white. She glances down at her wrist laser, then lets it hiss slowly back into its housing. She pulls a laser pistol out from its compartment. She braces her arm on a console to hold it steady and aims... as the robots stop moving

With an odd suddenness, the drones cease moving as if a switch had been flipped. They stand motionless, their limbs limp.

Megatron's optics glow. "I certainly will," he contradicts.

Chasm carefully disables the drone security, allowing Megatron to reprogram it.

Blood Raven stops shooting curious as to what happened she cautiously returns back to the computer room

Gryphus sighs in relief.. at last something went right

The now jarringly high-pitched voice of the Torq III computer fills the room, "ERROR! ERROR! SYSTEM INTEGRITY COMPROMISED! SECURITY ALERT! SECURITY ALERT!"

Chasm transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Soundwave lowers his plasma rifle carefully, glancing with concern at CatsCradle and Gryphus.

CatsCradle rests her forehead on the console, leaning heavily against it.

Ruse watches as the drones advance then.. stop then the computervoice goes into overdrive. She chuckles, "Nice work Chasm."

Dirge throws a robot off of him and kicks it several feet across the room. "Well it's about smelting time."

Megatron starts to reprogram this human-Autobot product into a Decepticon loyal machine. Oh, yes, it is quite sophisticated, but nevertheless all internal defense programs can be eliminated quite easily.

Ruse says, "... I hate to mention this... but isn't this when the Autobots show up, right when things start to go our way? That computer may have sent out a SOS."

Gryphus puts her tail whip on her hip and leans against the wall.. its rather obvious the researcher was not meant for such massive injuries. She's holding on by sheer will alone.

Slasher idly wonders how Save our Ship could help a computer.. there isn't a ship in sight.

Rumble says to Ruse, "Oh, that's the /last/ thing we need right now, is Autobots."

Blood Raven "you guys going to be able to make it back alright?" she asks Gryphus and CatsCradle as she enters the room

CatsCradle begins to laugh soundlessly. Oh, yes... Autobots. That would just about be right...

Chasm's disabling of the internal computer security systems leaves the master program in a malleable state, ready to be changed to suit Megatron's will.

Gryphus nods to Raven. "I should be.. okay.. when in my flying.. form.."

Megatron says, "I am reprogramming this primitive machine to be loyal only to me."

As Megatron's data cable interfaces with the super computer, Torq's monitor visage flickers. It makes an odd noise, then returns to normal. "Greetings Megatron. Torq III system fully functional at your command. What are you orders?"

Chasm toys with the idea of inserting a backdoor program that also make the computer loyal to him as well, but decides against it - he's already had Megatron's cannon jammed into his face too many times to count.

Blood Raven "perhaps you should change to your alt. mode?" she asks quietly "same applies to you CatsCradle"

Megatron grins. "Torc, cease attack on the Decepticons.

Gryphus says, "Maybe.. in a bit.. when I have some.. mobility."

The computer's virtual eyes blink in surprise. "It would be totally against my programming to carry out such an attack on your forces Megatron. All my resources are yours to command."

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Won't matter which form," she mouths. With the exception of the cassettes, she has the least armor of the others, and she doubts she could even transform at this point.

Dirge goes to nudge Soundwave's shoulder. "Hey uh, seems like Gryph over there is about to drop."

Slasher says quiet enough for Soundwave to hear, "I see he programmed Stupidity into it too."

Soundwave ignores Slasher, and keeps careful watch on Gryphus and Cats, nodding to Dirge. With the attack forces stilled (hopefully), he goes over to Gryphus, who is closer, and brings out a handheld med scanner to see if there are some field repairs he can affect here.

Slasher peers down as Soundwave works... watching the scanner with some faint interest.

Megatron says, "Excellent, Torq. I am here because I need a specific information from the Quantum datafiles. You can get access to them, don't you."

Gryphus seems to power up her optics a bit more at Soundwave's approach. She's pretty bad off, worse than a warrior who was built for such heavy damages.. she'll be needing a noise stay in med bay. If Wave could get her self repairs to kick in she may be able to fly home e okay.

Blood Raven watches Megatron as he speaks to the computer

The robots now again come to life, arms flailing.. But they simply return to their original positions.

Soundwave nudges Slasher gently but definitely out of his way, and brings out a welder to seal up some of the external damage. It's a quick, superficial job and doesn't address internal injuries, but it might keep her mobile. He pulls out a small energon cube, offering it to her for re-powering, then moves over to CatsCradle with that same med scanner in his hand.

Torq replies, "I contain all Quantum Laboratory datafiles Megatron, except those dealing with the special project. Which file do you require?"

Slasher wasn't in Soundwave’s way.. is simply sitting on his shoulder.

Gryphus takes it, weakly and sips on it slowly. "Thanks." she offers softly.

CatsCradle lifts her head from the console and gives Soundwave a wary look.

Ruse rests for the moment against a wall... but watches the exits more or less. She expects the bots to come sooner or later.

Soundwave is familiar with Cats' reluctance to be repaired, but none the less he says, "I will patch some of the damage while we have the opportunity. It is only a superficial patch."

Blood Raven says, "well that answers that question, perhaps you should ask who would know about the "special project"?"

Dirge rubs the big hole in his wing, and doesn't look too happy. He kicks one of the robots and heads closer to the others.

Megatron says, "I am looking for a robot so-called created by a human called Fujiyama. Her name is Nightbird. There is evidence she was brought here."

Rumble says, "What's the special project?" He scowls. "Sounds like the really good stuff is what this thing doesn't know."

CatsCradle's optics flicker slightly at Soundwave. "Ain't as bad as last time," she murmurs, almost all sound gone from her voice, although the accent has slipped back in. "Think the laser sealed th'fuel lines. Not bleedin' as hard as b'fore."

Gryphus finishes her bare minimal cube and waits for those self repairs to do something.

Ruse says, "Figures huh Rumble? A supercomputer built by humans would know nothing really important."

Rumble manages a laugh, though it's not really hearty because he's still nervous in this place.

Chasm detaches himself out from the computer and transforms back into his dragon mode, wearily flapping up into the air. "It's ours now."

Blood Raven makes that remark quietly

Chasm glides back towards Soundwave and glares at Slasher.

Rumble says slowly, "You don't think Tempest was lying, do you?"

Soundwave isn't convinced, but considers it counterproductive to argue with CatsCradle here and now. Instead he produces another small energon cube and gives it to her, returning his attention to Megatron's interrogation of Torq.

Torq replies, "Information on such a robot is not contained in my memory banks Megatron."

Gryphus grunts softly...

Megatron has a hard time to keep his disappointment under control, but then asks: "What... is that special project you talk about? Where is it taking place?

Slasher is quite cozy perched on Soundwave’s right shoulder and doesn't plan to move.

Chasm sulkily flies back into Soundwave.

Chasm enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Gryphus just rests quietly.

Blood Raven watches Megatron closely noting the tones in his voice it reminds her of someone else...

CatsCradle sips at the energon, smiling faintly, remembering Diver making her drink oil drained from a tractor engine when Snipe shot her shoulder out. Despite what she said to Soundwave, this injury is almost as bad as that time. Most of the shoulder is gone, turned into a smoldering hole, although the fluids leak slowly from it, rather than the heavy loss that nearly killed her before. She sips again at the cube, then rests her head on the console again. Least the energon tastes better than the oil had.

Torq replies in his same high-pitched mechanical voice, "The special project is some sort of secret research endeavor taking place in the third building of the complex, north east of here." His secondary display comes to life, showing an overhead map of the complex and the building is highlighted. "I am apparently not supposed to know of it. My information comes from hearing the term mentioned in whispers in 34 different conversations by scientists here. In one of them, it was remarked, " And here the computer's voice changed to a human voice "Yeah, ol Torq would likely be playing chess if we didn't have the you know what in building 3".

Gryphus smirks a bit.. interesting computer...

Megatron says, "So... your duty was to protect building 3..."

Torq continues, "I infer from this that my design is based in part on whatever the special project is. Perhaps it is a form of artificial intelligence they are studying."

Ruse says, "... one guess as to where we are going next."

Torq answers Megatron, "Negative. I was told building three contained vehicles used by the scientists. My task has been to build robots and maintain security for this complex."

Torq continues, "Interestingly, building three was exempted because it was called a low priority. This does not seem to fit observed facts however."

Gryphus pulls herself form her wall.. unsteady but still able to move at least...

Ruse says, "Hidden right in view but overlooked because of lack of security... an old trick, but effective."

Megatron says, "Torq, now your duty will be to protect building 3 against Autobots and their human pets and to clear it from such if necessary. I want the way clear when we go in there. Activate your machine drones."

Blood Raven smiles he read her mind.

Rumble snickers. "Give the Humans and the Bots a taste of their own medicine."

The supercomputer replies, "Orders received." Torq adds, in a neutral tone as if reporting the weather, "I should inform you Megatron that seventeen alien cybernetic lifeforms identified as Autobots are now within scanning range of my security systems. Estimate time of arrival at two minutes three seconds. Shall I institute defensive measures?"

Gryphus says, "Oh Primus please yes..."

Megatron says, "Yes, Torq. Destroy them!"

Torq's secondary screen flickers to show a view of the Autobots. The image is fuzzy and wobbles, as if seen through a telescope.

Megatron watches CatsCradle and Gryphus. "Soundwave, I want the injured being returned to headquarters.

Blood Raven says, "My lord the robots won't stand much chance against them perhaps we should leave some of us behind?"

CatsCradle raises her head and her optics blaze angrily for a second before they begin to fade again.

Torq says, "I can launch the new ordinance weapon developed here, code named 'Cyber-buster'. It is a high-yield conventional explosive warhead capable of leveling five hundred square feet. This should eliminate the Autobots. Shall I proceed?"

Soundwave points out "If the Autobots are on their way, they will be targets beyond the defensive perimeter of Torq's drones. They will require an escort."

Rumble blinks at the computers' words and suddenly starts laughing....

Gryphus seems to heave some of her bearings back. "And miss.. all this fun... be unfitting."

Megatron says, "Proceed Torc"

Megatron says, "Take the opposite direction to leave the facility, Soundwave."

Torq says, "Launching weapon. It is a stratospheric weapon, so I have set its trajectory almost straight up. It will land on the Autobots in twenty six seconds."

Rumble finds this absolutely hilarious!

Torq's secondary monitor shows the missile launching from one of the buildings, a blazing fireball only visible for a second. The smoke trail leads up into the sky.

CatsCradle's gaze focuses on Soundwave, or tries to, rather. Her optics flash again and she manages to put sound in her voice. "Get Nightbird," she snarls.

Torq says, "Missile at apex. Begining decent. Impact in five seconds."

Blood Raven says, "we should be leaving"

Ruse looks to Rumble and shakes her head, "... almost straight up... ?" What are the chances that computer could miscalculate, "... fast."

Megatron says, "Yes, for building 3"

Megatron heads out

Soundwave motions to CatsCradle and Gryphus to stay with him. They're all traveling together a short ways further, anyway.

Blood Raven follows Megatron

Rumble follows Megatron. "Let's hope that thing knows what it's doing," he says quietly to Ruse as if afraid it will overhear.

Torq's secondary monitor shows the Autobots, and Hound pointing up at the sky. Sideswipe raises his gun, and fires. A blazing trail of fire swoops past the Autobots.

Ruse follows... ignoring the monitor.

CatsCradle glances at the computer, then up at the ceiling. The missile falling back on them? She smiles slightly... there wouldn't be any repairs, then... She pushes herself away from the console and steps forward.

Soundwave does look back, though, to check the effect of the attack on the Autobots.

Torq says, "Malfunction. EMP burst has deflected the missile. Tracking systems not functional. Switching to backups."

Blood Raven says, "terrific!"

Gryphus gets beside Soundwave, her movements still slow, but at least she is moving.

Megatron shouts back.: "Do what necessary, Torq

Blood Raven holding her stardagger still wonders how long before the Autobots will arrive?

Soundwave's optic band darkens a little; he has his doubts that he'll be able to so easily spirit the injured Decepticons away now. But he follows Megatron, keeping watch on the others.

Torq says, "Missile approximately one hundred miles away, and loosing altitude. Project impact in city of Columbus. Switching to warhead camera." The view changes as an over head shot shows a cityscape. It rapidly zooms in, as the missile drops, and finally individual building are visible. There's one in the center of the picture, an oblong ellipse with a green square in the middle. It's well-lit, and gets closer and closer. Finally the picture blinks out. "Missile impact. Area of Ohio State University campus destroyed."

Torq says, "Suggest alternative defense plan using robots and escape. This facility will not be able to hold off alien cybernetic incursion for long."

Soundwave catches the images on screen still in a fleeting moment as they leave.

Megatron leaves the main lab building.

Dirge follows the others out.

Blood Raven does pretty much the same as rumble

Megatron says, "All functional warriors follow me to this mysterious building3!"

Slasher guesses that counts him.. he hops off Soundwave’s shoulder and heads after Megatron.

Blood Raven nods and follows

Megatron bites his lower lip as he rushes towards the building. He hopes... that is all he can do now...

Rumble struggles for his little legs to keep up with Megatron's hurried strides

Soundwave's impulse is to stay close to Megatron, but he also has the duty of seeking the best escape route with the injured Decepticons. He keeps watch for Autobot activity, not wanting to lead them right into sniper fire.

Slasher leaps up behind Rumble and sticks his head between the tapes legs and lifts up sliding him onto his neck... and Bounds off faster giving Rumble a Ride.

Gryphus limps along with Soundwave... oddly quiet this researcher as she watches them rush off.

Rumble squeals, and then laughs! "hey, this is fun!"

Ruse follows, not at full power but going to see this to the end. She looks to Rumble as Slasher moves to carry him and leaps trying to grab onto the fast aliens back as well, "Hey wait up!"

As the Decepticons draw near, two of the now-familiar robots can be seen driving at top speed. It's a little hard to see in the dark, but then, there, a shadowy form ahead of the robots. They snap on spotlights, and it's Nightbird! As quick as an eyeblink she hurls shuriken at the spotlights and rushes the robots. She crashes headlong into one with her foot, toppling it over. She grabs the laser from it and points it toward the other, and it spits a bolt, blowing the other robot up.

Blood Raven watches her leader as he rushes to the building again she wonders what about the emotions she noticed earlier in Tempest and now him

Slasher flicks his tail under Ruse and catapults her up behind Rumble... the Ride is kinda bumpy since Slasher takes big leaps.

Blood Raven is impressed with the ninja's movements

Rumble yells, "It's better than Six Flags!"

More spotlights wink on as flying robots, at least five or more, hover around her. In the bright light, it's clear she's badly damaged. There are scorch marks all over her armor, and a big gash is missing from one arm. Her optics blaze in defiance as the robots lower cables equipped with claws, trying to capture her.

Soundwave catches the freeze-frame image of Nightbird in the spotlight for an instant, then follows her almost impossibly-fast movements.
Rumble says, "Hey, what's up with Torq--it's trying to catch her, those drones!"

Megatron freezes in his run. Is he dreaming? Is this just his imagination playing a trick on him. He swallows. But in this moment he realizes the danger. "Nightbird!!!" he calls out, running towards her and the attacker.

CatsCradle says in a low, tight voice, "we have to help them."

Ruse hangs on and growls seeing Nightbird fighting alone, "Punch it Slasher!"

Nightbird is caught by one of the claws, and she twist, trying to throw the machine into one of its companions. It only moves a bit however, and now she's caught by three more claws. They alternate jolting her with electricity.

Gryphus watches on, amazed as the rest.

Dirge takes to the air, bad wing and all, and transforms.

Blood Raven does a battle cry and transforms

Soundwave levels his plasma rifle at the drones, and calls out, "Megatron, can you give Torq new orders?"

Blood Raven and aims at the one that is holding the ninja

Dirge tries to find an angle of attack that will allow him to hit the robots but not hit Nightbird if he misses.

Blood Raven misses her shot and curses loudly for it

Megatron fires at the Machines which attack the femme, hurrying to reach her, to help her... "Nightbird, hang on!"

CatsCradle catches her breath as Soundwave aims at the drones. They're staying to fight, then. She brings up her pistol again, arm shaking worse now, then drops to one knee, propping her elbow on the other knee. Her hand steadier now, she carefully aims and fires at the drones.

Blood Raven will try to hit the other machine beside it

Nightbird is caught by all the robots now, seven of them, and is lifted from the ground. They start to move her back toward the building at a slow pace. More robots, unfamiliar designs, are heading toward the area.

Rumble tries to fire from atop Slasher, feeling like one of those cowboy movies!

Ruse levels her rifle as she rides Slasher like some horrible mount from a nightmare. She takes aim then fires at one of the claws!

Soundwave rushes forward, calculating a sonic attack to disable the robot that has Nightbird captive, focusing it on the group of machines that's holding Nightbird.

As Megatron and the other fire, two air robots explode, followed by two others directly after. The rest can no longer hold Nightbird up, and she lands on the ground.

Blood Raven and hits one with her high explosive shell

Gryphus really doesn’t have the energy to put up a fight.. she just finds somewhere to lay low and hide.

Blood Raven smiling she pauses to reload

Rumble scowls...Slasher is just too bumpy for him to aim at anything.

Megatron runs over to the ninja, still keeping the drones under fire.

These drones apparently don't respond to sonic attacks, at least not at that level, as he didn't want to risk harming Nightbird as well.

Nightbird grabs one of the cables holding her, and quickly pulls it hand over hand, lowering the robot down. As soon as it's within range, she strikes it with a knifehand blow, shattering its frame.

CatsCradle smiles faintly when her shot hits and she shifts slightly, going for one of the other drones.

Dirge is finally in a position to shoot, and destroy the last flying robot. The others, looking like tanks, are almost at a good firing position.

Blood Raven tries to fire again but misses once more

Nightbird is free, finally, though still has severed clawed arms clutching her.

Megatron says, "Nightbird, come over to me!"

Slasher leans his head down and covers his eyes with his claws . o O ( There gonna kiss.. I can't look! )

Nightbird leaps up and runs as fast as she's still able to Megatron.

Almost as soon as Nightbird is free, there's an explosion from the main lab building. Seeming to almost happen in slow motion, it starts to collapse in on itself.

Blood Raven transforms back to robot mode

Gryphus jerks from where she is hiding.. oh that cannot be good!

Rumble's optics get huge! "What's happening to the main lab?"

Megatron says, "Decepticons, Torq is destroyed. Retreat to base!"

Dirge radios down from his higher vantage point. "Bots just blew up the building, I think by accident. Nothing but rubble."

Blood Raven watches the others in silence and does not seem bothered by the explosion

Nightbird turns to watch the main building for a second, then turns back to Megatron. She takes the last few steps to reach him and puts her hand on his shoulder. She looks totally exhausted and badly damaged.

CatsCradle very carefully lowers her pistol, then looks doubtfully up in the air, not sure she can transform, much less fly. She struggles to stand up again.

Ruse takes to the sky as per Megatron's orders looking down to make sure everyone else is, "..."

Gryphus gets up slowly. if the bots took out Torq then they are most certainly next!

Ruse says, "Hook is going to have Cyberpuppys over this."

Nightbird says, her voice a weak shadow, "I knew you'd find me." She sags forward against him, the damage and lack of emergu catching up with her.

Blood Raven approaches CatsCradle "can you fly? do you need assistance?"

Gryphus manages to get into her alt form.. it also shows the signs of her damage

Slasher trots up to Blood Raven and peers up hissing, "Ride ?"

Soundwave takes in the destroyed building, the reunion of Megatron and Nightbird, and the position of the other Decepticons all in an instant or two, then decisively reaches over and helps CatsCradle to her feet, intent on taking her all the way back to base like this.

Megatron doesn't wait one second longer, taking her on his arms. "We are going home, Nightbird," he whispers softly.

Megatron says, "Decepticons, I gave you an order: retreat!"

CatsCradle looks up at Blood Raven, not really seeing her. "I'm not sure," she says, her voice hollow. Then when Soundwave helps her up, her optics focus a little more steadily. "Diver's gonna kill me for gettin' hurt," she says solemnly.

Dirge comes for a landing. "Bots getting here fast, let's move. I got room for some passengers."

Gryphus flares out her wings. Hmm.. well here goes everything.. she stiffly gallops til she gets enough air speed and takes flight.. from there on its all air current

Blood Raven pretends not to notice the two embrace, such emotions are difficult to understand and for her there is no point in bothering to try.

Rumble says to Slasher, "You can't fly like this, can you?"

Soundwave assures CatsCradle, "We have an excellent repair bay." He hurries CatsCradle toward Dirge who has just landed.

Slasher turns and hisses to Rumble, "No."

Blood Raven says, "Soundwave will you need assistance to carry CatsCradle?"

Gryphus sheds a few loose feathers as she gets higher.. and higher.. then turns for home

Rumble says, "Then I guess the ride stops here..." He slides off and runs over to Dirge. "Do you do airbatics?"

CatsCradle pulls back with absolutely no effect at the words "repair bay". "Don't let Hook fix me," she whispers, her optics panicked.

Dirge pops open his cockpit and extends his cargo sled. "Load em in, we've got twenty seconds max." He sounds very jittery, but holds his ground.

Ruse waits in the air for the others.. hovering in the sky.

Rumble hops in.

Blood Raven seeing that Soundwave has things under control she sees if Slasher or Hex will need assistance

Soundwave says, "Negative, Blood Raven. Dirge has room for a passenger or two." He continues to CatsCradle, "Hook is entirely qualified. But I will see to your repairs if you prefer." He helps her into the cockpit."

Megatron will carry Nightbird home himself.

Nightbird weakly clutches Megatron.

Dirge takes off, ready to provide air cover.

CatsCradle sinks down into the cockpit, only marginally relieved. She curls into a miserable ball, closing her optics.

Dirge says, "Don't panic Cats, you'll be good as new in no time."

Slasher splits apart from his shell mode and transforms back to Robot form.. Hex sitting down as he Watches Slasher Activate his radio and signal the Avenger the come in for a pickup.

CatsCradle says very faintly, "I hate repair bays." Her voice shakes.

The Avenger comes in lower over the trees tossing dust up into the air... The ships entry hatch open...

Repair Bay

        The place Decepticons seek medical care, the repair bay makes every effort to put the patient at ease. The temperature and lighting are optimized for comfort, and the walls are a neutral grey. There are ten beds along each wall, all with display panels. Equipment and tools are stored in the wall between beds and diagnostic scanners emerge from under the beds when in use. Off of the main room is a specialized surgery unit for laser core trauma, a small cryogenic stasis facility, and an emergency room with stacked beds to be used when the main room becomes too crowded. Overall the repair bay appears to visitors as modern and efficient and this impression is quite valid. Even the most catastrophic injuries can be treated here by a skilled medic.

Gryphus finds a med bay table to lay on.. ahhh.. finally some rest.

Megatron puts Nightbird down on one of the repair tables.

Blood Raven sighs to herself and wonders where Tempest is?

Soundwave goes to work immediately as they get back, gathering his tools and checking over those who are most obviously injured to see who needs the most immediate attention.

Nightbird is still conscious, but very weak. Her optics have just a hint of the brilliant yellow that they should.

Ruse walks in, clutching an energon cube and slowly drinking it down... those laserbolts eat away energy to those integrity fields. She finds a nice corner and slumps down into it to rest..

Rumble says, "You got another one of those, Ruse?

Soundwave says, "Rumble, assist me - provide Nightbird and Gryphus with more energon, while I see to CatsCradle's repairs."

Megatron says, "Ruse, help rumble."

Blood Raven notices CatsCradle trying to leave and comments "this is no time to play hero you need to be healed just like the rest of us if not more.

Ruse shakes her head no but offers the halfway finished cube to Rumble, "Here, before you get to work."

Gryphus seems content to wait.

Slasher sits down in an Empty space with Hex curling up under the chair.

Blood Raven says, "where do you suppose Tempest is? She should be commended on her espionage."

CatsCradle leans up against the wall. Her gaze flickers at Blood Raven's comment, then away again dismissively to focus again warily on Soundwave. The first thing she did when brought in was to look around and reassure herself that Hook wasn't around, but now actually faced with the repairs, she still looks like she'd bolt at the first chance.

Slasher rises up.. "I'll go look for her."

Megatron takes Nightbird’s hand, holding it in his own. "You will get fuel in a few moments, don't worry."

Ruse stands, "And I do as well it seems..." She leaves the cube for Rumble and makes her way back out to fetch more energon.

Slasher heads out before anyone can argue his words.

Rumble shrugs to Blood Raven. "Anyone's guess. Out doin' somethin' nasty, no doubt. You watch yourself around her."

Gryphus sort of goes into a self induced.. trance... or dream state as she rests.. waiting her patient turn.

Blood Raven says, "I do not fear her. She is a worthy warrior and I wish to learn from her"

Soundwave insists gently but obviously unwilling to accept any refusal from CatsCradle, "Come." He takes hold of her arm and guides her toward the nearest table. "You will be fine."

Nightbird makes an acknowledging noise and lays quietly, holding Megatron's hand.

Ruse after abit, returns with a afew carefully but quickly stacked cubes. She carefully sits them down, then takes one and heads over to Megatron, holding it out to him, "Here."

Dirge has a hole in his wing, but stands against the wall to cover it up. No wasted effort on him until the other have been seen to.

CatsCradle slips up on the table, still with that panicked expression. "Can't I call Diver?" she whispers. "He'd be here quick." She shakes her head, her expression vague and not quite in reality. "He's s'pose t' be here, when I'm hurt."

Soundwave begins, his motions steady and calm. "If you are fully repaired before he returns, he will not have cause to worry about you," he points out.

Megatron takes the cube from Ruse, just to hand it over to Nightbird. If necessary, he will assist her

Blood Raven watches everyone closely expessaly Nightbird, she is quite a fighter perhaps I can learn something from her as well when the time is right...

CatsCradle watches Soundwave, trying to find an objection to his reasoning and simply can't. "Oh," she says and looks down at her good hand, clenched hard and shaking, her claws digging into her palm.

Soundwave repairs some of CatsCradle's damage.

Gryphus seems quite out of it.. in a dream state.. oblivious to the goings on

Soundwave works on CatsCradle's destroyed shoulder, having disabled her pain sensors in the region. "You will be fine," he repeats again in his calming tones.

CatsCradle says in the same whisper, "Ain't the wound. It's the bein' repaired." Her gaze doesn't leave her hand.

Ruse seeing Megatron tend to Nightbird she walks back and takes a cube from the stack. She then walk over to Gryphus and holds the cube out to the fellow Decepticon, "Hey, come on.. wake up.. you need to get some fuel into your systems."

Rumble drags himself to his feet and gets a cube of his own...he /would/ complain but it's obvious the wounded are more important right now.

Soundwave is of course curious as to what terrifies his patient so. "Being repaired? You object to alleviation of pain?" He continues as quickly as possible while still taking care with the procedure, removing and replacing the shoulder joint and its associated neurocircuitry.

Gryphus stirs and smiles. "Sorry Ruse." she takes it. "Thank you very much."

Dirge wander over near Nightbird and gives her a look. He didn't get to see much of her when she was first around the base.

CatsCradle shakes her head again, frustrated with herself at not being able to think straight. "No. It's bein' worked on." She still doesn't look up.

Soundwave repairs some of CatsCradle's damage.

Soundwave says, "It can be disconcerting," Soundwave guesses, "to have to rely on another individual for something so personal as one's own physical integrity. However, that *is* part of my function, as well as that of the Constructicons.""

Ruse nods, "Your welcome.." She wanders over and picks up the final cube in the pile, and takes it over to Dirge who she noticed was also in pretty bad shape. She holds it out to him, "Here, until Soundwave can see you."

CatsCradle glances up at Soundwave in spite of herself, even more frustrated. "Not all bein' worked on is for repairs." Then she looks away again, her jaws clenched.

Blood Raven approaches Gryphus as well. "Soundwave will be with you soon I’m sure

Dirge dismisses that with a wave of his hand. "Eh, I'm fine. Little welding is all I need." He takes the cube though.

Blood Raven says, "will you be okay till then?"

Soundwave keeps trying to calm her as he replaces the armor over the newly replaced shoulder. "I quite assure you, I have other patients waiting." He looks over his scanners, checking the levels of Cats' self-repair systems, and says, "You may recover further in your quarters, but you must inform me if you experience any problems."

Gryphus sips on her cube slowly. "Yes.. I'll be fine."

CatsCradle smiles at Soundwave weakly. "Would you believe me if I told you I would?"

Ruse smiles and merely nods... She walks over to the corner and resumes repowering, drinking down the last bit of her halfway finished energoncube since Rumble didn't touch it.

Slasher steps quietly into the repair and looks around... He Simply states, "Tempest wishes not to be Disturbed..." he pauses as Hex taps in on its claws.. "Id Suggest her wishes are kept.."

Nightbird finally notices the cube Megatron is trying to give to her. She takes it and ingests a little. It's too much though and she goes into what amounts to a coughing fit as the energon overloads some circuits. She convulses a few times, then lays still again.

Rumble drinks from a cube of his own. He's not touching Ruse's. Human TV warned him about cooties.

Soundwave regards CatsCradle for a moment. "Not necessarily," he concludes then. "But I will be certain to find out for myself. It is, as I said, part of my function."

Blood Raven smiles at that, nods and leaves Gryphus

Nightbird tries a little of the energon again, a smaller amount, and this goes in fine. She waits a moment and takes another small sip.

Gryphus gives the new face a curious glance.. that didn't sound good.. neither did that news about Tempest.

Soundwave next steps over to Nightbird, activating the scanners to see the extent of the damage. Megatron is somewhat in his way, but he works around that for the moment.

Ruse ahs as she finishes the last of the cubes energon and it vanishes. She leans back against the wall, "... hey Rumble?"

CatsCradle slides off the table, leaning against it for a moment to catch her balance. "Then I won't promise an' disappoint you," she says to Soundwave and makes her way towards the door.

Slasher spins around his left arm holding the half shoulder cape... It flutters with the motion and Slasher heads out of the Repair bay the door barely opening in time before he leaves. Hex picks herself up and hisses heading out after Slasher... the door closing and almost hitting Hex's tail.

Blood Raven hearing the remark from Slasher, ponders again about the emotions she has observed tonight. "I don't suppose she is would be willing to enjoy a practice round in the battle room?

Megatron is shocked at Nightbird's first reaction to the energon. He slowly relaxes as he realizes it was just the first sip

Rumble says, "Yeah?"

Gryphus sips quietly, watching, probably making mental notes to write down later.. this researcher has learned a great deal today.

Ruse smiles abit as everyone seems to be getting better and jokes remembering Rumbles wisecrack in the lab, "Ready for our match?"

Megatron asks, concerned: "Better now?"

Rumble snickers. "Haven't you had enough fighting for one night? But, if you really /want/ your aft kicked....

Ruse merely grins at Rumble but, drops the subject. She turns her gaze instead slowly to Megatron and Nightbird...

Nightbird nods. Her voice is still a fraction of its normal echoing symphony as she says, "Yes, just.. tired."

Soundwave notes the dangerously low levels of energy within Nightbird, and hooks up a direct energon-drip into a main fuel line near her neck. He adjusts the flow so it repowers her steadily, but slowly enough not to shock her systems. Then he turns his attention to the exterior armor damage.

Rumble moves over closer to Ruse, watching her reaction to Nightbird.

Blood Raven ponders for a moment about that remark she noticed that when emotions displays as they are tonight if left unanswered can lead to future problems "Actually a good fight would suit me fine right now"

Gryphus sips on her cube.. watching.. quiet.. ever observing.

Megatron shortly glances at what Soundwave is doing than turns his attention fully on the femme again. He will not leave her side until she is fully repaired. "What did this darn bastards do to you?" he asks, grumbling regarding Nightbird’s injuries. It hurts to know she was hurt.

Ruse oddly... doesn't seem to want to her Rumble might notice, infact wanted to save Nightbird in the battle and at the moment seems worried for her just a tiny bit. It seems she knows abit more now from her brief experiences together with Slasher, how those emotions can be and can sympathize... even if hers wasn't really serious and ended.

CatsCradle pauses at the doorway, leaning against the frame and bracing the door open with her good shoulder. Almost immediately on stepping just outside the room, the panicked expression begins to melt from her face. She rests her head against the doorframe and watches Megatron and Nightbird for a moment, smiling. Then she silently slips away and lets the door close behind her.

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