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Arguments Overheard... or... It's Still Not My Fault!

        This room is used by the Decepticons to study or relax. Located all along the walls are shelves of crystal data cards. There are also several computer stations to read the cards and display the data in various ways. Although all the information stored here is also archived in the main computer, the library serves as a backup as well as a gathering place. Decepticons can meet here for brainstorming sessions and plan strategy or to simply socialize.

CatsCradle has pulled two of the chairs to face each other and is curled up on one, with her feet tucked up on the other. Her newly-repaired arm is braced on the arm of one of the chairs and a reader rests on her lap, humming faintly.

Megatron seems to be much more relaxed than he had been for month. And there is a good reason why. "Greetings, CatsCradle," he says.

CatsCradle looks up. and shoves the reader to one side. "Sir," she says and starts to get up, then gives up the effort before it really started. She sinks back in her chair and tucks her feet back on the other. "How is Nightbird?" she asks quickly.

Megatron says, "She is going to recover. But how about you?"

Starscream storms in, in an obviously agitated frame of mind.

CatsCradle's optics look a little unfocused still and their color is fainter than normal. She starts to shrug, but catches herself and thinks better of it. "Better 'n the last time I lost a shoulder." She glances at Starscream The Thundercloud and closes her optics wearily.

Megatron is talking with Cats, looking relatively relaxed. Something he had not for a few month.

Starscream snaps, " What is that thing doing in the repair bay?" his question was aimed at Megatron and he strikes a pose impatiant for an answer to his question

CatsCradle can't stop herself and quips, "being repaired?"

Starscream looks to Catscradle, " Whatever for?

Megatron tilds his head. "What /thing/? Hooks repair drone?"

Starscream smirks, " No that android thing"

Megatron frowns. What does Starscream mean? His mind simply does not assosiate Nightbird with the terms "it" and "thing".

Starscream stares at Megatron and cannot believe he seems to have no clue. He shakes his head, " I might have known you would no idea what Im talking about. It seems to have some sort of power over you.....probably some Autobot scheme...."
Starscream continues, " all the more reason why it should not have been allowed back here...."

CatsCradle hasn't opened her optics yet and she rubs her forehead wearily. "You never know when to quit, do you, Starscream?"

Starscream glances to Catscradle, "Whats it to you?"

Megatron annoyedly replies: "If you stopped talk in puzzles, I possible would understand what you are talking about.

CatsCradle opens her optics and they flash briefly. "I have a claim on interest when I've fought and bled for it." She glances to Megatron. "Starscream is talking about Nightbird."

Starscream looks back to Megatron, "Very well let me spell it out for you.....Night...bird....that .....thing in the repair bay, taking up energon and resources fo rno reason other then you obviously have a problem with that machine...."

Starscream scoffs at catscradle, " Well my dear if you lost energon because of it that sounds like a personal problem to me and I dont want to hear about it."

CatsCradle smiles tightly. "How convenient of you to have selective hearing."

Starscream sneers, "It serves my purpose......

CatsCradle shrugs and sits back again. "Ain't my nose that's gonna get dented from it."

Megatron now is really getting angry. "IT?! You dare to call Nightbird an it?! The term is "she"." He steps closer to Starscream. "We were saving a captured Decepticon from the enemy and you are calling it a waste of energy? How you dare. Was it - in your opinion - a waste of energy when we saved your life, Starscream?"

Starscream stares back at Megatron and surprisingly does not move when his leader steps closer, "AT that time I didnt care one way or the other so if you had not then I wouldnt be standing here having this conversation wtih you and it wouldnt matter now would it?"

CatsCradle's optics glaze over, trying to follow that last bit of Starscream's, then gives up.

Megatron hisses: "Maybe you did not care, but others did, Starscream." Isn't it nice how he covers a "I" by "others"? "And anyway, why are you so upset about having a warrior more? Would you be as upset if it was not /me/ who feels affection towards her?"

CatsCradle smiles sweetly at Starscream. "Tell you what, Starscream... since you seem so opposed to rescue missions, the next time you need rescuing, we won't come."

Starscreams optics narrow and glow fire red, " How dare you admit to feeling for that can you....." he thinks back to the image on the holgraphic projector in his room and to the femme that now seems to mean nothing to his leader. Then he realizes what Catscradle said and looks back at her, " That can go both ways femme...." he replies to her threateningly.

CatsCradle tilts her head at Starscream, still smiling sweetly. "It wasn't that long ago that you cowering on the repair bay floor, begging us to help you. I drew a weapon on Hook for your behalf. What makes you think that I shouldn't help others in the same way?"

Starscream says, "You were coming to the aid of a fellow Decepticon, not to the aid of a simple automatum.....and you actualy took damage for it? " he shakes his head, " That makes no sense...""

Megatron says, "How I can admit to feel for that female? That is easy: because I do! After millions of years I am able to feel that way again."

CatsCradle starts to answer Starscream, but stops quickly at Megatron's words and remains quiet.

Megatron's optics glow brightly. "She - is - a - Decepticon!" he hisses, hardly keeping himself from grapping Starscream's throat.

Starscream stares back at Megatron looking as if hes about to swing at him but he holds himself back, " Then I hope you enjoy ...'her' " he makes the word 'her' drip in sarcasm.

Megatron replies, his voice is like a quiet, but it is the quietness of an imprisoned thunder: "If you had ever known your mother, you would understand much better why Nightbird and not another female, Starscream."

Megatron turns around and walks over to one of the terminals.

CatsCradle quickly buries herself back in her reader, surrounding herself with I-am-not-here vibes

Starscream blinks, " But I didnt....all I have is a memory and a hologram and you betraying her with that the other room...."
Megatron claw his hands into the console, trying to stay calm. "Starscream, your mother is dead! Killed by Autobot forces. No-one can bring her back to me anymore. /I/ am alive.

Starscream challanges, "So you play consort to a machine built by Autobot allies then? Fine way to remember her......"

CatsCradle's optics flash with some panic.... should she make a run for the door? That would probably attract attention, and as weak as she is now, she'd probably get tangled in the chairs and fall flat on her nose, which would attract even more attention.... she slides further down into her chair, trying to hide behind the reader.

Megatron releases the computer console which now shows several holes... He turns at Starscream, watching him for a while with narrowed optics. Finally he decides: "You pity attempts to insult Nightbird are simply ridiculous, Starscream. This entire argument is a waste of time, so I quit it now." He hads for his workshop. "And I warn you not to take actions again against Nightbird - I may not show any mercy this time."

Starscream clenches his fists and literally starts tremblng in absolute rage, " You are walkign away from me? HOW DARE YOU." he spins toward Megatron and raises an arm cannon to fire.

CatsCradle squeaks and in her befuddled state of pain, lack of energy, and lack of sleep, panics and bolts. As predicted, she tangles herself in both chairs and falls over hard with a crash of splintering furniture. After a few seconds, an ".....ow....?" floats up from the wreckage.

Starscream is mildy surprised by the commotion and glance over to the sprawled femme on the floor. " what the?..."

Ruse walks in and shouts warningly seeing the cannon raised, "Commander!"

Megatron turns to face Starscream, but then realizes what happened to cats. "You better should use your energy to help Catscradle, Starscream." He walks over to the femme to assist her, knowing about the weapon aimed at him. What the hell is his plan?

Starscream follows Megatron with his cannon but does not fire. He cant bring himself to and it only infuriates him more. he knows Megatron knew this too and it just makes himeven madder. He opens his mouth to day something and it just ends up a snarl of pur angered frustration. Instead he glares at Catscradle, " Get UP." he snarls

Ruse looks to Cats, "Still not fully recoverd?"

Starscream snaps a look to Ruse, " help her." he chokes out still trambling in rage(?)

CatsCradle struggles to sit up, pushing the remnants of the two chairs away from her. "Less recovered than I was a few minutes ago."

Megatron offers Cats a hand for assistance.

CatsCradle looks up at Megatron. "Why is it that I always get caught in these things?" she asks mournfully.

Ruse nods to Cats then looks to Starscream, "... yes commander." She walks over and offers Cats a hand... like she could pull someone her size up but, she was orderd to help.

Megatron says, "Talent?"

CatsCradle winces at the answer. "That's what Diver said, too, more or less." She takes his hand and let him help her up, placing her other hand in Ruse's for balance.

Starscream sees how small Ruse is to helo Cats and realizes he ordered her to do somethign she cant do. He mutters, " Do what you can Ruse."

With that Starscream turns for the door abruptly.

Ruse does her best not to buckle under the weight and when Cats is standing smiles up at her joking, "Better then dumb luck atleast."

Megatron says, "Possibly it would be better if you take a rest in your quarters, CatsCradle. I think that place is more secure."

CatsCradle looks around and finds her reader where it had skittered across the floor in as much of an attempt to escape as hers. She tucks it under her arm with a sigh and heads for the door.

Starscream reaches the door and looks back at Megatron. He starts to say something but sees Cats walking up to the door and quietly he steps aside for her

Ruse nods to Cat and then looks to Starscream, "Anything else commander?"

Starscream shakes his head but stares at Megatron.

Megatron heads back to the door of his workshop.
Ruse looks to Starscream and shakes her head, before walking out into the living quarters.

Starscream watches them leave then glances to Catscradle. He looks at her for a moment then turns and walks out

CatsCradle shrugs and catches herself at it. "Hell, I was here first." She turns on her heel and pulls two more chairs together and settles in them, ignoring the wreckage of the first two.

CatsCradle glances up defensively from her nest of two chairs pulled together to one side of the furniture wreckage. "Well, I was here first," she says a touch defensively.

Ruse wanders back in after abit and chuckles at Cats, "I don't wont bust up anything... at least Starscream is taking her return is stride though."

CatsCradle mutters softly, "If that's a stride, I'd hate to see a running leap."

Ruse says, "That would have been shooting Megatron, or worse Nightbird."

CatsCradle rubs her forehead, then lets her head fall back against the chair. "He's already done the latter one."

Ruse says, "He did? Pft, grand.. that means hes already crossed the line. Going to be a battle soon... I just hope they both survive it... and one can swallow their pride."

CatsCradle waves her hand. "Oh, not recently. That was back before, when Diver had to bring Starscream back in."

Ruse ahs, "Good... so whatcha researching?"

CatsCradle looks down blankly at the reader. "Nothing, really. As Gryphus will be quick to tell you, I'm not a true researcher. I just wanted something to read." She starts to shrug adn catches herself. "Couldn't sleep and the walls were closing in."

Ruse says, "What is your function then?"

CatsCradle looks up at her and tilts her head, considering. "I was a stealth op, back on Cybertron. Tracking, not infiltration. Here, I'm more of the exploring half of R&E."

Ruse says, "... hmm, we do have alot of espeinoge units... maybe we should form our own subgroup?"

CatsCradle sets her reader aside. "That's one of the reasons why I don't do much of the stealth work anymore. There was a sudden influx of them, all newer and... oh, I don't know... better equipped, maybe?" She shakes her head, optics thoughtful for a moment. "I'm happier doing the exploring."

Ruse says, "... I was wondering. I may be getting a new altform soon. One better suited to stealth. It may have newer gadgets, but they will be worthless if I don't know how to use them. Would you teach me abit about tracking?"

CatsCradle nods. "I could do that. Mostly, it's a matter of observation and not being observed while doing it. It takes kinda a quiet personality." The look she gives Ruse is measuring. "You aren't exactly a quiet personality," she says, then adds with a grin. "You're a hell of a good shot though." Her grin breaks into a chuckle. "Beaned Grimlock right on the nose."

Ruse chuckles, "I remember. Prime had his hands full after that!'

CatsCradle rests her head back on her chair again, still laughing. "That stampeding riot was a thing of true beauty."

Ruse chuckles, "Ah one of my masterworks... but once I get my new body I will be able to do even more."

CatsCradle regards her again, thoughtfully. "Why do you want to be a stealth? We do seem to be rather stealth-heavy currently."

Ruse says, "Its just part of who I am.. I sneak... I don't clank around often. I like to be seen and fight, but I like to catch people off guard as well."

CatsCradle says, "You're good with people too, when you're not playing pranks on them. I've seen you step forward during first contact meetings, and your instincts are good."

Ruse just kinda shrugs, "I like diffrent things.. its kinda why I dated Slasher for abit.. sorta anyway."

CatsCradle stretches her legs, wiggling her feet a bit and watching them. "sometimes, I think the humans have the right way about it. At least in their universities. The first couple of years are usually spent in a broad education, allowing them to sample many fields before choosing one to specialize in."

Ruse says, "Actualy, I belive specializing in abit of everything in itself can be useful. Maybe not mastering it, but having enough knowledge to work with in several feilds can prove just as valuable as having one select mastery, such as stealth. Take Soundwave, he might be a communication officer, but he can repair, and design numerous things.. such as this spaceship."

CatsCradle nods. "Diver's the same way. He was created to be a one-mech fighting unit and the fastest thing in existance. But what he really enjoys is the techie side and this type of thing," she waves her hand at all the data crystals, "and studying new cultures."

Ruse says, "Hmm... interesting. Maybe he should get redesigned and maybe you should as well if tracking doesn't suit you. If we all do at the same time we could optimize our forces."

CatsCradle's expression closes off suddenly. "My design suits me quite well," she says softly, then changes her tone. "Ever thought of trouble-shooting? As in, there's trouble, shoot it? That would be completely versitile. Work on your own, or with a group. Sniping, ambush, infiltration, tracking, spy work. demolitions... just about any skill would fit in."

Ruse says, "Troubleshooter... hm possably. My new form will cover alot of areas... in stealth mostly but it will be able to fight. I can't wait to show it off when Soundwave gets it done!"


The Kitty Twister

      Ener-Bar and Grill


     When you first enter the Kitty Twister it reminds you of the old War front recharge depots that where set up by the rough and combat hardened Mech's. This perception is not very far off from the truth as the room is decorated with Battle trophies mostly comprising of Autobot armor, heads... The trophy wall has been given some new items since Trigger-Happy Jackie has joined the Kitty Twister team. A row of serving trays line the wall behind the bar each imprinted with some unlucky mech's face. There is even a hand proudly displayed on a plaque that reads.

     "The Kitty Twister takes no responsibility for lost appendages... or limbs Due to touching Jackie's skidplate."

     Small repair droids buzz around in this area busy handing out ordered drinks. Each with a green KT Logo painted on their side. The owner seems to have confiscated some of the droids for personal use.

     The Energon bar itself has anything a mech could want. Including the harder to find contraband energon's not permitted on Cybertron. The owner of this establishment must have some very good contacts. Over the bar hangs a sign that reads, "Any damages caused by Mech's who have over charged their circuits will have the cost of repairs deducted from their credit chips automatically without warning."

     To the back of the Kitty Twister you notice some changes have been implemented. No longer is there a dance floor but simply a stage has been set up for a live band to play at.

CatsCradle steps in and looks around, then sighs when she sees Starscream. "Can I come in without getting shot?" she asks wearily.

Starscream looks at her indifferently, " ...puh

Starscreams sitting there with something quite alcoholic in his glass/or the TF equivelent/ and one of many cigs in his hand

CatsCradle debates on whether to take that as a yes or a no, then takes a drink from Jackie and goes to curl up at one of the tables in a corner.

Skywarp sits over at thebar..

Ruse slinks in, and stays hidden in the shadows for the moment.

Starscream lights another cig and looks at Cats spitefully, "You werent suppose to hear what you did today femme."

CatsCradle looks up warily from her drink, then sighs and shrugs. "Nothing new. These things just happen to me."

Starscream warns, " make sure you dont do anything with what you heard...." he downs his drink and motions to one of the droids for another.

Striker comes into the room and takes a seat, ordering a glass of energy as he looks around at the room's occupants, "Hello everyone."

CatsCradle tilts her head at Starscream. "You /knew/ I was there. It's not my fault you said something you shouldn't have."

Ruse secretly stalks behind Starscream while Catscradle is talking to him. Hm now what exactly did he say?

Starscream sneers as he takes his fresh drink, "Excuse me if my mind was preoccupied with something else. Next time I will set a subdirectory just to keep tabs on where you are." hes being very sarcastic but he just doesnt seem to have his energon pump in it. Hes pretty upset for very personal reasons and he realizes Cats was not there on purpose. but hes got to keep apperances if nothing else.

Striker grabs his glass and walks over to sit next to Starscream and Cats, "Hey, what's up?"

CatsCradle chuckles. "Wouldn't work anyway, Screamer. Hard to keep tabs on a stealth." She glances up at Striker. "Short or long version?"

Ruse antigravs up... this would be a perfect time to take advantage of all of Starscream's weaknesses. Yet, she once felt like him about her... so insteads decides aginst it. Ah look out Starwscream someone is choking you! No, its just Ruse patting your shoulder, "Ah the hard life of being second in command hm?"

Striker eyes Cats for a second, "Short if ya don't mind, I don't really care for details." He waits for Cats explaination and glances up at Ruse, "Hi there Ruse, didn't see ya when I came in."

CatsCradle leans back in her chair, her optics rather unfocused. "Let's see... we rescued Nightbird, I got another shoulder shot off of me, Starscream's having a jealous spat and is currently making rather clumsey threats in my direction as a distraction. Short enough?"

Starscreams drink goes flying at anyone unlucky enough to be in the way and he spins around toward Ruse, " STOP...doing that........"

Striker nods, "Yea... I'd say that's short enough and... you rescued Nightbird? I thought she'd have been dead by now. Oh well, it'll be good to have her back, not to mention putting Megatron in a good mood."

Then he realizes what Cats said and glares at her. " Jelous? Of what? That android? Dont be absurd"

Starscream then starts wondering where his drink went

CatsCradle smirks at Screamer's spooked reaction. "Yeah, Megatron's in a better mood, but we got Starscream's in trade."

Striker says, "I'd much rather STarscream be in a bad mood than Megatron, but it's not good for either of them..."

Starscream gives up on the whereabouts of his drink and motions the droid for another. " And what puts Megatron in such a good mood will be the downfall of us all." he mumbles as he grabs his new drink

Ruse snickers at Starscream but nods, "Yes commander..." She then hovers over and has a seat with the rest of them.

Ruse says, "Regarding, not sneaking up on you."

CatsCradle starts to shrug, stops herself again with an angry sigh and starts another drink herself.

Starscream mildly aknowledges her remark and takes a long drink of his drink.

Ruse remembers some of what she heard when she got back from space regarding Nightbirds activitys while with the group and speaks up about a rumor she was told, "... so what are you going to do Starscream if Megatron does replace you with her as second in command?"

Ruse waits for him to spew his drink...

CatsCradle ducks reflexively.

Striker leans back away from Starscream, having had Starscream spew on him once already in his lifetime, and that once was one too many times for him.

Starscream pauses and then sets his glass down slowly. The look on his face slowly turns quite rigid and he stares at Ruse as if boring holes right through her...."What do you think I will do......." his voice is like ice and he carefully answers his own question,. " I will justhave to eliminate her now wont I..."

CatsCradle says mildly, "I'm not sure that will happen. Afterall, Starscream, is Megatron in the habit of putting his mate in command positions?"

Starscream blinks and clenches his fists in a physical attempt to hold back his anger, " Megatrons....mate is long deactivated.....this robot THING can be nothign of the sort."

Ruse says, "He is willing to put her into dangerous position from what I have seen... he sent her after that energy chip didn't he, a solo mission?"

Ruse says, "Into the ark itself.. pfft wish he would let me get away with things like that."

Striker nods, "You probably couldve done better than she did too."

CatsCradle regards her drink thoughtfully, if not slightly blearily. "What I'm saying, is that if he hasn't put a mate as second in command before, he probably won't again." She glances over at Ruse with a grin. "I've been sent on solo missions before... doesn't mean I'm gonna suddenly be plopped in a command position."

Ruse says, ".. I don't think so Striker. I know my limits. The art is no human compoud, teletran is an advanced security system... I belive I could get inside, but I don't think I would go undetected for to long."

Starscream sighs, " Dont any or you understand this thing is not alive, it is not one of us....and its done something to our leader and hes not thinking clearly..." he pauses realizing this just might work to his advantage. But he also knows theres more reasons then hes willing to say as to why hes so against thie robot. "regardless." he continues as he lights a cig, " I wont listen to it, I wont help it, and I damn sure wont loose my command over it."

Ruse says, ".. Starscream, may I ask you something?"

Starscream looks to her, " Go ahead."

Ruse says, "Do you respect Soundwave's telepathic talents?"

Starscream replies quietly, " They repaired me from my malfunction a couple of weeks ago. That is all I know of it, all Ive experienced though,. Why?"

Ruse says, "Do you belive he would honestly allow Megatron to delude himself with a nonsentinet being? That he would honestly not sence the lifelessness behind the emulation? Soundwave, who has warned Megatron in the past when he is danger... yet now says he is perfectly safe. He who has no ambitions for command, no reason to allow Megatron to come to harm... would remain silent if what you are saying is true?"

Starscream stares at her for a moment, "Maybe."

Theres obviously something else going on here that is driving Starscreams position in this issue. Something hes not saying but something perhaps Catscradle glimpsed in the library earlier.

Ruse says, "... there is a point commander. Where one goes from being on guard to peranoid. I would say you are dangerously close to stepping over it. It could cost you, that which seek to protect.. if your wrong. So I would weigh the evidence you had with a fully open mind if I where you... but then again I am not so do as you will as always sir."

CatsCradle sips from her drink, regarding Starscream over the edge of the cube, then looks down at her hand, closing it into a fist and opening it again, seemingly testing the reflexes of the new muscle system.

Starscream stares at Ruse for a moment then remembers something, " and you have no problems with this robot and Megatron?"

Striker watches both Ruse and Starscream, slowly sipping on his energon.

Ruse says, "... I do, on a personal level. I feel like my talents are worthless when one such as he who is much like me comes into the faction. It cannot be helped though. On a military level, I have none as she is a very capable warrior able to stand alone aginst several Autobots as well as infiltrate their strongholds. This is an army no matter how teamlike it is and as such we must respect the wishes as well as commands of those in control... even if they add a member you dislike for some reason aslong as it does not hurt the team you must set those emotions aside."

Starscream smirks, " You are evading the question Ruse....I want to know if you, YOU have any problems with this machine and Megatron and you know what I ask."

Ruse drats.. so much for avoiding it. She nods, "Yes, I dislike her. She managed to toss me around like a ragdoll."

CatsCradle drums her fingers against the table, her claws clicking on the surface, again testing their movements. "Besides, Starscream, if you keep doing things such as, oh pulling a weapon at the commander's back, that would probably give him a good reason to replace you. Besides," and she glances up at him, "if Megatron's daughter can accept Nightbird as a member of the army at least, surely you can too, can't you?"

Ruse says, "... but I am willing to give her another chance and try to like her. I know how having feelings for someone can be. Don't you sir?"

Starscream leans forward toward Ruse and continues to smirk, "But thats not hte only reason why you dislike her is it?"

Starscream pauses, " Well now how convenient...Cats answered for you." he straightens and looks at CC

CatsCradle folds her hands against the table surface and regards Starscream back, evenly, without a hint of anything other than her usual mild expression.

Ruse says, "... Starscream, shut up. Don't even dare... I know what you are getting at and yes I felt that way atfirst before she thrashed me. She is worthy. She has proven it from what I have heard and what I saw..."

Starscream mutters, " It might work for her but not for me." he regards Ruse again, "She ..IT has proven nothing to me...and IT never will."

Ruse says, "... very well Starscream, just know I will stand beside her and Megatron. As I feel will most of the others. I am willing to try, and belive she has earned the chance. End of line..."

Starscream finishes his drink and almost slams the glass on the table, " I wont."

CatsCradle turns her hands upwards briefly, then folds them back against the table. "You don't have to like her, Starscream, and I understand that liking her is impossible for you. However, none of us like every single person in this army, but we at least try to work with them, for the benefit of the Decepticons." She smiles sweetly. "I'm not all that thrilled about you, but I do work with you and have helped you in the past, and will continue to do so again, if only because you are another Decepticon, and one in my direct environment."

Starscream smiles dangeriously to Cats, " If you say so."

CatsCradle smiles back as plesantly as Starscream's smile is dangerous, but doesn't say anything else.

Striker looks over between CatsCradle and Ruse, feeling the exact same way except they put their feelings into words.

Ruse leans back, "So Screamer any idea what our next mission will be?"

Starscream stares at Cats for a moment longer then shrugs his shoulders, " I have no idea Ruse. There was one plan but it keeps getting put off and put off so who knows now."

Ruse says, "I see..."

CatsCradle leans back in her chair, stretching her legs out in front of her. She chuckles suddenly. "Anyone ever figure out who cobwebbed Megatron's office before Halloween?"

Ruse says, "My bet is Rumble did it..."

Striker says, "I'd place my bets on Rumble too, he just seems like the kind that'd do stuff like that."

Ruse says, "Hes about the only one small enough to squeeze into the vents and slip into the office when its locked."

CatsCradle looks at Ruse. "I'm surprised folks didn't point at you. You've the rep."

Ruse says, "Yes, I do don't I?"

Starscream seems to lean back in his chair and to fade into the background as this nonsensical banter begins. he stares into his drink and sips it from time to time.

CatsCradle smiles. "Yes, well.... never underestimate the ones most likely to be underestimated." She drains the last of her drink, looking suddenly exhausted completely through. "I think I'd fly all the way back to Cybertron for one of Diktat's martinis..."

Ruse says, ".. cybertron. I wonder if the fuel we are sending up to it is even making a diffrence?"

Striker says, "I'd hope so, at least those grubby Autobots aren't getting their hands on it up there."

CatsCradle lifts her hands in a shrug. "Dunno. Diver's there, and we're in contact, but he's so deep in research right now, that I'm not sure he'd notice if the lab was missiled."

Ruse hmmms...

CatsCradle shoves her glass aside and stands up. "Well, I think that's enough for me. Perhaps I'll actually get some sleep tonight. She gives the others a halfbow and an extra grin to Starscream. "Thank you for ensuring that this was not a boring afternoon, at the very least."

Starscream ignores her and stares into his drink

Striker nods to Cats, "See ya later Cats."

CatsCradle seems to soften a little. "Things will work out, Starscream. They usually do." She nods to them all again and walks out.

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