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Atlantis Arise ... or ... CatsCradle's New Pet

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

Soundwave steps into the Command Center, noting everyone's presence, but steps right to his usual communications post.

Slasher has been quietly sitting at one of the computer stations for hours now.. Not moving... not speaking.. just sitting there... Hex laying under the chair.

Starscream walks in acting non chalant but there seems to be a squirming ball of yellow fuzz on the top of one of his feet. He acts like nothings odd and walks over to his station.

Megatron just enters the command center, greeting all present with a short nod.

CatsCradle is curled up in front of her usual console (rather than perched on top) and the faint sounds of a video game whisper out of it.

Baby Chick peeeps

CatsCradle chuckles at the peep, not looking up from her console.

Rumble leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

Rumble pops out of Soundwave's chest, looks at the chick on Starscreamís foot, and promptly doubles over laughing.

Hex 's eyes follow the little earth creature..... soft strands of drool pooling on the ground.

Megatron frowns, but does not comment.

Soundwave will puzzle out everyone's individual tasks later ... as well as the mystery of what that Earth animal is doing following Starscream around the base. His fingers flicker over the console and he activates the screen, intent upon something. Listening for a moment, he then turns and looks to Megatron.

Baby Chick peeeps..peep...peepscream

Tempest is, as usual, messaging Valckasta.

Soundwave says, "Commander. Laserbeak and Buzzsaw report something you may wish to see."

Starscream looks over at Rumble blandly and starts to say something but decides it will do no good so he decides to ignore the munchkin cassette

Baby Chick cuddles up on its mommyís foot..."Peep"

Megatron says, "On the screen, Soundwave."

Nightbird is standing out of the way, blending in with the subdued lighting.

Hex sneaks out from under the chair and scampers along the shadows to circle around Starscream... its eyes on the little Timbit.

CatsCradle grumbles as a you-have-died type of sound comes from her console, and she swivels her chair around. With a straight face, she hands a data crystal to Starscream labeled "For Momma Starscream... Care and Feeding of Chickens."

An oceanscape appears on screen, clearly viewed and filmed by something flying rapidly and circling above the waves. At first the image is nondescript, just waves and more waves.

Starscream glares at CC, " You are so not amusing....."

Rumble warns, "Hey Slasher, I think hex is hungry" and points at the chick.

CatsCradle grins at Starscream. "That's your opinion. Actually, the information is accurate, if the labeling isn't."

Baby Chick blinks innocently ruffling its fluffy down

Megatron frowns. "You dare to disturb me to watch a travel, Soundwave?" he grumbles. "Recall Laserbeak and Buzzsaw at once!

Starscream takes the data crystal and sets it next to his keyboard none the less

CatsCradle settles back in her chair. "Watching you feed it worms, though, really ought to be worth the price of admission."

Tempest sends off her message, and then looks over at the screen. Water. Yuck.

Slasher looks over his shoulder just in time to see Hex gobble up the chick... Hex sits down tilting its head ad its mouth peeps.. he then *Patows* it out and scampers off again hissing and spitting... Slasher grumbles, "Nothing but fluff."

Tempest looks over at Slasher curiously. "You can tell what Hex is thinking?"

Baby Chick hides behind SS foot terrified ..."PEEP!"

Slasher looks to Tempest and tells her a flat out lie, "No... But Hex doesn't spit out things it likes."

Soundwave replies calmly, "Wait, Megatron. And observe." As he speaks, the waves resolve into a stylized pattern being picked up from deep below the waters, a series of concentric circles and readings denoting a cluster of buildings surrounded by great energy output. Soundwave glances at Megatron and asks knowingly, "Are you interested now?"

Nightbird ignores the spectacle Starscream's pet is creating and focuses her attention on the screen, curious as to what Soundwave and his creations have uncovered this time.

Starscream looks down quickly when he hears the noise from the animal and follows the trail of slim to Hex. "Keep your creature under control Slasher." he wanrs

Chasm flaps out of Soundwave and perches on his shoulder.

Rumble stares at the screen. "No way....are you sure that's not some science fiction movie?"

Decepticon X enters from the corridor.

Megatron takes a closer look. "Yes!" Indeed he is interested now. "An underwater city of such size must generate enormous energy... Energy that shall soon be ours."

Slasher looks to Starscream, "Keep your morsel of food away from Hex..."

Chasm says dreamily, "All that energy..."

Soundwave says, "Buzzsaw and Laserbeak picked up the anomalous readings just a short time ago."

Baby Chick looks up at Starscream..."peep...screm"

Chasm says "Do we have any goods to trade with them? I mean, we are going to trade..." his voice trails off doubtfully.

Starscream says, "It was away from your companion and make sure its fed well before it gets near mine." he cant believe heís got a pet.... he bends down and picks it up to get it out of the way from Slasherís animal."

Starscream looks to Chasm, " Trade? Whatever for?"

Nightbird asks quietly, "Is this a human habitation Soundwave?"

Soundwave knows that inflection in Megatron's tone, so he simply replies to Chasm, "Doubtful." But to lure the little cassette along, he adds, "Of course, anything is possible. We know nothing about the inhabitants of this city as of yet. Only their power output."

Tempest smirks at Chasm. "Why trade when you can take..." She looks at the city, her optics gleaming ferally, and says, very quietly, "Hunting..."

Megatron says, "Which is quite unusual for humans. Decepticons, our next destination is under water!"

Baby Chick peeps happily in its mommyís keep..."Peepscream"

Soundwave says, "Unknown, Nightbird. But I find it unlikely." He stand, ready to follow Megatron to the site.

Starscream looks to Nightbird and his optics narrow slightly. Hearing her was that last thing he wanted to hear but he says nothing as he knows this is not the time or place for it.

CatsCradle frowns. "I haven't heard anything about the humans having an underground city, although they talk about it for the future." She sighs. "Then again, the humans have gathered much in technology from the Autobots."

Rumble taps Soundwave's shoulder, or tries to but he's too short, asking for a ride.

Slasher thinks, . o O 0 ( Remember... Plunder before you Pillage. )

Nightbird's optics gleam with some unspoken thought, her gaze on the sensor readout of the city.

Decepticon X says, "This city, or whatever it is, has thus far been unknown to the human population in general, CatsCradle."

Soundwave opens his tape compartment to let Rumble in, and Chasm as well should he wish to ride inside.

Megatron says, "Starscream, better you leave the small creature in your quarters. As far as I know, birds cannot breathe underwater."

Starscream looks to the screen as he hears Megatronís words. Instantly he knows what they are about to do. " Underwat....hey...." he glances to his present monotone gull gray paintjob, " The salt will play havoc on this paint....."

CatsCradle says in a flat tone, "Oh, goodie. We get to prove another Human legend as true. Weren't Camelot and dragons enough?"

Starscream takes Baby Chick.

Slasher asks, "We going swimming ?"

Hex starts to bounce a bit....

Rumble enters Soundwave's tape compartment.

Starscream stands, " Allow me to put this creature in its....." he mumbles, " pen...."

Wildrider walks in after his nap.."Whats goin on?"

Soundwave makes no comment on the various paint jobs and baby chick discussions. He is, in fact, eager to see firsthand what his creations have found.

Megatron says, "Do so, Starscream."

Megatron says, "Work to do, Wildrider."

Training Complex

Baby Chick arrives from Living Quarters.

Starscream walks back in momentarily without .....uhoh

Wildrider looks at the Chick..."uhm..Ill get that for ya Screamer..

Wildrider scoops up the bird...

Starscream says, "Good can take care of it for me"

Hex would be glad to keep the little timbit safe in its tummy and Deposit it tomorrow morning in SS's quarters.

Atlantic Ocean

Megatron flies over the ocean, heading for the destination.

Tempest follows, looking down often, not really relishing the idea of being under that strange wet substance below.

Megatron says, "Your cassettes have done well. Now to evaluate their discovery..."

Wildrider flies along behind Megatron in bot mode

Chasm sighs, "Do I have to get wet?"

Soundwave says, "Affirmative, Chasm."

Tempest mutters, "For once,Chasm, we agree...this hunt had better be worth it."

Nightbird rides on top of Thundercracker with her magnetic boots allowing her to stand. To Earthers, she would look strangely like she was surfing.

Starscream looks to the water. Heís not too fond of getting his paintjob wet

Megatron dives

Soundwave lets the circling Laserbeak and Buzzsaw into his tape compartment, then dives down into the water with the others.

CatsCradle transforms from jet mode and makes a perfect dive into the water, with the enthusiasm not only of someone who likes water, but someone who swims in it regularly.

Slasher transforms into his Alien mode.

Chasm clings forlornly to Soundwave.

Nightbird dives off Thundercracker and into the ocean. She lacks flight engines, but seems able to swim manually without a problem.

Slasher swims along like he was born a fish.... at rather a nice speed.

Tempest transforms as she finds that her jets donít' work and her aircraft mode was just wallowing there, slowly sinking...looking around, she follows the others, hoping she can figure out how to swim, and does...well...passably well.

Soundwave glides fairly easily in the watery medium, despite really not looking like he's built for that mode of travel.

Starscream is not enthused but motivates in the direction of their quarry

Decepticon X transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Soundwave.

Megatron dives through the water, using his anti-grav engines-

Slasher 's body moves in a rhythmic wave side to side his tail working as a rudder and propulsion... Happily he swims around Tempest.

Chasm says, "We do seem a little bit aggressive for a diplomatic mission..."

CatsCradle tucks her knees up to her chin and does a quick roll just for the fun of it, her anti-gravs sending her spinning. She flows out of the roll and darts through the water, grinning.

Soundwave transmits a message via radio.
A radio transmission is received by Decepticon X.

Chasm's optics shine, "Oooh, a real city! People to actually trade with! Who's going to make the initial diplomatic contact?"

Starscream gets the mess scared out of him but some glowing organic transparent it glides by his face. BUT he regains his composure quickly and looks around to see if anyone noticed his momentary terror.

Soundwave says, "Wait and see, Chasm."

Nightbird is hard-pressed to keep up with the anti-grav swimmers, but manages.

Soundwave slows down as they approach the glow of the underwater city.

Tempest is obviously struggling to swim, more dog paddling than anything else....

A strange, underwater city can be seen sitting at the bottom of the trench. It thrums with energy.

Slasher circles around and idly attaches himself to Tempests back with his claws and helps her along a bit..

Ruse becomes visible in the glow of the city, having been along probably ever since the Decepticons left the tower.

Megatron stops, watching the city. "Ah..." he smiles. "Intriguing.."

Tempest is grateful when everyone slows, enabling her to catch up. She lets herself sink, scuttles up a coral reef and perches there, looking down at the city, optics gleaming vulture-like.

Tempest looks at Slasher, as if ready to tell him to get lost, she can handle it...then her scowl fades and she says simply, "Thanks."

Chasm coughs politely. "Perhaps as the most suave and diplomatic of all the Decepticons, I should send off our welcoming, friendly missive?" He rubs his claws together in anticipation.

Nightbird's optics still have their unusual gleam as she contemplates the city. She calls to Soundwave, "Could it somehow be a Cybertronian city?"

Tempest murmurs, though still audible, "We need a big bomb."

Starscream steps forward and looks to tempest. With a nod he transforms to jet mode and fully intends to head toward the city.

Soundwave settles on the murky ground near Megatron, regarding the city himself. "Chasm proposes we alert them to our presence," he notes to Megatron a little doubtfully.

Megatron says, "Starscream, wait!"

Starscream scoffs, " waiting is for Autobots ...whereís your sense of adventure leader."

CatsCradle hovers in mid-water. "It's beautiful," she murmurs, then speaks more loudly, "If we let Chasm in without us, he'll have bought the city and divided it up for the stock value."

Starscream heads toward the cityís perimeters aggressively

Chasm sighs happily.

CatsCradle adds in a mutter, "And probably paid for it in trinkets and a few beads."

Ruse antigrav swims up to Soundwave and settles beside him... she notes, "Antennae, I wonder, Soundwave what transmissions are you picking up?"

Tempest follows along beside Starscream. Evidently they are of one mind.

Soundwave is just about to call out a warning to Starscream. Something about those nearby energy readings he doesn't like.

Starscream's progress is stopped when his nosecone suddenly impacts with a rock-hard barrier - something his senses didn't detect!

Wildrider watches SS fly ahead.."Hes got guts!

Megatron says, "And rushing forward blindly is for dolts."

Starscream brings his weapons on line and wing tilts to tempest as he descends for the kill

Chasm removes a few shiny mirrors and beads from subspace and stares at them thoughtfully. "If we're lucky, they'll regard us as gods and give us many gifts..."

Slasher thinks, . o O 0 ( to find Boobie traps.. send in the boob..... )

Tempest pauses, then pulls out a longblade and pokes ahead of herself. The sword stops after about two feet, and she can't hold it out straight. "There's....something there?"

Slasher launches himself off of Tempest and hovers a few feet over hear.

Soundwave replies quietly to Ruse as he watches Starscream, "There are a great many transmissions being passed back and forth. Just on the edge of my ability to detect them."

Nightbird observes all this cautiously, but excited. Humans don't have force fields..

CatsCradle stops before she runs nose-first into the forcefield and taps it cautiously with a clawtip.

Starscream asks quickly, " A target? What are the coordinates?"

Decepticon X says, "Curious."

Megatron had a good reason not to rush forward. He looks for weak spots...

Tempest growls, "Not for long..." Her swords aren't getting anywhere, so she decides to try her lasers...then looks over her shoulder at Megatron and hesitates.

Wildrider swims closer and touches the field..his hand gets repulsed and crackles with energy.."Oooo

CatsCradle tilts her head, consideringly. "If they are monitoring the barrier at all, they already know we're here."

Suddenly, a group of small green humanoids appear from the city, carrying weapons and wearing some sort of armour. They are behind the forcefield.

CatsCradle grins smugly at the sight of the people.

Starscream tumbles back after smacking nosecone first into the forcefield. After a tumble or two he transforms and lands angrily near Soundwave none the worse for wear except maybe for his pride

Starscream transforms into his Robot mode.

Wildrider says, "Hey look...Fisheys!"

The green humanoids stare at each other, and then carefully watch the Decepticons.

CatsCradle gives a cautious little wave and a friendly smile.

Decepticon X stares at the natives, clearly not having expected to see anything like them.

Megatron tilts his head to see the new arrivals. Interesting, these are definitely no humans...

Tempest smirks. "They look like they might end up as..." she brandishes her swords, "fillet of fish."

Soundwave tilts his head a little as though hearing something, and trying to puzzle it out.

Ruse narrows her optics at the people and then looks to Starscream, "It was a valient attempt commander." She then returns her gaze to the organics.

Starscream notices Soundwaveís movement and studies him briefly

The humanoids swim into formation, still holding their weapons.

Chasm says doubtfully, "Maybe they want to trade weapons?"

Nightbird's optics glitter as she looks at the humanoid. Her expression is hard to read.. Anger? Disappointment?

Decepticon X says, "Soundwave, this unknown to human science. Beings like them have so far only existed in myths."

Wildrider looks at Megatron.."Can I fry em?!?!

Soundwave nods to Decepticon X and remarks to Chasm, "They would appear to be defending their border."

CatsCradle lets out a short snort. "Well, ask them, Chasm. You were bragging about being the diplomat, here. Talk to them before someone here gets antsy and shoots." She mutters to herself about dragging Diktat back to earth someday, if more of these encounters keep happening.

The humanoids swarm around excitedly, and then one of them lets off a shot that seems to pierce the forcefield, smashing out of the barrier and smacking into Starscream!

Starscream nods briefly to Ruses comment and looks from the fishthings to Soundwave and back

Decepticon X says, "...they also appear intelligent. This is unprecedented."

Chasm eeeks, "They shot!"

Starscream says, "HEY"

Ruse suddenly summons her rifle from subspace as Starscream is hit and fires back in anger, "We are under attack!"

Wildrider !!.Pulls out his scatter gun and aims at the field!!

Megatron realizes Starscream was hit, but the forcefield is there.... There must be another possibility...

Wildrider says, "Stupid Fish!"

Starscream stumbles back a step and places a hand to where he got hit. Quickly he transforms and heads for the field again in a burst of speed, " Fool! Prepare to be destroyed!"

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Nightbird draws her shuriken, perhaps thinking how most of her weapons depends on the speed of the blow to be effective..

Ruse's shot smacks back at her as it rebounds of the forcefield...

CatsCradle lets herself float down to the surface and sits on it for a moment, elbows on her knees and chin pillowed on her fists. "Great," she mutters. "Just.... great."

King Nergill smirks to his fellows, "It seems that these creatures are easily repelled by our advanced technology."

Wildrider aims his scatter gun at the repulser field!

Starscream spits, " advance this fish..." he fires both laser cannons in several quick bursts right at the head fish

Soundwave draws his handweapon as well, as a precaution, though these small underwater dwellers would appear not to pose much of a threat in and of themselves. What they might have within their city, however, is another matter.

Megatron raises his cannon, but he aims not at the humanoids behind the forcefield, but the rock above them and fires!

Wildrider's spray bounces off the forcefield in all directions!

Decepticon X seems surprised that this species also speaks English.

Tempest looses a barrage of laser blasts, and ducks as they rebound at her. She scowls at King Nergill. Conceited aliens looking down on her....yes, she's seen that before, and usually only a few hours before she guts them.

Ruse watches her shot rebound... and is sent sailing back by her own plasmabeam, crashing to the seafloor. Ok forcefield, forgot about that. Slowly she stands, her chestplate burnt slightly from the plasma.

Wildrider blinks..."Whups..

Starscream's lasers also rebound off the forcefield...

CatsCradle is almost tempted to try pushing at their forcefield with hers, since it worked before on another 'field... but doing so would completely demolish any chance of a peaceful encounter, so she holds her suggestion and watches, her chin still pillowed on her fist, as the others rain the 'field with shots.

Wildrider says, "AHH!"..Covers his face as his own shrapnel bounces off of his armor"

Starscream gets hit with a couple of his shots which on ly make him madder. The audacity to be hit by his own weapon.

King Nergill hovers backwards, "Fire again! We will show these invaders who the real masters of the oceans are!" Another shot spirals out of the field, again targeted at Starscream.

Starscream tilts up on a wing and glides upward like a ray to avoid the incoming missile.

Hit by Megatron's shut, the stone loosens and an avalanche of rock comes down towards Nergill's troops.

Soundwave says to Megatron, "Commander. The forcefield drops for a split instant when those inside fire out."

Soundwave nods, as Megatron has either figured that out for himself already, or simply got lucky with his shot.

Tempest smirks. Then we need only to draw their fire, and be ready to strike...

The captain shakes his head. "See - the warriors still attack our impenetrable field. A display of mindless aggression from a primitive species..." He stands back as Megatron's shot causes the turrents of the city to collapse on the party. The Sub-Atlanticans swim madly about as they are buried under a ton of sea debris!

Starscream transforms into his Robot mode.

Wildrider says, "heHAHAHAAA!!..Way to go Boss.""

King Nergill burbles, "Noo..." before a rock rolls right over him.

Nightbird nods in appreciation of Megatron's tactic.

Starscream snickers when he sees the head fish get smushed

Tempest flashes a predatory smirk at Megatron.

Megatron steps forward to dig this strange creature out. It is simply amusing. "You are foolish, but I admire your war-like spirit. I believe we have much to offer one another."

Tempest's expression of hungry glee suddenly falters....

CatsCradle watches Megatron going forward and her expression of disgust at the fighting turns into a small smile. Better. Much better.

Starscream again stands next to Soundwave and critically he watches Megatron with the fish. Heís not sure about this and heís  wondering why Megatronís being nice to it...if it was up to him he would have just laid the place flat and taken what he wanted

King Nergill looks up in amazement at Megatron as the rock is rolled away. Recovering his composure, he swims up and nods to Megatron. "Indeed. I am King Nergill, ruler of Sub-Atlantica. For centuries we have been forced to dwell beneath the ocean waves. An alliance between our kind could be most... profitable. Please, enter my city! I shall show you the delights of my ocean paradise."

Wildrider lowers his scatter gun and grins..

Starscream stares cautiously

King Nergill turns to his companion and says something to them in a high-pitched language that the Decepticons cannot understand. He then waves a hand graciously at Megatron, as if inviting the Decepticons into the city.

Starscream looks to Soundwave to see his reaction to that.

Wildrider winces at the sound..."Gah...

CatsCradle stands up and swims forward, gliding gracefully to hover behind Megatron. She tilts her head at the sound of their language. "Like dolphins?" she muses.

Chasm loops his tail around Soundwave's neck. "Ah, an alliance after all."

Soundwave notes, "He communicates telepathically. His mental power is great. He has the ability to scramble the message in communicating to his own kind."

Megatron looks down at Nergill with a grin. These creatures boast, but they are not invulnerable. He follows Nergill in.

Nightbird swims forward to stand beside Megatron, looking over the organic creatures carefully, her masked features hiding any expression.

Tempest mutters, "First they insult us, now they want to be friends? I don't think so...."

King Nergill and his troops escort the Decepticons into the city.

Starscream hms, then leans toward Soundwave, "I donít trust this anchovy....

Soundwave says quietly to Chasm, "Do not be so eager until we know more." A tape reel moves silently in his chest as he starts to work on unscrambling the communiqué.

Starscream adds softly, " see what you can find out about their language and what he said that we werenít privileged enough to hear...."


Sub-Atlantica is a complex, tiered city. Her power generators are located on the lower levels, while the royal chambers are found at the city's centre. The entire structure is rich with energy - life support engines constantly thrum, turbines spin away and lights continually blaze.

Soundwave meanwhile moves to follow Megatron, letting the decoding proceed of its own accord.

Decepticon X looks around in awe, and starts to wander away from the group to get a better look around.

Megatron follows the king, looking around, evaluating the possibilities of this facility.

Tempest paces right behind Megatron, her face set in a stern mask, her swords on her wings...but, she takes an odd "bracelet" out of subspace and fits it over her right knuckles.

King Nergill escorts the Decepticons to his royal audience chambers. The vaulted ceilings the ideal height for a conference with the giant alien robots! The Sub-Atlantican guards swim around the edges of the chamber, still on guard. The King sits down on a grand throne. "Welcome, strangers, to my city."

Nightbird sticks close to Megatron, observing the city and its inhabitants.

Megatron whispers to Nightbird: "Have an optic on Nergill's guards.

Ruse follows the group transforming into her foxform, but hangs back...

Starscream sees Megatron and her interact and sneers to no one in particular. HE cant think about that right now so with a bit of effort he brings himself back to the present situation....alliances with sardines...

King Nergill pauses as the Decepticons assemble inside the audience chamber, "What brings you to our underwater empire?" he says, straight to the point.

Nightbird nods to Megatron, and keeps her optics sweeping over the area.

Wildrider drives along the floor of the structure..

The guards easily swim upwards as Wildrider approaches them.

Soundwave accompanies the others, listening carefully to the telepathic communication he can detect, and also the faint messages around the edges of his awareness that he cannot fully pinpoint. Within this entire city, Sub-Atlanticans are communicating among each other, which sets up a faint telepathic background noise which Soundwave finds at once interesting and distracting.

As Decepticon X wanders away from the group, the snippets of the sub-Atlanticans day-to-day life can be seen. They appear to have a very militaristic and warlike culture. Many of their murals show them conquering other races, who bow and give the Sub-Atlanticans gifts.

Megatron says, "Nergill, I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons and these are my troops. It was your large amount of energy that caught our attention. We are interested in a trade business with you."

CatsCradle moves slightly to one side for a better view, watching the inhabitants with open curiosity and scanning and recording to store her observations for future playback. The whole city is fascinating, and she gently runs a claw over the nearest piece of furniture, as if testing to make sure it is real. She keeps most of her attention, however, on the conversation between Megatron and the king.

Tempest doesn't seem particularly impressed with the city. She's more busy evaluating the combat potential of the guards.

Wildrider looks at all the fish thingies as he drives along the floor..

Starscream listens to his leader and fishhead but notices the murals. They are warlike and concurring and as far as heís concerned thereís only one way to deal with them. Destroy them...but heís not in command of this, so all he can do is hope heís wrong about how he thinks this situation will end

King Nergill nods in response to Megatron's words. "We were originally a warship of the Vorloxian empire. We crashed on this primitive planet millennia ago. We managed to tame some of the natives, but our original ship was destroyed in a volcanic eruption. Since that time, we have lived in this secondary city beneath the waves, trying to gather enough resources to recreate our warship and return to Vorloxia. Unfortunately, some of the components we need are found only on the surface, and we will not trade with those insufferable surface creatures, who we originally taught much of our science too! The way of Vorloxia is the way of the warrior." He pauses and regards Megatron. "We have energy - you have easy access to the surface. Perhaps now is the time to discuss our plans for invading the nearest human city, to strip it of resources!"

The shield generators are found at the base of the city, and are well sealed off from the upper levels.

Decepticon X studies what superficial technology she can observe as she wanders around the city.

Megatron's optics flash shortly as he grins. "Your energy against our technology. It seems we have a deal, Nergill..."

Tempest's thoughts are dark...the way of noble warriors, or the way of pirates? If pirates, then they should not be surprised when she turns on the....and then she hears Megatronís' words. A /deal/? For a brief question she weights Megatron against her thirst for war and slowly decides in Megatron's favour.

CatsCradle moves to stand near Soundwave. "If they take over this planet, they'll control all of this planet's energy," she murmurs. "Won't we be back where we started?"

King Nergill laughs. "Excellent! It is so refreshing, Megatron, to meet a like-minded spirit after so many centuries of dealing with the weak-willed humans! Our invasion plans... shall be speeded up, to allow for the factor of our new allies." He frowns, "Our greatest problem has been storing our volcanic energy. We do not have enough cadmium to form the batteries we need to properly energize our war-city, including its weapons and forcefields!"

Starscream does not like the idea of a deal with these creatures. Concurring to them is something to show off in artistic expression. That should be a sign. Perhaps she can find a way to expose them for what they are and possibly increase his position at the same time.

The tape reel in Soundwave's chest is still silently turning. "It will depend on what more we learn of them," he replies quietly to CatsCradle.

Megatron says, "I propose, you show us your city and technology. Possibly we can replace the cadmium batteries by energon based energy systems."

Tempest sidles over to Soundwave and states, for the record, "I never met a Vorloxian before."

Ruse notes, "Your forcefield seemed to work fine enough to me sir..." Not to mention they where drawn here by energy, now they say they have none? oO(Plenty of doubletalk going on here.)

CatsCradle is quiet for a moment. "They are conquerors," she murmurs finally. "I somehow doubt they'll want to continue trading, once they have this planet in their control."

Starscream shrugs, " Its just a fancy talking kipper to me....."

King Nergill nods and claps his hands. Scientists rush forward at his bidding. "We shall learn of these new... 'energon-based energy system' from you..."

Starscream looks to CC, " This is not what it seems.....this is just not a good idea period."

Megatron's proposal to be shown around was also a silent order to his troops to keep their optics open and gather every information about Sub-Atlantica they can. It is always good to know your enemy... ahem... ally.

CatsCradle nods to Starscream. "For once," she says softly, "I agree with you. This does /not/ feel right."

Starscream smirks, " Yes somethingís fishy here indeed." he cant resist the remark

From inside Soundwave, Rumble laughs and says to Catscradle, "A true conqueror is never satisfied."

Time passes as the Decepticons share the secrets of energon with Sub-Atlanticans. Soon, stacks of energon cubes fill the hold of the mighty Sub-Atlantican war-city and many of the systems and weapons of the aliens are converted to make use of the new technology. The day for the invasion approaches, until...

A scientist rushes out of the scanning room. "Majesty, there are more Decepticons approaching!" Indeed, the huge viewscreen shows a series of cars jetting across the ocean water, and then diving beneath the city for recon. A small human in scuba gear accompanies them.

Chasm complains to Soundwave, "They don't have a proper economy either! No credit! No capitalism! Waaaagh!"

CatsCradle glances towards Soundwave automatically at Rumble's voice, then smiles at herself briefly. "Perhaps that is what is wrong," she says, but does not elaborate. Instead, she shifts for a better view at the screen, giving Starscream a quick roll of her optics at his pun.

Ruse looks to the viewscreen. Autobots! She hms and mentally smiles though as this is her chance. while everyone is probably busy gawking at the screen she tries to slip away unnoticed by the guards to do abit of solo exploring.

Starscream looks on innocently, " Whaaat?

King Nergill glares at Megatron, "Are these more of your allies? Is this another invasion force of yours?"

Nightbird says, "No doubt this is their destination."

Soundwave recognizes the figure on screen. They are, of course, not Decepticons. "Perhaps someday, Chasm, we will find you a planet that has a 'proper economy'," he remarks. "But at the moment we have attackers to deal with."

Tempest, edgy at her restraint of the last few days, says tersely to Megatron, "Permission to go out and hack our enemy to bits."

Megatron narrows his optics at the sight. "Autobots..." he hisses. "Decepticons, keep ready for defending the city." He looks at Nergill. "No, these are human allies."

King Nergill strokes his cheek, "So, these must be Megatron's true enemies... Very interesting."

Tempest feels chafed...she prefers attack to defense...but as long as she gets to fight something...she's....happy?

CatsCradle snorts. "What, how do they keep managing to follow us? Do they have a bug in our radio system, or something?"

The underwater group of Autobots swims closer to Sub-Atlantica.

Chasm remarks, "Best guess - sky-spy. Our energy output has shot through the roof recently. We've been a bit carried away in preparation for the invasion."

CatsCradle points to the human swimming along. "We take that one, the Autobots won't come any closer."

Starscream says, "Then lets go get him'"

Megatron looks at Soundwave. "You figure out how we can make this city raise again. I want the plans ready soon." He looks at the screen. "However, I think we do have other priorities at the moment.

Chasm sinks his claws into Soundwave's ankle. "Perhaps I should stay here and keep an optic on the operation."

CatsCradle blinks, unused to Starscream agreeing with her, and twice in the last few minutes.

Starscream looks to Megatron. "Allow me to lead the attack while you stay and ....entertain...our allies

Megatron chuckles. "I leave you the first wave of attack, Starscream. But I will not miss to watch the battle

Undersea Trench

        The gash splitting the sea floor is deep and very dark, shadowed from even the wan light that filters down from the surface; your optic sensors alone are not enough to light this area. The sea floor beneath your feet is a thick sucking muck. Almost anything could be lurking in the caves that run through the walls of the crevasse like warrens.

The Autobots can be seen swimming towards the city.

Soundwave nods to Megatron, and says to Chasm as he drags the little dragon along, "There are not many. I am certain you can observe in safety."

Tempest looks forward for a sight of her prey and finds it...the optics narrow.

Starscream orders, " Decepticons go for the human

Bumblebee says, "Uh oh! Decepticons!"

CatsCradle says quickly, "if we all go for the human at once, the 'bots will figure out the tactic. Keep them distracted and I'll try to catch the human.

Starscream smirks, "Very good Autodummy...

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Soundwave ejects Rumble, who's also eager to fight, while he himself stays back and prepares to enter the fray as backup if necessary.

Brawn replies, "What, you're surprised Bumblebee? Megatron's always behind everything."

Tempest nods once to Starscream...she's not picky about what she kills....and positions herself to strike.

Megatron stays out of the sight, yet, watching.

Rumble leaps out of Soundwave's tape compartment.

Starscream says, "very well CC...just make sure you get him"

Wheeljack says, "I knew there was something fishy about an underwater city!"

Spike says, "Who are those little green guys? Monsters from the black lagoon? Atlanteans?"

Rumble transforms into his Robot mode.

Rumble darts forward. "Let's shake, rattle and quake!"

Starscream heads in and fires at Wheeljack

Soundwave stays with Megatron, considering all he's learned about the city of Sub-Atlantica in the last few days.

Trailbreaker says in a worried voice, "Hate to be an alarmist guys, but we're outnumbered!"

Rumble chuckles, "Outnumbered? That's too bad..." and sends a tremor rolling towards Trailbreaker!

Brawn shouts, "Spike get out the way! Fighting retreat! We have to let Prime know about this latest Decepticon plan!"

Pleased with the shot on WJ he turns and aims for Trailbreaker.

Spike dives behind Bumbleebee.

CatsCradle drifts away from the other Decepticons, her dark colors melting into the darkness of the water. The general murky depths hide even the glow of her optics. As the fighting breaks out, she slips in closer, then as Spike begins to swim away, she darts out from a reef to catch him.

Rumble laughs as his earthquake sends Trailbreaker down hard!

Trailbreaker stumbles backwards, the ocean staving off the worst of the quake effects. "That hurt..." he grunts, and thrusts up a forcefield.

Starscream turns and decides Brawn will be his next target. Speeding up he lines the pesky munchin bot in his sites and fires.

Brawn finds one of the Sub-Atlantican's trident-shaped weapons, and flings it at Starscream like a javelin.

Tempest lunges for Spike,but Bumblebee gets in her way....

Megatron watches the fight and - even more important - the reaction of their "allies".

The Sub-Atlantics seem to revel in the battle. Their formations are fast and efficient, and their shots easily repel the Autobots.

Starscream dodges the thrown fish weapon with ease and aggressively turns back toward Brawn, "Let try this again shall we Autobot?" he fires again

The trident just barely misses the onrushing Starscream's wing.

Wheeljack transforms into his  mode.

Tempest snarls, since she missed her target, but having Bumblebee to beat on makes it worthwhile...she uses fists, not blades, she wants this to hurt.

Brawn is thrown off his feet and goes sailing backward through the water as Starscream's blast impacted.

Using their tactics, the Sub-Atlanticans are working on herding the Autobots back towards an unstable cliff.

Starscream closes in for another shot on brawn

Rumble pulls out his laser and snipes at the Autobots, alongside the sub-atlanticans.

Trailbreaker, with is forcefield up and despite his damage, lunges toward CatsCradle as she tries to capture Spike.

Megatron follows the Sub-Atlanticans. inconspicuously

The battle is not going well for the Autobots. "Hellpp!" Spike wails, trying to dodge between CatsCradle and Tempest.

Wheeljack looks up! "Spike," he shouts and starts diving directly towards Tempest.

CatsCradle neatly scoops Spike up and dodges out of Trailbreaker's way, then vanishes back into the murky gloom of the waters, taking her prize with her.

Tempest looks up from Bumblebee, seeing a new target, and leaps to meet him, tackling them both into a coral reef.

Wildrider Bursts out of the Fishes base and drives along the ocean bed!!..AUTOBOTS!!..WOO HOO!!

Tempest struggles with Wheeljack...the quarters too close to bring guns into play....

Trailbreaker groans, "It's that crazy Stunticon again!" He fires off a rocket towards the new aggressor.

Trailbreaker cheers, "That's one Decepticon down!"

Wildrider says, "GAH!..You Autobot pace car!!!"..Swerves and does a 180 facing Trailbreaker and REVS!!"

Bumblebee says, "Yeah, and only a few dozen to go. We gotta get outta here!"

CatsCradle makes her way around the outskirts of the battle, then the amethyst of her optics comes into view near Megatron and she drifts out of the darkness with Spike scooped in her hand. She holds him up. "Do you want to tell them we have this?" she asks Megatron.

Wheeljack tries in vain to throw off Tempest. "Gotta rescue... Spike...!"

Megatron pleasantly realizes that his Decepticons can deal with the little problem without his help.

Wildrider hits the gas and speeds towards him!

Trailbreaker easily swerves to one side, "Missed me!" he jeers after Wildrider.

Tempest and Wheeljack trade blows...the yellow seeker is awfully tough, as Wheeljack is bigger than he is and lands a few....but she sinks her clawed fingers into him and won't release him, trying to get one of her longblades under his defenses.

Wildrider slams into a bolder smashing it and swerves around..."Ok...Now Iím MAD!!!!!"

Trailbreaker laughs, "I hope it makes you fight better!"

Brawn swoops out of nowhere and snatches Spike from Cats' hand. "Thanks a lot miss kitty!" Fires at Megatron, covering his retreat.

Trailbreaker laughs again, "Crazy 'con!" He calls over to Bumbleebee and Brawn, "We gotta get out of here!"

Wheeljack shouts, "Guys! Retreat! That's an order! I'll rescue Spike and meet up with you later on!"

Brawn says, "Right behind ya Trailbreaker!" He transforms and starts driving away, looking odd on the ocean floor.

Megatron fires at Brawn out of reflex.

Wildrider uses the inertia and digs into the seabed to stop him..."GGgrrr!..Blasted water..I cant get enough speed!"

Wildrider takes out his scatter gun

Tempest smacks Wheeljack right across the faceplate as his attention is distracted. She takes one of her blades and spears it through his shoulder, pinning him to the reef. She aims the other one for his fuel pump....

Bumblebee shouts, "Nooo!"

Brawn tumbles away by the sheer force of Megatron's shot!

Megatron says, "Foolish heap of scrap!"

CatsCradle snarls as Brawn whisks Spike away, then darts forward as the Autobot is hit by Megatron's shot. She dives after Spike like a cat after a mouse. "Come back here!"

Rumble cheers! "An' don't come back you Autobot junkpiles!"

Trailbreaker swims down and collects Brawn, advancing the Autobot retreat. "Stupid Stunticon! You couldn't even hit Devastator if you were right in front of him!"

Wildrider says, "GGrrr!!..Ill make ya eat that you oversized junker!!"

Starscream regards the human in CCs hands and is glad his organic nemesis is just a chicken

Trailbreaker swims away, cradling Brawn in his arms, "This is one party that's gone sour!"

Wildrider says, "HA!!"

Wheeljack holds his arms. "I surrender. Just don't hurt Spike."

Tempest Snarls, "I don't care if you surrender," bringing the sword back like a javelin....

Spike gasps, "No! Get away, Wheeljack!"

The battle ends, with Wheeljack surrendering, the Autobots retreating, and CatsCradle clutching Spike!

Wheeljack pleads, "Let Spike go! I'm more valuable than him - and his oxygen might run out soon. Those humans aren't very sturdy." He tries to shift away from the sword piercing him.

King Nergill emerges from Sub-Atlantica.

CatsCradle swims back to Megatron, Spike dangling from her fingers by his air tank, as a subtle reminder that she could easily pop his air supply. She is not as gentle with him as she was before.

King Nergill floats up next to Megatron, "If you please, I would like to keep the Autobot prisoner."

Starscream floats in front of Spike, " Human....what do you know about chickens?"

Tempest smacks Wheeljack again, growling, "Shut up and think about this," and waves the sword in front of him. "In two seconds this will gut out your fuel pump..."

King Nergill smirks, "As a token of our alliance, shall we say?"

Wildrider puts his weapon away

Spike babbles, "Uh Chickens? They're good fried? Scrambled eggs?"

CatsCradle shakes him gently. "Wrong answer."

Starscreamís optics grow wide, " you eat them? Oh you are so disgusting!!! " the gray drains from his face a bit

Spike adds, "Lots of other stuff tastes like it."

Megatron watches the Autobots disappear. He nods to Cats - a nice captive. Prime will be careful.

CatsCradle holds Spike up to Megatron. "Look what I caught. Can I keep him?"

King Nergill's soldiers swim in to escort Wheeljack away to the lower holding blocks.

Starscream says, "Well see if you had given me the right answer you might have lived....but you just showed how horrible you you wonít live if I have anything to say about it.""

Megatron looks at Nergill. "Agreed," he responds. Then he looks at Cats, repeating with a grin: "Agreed."

King Nergill burbles a strange, high-pitched message to his soldiers.

Wheeljack is escorted away into Sub-Atlantica.

Soundwave has been working on that telepathically scrambled code. Once again he tilts his head and listens.

Megatron looks back at Nergill. "What was that for a communication.

Tempest seems pretty ready to kill her captive right there...and isn't paying attention to anything else.

CatsCradle grins down at Spike. "I'd rather have one that isn't an Autobot ally, but I'll build him a nice home and call him George." She was watching Looney Tunes earlier that day.

The Sub-Atlanticans wait patiently for Tempest to release Wheeljack into their custody.

Starscream looks to CC, " NO you cant keep him...he eats chickens.."
King Nergill frowns, "Megatron, it seems your warrior is not releasing my captive!"

Tempest looks at Megatron. Does she /have/ to let Wheeljack go? She hisses at Nergill's soldiers, warning them, this is my prize....

Nightbird swims over and puts a hand on Tempest's shoulder. "Megatron wants him alive."

CatsCradle looks at Starscream with wide optics. "But Megatron said I could..."

Tempest growls at Nightbird, but reluctantly steps back, grabs her second blade and wrenches it out of Wheeljack's shoulders, her optics flashing her unhappiness.

Megatron says, "Tempest, hand Wheeljack over to Nergill. You will have another prize"

Wildrider says, "Why not just let me run over the Human...""

Tempest nods stiffly to Megatron, stepping back, her restless energy increasing as she paces around, as if still....hungry.

Starscream does not answer CC as he catches Soundwaveís sudden attention to something other then whatís in front of them now.

Spike ducks in CatsCradle's hands. "You better not hurt Wheeljack!" he shouts.

Ruse eventually rejoins the others, melting out of the ocean darkness as if she had been with them the whole time.

Wheeljack holds his shoulder, and groans.

CatsCradle whisks Spike out of Wildrider's reach. "No! He's mine." She does a little happydance. "You'll like living with me. I have fish and a cyberdog, too. Or will, once the dog's fixed. Ruse kinda self-destructed him by accident..."

Starscream walks over to Soundwave, " Waht it is Soundwave? Have you deciphered their language perhaps?"

The Sub-Atlanticans swim in and escort Wheeljack away into the city. Wheeljack calls out: "Don't worry, Spike! Everything will be fine!" Then he vanishes beneath the city...

Spike mutters, "Prisoner of the Decepticons! Oh no!"

Wildrider folds his arms.."Yer no fun Kitty cat.."..pouts

CatsCradle pats Spike's head with the pad of one finger. "Nonono... /pet/ of the Decepticons..."

King Nergill goes back inside the city to prepare for the invasion!

Megatron looks at the city. "We have work to do, Decepticons." He heads back. "Soundwave, I need your analysis about its capabilities. We are going to make Sub-Atlantica raise.

Wildrider shakes his head...

Tempest looks with interest at Spike and then scowls. "There's nothing edible on him..."

Spike growls, "I'm no one's pet!"

Soundwave has indeed finally cracked the code. In answer to Starscream's question, he plays back the message in Nergill's voice - the words recognizable now, rather than the high-pitched garbling: "Escort the Autobot prisoner to our testing facility. There we shall develop weapons against the Autobots... and against our Decepticon allies!"

Tempest's optics gleam nastily. "I could end that quite quickly," and that sword is back out...

Megatron enters Sub-Atlantica.

Rumble looks up at Soundwave. "Against /us?/" He scowls. "That lousy fish!"

Starscream I knew it." thereís his proof he was right and evidence that Megatron underestimated these allies....

Ruse pads over to Soundwave and reports, "Sir... I found out they plan to build a huge interplanetary star craft once done with this world." Clearly they are still out for conquest...

Soundwave says, "Did you really presume, Starscream, that Megatron would let his guard down so easily?""

Soundwave says, "However, we yet have use of these beings. If what you say is true, Ruse, we can use those engines to levitate the city as Megatron demands.""

Soundwave says, "For now, I suspect we will continue to play along."

Starscream says, "He should have thought of all possibilities but he didnít and now we have enemies with out use against us for starters"

CatsCradle looks up from her new pet, frowning. She relaxes a little at Soundwave's reassurance, and her optics glow in approval as she takes in Ruse's new form.

Chasm worries, "This could get dangerous!"

Soundwave gives the pet a somewhat doubtful look, this one being one of the Autobots' pets and not to be trusted within the Decepticon base. But he will let Megatron break that to CatsCradle later. For now, h he has work to do. "Many things can get dangerous, Chasm. That is the nature of existence."

Soundwave returns to the city.


Sub-Atlantica is a complex, tiered city. Her power generators are located on the lower levels, while the royal chambers are found at the city's centre. The entire structure is rich with energy - life support engines constantly thrum, turbines spin away and lights continually blaze.

Rumble says to Catscradle, "The Autobots will keep bugging us until we give them their pet back."

Spike complains, "My oxygen runs out soon."

Megatron is already busy over the technical plans to increase the city's ability for storing energy.

Ruse follows, and reminds Cats also in a teasing manner, "Humans make waste. Are you sure you want to clean up after it? Feed it?"

Wildrider says, "And they are annoying too...."

Soundwave goes to join Megatron. "If this city was once a starship, it can be so again. The engines can be repaired and modified to allow the entire structure to surface."

Starscream notices everyone seems not interested in what Soundwave played back from Nergill. So what they are to play along with this...he wants to know what else they are up to.......and what they want with Wheeljack. He slips away and starts looking for where they put WJ

[Tempest paces restlessly, flashing glances at Spike, the fish-people, blank walls...whatever's gotten into her, her bloodlust is stronger than usual.

CatsCradle nods. "I know. But right now, it's keeping them away." She frowns a little. "I'm already taking care of my fish, Ruse, and do that rather well." She shakes her head. "I really wish he wasn't an Autobot ally, though. And I'm not sure what to do about the oxygen thing."

Megatron says, "The problem is indeed the energy supply of the engines. However, we can replace them by some of our starship technologies."

Soon, the invasion plans are complete! Sub-Atlantica rises from the ocean like a leviathan, its troops primed to destroy and occupy the impressive human city! The human is imprisoned inside a specially prepared oxygen bubble, much to the amusement of his Decepticon captors. Starscream continues to skulk in the depths of the city, hungering after its secrets...

CatsCradle lays on her tummy, watching her pet, looking the world like a kid with a new hamster.

Wildrider looks at Cats..."Must ya do that with that ...Human?"

Spike howls and thumps on the walls of his oxygen bubble.

CatsCradle rests her chin on her hands on the floor in front of her. "I'm not doing anything with him. I'm just watching."

Megatron stands on the "bridge", watching the spectacle. He has a target in mind. "Onward to Washington DC. The first step of our conquest of the world!

Meanwhile, the great city breaks the waves! Soon, it rolls into Washington harbour. Humans run screaming in all directions.

Rumble laughs! "This is better than those Godzilla movies!"

King Nergill laughs, "My troops are ready to invade, Megatron!"

King Nergill says, "Once we have sent in our ground troops, we shall secure the city with our forcefield generator!"

CatsCradle taps the side of the oxygen bubble. "I can get you a wheel, George. And all sorts of little furniture and toys."

Ruse sits on her hindlegs beside Megatron. She watches the huge cityship surf over the water and comments to Rumble, "This reminds me of our Skyplatform... we had a human captive then as well."
On the screen, the invasion appears to progressing smoothly. The Sub-Atlantican ground forces are easily defeating the humans with their superior firepower!

CatsCradle continues, "And every so often, you can threaten to eat Starscream's chicken." Spike-George looks at her as if she is insane and goes to sulk at the far end of the bubble.

Chasm wonders about marketing humans in their little bubbles... "The organic pet!"

Wildrider looks at Chasm.."I donít like Humans..Just runnin over em in their cars..hehaHAHAAA!!"

CatsCradle glares at Wildrider. "Don't worry, George," she says soothingly. "I won't let the mean ol' Stunticon run over you."

Ruse looks back, "I wonder if humans have self destruct codes..."

CatsCradle looks at Spike-George in sudden concern. "You don't have self-destruct codes, do you?" Spike-George makes a face at her, and she scolds him. "Now, that's not very nice, is it? I got you oxygen and I keep you safe..."

Megatron says, "Decepticons, to the air! We have to take over a capital!"

Washington D.C.

     Washington D.C. is a well-populated human city, though it lacks much of the high-rise construction and stark ugliness of many other major cities. Although there is a great deal of traffic, both from the residents and from the constant influx of tourists, it has an excellent metro system which allows for efficient travel. As the seat of government of one of the planet's superpowers, it is filled with the ostentatious dwellings and office buildings from which the country is ruled. It is also full of important human historical buildings and records of the past, such as the Washington Monument and statues of famous presidents.

The Sub-Atlanticans are rushing everywhere, easily putting down the pockets of human resistance.

Ruse transforms and leaps upwards after them..

CatsCradle glances back at the ship, worried about her pet. "Well, that's probably the safest place for him

Rumble delights in all the chaos! "Soundwave, this is great!"

Chasm sighs at the chaos.

Soundwave flies along with the others, firing at some of the nearby buildings to help run off the residents.

Tempest transforms into her CF-18 Hornet Jet mode.

Wildrider transforms into his Gray Racecar mode.

Megatron leads his Decepticons into the city. They will make way for the ally troops from the airspace.

A sub-Atlantican commander complains, "These humans make unwilling slaves! They have forgotten our old empire, when we ruled the Earth!"

Tempest strafes the city, firing, but her shots are aimed more closely than Soundwave's...fortunately for most of the humans below, most of them are lucky enough to survive her lousy aim.

Soundwave says to Chasm, "Word has it you cannot negotiate with the inhabitants of this city, in any case." He fires a few more blasts of plasma.

CatsCradle perches on top of a convenient house and simply watches. There will be enough time for her to join in when the Autobots join, and she might as well save her energy. Shooting down humans just seems like a waste of it.

Wildrider revs and races along the roads "Iv always wanted to take out a few monuments!.hehHAHHA!"

Ruse chuckles and flies down, transforming into her fox form. She chases down the streets, pouncing onto and crushing cars, and generally reveling in the chaos! Some habits, just die hard... oh well at least its frightening the humans away.

Rumble tries to keep up with Ruse, who is now much larger than he is...

Wildrider smashes a few cars out of his way following the others!

CatsCradle suddenly jumps off the house and pops the roof off, sorting through for things to take back for Spike-George.

Megatron watches for the forcefield generator which should be brought to Washington by now. The Autobots will arrive sooner or later and he wants to be prepared...

Several of the Sub-Atlanticans are setting up a generator in a cleared section of the street.
Tempest's fury seems a bit mollified by her ability to wreck things...though the targets are almost too easy.

Wildrider slams on his breaks looking at the Washington monument.."Ooo..That would blow up real goooooddd"

Megatron lands beside the generator. "Cover the city with the dome of invulnerability!" he demands from the soldier.

Ruse stops in her rampage long enough to lay down and offer Rumble a ride on her back, "Come on... lets hop your shooting skills have improved while riding..."

Soundwave has blasted several buildings and scattered the human population fairly effectively, so he lands next to Megatron near the forcefield generator. The Sub-Atlanticans are done setting up, and now wait around for word to proceed.

One Sub-Atlantican looks at Megatron defiantly and says, "I take orders *only* from King Nergill."

Megatron looks down at the little creature. "He is not here, but /I/ am. Obey me!"

CatsCradle makes her way through the streets to Megatron and Soundwave, tucking a table and set of chairs away into subspace. She perches on another nearby building on the outskirts of the cleared area and waits.

The Sub-Atlantican stands his ground for a moment longer, but a glance at Megatron's fusion cannon seems to finally convince him. "As you command," he grumbles reluctantly, and activates the generator.

Rumble jumps onto Ruse and hangs on tight with his left hand, his laser in his right!

Megatron laughs. "Washington DC is mine!

Wildrider transforms into his robot mode.

Tempest grins coldly, "What's left of it..."

Tempest transforms into her Robot mode.

A bright lance of light shoots upward and almost immediately spreads out to form a glowing, translucent "dome" around the entire city, cutting off roads and waterways in mid-path.

Wildrider looks over at the others.

Chasm flaps back (he was surveying the battle and managing it from high overhead) lands on Soundwave's shoulder in an alarmed fashion. "There are Autobots inside the forcefield! They're coming up from underground!"

From outside the dome, the familiar sound of Autobot engines can be heard. Prime rolls into view and transforms, shouting, "It's not yours if I can help it, Megatron!"

Rumble laughs. "IF is right!"

Wildrider listens.."Hey..Engines..And not human cars.."

Tempest actually grins at Chasm's news...finally, a /challenging/ fight.

Wildrider says, "woo hoohehHAHA..Autobots!""

Megatron jerks around. "Blast him to minimicron!" His cannon is ready...

Hound, Ironhide, and Prowl transform as well, and start firing. Prowl calls to his companions, "Watch your aim, guys! We don't want to blow away any history!"

Wildrider grabs his Scatter gun..."All Right!"

Rumble taunts, "Wanna BE history?" and fires at Prowl.

Soundwave ejects Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, who soar upward and then level out to strafe the Autobots.

Megatron fires at the incoming enemy.

Hound fires a blast at Laserbeak, catching him in the wing and sending the cassette bird crashing downward. "And now Laserbeak is history too!" he calls gleefully.

Chasm circles around forlornly. "This looks dangerous."

Wildrider says, "hehHAHHA!"

Wildrider transforms into his Gray Racecar mode.

Wildrider REVS Hard and blasts towards Hound!

Chasm wonders whether he should retrieve Laserbeak but decides against it. "I might get even more badly injured..."

Soundwave's optic band flickers a little as he senses the pain through his link with Laserbeak, and retaliates with a blast of plasma toward Hound - but ceases as Wildrider gets right into his line of fire.

Ruse meanwhile, sneaks behind the offguard prowl. She braces herself then lets out a burst of green flame from her muzzle as she yells out! "Grraaah leave them alone and pick on someone your own size!"

Rumble says, "Hey, that's MY BROTHER you were shooting at!" and directs his sniping at Hound. "Watch it, ya crazy Stunticon!"

Laserbeak recovers and soars back toward Soundwave, his wing trailing smoke. With a screech, he transforms and slips back inside Soundwave's tape compartment.

CatsCradle takes off and lands next to Megatron. "We still have the human, if the Autobots value him more than this city."

Tempest snarls, and launches into the fray!

Wildrider says, "I ainít crazy..IM MAD...ehHAHAHA!!.."..Heads straight for water to keep down his speed this time!"

Prime fires at Megatron, trying to drive the Decepticon leader back.

Megatron got hit by Prime's blast and stumbles back. Nevertheless he returns the fire.

Hound takes the full impact of Wildrider's ram attack, crashing into one of the buildings behind him so hard the wall shatters and rains down bricks and masonry. Brawn meanwhile takes aim at Tempest.

CatsCradle darts back out of the way of Prime's blast, leaping into the air. She pops both wrist lasers and fires down on Prime.

However, Megatron has no luck, just hitting a building behind the Autobotleader.

A small troop of Sub-Atlanticans arrive behind the Decepticon forces. "Allow me to demonstrate my new weapon!" King Nergill says pleasantly, holding up a small cannon. "The electromagnetic dysfunctioner!"

Wildrider cackles madly and throws it in reverse backing away from the downed Autobot Jeep..."Howís that Ferro making an impact!..hehHAAA!

Megatron says, "Don't just talk, Nergill!"

King Nergill raises his weapon and plays it over the nearest Autobot! Immediately, the enemy is immobilized by a net of crackling yellow energy.

Tempest flies head on at Brawn, guns sending out a spray of fire!

Prime seems almost startled to be blasted from an unexpected angle, his attention having been on Megatron. He turns toward the source, a smoking scorch mark in his shoulder armor.

Tempest's shots, as usual, go /way/ wide...but if she gets into sword range...

Nergill laughs. "All the Autobots will fall before me.. *ahem* before us!" He keeps firing the dysfunctioner, and starts to freeze all of the Autobots in sight!

Megatron smirks. "Pompous Subatlantians may be good for something after all..."

Wildrider turns his wheels and revs looking for another target to ram into..

CatsCradle gives Prime a cheerful wave and fires down on him again, darting from one spot to another to dodge incoming shots.

Unfortunately for Wildrider, all of the targets are immobilized! Except one!

Prime crashes to the ground like the others, the crackling energy of the disfunction ray flickering all around him. Ineffectively he tries to clench a fist, but can barely budge.

Tempest scowls as Brawn suddenly freezes. What kind of fight is this? She's not sure whether to rip into Brawn, or whoever was responsible for freezing him.

Wildrider transforms into his robot mode.

Megatron watches the enemy fall. Washington belongs to them now! Maybe time to explore this famous place...

CatsCradle's shot misses as the sudden disfunction ray drops Prime. She blinks in surprise, then flies down to hover next to Megatron, leaving Prime for her leader.

Ruse watches her attack miss... then the subpeoples weapons start freezing bots. She looks around then mock pouts finding no more targets, "No fair I didn't even get to try all my weapons!"

Wildrider looks around at the Bots..

Wildrider says, "Well..This ainít no fun...""

Prime had the dumb luck as so often, to have caught only a minor glancing blast from the weapon, which soon wears off. He gathers himself, and suddenly, unexpectedly, lunges at Megatron.

King Nergill curses, trying to target both Prime and Megatron at once. "Damn it, I can't get a clear shot," he hisses. "I'll have to shoot them both."

King Nergill raises his gun if about to fire.

Starscream scrambles out of the building he was in and desperately searches for Megatron. " MEGATRON!" he TFs quickly

Starscream transforms into his Red-and-Silver F-15 mode.

Starscream quickly flies to Megatron and TFs.

Megatron struggles with Prime.

CatsCradle raises her lasers to fire at Prime, then the movement of Nergill aiming catches her sight and she hesitates for a split second, torn between targets.

Starscream says rapidly, " Megatron no its a trap the fish are against us!!

Starscream smacks OP out of the way

King Nergill is about to fire...

Wildrider looks over at the Jet...

Starscream sees the fish and pushes Megatron to the ground hard

Tempest catches the motion and hisses...lunging forward! No weapons, just trying to spook him.....

Tempest knows Megatron ordered her not to attack, but if she's right...if Megatron is threatened...

Starscream then spins and yanks the gun out of the sardines hand. Quickly he breaks it across his knee

King Nergill grins, with Megatron out of the way he can get a clear shot at Prime.. and then stares amazedly at Starscream knocks it out of his hands. "No, you fool! You'll release the energy!"

Wildrider blinks when the weapon is destroyed and looks at the bots..."uh..oh"

CatsCradle blinks at the sight of Starscream being... well, heroic... who'da thought? She quickly brings back her lasers to aim at Prime.

With the gun broken, the Autobots are released from their stasis! They attack on the Decepticons is renewed!

Soundwave didn't even have time to intervene, with Starscream leaping to the rescue as quickly as he did.

Starscream pauses and looks to the bots, "...uhm... I planned that.."

King Nergill curses, "My weapon! My weapon! Now I have no defense against these overgrown machines!"

Bumblebee targets CatsCradle, "Where's Spike?"

Megatron acks as he is smashed to the ground by his second in command. He covers his optics as the gun is destroyed. "Starscream, see what you have done, you dibbling dirtbucket!" he hisses. Oh, yes, he is obviously okay. ;)

In one corner of the area, a small Autobot commando team can be seen escorting Wheeljack out of Sub-Atlantica!

Starscream smacks the fish and picks him by the scruff of his neck, " You little sardine...." he looks to Megatron totally forgetting he shoved his leader to the ground, " Megatron....whawhat? but I....I was only....fine' he tosses Nergill to the ground and stomps toward some bots to fire at

Prime glares at Megatron, as they face each other off in front of the Washington Monument. "Your reign of tyranny ends here, Megatron!"

Tempest leaves Nergill to Starscream, who has first dibs, and she resumes her attack on Brawn!

King Nergill spits an order into his communicator, and the Sub-Atlanticans begin to fall back to towards the city.

CatsCradle is startled away from her shot at Prime by Bumblebee and fires at him instead, letting her lasers answer for her.

With the other Autobots released from their stasis, Soundwave fires on the attackers.

Ruse gahs as a laserbolt from Prowl catches her in the side, "Blast it! This is a brand new frame you fool!" She turns and leaps at him with a snarl, moving to claw him in the face!

Bumblebee easily dodges the lasers and renews his assault. "I said, where is Spike?!!" he spits.

Wildrider aims and fires a scatter shot at the incoming Autobots!

Tempest's shots, again, go wild, increasing her fury if that is possible....

CatsCradle fires again, darting from side to side to avoid Bumblebee's attacks. "If I tell you, you'll go and rescue him, and I won't have a pet anymore."

King Nergill is very battered after Starscream's assault, but with the aid of his soldiers, manages to retreat towards the city. "That's .... what I get... for allying myself with those idiots..." he thinks softly, a deranged look entering his eyes.

Starscream decides to take a shot at Prime to go with the smack he did to him a bit earlier

Rumble yells after the Sub-Atlanticans, "HEY, you rotten tunas! Get back here and fight!"

Too much Autobots to fight without endangering his troops unnecessarily. "Decepticons, clear out!" Megatron orders, taking off.

Prowl cries out as his faceplate is scratch and stumbles back firing wildly as he covers his face with a hand, "My optics units!" He fire back at Ruse but so wildly she manages to easily evade his shots...

Tempest doesn't /want/ to retreat...she bites her teeth and follows after Megatron, shooting hateful looks back over her shoulder.

Sub-Atlantica fires its engines up, preparing to move back out across the oceans.

Soundwave fires at the nearest Autobot, Ironhide, but notices the Sub-Atlanticans disappearing. As Megatron calls the withdrawal, he rises up into the air.

Wildrider says, "Hate ta Drive and dash Bots..BUT!"...takes to the air..."

Starscream gets a bit of satisfaction over the fact he hit Prime and looks around for someone else. Then he hears the order and quickly transforms

CatsCradle sees the Sub-Atlantica leaving. "Hey!" Her optics flash angrily and she whirls back to Bumblebee. "They have him!" she shouts, pointing at the Sub-Atlantica.

Megatron stops at the Washington Monument. "But before we go I'll leave a souvenir!" He damages the great obelisk dangerously.

Bumbleebee listens to a radio communiqué and then grins, "No," he corrects CatsCradle. "We have him!"

The Autobot commando team slides around the back of the Autobot ranks, carrying a wounded Wheeljack, and is that something else?

Sub-Atlantica starts to move out to sea..

Ruse looks to Megatron, then bahs transforming quickly she takes a final parting shot at the bots with a simple laserbolt before leaping to the air! "Next time Prowl.. next time!" Well she is going to need repairs after battle even in this frame.. darn it.

Soundwave flies toward Sub-Atlantica, leaving the battered city and the rather battered Autobots behind.

Optimus Prime shouts, "Autobots! We have to save the Washington monument!" With a might effort, he catches the spire before it falls and shatters on the ground!.

CatsCradle's optics go wide, then blaze with amethyst rage as she sees the Autobots carrying the oxygen bubble. "But... But..." She lapses into wordless anger and fires on Bumblebee.

The Autobots begin to repair the monument...

Bumblebee staggers back at CatsCradle's shot.."Uh!" And then the entire Autobot army stares at the lone Decepticon...

CatsCradle squeaks and flees.


Sub-Atlantica is a complex, tiered city. Her power generators are located on the lower levels, while the royal chambers are found at the city's centre. The entire structure is rich with energy - life support engines constantly thrum, turbines spin away and lights continually blaze.

As the city floats into the ocean, Nergill looks rather despondent. "So close!" he hissed. "Megatron! I would you like you to respond to a charge of treachery!"

Starscream brings his left laser cannon to bear on the trout, " I think you are the one to answer for treachery..."

CatsCradle steps forward, her optics still blaring. "Yeah! And for ... for the Non-Protection of Pets." She suddenly realizes she is agreeing with Starscream again and falters.

King Nergill bristles, "If you had not spoiled my shot, and damaged the capacitor field, the Autobots would have been history by now. You betrayed us!"

Tempest hisses,

Soundwave states inflectionlessly, "It was your intent all along to work against us, was it not? After you had no further use for our assistance?"

Wildrider narrows an optics.."Seems at me the Fish tried ta shoot the boss as well as the Bot.."

Ruse follows the leader... and lands with the rest of the Decepticons. She scoffs and glares down at the organic raising her rifle along after Starscream does as a show of force.

Starscream replies coldly, " But you shot me with that same weapons Mr. sardine and I overheard you planning on using it against us all. Soundwave can read my mind and know I speak truth."

Tempest says, "Who betrayed who?" her optics flashing. As usual, fixing for a fight...and at Soundwave's words her control slips even more...a razor's edge between stillness and unbridled fury.

Megatron faces the king. "Well, Nergill? What is your answer to this charge?

Starscream continues, " We also have several conversations you have had taped and deciphered....whoís the traitor now?"

King Nergill folds his arms, "Bah! Mere precautions should you turn on me! Which you have."

Tempest, optics glowing, looks to Megatron for permission to attack...

Starscream looks to Soundwave, " Soundwave replay what he told his general shortly after we came in contact with them."

King Nergill shakes his head, "I can see no point in further alliance with you... 'Decepticons'. Decepticon is in your name, after all!"

CatsCradle looks at Starscream. "Maybe I should replace my pet with him." She points at the king. "I could keep him in my tank with my other fish."

Starscream glances to her, " they donít eat chicken do they?"

CatsCradle adds at the same moment, "After all, /he/ doesn't eat chickens."

Chasm mutters, "If only you'd developed an economy."

Rumble says, "Then why don't we rock YOU insteada the Autobots?!"

Ruse remains silent, letting the commanders decide the fate of the subpeople. She merely keeps her rifle leveled casually towards the King...

Wildrider grins ready to rev if need be

King Nergill rubs at the wound on the side of his head. Green blood spills everywhere, and a fanatical look glints his eyes. "Traitors!" he hisses. "No matter... If I cannot conquer the world, neither shall you! Hmamahahahaaa!" He presses a button on the arm of his throne and then the seat drops, carrying him out of sight.

Megatron narrows his optics. "Maybe you should ready your fish tank, CatsCradle..." he proposes with a dangerous undertone in his voice, watching the king.

Megatron says, "Rumble, follow him!"

Wildrider says, "HEY!..The Fish just skipped out!"

There is an empty shaft where the throne used to be... Too big for a normal sized Transformer to follow!

CatsCradle rocks on her heels, grinning at Nergill, then as the throne starts to drop, she jumps forward. "Hey!"

Chasm hides behind Soundwave's shoulder.

Rumble darts forward....

Rumble disappears down the hole, in hot pursuit.

Soundwave replays the message he deciphered earlier, but in the din it isn't too distinct. There's clearly a word or two heard about using the captured Autobot to develop a weapon against the Autobots as well as the Sub-Atlanticans' Decepticon allies, however.

Megatron says, "Get me that oversized sardine!"

Soundwave says, "Assist your brother, Chasm."

Down in the hole, Rumble can see Nergill climbing up a huge stack of energon. "Now, I shall detonate all of the stockpiles!" He removes an object from his belt and starts to prime it, dropping it into the energon shaft.

Chasm reluctantly slides down the hall, following Rumble.

Tempest Gives a truly icy smile to the other sub-atlanticans, and slowly unhooks her blades.

Megatron says, "Soundwave, connect to their computer. Load down as much information about the Sub-Atlanticans as you can."

The Sub-Atlanticans seem mystified at the bizarre behaviour of their king and are staring around at each and at the Decepticons uneasily.

Rumble yells, "GEEZ, he's gonna blow the whole place sky high!" He pulls out his laser, trying to shoot the item before it can hit the shaft...

Megatron says, "I think our alliance just ended."

Tempest says sweetly, "Is that a permission to fire then?

Starscream looks to Megatron, " You think?"

Soundwave hurriedly taps into the computer system, drawing as much information as he can - searching in particular for the design of the former ship.

Chasm screams, "Not in here, Rumble! The slightest energy disturbance could trigger these highly volatile stockpiles to blow!"

Rumble stops before he squeezes the trigger. "Um....uhoh....It's gonna blow anyway!"

An alien shakes his head, "We must have faith in our king!" They aim at the Decepticons, "Away from our master computer!"

CatsCradle peers down in the hole after the throne and hears the voices. "I think we should leave now," she says.

Nergill laughs and drops his detonator down the energon shaft. "Hahaha-ahahhahahaha!"

Starscream aims at the fish, "You wish." he charges up his lasers and gets ready to fire

Chasm remarks, "He doesn't sound too healthy."

CatsCradle backs away from the hole. "We definitely should leave now."

A huge explosion erupts from the energon well.

Rumble looks at Chasm and says, "RUN!"

Coils of smoke coil up the shaft where Chasm and Rumble descended...

Soundwave pulls away from the computer, having stayed linked until the last possible second.

Chasm wails, "You don't have to tell me!"

Megatron just wipes the fish-men away. He looks up as he hears the explosion. "What was that?"

Ruse rushes over to the hole in the floor and clenches her fist shouting down as she hears the explosion, "RUMBLE!"

CatsCradle leaps into the air. "Now now now now NOW!"

Starscream gets concerned and answer to megaton quickly, "A RETREAT"

Wildrider feels the floor shake!!.."It wasnít me!"

The command chamber shivers and cracks. Plumes of fire erupt from the computer banks!

Starscream heads out

Megatron says, "Decepticons, move out!"

Wildrider transforms into his Gray Racecar mode.

Rumble leaps up out of the shaft and almost smacks into Ruse.

Starscreamís already way ahead

Soundwave waits for his tapes to catch up to him, then hurries for the exit.

Wildrider REVS!! and heads out towards the exit!

Decepticon X follows close behind the others.

Megatron says, "Ruse, quickly now!"

Chasm mutters, "No one yelled out 'CHASM!'..." Sniff.

Tempest is ready to rip into some fish-folk when she hears the rumbles...slowly, self-preservation makes headway against her fighting fury, and with a spitting of a curse she flees.

Megatron takes off.

Chasm flaps up out of the shaft, just as it explodes behind him!

Megatron says, "Tempest, hurry!"

Rumble grabs at Ruse and yells, "Let's book!" As if he could pull the much bigger female with him.

Tempest transforms into her CF-18 Hornet Jet mode.

Tempest blasts off after the others.

CatsCradle transforms in midair and streaks out

Sub-Altantica begins to explode and then to sink beneath the waves!

Ruse tries to grab Chasm by the tail as he flies up and grumbles yanking him along if she can, "Oh hush you!" she follows after Rumble..

Chasm wails, "Not by the tail..."

Starscream way ahead of everyone as usual....he fast and has the highest sense of self preservation

Engine Room

        Once one of the most important areas of the ship, the engine room now serves only to house most of the control systems, the conning tower to the surface, and the central computer. A large console provides access to the main computer and detailed information about its operational status. The main engines still remain in place, but most of the peripheral machinery and materials were removed once it was determined the ship would never fly again. Consequently, most of the adjacent rooms are empty, awaiting future expansion.

CatsCradle shakes her head mournfully. "And I didn't even get one of the fishies as a pet..." Then she stops, eyeing Chasm thoughtfully...

Chasm is sitting sulkily the corner, holding his tail. "No one is going to drag me ever again!" he fumes.

Starscream glances at his paintjob, " Man this looks awful."

Ruse remarks to Chasm with a slight grin, "First your mad I didn't care, now your angry over it? Make up your mind!"

Megatron enters Training Complex

CatsCradle grins evilly for a second, then coos over Chasm. "Aww... poor widdle dragon..." She hands out a energon snack. "Wouldn't you like a nice new home...?"

Chasm glares at CatsCradle, trying to decide between his hatred of being patronized, or that enticing snack.

CatsCradle chuckles and leaves the snackie for Chasm and leaves.

Command Center

        This circular room was formerly the bridge when the base was a viable spaceship. Now used as the Command Center, it is dominated by the large central viewing screen. The screen is linked to the main computer system, and can display anything from energon production reports to tactical updates to topside weather information. The various other bridge control stations have been converted to monitor and control the various mechanisms and activities of the base. They curve around the room from the door to the central viewscreen.

CatsCradle mopes in and perches mournfully on her console.

Starscream walks in and over to his station. He sits down and slowly begins to type in some preliminary reports for the records.

Starscream glances over to her, " What is wrong with you?"

CatsCradle shrugs. "It's ok, really. I can find another pet. One that likes me better than Autobots."

Starscream hears a peeping and looks down to see the yellow ball of fuzz running to him. Heís kind of glad to see it but he wont admit it

Megatron hands Starscream his little chicken.

CatsCradle stares at the chick with wide optics. "Did it just say what I think it just said?"

Megatron watches Starscream from the corner of his eye. Is this a slight smile on his lips?

Starscream nods, "fascinating isnít it?"

Baby Chick blinks..."peepscream"

CatsCradle grins. "I wonder if I can teach it something." She leans over to the fluffball and points at Starscream. "Mama..... Ma... ma...."

Baby Chick Tilts its head at Cats..."Peep peep...mommyscream...peep"

CatsCradle beams at Starscream. "There."

Starscream gets a pained look on his face, " Just wait Cats.....just wait.."

Megatron shakes his head and turns to the computer.

Baby Chick pecks at SS hand since heís hungry...

Starscream looks down at it and realizes it needs to be recharged.

CatsCradle gives the chick a sympathetic look. "Sorry little fluffer. Energon snacks I carry. I draw the line at worms."

Starscream suddenly looks to Cats, "You can go out to something called a feed store and get a bag of what it does eat for me though. I am running low on its food item."

CatsCradle looks at Starscream with something akin to amazement. "You want me to get food for your chicken?"

Starscream nods slyly, "Yes and while youíre  at it you can get a human for your that knows chickens but wont eat this one."

Baby Chick continues to peck at Ss hands.."peepscream"

CatsCradle blinks. "Let me rephrase that. You /trust/ me to get food for your chicken?"

Megatron gets up. "You two clear that." He heads for the door.

Baby Chick looks up at his mommy.."Peepscream"

Starscream looks at her, " Why wouldnít I?"

Baby Chick looks at its reflection in the metal of Starscreamís hand..and seems fascinated by its mommy like Chick isnít it?

CatsCradle hesitates, still looking uncertain. "Oh, well... nevermind, I guess." She looks at the fluffball again, tilting her head with curiosity. "I know where there are some farms. They'd probably have food, wouldn't they?"

Starscream nods, " yes this creature came from one of those farm places

Baby Chick Peeps looking up at Cats...

Starscream sees Peepers fascinated by its reflection and smirks,

CatsCradle melts and gives a little sigh. "All right. I'll be back in a little bit. It's not too far from here."

Baby Chick then looks back at its reflection..."Peep peep..peepscream"

Slasher walks in quietly with Hex and eyes the Chick then shakes his head and moves over to a terminal and sits down.

CatsCradle corrects, "No, fluffball... Mama... mama..." Then she hops off the console and walks out.

A short time later....

CatsCradle comes in, carrying a 50lb bag of chicken feed and drops it on the floor with a puff of dust. "Think that'll be enough?" she asks with a grin.

Baby Chick peeps at Cats..

Starscream looks at the bag then looks to the chick, " I should say so."

CatsCradle taps the labeling on the side of the bag. "It says to keep in a cool dry place or it will get bugs. 'Course, the lil fluff ball could just eat the bugs..."

Baby Chick peeps happily

Starscream says, "That is true....I wonder why they donít want bugs in it if Peeper would eat them too...." he shrugs, " humans are strange.""

CatsCradle says, "I think it has more to do with not wanting the bugs in their buildings."

Starscream says, "aahh....well then why donít they have these little things in there to take care of that? Instead of EATING them....""

CatsCradle looks a little lost. "Because they haven't tried to train them to... um... use a litter box?"

Starscream looks to her and just blinks, " The what?"

CatsCradle looks more lost. "Um... the stuff that the little guy leaves behind?"

Starscream reaches down and opens part of the bag then sets the chick on the bag so it can eat.

Starscream asks confused, " The chicken leaves boxes of trash(ie litter) behind?"

Hex watches the chick as they feed it so it can get nice and plump for her to eat later.

Baby Chick pecks at the food and uses its feet to scratch around eating happily

CatsCradle now looks like she wants to pound her head against the wall. "Nonono... some pets can be trained to leave their waste in boxes set up just for that purpose." She frowns at the chick. "I've never heard of anyone training a chicken for that, though. What have you been doing up until now?"

Starscreamís arms lasers twitch, "low powered laser eradication."

CatsCradle says with relief, "Ah. I had been wondering about that. With fish, you just dump out the water and replace it."

Hex leaves his surprises in un suspecting mech quarters...

Baby Chick pecks at the food and peeps..."Peepscream"

Starscream glances to Peeper, " Iíve done a little research...this bird should not talk...I wonder why it can."

Hex 's eyes eat the chick up... its like dangling a Carrot infront of a horse and telling it to not eat... oohh how cruel.

CatsCradle shrugs. "I don't know." She narrows her optics at it. "Sure it is a chicken?"

Starscream picks it up and looks at it, " I donít know I suppose it much be. Wildrider might know, he found it"

Baby Chick peeps at its Mommy.

Baby Chick "Peepscream"

CatsCradle rolls her optics. "Wildrider can't even polish the floor without messing it up."

Starscream smirks then sets it on the table.

Starscream looks at her, "No he did perfect...too perfect on the floor...."

CatsCradle nods. "I stand corrected." Then she sits in front of her usual console.

Starscream stands and puts the bag of feed in subspace. Then he puts the chick in his cockpit, " I take my leave. I need to recharge. You did well bringing the food back for the creature and in good time too CatsCradle." he heads for the door.

CatsCradle watches after him. "I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not..."

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