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Cosmic Rust

Training Complex

        A very large section comprised of several areas where the Decepticons gather for training exercises. The firing range allows users to practice their ranged weapon skills against holographic targets. The arena has five separate dueling areas to allow Decepticons to test one another in combat. Although normally used strictly for practice and sparring, the arena can be used for actual duels to settle a dispute. There is a separate area for engaging computer-controlled opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

CatsCradle is over at the target range, practicing with her wrist laser on the arm with the newly replaced shoulder.

Megatron just stepped in as he sees CatsCradle. He decided to watch her for a while, studying her progress.

CatsCradle squeaks in dismay as the target whimpers and dies. "That happens far too often," she mutters, glancing around to see if anyone is around to notice and her optics go wide at the sight of Megatron. "Oh, dear..."

Megatron stands there, laughing. "It survived my fusion cannon, but it doesn't withstand your charm, CatsCradle."

CatsCradle relaxes a little and frowns at the target. "I didn't know my charm was quite so... destructive..."

Megatron still laughs, the hands on his hips.

CatsCradle slips her laser back into her wrist cuff and continues to study the target. "Starscream was... rather upset about what was said in front of me the day after Nightbird was brought back." She very carefully does not look at Megatron. "Of course, he was quickly on his way to becoming drunk at the time."

Gryphus walks into the room, datapad in hand. She looks up at the boss laughing.

CatsCradle glances up at Gryphus quickly, then at Megatron. The target looks like it has been destroyed by a high powered laser. She shakes her head quickly. "Nevermind. A topic that can wait."

Gryphus says, "I already know about Starscream’s troubles with Nightbird. Do continue."

Megatron suddenly stops laughing. "Don't worry too much about that. It is not your problem, CatsCradle. It is... a family matter.

CatsCradle says very hesitantly, "I'm afraid it becomes my problem when Starscream begins to throw threats in my way. However serious or not serious."

Megatron frowns. "He did, CatsCradle?"

CatsCradle gives a slight smile. "Well, he was drunk and rather clumsy about it, and vague, but it was there."

Ruse hovers up from the living quarters... silently, a dark expression to her normally cheerful features.

Megatron says, "If he threatens you again, Catscradle, tell him he should clear that with me."

CatsCradle gives Megatron a half-bow, very aware of the others suddenly entering. "I will, sir," she says, but her expression is very thoughtful with traces of concern."

Blood Raven enters the room.

Gryphus stands here, listening to all the talk on the most part

Blood Raven says, "If who threatens you? Catscradle what happened?"

CatsCradle smiles at Blood Raven and gives her the same half-bow. "It is not anything for anyone else to worry about, Raven. 'Sides, I am more than capable of taking care of myself."

Blood Raven "Catscradle I am not of rank there is no need to bow to me?" she looks confused at the gesture

CatsCradle chuckles slightly and grins to Megatron. "I really was in Polyhex for too long, wasn't I?"

Megatron chuckles too. "Far too long."

Blood Raven says, "I do not see how that makes a difference?(now she really is confused)"

Gryphus heads towards the Cc for some work.

CatsCradle chuckles again. "I would be happy not to be there for much in the future." She smiles to Blood Raven. "Sometimes Polyhex' tendency for formality sneaks back on me. I tend to go from one extreme to the other without noticing."

Blood Raven says, "My lord how is the Lady Nightbird?"

Megatron says, "I would say, she is fine."

CatsCradle says with sincerity, "That is very good to hear."

Ruse says, "Indeed. So, commander now that we have reaquired Nightbird and seen to her repairs what will our next objective be?"

Blood Raven smiles and looks obviously relieved to hear that she is doing better now

CatsCradle's optics glint with mischief. "To take over the universe?"

Blood Raven says, "May I ask, where is Lady Nightbird?"

Megatron says, "Wiping the Autobots out of the Galaxy, Ruse."

Blood Raven chuckles at Megatron's remark

Blood Raven says, "Lady Ruse have you any idea when you shall be receiving your new body?"

Ruse smirks, "Oh the same thing we do every cycle... and sadly no Blood"

Blood Raven says, "I look forward to seeing it, it sounds rather interesting"

CatsCradle turns back to the smoking remains of the target and goes to a compartment to bring out a new one. She trots down to the target and replaces it with the quick moves of someone who has done this rather often.


Metaxis Quadrant

        This unknown quadrant has mostly been avoided by explorers and traders, as initial penetrations into this region has shown it to be mostly devoid of life, except for a few primitive species on their backwater worlds. None of these lifeforms have proven to be of any 'interest' to whatever civilization has stumbled across them and so the Metaxis Quadrant is regarded as a largely unimportant area.

The Decepticon shuttle soars through space, carrying with it a group of Decepticons on an exploration mission. The mission's navigator is none other than Harrier, erstwhile Duke of Valckasta, who has uncovered an ancient map in his exploration of his newly inherited estate. And if the writings on the margin are true--if there is some kind of mighty weapon stored on a planet in a distant system--who are the Decepticons to turn down such an opportunity?

CatsCradle makes her way to one of the seats and curls up into it, tucking her feet up underneath her comfortably and pressing her nose against the window.

Blood Raven looks curiously at the ships interior and then takes a seat

CatsCradle turns from her window to look curiously at Harrier, recognizing him from one of Tempest's carvings. She looks back at Tempest. "Obviously, I am out of date on the news," she says quietly with a mischievous glimmer to her optics.

Ruse sits in her seat.. kinda. Now and then she idly looks to the main viewscreen or towards one of the other Cons unable to keep still. Its been awhile since she last flew in space and she is kinda excited about it.

Megatron takes his usual place, the command chair.

The Decepticon shuttle soars through space, carrying with it a group of Decepticons on an exploration mission. The mission's navigator is none other than Harrier, erstwhile Duke of Valckasta, who has found a strange, ancient map during his exploration of his newly inherited estate. The map seems to suggest an ancient weapon is housed on a planet in a far distant galaxy...

Gryphus amuses herself with a research paper on her datapad while in transit. No sense in wasting the time gazing at stars.

Nightbird's masked features give away little of her feelings, but anyone who's spent time observing her will probably recognize her expression as excited. This is after all the first space journey she can recall.

Blood Raven sees Nightbird and watches her, this must be her first time in space?

Harrier leans over Soundwave's shoulder and points out something on the map, gesturing out towards space. In the distance, an asteroid field becomes visible.

Soundwave nods to Harrier, checking the course heading, and noting the gravity fluctuations that are guiding the asteroids in such an unusual course.

Harrier looks over his shoulder at Megatron, as if seeking approval for his navigation work so far. The asteroid field is coming closer. "I'm afraid we're going to have to go through it," he says.

Gryphus keeps working along.. rather oblivious to all else.

The shuttle glides soundlessly through space. The most unusual thing about this sector is the high number of asteroids it contains. Be careful how you fly your ship, or you may hit one, or be hit by one, as many of them are very fast-moving, due perhaps to the unusual gravitational influences in this region. The planetoids range in dimension from moon-sized to grains of sand, and may be the remnants of one of the worlds in the nearest solar system, that broke apart due to unknown causes. One of the remaining large worlds in the system is encircled by an asteroid ring which has resumed a somewhat stable orbit around the gravity source of the planet.

Tempest frowns and moves over, saying, "Let me see that map." She snatches it out of Harrier's hands and studies it.

CatsCradle pulls out a reader after a while and scans through the day's media reports from earth, leaning her head against the cool metal of the bulkhead as she reads.

Nightbird gazes out the window, her optics glowing with interest.

Blood Raven says, "Lady Nightbird if I may ask, how are you feeling? I trust Commander Soundwave was able to heal you of your wounds?"

Soundwave notes a sensor glitch on one of his screens, and double-checks. "Interesting," he muses more to himself than to those nearby.

Ruse stands up in her seat and grips the back of CatsCradle for support as she looks over it to the monitor, "... well at least it wont be as bad as a meteor shower..."

Nightbird nods to Blood Raven. "I have fully recovered, yes."

Blood Raven smiles at her "that is a relief. is this your first time out in space?"

Tempest pulls out a map of her own, lays it down beside Harrier's map, and starts cross-referencing, cursing about converting Sirian measurements to Cybertronian, while Harrier watches with concern.

Soundwave touches a few controls and zooms in on a sector of space among the asteroids. Magnification doubles, and the metallic object in the screen becomes clear as a ship of some sort.

CatsCradle glances up at the feel of Ruse holding on to her chair and looks at the monitor, her optics narrowing slightly as she studies it. "Soundwave, whenever you say something is interesting, I can't help but get a little nervous..."

Rumble asks, "Hey, what's that?" and points to the ship ahead.

On the screen is a magnified view of a bulky ship towing several external fuel storage tanks along behind it - all of them broken and empty of contents, as well as having one larger one making up the bulk of the vessel in its body. It seems quite old, the skin pocketed with craters and dents, large holes in the side, although the main fuel tank seems unscathed. It floats through deep space without control.

Ruse says, "Looks like salvage..."

Tempest glances up at the ship ahead, seeming uneasy about something. "Abandoned scrap." Her optics narrow. "Or an ambush."

Gryphus continues reading and typing on her datapad til someone tells her its time for action.

CatsCradle leans forward, pointing. "That fuel tank looks intact."

Megatron says, "Do we have any information about that ship? Type? Origin?"

Blood Raven decides it is best to leave Lady Nightbird to her thoughts and figures it would be best to join the others something is going on

Soundwave nods to CatsCradle. "I detect the same. Species of origin is unknown. Cross-referencing databanks."

Nightbird studies the screen carefully, but able to offer little input. Space is totally new to her.

Blood Raven says, "I say siphon the fuel and move on"

Gryphus looks up a moment, noting the ship. "Hmm.. we are there?" she asks.

Tempest nods to Blood Raven and favours the newcomer with a smile. They agree on this...

CatsCradle lifts one shoulder in an abbreviated shrug. "If we currently have enough fuel, I'd say leave it. Let's not take the risk of ambush or attack."

Ruse looks down at Cats, then to Soundwave, "Can you detect any energy emissions from this ship or is it totally dead?"

Blood Raven smiles honoured that her 'hero' should agree with her on this

Soundwave says, "Species designation, Elianeish. Formerly a minor empire in the Delta Quadrant, today reduced to scattered outposts. This is an older design, no longer in use."

Soundwave says, "No energy readings from the vessel."

Gryphus ahs.. "The Elianeish..."

Blood Raven says, "we aren't there yet Gryphus but we have discovered a ship"

Harrier grins. "Good fuel they have..."

Megatron says, "Tempest, what is your opinion, do you think it is an ambush?"

Soundwave looks to Gryphus. "My records indicate no further details. You are familiar with the species?"

Ruse ...

Gryphus smiles at him. "I'm familiar with many alien species Soundwave."

CatsCradle sighs. "That wasn't what he asked, Gry, Do you know this one?"

Soundwave says, "Did they have a tendency to lay traps on abandoned vessels?""

Blood Raven nods at Gryphus, she would be the best one for the job...

Tempest shakes her head. "No. It's other raiders I'm worried about."

Gryphus saves the work on her datapad. "Yes I do know some about them." she pauses. "let me think.."

Blood Raven watching Harrier careful she wonders who he is?

Blood Raven says, "sir I am not aware of your name, may I ask who are you? and why have I not met you earlier"

Harrier turns his attention away from Tempest's appropriation of his map and favours the femme with a roguish smile. "My apologies...Duke Harrier at your service," and he delivers a flourishing bow.

Megatron says, "Well, then let's get the fuel aboard. In these regions of the galaxy you can never have enough extra fuel."

Ruse says, "I don't think others would use the ship Tempest... its not attractive enough as bait and its in the middle of nowhere figuratively speaking. Not good for those wishing people to be lured in."

Gryphus looks up. "No they didn't booby trap their vessels.. but that ship design was made in such a way if you cut out the tanks they would self destruct. I'd advise towing it whole if we want the fuel within them."

Megatron says, "Harrier, watch for energy patterns that could belong to Enforcer ships. I do not need an encounter with them."

CatsCradle chews on her lip thoughtfully. "It's doing a good job of luring /us/ in," she points out.

Tempest mumbles, "The middle of nowhere..." There's something about that line that 's really grating on her...what is wrong here? She returns her attention to the maps, frowning....

Blood Raven bows in return "Duke? of what? who are you? and there is no need to bow to me I am not of rank?"

Nightbird ventures a question. "Soundwave, could that ship have survived here for long amid the moving rocks?"

Harrier does as ordered. "I don't see anything unusual," he says, and then looks back at Blood Raven, though he continues to monitor the sensors. "Duke...hopefully of Valckasta, the ancient Cybertronian center of culture, and of Kilair," he odds, almost as an afterthought. "And...I always bow to a lovely lady."

CatsCradle chuckles softly to Tempest. "He is a charmer, isn't he?"

Gryphus gets up to see the ship on a screen. "Hmm.. do you detect escape pods on board that vessel.. I think they may of abandoned ship."

Blood Raven looks away at that remark she is embarrassed at his politeness

Soundwave says, "Apparently it has, Nightbird. It is not the object of our mission, but it would seem to be a fortunate find." He looks back toward Megatron. "I can affix a tractor beam to it easily, Commander.""

Blood Raven says, "good to meet you....Duke Harrier...."

Colossus is first seen stomping up from the back of the shuttle. He growls slightly, looking out of the shuttle to see what the turbulence cause is. "Why is it..." he starts, "that we have such horrible luck with rocks."

Megatron says, "Then do it, Soundwave. And hurry!"

Tempest shoots a dirty glance at Harrier and mutters, loud enough for CatsCradle to hear, "He's probably picked up a few computer viruses..." and not elaborating any more.

Soundwave's fingers dart over his control panel, and a faint shimmer becomes visible on screen, stretching between the Decepticon shuttle and the ship on screen. As the tractor beam attaches and draws the abandoned vessel in, one of the asteroids in the region tumbles toward where the ship had been earlier. By being drawn toward the Decepticon shuttle, it has for the moment escaped further damage.

Gryphus observes the ship... relatively sure there’s a few pods missing.. that the ship is abandoned... or may just have bodies.

CatsCradle shudders slightly. "Oh, Temp..." she murmurs with a pained expression. "Please don't mention viruses...."

Soundwave says, "I will be interested to examine it more closely when we return it to Earth." He seems content to leave it at that, having secured the vessel for the ride."

Tempest tilts her head. "Why not, Cats?"

CatsCradle says, "the last one came complete with a world full of zombies."

Ruse looks down at Cats, "Don't remind me..." She tries not to gag remembering that energy leech sliding down her throat... ugh.

Soundwave is aware of the positions of the others on the ship by their voices and movements, but keeps his attention to his task even as their visitor from Cybertron, Colossus, stomps into the front section of the ship.

Tempest says to Cats, "Charming...I'm glad I missed it." She cross references between the maps and then it clicks...she takes a swat at Harrier and says in an ironically Megatron-like voice, "Harrier, you idiot, you've led us into a forbidden sector!"

Gryphus finds her seat again and goes back to her datapad work.

Ruse looks to Tempest her optics dimming as she grips the back of CatsCradle seat tighter to deal with the turbulence, "Forbidden sector?"

Colossus watches the shuttle descend, impassively. Arms crossed over his chest as he merely waits. The large form looks down imperiously on the smaller, chattering Decepticons with slight discontent. So much noise. At least no one is asking 'are we there yet?'

Tempest says to Soundwave, "Turn this ship around and get us the hell out of here," as if /she/ were the one in command. She spins on her heel and almost bumps right into Megatron....

Megatron stares at the monitor. Autobots? In this part of the galaxy?

Harrier looks at his map, crestfallen, and says to Ruse, "An area where anyone with half a mind avoids. Rumour goes around the Spaceways of those bad areas that are to be avoided."

Blood Raven recoils in disgust. Autobot territory?!

Megatron is suddenly confronted with Tempest. "Caution.

Nightbird's optics glitter at the sight of an entire planet marked with the symbol of the enemy, and she looks to Megatron to see what he'll do.

Soundwave makes no move to change the course of the ship, and awaits Megatron's further orders.

Tempest's expression falls instantly, as if she only now remembers where she is and who she's with.

Gryphus hmms... mumbling something about t research.. Autobot planets.. forbidden sectors..

CatsCradle nods thoughtfully. "I think leaving might be a really good idea."

Colossus stares at Tempest darkly as she offends Lord Megatron's physical form. Once again, he growls, but mostly of lack of conversation he desires to engage in.

Tempest looks up hopefully at Megatron.

Soundwave checks for any energy readings from the planet below.

Gryphus taps into her datapad, trying to find that pesky file.. Autobot.. Planet.. ah there it is.

Rumble suddenly speaks up, "Soundwave, watch out for the asteroids!" They're in constant motion, it seems.

Megatron says, "Scan the planet, Soundwave. If this is really an Autobot outpost, I need every information about it I can get."

Tempest says, almost pleadingly and with a tone of urgency in her voice, "Megatron, we've got to get out of here, this is a forbidden sector!"

Soundwave looks up from his scanners and shifts the ship hard to the right, jetting forward with a burst of thrusters.

An asteroid narrowly misses the shuttle....

Colossus growls again at the mention of Autobots. Well, certainly got the anger part down at least. His attention drifts windowards, trying to get visual contact on the Accursed.

Gryphus Mutters. "Fascinating..." but otherwise is still reading over the file for anything of importance.. like if that planet is still occupied!

Ruse gahs and hangs on to Cats seat at the sudden shuttle movement, "Wildrider would have loved this trip."

Soundwave goes back to checking the shuttle's sensors, though keeps a careful watch on the nearest orbiting asteroids. "Detecting no obvious signs of civilization. That is, the normal energy readings that accompany a technologically advanced outpost are missing."

Blood Raven gasps "that is way too close!

Megatron says, "Tempest, it is necessary to explore this. I do not want an unexpected action take place toward the empire from this part of space."

Gryphus Hmm.. that's.. odd.

Gryphus looks up from her datapad.

Ruse looks to Rumble after she regains her balance, "Good optics..." She then looks to Tempest and adds hearing Megatron explain why they are going on, "Besides we don't run from myths and rumors."

CatsCradle settles deeper in her seat, sinking her claws into the armrests for more security against the shuttle's movements.

Rumble kind of cringes back, knowing better than to argue with Megatron, and looking worriedly at the planet below.

Blood Raven then realizes that Colossus is with them! Surprised and cursing herself for not being more observant she turns to Colossus and bows to him "My Lord it is an honour to have you among us"

Gryphus says, "I concur with the sensor findings. There are not Autobots on this planet for.. reasons I'm not getting off my research files.""

Tempest kind of cringes back, knowing better than to argue with Megatron, and looking worriedly at the planet below.

Soundwave says, "There is, however, a city detectable from orbit. I can set the ship down near its center, Megatron."

Harrier seems to find something exciting about being in a forbidden sector, as Tempest avoided them like the plague--little does he know the irony in his thought. He looks forward with exhilaration towards the planet.

Megatron looks at Soundwave. "They may deceiving our sensors. However, try to go down outside a settlement. Send an disturbing signal to cover our own energy pattern.

CatsCradle's nose is against the window again. "If it's not inhabited... then why isn't it?"

Tempest's optics flash and she says, "Forbidden sectors are usually forbidden for a reason."

Megatron says, "Superstition, Tempest."

Gryphus gives a shrug, "Sometimes even researches hid things from each other.. especially Bot ones. NO freedom of information among them."

Blood Raven turns back to the main group she looks concerned. "that can't be a good sign if its not inhabited and forbidden,

Nightbird wonders, "Forbidden by whom?"

Blood Raven says, "good question, its not like the Autobots to abandon one of their outposts?"

Colossus looks towards Blood Raven, then jerks a thumb towards Megatron, "You honour me with proper respect towards Lord Megatron. Not with mere words." Then he turns and salutes Megatron properly, "Lord, permission to lead a team to find out if the Accursed truly live still. If they do, they will not for long..."

Gryphus taps at her datapad some more. "Oh there is a reason.. just can't make this file come up.. darn encryption.."

Soundwave listens without comment to the discussion behind him, and moves the ship downward into the atmosphere. For a few moments it's a smooth ride, and then the planet's atmosphere causes slight turbulence as Soundwave brings the shuttle down toward the edge of the city, growing more and more visible on the screen.

Ruse looks down at Cats and jokes, "Maybe the bots just couldn't hack it on an alien world without aliens to help them survive?"

Tempest’s lip curls, she knows better than to argue with him but her worried expression proves that she doesn't like it.

CatsCradle sighs softly. "That would be too easy, Ruse."

Blood Raven looks at Colossus and nods her loyalty is her honour.

The shuttle touches down gently on a clear stretch of pavement.

Megatron says, "/If/ it is really abandoned, we will find out. If not, Colossus, you will have your share of the prey."

Tempest says, "Megatron, can I stay with the shuttle?"

Gryphus Looks up. "I can try to decrypt the file.. but it will take time and I'm sure you'd like me to dedicate this pad's resources to other things."

Blood Raven removes her Stardagger from its hilt and prepares to follow Megatron

Colossus bows to Megatron then takes a position nearby, staring at anything Autobot related.

Megatron nods to Tempest. "Someone has to guard it anyway. Harrier, you can stay too. Keep the ship ready for take off.

Harrier says with a bit of a whine, "Why do I have to stay here?"

Tempest says, "It'll be ready to launch when you all come running back with something horrible chasing you."

Ruse looks to Tempest, then hops out of the seat she was in and draws her rifle. She can't wait to find out what’s outside the shuttle door!

Gryphus taps at her pad some more, trying to bring up the name and information on the city they are landing near.

CatsCradle chuckles to Harrier. "Trust me, with the type of trouble we tend to get into, you're probably the luckier one to stay behind."

Nightbird takes one of her energy swords from her backpack, ready for whatever waits.

Harrier mumbles, "It's my map, I found it..."

Soundwave is actually very interested to get a first-hand look at this place. He glances at Tempest and Harrier, a flicker of curiosity passing through his optic band, but then readies himself to accompany the exploration team.

Colossus seems ready and willing to go into the Autobot base. Likely, to tear it down and smash it to little bits.

CatsCradle grins. "Think of it this way, Harrier... you'll get to survive to use the map again." She draws her own sword, the steel flashing in the light.

Megatron says, "Keep the shuttle ready, Tempest."

Ruse walks to the shuttle door and leaves after Megatron.

Tempest nods, her expression saying "you'll be sorry"

CatsCradle gives Tempest a mirroring expression and follows the others


Abandoned Autobot City

     Near the center of the continental-scale Autobot symbol, between the walls of a canyon of sculptured orange stone, is a large city. The architecture is Cybertronian, of a distinct Autobot style, and quite old, the buildings rising to the sky in unique puzzle-shape designs. The city is overgrown with vines and there are signs that organic animals have made homes in some of the buildings. Perhaps the oddest thing is the complete lack of any signs of damage - no soot from a fire, no defacement or laser scorches from attackers, no rubble from an earthquake. A few buildings have fallen into disrepair from their sheer age, but otherwise the city is intact. It is as if the inhabitants simply up and left long ago, never to return.

Harrier pulls out his map. "Supposedly the good stuff is north."

Gryphus mumbles something about rushing into things before you know what you are rushing into as she types at her datapad.

Megatron walks out of the Shuttle, looking around curiously.

Rumble catches sight of the obelisk. He looks around, the whole place is silent. "Looks like a ghost planet to me."

Ruse slinks up behind Rumble and makes a spooky sound.. it was just to good a cue to pass up.

CatsCradle peers around. "S'long's it isn't a zombie planet."

Gryphus hmms and peers at a large obelisk not far off...

Harrier finally looks up from his map and stares around with a bewildered expression. "Kilair doesn't look like this. This place is...too intact." He looks over his shoulder at the shuttle.

Colossus stomps his way out, grasping his sword and cannon. He moves in front of the group, first chance he gets, to attack any Accursed left alive.

Nightbird says, "If this is a trap, it seems needlessly elaborate."

Rumble jumps! "Gah, Ruse, you're gonna give me the surges!"

Harrier shakes off any concern about maybe he /should/ have stayed in the shuttle...Decepticons are brave explorers! He heads northward, towards the obelisk. "Tally ho, eh what?"

Megatron slowly walks toward the city that seems to be deserted. "It is not like the Autobots to leave a whole city to decay..."

Ruse grins at Rumble then nods to Nightbird, "The plant growth alone must have taken ages.."

Soundwave regards the style of the buildings with interest. Clearly recognizable as Cybertronian architecture, but from a different era.

Gryphus Moves to look at the script on the obelisk.. "Fascinating.." she mutters.. she scans over it.. hmm she should have brushed up on her ancient Autobot...

Rumble looks at Gryphus. "What's it say?"

CatsCradle starts to mutter something about her original question being /why/ it was uninhabited... but something about the surroundings just makes her want to stay silent. She follows the others, but drifting from one shadow to the next in her caution.

Blood Raven says, "My mentor spoke of this to me once of an abandoned city it was a legend of course, but then again Soul Dancers were legend too"

Gryphus says, "Doka...dunanni.. braka.. en... *pauses at Rumbles query* A transmitter I think. Its about two generations back at least. I may be able to see if it works still.""

Soundwave's optic band shades slightly brighter in a smile at Blood Raven's words. "Consider how many colonies of Cybertronians left their homeworld, and what they might have encountered, and you begin to see how some of their experiences have been transmuted into legends."

Blood Raven watches Gryphus with interest, she admires her skills to decipher this ancient tongue

Gryphus taps into her datapad to see if there might be a translator for this script.

Soundwave steps over toward the obelisk and watches Gryphus' study.

A light shimmers from the top of the obelisk and an image Autobot figure, stooped in pain, covered in some odd substance. It speaks....

Megatron says, "Caution, Gryphus, it could be a booby trap!"

Nightbird is mostly out of her area of expertise here, so she just stays ready and alert, watching for signs of trouble.

Gryphus looks at. "Ah.. of course!" S reaches for a dial. "Its no trap I assure you my lord."

Megatron does a step back as the hologram appears.

Blood Raven smile back at him "good point. well hopefully this "legend" has a good ending"

Gryphus turns the dial of course.. which made that holo appear?

"If Cybertron be your home, far away never roam! A warning to those who are here, Danger comes! The end is near! Just like us you soon shall dust." And the image fades, vanishing as well.

Nightbird hurls a throwing star at the Autobot, and is perplexed as it goes right through.

Colossus sweeps his sword up from being pointed groundwards, stirring up some ancient dirt in the quick motion. He grips it two handed, setting into combat pose, ready to attack if need be.

Blood Raven jerks back in surprise she is ready to attack

Gryphus listens to its warning. "Hmm.." she frowns.. "Rust.. dust.." she mumbles... only barely a whisper.

Ruse who has been following narrows her optics at the hologram. After it ends she hmmps, "Strange, but Autobot babble always is."

Rumble chokes, "It sounds like a....a curse!"

Harrier's excited face abruptly falls. "A curse, all right. Bloody hell. All right, I'm leaving..." and he turns around, coming face to face with Soundwave.

Blood Raven frowns its a curse! "My Lord we should leave at once!

Megatron says, "Quiet, you superstitious fools! It is an obvious trick - designed to scare us off."

Blood Raven looks at the ground. He is right of course, but still...

CatsCradle watches from the shadows, her optics narrowed. Her claws tap soundlessly on the hilt of her sword. "I knew it was gonna be a weird one," she mutters. "It's 'cause Diver isn't here, and he always misses the weird ones."

Harrier pauses, thinking that over. Tempest certainly seemed dead set against being here, but ...He grins. "Why of course...if there's a curse on the door, there's treasure on the other side!"

Gryphus holds up her hand.. as if asking for quiet.

Rumble looks unconvinced, and steps closer to Soundwave.

Megatron now is more eager to learn the secret of this planet than before.

Soundwave nods slightly to Rumble, as though encouraging him to stay close, but he himself looks more curious than worried.

Colossus growls, "Autobot trash. Deceitful even in death." A growl is given to the obelisk, see if it replies. I mean, why not? "You, what are you hiding? How much needs be destroyed to find it?"

Blood Raven looks at Rumble and smiles he's too young for this stuff...but still he is an accomplished warrior?

Megatron passes by the obelisk toward the fortress. If there is a curse at the door, there is treasure on the other side.

Harrier quickly recovers his jaunty manner and shows the map to Megatron, pointing northward.

Gryphus says, "I think I know what this hologram refers to. This is a warning, not a curse. We should leave. Now.""

Ruse says, "... Gry, when do we let Bots tell us what to do?"

CatsCradle mutters, "I think I said that back on the shuttle." She sighs as Megatron heads into the fortress and she follows.


Autobot Fortress

        As abandoned as the rest of the city, the fortress is mostly empty save for a metal construction in a shape reminiscent of a giant firefly. Its built in a style somewhat reminiscent of Earth ziggurats. The firefly is enthroned on a pedestal; to get there, you need to climb a flight of some thirty-odd stairs.

Colossus keeps his sword in hand, mumbling, "Remind me to run that over on the way out..."

Rumble points upward at the firefly construction. "Get a load of that!"

Soundwave makes sure Rumble is close by, and then moves to follow Megatron, taking in the surroundings and listening closely.

CatsCradle tilts her head back to look at the firefly. "That's... quite something..." She steps closer to the stairs, then pauses, still looking around warily.

Harrier pushes to the front of the group, darting his way up the steps, optics glowing at the sight of the giant firefly. The weapon? The wings look moveable, and he starts tugging on them. "Let's see if we can make the blasted thing work!"

Ruse looks around and tilts her head looking towards the thing, "... looks like an idol."

Gryphus Follows, but WAY behind.. she does not look happy about the foolishness of the others. Let them get the wrath of what lay sin store.

Nightbird heads over to Gryphus and asks, "Could it have been a warning to other Autobots?"

Rumble runs up the steps. Why not? Nothing bad happened to Harrier. "I'll help ya...oof! It won't budge!"

CatsCradle goes up a few steps. "Take it easy, guys. No knowing what you might make that thing do."

Blood Raven stares at the idol and back at Soundwave "Commodore, do you suppose this was a place of worship? but why a bug of all things?

Soundwave says, "Unknown, Blood Raven. I am not well-versed in ancient Autobot culture."

CatsCradle turns back from halfway up the steps. "An Insectico-- um... Insectibot?"

Colossus looks towards Rumble, then around the 'temple' slowly, poking at the walls here and there with his sword where it looks a trap may lay. "It would figure they'd worship a cockroach."

Ruse says, "Maybe a group of insecticons enslaved these Autobots and made them worship themselves? It might explain the decay and energyless state... and lack of bodies."

Harrier tugs quite uselessly on the thing's wings.

Blood Raven frowns again, and smiles at Colossus's remark "makes sense though when you think about it. Both are parasitic" she is then reminded of the holograms warning and shudders

CatsCradle tilts her head at the bug. "It's a firefly. I've seen them on earth. Much smaller, of course," she adds quickly. "They emit a quick glow of light to attract others of their species."

Megatron walks up the steps, sneering at Harrier and Rumble. "Stand aside, weaklings." He grasps the wings and pulls, groaning from strain, but not giving up until the wings move. "There..."

The firefly glows, and a powerful bolt of energy, giving off intense heat, rises upwards and vaporizes a hole through the roof!

Rumble whistles. "Wow...they don't make fireflies like they used to!"

Megatron steps back, covering his optics. "Oww.."

Blood Raven begins to walk up the stairs. she is quite curious now, a superweapon?

CatsCradle eeps a little. "Should we have done that? We still don't know what it --" She leaps backwards as the firefly shoots through the roof. She catches herself nimbly from falling down the steps, and leans back to gaze out the hole in the roof, then looks back at the firefly-gun-thingie with more respect. "Well, I guess we know what it does now...."

Harrier says smugly, "Tempest doesn't know anything....wait till we show her what we found."

Soundwave muses, "An object of worship - or a weapon against their attackers? Perhaps both."

Nightbird says thoughtfully, "The Autobots would not have left such a powerful weapon behind willingly."

Gryphus stays in the doorway, watching.. knowing this is not a good thing. they will not heed a warning that is very legitimate. "Forgive them... for they know not what they do." she mumbles in another language not Cybertronian.

Blood Raven now at the top of the stairs. "Harrier, how do you know Tempest?

Megatron grins. "How ironic: the Autobots will be destroyed by a weapon they created... Take it to the shuttle!

CatsCradle slowly goes up the rest of the steps. "If it were really based on an Earth firefly, the beam would be to attract others."

Harrier struggles to pick up one end of the firefly-weapon, with Rumble assisting.

Blood Raven smiles "now there’s a thought"

Colossus looks to Cats, giving a dark grin, sharp blade on his sword gleaming with his malevolent light, "Autobots might be arriving then?"

Gryphus Looks around for scripts writings...

CatsCradle adds, "And why would they leave it behind if it was a great weapon?" She shifts nervously.

Ruse quietly steps closer to Soundwave... this all seems strange and normally he has answers to everything.

Gryphus mumbles something to the effect of, "Because they knew its danger..."

Harrier finally says, "Could I get some help here?" as he struggles to lift the new weapon.

Blood Raven ponders on CatsCradle’s comment and wonders about Gryphus reluctance

CatsCradle says in a voice that conveys that she really doesn't expect anyone to listen to her, "Shouldn't we leave it alone until we've had more time to study it?"

Colossus says, "It's either defective, or they planned to leave it behind while they attacked us to use it as last resort."

Soundwave this time doesn't have an answer, so he simply watches and waits for more information to present itself.

Megatron says, "Are you Decepticons or sissies? Now help Harrier to bring it to the shuttle."

Gryphus finds no other scripts. She is so planning to be in another ENTIRE part of the shuttle on the ride back. She wants NOTHING to do with that weapon.. if her suspicions are correct.

Blood Raven assists Harrier with the weapon although its quite apparent that she is worried

Colossus waits to see if someone volunteers before he has to hoist the toy up himself...and thus ruin his later fun of smashing the obelisk.

Blood Raven asks "um Harrier how do you know of Tempest?" she is trying to keep her mind off her fears

Gryphus of course turns and heads out of here, optics looking at her datapad as she tries to get information on this object.. assuming the Bot researches left any information to begin with.

CatsCradle sighs. Yep. Just as she thought. No one listened. Oh, well... at least she tried. She certainly isn't strong enough to carry the thing, and she really doesn't want to touch it yet. She sits on the top step, resting her sword across her knees and watches silently.

Harrier half peers around the firefly at Blood Raven and replies, "She was my former...ah...commander."

Blood Raven says, "you worked for her when she was the "Storm"?"


Decepticon Shuttle

Ruse enters and has a seat behind Cat's chair once again. She says eagerly, "Well we have plenty of things to explore and experiment on when we get back to earth base."

Tempest looks over her shoulder. "I take it everyone's still alive?" she says acidly. "All aboard for liftoff?"

Blood Raven says, "Harrier you served under Tempests command when she was the "storm"?"

Colossus keeps his self made promise. On the way out, he transforms into truck mode and runs over the Obelisk. Then reverses over it and runs over it again. Then moves back into the shuttle, transforming there, "I guess that satiates my desires now."

Gryphus is NOWHERE to be seen, apparently she's the only one with enough common sense to be FAR away from where that weapon ends up.

Nightbird looks at the insect weapon curiously, but she doesn't appear concern. Likely she trusts Megatron's judgment.

Tempest's hands are on the controls, as they probably have been all along...

Megatron says, "Everyone fine and no-one damaged, Tempest. There was no reason to be worried at all."

CatsCradle slips aboard and makes her way to her chair again. "We're all alive, but we brought strange stuff back with us." She curls in her seat, resting her head against the bulkhead again, her normally mild expression creased with concern.

Tempest seems rather relieved to see them all back, and her optics darken ever so slightly at Megatron's comment. "Can we leave now?"

Megatron says, "Ignite."

Harrier nods to Blood Raven.

Megatron takes place in his chair. "We go back to Earth.

Blood Raven smiles broadly "what an honour!"

Tempest wastes no time...if you're not buckled in it's too late as the ship leaps for the sky with a lurch! Tempest can handle the ship, all right, but certainly not as smoothly as Soundwave!

Colossus says, "Shouldn't we obliterate that base so they can't use it in the future?"

Rumble gasps, "Gah...maybe the curse was better than Tempest's flying!"

Colossus then sees the giant Autobot face, and growls, "Correction...can we destroy the planet?"

Ruse says, "At least she flies better then Wild drives!"

Tempest flings the ship skillfully between the asteroids, at a speed almost twice as fast as Soundwave's, the engines hovering right below red line.

Soundwave catches Colossus' question and replies, "Somehow I doubt the present-day Autobots are even aware of this world any longer. Or we would have seen signs of more recent habitation."

CatsCradle says, "That wouldn't be difficult, Ruse," but her voice is vague and distracted, without her usual joking mischief.

Megatron says, "No, Colossus. One day it may be decorated with our symbol."

Harrier looks out the rear window. "Tempest, we have an asteroid on collision course with us from behind!"

Ruse hands onto Cats seat, "Here we go again!"

Tempest checks the rear-view monitor and curses, "That thing is huge and coming on fast!" She slams the throttles forward, never mind the red-line...they've got to get away from that!"

Megatron turns around, looking through the window as well. He gets up. "Faster, Tempest." Quickly, he rushes to the weapon - he has an idea.

Colossus mumbles something along the lines of, "Slagging finite energy weapon sources. Must remember to purchase planet destroying system back on Earth." Wal-Mart sells it, after all.

CatsCradle braces Ruse and considers shoving her towards a seat. "I can see why you went through Motormaster's windshield."

Soundwave hangs on to the armrests of his chair as Tempest takes evasive maneuvers.

Tempest's expression is set firm as she yells back, "It wont' go any faster!"

Megatron activates the lightning bug: "Lets hit it with a blast of lightning..."

Ruse looks down at Catscradle... mildly glaring. She can't help it if she wants to see what’s going on! Suddenly she slumps back with a clank into her chair though and buckles in, as this might get even worse...

Blood Raven gets jostled out of her seat

Megatron's blast shatters the giant asteroid, sending pieces flying everywhere...including into the shuttle's left engine.

Nightbird keeps her balance easily, her optics showing concern. It wouldn't do to get hit with one of those giant rocks.

Colossus looks at the bug and smiles. Maybe that will attract more bug weapons.

Another piece of shrapnel cuts right through the side of the shuttle and embeds itself in Megatron's shoulder...a pointed sliver of rock.

CatsCradle eeps as Megatron shoots the bug and reflexively ducks behind her seat. Missiles are one things. Lasers are another. Even rockets. Firefly-buggie-gun-thingies are something completely different.

Blood Raven gets back in her seat embarrassed and buckles up.

Tempest yells out, "The ship's hit!" She cuts the engines on the left side, bringing the shuttle under control, and dives it....determined to get out of the asteroid field.

Gryphus sends off a email message on her datapad, knowing that It'll get there before they do.

Megatron grasps his shoulder in a sudden pain. Why does such a simple sliver hurt so much? "I'm hit too. To Earth, Tempest!"

Nightbird immediately leaps up and stands between Megatron and the back of the ship, ready to deflect further rocks.

Megatron says, "Get away from there, Nightbird!"

Tempest throws on the burners....taking the shuttle clear of the system.

Blood Raven watches the two in silence. Perhaps "love" can be honourable after all....

Tempest Flies the ship as fast as she dares, and several hours later they reach Earth.

Ruse hangs on and narrows her optics asking worriedly in general, "Can we make a safe landing Tempest with one engine out?" She doesn't want to be entombed for another million or so years.

Tempest laughs. "You can land these things with both engines out and the tail half shot away and a hole in the belly," in a tone of voice like she's done it before.

Blood Raven unbuckling her seat belt. "My Lord Megatron are you all right?

Megatron feels the pain radiate into his right arm. This is not normal... he had wounds that where worse without hurting just a bit of this one. He moans quietly, though trying to suppress it.

Nightbird is with Megatron, quietly trying to give him some comfort.

Tempest is too busy with the ship to even notice what has happened to Megatron...her mind is channeled completely, focused wholly on the task at hand..though the face is intent, the optics for once are calm.

Megatron tries to ensure her. "I am all right, Nightbird, just a scratch."

Blood Raven leaves her seat realizing that Megatron is well taken care of and decides to join Tempest and Harrier

CatsCradle taps Raven's arm as she goes by. "Better belt yourself back in. Gonna be a rough landing."

Gryphus keeps working on her datapad.. staying out of sight.. and planning her.. escape from what will be coming..

Tempest sets the ship on hover. "We're home, everybody out. I'll take her up and be back shortly."

Engine Room

        Once one of the most important areas of the ship, the engine room now serves only to house most of the control systems, the conning tower to the surface, and the central computer. A large console provides access to the main computer and detailed information about its operational status. The main engines still remain in place, but most of the peripheral machinery and materials were removed once it was determined the ship would never fly again. Consequently, most of the adjacent rooms are empty, awaiting future expansion.

Harrier looks with interest around the Decepticon Earthbase, which he has never seen before. "Quite the place you have here..."

Ruse walks over to Megatron, sure he’s fine since he can take more damage then any of them.. but wants to make sure with her own optics.

Soundwave moves unobtrusively to Megatron's side, to get a good look at the damage.

Megatron walks slowly. He doesn't feel well... He has to get this fragment out of his hull...

Colossus lands hard, grunting. He looks down at his right leg, finding discoloration and abnormal anomalies inherent in his structure near his wheelbase. He growls slightly, "Intriguing use of weaponry..."

Megatron says, "Take that weapon to the science section."

Harrier hefts up the lightning bug ray and says, "I will if someone shows me where it is."

Really the piece of rock looks largely harmless in and of itself. Soundwave says, "If you would follow me to repair bay, Megatron, I can have this easily removed."

Blood Raven goes to Harrier "I will assist you Harrier

CatsCradle leans up against the wall and glances at Megatron in concern, but stays out of the way of Soundwave's unobtrusive hovering.

Megatron turns to Soundwave. "I will go to my quarters, Soundwave. Send me someone there to get rid of that nasty little problem." He slowly heads for his quarters. Such a small wound is not even worth the repairbay.

Nightbird has never left Megatron's side, and prepares to follow him.

Soundwave regards Megatron dubiously. Something isn’t right.

Blood Raven watches her leader with concern in her optics.

CatsCradle goes to Soundwave's side. "Sir," she asks quickly, "were you scanning while we were there?"

Soundwave is on his way to Megatron's quarters, but slows his steps as CatsCradle catches up to him. "I was scanning from the ship, but once upon the planet, there was little to record. Did you detect something of interest?"

Tempest looks quite pleased with herself and contented as she comes in.

CatsCradle shakes her head. "No, but I was thinking of sending what we had on to Divefire at his lab on Cybertron. Another CPU on the matter might be helpful. And..." she hesitates. "... he has access to more information and more experience than Gryphus. Not that she is not experienced," she adds more tactfully.

Tempest peers around curiously. "Where's Megatron?"

Ruse is slowly trailing along, looking back.. waiting for someone to follow.

Soundwave nods to Cats. "Send him whatever information you have. It seems that our exploration of the discovered ship will have to wait until later." To Tempest he replies, "Megatron is below in his quarters. I am going to see to him now."

Tempest nods, not saying anything more but evidently preparing to follow Soundwave.

Ruse says, "Soundwave wait... we have a problem."

Soundwave tries to continue on his way, but looks questioningly at Ruse.

CatsCradle gives Soundwave a quick nod and starts to slip out of the room for the communications equipment in her office, but pauses at Ruse's voice. "What's wrong?" she asks.

Ruse looks back towards the tower oddly.. Soundwave probably noticed Colossus isn't joining them... and from her look something is wrong with the warlord.

Soundwave says, "Is there some problem with Colossus, Ruse?"
CatsCradle frowns. "He was hurt too, wasn't he?"

Ruse says, "... yes. I’m not sure exactly what though. I asked him to come to the repairbay but.."

Colossus manages to finally limp in. Using his sword as a crutch now, the infection spreading some around his wheelbases since he arrived. He looks around the area, trying to find the repair bay, silently.

Tempest hears footsteps and inclines her head.

Soundwave seems a bit surprised, as much as he's ever obvious about it, in any case. "I was not aware you had taken damage, Lord Colossus." He regards the wheelbases, noting that this is not damage from running over a structure.

Nightbird comes up from the living area and walks over to Soundwave. She seems very tense.

Harrier comes wandering back with Blood Raven beside him, grinning at her charmingly...

Rumble looks around suddenly. "Where's Megatron?"

CatsCradle takes a tentative step towards Colossus. "Sir?" She starts to hold out her hand, but realizes quickly that her smaller size wouldn't be much help.

Blood Raven returns with Harrier she looks quite unsettled

Tempest's head rises and the ruby optics dart....yes...where is he?

Ruse looks back to Colossus.. she knows it takes alot to hurt a Con like him. She answers the others, "In his quarters."

Colossus growls slightly, resting on his sword fully, "The Accursed apparently set a trap. They will pay." His vow is darkened with intense, yet brief hatred, before pain sears in his eyes however brief. A growl escapes his lips to quell the agony, "The layout of your base helps naught."

Blood Raven notices that everyone else is tense especially Nightbird approaching her. "My Lady Nightbird what is wrong?

Soundwave says, "Nightbird. Megatron is awaiting me, I realize. My apologies. Ruse, show Colossus the way to the repair bay, I will meet him there as soon as possible."

Blood Raven says, "Is Lord Megatron alright?"

Ruse nods to Soundwave and continues to try and coax the big con in the general direction, "Keep going north, come on.. its just abit from here."

Colossus nods towards Ruse, standing rigidly upright regardless, pain be darned, and moves northwards.

Nightbird says to Blood Raven, "I am sure he will be fine." She seems a bit impatient, unheard of for her.

Tempest decides to go see for herself...

Soundwave turns and moves more quickly now toward the living quarters below.

Colossus finishes the travel north now.

Blood Raven frowns and notices Colossus rust on his leg. "what happened?"

Colossus enters Armory <<N> North>.

Colossus has left.

CatsCradle chews on her lip for a moment, then turns and heads quickly for her office.


Repair Bay

        The place Decepticons seek medical care, the repair bay makes every effort to put the patient at ease. The temperature and lighting are optimized for comfort, and the walls are a neutral grey. There are ten beds along each wall, all with display panels. Equipment and tools are stored in the wall between beds and diagnostic scanners emerge from under the beds when in use. Off of the main room is a specialized surgery unit for laser core trauma, a small cryogenic stasis facility, and an emergency room with stacked beds to be used when the main room becomes too crowded. Overall the repair bay appears to visitors as modern and efficient and this impression is quite valid. Even the most catastrophic injuries can be treated here by a skilled medic.

Colossus shrugs as he sits down on a table, or whatever you call them here. He sets his sword on his back in its sheath and frowns, "Some Autobot trick. A weapon of theirs. It must be."

Blood Raven notices CatsCradle "hey any word on Megatron's condition?

Harrier frowns, "Whatever it is, it doesn’t' appear to be rubbing off."

Harrier bends over and scratches more firmly at the wound.

CatsCradle stops in the doorway, her feet not crossing in the room and leans against the doorframe. The automatic door tries to hiss shut on her and she grumbles softly and does something to make it stay open. She shakes her head. "I didn't go. Didn't want to get in the way."

Colossus growls at Harrier some, "Careful." He looks towards Cats and nods, "Lord Megatron has enough looking after him it seems."

Blood Raven says, "I hope he is alright he didn't look to good"

Harrier looks down at his hands, and starts cursing. "Bloody hell, I've got some on a minute...gah! Whatever that is, it's eating into my hands!"

Ruse says, "Nobody else touch them! Megatron must have contained himself in his room to prevent this. Cat, everyone not effected... out!"

CatsCradle frowns a little at Harrier... the scrubbing he was doing just looked rather painful. Then when he looks at his hands, her face creases in concern and she automatically starts to step forward, then remembers where she is and stops.

Blood Raven notices that rust marks are beginning to form on her body as well. she isn't feeling so good either

CatsCradle looks at the three of them, her optics wide and darts away, letting the door hiss shut behind her.


Megatron's quarters

        A small computer console, work station, and a recharge bed... there is nothing except for the extensions of the room that shows the importance of its owner.

         On the shelf aside the entrance, there are several rusty cannons of primitive design which belonged to the wrack of a pirate ship that is situated close to the base. They are small like toys to a Cybertronian. Also on the shelf, occupying a special place, lays a metal carving. It is a sculpture showing Megatron's Walther P38 mode, done by skillful hands.

        On the wall opposite to the recharge bed is a large picture showing only the starry sky...

Tempest practically runs towards the repair bay....

Megatron says, "Answer, Skywarp for me, Soundwave."

CatsCradle steps in the room, catching herself before she goes in more than a step or two, her optics wide. "Whatever Colossus has, Blood Raven and Harrier have it, too, now."

Megatron leaves his quarters to head for the repair bay. Physically he feels much better than before... yet...

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Tempest stops dead, her voice strangled. "Harrier?"

Nightbird slips an arm around Megatron's waist and looks at CatsCradle, then to Soundwave.

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Soundwave nods to CatsCradle, his optic band shading a little darker. "I will see to them as well. Is Hook available?"

CatsCradle nods, her face tense. "Ruse ordered us out of the repair bay. She says no one should go in."

CatsCradle adds, "I didn't see Hook anywhere."

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.


Repair Bay

Colossus says, "So sit, calm, and plot revenge on the Accursed. If you spread contaminant to others I will come for you."

Harrier is staring in horror at his rust-coated hands...

Blood Raven says, "Do not enter here this area is...poisoned we are infected"

A radio transmission is received by Blood Raven.

CatsCradle makes no move to come inside, but hovers just outside the door.

Tempest slinks into the room, her optics unnaturally bright and contaminated, and her head snaps back as she sees Harrier like that. "Never mind, Blood Raven, it's probably already too late," she says darkly. "The whole base is a breeding ground of Cosmic Rust."

Megatron walks into the repairbay, his chest is already covered with the rust. And now he feels that it is also spreading inside of him - thanks to the hole in his hull.

Blood Raven transmits a message via radio.

Blood Raven "cosmic rust? is that what this is called?" she is looking at her rust covered hands

A radio transmission is received by Blood Raven.

Tempest has this look on her face like she wants to break and run....but something makes her hold her ground. She stares in horror at Harrier...back to Megatron, and chokes out, "Cosmic Rust...we're all going to die." Her optics flare. "I /told/ you going to the forbidden sector was a bad idea!"

A radio transmission is received by Blood Raven.

Soundwave looks over the others who are waiting, and goes to Megatron, moving into action with the usual efficiency.

Blood Raven sighs "what should we do?"

Rumble has arrived.

Nightbird says, "What about a cure Tempest? What do you know of that?"
Colossus growls, "Autobots are unable to fight honorably. The vile scum." His left arm twitches involuntarily, and he grabs it and pins it to his body, "End the superstitious garbage, it plays to their hands. Give them no advantage."

Blood Raven transmits a message via radio.

Megatron slowly sits down on a bed, coughing. "Whatever it is, it is definitely not a curse, but something very real."

Tempest's optics are dark. "There /is/ no cure. Cosmic Rust is highly contagious, a metallic plague that feeds on robotic alloys. It's decimated whole outposts, whole /planets/...and now its' our turn."

Tempest adds a little acidly, "That's likely why the place got a reputation as a forbidden zone in the first place!"

Blood Raven growls "we will not go under this way. We are Decepticons not cowards or weaklings we will die with honour, not like this"

Megatron says, "Impossible, only organic forms of life can be infected by disease."

Soundwave returns to Megatron's side with a bottle of clear liquid and a polishing cloth. "I am not willing to write us off so easily," he says, his concentration intent now as he first tries the effect of the anticorrosive on Megatron's outer armor.

Harrier looks down at his rusting hands, at the brown spots on his chest that are not part of his brown and green paint scheme. "I'm going to die?" he whispers.

Megatron coughs.

CatsCradle's optics are huge. She has heard about the Rust from Divefire, although he was careful to gloss over the gory details, and she was careful not to ask.

Colossus looks towards Tempest, "I suggest you divulge all the information you know of this, and quickly."

Tempest snarls. "If I'm going to die, I'm going to dive into the Autobot base and cause as much destruction as I can on my way out." Her optics blaze with hellish fury at the kind of universe that can bring a being to an end like this.

Megatron says, "Don't worry Harrier, I do not give up so easily."

Tempest says to Colossus, "I just did. The only hope the others have is to stay away..." She still looks like she wants to run but... "It's already too late for us."

Megatron looks at Tempest. "However, you are giving me an idea.

Blood Raven feeling weak sits down at a nearby bed. "I will join you Tempest, If we are to be destroyed then I say we should take down some 'Bots with us. Better yet lets pass this dirty disease to them!

Scrapper enters the bay, all business. "All right, what's all this about a plague?"

Tempest looks sadly at Megatron. She's honestly afraid to get near him, and yet can she run out on him now?

Soundwave hides his dismay at seeing absolutely no effect from his attempt, but he goes on to the next idea, bringing out a solution of weak acid.

Harrier gives Tempest an almost pleading look, his rusting hands cupped in a gesture of begging for help.

CatsCradle's optics flash. "They said it was hopeless for us to cure the zombie-virus, too, and we lived through that." But her voice is faint and she leans against the door frame.

Nightbird for her part has never left Megatron's side.

Colossus shrugs to Tempest, nodding. It seems him and Megatron have about the same idea at about the same time. He bows towards the Emperor slightly, "I will lead a flanking strike on the Ark if you desire."

Tempest says, "I don't know anything about zombies but..." Her voice is flat. "We're already dead."

CatsCradle turns blazing optics to Tempest. "I've heard that before, and I'm still alive." But her claws bite into the metal of the doorframe.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Blood Raven turns to Megatron "Lord Megatron, may we pass this 'gift' to the Autobots?.

Tempest snaps at Cats, the situation obviously getting to her, "And you think I haven't? As always the world will have to fight me every step of the way to kill me..." but, something in her has always assumed the world would win. All she can, all she could ever do is buy her life at the most expensive price possible....

Megatron shakes his head. "You wouldn't come even near it. I have a better idea: we will capture one of them who is outside the base. Prime will rescue him, no matter if infected or not, bringing him into the headquarters.

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Soundwave looks up briefly, relieved to see Scrapper. He indicates Colossus, Blood Raven, and Harrier. "See to the others, Scrapper," he instructs. "We must find a way to inhibit the spread of this corrosion."

Tempest slowly slinks up beside Megatron, on the opposite side from Nightbird.

Megatron coughs again, this time it is shaking him thoroughly.

CatsCradle looks to Soundwave. "Quarantine the planet," she says quietly. "Before any of our other Decepticons come to earth and catch it."

Scrapper walks over to Blood Raven and takes a look at her hands. "Interesting. A non-chemical rusting agent. We should obtain a visual." He scrapes a bit of the rust off Blood Raven's hand and places it into the scanner.

Soundwave shakes his head a little as he tries out an acid solution on the corroding armor. He's listening to the conversation, though, and notes, "Gryphus and Skywarp are outside the base. Perhaps they can undertake such a capture. And yet, I am not willing to give us up for dead and defeated," he emphasizes.

Blood Raven "Who do you wish for us to capture my Lord?" she sounds tired and winces slightly when scrapper removes some rust off her hands

Soundwave goes on to another solution, putting the acid aside.

Megatron answers: "It..." he coughs. "... doesn't matter who."

As Soundwave works, he sends out a message toward their homeworld.

Harrier whimpers a little, dimming his optics as if he can't stand the sight of the rust any more.

Colossus curses. Fun before termination spoiled. His arm twitches some once again, so he slams it into his form with a snarl, holding it to him. Should it persist, self amputation's his next step for his own 'cure' to the problem. "I will instruct my Tyrnians to stay on planet and coordinate research." Sounds easy...even if they aren't that doesn't matter much as a command.

Blood Raven says, "Soul Dance...Commander Soundwave we should capture the Autobot to ensure that Gryphus and Skywarp don't get infected, when they return them to our base"

Blood Raven says, "that is if you concur?"

Tempest's head turns up to look at Megatron, at Nightbird...back to Megatron, giving him a look of sympathy, and then she slinks across the room towards Harrier.

CatsCradle chuckles, but it holds no mirth. "Find Perceptor. He has...' and she grins evilly, "experience with the Rust and other viruses."

Megatron looks at Nightbird. "It would have been better to keep away from me today, dear."

CatsCradle adds, "he might do us some good while he's our guest, too. Let him work for us in order to save his own Autobots."

Scrapper displays the close up view of their new nemesis on the display screen. They're metallic allright, tiny organisms feeding on the metal. "Interesting. Take a look Soundwave. They can neutralize our integrity fields and dissolve the metal into a liquid to ingest. The rust is not corroded metal, it's the actual organism themselves."

Blood Raven looking at her body which is rapidly deteriorate. "good idea

Nightbird says, "If Tempest is correct, I would get it anyway."

<LongRange> Soundwave says, "Soundwave calling Cybertron.  This is a warning of utmost priority.  Do not send any warriors to Earth until you have been cleared.  Consider Earth quarantined.  We will convey more information as we discover it."

Tempest looks down at her airframe...and notices something brown on her wingtip. Serves her right for being in such close proximity to Megatron...

Scrapper considers for a moment. "I'll try X-ray bombardment, see if that will sterilize the area." He starts rummaging around for an appropriate tool.

Ruse who has been lucking finally makes her way in with the others...

CatsCradle falters at actually hearing the communication going out, even though it was her suggestion. Her optics go panicked for a moment, then she fights it away. "If he's going to come," she murmurs under her breath, "a quarantine won't be enough to stop him."

Soundwave pauses briefly, noticing a discoloration on his hands. It takes him only a fraction of an instant to recognize the substance. Pausing no longer than that, he continues his work. Opening an access panel in Megatron's chest, he regards the fuel lines, considering likely agents of fighting or at least slowing the internal corrosion.

Blood Raven says, "My lord Megatron, perhaps it would not be such a good idea to send to healthy warriors to collect Preceptor they will have to return him here you do realize, and thus become infected, too"

Tempest growls, Obviously too much attachment makes you do stupid things." Is she talking to CatsCradle, or to herself?

<Earth> Gryphus says, "I need permission to seek help from a Earth based Bot researcher. It is the only way to save us."

CatsCradle looks up at Tempest in surprise, as if not realizing she had spoken loudly enough to be overheard. Then she smiles softly. "Or miraculous things," she says.

Scrapper brings out a portable EM device and hooks it into the base power supply. He sets it for X-Rays and proceeds to use it on Blood Raven's hands.

Tempest snarls, animal like and hops up on the bunk where Harrier is sitting, curling herself up like a lounging cat and looking morosely at the floor.

Blood Raven trying to contain her rising panic realizes that everyone is too concerned to respond right now to her fears, "Scrapper please talk some sense into them?!"

Soundwave says, "I do not wish to cure the entirety of our forces on Cybertron." He phrases it this way, rather than the alternative - that we may all die from this.

Harrier looks slightly comforted to see Tempest there.

CatsCradle turns to Soundwave. "Perceptor has worked with the Rust before. He mutated it to form the zombie virus. Told Diver it had been because he was working on a cure."

Blood Raven looks nervously at Scrapper what is he doing?

Scrapper resets the scanner and frowns at the result. "They don't even seem to notice. Perhaps gamma rays.. What's that?" He doesn't seem to be aware of what Blood Raven is talking about.

Ruse seems thoughtful, "Nightbird, how has your armor reacted to this?"

Colossus growls, "Megatron gave a plan." He stands up, fighting mentally any disability, "We shall follow it. Any loyal Decepticon at least half functional will obtain this," he curses, "Autobot," then continues with a slight growl, "Mostly intact and force him to assist us."

Blood Raven sighs "Skywarp and Gryphus if they collect Preceptor they will have to return him to this base, thus exposing themselves to the disease..."

CatsCradle says, "Gryphus and 'Warp don't need to come back in and risk infection. All they have to do is pop Perceptor in the conning tower and send him down." She smiles, predatory and evil. "I'll bring him in from there."

Soundwave brings out a canister of liquid nitrogen. If heat and energy causes these bacteria to multiply, perhaps they can be frozen in their tracks to give the researchers more time.

Scrapper turns his EM emitter up to the highest frequency and power setting and tries again.

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Nightbird says, "I am unaffected as yet Ruse. But I didn't touch the device."

Soundwave looks up. "Nor did I."

Blood Raven says, "If Colossus joins them then they will definitely be infected!"

Tempest snaps, "Neither did /I/ and look where that got me!" She scowls up at her wing tip.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Blood Raven looks at Tempest in concern "you have too?

Scrapper says, "Blast it. They don't even seem to notice the gamma. Soundwave, what are you trying? How about electrical fields?"

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Colossus says, "If I join them the Autobots will become infected and unable to pursue our captor force also. Who is with me?" Then a pause, "We will not contact our forces. We will attack after they disperse."

Tempest points to her wing tip. "If we were going to survive this I would tell you to take a lesson about worrying about others instead of yourself, but there's not much point in that, is there?" And her words are a bit hypocritical as she's curled up next to Harrier and watching Megatron with concern the whole time.

Blood Raven jerks her hand away "what are you trying to do? speed up the process!

CatsCradle looks down at her hands automatically, checking them over. "Is it airborne or tactile? Diver... didn't want to tell me a lot about it."

Tempest shrugs, "How should I know...I never got /close enough/ to find out before."

Soundwave replies to Scrapper, "Cold temperature seems to slow the replication of the bacteria, but only slightly. It will not stop the advance for long."

Blood Raven thinks to herself. The Storm really has she watches her closely

Scrapper says, "Hold still, this is going to hurt a lot less than rusting slowly. You tried acids Soundwave? How about high heat or plasma?"

Soundwave says, "The bacteria are infectious upon contact, it would seem. And high heat causes them to multiply. Those who handled the Autobot weapon we returned from the planet, are showing the greatest effect.""

Blood Raven "I shall join you Colossus, it would be a chance to hurt the WHAT? ACID?" she hops off the table

Megatron shortly glances at Tempest and Harrier. This is the right conjunction, isn't it? This is how it really should be, shouldn't it? He coughs, his intakes infected. Hopefully they survive this.

Ruse calmly looks herself over. So far she is unaffected... She looks to Colossus, "I am with you commander."

Blood Raven then proceeds to almost fall to the floor in a faint. She is definitely a lot weaker than she thought

Harrier moans, " much for a mate and a family and a manor...and I came so close."

Scrapper says, "I'm going to go try this batch in the science lab, see if some ion bombardment will do anything."
Colossus nods to Blood Raven and Ruse to confirm their statements. He starts to shuffle away, knees creaking and threatening severe damage, "Soundwave, what is the status of Skywarp and Gryphus?"

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Blood Raven placing a rusty hand on a table she tries to stand up with much trouble. Her body is badly rusted now and her optics are flashing (from bright to dim)

Soundwave looks up sharply toward Colossus. "You are in no condition to fight, Colossus. We have air warriors on patrol outside the base, who will meet Skywarp and Gryphus and carry out the task. If we wish to share this problem with the Autobots, we will need individuals who can actually reach the base.

A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Blood Raven "Duke Harrier you’re nuts." she tiredly remarks to his comment

CatsCradle says, "I can reach the base." She glances at her hands again, turning them over. "But I didn't touch the device. I'm not sure I have it yet."

Megatron finally lays down.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.

Harrier looks back at Blood Raven. "I will have you know that I really /do/ have a manor on's just my bad luck I never found a femme to share it with, and have an heir to inherit it..."

Colossus says, "If I'm going down Soundwave, I will be taking Autobots out." He shuffles some more before knees give out and he goes down on the floor, flat on his face. A growl, "Slag. Load me on a catapult and launch me if need be.""

CatsCradle says softly, "If you give up now, Harrier, the infection will only work faster."

Ruse looks to the repairtables and notices, "Why isn't this spreading to them? They are metal..."

Harrier manages, even in this condition, to flash that killer smile at CatsCradle.

Blood Raven rolls her optics (if that’s possible) "oh boy. we are in seriously sad shape." then growls "those Autobots are probably laughing at us now!"

CatsCradle chuckles in spite of herself. "That won't work on me, Harrier."

Harrier pouts, "Why not?"

Tempest opens an optic and just shakes her head at Harrier, "Incorrigible," she mutters.

CatsCradle finds herself actually laughing. "Because I tend to go for tall, dark, and moody, who is charming towards only one femme at a time."

Megatron says, "I will not give up so easily. Soundwave, has the virus infected the shuttle as well or just us?"

Soundwave closes Megatron's access panel again, and looks speculatively toward CatsCradle. "It is best you remain with us," he decides. "There are others outside who can carry out this mission. I have not given up on finding a way to stop this plague." He looks down at his hands, noting the rust has pretty rapidly crept up his forearms. Determinedly ignoring it, he goes over to the lab computer and calls up some files, using Scrapper's visuals of the structure of the bacterium, as a clue to what might destroy the germ.

Harrier points at Tempest. "I'll never equal her for moody...ow!" he yelps as Tempest takes a swing at him... it seems these two are falling back into old habits in an attempt to forget the impending doom....

Soundwave says, "It seems only living Transformers are infected. I have not seen any inanimate metal that was damaged."

Megatron looks at Nightbird, concerned if she is infected too.

CatsCradle nods to Soundwave. "'Sides, having a healthier soldiers here to help with Perceptor would be good." Her predatory grin is back. "I'd really like to chat with him a bit before we finish with him."

Tempest starts coughing too....

Ruse says, "... perhaps.. Soundwave would how we dealt with the energy leech work here as well?"

Nightbird doesn't seem to show any signs of the infection. Her optics sparkle reassuringly at Megatron.

Megatron is for some reason shocked to hear Tempest cough now.

Megatron murmurs: "We have to find a way. I don't surrender to germs.

Tempest bites into her hand to stifle a whimper.

Blood Raven agrees with Lord Megatron. "this is no way for warriors to go"

Colossus seems to be determined to go terminate some Autobots. Since no one picked him up or anything to that effect, he starts to drag himself outwards, one small 'step' at a time. Fingers dig into the floor as he hauls the rest of his form behind him in an attempt to get tot he Ark, at some point in time. The creaking of his metal on the floor blocks the grunts of pain.

Soundwave steps over to haul Colossus back up onto the nearest med table, then pauses for a moment, organizing his thoughts. "The bacteria are drawn to living metal," he says. "I suspect that if we shut ourselves down to the extent that we are no longer food for the organism, we will be deactivated permanently." He happens to glance at Nightbird as Megatron looks to her. His optic band flickers briefly. Something "clicks", a thought, a possibility - a hope against certain destruction.

Blood Raven winces in pain right now deactivation sounds good to her...

Megatron looks at Soundwave and then at Nightbird. "Not /every/ living metal... Not metal that is invisible to radar..."

Harrier doesn't want to touch Tempest with his rusty hands, but he does lean closer to her.

CatsCradle is also looking towards Nightbird. "You /don't/ have it," she says wonderingly. "And you should by now, considering how badly Megatron has it." She frowns. "Soundwave, why doesn't she?"

Blood Raven says, "what do you mean?"

Soundwave says, "Nightbird." He looks her over. It's true - not one speck of rust. He motions her forward, tilting one of the big repair table scanners toward her."

Blood Raven says, "those that are invisible to radar what is different about them?"

Tempest looks at Megatron, seeming somewhat guilty, and then rests her head against Harrier...why the hell /not/, what does it matter now? She closes her optics.

Nightbird looks over her form carefully. It's true, she doesn't show a trace of infection.

CatsCradle says quickly to Raven, "Nightbird is not of typical Cybertronian design. Apparently, a design that doesn't catch the Rust."

Ruse glances to Nightbird, "... she didn't touch the thing either or anyone infected..."

Soundwave confirms, "No internal corrosion in your fuel lines."

Blood Raven says, "but what about Commander Soundwave and you ruse?"

Nightbird says, "Perhaps I just haven't touched anything with it enough to get it?"

Megatron says, "You touched me."

Tempest grumbles to Catscradle, "I'm not Cybertronian either and look what good it did me."

Soundwave looks around the med bay once more. He does not reply to the various questions. Instead, he abruptly turns and hurries out of the room.

Soundwave enters Access Corridor <<E> East>.

Soundwave has left.

Blood Raven says, "but you were at Lord Megatron’s side all this time. you should be though?"

Megatron coughs heavily again.

Tempest shuts her optic lids, not wanting to see any more of this.

CatsCradle shakes her head. "Temp, you are closer to Cybertronian than Nightbird is. And if she is immune to it, can we somehow use that as an antibody? Like the humans use for vaccinations?"

Nightbird looks at the door as Soundwave leaves.

Blood Raven looks sadly at her fellow warriors. figures. Just when she was finally regaining her honour

Blood Raven says, "antibody? how? what is an antibody?"

CatsCradle shakes her head, this time in frustration. "I don't have the technical knowledge to explain well. It's... the humans had viruses that almost descimated tribes of them. They used the blood from those who were immune or who had recovered as a vaccine, to prevent or cure it. At least," and she shakes her head again, "as I understand it. Diver could explain it better."

Soundwave arrives from Access Corridor.

Soundwave has arrived.

Colossus stops trying to crawl out of the repair bay. Reason being...his arms stopped moving. He growls some, looking around, "Great, I can bite an Autobot's toenails off now, slag."

Ruse says, “Housekeeping units, built to a specific task..”

Megatron looks at Nightbird again. "The layer over your surface. The substance may be what we need.

Soundwave returns, stepping over Colossus as he comes back in. Giving the Tyrian Warlord only the briefest of annoyed looks, which might translate to "I thought I put you back on a table," he goes right to Megatron with a small glass dish of a viscous gray liquid.

Blood Raven says, "who is Diver? the layer of her surface is that an antibody?"

CatsCradle nods. "Exactly. If we can figure out what about Nightbird keeps her from catching this, maybe Soundwave can replicate it for the rest of us."

Nightbird says, "I thought you couldn't bond the material to other armor Soundwave?"

Blood Raven watches Soundwave as he enters that’s the same liquid used to heal Nightbird’s wounds earlier

Harrier flashes his grin at Nightbird and says, "If this is so, then I am in your debt, my lady."

Nightbird says, "Or Soundwave's, for thinking of it. I would not have."

Megatron shortly glances at Harrier as he addresses Nightbird. A slight trace of jealousy?

Soundwave explains as he finds a small brush and dips it into the gray, glistening liquid, "It will not bond to standard Decepticon armor. And yet, if this coating can deactivate the bacteria, it need only coat the armor plate for a short time." He pauses with the paintbrush raised over the rust-rimmed wound in Megatron's right shoulder, and says, "I can make no guarantees. It is, as some might say, a 'hunch.'"

Blood Raven "as am I Lady Nightbird" bows in reverence although she almost falls in the process as she is very weak

Harrier gives Nightbird a look as if to say that grateful as he is to Soundwave, he'd rather be indebted to a lady.

Soundwave says, "But the molecular structure of the bacterium and the structure of the coating lead me to believe..." he does not finish, and instead wastes no more time actually testing it out. It's not like there's much time left to experiment."

Ruse says, "... lets hope your hunch pays off Soundwave."

Blood Raven says, "I must agree with Ruse Commander Soundwave"

Megatron says, "Does it have an effect, Soundwave?"

Soundwave paints the wound in Megatron's shoulder with the gray liquid, and then watches the readings on the repair table scanner intently.

<Earth> Gryphus says, "Gryphus to base. Raise the tower."

CatsCradle grins. "I'll go."

Engine Room

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Soundwave to Constructicons.  In the science section you will find a sample of Nightbird's sensory-deflective coating.  You must set this sample to replicate itself as quickly as possible.  The molecules will reproduce themselves with access to raw material and at the proper temperature.  There is no time to lose. We will require a great deal of it."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "I take it that it worked, then?"

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Initial results indicate a positive outcome."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "we still need Perceptor?  Can't we at least bring him down here and cough on him a few times?"

<Earth> Ruse says, "Does that mean we slag the Autobot techie?"

<Earth> Gryphus says, "I put him in the tower as requested."

Perceptor lands with a loud "Omph!" and rubs his head.

CatsCradle smiles sweetly at Perceptor, her sword drawn and optics blazing. "So nice of you to drop in," she purrs.

Perceptor slowly gets to his feet and dusts his armor off. "My rapid decent was not a conscious decision."

CatsCradle grins. "Good."

Megatron slowly enters the room, the disease weaken him, but his will keeping him moving. "Welcome, Perceptor..." He coughs.

A radio transmission is received by Megatron.

Perceptor says, his voice just a bit shaky, "Megatron. I am not surprised you would send your underlings to disrupt the appreciation festival. But you will benefit from no cooperation of mine."

CatsCradle beams at Megatron. "Oh, yes, can we play Cough On The Autobot now?"

Megatron grins, coming closer, his armor covered with traces of rust.

Perceptor stands rigid, shaking, his arms at his side, "No amount of physical discomfort will sway me. I defy you."

Megatron says, "You are already cooperating, Perceptor."

<Earth> Gryphus says, "Notify me via radio if its safe to return to base."

Nightbird comes out from behind Megatron and says with some disbelief, "This is one of the powerful warrior Autobots? He seems ready to collapse."

<Earth> CatsCradle says, "give us a moment.  We're still playing with the Autobot.""

Megatron points at his armor. "I suppose you know what that is?

CatsCradle coos, "You should. You've had some experience with it before, haven't you?" She is really enjoying herself.

Perceptor gasps, "The Earth robot! They said you had been destroyed and.. You talk?"

Nightbird turns to Megatron, "And the smartest the Bots have to offer. How are they not yet extinct?"

<Earth> Gryphus says, "I .. see."

Perceptor shoots his gaze from Megatron to Nightbird, and then to CatsCradle. He's still shaking and stammers out, "Uhm, I seem to have uhm, lapsed in concentration during your previous oration. A repetition would no doubt be of uh benefit."

CatsCradle's optics glaze over as she does a mental translation, then sighs. "How I hate Autobots...." She steps forward and says very slowly and deliberately, "Cosmic Rust...."

CatsCradle then glances at Megatron. "Oh, please? Go ahead? One little cough?"

Megatron looks at Nightbird, smiling warmly at her, before he turns back to Perceptor. "You can tell Prime that Nightbird is back where she belongs among her fellow Decepticons."

Perceptor gets very still at what CatsCradle says. He tries to follow both stunning things at once then seems to realize something. "And you're infected is that it? You were attempting to develop a weapon and now you've unleashed on yourselves."

Perceptor adds, "Then I bid you to rust well. The universe will be richer for your absence." He looks smug.

CatsCradle facepalms. "He just doesn't get it, does he?"

Megatron laughs. "My dear Perceptor. I fear, it will be the Autobots who will be wiped out of existence. We /have/ the cure."

Megatron says, "And you will bring the plague to them."

Perceptor's face falls as his optics dim. "Oh dear."

CatsCradle beams at Perceptor. "I knew you'd be the best candidate. I still owe you for that zombie virus, after all."

Perceptor replies, his voice more shaky than ever, "I can assure you it was an accident madam."

CatsCradle's smile only grows wider. "Accident or not, it doesn't matter to my family." She looks pleadingly at Megatron. "Oh, please cough on him?"

Megatron places his hand on Perceptor's shoulder. "Oh, we are certain, it was." The little germs welcome this fresh mechanism. "CatsCradle, get your share of the cure now."

<Earth> Megatron says, "Laserbeak, to the engine room, I have a task for you."

CatsCradle gives Megatron a half-bow, and Perceptor a wave-salute. She sheathes her sword and heads back to the repair bay, humming under her breath and looking extremely contented, considering her destination.


Repair Bay

Harrier is looking at a rather surly Tempest who's just turned her back on him... "Certainly. You're "fine."

<Earth> Gryphus says, "Is it safe to enter the base?"

Harrier hands the spray bottle to Blood Raven. "Perhaps you could spray down the lady?"

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Affirmative, Gryphus.  Cure has been effective."

<Earth> Gryphus says, "Thank goodness."

Blood Raven frowns and turns to Harrier " I guess I should leave you two, It was good to meet you Duke Harrier" She then takes the spray bottle and attempts to spray Tempest

CatsCradle leans in the door again, arranging herself against the doorframe, looking extremely pleased with herself. "Operation Infect Autobots is well on it's way." She looks suspiciously at the spray bottle. "Just what does this entail, anyway?"

Harrier smiles. "A mist bath. Nothing more."

CatsCradle nods, then reluctantly steps inside the repair bay, squeezing her optics shut.

Blood Raven proceeds to spray Catscradle with the spray

Tempest just mutters, "I need to go kill something. Hands on."

CatsCradle says, still with her optics squinched shut, "I believe Megatron is arranging Perceptor's return. Might need an escort.

Tempest scowls. "The plan is to let the disease do the killing. No. I'm going hunting /alone/."

Blood Raven says, "I will join him if necessary"

Blood Raven says, "where is he Catscradle"

CatsCradle shrugs under the spray. "I figure you might meet some Autobots while returning Perceptor. Might look a bit better if there's a bit of a fight. You could always kill one of the other 'bots." To Raven, she says, "In the Engine Room, last I saw."

Blood Raven says, "I will join them there then thank you"

Tempest stalks out.

CatsCradle runs a finger down her arm, testing if she is dry yet.

Harrier smiles. "See? Nothing to it."

CatsCradle nods with some satisfaction. "Wish all repairs were that easy," she mutters, then quickly moves back to her spot in the doorway.


Engine Room

Gryphus looks to BR. "You were not the only one that didn't listen." she tells her. "Now if you all don't mind.. I'm going to poke around that ship we towed home."

CatsCradle comes back after her misting, still humming under her breath. She leans against the wall, just inside the room.

Megatron looks at Soundwave. He is really exhausted by now. "I think it is time for my treatment...

Blood Raven says, "be careful Gryphus it probably infected"

Soundwave sends Laserbeak along with Colossus.

Gryphus says, "I doubt that.. but I will use precautions. ""

Colossus growls at Perceptor, "Your legs are not required for your continued existence and alternate mode. Shut up and change, or I will summarily remove them. Cure. Or genocide."

Blood Raven nods looks serious "good luck"

CatsCradle says mildly, "The vaccination process does not take long. Perhaps, Gry, you might want that first, before rushing off?"

Gryphus departs.. rather to listen this talk of harming a fellow scientist.

Gryphus pauses. "I thought it was safe?"

Ruse looks to Colossus, "Just try to 'bend' him into shape if he wont willingly."

Perceptor says, "I categorically refuse to capitulate to your demands."

Soundwave has a syringe with him with the anticorrosive, which he quite easily injects Megatron with, opening an access port and infusing the cure into a major fuel line. That will start working on the interior corrosion, but he'll still need to get a coating for his armor too.

Megatron returns to the repair bay. "Colossus, do whatever is necessary.

Nightbird follows Megatron, having seen enough of the Bot.

<Earth> Soundwave says, "Those who have been outside the base, you will require a dose of the anticorrosive to be certain you do not become contaminated."

Gryphus frowns. "You all said it was safe to enter and now you tell me you are not cured?"

Blood Raven approaches Perceptor "science is a tool that can be used for good or evil seeing as you view yourself as 'good' perhaps it would be 'good' for you to save your fellow Cybertronians" she says that remark coldly with a wicked grin

Colossus narrows his optics at Gryphus with a frown. A softy in the ranks. He chuckles at Ruse with a nod, "His limbs are not required indeed. Just that glass thing and his ugly head." His sword raises and he brings it towards Perceptor's legs, flat end first, so the scientist merely falls on his aft. And is put in a better chop chop position.

Soundwave says, "You can still potentially pick up the organism from contaminated surfaces, Gryphus. You will be fine as long as you receive the treatment as a preventative."

Blood Raven looks at her Lord in concern "My Lord you are in need of rest?"

Soundwave indicates the syringe.

Gryphus says, "then please administer it so I may do some research aboard that vessel."

Perceptor sprawls on the ground and tries to get back up again and toward the conning tower.

Ruse watches. She, like Colossus, has had ‘abit' of a personal grudge against Autobots. She leans back against the wall and crosses her arms, "You may as well give in bot... it will hurt less. Actually on second thought don't give in. Colossus will be glad to chop your nonvital bits up."

Soundwave looks toward Perceptor and Colossus and suggests, "I believe I can assist. One moment." First, he makes sure Gryphus is protected from any residual rust germs, injecting her with the anticorrosive as a preventative.

Blood Raven turning back to Perceptor "perhaps we should pry it out of him if he won't offer it to us freely" she removes two of her 'dagger shells' from her head

Gryphus nods and heads out.

Blood Raven leans in near him and hisses "well its your call, what do you say?

Perceptor answers, trying to sound defiant. "You shall do whatever you will in any regard. I shall not cooperate."

Soundwave turns back toward the altercation. "Perhaps if you will hold him still, Colossus."

CatsCradle snorts a little under her breath as Gryphus leaves, then turns to Colossus and Raven. "Just don't do anything to him that will kill him before he can infect the Autobots.

Ruse narrows her optics abit and asks, "Must you Soundwave? I believe Colossus is doing a fine job on his own..."

Blood Raven looking back at Soundwave "Commander perhaps you can pry it out of him?"

Soundwave says, "He will not be of much use if too badly damaged. I can induce him to transform, and you can bind him in that mode."

Colossus brings his sword up to slice it towards Perceptor's legs. Since we need the Bot alive, Colossus leaves the sword there to grind internals and starts to slam his fists hard into Perceptor's gut, "Better hurry before I lose it, Accursed!"

CatsCradle says, "Can you make sure he can't speak? Otherwise he might warn the 'bots off and defeat our purpose."

Soundwave doesn't seem to mind Colossus taking out his aggressions, but now he repeats, "Hold him still now, if you would. Megatron requires this matter to be seen to."

Blood Raven wants to join in but there is no room for her to do so "Commander Soundwave can't you just read his thoughts?

Perceptor unfortunately has little ability to withstand punishment, and all the stress, and has passed out.

Soundwave says, "His thoughts are of no interest to me. His position in the near future, is what I wish to assure."

Colossus puts a chokehold on to Perceptor, squeezing his shoulders tightly. He looks to Soundwave, "Require him awake?"

Ruse sighs and nods to Soundwave then looks to Colossus and Perceptor, "If you did... oops."

Blood Raven says, "but wouldn't his thoughts hold the answers for the cure?"

Soundwave steps over to Perceptor and reaches past Colossus to open a control panel. He shakes his head as he simply sends a charge of electricity into a key node of neurocircuits, which triggers an involuntary transformation. Perceptor transforms and shrinks under Colossus' hands.

CatsCradle says to Raven, "We have a cure. And Perceptor never found one, anyway."

Laserbeak hovers nearby, carrying the explosive device that Ruse gave him, and waiting to take Perceptor to the location near the Autobot base.

Colossus nabs his sword and the microscope and growls at it, "Accursed beast."

Laserbeak swoops in, the impatient sort, and snatches up the small microscope in his claws, getting it out of further harm's way by vengeful Decepticons. Though the fact that he's carrying Cosmic Rust back to Autobot base, is more fitting still. Laserbeak disappears up the access tower.

CatsCradle smiles after Perceptor. "Good," she says softly. "Let him go through the panic I did."

Ruse says, "... now lets just hope that ship doesn't contain an unfortunate surprise..."

Soundwave is satisfied that Laserbeak is on his way to fulfill the mission, then heads back toward repair bay to make sure all is well there.

Colossus looks towards Laserbeak, "Hope he doesn't drop him too close to the ground."

CatsCradle snorts again. "Oh, that would be all we need." She rubs at her forehead. "I don't think I'll go along. Let's not tempt my trouble-magnet any further.

Blood Raven figures its best to leave Colossus to his fun "enjoy yourself"

CatsCradle tilts her head curiously at Colossus. "Will you be remaining on Earth, sir?

Colossus says, "Not permanently. My realm needs the bulk of my time."

CatsCradle smiles pleasantly. "Of course, sir. But this is a nice planet to visit, if you like an organic environment."

Colossus says, "I don't. Little matches the beauty of Cybertron. The organics make good bargaining chips to the Accursed though."

CatsCradle nods. "They could be useful, true. Harvesting energon for the Empire, for example."

Colossus nods, "Indeed. So long as you do not fall in love here."

CatsCradle laughs softly. "With a mech or the planet?"

Colossus says, "Planet. So long as romance does not get in the way of an effective warrior, I care not."

CatsCradle laughs again, her optics glinting mischievously. "Then I fear I am guilty of the first two, but never of being an ineffective warrior."

Colossus nods, looking towards you as he moves in the base some, "Who is the mech?

CatsCradle moves in step with the warlord. "My mate is Divefire, the other half of Earth Research and Exploration. He is currently on Cybertron, though, working on a project."

Colossus nods, "Which region is he assigned to?" He continues to clank, heading in the general area of training center.

CatsCradle smiles proudly. "Here. In fact most of the reports on Earth were written by him. A few by myself, but it is really his specialty." She adds as if by afterthought, "and perhaps a few by Gryphus, but I believe her main concentration is dissertations and papers."

Colossus nods, "I'm afraid I have little to no interest in this planet to really value you and your mate's works for what they are actually worth."

CatsCradle's nod is understanding. "I did not expect that. I think you would have to be on Earth for a while to understand, or being newly stationed here and needing orientation."

Colossus nods towards her, "I am positive they are full of required information as well." He looks around some for the training droid, frowning, "Slagging Bots."

CatsCradle says, "Here, sir." She points out the controls for the training programs, complete with droids and holographic danger-room style sequences. "Well, with all luck, Perceptor will be taking care of the 'bots for us." Her optics take on a gleeful gleam."

Colossus nods. He peruses the controls slightly, setting up the factor to a decent level. He looks towards her, giving a slight shrug, "Half the problem. Doesn't let us rip them apart."

CatsCradle says soothingly, "I'm sure there will be a few left throughout the universe for that." Her optics glitter again with amusement.

Colossus stalks out with sword drawn. He gives a slight growl, "Too many on Cybertron still." Just to test how well the cure worked for him, Colossus twists the blade down towards the training dummy.

Colossus attacks the target with His blade... striking the inner ring!

CatsCradle gives a slight nod. "Agreed," she says simply.

Colossus gives the target a roundhouse kick before moving back towards you, "Soundwave should be commended."

Colossus attacks the target with His kick... striking the middle ring.

CatsCradle nods again, then after a long pause, she says, "Soundwave is... exceptional. As a soldier, as a communications officer, and as a medic."

Colossus nods at that, setting his sword back to his back, "Yes. You are not required to keep me company if you do not wish to."

CatsCradle blinks, rather in surprise. "I did not feel required, however if I am intruding, I apologize and will leave you to your practice." She makes a little half-bow, somehow formal and casual at the same time.

Colossus shakes his head, "Merely stating that is all. You are not intruding." His limbs are thrust out in alternating kicks and punches, gauging his state of health, before he looks over to you, "What is it that usually holds a warrior's attentions on this planet?"

CatsCradle is quiet for a moment. "I can only speak for myself, and perhaps my mate as well," she says hesitantly. "But this planet is very alive, in a completely different way than Cybertron."

Colossus nods, "If I were...hypothetically speaking, looking for a base on this planet, where do you suggest?"

CatsCradle tilts her head, considering. "You could set up in almost any environment, here. Arid, humid, full water, hot, moderate, sub-freezing. Just about any would provide energy, either by natural means or by artificial."

Colossus says, "And from a strategic standpoint? Maybe you can upload some maps to me at a later date with detailed information."

CatsCradle gives another of her half-bows. "There are orientation files available at any of the terminals at your convenience. They have maps at a full global level, as well as much more detailed ones. As a suggestion, I would avoid the more populated human areas, simply because the Autobots are attracted to them and they are much more protected. There are many areas on this planet, however, that are very sparsely populated, which would support a base nicely."

Colossus nods, "Indeed. If the information is up to your apparent abilities, then I will commend them to Lord Megatron."

CatsCradle smiles. "I thank you, sir. But Divefire has done more of the work than I. He has been on this planet longer."

Colossus says, "Credit will go to the right beings, rest assured."

<Earth> Gryphus says, "Would someone please come to the ship. I will need a lock picker.. and someone good with.. animals."

CatsCradle drums her fingers, claws clicking. "I'm rather good with animals. Hmmm... do I want to go..."


Elianeish Ship-Storage Bay

        This small room is probably the only one with an atmosphere. Firstly, though, you must pass through the Airlock and keypad to get in. The room's air is stale and old, having sat here a long time. There's nothing at all in it except another door on the other wall... a sealed door which no doubt leads to the main fuel storage tanks. There's a ledge in the darkness above the door, hidden in darkness.

Gryphus is waiting.. and waiting.. for someone to arrive... watching the bird.. with a frown upon her features.

Harpy is perched in the shadows above the doorway to the airlock within, glaring down with white optics. She's in the darkness, almost invisible as she watches Gryphus.

Colossus flies up from Con base. It got boring, none of his troops around. The ship shakes some as he lands and stalks imperiously around before heading towards Gryphus.

Gryphus looks behind her. "You picking, transporting.. or doing animal control?"

CatsCradle steps in and simply leans up against the wall next to the door, her head tilted to one side in curiosity as she notices the glowing optics. "Report, Gryphus?" she ask softly.

A hiss comes from the shadowed tape at the words 'animal control'... filled with both hate, terror and anger.

Colossus ignores Gryphus if she was talking to him. Warlords need not answer every question posed their way.

Gryphus looks at Cats. "The guardian of the door won't let me get to it without attacking. She refuses to be freed and is generally being unpleasant. I need someone to distract her while I try and pick the lock myself..."

CatsCradle looks even more curious. "Does she talk?"

Harpy crickles. She wants to be free, but wants to be guaranteed her freedom. She doesn't know you, you might trick her." This is obviously one that was hurt many a times.

Colossus drops his plasma cannon into the floor with a *THUD* and sets the HUD to tracking. He glares to the door, "Move."

A hiss fills the room again, the optics narrowing. The thing spreads her wings... not in anger, but in terror. She wriggles back against the wall over the doorframe, hissing in warning even as she tries to hide.

Gryphus says, "She talks in the language of those that drove this ship."

Harpy actually talks like any tape talks.

Gryphus looks to Colossus. "Thank you." she steps forward and plays with the keypad first.

Harpy shrieks in desperation! She looks down at Gryphus, then back up at Colossus... fear still in her eyes, but also anger. You can't do that! She would be punished!

Colossus says, "I do not require verbal communication to train beasts. You may translate if you desire." A nod to Gryphus, then he draws his sword. In case. "Nor do I require lockpicks. Time consuming."

CatsCradle notices the creature's terror and rests her hand briefly on Colossus' arm. "Give me a moment, first," she says softly. She moves in front of the cannon as if not noticing the weapon and crouches down on her heels on the floor in a very non-threatening way. "Hey," she says softly, her voice soothing. "I won't hurt you. Do you need help?"

Gryphus sighs. "Blasting the door would mean setting the energon off inside..." she nods to Cats. "I tried reasoning with her.. to no avail."

Harpy flits slightly, looking from one to the other. Cats seems to get some attention, and she chirp-clicks again in that code... strangely enough, an old Cybertronian code. If that door was opened without her consent, she would be punished." the eyes look down at Gryphus again nervously, then back again, almost pleading.

CatsCradle's optics flicker towards Gryphus, then back to the cassette. "You've done a very good job of protecting that door," she says.

Gryphus looks up. "You know what I want.. give me permission.. "

Harpy chirrs. Indeed. Then she chuckles evilly. She protected this energon so well, not even her own MASTERS were able to get in. They had it coming...

Colossus drums his fingers on his cannon's targeting control's ideally. For those that do not fully know, Col's cannon is separate from his form. Every bit as lethal.

CatsCradle continues, still in her soothing voice, "You don't need to guard it any longer. We can take care of that for you, now."

Harpy looks at Cats suspiciously, then down at Gryphus. Then her entire demeanor changes. She becomes nervous... timid and a little shy as she cheeps hopefully. What would you give me for the energon? Truthfully...

CatsCradle tilts her head to one side. "What would you like?"

Gryphus says, "I told you.. freedom."

Gryphus says, "It is up to YOU whether you believe that."

Harpy turns to focus on Gryphus, still uncertain. She looks back at Cats again, optics going blue now... she whistles softly. real freedom, not just another cage, slightly bigger? To fly where she can and rest when she must, to be free of beatings and pain and humiliation?

CatsCradle nods thoughtfully. "There is a whole planet down there, a whole new world to fly through. If you would like to explore it on your own, you are welcome to. It is a beautiful world. I am an explorer myself. Or, if you would like, you may stay a while with us. And rest. Be repaired if you need it." After a second, she adds, "We have other cassettes with us, too, like you."

Gryphus nods. "You would have others like you.. that is very true..."

That gets her attention. She tilts her head... others like her? Is this true? She could hardly remember her own brothers and sisters... Her wings rustle quietly, a few flakes of dried energon from old wounds dropping on Gryphus’' head.

Gryphus brushes them out. "I have pictures of them in my datapad.. if you would like to see them.."

Colossus leans against his cannon platform. He looks towards Harpy, "Hey, know where any Autobots are at?"

CatsCradle smiles, her voice and movements still with that soothing softness. "We have two cassettes that are bird forms. And several other cassettes. Their caretaker is their father, although he has adopted others as if they were his own creations."

Harpy looks towards Colossus with a confused look. Autobots? Then she turns back to Cats again... other birds like her... someone who would take care of her... She shifts from foot to foot, then looks down to see how Gryph was doing.

Gryphus hasn’t done much since they starting talking.. giving the bird one.. last chance.

Colossus grumps. Then asks, "How come you understand us now?'

CatsCradle thinks for a moment more, then says gently, "Soundwave is their caretaker. He is very gentle with his children. He is..." and she falls silent for a moment, then looks back at the cassette. "... someone I would wish for a father."

Gryphus pulls out her datapad.. tapping at it.. "Internal translator.. most likely."

Harpy shrugs a little at Col, although her main attention is on Cats. She looks from one to the other, then at the door. Then she nods. She will let you take the energon... but if you trick her... The bird hisses warningly, lifting a clawed foot to flexes the sharp talons, that glint despite their condition. Nothing more needs to be said.

Gryphus sets the datapad near the bird. "Just hit that button... it will show you the other cassettes." she then turns to the door.

Colossus taps his cannon and looks at Harpy. Threaten a warlord will ya?

CatsCradle ignores the threat and holds out her arm, as she has seen Soundwave hold his out for Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, her clawed hand held down and of no direct threat. "I'll take you to the planet, if you like. And you will be free to do as you like. Which includes coming home with us for repairs.”

Harpy looks at Cats, then holds her other foot out, showing the chain of forcefield that locked her into the room. The foot looks injured, the joints stiff no doubt from being pulled out of place. Then the bird steps off stiffly...floating straight down to the door and its two locks.

Gryphus looks to the bird as she taps at the keypad.

Colossus whips his sword out as he sees the chain, looking to Harpy, "Locked down? The other end set as a trap?"

Harpy squawks in alarm at the sword, and flutters, ending up between Gryphus and the door, shivering.
Colossus says, "Relax birdthing." He points his sword towards the terminating point of the chain hooked into the wall, "It's for that. We won't all die if I hit that will we?"

Harpy peers out nervously from behind Gryphus, looking from the sword to the tractor-beam chain. She shakes her head... no, others have deactivated it. She managed to destroy it herself once... then got caught.

Gryphus sighs. "Let him at least TRY?"

Colossus nods. Then starts to hack at the chains and it's connection to the wall. Failing that, he just rips the surrounding area of the wall out.

Harpy watches, and as the thing is ripped out, the tractor-beam deactivates... leaving the phoenix with a ring of metal around her ankle, but free! She looks down at her foot, moving it carefully... finding it an odd sensation without the usual vibrations of the tractor.

CatsCradle smiles. "There. Better?"

Gryphus frowns.. she's not happy with herself.. cuz she tried to shoot the chain she scared the bird and thusly it injured that foot. "I'm sorry about your foot."

Colossus looks to Gryphus, "Did you get the door yet?"

Gryphus says, "I'm working on it still.. had the keypad and the keyhole."

Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.. the bird zips past all three and out the door. A few minutes later she was back again, screaming her head off as she zips all around the room wildly... then appears between Gryphus and the door, ignorant of her exertion's side effect of severe sparking and bleeding from her wounds. Gripping the door with her talons, she taps with her beak on the keypad... It beeps. The right code! Of course she'd know it... she's been locked up here and watched the Masters go in and out constantly.

Gryphus blinks... "Thank you."

Gryphus says, "Where is the key for this hole?"

Harpy cheeps proudly. She remembered the code, she did. The bird hangs there, braced against the door as she wriggles down towards the keyhole.. .nearly slipping. Those talons aren't very sharp anymore.

Colossus says, "Need help, birdthing?"

Gryphus watches on quietly.

Harpy tries to cling a moment later, then looks at Col and nods warily... knowing he'd have to touch her... but they seemed trustworthy so far.

Colossus says, "So, what do I got to do? Jam you into the keyhole? Or tear the door off?"

CatsCradle suggests, "Just balance her, perhaps? She seems to know what to do."

Harpy squawks! No... don't jam me anywhere... just balance.. yes... Harpy has key.

Colossus nods. He holds his arm out to Harpy and leans against the wall.

Gryphus smiles. "figures she'd Be the key."

Harpy hops on timidly... very very lightweight, and her claws aren't even sharp enough to scratch the paint off. She peers at the keyhole, doing that head-tilt-thing that birds do. Then she stretches forwards and opens her beak, grabbing something inside the keyhole. Gripping as hard as possible, she turns her head... there's a grinding sound, and a few seconds later, a click.

The bird takes off again... gliding slowly to the ground nearby. Yes, that chain held her in place, but also supplied her with the energon she needed. now that she was free, she had no fuel. The bird slumps to the ground.

Gryphus nods. "Colossus I'm sure you’d like the honor of first look at the inside?'

CatsCradle watches the cassette in concern, not knowing the reason, but going by instinct. She takes a small energon cube out of a storage compartment and holds it out to the bird. "Would you like some?"

Colossus grunts, "You just want me to block any explosions or traps." He steps in front of the door and looks to Harpy, "No traps right?"

Gryphus says, "This race didn't set traps.""

Colossus nods and throws the door open, leading the Cons into the storage area boldly, looking around for a new threat, if present.

CatsCradle says softly, "They may not have set traps, but they didn't have much against chaining you up, did they, birdie?"

Harpy lifts her head slightly, nodding at Col. No traps that she knows of. Her eyes go to the cube and stretches her neck towards it... hesitating slightly, as though unsure if it was really meant for her. Her wings remain on the ground, limp.

Gryphus won't mention that setting a guard on a chain as typical of the species tho

Skywarp suddenly ports in right behind Gryphus..."There you are!"

Gryphus jumps.. ruffles her feathers. "Ah!"

Skywarp says, "Iv been lookin for you guys everywhere.""

AS Skywarp teleports, the bird shrieks and takes off... or at least tries to. She ends up skidding across the floor and ends up in the corner, hobbling back, watching the teleporter warily.

CatsCradle barely manages to keep herself from rolling over backwards and shooting Skywarp in sheer reaction. "Dear Primus, 'Warp, don't DO that!"

Skywarp looks at Cats with a blank expression..."Do what?"

Colossus grunts somewhat in the storage room at that. He shouts outside, "Some energon here's gone. Still a worthy haul. Not bad actually."

Gryphus looks at Warp. "Please don’t do that again indeed.. gonna give me a fuel pump attack and I'll die where I stand."

Harpy rocks back and forth slightly, wings fanned out, eyeing Skywarp suspiciously as she hisses.

CatsCradle closes her optics and rests her head in her hand for a moment, then smiles brightly at Skywarp. "Nothing. Nothing at all." She scootches over on the floor closer to the bird. "Don't worry 'bout him. He's a Seeker, and they just do things like that." She holds out the cube again. "Go ahead, if you're hungry."

Skywarp nods at Gry.."Ok babes."

Gryphus goes over to help the bird. "He's a friend." she assures her.

Harpy looks from one to the other, then at warp again. Her beak snaps, and she takes the energon cube... snatching it before it might be taken away or broken into useless bits. Ravishingly she tilts it back and chugs it down hungrily!

CatsCradle says softly, "Oh, my..." Her optics soften even more at the sight of the famished bird. She knows what near starvation is like. Without another word, she puts out another of the small cubes.

Gryphus smiles. "Hungry .. that chain must of fed her energon..."

Skywarp looks at the Bird...

Harpy takes the other one immediately, and it goes down just as fast... her optics are a little brighter now... you might see the old faded paint under the years of dirt.

Gryphus says, "When you are powered up.. we'll take you to base and have the medics fix that foot."

Harpy looks at Gryphus... Foot? Will they not fix the rest of her?

CatsCradle puts out another cube. "This is my last one, but we have almost unlimited energy from the planet below. We can have Soundwave look at you and do repairs, if you wish. He is the one with the cassettes and a very good medic."

Skywarp looks at Gry.."Where did you guys find the Bird?"

Harpy takes the third cube and chugs it down as well, then smacks her beak a little bit, eyes dimming at the taste... soooo gooood. She settles back a little, the effects of a fully tummy starting to get to her.

CatsCradle holds out her arm again, claws held down. "Would you like to come home with us?"

Gryphus says, "here in this room."

Colossus says, "Hey, anyone going to help take this energon down? Or going to pilot the shuttle to the base?"

Skywarp says, "I can pilot ..But I ain’t built for Cargo.""

Harpy looks at Cats a moment, thinking it deeply... she looks around, then moves forwards... now sleepy as she hops onto the arm, more energon dripping from her wounds.

CatsCradle looks up. "Can you pilot the shuttle down, 'Warp? We can grab people to convoy the fuel from there." She very carefully stands up, balancing her arm with the cassette perched on top, then bringing her arm in closer to her body for more protection.

Gryphus says, "I do not think this ship will do reentry.. we'll have to transport manually."

Gryphus says, "I'll help transport."

Skywarp looks at Cats.."Gry it right..This ship may break apart..I can help Port a few things as well."

CatsCradle nods. "Can you 'port the whole fuel tank? I mean, I don't know if you have a size or weight restriction on that type of thing..."

Skywarp blinks .."Whole fuel tank?..I can port my mass and under..How much we talking here?"

Harpy moves very little now... much like a bird does when they're relaxed and calm... her eyes blink lazily as she turns her head around, listening to the others, eyes flicking back and forth... still unsure... but more trusting than before.

Gryphus pets the bird reassuringly. "a lot."

CatsCradle shrugs. "I don't have a good judgment of weights and such." She looks at Colossus. "Sir? How heavy would you say that is?"

Colossus says, "Transform Skywarp, and we'll stuff your cockpit with the cubes. We can take them that way."

Skywarp thinks it over.."I can try...Might take a lot of energy "

CatsCradle gives a decisive nod. "You can take as much fuel as you need from the storage back on Earthbase. If you're nervous about a say-so, blame it on me to Megatron." In making plans, she seems to have forgotten that Skywarp completely outranks her and could make that decision himself.

Harpy stirs slightly under the pet... being touched without pain... what an intriguing sensation... but not unpleasant to be sure. She then looks towards the door of the storage room, then at the others... and back again... then her optics go black as she goes into a very very well deserved rest mode.

Colossus starts moving around the cubes from storage to get them closer to the door and the others.

CatsCradle settles down to wait while the packing begins, cradling the cassette carefully. "Wait'll you see those blue skies to fly in," she murmurs softly.

Harpy doesn't say much... just buries her beak in her back, claws holding onto Cats’' arm tightly but not harmfully.

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